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"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up" - Obama

NC BLM Rioter Demonstrates How to Throw Fire Bomb
Joe Biden Demonstrates How to Jog Up Airplane Steps

Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Biden is Bonkers
"Biden Signs Bill Honoring Rep. Jackie Walorski, Days After Forgetting that She Died"

DeSantis Warns Potential Looters: Florida is a Second Amendment State
"The governor warned those seeking to ransack people’s homes that the state is heavily armed."

President Trump Says that Mitch McConnell Has a DEATH WISH
"May Turtle Man McConnell's Wish be Fulfilled"

30 ex-FBI agents support whistleblower who exposed agency's political bias
"The FBI has been collapsed into nothing more than a police agency for the Democratic Party"

Vaccination Increases Infection Risk by 44%, Oxford Study Finds
"Two doses of COVID-19 vaccine make you 44% more likely to be infected"

Kameltoe Plays Her Only Card: the RACE CARD
"I think I developed a brain tumor just from listening to her."

Pedo Joe Should Ban Hair Sniffing
"Joe Biden vowed to ban assault weapons. He really has no idea what he's saying."

The Radical Left Democrats Are Out-of-Control, and Our Country Is Going to Hell! - President Trump
"President Trump released a statement about the nightmare DOJ that has turned into a communist police force for the far-left."

We Don't Want Your Illegal Aliens, Dead or Alive
"Open borders bring death at the border and the eventual collapse of our American way of life."

Jill Nudges a Confused Joe Biden Off Stage
"Joe Biden is completely shot."

2 Years of Biden's Open Border
"You may dislike Trump, but he had the best policy for America!"

Germany Does It Right! Election In Berlin Must Be Re-Run Due to Discrepancies
"There is ample evidence that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable. It should be redone as well."

FBI is targeting patriotic Americans: Rep. Stefanik
"The FBI must be shut down immediately. If congress does nothing they too must go."

Rep. Jim Jordan calls out the FBI for retaliating against whistleblowers
"Jim Jordan hits back at FBI"

Totally COVID Brainwashed
"Actress Suffers Face Paralysis Weeks After Getting Covid Vaccine - Says She'd Do It Again"

The 2020 Election NEVER Should Have Been Certified for Joe Biden
"Those involved in the 2020 Election steal were going to steal the election days after it passed, which they did."

Leaving Democrat Party
"Democrats are now leaving that party in droves because of the socialistic agenda that has taken place in the Democratic Party"

Ginni Thomas Tells Liz Cheney and Jan. 6 Committee She Still Believes 2020 Election Was Stolen
"Thomas remains committed to her belief the election was not fair, and Trump was the rightful winner of the election."

The View on Hurricanes
"Wheezing Whoopie and Joyless are my favorite in this parody."

These are the pictures PEDO Joe does not want you to see
"As bad off as the country is today, I think Trump can fix it all in a couple of hours."

FBI Raids Citizens
"Tucker Carlson calls out Biden for allegedly using the FBI intimidate his critics"

President Trump Called Out PEDO Joe in 2020
"This guy doesn't have a clue. He doesn't know where the hell he is...This guy doesn't know he's alive."

Everyone Knows That PEDO Joe Has Had it Except PEDO Joe
"ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden's confusion over Walorski."

Biden DOJ Misled Court and Actually Seized *200,000 Pages* of Documents
"The DOJ told the Court that they seized 11,000 documents."

Does PEDO Joe REALLY Want You to Watch Him?
"As expected, Joe Biden was a complete embarrassment today like he is most days."

If PEDO Joe Takes President Trump Behind the Gym, That Will Be the End of PEDO Joe
"Mentally Weak and Exhausted Joe Biden"

$Millions for Illegal Aliens
"Taxpayers Footing the Bill for the Southern Border Invasion"

Just in Time for Haloween, PEDO Joe Calls on the Dead
"'Where's Jackie?' – Biden Asks Referring to Rep. Jackie Walorski Who Recently Died in a Car Accident"

PEDO Joe is Always Lost
"Joe Biden is rapidly declining as he approaches his 80th birthday."

Gov. Ron DeSantis Takes No Lip From 2-Bit Reporter
"Enough with the BS media."

Biden Sued Over Loan Forgiveness Program Violating the Constitution
"Joe Biden did not have the authority to cancel student loan debt."

FBI Lied About President Trump's Documents and Doctored Photo
"FBI Was Once Respected; Now It's a Joke"

Hair Sniffing Biden Tries to Explain Economics
"If Joe Sniffs Hair Twice in the Morning and Once at Night, How Many Heads Did PEDO Joe Sniff?"

Demented Biden Blames His High Gas Prices On Gas Stations
"Biden announced a new plan to reduce domestic oil production"

Kameltoe Harris Visits Wrong Border
"Kamala Harris to Visit DMZ on Thursday, But Won't Visit Open US Border with Mexico"

The Moment When Alec Baldwin Realized He Is An Imbecile
"Alec Baldwin Appears Devastated"

Matt Gaetz Says RINO's have no plans to bring agencies like the FBI or DHS back in line.
"American people see that these folks (Democrats) are destroying this country on purpose."

Democrats Don't Want Joe Biden Either
"As a lifetime democrat I am ashamed of my once great party."

Jen Psaki Knows Biden is a Loser
"Biden Has Failed at Everything His Whole Life"

Clinton Foundation Auditor Sanctioned
"Scandal Follows the Clintons"

STEVE HILTON: Biden is truly a disgrace
"it's become almost pathological the way they do the exact thing they accuse everyone else of."

Jesse Watters to Biden: Just tell us you are sorry
"We don't need an apology, we need a confession and a conviction."

Too Fat to Ride a Horse
"Don't Make Our Horses Swaybacked"

Creepy PEDO Joe
"'Weirdest and creepiest thing' Joe Biden has ever stood up and said before a crowd."

PEDO Joe and Elton John
"Joe Biden Wraps His Arm Around Elton John, Tells Crowd, 'It's All His Fault We're Spending $6 Billion on HIV and AIDS this Month'"

President Trump is doing a better job protecting his records than prior presidents
"Compare to me. Big story - this nonsense should end, now. WITCH HUNT!"

77 Percent of Voters Fed Up With Anti-Justice Democrat Candidates and Won't Vote For Them
"Democrats will feel the rejection of their failed polices in the upcoming election."

Woman Dies Suddenly Inside the Pharmacy 15 Minutes After Getting a Booster Shot
"Pearce's daughter, said that she believes her mom's sudden death was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine."

Bill Barr is a Stone-Cold Liar!
"Leah Stoopes joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday morning."

At Congressional Hearing, Rep. Byron Donalds Directs Blame Where It Belongs: At Democrats
"Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) is a rising star who is unafraid of fighting back against failed Democrat policies."

Brother of Police Officer Who Died Suddenly at Home Believes his Death was Due to COVID Vaccine
"I will likely be disowned by most of my family if I come out and tell them the vaccine killed him"

Poetic Justice
"Quadruple vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced he tested positive for Covid again"

Ashli Babbitt was murdered on January 6, 2021, by Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd in cold blood
"There was never any justice for Rosanne and today, Lang languishes in jail awaiting his trial."

President Trump's Rally in North Carolina
"He Commits to Taking Back Our Government"

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Sheriff's Deputy
"two illegal alien brothers have been charged in Wake County, North Carolina, with murdering Sheriff's Deputy"

COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects: Leaked Video
"Side effects are health issues that have been proven to be caused by a vaccine"

'Clean up on aisle Biden'
"Joe Biden's bizarre decline is happening right before our eyes

Butt-I-Gig and PEDO Joe - Wait for it
"Sloppy dumpster is exactly what this whole administration is."

Joe Biden Cancelled Trump's Program to Prevent Chinese Spying
"China's friend in the White House"

PEDO Joe Biden is a Babbling Fool
"Less than 18 hours after demonizing Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters, Joe Biden suddenly changed his mind."

Dozens of Federal Operatives Infiltrated the Trump Crowds
"Jeremy Brown refused to be an informant for the dirty FBI"

It Took a Lot of Skullduggery to Get Joe Biden into His Fake Position
"Zuckerberg and 3 groups involved in a scheme to inject $500 million into the election to throw it to Biden."

Joe and Hunter Biden Working to Sell US Natural Gas, Drilling Assets to China - WHISTLEBLOWERS WILL TESTIFY
"The sale would have allowed China to take control of our natural gas industry through the deal."

Is Big Mammy Joe Biden's New Running Mate?
"Not only is Stacey a professional taste-tester at Golden Corral, she's now a noted gynecologist!"

House Democrats Vote to Give Illegal Aliens the Right to Vote - IN UNANIMOUS VOTE!
"They Can't Win if They Don't Cheat"

FBI Lies and Unprecedented Attacks on Conservative Americans - ARREST CHRIS WRAY!
"Miranda Devine joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night to discuss the latest FBI whistleblower."

Far-Left Radical Kills 18-Year-Old Republican Cayler Ellingson Over His Political Views
"2 weeks after Biden's demonic speech where he declared war against Republicans, conservative, patriots and Trump voters."

Pink Energy Solar Ripoff
"Pink Energy has reportedly decided to permanently close down after receiving over a thousand customer complaints."

Joe Biden Forced to Wait for Those More Important Than Him (Everyone)
"Milkmaid Jill Does Not Disappoint"

Biden gets lost on stage again, literally
"Can't Walk, Can't Talk, Don't Know Where He Is"

Axe Me No Questions
"Michael Palacios, 31, was arrested after a viral video captured him wielding an ax"

Jesse Watters weighs in on the crisis at the southern border
"The mid terms are getting closer. Things are about to get really ugly. Get the popcorn ready."

He can't keep getting away with it.
"Ron is definitely making himself to be the perfect heir to Trump & the MAGA movement."

Top Democrats Panic As Biden Apparently Asleep At Wheel As Midterms Near: Who Is In Charge?
"Real and perceived fumbles play into deep fears that he's not up to the job and that Democrats are incompetent."

Biden Will be More Than Just Irritated Before This is Over
"'The Five': Biden White House 'irritated' by Fox exposing border crisis"

Gov. DeSantis Eviscerates Pedophile Joe Biden
"DeSantis Mocks And Excoriates Biden"

Man Died From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
"The cause of death was myocarditis, due to vaccination with the ComirnatyTM Pfizer/BioN Tech COVID-19 vaccine"

Ron DeSantis has beaten the left at their own game
"The tables have turned"

'You've Got To Be Kidding Me!': DeSantis Rips Into Dems As Illegal Alien Crisis Intensfies
"Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed Democrats over the continuing illegal alien crisis."

Illegal Alien plane heading for Biden's home
"A plane traveling from Florida to Delaware, near where Joe Biden owns a home"

Joe Biden Sucks Up to Iran
"Sen. Ernst slams 'irresponsible' move by the Biden administration"

Biden and Kameltoe's Border Crisis
"Kameltoe Does Not Want Illegal Aliens in HER Backyard"

D.C. Protest Against Duke Energy
"Will ask the EPA to investigate Duke's handling of coal ash and all the cancer cases on Lake Norman."

Future President Ron DeSantis
"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis"

No One Wants the Illegal Aliens
"Tucker Carlson: We didn't believe this was real, but it is"

Rand Paul: This is the biggest coverup in the history of science
"Who got rich off of vaccines?"

60 lies in 60 minutes
"Joe Biden's Lies"

Biden called 'practiced liar' after denying ties to Hunter's business dealings
"Miranda Devine weighs in on President Biden's claims"

Put the Queen in the White House and Bury Joe Biden
"Joe Biden is the True Cadaver"

Queen Looked More Alive Than Joe Biden
"And She Never Armed the Talaban"

Joe Biden: Part Time President
"The country is in crisis, but Joe is more worried about what ice cream flavours are on offer"

Why Biden is dividing Americans to 'distract' us
"Miami Mayor Francis Suarez criticizes the Biden administration demonizing and dividing Americans"

This evidence makes Kamala Harris look like a 'total fool': Jesse Watters
"Biden administration downplaying the U.S. border crisis amid evidence of a massive migrant surge."

Venezuela Emptying Prisons, Sending Dangerous Convicts to US Border
"Impeachment of Joe Biden, Article 1: Failure to secure the national border."

Majority of Hispanics say Biden leading US in wrong direction

Biden has never recovered from killing Americans, arming Talaban
"Biden is underwater"

Joe Biden's Endless Lies
"Biden administration is out of touch with reality"

Facebook Spied on Messages of Conservatives Questioning 2020 Election
"Sent Them to FBI"

Trump Is an Instrument of Divine Providence - Steve Bannon
"0.5% of the people in the US own more assets than 90% of the people in the country."

Illegal Aliens Killing Dogs to Eat
"stealing from homes"

Provoking the Hatchet Man
"Goon with Axe SMASHES UP Restaurant, Busts Up Tables, Threatens Diners"

7 More Buses Full of Illegal Aliens Heading to New York City
"Governors Abbott, Ducey and DeSantis need to keep busing and flying illegals to Democrat sanctuary cities."

Not in My Neighborhood
"Texas Lt. Gov. on migrant crisis: We're going to keep those buses coming"

But, Illegal Aliens ARE Trash!
"NBC News Deletes Tweet Comparing Illegal Aliens on Martha's Vineyard to Trash"

Tucker Mocks Martha's Vineyard Hypocrisy On Illegal Aliens
"50 Illegal Aliens is a Humanitarian Crisis, 4.2 Million Illegal Aliens is a Secure Border"

Only Joe Biden Celebrates Inflation
"Biden's Tone-Deaf Inflation Celebration"

Trump Supporters CAMP OUT - LINE UP EARLY to See President Trump
"The President's supporters began camping out ahead of the event."

Biden's Rhetoric Has Created "Submerged Voters" Who Will Drive The 2022 Election
"Republican turnout will likely be higher than any of the polls or models are showing."

Another Bus Full of Illegal Aliens Dropped Off at Kameltoe Harris'
"We come in, free, no problem"

Chinese Blocked From Seeing an Old, Dead Woman - That Will Teach Them!
"The delegation from China has been barred from attending Queen Elizabeth II's lying-in-state."

Bi-Partisan Focus Group Agrees-Biden's America Is a Disaster
"The Biden administration has been a disaster for the American people."

Ron DeSantis May be President; Hillary NEVER Will be
"Hillary Clinton Crawled Out of Her Hole"

Kari Lake on the 2020 Stolen Election
"Like President Trump, she's tougher than anybody else on the border crisis."

Democrats angry at Ron DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard
"pro-amnesty Democrats objecting to illegal immigrants in their communities."

Poor Harvey Weinstein
"Weinstein sentenced to 23 years for sexually assaulting former assistant, raping an actress."

Kameltoe Harris Wants No Illegal Aliens Near HER Fence
"The hypocrisy of the left is pretty astounding."

Joe Biden was a bumbling mess at the White House on Tuesday
"Even CNN pointed out how ridiculous Joe Biden looked and sounded at his celebration."

No One at Martha's Vineyard Wants the Illegal Aliens Either
"125 Mass National Guard members are being activated"

It's No Wonder That Joe Biden's Kids are Dope Addicts
"Joe Biden has been criticized for unwanted physical contact"

Joe Biden responds to kissing accusations
"He Got In Some Hair Sniffing Also"

Kameltoe's Illegal Aliens
"2 busses arrive outside the Vice President's residence"

Biden Pays $80 Per Barrel to Fill Strategic Oil Reserve - Dems Blocked Trump From Filling Reserve at $24
"Joe Biden and the Democrats destroy everything they touch."

R. Kelly Found Guilty on Child Porn and Sex Abuse Charges
"Earlier this year R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison"

Gov. DeSantis Sends two Planes of Illegal Aliens to Martha's Vineyard
"The Obamas should be happy to welcome the illegals to their little sanctuary city."

2 Busloads of Illegal Aliens Dumped on Kameltoe Harris' Lawn
"Border Czar Kamala Harris won't visit the border, So today the border visited her!"

Joe Biden's Greatest Accomplishment
"Joe Biden Yells My Butt's Been Wiped!"

Why Biden Shouted "My Butt's Been Wiped"
"In his visit with the Pope, people reported that Biden pooped his pants at the Vatican."

Biden Soils Himself Regularly, Dementia Worsening
"when he said, I just got my butt wiped, it's true."

Joe Biden's 'Sex Addict' Daughter Ashley Showered With Him
"Joe Biden molested his daughter in the shower when she was a child."

Coal ash poses very serious health repercussions for NC
"these chemicals can pollute air, waterways, groundwater and drinking water."

Joe Biden is Done
"Stick a Fork in His Heart"

Joe Biden Cannot Even Draw Flies
"Biden...speaking before a crowd of a few dozen people."

Tom Cotton: Dems 'won't treat criminals as the criminals they are'
"manhunt for a shooting suspect in Memphis, Tennessee."

Joe Biden is BONKERS
Mental decline: Internet roasts Joe Biden after he got lost on stage

Illegal Alien Beheaded Mother of 2 On the Street
"The killer was in the country illegally."

National Archives REFUSES to Turn Over Joe Biden's Vice Presidential Records on Meetings with Hunter
"National Archives, too, is covering up the Biden Family's corruption."

Dwarf Jerry Nadler Sleeping On the Job
"Recurring Issue Plaguing Nadler"

Butt-I-Gig Lost His Bicycle Seat
"Oh, Well"

Donald Trump Has Been President And May Be Again; Hillary NEVER Will Be!
"Hillary Clinton Takes Veiled Shot at Trump Supporters"

Blathering Idiot Kamala Harris Tells Chuck Todd the Border Is Secure
"After 2 Million Illegals Walked Across Open Border Last Year"

Hillary's Finest Moment
"Clinton's handlers threw her into her van like a side of beef."

The Biden Effect: Taliban Now Controls More Territory in Afghanistan Today than They Did on 9-11 21 Years Ago
"Joe Biden cut and ran. The US surrendered to the barbarians under Joe Biden."

Hispanic voters are moving from the Democrat Party to the GOP
"Hispanic voters are fleeing Joe Biden - his approval rating has plummeted"

New Poll Finds Majority Believe Joe Biden Should Be Impeached
"even a third of Democrats think Biden deserves impeachment."

Creepy Joe Biden Was Pawing a Little Girl When He Took a Photo with Kids
"Biden's serial groping and sniffing of children - showers with his daughter at an inappropriate age."

Democrats Are Running as Republicans to Get Into Office
"They Even Have a Name for It"

Democrat Rep. Cuellar Knocks Biden on Border Crisis
"There's got to be repercussions at the border, the congressman said. Otherwise they'll keep coming.

Police Looking For Men Seen In Video Vowing To Kill White People
"These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic."

The FBI conducted 35 raids targeting Trump supporters
"Steve Bannon"

Social Worker Nancy
"Is it working?"

Didn't see that coming
"Who's On First?"

Samurai Sword VS Restraining Order
"Woman Beheaded with Sword in Front of Onlookers in California"

Joe Biden's cognitive decline is obvious
"Joe Biden's inability to answer even the most basic questions from handpicked journalists"

'Creepy' Joe Biden is back
"I Love Kids Jumping On My Lap"

Joe the Demented Old Circus Monkey Biden
"Gutfeld: The media wants Trump back"

Biden impeachment supported by 52 percent of voters
"Biden Has Nothing AND Is Nothing"

DC Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over Illegal Aliens Bussed to Her Sanctuary City
"Washington DC claims to be a sanctuary city."

Joe Biden could be compromised by Hunter's business dealings
"Hunter Biden's ties to China. "

Government Uses Social Media to Censor
"Missouri AG: The censorship we uncovered should scare every American"

Gingrich: What Pelosi, Schumer have done is unimaginable
"Joe Biden Will Not be the Nominee"

FBI refused Hunter Biden investigation: Whistleblowers
"FBI was ordered not to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop."

Disturbing details emerge in the death of jogger Eliza Fletcher
"suspect is arraigned on murder charges"

Bridge collapses during ribbon-cutting ceremony
"Spectators shouted in apparent glee as the VIPs struggled to get off the crumpled wreck."

If One Could Buy Stacey Abrams and Sell Her by the Pound
"Democrats didn't expect this to be a tough race, and now they may lose it."

Mass Shooter in Police Custody
"Ezekiel Kelly, the accused 19-year-old man mass shooter livestreaming his shooting spree."

Pants on Fire: Biden's 'lie of the year'
"Biden should receive the 'lie of the year' for 'zero inflation' claim."

Joe Biden Digs His Grave With His Mouth
"Sen. Ted Cruz calls out Joe Biden's angry rhetoric toward Republicans"

Rejecting Joe Biden
"Larry Kudlow: I'm not buying this"

'They still made him president': Befuddled Biden delivers more gibberish
"Can you believe he said all that and they still made him president?"

Dems Avoid Joe Biden
"Sen. Rick Scott on Biden campaign-style speech: 'Raving lunatic'"

Joe Biden Still Dropping in the Polls
"When He Hits Bottom, Will He Start Digging?"

"276 Ballots Cast From CLOSED MSU Dorms"

Democrat South Carolina US Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews: You Gotta Treat White People Like Sh*t
"Give me that dope boy money!"

Jill humiliated her husband Pedo Joe
"Honestly, everybody stood but Joe"

"The FBI is now acting as both the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the paramilitary arm"

When will Hunter Biden face the music?
"more emails emerge highlighting Hunter Biden's suspicious behavior."

Hunter Biden could face federal sex trafficking charges
"president's son spent $30,000 on prostitutes over a five-month period."

Joe Biden's split personality
"Pedo Joe"

LOSER Liz Cheney Rolls Out Her Lip
"Liz is not just disliked - she's hated in the state by Republican voters."

And You Wondered How Joe Biden Got Into Office
"The only sane conclusion one can come to is that drop boxes should be eliminated."

'Senile and delusional': Republicans rip into Joe Biden's MAGA comments
"Republicans have slammed Joe Biden's divisive and delusional Labor Day speech"

'Where am I going': Joe Biden mocked for 'mental inability' to perform
"Joe Biden has been mocked for appearing confused at a rally"

Body Found in Hunt For Billionaire Heiress Eliza Fletcher
"Cleotha Abston was accused of rape as a pre-teen...served 20 years for kidnapping a prosecutor at gunpoint"

Joe Biden Ordered FBI Access to Mar-a-Lago Documents
"JOE BIDEN ordered the FBI access to the Mar-a-Lago documents"

New bombshell into FBI's Hunter Biden coverup revealed
"FBI Coverup"

Police Arrest Suspect in Kidnapping of Memphis Mother
"Fletcher was last seen jogging near the University of Memphis around 4:20 am on Friday morning."

BLM Grassroots Accuses BLM Leader Shalomyah Bowers of Stealing $10 Million
"BLM was nothing more than a massive grifter scheme."

Internet roasts Joe Biden over clearly fake thank you message
"His job is to be a teleprompter reader and he obviously can't even handle that."

Tomi Lahren: This backfired on Biden
"This is the MOST hated Prez ever! He is SO CONFUSED TOO!"

'The American Nero': Ron DeSantis trashes Joe Biden as a 'failed leader'
"I love my country, but don't like what this administration has done to my country!"

Hidden drama in Biden-Obama 'bromance'
"Joe Biden Will Do As He is Told"

Biden ENDS his entire career after STUPIDLY admits Jill is in charge in WH
"President Trump fights for your Freedom and Now it's your turn to fight for him"

Frightening insight: Biden unleashes a nonsensical word salad
"The guy is steadily losing it. Everybody knows it too. He can't hide it. Once it goes digital, it's out there forever."

Americans are angry over the double standard on Hunter Biden: Rep. Emmer
"This kind of misses the point. Americans are angry that Hunter and his dad aren't already in prison. Several times over."

Never Give Robbers Loot; Always Give Them LEAD
"Gun Fight Breaks Out Between Robbers and Owner"

Stopping Biden's Spending Spree
"We have to stop Biden from doing this: Arizona attorney general"

Biden Wants Civil War; May He Be the First to Receive It
"Senile, Angry Old Man Shouts at the Sky"

Ron DeSantis Will Destroy Wimp Gavin Newsom
"Gavin's in-laws have good taste. Their daughter, not so much."

Pedo Joe Picks Freak Show John Podesta for Losing Tips
"Are 2 Losers Better Than 1?"

Treasury runs cover for Hunter Biden
"withholds banking docs"

President Trump LIVE at Wilkes-Barre, PA

Only Scumbuckets Work for CNN
"Stephen Miller torches Biden's 'despicable' speech: I've never heard such dehumanizing rhetoric"

It's an Ill Wind That Does Not Blow Somebody Some Good
"Eight Illegal Aliens Found Dead in Rio Grande, Texas"

Hunter Biden calls his own dad Pedo Peter
"This is a sick and disturbing family"

Hunter Said That Jill is a Vindictive Moron
"Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden was right about Dr. Jill"

President Trump Lives Rent Free in Pedo Joe's Head
"Biden's speech was unpresidential: Sen. Kevin Cramer"

Ron DeSantis: Biden is the American Nero
"It truly was the worst speech I've ever seen a President give. He's gross and angry."

Mike Huckabee Blasts Joe Biden
"Who wrote this and came up with the venue? Satan?"

EPA sued for failing to regulate hundreds of coal ash dumps
"Duke Energy's Belews Creek Steam Station has one inactive coal ash landfill exempted from federal regulation"

Sen. Kennedy Blows Joe Biden Out of the Water
"Biden's speech was a cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid"

Joe Biden's Border Invasion
"Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody slams the Biden administration for their mishandling and deception"

"McEnany: Biden's speech demonstrated split personality disorder"

Remember when he did that?
"A funeral for the Democrat Plantation"

The Heavy Price of Being First Lady: JOE BIDEN
"The two shared a terribly awkward kiss before Dr. Jill took Dementia Joe's hand and walked him off stage."

Biden Border Crisis: MS-13 Thugs Indicted on Heinous Charges
"Biden does not seem to care about the crisis at our border"

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Shreds Joe Biden
"The Most Absurd, Obscene Address I've Ever Seen A President Give"

#PedoHitler Trends on Twitter Following Joe Biden’s Tyrannical and Threatening Speech
"Twitter started screwing with the numbers again - anything to help the Democrats!"

Joe Biden's Late Stage Dementia
"Joe Biden is COMPLETELY LOST and no amount of media gaslighting will change that."

Joe Biden Enables Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting
"Central American trafficker describes what happens to children at the hands of cartels"

McEnany: This is a stunning development in Hunter Biden probe
"This means nothing unless they now proceed to investigate/prosecute Hunter."

Desperate Joe Biden
"Biden's disturbing speech has the stench of a man worried his grip of power is loosening"

Democrats Led By Demented, Senile, Incestious, Pedophile Joe Biden
"Joe Biden really has crossed over into a dangerous place"

Grim Reaper Coming For Joe Biden
"I Will Get You"

"Just watching this interaction makes my blood pressure go up."

Joe, Can You Explain Your Approval Rating?
"This is why Joey sees dead people every day. They're coming for him"

Joe Biden used to take showers with his daughter Ashley
"If That's Not Child Molestation, It's Close Enough"

FBI director Christopher Wray under fire from bureau whistleblowers
"This guy shouldn't be under fire, he should be under arrest!"

Joe Biden Says A Bunch Of Things About The AR-15 Rifle That Are Stupid And Untrue
"But What Do You Expect From a STUPID Person?"

The Brazilian Joe Biden?
"loses his Reasoning During First Presidential Debate"

Texas sheriff warns open border causing 'tsunami of death'
"Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner"

Joe Biden's Biggest Lie Ever: "White House claims border is secure"
"She said they weren't walking, and I agree. It's more ambling, or just strolling across the boarder."

USA v. Duke Energy Business Services
"Criminal Court Docket Sheet"

Steve Hilton: Democrats are facing a crisis of accountability
"Accountability is a dirty word to them"

Border Patrol Says Joe Biden is a Failure
"Lt. Olivarez rips Karine Jean-Pierre's 'completely false statement' on migrants"

Biden's Border Failure
"Rep. Carlos Gimenez: This is why you never listen to Joe Biden"

America has never had such a perverted and inappropriate president
"Ashley Biden exposed Joe Biden as a creep who took naked showers with his daughter at an inappropriate age."

California is a Basket Case
"Urges Avoiding Charging Electric Cars to Ward Off Blackouts"

FBI Personnel Are Demanding Chris Wray Step Down
"At Least 20 Whistleblowers Have Stepped Forward"

Biden Failed on Border and in Afghanistan
"Mike Pompeo rips the Biden administration for their failure to address the crisis at the southern border"

The Grim Reaper Stalks Joe Biden - He Will Never Finish His Term
"Early symptoms for Biden, 79, included 'an occasional dry cough,' along with a runny nose and fatigue"

We Don't Need Illegal Aliens, Vaccinated or Not
"Great job by Peter doocy asking the questions we want to hear; he caught her in an absolute lie"

MAGA Will Destroy Incompetent, Incestuous, Pedophile Joe Biden
"Let's hope this leads to the downfall of our present dictatorship, and the re-establishment of constitutional government."

Kellyanne Conway tells 'Hannity' Biden insulted millions of voters
"If fascism is to be against Biden then it's badge of honor."

Raid on Mar-a-Lago Was to Prevent Disclosure of Declassified Russiagate Documents that Implicate FBI!
"FBI raided Mar-a-Lago to effectively steal the documents and prevent them from being released."

Unraveling of the Trump Mar A Lago Raid
"This story is likely to get bigger and will implicate both the Clintons and the Obamas."

Joe Rogan Tells His Millions of Listeners to “Vote Republican”
"Rogan blasted Democrat politicians"

FBI Agent Tim Thibault Who Opened Trump Investigation Is Escorted from Headquarters
"Was Also FBI Agent in Charge of Investigating Voter Fraud, And Failed to Do So"

Trump calls out Facebook for Hunter Biden laptop story coverup
"FBI officials told agents not to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop"

Frightening insight: Biden unleashes a nonsensical word salad
"'I'm not allowed to take control'. The only honest thing he has said."

'Failed miserably': Joe Biden 'on the cusp of disaster'
"nothing to show for the past two years"

The FBI is a 'structurally politicized' agency: Steve Hilton
"'The Next Revolution' host called for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to be deposed 'under oath'"

Joe Biden front-runner for ‘Lie of the Year’ award
"69 percent believe the U.S. economy is getting worse"

We were right
"One of the best decisions I ever made was to NOT have the experimental jabs."

Let Me Be Blunt. Let Me Do Some Harvard Business School Math for You - You're screwed!
"Steve Bannon on Biden's Coming Economic Nightmare"

Joe Biden Called Out as a Pedophile at Rally
"Joe Biden finally held a public rally after hiding for months from the American people."

Joe Biden Left Citizens Behind to Be Murdered by Taliban
"America will never forget the Biden/Obama Administration's surrender in Afghanistan one year ago."

Here is Who is to Blame for the Covid Vaccine Disaster and Coverup. Hint: It's Not President Donald J. Trump.
"Tucker Carlson has gone from warning the Covid vaccine doesn't work and it's a huge failure, to reporting dramatically rising death rates"

Joe Biden and the Ashley Biden Diary
"Doesn't Everyone Shower With Their Daughter?"

Biden Gang Trying Its Best to Overcome the Redacted Mess It Made - But They're Falling All Over Each Other
"It is so bad that Americans are making fun of the Deep State actors."

Federal Court Strikes Down Biden Rule Forcing Doctors To Perform Gender Transition Procedures
"The Left's effort at totalitarianism got another loss!"

The FBI Is the Government Agency That Pushed for It (Hunter's Laptop) to Be Censored
"The FBI is no longer a government institution of integrity."

Lying, Bug-eyed Adam Schiff Tells a Few
"totally dishonest wackjob Adam Schiff"

Idiot Joe Biden Cannot Make Medical Decisions For Others
"Court of Appeals Upholds Injunction Against Biden's Covid Vaccine Mandate"

Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, ‘Without Exception’
"COVID-19 vaccines can effect long-term changes in the composition of the blood of the person vaccinated"

Some Democrats Are Catching On That Joe Biden is a Dumbass
"Biden faces pushback from Democrats"

Joe Biden may have 'sealed the fate' of the Democrats this November
"Isn't it funny to watch how fast the Democrats are running to distance themselves from Biden."

No One Respects Incestuous Pedophile Joe Biden
"Joe Biden at DNC Rally: 'I Don’t Respect These MAGA Republicans'"

Student loan guy
"87% of Americans do not have student loan debt. They do now."

"F**k You, Dr. Fauci!" - Megyn Kelly Sets Fauci Straight
"it may be a very difficult year for Dr. Tony Fauci if the GOP wins the US Senate"

Joe Biden Says Blacks and Hispanics Don't Own Homes
"Last February, Joe Biden suggested blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to figure out how to get online."

Joe Biden's Border Joke
"How Biden's border policies are introducing a 'new criminal element'"

Joe Biden Only Interested in Sniffing Hair, Not the Border
"House Democrat admits this is devastating for Americans"

FBI refused Hunter Biden investigation
"FBI was ordered not to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop."

The Biden inflation hits keep on coming: Sen. Thune
"So, we have a loan program that doesn't have to be paid back by the borrower but instead paid by the taxpayer."

Biden takes from the poor to bail out the elites

Biden's student loan handout is 'cash for votes'
"You say 'This is another victory for the president' right, he hasnt had a victory yet, but he has alot of fails"

Former Supreme Court law clerk speaks out on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid
"This is off the charts, Americans stand up and take your country back from these corrupt politicians."

Kellyanne Conway: Biden is trying to buy votes
"It's not a recession it's transitory straight into a depression."

Joe Biden Robs the Poor to Pay the Rich
"Biden's $300,000,000,000 Bribe"

Joe Biden Shifts Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Debt to Taxpayers
"Curiously, a senior administration official was unable to cite Biden's legal authority"

"Someone Needs to Grab that Little Elf and Chuck Him Cross the Potomac" - Ron DeSantis on Fauci
"It May Be a Very Difficult Year for Dr. Tony Fauci if the GOP Wins the Senate"

FBI Told Bureau Employees Not to Look at Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell
"FBI cannot be trusted with the handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop"

“Merrick Garland, You’re Going to Prison Brother” - Steve Bannon Fires a Warning Shot at Biden's Attorney General
"Garland and the Biden White House lied about their involvement in the FBI raid on President Trump's home"

Did they all get fired?
"Finally, a job she's barely qualified for."

Debt Cannot be "Forgiven" - It's Only Transferred to Taxpayers
"Student loan debt forgiveness won't give Biden, Dems the political, PR payoff they want"

Devine slams 'get Trump cabal' in FBI: 'Personal police force of Biden, Dems'
"Unfortunately, so many people don't seem to know about this. So Sad!"

Zero Jail Time for Druken Pelosi
"I didn't know there was an actual 'Get out of jail free card.' "

Pelosi Explains It All
"How many seconds will Paul spend behind bars?"

Dan Bongino Reveals Why Getting COVID Vaccinated Is The Greatest Regret Of My Life
Now, the truth about the bioweapon is starting to become mainstream.

'Broken down hack': Trump lambastes McConnell as calls grow for GOP Senate leader to step down
"McConnell casting doubts about candidate quality is beyond rich."

Joe Biden's presidency 'a case of elder abuse'
"Respect is something that needs to be earned! Joe Biden has not earned any!"

Biden's Border Invasion
"Time for Americans to protect the border themselves, at any cost."

Another hot minute of Joe Biden being 'thoroughly disorientated'
"It's both amazing and ridiculous that another country can see what's going on here and our own media ignores it."

Biden targets Amish farmer with armed raid and $300K fine
"Words can't say how miserable this administration can make this country feel."

Joe Biden is illegitimate In More Ways Than One
"Scary what corruption is going on"

Veterans Rescued 17,000 in Afghanistan After Joe Biden Abandoned Them Following Surrender to Taliban
"And then they left the Taliban with $80 billion in US military equipment."

Jesse Watters: Is anybody paying attention here?
"Bill Clinton Lost the Nuclear Codes"

Illegal Aliens in NYC are lining up for food and phones
"The fence is actually to prevent Joe from wandering off."

This is going to be a big benefit to Trump: Former Florida attorney general
"Donald Trump is a fighter- fighting for what's left of our country. God bless Trump!"

Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis for President of the USA
"Ron DeSantis will never surrender to woke ideology"

Good Riddance to Walking Cadaver Fauci
"Fauci politicized a health crisis and people died because of him."

So Long, Potato Head
"Why CNN fired Brian Stelter"

Joe Biden: An Embarrassment to America
"This entire administration is an absolute embarrassment. We need a America first president."

One Honest Doctor Comes Forward to Report Death and Injuries From Covid Vaccine
"The Covid vaccine is clearly the worst medical experiment and healthcare disaster in history."

President Trump Rips Into Turtle Man McConnell
"Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard working Republican candidates"

"This is not immigration, this is invasion"

Hannity: Biden's entire presidency has been a horror show
"McConnell needs to follow Cheney!"

President Donald Trump has 'still got it' - Joe Biden Never Had It
"He took a cognitive test when the current clown in chief won't."

Tom Cotton: Biden cannot bury this
"The withdrawal from Afghanistan was just like our withdrawal from Vietnam."

The FBI lied about taking Trump's passport
"How many other things did they take illegally? And what did they plant?"

Woman Chops Off Her Boyfriend’s Penis After He Tried Raping Her 14-Year-Old Daughter
"I brought a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson. I have no regrets for what I did."

Biden Aide Suspended For 5 Years
"The Biden Administration is a joke."

Joe Biden's Legacy
"One Year Ago: Desperate Afghans Fall From US Plane Fleeing Taliban"

Trump Sec Recounts Time Biden Creepily Touched Her
"It Would Be Sexual Harassment Under His Own Proposals"

Executive order to choke off energy development didn't just increase prices and hurt American families - it was flatly illegal
"Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Joe Biden’s Moratorium on Federal Oil and Gas Leasing"

Foul Play Afoot?
"Human Foot Found Floating in Abyss Pool at Yellowstone National Park"

A Muzzle Flash Will Stop a Flash Mob in a Flash
"The suspects are facing multiple charges to include grand theft, looting, and vandalism"

Will Target Go Broke After Going Woke?
"Target Hit with 90% Loss as Retailer Pushes Trans Gear"

Turtle Man McConnell and Liz Cheney: a Perfect Pair
"McConnell quiet on Cheney primary loss"

Joe Biden held talks with his cabinet today,he also spoke to his desk and shouted at his telephone
"Calling The IRS a reputable agency is like calling Brian Stelter a heterosexual."

Joe Biden left over $7 billion of military equipment to Taliban
"It is unconscionable that high-tech military equipment paid for by U.S. taxpayers has fallen into the hands of the Taliban"

We Dodged a Bullet: Hillary Clinton Spotted in the Hamptons Looking Haggard
"One of Trump's greatest accomplishments was keeping Hillary out of the White House!"

The End of the Cheney Dynasty - Farewell Liz “Lincoln” Cheney
"Dick Cheney's evil spawn, Liz."

Merrick Garland's case against Trump is dangerously problematic
"Attorney General Garland and Wray show 'utter lack of integrity and rectitude'"

Liz Cheney Looks for a Job
"She's running for President next! Good luck with that one lady"

Joe Biden's Faker Oats
"Faker Oats and Faker Votes"

President Trump Calls For Sham January 6 Committee to be Dissolved After Liz Cheney Loses Wyoming Primary by Nearly 40 Points
"Pelosi chose RINO Liz Cheney to spearhead the January 6 Committee."

Wendy's employee fatally sucker punches elderly man
"Antoine Kendrick, 35, faces second-degree murder charges."

Physician Healed Himself
"NYC Doctor Who Sexually Abused Patients Hangs Himself in Rikers Island Jail"

Joe Biden tries to defend his horrendous Afghanistan exit decision
"Bumbling Biden should be held accountable for Afghanistan and the people left behind."

What Afghanistan looks like a year after Biden's exit
"I still haven't heard anybody from this administration explain why we left all of that equipment there. This is too stupid to have been done on accident."

Joe Biden admin left 800 Americans stranded in Afghanistan
"Total Failue Joe Biden Outdid Himself This Time"

The Wicked Witch Is Dead
"Liz Cheney will not be returning to Congress after the drubbing."

The Covid Vaccine is a Killer
"Seven Dead Doctors in 14 Days Don't Lie."

Joe Biden Shifts Student Debt to Taxpayers
"Biden operates as if he can issue any decree he wants on student loan forgiveness, even if it means exercising authority that he does not have."

FBI on a fishing expedition with Trump home raid
"The raid was like pouring jet fuel all over the situation. This only helps Trump & they'll never learn."

Dog Catches Monkeypox from Gay Owners
"The gay couple said that they continued to share their bed with their dog."

Liz Cheney Can Finally Disappear
"President Trump Reacts to Liz Cheney's Public Shellacking"

Liz Cheney Blames President Trump for Her Being a Loser
"Cheney lost by 28 points."

FBI Director Christopher Wray's use of a taxpayer-funded government plane to fly to his vacation home
"He is special, just like Mr. Kerry, to important to fly commercial like a normal person. A legend in his own mind!"

Liz Cheney Goes Into the Trash Bin (Say Hello to Hillary in the Bin)
"Liz Cheney is no longer a member of Congress."

And that's the ballgame
"Liz Cheney's New Job"

Joe Biden: "Watch How I Run Up Ramps"
"We Miss You, President Trump"

AG Garland Looks Like an Idiot and He IS!
"Is there anything that Biden's DOJ and FBI and their Deep State are saying that is the truth?"

Arizona Governor Does What Impotent Joe Biden Cannot
"Stacks Shipping Containers With Razor Wire On Southern Border Wall To Stop Biden's Invasion"

Joe Biden Signs Massive Spending Bill that Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class
"Biden's confusing and bizarre Covid ritual of masking, unmasking and coughing into his hand before giving his pen to Manchin."

The McCains, Bushes, and Cheney's have been soundly rejected
"Steve Bannon today announced the end of the ancient regime of the Republican Party."

Liz Cheney Needs to go Duck Hunting with Daddy Dick
"The latest Wyoming poll shows wicked Liz down in her race by 22 points."

Is Low Testosterone Making You Vote Democrat?
"A treatment has revealed that testosterone may be making Democrat voters more Conservative."

Tucker Carlson Goes Scorched Earth On FBI And Biden
"Millions of Americans are disgusted by what they see happening in the country right now."

Taliban celebrate 1 yr since Joe Biden Surrendered
"They gathered outside the former US Embassy abandoned by Joe Biden."

More Joe Biden Lies
"Joe Biden told Americans the inflation rate was at 0%. This was a bold-faced lie."

Are they going to arrest him?
"Let's face it, Trump is going to be president and there's nothing we can do about it. You got that right!"

Media ignores Biden's 'lie of the year'
"The hardest part is to figure out which lie is the biggest, everything he says is a lie."

Joe Biden implicated by Hunter's ties to Romanian tycoon
"It's far beyond time we Americans overturn this corrupt government on EVERY single level!"

'Obvious cognitive decline': Joe Biden 'back on the bike'
"Let's take a moment to wish Joe Biden a happy in depends day."

Joe Biden gives 'fresh' weekly reminders of his 'fast decline'
"Biden needs to be in assisted living and not in charge of America!"

Joe Biden Has Bad Days and Worse Days
"Former White House doctor says Biden won't finish out first term"

"End the FBI" Rallies Across the Country
"One patriot held a flag that said 'Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Trump'."

One Way to End a Street Brawl
"Men Flying Over Chicago Street During Hit-and-Run"

FBI Made a Big Mistake: Trump Rallies Taking Place Across the Country
"Defund FBI"

Obama Tries to Hide Biden's Mental Decline
"Trump took a Cognitive test, brandon refuses it. That tells us all we need to know"

Joe Biden and the Pope
"Would you forgive him?"

FBI intentionally sought documents covered by executive privilege
"FBI's unprecedented raid against former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home."

President Trump Has His Best Poll Numbers Ever This Past Week
"American people are solidly behind him."

Even on Vacation Joe Biden Jeered by Americans with Trump Flags
"Even with the full support of the establishment media Joe Biden is the most unpopular president in US history."

Liz Cheney's Husband's Law Firm Represents Hunter Biden
"Liz Cheney's husband's law firm is connected to companies connected to China's military, Hunter Biden, and the Democrat Party."

The FBI is Beyond Redemption
"The agency must be BROKEN UP and its functions farmed out."

Dan Bongino: The Federal Bureau of 'Injustice'
"FBI's long history of failures"

Joe Biden's Diaper Dilemma
"One would normally feel some sympathy for someone in this condition, but that family and party deserve everything they get."

Angry Biden
"There is Something a Little Unhinged About the Big Guy"

It Is the Same Thing as the Russia Hoax and I Think It Will Be the Same Result
"They only want to destroy good Americans like President Trump and the majority of America that supports him and knows the 2020 Election was stolen."

FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation For Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe
"FBI raided Mar-a-Lago to seize documents that likely implicated the FBI"

Joe Biden's Unforgivable Afghanistan Retreat
"Joe Biden Was Never Held Accountable For His Disasters"

Arizona to close border wall whether Feds like it or not
"I own 10 acres in Arizona near the Mexican border and can't even use my land because of the unsecured border"

Joy Behar and The Poo
"The Poo should never be cancelled, but the View should."

American people are disgusted by this: Former Florida Attorney General
"Pam Bondi and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett weigh in on the aftermath of the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago"

Donald Trump is 'on his way to becoming the next president'
"Only an act of God will stop him from running"

OLD Biden's Challenge Is To Live Till 2024
"Biden Advisers Pushing Him For Early Launch Of 2024 Presidential Campaign"

Tulsi Gabbard: There is no turning back
"Merrick Garland: The Biggest Joke Since Joe Biden"

Americans have had enough of Democrats' ridiculous behavior: Rep. Jim Jordan
"Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, urges an investigation into the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate"

Joe Biden Approved Diapers

Joe Biden's Colonoscopy by Pelosi
"Nancy is always waiting in the wings. Once Joe is gone, Kamala is easy pickens."

Weaponized Government Against Its Own People
"This was after the Deep State released its latest attack on Trump in the Washington Post."

China-Controlled TikTok Accused of Using Child Porn for Training
"Multiple sources from inside TikTok are saying the same thing"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against AG Merrick Garland
"That is the definition of a fishing expedition."

Watters: The person who's really running the country right now
"Obamas undermining Biden and the Democratic gameplan to displace him in 2024"

Using the Nuclear Pretext to Attack President Donald Trump Is Blown Up
"Kamala Harris is no longer the dumbest member of the Biden team. Nope. That honor goes to Merrick Garland."

Steve Bannon Blows Attorney General Merrick Garland Out of the Water
"You're a lawless scumbag. The people around you are lawless scumbags."

FBI Director Wray and AG Garland Are Total Scumbags
"AG Garland threatened Americans who attack the integrity of the FBI."

The Joe Biden Song
"They had to set up a teleprompter for JB to sing his part."

Hunter Biden laptop repairman calls out FBI's double standard
"All need to be in prison including pelosi"

FBI Now Going After Pennsylvania's 2020 Alternate Electors
"ballots were manufactured to make up for Joe Biden's 700,000 ballot deficit to President Trump"

FBI Actions at Mar-a-Lago on Monday Deepens America’s Lack of Trust in the FBI
"America is outraged with the FBI."

This is scandalous: GOP lawmaker
"Sen. Ron Johnson rips the raid of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home"

Rep. Steube: This is Joe Biden's totalitarian police state
"Everyone should vote Red this midterm election!"

FBI Had Personal Stake in Mar-a-Lago Raid - Agents Were After Spygate Documents That Likely Implicated FBI
"It appears there is more to the Mar-a-Lago raid than they are disclosing. And it could be even more sinister"

Even Facebook's New AI Computerized Chatbot Believes Biden Stole the 2020 Election from Trump
"Meta...asserts that Donald Trump won the 2020 US presidential election and Joe Biden stole the election through fraud."

President Trump Shatters All Fundraising Records After Biden's FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago
"The American people are pissed!"

MAGA-Raid explanation
"I Wanna Go Home Now"

The Truth About the FBI Raid On Trump
"Paul Joseph Watson"

Joe Biden Has No Short Term Memory
"Biden shakes Schumer's hand, immediately forgets and waits for another"

Veteran Calls For Sunday Protest at FBI Headquarters
"what the FBI has done is an inciteful act, which is tantamount to an act of war."

Judge Jeanine: Trump search warrant was subterfuge to take him down
"FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home"

Stephen Miller Reacts to Joe Biden's DOJ Invading President Trump's Residency
"Miller says on what must be done is a full-scale change in the US House of Representatives."

Biden Regime Reveals It Is Not Concerned with the 2022 Elections - The Fix Is In!
"Jesse Watters added this on Joe Biden, 'He just burned everything to the ground.'"

Biden is a brain dead, feeble, old man with dementia and diapers
"Democrats just made Trump the biggest hero and martyr in history."

Lara Trump: 'No way' Joe Biden had no previous knowledge of Mar-a-Lago raid
"Lara Trump sounds off after FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago."

Joe Biden is Ripe for Euthanasia
"No, Joe Biden Still Isn't a Good President"

Citizens Can Eliminate the FBI
"'The country is enraged': Conservatives slam FBI's Trump raid"

Jesse Watters: If you thought Hunter Biden's business deals were shady, just wait
"Nancy Pelosi bringing her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., on her trip to Taiwan"

"Arkansas Judge Found Dead at the Bottom of Mud Lake"

One Could Get Creeping Crud or Monkeypox From Joe Biden
"Kentucky Governor Beshear Leans Away as Maskless Joe Biden Repeatedly Coughs into His Hand"

Jill Has to Dress Feeble Joe Biden
"Biden fondled young girls and sniffed a woman's hair"

Gen. Keane slams Biden's massive failure
"Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal one year later."

Illegal Alien in Kidnapping of 12-Year-Old Girl Also Faces Capital Murder Charges
"Pasqual-Reyes tied the child to a bedpost, drugged her and assaulted her"

Hunter Biden a Real Problem For Joe Biden
"Hunter Biden could be a real problem for Joe Biden in 2024 (if he's still alive)."

"After Tuesday’s GOP primaries, this is now 100% the Trump America First Republican Party."

Joe Biden's Open Border Policies a Crime Against Humanity that Deserves The Eternal Shame of History
"Decision to terminate President Trump's hugely successful border policies is a crime against humanity

Maria Bartiromo Calls Out Leftist Alan Dershowitz and Joe Biden
"Dershowitz claimed Joe Biden was a moderate. What a joke!"

Liberal lawmaker crying out for help over border towns
"How liberal mayors are handling a surge of migrants"

Pervert Hunter Biden Claims Obsession With His Junk is Because of ‘Body Dysmorphia’
"The smartest guy Joe Biden knows"

Joe Biden 'doesn't even know' how to pronounce 'economy'
"He's also not too clear on what his job is in all this"

Lindsey Graham: Biden's administration is 'dumb and weak'
"Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., discussed his bipartisan bill to provide economic aid and military assistance to Taiwan"

Lawmakers reveals shocking details of border crisis
"Bartiromo has the latest on the crisis at the southern border"

Joe Biden delivers $300,000 to a U.S. group to promote Botswana gay and transgender “social acceptance”
"Administration is using our taxpayer dollars to spread wokeness abroad too"

HUGE Trump Rally in Wisconsin
"No one would go to see Biden. We know this because no one ever has."

Former CNN Anchor Felicia Taylor Felicia Taylor Arrested After Hit-And-Run Incident
"Her Mercedes was seen fleeing the scene"

Black Teens Beat Elderly Woman
"11-Year-Old Black Boy Was Part of Group That Brutally Beat Elderly Asian Woman"

Tulsi calls out Kamala on cannabis hypocrisy
"Tulsi Gabbard sounded off on Vice President Kamala Harris's hypocrisy"

Blacks Underemployed Under Biden
"Under President Trump, the black unemployment rate fell"

I am not anti-vaccine, I am anti-stupidity
"Connecting monkeypox to the COVID vaccine."

Joe Biden Should be in Isolation for All Time - Little Girls Would be Safer
"will continue his strict isolation measures"

Joe Biden's Rats are running from his sinking ship
"Why Biden is losing Democrat support"

FBI bias in Hunter Biden probe
"'cover-up' of information related to Hunter Biden's business dealings."

UK Calls to Refuse to Pay Energy Bills
"If 1 MILLION people pledge to strike then we will withhold payment from the energy companies!"

Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney Are Both Scumbags
"The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Biden is a 'complete liar'
"Hunter Biden was involved in a foreign grain deal and how his business dealings affect President Biden."

Illegal Alien kidnapped 12-year-old girl
"escaped by chewing through her restraints."

Most Voters Think Democrats Ran Economy Straight Into the Ground
"The country is ready for some much-needed change."

New poll reveals Joe Biden's approval rating tanks
"Joe Biden's approval rating has tanked"

Joe Biden is a Lame Duck
"Liberals will never admit liberalism has failed"

Biden is building Trump's wall with no media outrage
"Biden administration is building Trump's wall without the same outrage from media"

Texas governor gives Democrats in Washington DC a 'taste of their own medicine'
"Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other clueless Democrats are now being mugged by reality"

Bartiromo: This is the rich hypocrisy of the border crisis
"Maria Bartiromo reports from the Texas border on the migrant crisis and slams the Biden administration"

PELOSI SHORT-CIRCUITS: Starts Babbling Nonsense in Taiwan about "President" Benjamin Franklin
"Pelosi's visit took her crime family and insider trading out of the headlines for a few days."

'A clown ripe for mocking': Joe Biden lampooned for 'doing weird stuff'
"When Joe Biden isn't implementing disastrous policies, he is doing weird stuff like sniffing people"

They Are NOT Migrants; They Are Illegal Aliens
"Border official slams Biden throwing everybody to the wolves"

Pelosi Corruption: Drugs, Alcohol, 2 Totaled Cars, Personal Injury
"Judge Swapped Out"

Armed Robbers Did Not Understand That Lead Will Fly in Both Directions
"He shoot my arm off!"

Joe Biden Wants to Give Illegal Aliens the Keys to the USA
"The cards will essentially make illegal immigration legal in America."

Joe Biden Swirls Around the Toilet Bowl
"Joe is losing support all over the place."

Kameltoe Harris is a Basket Case
"Kamala Word Salad"

Do Wyoming Voters Support Liz Cheny? 'hell no,' 'absolutely not'
"Voters voiced outrage over Cheney's role on the Jan. 6 committee"

Idiot Joe Biden Despenses Medical Advice
"FACTCHECK BIDEN: 'You're Not Gonna Get COVID If You Have These Vaccinations' - FALSE"

President Trump DESTROYS Dementia Joe Biden on His Second COVID Diagnosis
"Joe Biden’s second bout of Covid was sadly misdiagnosed by his doctors. He instead has Dementia"

No one else is as bad as Biden: Karl Rove
"Biden Spins the Truth"

Links between the FBI and the Bidens
"Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., says the FBI is a 'thoroughly corrupt organization'"

Sen. Johnson slams FBI for bias allegations in Hunter Biden case: 'You can't trust them'
"The Wisconsin senator said he has 'no faith' in FBI Director Christopher Wray"

Grovelling United States is brought to its knees: Donald Trump
"Donald Trump says the United States has been brought to its knees in a policy speech in Washington DC. "

Maria Bartiromo GOES OFF After Asked about White House Blaming GOP for Their Open Borders Disaster
"Maria is just amazing."

They're Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at the US Border
"This needs to be Joe Biden's first impeachment trial - the purposeful destruction of the United States of America."

Biden Hits New Seven-Decade Low in Polling
"Biden has tried to redefine the word 'recession.' Can he do the same thing with the term 'approval rating?'"

Woman Beaten Unconscious then Kicked in the Head in Hollywood Garage
"The thugs who knocked her out then kicked her in the head."

Joe Biden's Dementia is Getting Worse
"Joe Biden Seems To Think He Sent Americans Checks For $8,000"

Jesse Watters: Joe Biden just proved he's compromised
"Biden is compromised and is selling America"

Joe Biden Will Be Impeached and the 2020 Election Results in Wisconsin and Arizona Will Be Decertified
"Steve Bannon from the War Room was on with Sebastian Gorka"

White House releases bizarre video of Joe Biden
"Note the edits - which leave us wondering what got left on the cutting room floor"

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: German City of Hanover Shuts Off Hot Water after Russia Again Reduces Gas Supply
"The German delegation laughed on camera at the president's remarks - The Germans aren't laughing now."

COVID Might Not Kill You, But the Vaccine Will
"Three doctors died after the hospital started mandating the fourth Covid shot"

Joe Biden Would Not Know a Recession If It Bit Him In the Ass
"'We’re Not in a Recession' - Joe Biden as US Enters Recession"

DC Mayor Requests National Guard to Deal with Influx of Illegal Aliens Being Bussed in From Texas
"strategically dumping hordes of illegals in red states and red counties in an effort to change voting demographics."

Do You Guys Call Joe Biden The Big Guy at the Department of Justice?
"Matt Gaetz GRILLS Senior DOJ Official About Whistleblower Allegations That FBI Covered Up Hunter Biden's Crimes"

Tucker Carlson weighs in on Democratic leaders giving illegal aliens everything
"This is just weird"

It is NEVER "Different THIS Time"
"US officially enters a Joe Biden recession"

Sen. Kennedy: Bottom line, the economy sucks
"Sen. Joe Kennedy R-La., torches the Biden administration and Congress"

There is nothing scarier than Joe Biden's Lies
"FBI's treatment of the Hunter Biden case compared to the treatment of Trump"

Biden is lying about this
"Jesse Watters gives his take on the January 6 committee's hearings"

This is the big picture on Hunter Biden
"scandal surrounding Hunter Biden's business dealings and the impact on Biden's potential reelection bid."

Joe Biden met with at least 14 of Hunter's business associates while VP
"Biden has repeatedly denied discussing business with his son"

Hell Hath No Fury...
"North Carolina woman allegedly seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend set fire to the wrong home."

Australian Rugby League Trying to Force Queer Shirts on Players
"Players to Boycott Game After Being Forced to Wear LGBT-Themed Rainbow Jerseys"

Pelosi Caught Inside Trading
"The Pelosis have done very well playing the market and Americans for fools."

The whole country knows the 2020 election was stolen
"Biden Regime illegitimate."

More Than 50 House Republicans Now Calling For Biden To Take A Cognitive Test
"You Don't Really Need a Test to Know That Joe Biden is Demented"

Sen. Johnson demands answers after Hunter Biden FBI 'whistleblowers' come forward
"time for FBI Director Christopher Wray to answer questions on purported 'clean-up' of bureau."

ICE developing ID card program for illegals: 'It just doesn't make sense'
"plan from the Biden administration to give U.S. identification cards to illegal migrants"

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden is a train wreck
"Can Joe Biden Say Anything Without Slurring It?"

The criminal laws don't apply to Hunter Biden
"Department of Justice and FBI allegedly buried information on Hunter Biden."

Joe Biden's unpopularity ahead of 2024
"75% of Democrats Want Joe Biden Out"

Harvesting Election Ballots Online is A CHEATER'S DREAM!
"Further, the I.D. of anyone requesting these absentee ballots is not requested or required."

2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen
"Cass County and Alcona County voted to reject and rescind the 2020 presidential election."

Committee Demand Hunter Biden Turn Over All Information on Biden Crime Family Business Dealings
"Oh… And the Clintons accepted up to $100,000 from Hunter Biden's Chinese energy firm."

Whistleblowers have disclosed FBI leadership is pressuring agents to artificially pad domestic terrorism data.
"FBI is weaving a narrative that helps the Biden Regime while painting Trump supporters as terrorists."

When "Race" is the Only Card You Have, It Will be Played Constantly
"Another crackpot."

Democrats Want to Ditch Joe Biden
"Even Democrats know they can't just keep pumping Joe Biden with drugs"

Joe Biden: Illegitimate Coward
"Liz Harrington called out Joe Biden as the real coward."

They Cannot Give Joe Biden Enough Pills to Fix His Slurring Speech
"Biden's Behavior Abruptly Changes in Spliced Video Speech Released by The White House"

"Help us Trump"

Joe Fell Again
"Someone said years ago: He was born IGNORANT and has been losing ground ever since."

Thanks for clearing that up, Kameltoe
"She had to look at what color suit she was wearing. Lol!"

Stand Joe Biden On His Head in a Drum of Monkeypox
"Maybe Skip the Gay Orgy"

EU Parliament Member Drops Nuke on Universal COVID Vaccine Campaign
"Covid vaccines and their forced coercion will go down as the worst medical crime ever committed."

Biden to Give ID Cards to Millions of Illegal Aliens Who Invaded the US
"This is the latest plan by Joe Biden to destroy the country and encourage millions of aliens to continue to invade the US."

Is Kameltoe Harris a Bigger Idiot Than Joe Biden?
"Biden will never admit it, but she was a terrible choice for VP."

FBI Agent Who Covered For Hunter Biden is Russia Collusion Hoaxer
"Senator Grassley outed dirty cops at the FBI"

Illegal Alien Pleads Not Guilty to Rape of 10-Year-Old Girl
"Fuentes, according to police, admitted to twice raping the girl...the girl identified Fuentes as her rapist"

Even CNN Cannot Abide Joe Biden's Lies
"A CNN panel wasn't buying the Biden Regime's lies. 'You can’t fake this!'"

Sen. Grassley drops major bombshell about Hunter Biden, 2020 election debacle
"Reporting political corruption to the FBI is like reporting a drug dealer to a drug cartel."

Biden looks decrepit and he sounds like death.
"Joe Biden's handlers keep trotting him out in an effort to reassure Americans that he's doing well."

Matt Gaetz Tells The Truth
"Now this is how you respond to the lefty media."

Iowa's Senator Chuck Grassley Drops a bomb on the FBI and DOJ
"Grassley wisely names the specific senior FBI personnel who are alleged to have carried out illegal actions, such as covering up Hunter Biden's crimes"

Joe Biden Brags About Gas Prices that Are the Highest in US History
"Just last week Biden's Secretary of Energy cheered the energy prices and the destruction of the US middle class."

The Biden presidency is like a bad movie
"It's worse than a bad movie, it is a nightmare from the pit of hell, with satan as the main character."

What could possibly go wrong?
"Ghislaine Maxwell will be moved to a low security prison to serve her 20 years."

The Pelosis are the definition of 'insiders'
"Suddenly walking away like that after being asked a question indicate she's guilty as hell."

Nancy Pelosi looks very bad here
"When has Nancy Pelosi ever NOT looked very bad? (morally, ethically and physically)."

A Pox on You - And This Guy is a Public Health Expert
"Soros Open Society Employee Brags About Having Sex with Multiple Men at Pride Event - Blames Government for Catching Monkeypox"

Rigging an Election is Just This Easy
"AP Publish Election Results One Week Before Actual Election"

Biden Toady Trying to Spin Away the Recession
"Biden's economic advisor Brian Deese twisted himself into a pretzel as he tried to explain why the US is not technically in a recession."

THIRD WISCONSIN Lawmaker Signs on to Decertify 2020 Wisconsin Election Results - The Fraud Was Too Great
"Rep. Ramthun shared at the press conference that more individuals will be announced soon."

'Cognitively sound': Joe Biden mocked in compilation of president's gaffes
"What a journey. From humorous, to embarrassing, to disastrous."

World regimes understand Biden is weak and cowardly
"Who doesn't think potato head's administration is weak and cowardly? That would be a very short list."

'It just gets worse if your name is Biden - he's got nothing going for him'
"Biden Does Suck"

Gavin Newsom in the White House is the 'last thing America needs:' Steve Hilton
"Everyone knows Biden can't possibly run in 2024"

If Biden Put It Out, It's Not a Mandate, It's a "Wimpdate"
"COVID vaccine mandates from Biden may cripple National Guard"

US in 'energy emergency' due to Dems, Biden
"Let's go, Brandon. JB isn't a leader he's a follower of radical groups."

If Jan 6 Committee has 'done anything,' it's 'exonerated' President Trump
"These people, all of them, have fooled themselves into believing they are important and powerful. We shall see..."

Biden's Gaffes
"The perfect marriage...The BIDEN administration and the GALLOWS"

This White House is Incompetent
"He also tested positive on corruption, crimes and stupidity!"

Rand Paul: This tax is a bad idea
"There is going to be very little left of our country when Biden's done."

Adam Schiff's Evidence Always Turns Out to be Lies
"Serial liar Adam Schiff on Sunday said the January 6 Committee will presenting 'new information'"

The White House (Spin) Doctor Will Say Biden is Improving as They Load Him into a coffin
"The White House has been caught lying about Biden's Covid diagnosis."

President Trump Crushing the GOP Field in 2024 Presidential Race
"Americans know he won the last two elections. He looks to be going for three."

Democrats want to add billions in taxes
"Exec order is NOT LAW; Ignore Joe and his climate babbling."

Paul Pelosi is the real life Gordon Gekko
"Picking winner after winner, while he's drunk. Man this guy is something else."

Joe Biden has created chaos at the southern border
"I would be embarrassed to be a Democrat and even more embarrassed to have voted for Biden."

Only Trump can fix what Biden has broken
"Adams provides opinion on Donald Trump's potential presidential run in 2024, arguing he would be a runaway favorite"

Butt-I-Gig is an elite liberal who is out of touch with actual people
"Where do these people think the electricity comes from when they charge their EV? Fossil fuels"

Biden Blames Putin When Gas is High; He Takes Credit When the Price is Lower
"Luckily, Texas was able to get its export terminals permitted and built under Trump."

Liar and Biden Lap dog Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas
"Mayorkas, says the Southern Border is secure. Agents working for him as well as everyone in America say he's lying."

Dirty Liz Cheney Gets Caught OPENLY LYING About Trump's Request for 20,000 National Guard on January 6th
"Liz Cheney got caught again. What a dirty rotten liar."

China Equipment Atop Cell Towers Near US Military Bases Capable of Disrupting and Capturing Signals
"President Trump warned about Huawei years ago."

January 6th Hearings Have Backfired On Joe Biden And The Democrats
"the current president is now less popular than chlamydia."

President Trump Promises to Rehire Military Fired by Joe Biden for Refusing Experimental Vaccine
"We have to give them an apology and all of their backpay."

Joe Biden Still Sending Billions to Afghanistan And They Refuse Access to Auditors to Investigate
"It's been almost a year now since Joe Biden and the US Military surrendered to the Taliban terrorists."

Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Biden's Use of 'political hit squad'
"Gabbard, a former Democratic presidential candidate, has become a critic of Biden"

Jill Biden heckled: 'Your husband is the worst'
"A second heckler then shouted at Biden, 'You suck!'"

Hispanic GOP Congresswoman Reports On Dems After First Month In Office
"Newly-elected GOP Rep. Mayra Flores exposed just how corrupt the DC swamp is."

President Trump Way Ahead in the Current Polls and 94% of His Endorsements Win
"President Trump is way ahead in polls regarding his performance as President while Joe Biden's numbers continue to collapse."

Joe Biden Looks Like Walking Death
"Biden, looking like an assisted living patient, fumbled trying to open a cough lozenge wrapper."

Elite Pete Butt-I-Gig: "Let Them Drive Electric Cars!"
"Now you know why the Biden Administration refuses to unleash American energy."

Alex Jones, Steve Bannon Interview

Supreme Court Blocks Joe Biden From Sucking Up to Illegal Aliens
"Supreme Court Blocks Biden Border Policy Limiting Agents Ability To Detain Illegal Aliens"

Jill Biden: Most Unpopular First Lady Ever
"Just 34 Percent Favorable Opinion"

Kameltoe Harris Delivers Word Salad; Feeble Joe Biden Has COVID
"The Biden Regime scrambled on Friday to downplay Joe Biden's Covid symptoms."

Kari Lake: One of the Fiercest Voices Country Standing Up Against Joe Biden's Open Borders Catastrophe
"No one understands better than Kari how to fight back against the Fake News media and the Radical Left."

Dr. Birx Admits She Knew the Dangerous Experimental mRNA Vaccines Would Not Work
"Scarf Lady should be in jail."

President Trump Promises to Gut and Fire Tens of Thousands of Civil Servants if and When He Wins in 2024
"The order would reclassify tens of thousands of civil servants - which would strip them of their employment protections."

The Jan6th committee members should get some jail time
"Liz Cheney is the Biggest Scumbag of All"

J6 Defendant Who Pled Guilty to Parading in US Capitol Allegedly Commits Suicide Before Sentencing
"was facing up to six months in prison and a $5000 fine."

Joe Biden is as Crooked as His Crooked Smile
"There Was a Crooked Man, Who Had a Crooked Smile"

Steve Bannon talks to Tucker Carlson on 'guilty' verdict
"FIND SOMEONE - ANYONE - OTHER THAN MCCONNELL to be Senate Majority leader"

Top White House News: Joe Biden Made a Happy Plate
"This may be the most embarrassing thing to come out of this White House yet."

Steve Bannon BRINGS THE FIRE on Tucker Carlson
"Steve was on FIRE."

Biden selling off our emergency oil reserves to China
"Tucker Carlson shreds Biden's energy policies"

It's back
"If a mask Karen bothers you, point and laugh. If that doesn't work, go into a coughing fit"

Joe Biden is compromised
"This president is getting away with any and everything."

Joe Biden Is Filling Up Maine Hotels to House His Illegal Migrants
"Illegals Get Better Government Freebies than Low Income US Workers"

Calls are mounting that it's time for Joe to go
"The USA has gone ZERO days without being embarrassed by Joe Biden."

'Latest internet trend': Americans are recreating the 'infamous' Joe Biden bike fall
"Running America is just like riding a bike, it's a walk up the stairs, it's a clear, concise message."

If Joe Biden's decline continues he won't make any sense at all by 2024
"We American's have NEVER been so embarrassed about OUR PRESIDENT, until NOW! UNBELIEVABLE!"

NYT admits it was wrong about Trump-Russia collusion hoax reporting
"They weren't just wrong, they LIED!"

Biden heckled before spewing climate lies
"The only clear and present danger is Biden as President."

GOP in Multiple Counties In Wisconsin and Across America Vote to Decertify 2020 Election
"Since the 2020 Election steal, Americans across the country have called to decertify the election."

Americans are not buying what Biden is selling
"No one can afford what the demented one is selling."

Former Russian Leader Medvedev Calls Out Joe Biden
"Strange Grandfather with Dementia who Can't Find His Way Out of a Room"

Wives and Widows Call on Woke Communities to Stop Funding BLM
"BLM called for dead cops-and that’s what they got."

Hunter Biden was trading favors with international powers: Rep. Darrell Issa
"Hunter and daddy. It was the family business The whole criminal family is in on it"

Laffer on Biden's policies: There's no fixing stupid
"It's a shame that this man just speaking common sense appears genius compared to our current criminal admin. What a shame."

Nancy Pelosi under fire for husband's stock investments
"They should go after Pelosi just as diligently as she went after TRUMP!"

McEnany roasts liberal media for stunning Hunter Biden blackout
"A critical stage - that means they are having to determine a not so obvious way to let Hunter off of the hook."

Hunter Biden Coverup
"Wow, crooked people get all the perks, that's if you play the Dem card."

What did she just say?
"The house drinker proves that crime pays and pays well!"

Biden's Approval with Hispanics Falls to 18% After Jill Compared Hispanics to Tacos
"No more tacos for you."

David Hogg, You Have Already Squandered Your 15 Minuts of Fame
"Carlson: I think that kid is too dumb to host a cable news show, and that's saying a lot."

Biden LOST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Illegal Aliens In The United States
"The Feds are just letting these criminals into our country and releasing them without court dates or even recording their addresses."

DHS Secretary Jackass Mayorkas is a Liar
"Mayorkas later added that the border is not safe"

Biden approval in key 2024 state hits record low
"Joe Biden has a 31% national approval rating."

Maybe Joe Biden Needs 4 or 5 More Vaccinations
"Quadruple Vaxxed Joe Biden Catches Covid"

White House Corrects Joe Biden's Lies
"What an utter embarrassment. This administration is like watching the Titanic."

Thousands of Illegal Aliens Storm Mexican Border, Push Through National Guard Barricades
"When Barricades Will Not Stop the Invading Hordes, Machine Guns Will"

Fossil Fuel? Joe Biden is a Fossil - Will He Burn?
"Gas prices are soaring and the Biden Regime is going full steam ahead with its green energy transition."

They Should Have Left the Climate Activist Glued to the Road and Opened it to Normal Traffic
"Police Forced to Chisel Her Hand from the Cement"

Even Democrats Are Sick of Illegal Aliens
"Funny how this is only an issue now that Democrats are feeling the consequences of their own policies."

"Let's Go Brandon!" - Protesters in Somerset Give Joe Biden's Motorcade the Middle Finger

91 arrests across the Carolinas
"These are the worst of the worst"

The Climate Will Do What It Wants and Cannot be Manupliated By An Idiot Like Joe Biden
"Does Biden have a mind of his own?"

White House clarifies Biden cancer gaffe
"I just don't know how much longer we can survive this guy."

Biden administration is contradicting themselves: Sen. Blackburn
"Biden's brain is so far gone he could throw his own surprise party. He doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt."

Biden hasn't grasped this fact yet
"the president continues to focus on issues Americans don't care about."

Hunter Biden an unsustainable problem for the White House
"Too bad we can't get a write-in impeachment of a president at the mid-terms."

Recovered Text Message Should Lead to Joe Biden's Impeachment and Hunter Biden's Immediate Arrest
"my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China"

We're Astonished That Butt-I-Gig Has a "Husband"
"Buttigieg Says He's Astonished That People Seem to Really Struggle to Let Go of Their Gas-Powered Vehicles"

Joe Biden's Gift to the Taliban
"Joe Biden supplied the Taliban terrorist organization and their Islamist accomplices with billions of dollars worth of US arms."

Washington Post Writer Tries to Cover For Joe Biden's Total Failure
"Oh please. No one believes this. Biden is a disaster."

"He Shakes Hands With Ghosts And Imaginary People."
"Rep. Troy Nehls GRILLS Pete Buttigieg On Biden's Mental Health, Presses Him On 25TH AMENDMENT"

Insider Trading is Okay for Nancy Pelosi
"If they are breaking the law, they should be arrested. Period."

Pete Butt-I-Gig wants you to feel pain
"Joe Biden and the climate cult alarmists are waging a war on the American people"

Huge immigration crisis
"Throw some sharks, piranhas, alligators in that water then see who walks in it."

Removing Joe Biden
"They know he's incompetent, that's the point! They can manipulate him without raising their hands"

Tucker Carlson On Worshiping Illegal Aliens
"Get this illegitimate regime out of our Whitehouse and slam the border closed."

Jill Biden is making pathetic excuses for Joe's failing presidency
"What's she complaining about? They already removed the dislike button for him."

'Joe's not happy': Biden reacts when quizzed on recent poll numbers
"almost two-thirds of Democratic voters want a new candidate, besides Mr Biden"

The Democrats are desperate and running out of time
"Remember: Every new season is the direct result of the global climate change."

Jill whines about Joe's failures
"What an absolute embarrassment to call this, the President of the United States."

Joe needs all the rest he can get after a disastrous trip
"Biden refusing to answer questions after coming back from Saudi Arabia in a failed effort to import oil to the U.S."

Conway: Biden White House like an 'assisted living facility'

Hunter Biden is a 'shady business character': Rep. James Comer
"Joe Biden knows his son is in deep, we know Joe knows. That's all that matters."

Huckabee on Biden approval rating: 'You can't overcome those numbers'
"Mike Huckabee slams Biden's poor approval rating and the perspective 2024 candidate pool for Democrats."

Biden Carries The Worst Approval Ratings For Any President At This Point
"It is clear he is losing the confidence of his own party."

Jill Biden's Approval Rating Drops Just Like Joe's - She Tied Herself to a Boat Anchor
"Falling poll numbers are a common theme with the Biden Administration as Joe and Kamala continue to watch their own approval numbers plummet."

Voters Believe Joe Biden Knew of Hunter's Business Deals and Profited from Them as Well
"Secret Service records validated that Joe Biden was a beneficiary of Hunter’s business deals."

GOP lawmaker reveals shocking details about the border crisis
"This administration has completely failed the American people on every single issue & every crisis has gotten worse"

Sen. John Kennedy is Great; Joe Biden is a Pathetic Pedophile
"So sorry the world didn't take it easy on the old guy. But I bet he's in for 10% you know being the big guy"

Joe Biden's senior advisor reduced to a stuttering mess after reporter called him out for lying about gas prices
"Biden hid at the White House all day while his goons fielded questions and took the heat for his disastrous trip to the Middle East."

Oil Jumps As Biden Fails In Begging Saudis For More Oil
"Oil prices rise above $100 a barrel as Biden fails to secure an oil output deal with Saudi Arabia"

Kameltoe Harris Takes Charge While Feeble Joe Biden Hides at White House
"The trip to the Middle East, which accomplished nothing for the US, took a toll on Joe Biden."

Biden Awards George Soros Related Group $172 Million to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation
"George Soros admits to helping Nazis in World War II and not having regrets."

Steve: Left-wing Extremism must be defeated
"It's not extremism left of right, it's absurdity."

Former White House doctor says Biden won't finish out first term
"Biden is no longer fit to serve as President of the United States."

Kameltoe Harris speech is 'quite extraordinary'
"What a blessed time we live in to be in the presence of these intellectual giants."

Biden's SICK Transgender Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Levine Says We Need to 'Empower' Children to go On Puberty Blockers
"This man is evil and dangerous."

"Brandon Falls" Now Listed as Google Landmark Where Joe Biden Fell Off His Bike in Delaware
"As Soon As He Got Up, Joe Spotted a Little Girl Who's Hair Needed Sniffing"

Democrats ignored Biden's serious cognitive issues to get back in office
"They didn't ignore his cognitive issues, they deliberately hid them from the public."

Democrats propose spending ahead of midterm elections
"This just goes to show how deranged the democrats are. Keep spending your way out of trouble."

Biden has self-inflicted a crisis on Americans
"I guarantee you that Trump could EASILY FIX THIS!"

This is now a Joe Biden scandal
"Pete Hegseth slams Biden's poor diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and discusses the implications of the new Hunter Biden findings"

Enfeebled Joe Biden has deeply weakened United States
"Obama ensured he would not be the worst president by endorsing Biden."

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party Are, in Fact, Responsible for Sabotaging Our Economy
"The Biden Economy is a total disaster."

Joe Biden twice tries to 'shake hand' of someone who's not there
"No big deal; Joe's not there either, he's just greeting his colleagues."

Kameltoe Harris someone 'without a single profound insight'
"The smartest thing to ever come out of Kamala Harris' mouth was Willie Brown."

Joe Biden in a 'world of trouble’ as he is ‘misreading' the polls
"I beg to differ, he's not misreading the poll's, he's lying again."

Joe Biden 'not all there' with a 'screw loose'
"Joe Biden is not just missing a screw, he has in fact lost the the whole dang toolbox."

Hunter Biden met with Joe dozens of times directly after foreign business meetings
"Joe knew exactly what Hunter was doing, he even helped. He admitted to having the Ukraine Prosecutor fired."

America Knows Joe Biden is an Idiot
"Mitch Roschelle discuss Biden's sinking approval rating"

NYC Has Everything - That You Don't Want
"New York City is Now the Epicenter of the Monkeypox Outbreak"

He did it again
"Jotato Brandon: 'Pretending to be President is as easy as riding a bike!'"

AOC is Forever Poor Mouthing
"The New York representative makes a salary of $174,000, well above the average pay rate of most Americans."

People Are Now Doing The #BidenBikeChallenge Where Joe Biden Toppled Over
"The bike fall escalated concerns about Biden's frailty"

Dr. Birx Tosses Tony Fauci Under the Bus: COVID Came Out of a Box Ready to Infect and Made in China
"Dr. Fauci allegedly funded at least 60 different projects and studies at the Wuhan laboratory."

Ted Cruz Says Legalizing Gay Marriage Was Clearly Wrong
"Ted Cruz says he wants to overturn marriage for gay people."

Police Release Video of 3 Black Women Who Made Violent, Racist Attack on White Woman
"The victim was taking to Jamaica Hospital where she received staples on her head"

Progressive illness behind Biden's cognitive decline
"There's obviously been a rapid decline, and the deterioration seems exponential as of late. By 2024, old Joe may well require constant geriatric care."

Afternoon delight
"Send Pelosi Money"

OK Joe, This Matters: Were You Born This Stupid or Did You Have to Take Night Classes?
"Why don't you guys talk about something that matters?"

Pity the Poor, Poor Bidens
"There once was a First Lady who went to Nantucket..."

Ted Cruz Finds Child's Wristband at Border
"The chaos at the border is unfair to Americans, cruel to immigrants and a boon for the cartels."

More Biden Humiliation: Saudi Foreign Minister Contradicts Biden's Claims He Confronted MBS About Khashoggi's Murder
"Joe Biden's First Reaction is to Tell a Lie"

Judge Blocks Biden's LGBTQ Guidance that Allows Transgender in Girls' Sports and Bathroom Access
"Judge Atchley prohibited the federal agencies from enforcing the orders issued by the Biden regime regarding the treatment of LGBTQ people."

Biden's America: Trans Soldiers Given Special Privileges
"Gender transition in the Army begins when a Soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider"

Alligators in the Rio Grande Will Solve the Invasion Problem
"As the Number of Illegals Crossing the Border Increases So Does the Number of Deceased that Don't Make It"

'Joey of Arabia' doesn't stand an 'ice cube's chance' in the desert
"Pelosi gushed that Biden is just perfect. Biden and Pelosi are two peas in a pod; they both think that they are both just perfect."

This reveals once again that Biden is weak
"Hannity recaps Biden's blunders during his visit to Saudi Arabia and how the Democrats are turning on Biden"

Joe Bidden The Beggar
"Why can't we get these two out of office now. He has sold us up the river."

Joe Biden Always Does Everything Wrong
"There is no way of knowing what this administration is doing behind our backs."

Pelosi's Insider Trading
"After facing backlash over prior stock trades"

Will the Grim Reaper Save Us From More Joe Biden?
"Joe Sounds Like a Slow Learner Pupil Trying to Read Aloud."

Don't Fist Bump Feeble Joe Biden Too Hard or You'll Knock Him Flat on His Back
"Biden gets 'embarrassed' on 'hat-in-hand' trip to Mideast powers"

Democrats have left behind Hispanic voters
"Hispanic voters are switching to the Republican Party as Democrats continue to take their vote for granted."

Hunter was right; Jill Biden is a Vindictive Moron
"After all since Hunter Binder is the smartest person Joe knows, if he labels Dr. Jill a vindictive moron, that she must definitely be."

Biden aging far more rapidly than other men his age
"He was this daft when he was 'elected.' It's the people that voted for him that need treatments."

Liz Cheney Flames Out
"54% said Cheney's service on the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attacks made them less likely to vote for her."

Liberals Are Making President Trump Stronger
"Even liberals are admitting that the witch hunts against President Donald Trump are backfiring."

Experimental COVID vaccines affect menstruation
"It has now been a year and the scientific community is now reporting on this vaccine side effect."

Biden Doped Up to Hide His Dementia
"Before Dosing Biden Was 'Like a Small Child'"

Hunter Biden a national security threat
"Why is this even a question? Joe himself is a national security risk."

Biden's Border Chaos Goes From Bad to Worse
"Sen. Ted Cruz reveals horror stories from the Biden administration's southern border crisis, including the Joe Biden body bags

Nobody cares what Joe Biden says
"Brandon won't make it through 4 years. However, then we get Harris who really and truly hates America even more than Brandon who is half senile."

No Excuse For Joe Biden
"Biden's administration continues to look for excuses on inflation"

Joe Biden's Dementia Has Been Obvious for at Least 3 Years
"As a kid I used to watch The Wizard of Oz and wonder how someone without a brain could talk. Then I heard Biden talk; now I know."

Biden Knows Nothing
"Will this torture never end? Biden is a total embarrassment!"

Saudi Delegation Laughs as Reporter Humiliates Joe Biden
"The humiliation of Joe Biden continued after his initial meeting with the Crown Prince."

Joe Biden Cannot Talk; Can He Change His Own Depends?
"Joe Biden sounds like Elmer Fudd and can't say 'regret.'"

Biden's Transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and Gender Fluid Pup Handler Sam Brinton
"Sam Brinton is a non-binary drag queen into kink with they/them pronouns."

Joe Biden Grovels to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
"Any Fist Bumping With Joe Biden Should be Against Joe's Nose"

The Modern Day Trojan Horse - Illegals Coming into the Country by the Millions are Military Age Men
"Are we seeing a trojan horse cross into our country along the Southern border."

The Government Has Gone from Saying It Was the Most Secure Election in History to Saying the Machines Shouldn't be Used
"Dominion Voting Systems have at least nine major vulnerabilities that can be exploited and leveraged by an attacker"

Democrats Throw Money at Illegal Aliens
"Joe Biden's administration has supported the move."

Joe Biden Gets Lost Leaving the Stage Again After Coughing Fit
"As expected, Joe Biden made some gaffes and at one point he had a coughing fit."

Biden is failing so much so fast
"Biden: limitless arrogance; zero pride or self-respect."

Biden inspires 'zero confidence' on the world stage
"Biden is just embarassing on any stage!"

Kellyanne Conway: Neither Kamala nor Biden 'demonstrate competence'
"If MLK should taught Brandon one thing, It's that he should not pick a candidate based on its skin but by its character."

Sen John Kennedy: Biden is as 'popular as cholera'
"He's not struggling; he's just a traitor"

Piers Morgan questions Biden's capacity to carry out presidency
"When Trump gave the speech on European over dependence on Russia oil they openly laughed at him. It's not so funny now."

Time to save the world from Joe Biden
"It's a train wreck, everyone can see he's not up to it anymore, yet he's still being peddled out, it's just sad now."

Biden needed help just staying on the red carpet in Israel
"The raving of a demented old fool."

Joe Biden: Dead Man Shuffling
"Joe Biden is OLD and STUPID, But More Stupid Than Old"

'Democratic sharks' are circling in on Biden as his poll numbers plummet
"This isn't about Biden, it is about the Democratic Party as a whole. No replacement will improve the situation."

Joe Biden Shakes Hands With Harvy, the Six Foot Tall Invisable Rabbit
"'Cognitive decline': Biden tries to 'shake hands with thin air' during Israel trip"

Joe Biden Turns to Shake Hands With Air AGAIN!
"Are You Sure Joe Biden Wasn't awarded the Medal of Dumbass?"

Hispanic Voters Are Leaving Democrat Party - Biden Falls Apart
"Midterms are shaping up to be a disaster for Democrats."

Illegal Aliens Provided Tickets from San Antonio to Baltimore and Cleared Through Premium Lane Without IDs
"There were even flights with children on them."

Election Do-Over Is Necessary if Overwhelming Fraud Proven in Court
"The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that absentee drop boxes are illegal in the state."

Biden Brags About Handing Out Record Number of Work Visas to Foreigners as Millions Pour Across The Wide Open Southern Border
"Can he make it any clearer? For the Biden Regime, America and its citizens always come last."

The Green New Hoax - Texas Heat Knocks Out Power During Weatherman's Live Broadcast
"Travis Herzog said another power outage happened during his 5 pm broadcast too."

Julián Castro to Joe Biden: "Are you forgetting what you said 2 minutes ago?"
"We need to put joe in a nursing home. Decorate his room like the oval office and tell him he won."

Tongue Tied, Slimy, Slut Nancy Plosi Cannot Hold a Candle to Donald J. Trump
"Who Was Her Husband With When He Had His Druken Car Crash?"

There's something wrong with Joe
"This would be tragic if not for all the manifest evil he embodies."

Former Business Partner of Hunter's Personal Attorney Is Now Over the DOJ's Criminal Division
"Despite Ample Evidence of Crimes on Hunter's Laptop, Hunter Goes Free"

Obama ripped into White House doctor for calling out Biden’s cognitive decline
"Hilarious. As if the ENTIRE WORLD cannot SEE his cognitive decline for themselves. Biden is currently my favourite daily comedy show."

Republicans lash out at Biden as inflation soars to 40-year high
"Joe couldn't run a hotdog stand if you gave him an assistant and free buns"

Let them eat tacos
"Tacos are just as smart and just as talented as watermelons"

NEW LOW: Only 18% Want Biden To Run In 2024
"Biden snapped at a reporter who asked him about a separate poll that found 64% of Democrats don't want him to run in 2024."

Suspected Rapist Accused of Impregnating 10-Year-Old Child Rape Victim Believed to be ILLEGAL ALIEN
"27-year-old Gershon Fuentes told police he raped the child on at least two occasions"

Joe Biden Caught in the Wild Sniffing Little Girl's Hair
"Biden just couldn't control himself around the little girls and leaned in for a sniff."

DOJ EXTORTING Testimonies Out of Their Witnesses!

Democrats don't want Biden to run again
"The White House is the World's most expensive nursing home."

The Praetorian Guard has turned on Joe Biden
"It doesn't matter if Joe runs again. He won't win anyway."

Biden will get embarrassment, not oil from Saudi Arabia trip
"The problem with political jokes is they sometimes get elected. God help us."

Biden's poll numbers are starting to resemble Nixon
"#46, the worst imposter to set foot in the oval office."

Democrat desperation is in the air
"If that's all the dems have, sounds like trump 2024"

Biden White House is in crisis
"JOE HAS GOT TO GO and Harris has to go as well. They are destroying this country."

The Democrats are getting desperate
"Seeing and listening to Jill just reminds us how great Melania Trump is such a classy wonderful woman and a great 1st lady"

Wisconsin Candidates for Office Call for Decertification of 2020 Election Based on Maladministration of Election Due to the Use of Unconstitutional Drop Boxes
"Wisconsin Supreme Court recently ruled that the drop boxes in the state are not legal in the state under Wisconsin law."

"The failing New York Times is down 40% year-to-date because they are Fake News."

New Zealand Doctors Send Letter Asking Police to Investigate Deaths Following COVID Vaccinations
"Our surveillance systems have been disabled in order to hide the extent of harm."

He's an Embarrassment. He Really Is. When You Have to Have a Cue-Card to Tell You to Walk, to Sit”
"Dr. Maria Ryan with Dr. Gina on Joe Biden’s Health"

Joe Biden is Laughable
"The only thing Brandon isn't responsible for are his tweets. Does anyone really think he has the mental capacity to tweet?"

Former AG on border: This is 'really outrageous'
"I feel this will not end well. I don't trust what our President will do for our boarder"

Biden Faces Growing Pressure From His Own Party To Not Run In 2024
"Please run Biden! You're the best thing to happen to Trump in years!"

Age Doen Not Matter When One is Just Plain Stupid
"Biden’s aides hold their breath in fear the president will make a gaffe"

Biden family's business dealings deserve more scrutiny
"Biden Child and Drug Trafficking Service"

Biden's approval numbers hit one low after another
"Joe, just give up. Nobody's going to vote for you for four more years. Just give up now. Let Trump be president"

Biden Selling Access and Collecting Money From China

Everybody Knows Biden is Washed Up Except Joe Biden
"McEnany: Americans hold their breath every time Biden speaks"

Progressive group to press Biden not to run in 2024
"calling him 'neither bold nor inspiring.'"

Kellyanne Conway: 'This is devastating for Biden'
"It's not Biden's age. He's been a lying, corrupt, career politician his entire life. And not a very bright one."

Montana AG tells Biden to get his 'foot off the neck' of US energy
"It's about time we start ignoring Sippy Cup and his Thorazine Shuffle. What's he going to do? Have Garland send a letter?"

Stuart Varney: Biden administration is in a tailspin
"Biden and Harris trying to squeeze the same brain cell left between them for a moment of coherence."

Americans are not buying Biden's Putin price hike
"Worst incompetence ever by a US President. Didn't believe it could ever be this bad in US. Worry if we will make it to 2024."

Biden's policies have been a disaster
"Trump did his job and Trump benefitted everyone not just his party, and Trump did so without the majority"

Judge Jeanine: Joe Biden is now caught in the lie
"The world is a better place due to this Bodega Employee defending himself."

Stuff gets done when Biden isn't involved
"Save America vote every Democrat out of office that's running in November"

'Doesn't even finish out this term': Joe Biden might go before 2024
"At the rate the President is going, It will be a miracle if he is still around at the end of the year, let alone 2024"

This is how you know Biden has really lost it
"I can't award any credibility nor sympathy to Biden"

Federal government is 'passing the buck' on illegal aliens
"Who thought we would dislike a press secretary more than peppermint patty?"

Steve Hilton: GOP must investigate Joe Biden
"This is intentional! Treason!"

Kameltoe Harris ripped for clash with Gov. Abbott
"She's just upset that he's doing a better job being the border Czar than she is."

Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked

Joe Biden is hopelessly incoherent and inept
"And the sad part is he's still running after children! He needs to resign immediately!"

Internet catches White House erasing Joe Biden's gaffe from records
"It's patently absurd to regard sleepy Joe as a normal functioning human being let alone a 'President'"

Biden Hits New Low, Crashes to 29 Percent
"Joe Biden’s presidency is foundering."

NBC Panelists Are Openly Wishing for Trump's Death; Everyone Else Wants Joe Biden DEAD
"Chuck Todd MSNBC hack accidentally slipped up and said the silent part out loud."

Invasion driven by cartels at southern border
"This is madness, no other nation in the world would let this happen to them"

Hunter Biden's laptop is a treasure trove of information
"Joe is really like a dictator! WOW, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?"

Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil
"Joe doesn't even know where his bosses are sending him."

Biden voters regret their 2020 choice 18 months into presidency
"I Won't Be Voting For Biden Again; That's For Sure"

Facebook Was Just CAUGHT RED HANDED - Faces Lawsuit for Sharing User Deleted Messages
"Contrary to its stated policy, Facebook is able to access anyone’s Messenger history, including children within Messenger for Kids"

Leftist Policies Are Destroying This Country
"Bergquam...showed the constant flow of primarily military-age men crossing the border."

Joe Biden Heckled on Bike Ride in Delaware
"Hey, Where Your F***ing Training Wheels At?"

Pete Butt-I-Gig Confronted About "Husband's" Tweet
"Pete Buttigieg's 'husband' mocked Kavanaugh in a tweet on Friday."

Transgender, Black and Homeless Voters All Say They Regret Voting For Biden
"If Trump runs again and wins the primary, he will have my vote."

Biden’s Woke Administration Invested $1.5 Million Into Programming Transgender Inmates
"This is the latest spending spree by the Biden White House on its transgender objectives. "

Biden is a Traitor. He Must be Impeached, Then Indicted for Treason
"Biden is destroying America by opening the borders to millions of illegal aliens and worse, criminals from all over world."

Senator Johnson unloaded on the Bidens
"we have a compromised president who has lied repeatedly to the American public"

Pfizer Asks Court to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit Because the US Government Was Aware of Vaccine Fraud
"Pfizer claims they can get away with fraud as long as the government would write them a check despite knowing about the fraud"

What Happened in 2020 Is a Crime Scene and the Evidence is Overwhelming
"Former Prosecutor David Clements"

He Was the Only One to Have the Balls to Take on the Fake Media and Hillary Clinton
"There wa only one who wasn't a politician thank the Lord. That was Donald Trump."

White House Tries to Cover Up Biden's Stupidity
"It's no secret - the man running the United States has pudding for brains."

The latest spending spree by the Biden White House on its transgender objectives
"two women in a New York prison were impregnated by a transgender inmate."

Most American’s Doubt Effectiveness Of Masks And Vaccines
"49% of Americans are fully vaccinated and boosted"

Biden's Plan to End Remain in Mexico Policy will Allow 6 MILLION Illegal Aliens a Year to Cross Open US Border
"It's all a planned operation paid for by US taxpayers to destroy the United States."

Dan Bongino: Is Biden the worst president in US history?
"Honestly Dan, I've never seen anything like this. This man absolutely is a traitor to our country and the Democrats don't care."

Biden touts graduation speech that never happened
"Imagine having the administration that has both the worst POTUS AND the worst VP in American History."

Biden's double disappointment
"Biden is 100% responsible for this mess. Let's go Brandon!"

Americans are not buying Biden's 'Putin price hike'
"Just remember Biden is so well Love and Respected YT had to disable the dislike button counter."

This is 'what can happen' when Joe Biden 'goes off script'
"As someone from the US, I assure you, we did not vote for this mess of a man. Very few people did. He was installed."

No Problem; Just Leave Them Stuck Till They Rot
"Climate activists glue themselves to The Last Supper"

The number weapon of war globally right now are the fake vaccines
"If you choose the fake Dr. Fauci doctors, your odds of dying go way up."

Southern Border Overwhelming Illegal Alien Invasion
"Border Patrol releases on parole (phony asylum claims) up to 1,000 per day"

Twitter Drowns in Corruption
"If Twitter did knowingly provide false information to the SEC they are in so much trouble. This is really not good."

Democrat Governors Are Finally Figuring Out that Joe Biden is Intellectually Bankrupt and Out of Ideas and They're Scared
"The only strategy left to Democrats in and out of the Beltway is to distance themselves from the stench of the candidate they foisted on Americans"

Trust In Mainstream Media Collapses - Even Dems Don't Trust Them
"The mainstream media’s credibility is tanking."

Biden Commits Another $400 Million Of Your Taxpayer Dollars To Ukraine
"United States has now committed $2.2 billion of security assistance to Ukraine in the last three weeks"

"22-year-old Isaac A. Nformangum of Richmond, Texas called Ted Cruz's office and left a threatening voicemail."

“Arizona's Other Fourteen Counties Should Follow In Their Footsteps” - Maricopa County GOP's Rejection Of 2020 Election Certification
"Maricopa County Republican Committee's rejection of the Fraudulent 2020 Election certification."

Hunter Biden Blasts Jill's Teaching Skills, Calls Her a Vindictive Moron and an Entitled C*nt
"The bitter showdown came as Hunter's penchant for crack cocaine and wild sex sessions with call girls was spiraling out of control."

More COVID Vaccination Lies Exposed
"no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in unvaccinated adults who had COVID-19 infection."

Twitter's Suicide
"Filings with the SEC must be perfect."

Biden's Approval Rating Dropping Lower
"Biden is a disaster as president. It's obvious to everyone."

Biden Administration Hid A $177 Million No-Bid Contract To House Illegal Aliens Violating Federal Regulation To Downplay Border Crisis
"Biden administration has been utilizing the no-bid contract process to keep certain activities hidden from public view."

Two Iowa Police Officers File Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Protesters for Assault
"Five of them have since pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer"

What happened?
"I love how she tries to make sense out of complete nonsense."

Tucker Carlson: This may have been the greatest crime in history
"Dying from Covid-19 doesn't scare me nearly as much as voting Democrat when I'm dead."

Gov. Abbot has done more to secure our border than Mongolian Mayorkis
"Get rid of Mayorkis and things might improve"

Biden lied to America: Miranda Devine
"He has lied his entire political career, why should now, that he is senile, be any different?"

It's unlikely Biden will be a candidate: Karl Rove
"Democrats are turning on Biden"

Florida's 'going to lose it' if Biden says this again
"How can Biden/Harris stay in office? Unconscionable!"

Joe Biden can't own up to anything
"Tough to own up to things when you're guilty of jailable offenses and perpetual treason"

Biden's administration finally admits Joe Biden 'flat out lied'
"CBP investigation finding 'no evidence' Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants, but Biden's admin still seeks punishment."

Joe Biden is Toxic
"Joe can call it whatever he wants; it's Joe's fault."

Massive coverup: White House dodges questions on Joe Biden's voicemail to Hunter
"I'm not going address the fact that The Big Guy clearly lied and is up to his eyebrows in corruption. Ask Hunter's handlers."

Biden is a political embarrassment
"Political embarrassment? He's an embarrassment to humanity."

Slip "I Hearby Resign" Into Joe's Teleprompter
"At one point Dementia Joe read a line from the teleprompter instructions out loud."

The wheels are slowly coming off the globalization train
"The wheels are coming off the clown car full of Brandon's clown administration."

Internet catches Joe Biden in a lie
"Was John McCain a Bigger Scumbag Than Joe Biden?"

Maricopa County GOP's UNANIMOUS Rejection Of The 2020 Election
"formally rejecting the Fraudulent Joe Biden Presidency."

China Brags About Giving Taliban $37 Million - They've Got Nothing on the $84 Billion Joe Biden Surrendered to the Terrorist Regime
"Joe Biden left $84 billion in arms, planes and equipment with the Taliban in the world's worst surrender in history."

His Bomb Making Video Blows Up In His Face
"Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Posting Video Teaching ISIS Members How to Make Bombs"

Joe Biden Is Handing Out Crack Pipes
"Does Hunter Have His Hand Out?"

Rich Little Does Joe Biden
"He did a perfect 'Biden' that included the shuffle"

Adam Schiff Moves to Disrupt Future Investigations Into The US Military Involvement in the Jan. 6 Protests and Riot
"Democrats are utterly terrified of GOP oversight next year. They should be. We're leaving no stone unturned."

Joe Biden is the Poster Child for Abortion
"If He Had Been Aborted, The World Would be Better Off"

It is highly likely that Joe Biden will not complete his term
"The key issue is whether he resigns voluntarily, is replaced under the 25th Amendment or does not come down for breakfast and goes to meet God."

Joe Biden Sold a Million Barrels of Oil from US Reserves to China Company Connected to Hunter Biden
"Hunter Biden wouldn't have a dime if his dad wasn't a corrupt politician."

Former PM Assassinated, But Joe Biden's Still Sucking In Air
"Absolutely devastating news that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, a truly great man and leader, has been shot"

"BIDEN MUST BE REMOVED" - Sen. Ted Cruz Assails WEAK and PATHETIC President Biden
"It's time for we the people to say enough is enough and insist that Biden be impeached!"

Rep Jim Jordan Wipe The Floor with Nancy Pelosi
"Yes, this women belongs in prison. Hold her accountable now!"

Tucker Carlson: You can no longer fight back
"Sad day in America when fighting back brings charges against you offer political reasons!"

Biden Crime Family May Be Involved in Global Sex Scandal
"The fact that he might have funded his son's use of (potentially) escorts in part of a sex scandal, a global sex scandal/sex operation."

He Was Always a Good Boy
"He claimed that there were no warning signs and that his son had good morals."

Joe Biden Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote
"Biden Regime Lawsuit Seeking to Block Law Requiring Voters to Prove US Citizenship"

Career criminal Austin Simon's Career Came to an Abrupt End
"went behind the counter and choked him over a bag of chips."

2 Things Joe Biden Cannot Help: Sniffing and Lying
"Another Blatant Lie By Biden Exposed"

Governor Abbott Authorizes Texas National Guard, State Troopers to Apprehend Illegal Aliens and Return Them to Ports of Entry
"Biden refuses to do his job and enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress"

Biden is responsible for the crisis at the southern border
"Biden cancelled construction of the border wall which decreased illegal entries by 87%."

Biden's approval rating continues to tank as inflation rages
"The term garbage in; garbage out applies to this administration. Biden is as bad as it gets."

The Smartest Man Joe Biden Knows Filmed Himself Doing Drugs During Detox
"HUNTER Biden filmed himself smoking drugs and drinking hard seltzer in a float tank while on a detox - paid for after a $75k handout from his dad Joe."

The creeps that elected Joe are now losing confidence in him
"We can't fix this administration BUT, we can fix the damage it is doing by voting out of power the Democrat Party this November!"

Democrats Don't Want to be Seen with Joe Biden
"God bless my President Donald J Trump!"

Congressman Johnson rips Biden
"Mike Johnson, R-LA, slams Biden for blaming Republicans and Putin for the cost of consumer goods and gas prices"

Lying Liz Cheney is on the Way Out
"Had to laugh. Liz Cheney isn't gonna keep her current job! The presidential race in 2024? My cat has a better chance."

Biden sent 5 million barrels of US oil overseas as gas prices surge
"And then he says, 'Please, please lower your prices. Everybody has to help.'"

White House Comms Director Kate Bedingfield Leaving Post as Biden's Poll Numbers Crater
"Bedingfield is stepping away from her post as Biden's poll numbers crater."

2 Illegal Aliens Plotted Mass Shooting in Richmond July 4th
"Both suspects remain held without bond."

The United Nations Scrubbed This Article Heralding 'The Benefits Of World Hunger' From Its Website After It Went Viral
"Hunger must be sustained to exploit manual labor"

Biden Family Has More Suspicious Activity Reports from Banks than Any Family EVER in the History of the United States
"Hunter Biden and his Uncle have at least 150 suspicious activity reports on their accounts."

Biden should be impeached for this
"Also should be noted that the US should stop funding Israel and Ukraine because frankly, we need to take care of our own instead."

Democrats abandoning Biden's sinking ship
"Democrats are expressing frustration with the Biden White House"

Cancelling Spectrum - SNL
"Took 4 hours to cancel spectrum in college. Apparently 'I am graduating and moving to an entirely different state' was not a good enough."

President Trump Releases Video of Revamped Plane
"TRUMP 2024!"

Another Kamala Harris word salad goes viral
"Janelle King discusses Kamala Harris's performance as vice president."

Joe Biden 100% caught in a lie
"White House has 'no idea' how to respond."

Texas and Arizona declaring Southern border illegal alien crisis as invasion
"Biden & his clownish admin. must be held fully accountable."

White House grilled on Biden's voicemail to Hunter
"Trying to get this administration to come clean on anything they have done is futile until November."

Joe Biden is Ignorant About Everything
"Former gas station owner rips into Biden"

Biden pushing con artist tricks on American people
"Doocy should get an award for best not fake Journalist EVER!"

Biden's policies are failing catastrophically
"Looking back at Biden's history in politics who's really suprised?"

Texas counties to declare illegal alien invasion to force federal government to act
"The federal government doesn't need to act. THE PEOPLE DO."

Kameltoe Harris is a Babbling Fool
"We Have to Take This Stuff Seriously, as Seriously as You are Because you Have Been Forced to Take This Seriously"

Lawless Biden Regime Sues Arizona To Block Law Requiring Voters to Prove US Citizenship to Vote
"So the same Democrats who are letting millions of non-citizens flow freely into America also want to make it illegal to stop non-citizens from voting"

Delivering Joe Biden's Fake Ballots
"Late Night 2020 Election Ballot Dump"

Pete Butt-I-Gig Laughs About Gas Prices
"Joe Biden's incompetent Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg"

Hunter Biden Loves China; Joe Does Whatever Hunter Says
"Joe Biden is making his treasonous actions more transparent"

He Was Always a Good Boy
"No doubt his looks caused him to be bullied and outcast. That's just harsh reality."

Proving Joe Biden is a Liar or Ignoramus, Probably Both
"3:30 am Biden Ballot Drop"

Oil industry roasts Joe Biden over petrol price tweet
"The economy is as stable as Brandon riding a bicycle. Lol."

Joe Biden could fix the gas prices right now: Rep Steube
"Biden's lack of leadership"

Biden is 'economically illiterate'
"Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, R-NY, rips the Biden administration's hypocrisy"

Former border chief rips Secretary Jackass Mayorkas: What planet is he on?
"Texas should close the roads to the border crossing until the Fed uphold the Law. More Troops and Armor along the border."

Biden called out for weird 4th of July message
"What Do You Expect From a Senile Pedophile?"

There are legitimate concerns Joe Biden is compromised
"Miranda Devine on investigating Hunter Biden's laptop."

Liz Cheney is a Warmongering and Despicable Human Being
"Trump ripped Cheney in a July 4 post to his Truth Social page."

Pfizer Ordered by Uruguayan Judge to Report Composition of Covid-19 Vaccines Including Any Presence of Graphene Oxide or Nanotechnological Elements
"The court decision also requires explanations as to whether studies have been carried out 'aiming to explain the notorious increase in deaths from covid-19'

Only 18 Percent Of Independent Voters Approve Of Biden's Job Performance
"A candidate cannot win an election with numbers like these and every Democrat in Washington, DC knows it."

Covid Vaccine Deaths Cover Up
"New York Post: Falling asleep with the TV on could bring early death"

Biden's Massive Failures Would Not Have Occurred Under Trump Presidency
"Biden couldn't try to do any worse than he is doing right now."

US Continues To Export Record Levels of Oil Reserves Despite Record High Gas Prices
"Biden continues to grasp at straws to deflect blame for the rising fuel costs."

Economy Under Joe Biden Is Facing a Recession
"This means the US is currently in recession - with skyrocketing inflation. Thank you, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi!"

It Would Have Been Appropriate To Have Executed Shooter, Bobby Crimo In the Street
"Crimo is a radical progressive with ties to Antifa, progressive groups, and the occult."

Joe Biden doesn't understand basic market dynamics
"Worst administration in history"

Jill Biden Reminds Joe Biden to Say "God Bless America" - Joe Sniffs Her Hair in Return
"Joe was lost again and Jill swooped in to save him."

It's obvious Americans have been held as 'schmucks throughout this process'
"Never in our history has there been an administration that has done what they have and still remain in office!"

It's almost like she's telling the truth
"It's almost like she's telling the truth. There is no left vs right. It's them vs. Us."

The Biden family's corruption 'spans the globe'
"Why do people pretend there is not enough evidence to convict the lot of them."

Hunter Biden investigation: We are learning more drip by drip
"This all sounds like 'High crimes and misdemeanors' to me with ACTUAL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE."

728 Illegal Aliens Who Will Not Be Kept Up by Taxpayers
"Over 728 Migrants Died Crossing Open Border"

27-Year-Old Dies After Developing Blood Clot on Brain Following Covid Vaccine
"27-year-old engineer died from a blood clot on his brain days after his first Covid-19 shot"

When You Open Fire On Police, Do Not Be Surprised At What Follows
"Walker fired a shot at them from his car as he fled being pulled over for a traffic violation"

If Joe Biden is Pushing the Vaccine, That's All You Need to Know
"2,191,497 Americans have experienced adverse side effects after receiving COVID injections"

Even Google Thought Hunter Was a Joke
"Once again, this raises questions about the extent to which Hunter Biden used his father's name for personal gain."

This is a deliberate plan to destroy communities
"far-left policies have impacted the nationwide crime wave."

Gross incompetence: The legacy of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden
"This administration is truly tragic! Beyond sad, it's terrifying"

White House reeling after Jeff Bezos criticism
"Why drop the price to make him look better? It's his fault this problem exists."

VP Kameltoe Harris casts doubt over Biden's future
"I am tired of playing this game where everyone is pretending Joe is ok and fit for office."

Kameltoe Harris laughs off Americans struggling to afford gas
"When the president blames some person or entity of anything you know that he is actually the blame"

The Back of Joe Biden's Bald Head Looks Like an Orangutan's Ass
"Does Joe Biden Have Butt Hair on His Head?"

Antifa Terrorist Who was Carrying Loaded Gun at Violent Protest Has Charges Dropped on Day of Sentencing
"While Jan. 6 Protesters Rot in Prison for Standing Outside US Capitol"

Internal Memo Reveals Capitol Police Were Warned BLM Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6
"Trump supporters were framed by FBI and government operatives and BLM and Antifa terrorists."

They forgot to give him his notes: Bumbling Biden gaffes in governors meeting
"Biden is the perfect figurehead for leftist ideology."

Release the tears
"Women have the right to be barefoot, pregnant and live on the edge of town."

Idiot Biden's Attack on Gas Station Owners - Government Makes Nearly 5 Times as Much per Gallon on Taxes than Gas Station Owners Do in Profit
"This guy is the worst."

Trading Howard Stern For Joe Biden Would be an Even Swap
"What a clown."

White Failed CNN Host Says Clarence Thomas Isn't Truly Black Because He Doesn't Go to NBA Games
"Joe Biden Says If You Don't Vote For Him, You Ain't Black"

Gov. Abbott: This will end with a new president
"PLEASE! Let us have a new President!"

Biden has betrayed America
"It's 'Figurative' Until the Bullets Start Flying And Stray Bullets Have No Eyes"

Joe Biden just keeps digging himself deeper in the hole
"We're celebrating July 4th for America's great past, not it's lousy Biden present"

Joe Biden is Irresponsible and reckless: Rep. Mullin
"There is no better plan than to bring Trump back suddenly"

You can't make this stuff up: Sen. Marsha Blackburn
"We won't see any relief from the high prices until we get this administration out!"

Whenever Biden comments on the law he mangles the subject
"If Biden truly spoke his mind, we'd hear the sound of nothing."

Biden has got to get his act together: Former Senator
"40+ years as a failed Senator who never had his act together. What hope do we have that he's going to change now? None."

Biden's crazy policies
"Putin...called the US the empire of lies. He was referring to US politicians not the American people."

Lower the gas prices
"He picks out his wardrobe like he runs the country."

Biden Gives Away More Of Your Money To The Proxy War In Ukraine, Nearly $63 Billion Now
"The worst impacts of the economic waves are being felt by Americans who are funding this proxy war through higher gas prices and soaring food prices"

Letter from a Reader on the Democrats' Plans to Steal the 2022 Election
"I fear that 2022 will be an epiphany for the population in a bad way."

Dirtbag Joe Biden Lashes Out at Gas Stations AGAIN as Americans Face Historic Spike in Gas Prices This Year Thanks to Joe Biden
"Biden administration announced a new plan to reduce domestic oil production"

100 Year-Old Decorated Veteran Breaks Down Crying: This Is Not The Country We Fought For
"Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. We haven't got the country we had when I was raised, not at all."

Gender Fluid Drag Queen Into Kinks Related to Animal Role-Playing Now Serves in Biden's Energy Department's Office of Nuclear Energy
"Sam Brinton, a genderqueer drag queen into BDSM, has been appointed to oversee the US's nuclear power plants."

Liz Cheney Called Out as a RINO
"Liz Cheney is NOT a republican; she is not a representative for the people of Wyoming. She is for herself."

Biden adviser: Liberal world order demands enduring high gas prices
"Americans will have to endure pain at the pump indefinitely in the name of the liberal world order"

Biden Hits New Poll Lows - President Trump Beating Biden by Five
"71 percent don't want Biden to run for reelection"

The Joy of Diversity
"Elderly Couple Bound with Belts, Violently Assaulted"

Texas Republicans formally rejected Joe Biden's election in 2020
"'2000 Mules' was the latest blow to the stolen 2020 Presidential Election."

Massive Illegal Alien Caravan of Thousands March to US Border
"4,000 migrants are now are on the way to the US with plans to live off the largesse of the American taxpayer."

Things are out of control and Joe Biden is not in command
"He also conceded that Democrats are likely to lose the House and maybe the Senate in the November midterms."

Is it all true?
"Make America Great Again. Enjoy Independence Day patriots."

Joe Biden is as Old as the Hills and as Dumb as a Rock
"comes out, gets that shocked grandpa look, maybe pounds the podium, then wanders off for a nap."

They'll never admit they were lying
"If they're damned if they do, and damned if they don't, let's just kick back and watch the wheels come off."

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces the Disarm the IRS Act of 2022
"IRS purchased $725,000 worth of ammunition between March and June."

We Do Not Need The Dumbest Man in the Universe Changing the Rules
"Mollie Hemingway sounds off on the left's recent attacks on the filibuster"

White House press corps demands end to pre-screening process for Biden questions
"Joe Biden Has ZERO Credibility"

Biden is responsible for this, not Russia
"Every single day Joe just keeps reminding us all how great President Trump really was"

Joe Biden Cannot Answer Questions - HE'S TOO STUPID!
"What's the big surprise? He turned his back on reporters; he turned his back on America as soon as he took office"

Joe Biden is living in a fantasy world
"Biden trying to jog is like watching a big-headed toddler try to walk for the first time."

Dem CNN commentator admits Biden doesn't have great answers
"Biden is embarrassing for us; got to go!"

The person who's really running the country right now
"We're changing lives! Yes, by wrecking everything!"

Biden such a moron he falls up the stairs
"As a red blooded American, thank you for pointing out how fucking awful Biden is in EVERY way."

Woke Climate Change Hypocrites Leave Trash EVERYWHERE Following Greta Thunberg Save The Environment Appearance
"They must have been tired after a full day of virtue signaling."

DC Rat Liz Cheney's Debate Is Closed to the Public Because She Is So Hated by Her Voters
"Liz is currently down 28 points in the latest polling."

This is the Future of the Liberal World Order and We Have to Stand Firm
"Biden Advisor When Asked What He Would Tell Americans Who Can't Afford High Gas Prices"

Actor Jon Voight Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached
"We Cannot Wait"

Jesse Watters: What kind of country are we living in?
"I wouldn't live in any of those liberal dumps even if someone paid all of my bills and expenses. Rural Texas is fine by me."

Biden: Americans will pay for expensive gas
"When I watch Biden talk the only words that come to mind are: Can't fix stupid."

It's all Putins fault
"So Joe, what you are saying is the buck goes into your pocket."

Five Men Violently Attack, Rob Man in Brooklyn Subway Station
"The NYPD is searching for five suspects who attacked a 47-year-old man during a robbery inside a subway station in Brooklyn."

Climate Change is a Joke, Joe Biden is a Joke and the EPA is a Joke
"The consequences potentially reach far beyond EPA and the Clean Air Act"

This is a Joe Biden tragedy
"Joe is not right in the head and it's obvious around the world."

Biden's woke military struggling to recruit
"This is a problem with our senior leaders."

NeverTrumper and Leader of Unselect Committee Liz Cheney Hugged Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson After Hearing - What a Joke!
"Liz Cheney hugs her star witness and fraud Cassidy Hutchinson after her ridiculous testimony that was riddled with lies."

Greg Gutfeld: Cassidy Hutchinson testified about something she didn't see
"Just hearing Adam shiff say that she was a credible witness should tell us all we need to know"

Trump/DeSantis in 2024?
"Trump did not rule it out."

Steel Mill that Reopened Thanks to Trump Economic Policies Will Lose Up to 1,000 Jobs Under Joe Biden
"Paul Ryan was against the Trump policy that brought back these jobs."

Eliminate Joe Biden and the EPA
"Biden Takes Aim at America's Largest Oil Field"

Joe Biden's Death Spiral
"New poll says majority think US headed in wrong direction"

This administration is lying to us about southern border
"It is the DUTY of the President to secure our borders; this alone is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!"

Another Biden failure, another Harris embarrassment
"Harris, if you would have responded in fixing the boarder, maybe we would not be having these boarder issues."

Biden's Extortion
"I want my Tax money back! I do not approve."

Hannity: What we witnessed was blatantly dishonest
"Her witness testimony is credible? She wasn't there!"

Cassidy Hutchinson wasn't even in the car
"She attended the Jussie Smollet School of acting. So President Trump has arms like Stretch Armstrong?"

Biden loses Supreme Court ruling as court reins in EPA power
"EPA is Nothing"

Who Wants to Move to New York City?
"Young Mother Executed by Gunman While Pushing Baby Stroller in Upper East Side"

Tucker Carlson Provides High-Level List of Political Arrests by Biden Regime
"Many times since Biden came into office it looks like America is run by the Stasi or Nazi SS from World War II."

Killers Broke High Schooler Ethan Liming's Neck and Left a Shoe Print On His Chest
"Task Force arrested Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20 yrs, Tyler Stafford, 19 yrs, and Donovon Jones, 21 yrs."

Massive Brawl Breaks Out Aboard Carnival Cruise
"An estimated 60 people were involved in the melee that lasted over one hour!"

Cassidy Hutchinson Tries to Lie Out of Her Lies
"Defends Her Sham Committee Testimony Despite It Being Thoroughly Debunked"

One Solution Against Tyranny Is Creating State Guards to Defend the Constitution and Fight Back Against the Deep State
"The Second Amendment is our last line of defense against absolute tyranny"

Joe Biden Blames Supreme Court for His Failures
"Gas prices are at record highs - double what they were when Trump left office."

Biden is anti-American energy
"Biden had a blank stare on his face like who are you?"

Kash Patel WRECKS Liz Cheney's Jan 6 Committee and FALLEN STAR Witness Cassidy Hutchinson
"Cassidy came out and perjured herself for several hours on national TV."

COVID Vaccine Kills Another One
"Nick Nemeroff Suddenly Dies in His Sleep - Posted Earlier About Suffering Side Effects of COVID Vaccine"

Biden may be compromised by Hunter's shady business dealings
"There is no MAY BE, he IS."

Democrats look for replacement in 2024
"85% of country says America is on the wrong track."

Biden created a huge problem
"Biden IS a HUGE Problem"

Steve Forbes: This is how you get American economy to soar
"Steve Forbes: This is how you get American economy to soar"

Anybody but Biden in 2024
"How about anybody except a Democrat!"

Americans are ready for a constitutional reset. Out with the progressive state, and in with the federal republic.
"The cavalry is coming, Larry. Midterm elections."

2024? Feeble Biden Will be Lucky to Live Out 2022
"If he did NOTHING and kept Trump's policies in place, then he wouldn't have a problem!"

Joe Biden & Mayorkas Are Scum Of The Earth
"Biden, Mayorkas should be ashamed for lying to the American people: Rep. Waltz"

Biden's border policy uses American taxpayers to enrich cartels: Rep. Scott Perry
"Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., weighs in on the border crisis and inflation"

Joe Biden is a complete disaster
"You can't fix stupid, I've heard this a thousand times; Biden lives it!"

INSANITY: With Economy Collapsing and Border Wide Open, Democrats Unveil Transgender Bill of Rights
"The priorities of the fascist Democrat Party are sick and delusional."

Fauci, Heal Thyself!
"Fauci's experience seems to verify that of the drug trials, Paxlovid offers little to no benefit for treating the China virus."

Lawsuit Against Biden Regime's Conspiring with Big Tech to Censor Free Speech
"Biden administration deputized Big Tech as America's unofficial domestic speech police"

Joe Biden Mumbles Nonsense As Staffers Kick Out Reporters
"ah, and, uh, um, ah, and"

Fake Stories, No Cross Examination, No Real Republicans, No Lawyers - Unselects Should Be Forced to Disband
"The star witness of the show trials yesterday turned out to be a big liar."

Joe Biden's approval rating plummets across the world
"Putting the adults in charge should not be putting the 80 year old guy with Alzheimer's in charge."

Joe Biden called Hunter to discuss business dealings
"We all knew he was lying about it, now it's confirmed!"

Corrupt to the core: Joe Biden’s bombshell voicemail to Hunter
"President Biden told Hunter he was in the 'clear' after a report was published on his business dealings with China"

This is the only midterm talking point for Democrats
"Hillary would lose worse a second time than she did the first. Lol"

Biden is facing a much bigger scandal
"The bigger scandal is what he did to his daughter, at least what she writes he did to her in her journal. Then he uses his FBI to retrieve the journal"

Ingraham: Nothing the Dems do have any measurable effect on midterms
"Why did the justice department ignore Hillary's crimes?"

Now we know this story is as false as Joe's teeth: Gutfeld
"When a president constantly lies and deceives, it's up to the people to pull him from his seat and drag him out on the street."

The border is open

No Respect For Joe Biden
"This guy doesn't even realize where he is at or who he is."

Biden's De-Facto Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens
"Throwing Out Tens of Thousands of Backlogged Cases"

SEC Fines Ernst & Young for Cheating on Open Book Ethics Exam
"The SEC makes this story seem dire for the accounting giant."

Liz Cheney's Lies
"Secret Service Sources DENY Trump Tried to Grab Steering Wheel - ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY!"

Women Wanted Attention and They Got It
"Women Arrested After Twerking on Police Cars and Smacking Cops"

Joe Biden Looks Totally Lost at Royal Palace in Madrid
"It looks like Joe Biden was missing his notecards because he looked totally lost at dinner."

Russia sanctions against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Turtle Man McConnell
"Russia Bans Jill Biden, Daughter Ashley From Entering Country"

Surprise Witness Cassidy Hutchinson "A Total Phony and Leaker"
"President Trump unloaded on Cassidy Hutchinson"

Joe Biden couldn't keep his paws off of Queen Letizia
"Joe Biden was obviously enamored with Queen Letizia so he touched her every chance he got - he just can't help himself"

Few Want to Join Joe Biden's Woke Army
"As the US military brass throws standards out the window in the name of wokeness, is it any wonder that Americans are not clamoring to join?"

Jan. 6 Committee Surprise Witness GETS CAUGHT
"US Secret Service Sources DENY Trump Tried to Grab Steering Wheel - ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY!"

Kangaroo Court
"Cokaroaches every damn one of them"

It's a fake voicemail
"Hunter is the smartest guy Joe knows - and Joe is the biggest Idiot Hunter Knows"

Joe Biden's Renewable Boondoggle Has Collpased
"The door was left open and the fools rushed in! Now they are in charge."

Crimes Have Been Committed Against Me On House Floor - Marjorie Taylor Greene
"Hang on girl. November is almost here and we have your back."

Nasty Nancy Has a False Smile Through Her False Teeth as She Shoves Child
"It's is nice to see this lady of advanced years has finally reached the pinnacle of personal and social development."

All of this has backfired disastrously on Joe Biden
"They are not clueless they are doing it on purpose"

This proves Biden lied about Hunter's business deals
"He lied? Shocker! When has he not lied?"

This is coming right from the president's mouth
"When will they stop pretending Hunter was the deal maker & not just the bag man."

'Biden lied': Joe Biden's SECRET call to Hunter revealed
"Who could ever imagine Biden being a liar?"

'I think you're clear': Joe Biden's leaked call to Hunter revealed
"A corrupt system does not fix itself. If justice is corrupt, everything is corrupt."

More Illegal Aliens Dying to Invade USA
"Everyone involved with the border crisis, from the top down, should not be allowed to resign over this. They should be criminally prosecuted."

Nancy Pelosi Tries to Lie Her Way Out of Another One
"She is not pushing her in the frame, she's pushing her out."

Out of My Way, I'm Nancy Pelosi
"It's not an accusation, we literally watched her do it."

Will Someone Throw Gasoline on Nancy Pelosi?
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw gasoline on the fire"

Biden Signs Five Year Lease to House Illegal Alien Chaps at Luxury $42K Per Year Private School Campus in North Carolina
"The academy has a particular need for Spanish-speaking workers."

How a Fake Like Joe Biden Got Into Office
"Footage Reveals Ballot Traffickers Forging Signatures and Trafficking Ballots"

Proud Boys Proven INNOCENT - BLOWS UP DOJ and Liz Cheney's Bogus SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY Charges
"Luckily, these DOJ geniuses did not realize it still lived on a hidden YouTube link"

Joe Biden financing his son Hunter's Russian escorts
"Joe Biden sent Hunter $5,000 on Cash App to pay for his son’s prostitute."

FBI Ambushes Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman
"Last week the FBI raided former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark."

From Trump Energy Independence to Record High Gas Prices to Buying Oil from Iran and Venezuela
"Now insanity and evil are running the White House"

Kari Lake just incinerated Bret Baier
"It's clear that Bret Baier only asked Kari Lake tonight to smear her over this drag queen story!"

When the Chinese spy got arrested Hunter freaked out. This spy guy was too close to Hunter
"This voicemail shows that Joe Biden lied when he said he never got involved in Hunter’s business."

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
"42 Illegal Aliens Found Dead Inside Trailer Of 18-Wheeler"

True Or False?
"I Live In a Bar"

She didn't do it
"She was just lucky she wasn't standing next to the Sniffer in Chief."

Everyone Hates Kameltoe Harris
"Liberals hammer Kamala Harris"

Steve Hilton: Democrats can't let go of their theories regardless of reality
"Empty vessels make the most noise."

Joe Biden Reinforces the Fact That He's an Idiot
"Joey was right about one thing. These are not normal times. He's the President, and he has no idea what he's doing."

Joe Biden's Executive Order to Steal the Election
"White House and agencies are steadfastly refusing to share details about how they're complying with the executive order"

The Bull Wins One
"The bull was still running around the ring when the wall collapsed."

A Million Democrats Have Defected Because Biden And Democrats Are Woefully Out Of Touch With The American People
"These included suburban areas in Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington."

Use Military to Protect Americans From Joe Biden
"State Defense Forces Are Needed To Counter The Use Of The U.S. Military Against Americans."

Nancy Pelosi Shoves Child Out of the Way
"'Ms. Think of the children,' can't hide your true colors for long."

'Nasty Nancy': Pelosi accused of bullying after elbowing GOP congresswoman's child
"Honestly I would expect nothing less, she even smiles as she shoves"

"Lurch" is back in business
"Anyone who sees what's happening to this country and still votes Democrat is truly disturbed."

Joe Biden Goes Duck Hunting
"Joe Should Go Duck Hunting With Dick Cheney"

Biden's damage to America's national security posture
"Now who's missing President Trump! America's greatest Defender."

Creepy Joe Biden Stalking For a G7 Hair Sniff
"if all of these people were held accountable for their atrocities, the g7 summit would have a gallows."

Biden promises to spend billions more, as inflation remains at a record high
"Biden promising $200 billion...to the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment"

Peter Doocy grills White House on skipping oil exec meeting
"Peter Doocy Always Cuts to the Chase"

Jesse Watters asks tough questions about Paul Pelosi's DUI
"He needs to be charged, her position is not a get out of jail free card."

Joe Biden Has His Own Sexual Assault Allegation
"Biden certainly thinks he's covering up his tracks but I see right through him."

Stuart Varney on Biden's failed presidency
"Stuart Varney argues it's Biden's inflation and will be his recession as prices continue to rise."

Sudden Deaths as Covid Vaccine is Pushed
"14-Year-Old Boy Collapses and Dies Suddenly in School Classroom - Cause of Death Unknown"

Joe Biden Sets His Sights on Little Girl as Soon as He Arrives in Germany
"He just can't help himself."

The border crisis is by design
"It's time for US citizens to do what needs to be done on the border."

Joe Biden is either lying or doesn't know' why he entered politics
"The scary thing about this administration: we're not even half way done."

Like instructions to a child: Joe Biden's cheat sheet reminds him to sit down
"Well, Joe Biden Does Have a Child's Mind"

President Trump is Always Right
"Trump was right again!"

Biden Uses Putin as a Bogeyman to Blame Everything On
"Has he ever actually accepted any blame for his failings?"

"Lurch" Stonwalls On Freedom of Information
"Biden's climate czar is blocking information about who is on his payroll"

Biden's biggest inflation driver
"Texas needs to declare state emergency and just drill."

10 Percent For the Big Guy
"Joe Biden profiting from Hunter's business?"

Joe Biden fumbles, describes America in single word as "ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW"
"Joe Biden is like a web browser with 19 tabs open 17 are frozen and he doesn't know where the music is coming from"

CNN's ratings tank as viewers turn away from fake news
"So glad to see people standing up against gaslighting and deception."

Joe Biden is Public Enemy Number One
"Joe's gotta to go! Worst PRESIDENT ever, makes Jimmy Carter look good!"

Keep Oil; Cancel Joe Biden
"GOP lawmaker: Biden is helping Russia"

Is Joe Biden up to the job? NO!
"Stuart Varney questions whether Biden is fit for a second term"

Just Ignore Feeble Joe Biden
"On Biden's cheat sheet I could have sworn I saw a hand written entry 'Please help ME, I am being held hostage'"

Joe Biden 'needs to be stage managed' for every public appearance
"Joe Biden once again displayed just how feeble and uncertain he is."

Biden uses 'slogans, spin and weasel words' instead of facts and logic
"Dean says it's impossible not to conclude the Biden administration is run by complete halfwits mouthing platitudes"

McEnany compares Biden to a 'toddler' who 'breaks everything'
"What the American people need is a leader not blind beggar bound for the nursing home."

Joe Biden is lying to the American people
"Come on Sky, that's low hanging fruit. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. It's been that way for 40 plus years."

Joe Biden is the Dumbest SOB in the Universe
"It'll come down, when we retire Joe Biden, and put someone with a brain, and a soul back in office."

Put an "Out of Order" sign on Joe Biden
"What I find embarrassing is people actually voted for him an still support him."

Biden Walks Like a Worn Out Wind Up Toy
"Each Step Looks Like It May Be His Last"

Jimmy Failla roasts Biden concerning cue cards
"This man is in a cognitive state of decline. Everybody, including the Dems, should be extremely concerned."

Joe Biden Started This Mess
"18 cents a gallon isn't going to stop you democrats from becoming toast in November; nice try but it isn't working"

Ron DeSantis' illegal alien 'strike force'
"Big respect to Ron DeSantis for not being a coward like almost all other politicians"

Joe Biden Takes EVERY Wrong Road
"He skipped the meeting with oil executives? During an energy crisis? That is unforgivable."

Tucker Carlson: It's time to reassess our view of Kamala Harris
"As someone who bloviates on about speaking the 'truth,' she has never said an honest word in entire her Life."

Democrats are stuck with Kameltoe Harris
"Democratic National Committee slashing prices for a photo-op with Vice President Kamala Harris by $10,000."

No Wonder Biden Said "My Butt's Been Wiped" - He Was Probably Asked
"Paper...With Instructions Reminding Him To Do The Most Basic Things"

Suicide or Arkancide?
"Where Was Hillary?"

Drunk Pelosi Charged After Crashing Car into Another Vehicle
"formally charged with a DUI"

Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election - Irrefutable Evidence of Fraud
"Texas GOP declared the Joe Biden Regime illegitimate."

Desperate Liz Cheney Begs Wyoming Democrats to Switch Parties and Vote for Her in August Primary
"Cheney is getting crushed in recent polls by her Trump endorsed opponent Harriet Hageman"

Joe Biden Bans Juul E-Cigarettes but Hands Out Free Crack Pipes for “Racial Equity”
"In Joe Biden's America, Juuls are illegal, but crack pipes are perfectly fine."

Swallow THIS, Biden!
"Biden Tells Americans To Swallow HIGH PRICES"

What Biden is doing is flat-out idiocy
"We need the keystone pipeline. Facts matter"

Biden is so divorced from reality
"The CBO said that the Trump tax reform not only paid for itself, it has a net surplus."

Biden presidency so dismal
"Why are we even discussing if he is gonna run? He should be in jail."

Joe Biden trying to 'prove how energetic he is' following bike fall
"This Guy Couldn't Run a Seven-Eleven"

Chorus of people throwing Biden under the bus
"His press secretary certainly didn't get hired for skills in handling the press."

Gas Tax Holiday Dead on Arrival, Just Like Joe Biden
"A desperate cry for help by a president who is clueless."

Biden wants to cover up gas price disaster
"I knew this administration would be awful but it has exceeded all my expectations."

Tucker Carlson Destroys Dirtbag Repubican Lawmakers for Pushing Joe Biden's Radical Agenda
"And why then are they SO SURPRISED then that their voters LOVE President Donald Trump, a true man of integrity."

Potato Wars
"Look what they've done now"

In Case You Haven't Noticed, JOE BIDEN IS AN IDIOT!
"Biden Walks Back Comments on Taiwan for a Third Time - Even He Doesn't Know What His Policy Is!"

Take Millions of Cars Off the Road? We Need to Take One Idiot Out of the White House
"Even Biden's Fed Chair Jerome Powell fact-checked Biden's lies on rising prices."

When a Jackass Flies, No One Notices If He Doesn't Stay Up That Long
"Karine Jean-Pierre Falls Apart When Asked to Explain Why Biden Proposed a Gimmicky Gas Tax Holiday"

Biden Economic Adviser as Goofy as Biden
"Another idiot in the Biden regime. It's a prerequisite."

Free Gas Tax
"It's going to cost Brandon more than $.18 a gallon to bribe me to vote democrat come November."

Joe Biden is Old, but More Stupid Than Old!
"Even joyless Behar isn't buying this"

Is this the best Biden can come up with?
"The best that Biden and Harris can do is resign."

Biden is running out of time
"No truer words have ever been said. Biden has nothing to offer."

Ghislaine Maxwell Trying To Use Clinton Connection To Get Lower Sentence
"Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's connection to the Clintons have been well documented."

Liz Cheney Worse Than Any Democrat
"Cheney - the daughter of warmonger and former Vice President Dick Cheney"

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts DOJ After High-Level Democrat Staffer Is Repeatedly Caught On Camera Vandalizing Her Office
"Hysom previously worked for Rep. Adam Schiff"

Western Military Analysts, Including the CIA, Dazed and Confused
"Putin can be termed a war criminal-in good company with George W. Bush who has killed vastly greater numbers than Putin."

Biden lives in an alternate universe
"Sen. Bill Hagerty calls out Biden for his war on fossil fuels"

Ex-Navy SEAL sends message to Biden: Stop blaming everyone else
"We have a president that needs a babysitter and a vice president that isn't fit to babysit anyone."

Stephen Colbert sounds like a Biden flack
"Tucker Carlson rips comedian Stephen Colbert"

Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Biden for Colluding with Big Tech
"Attorney General Schmitt landed a big blow against Biden"

Bill To Rescind Biden's Executive Order Requiring All States To Offer Gender Transition Therapy To Minors
"Stop Child Abuse Act"

Making People Poor Is A Bad Strategy To Correct Record High Inflation
"People wonder what planet he (Joe Biden) is on."

Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl at Covid Vaccine Clinic
"Jill was also there to make sure Creepy Joe kept his wandering hands off children."

Americans are fleeing the United States under Biden
"When Biden said, 'Build back better'ii he was talking about China."

Turtle Man McConnell and Joe Biden Are Both Idiots
"I truly miss Trump."

Oz: Biden would rather work with the Iranians instead of energy companies
"So why are we asking government if we can have oil? Why is the Federal Government controlling energy?"

White House is in full protection mode
"It's not a 'crisis of confidence' it's a 'crisis of incompetence'"

Stephen Colbert is Liar - Kameltoe polling lower than Joe
"The more she talks, the lower her public opinion polling gets."

He may want to trade that bike in for a walker
"He'd wipe out with a walker, too."

Biden's approval ratings are in the toilet
"As a veteran it offends me every time I see him salute"

Biden's border policies creating more chaos
"They just need to start throwing them in jail and sending them back no matter what Biden says"

Biden has been hijacked by progressive left
"No Biden. No lies. Trump for USA"

Biden trying to make it painful for Americans to buy gas
"I'm sick of Biden (get out) and take your family with you"

Biden is in denial
"This is hilarious. I can't believe this is where we are now."

Nobody knows what Biden is talking about
"Joe was just trying to take our attention off the story about him showering with his daughter."

Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girls During Beach Stroll
"Ashley Biden recalled how she used to shower with her father, Joe Biden"

CDC Insists Severe Reactions to COVID Vaccines Are Rare, But New Survey Proves That Is an Absolute Lie
"30% of all respondents over 18 were vaccine injured."

So Predictable: Democrats Now Blame Trump for Their Historic Inflation Numbers
"The Inflation rate was trending down for several months before Donald Trump left office."

Joe Biden's Summer Of Panic
"Biden lacks the political skills to course-correct"

Mike Pence: Biden is wrong about this
"This guy is one of the main reasons Biden is president."

It's not his fault, it's yours
"What a fool he is"

Joe Biden is not fine - nothing is fine
"Joe is not 'fine' but 'good' - GOOD at screwing up everything he touches."

The experts are, in fact, idiots
"The only thing it'll be 'historically' remembered as, is a joke."

He fell again
"My 90 + year old Grandmother never fell this many times and could make a complete sentence"

Biden has been on wrong side of every issue
"I was gonna say he should stay at home and spend time with his grandchildren...Then again maybe not..."

He didn’t fall; he was pushed
"Brandon: 'Pretending to be President is as easy as riding a bike!'"

This is the beginning of the end for Democrats
"Meeting the President of the United States used to be something you'd tell your grandkids about. Not so much anymore."

Somebody Hit the Bottle Early Today!
"Let's be real...this woman has been in the sauce for years."

Imagine showing up to work like this
"She is THE perfect example of why we need federal term limits!"

Sometimes It Takes Blood In the Streets
"summer of historic violence"

Transportation Secretary Pete Butt-I-Gig Flight Cancelled
"Get ready for more flight delays and cancellations because Biden's team has no idea how to get out of the way."

Liz Cheney is a Train Wreck, Just Like Dick Cheney
"Yet, behind Cheney's kangaroo court many are jailed now for over a year without a court date."

Kameltoe Harris is 'big sister' now
"This administration is like the opposite of King Midas, everything they touch turns to crap!"

Joe did NOT Expect this Question
"Even for a guy with Dementia, he's doing a terrible job."

Liz Cheney won't show her face AND No One Wants to See Her Face
"She did all of this to herself and it is glorious"

Biden fact-checked over attack on oil companies
"I'm afraid our Country won't survive the remainder of his term - I feel like a passenger on the Titanic."

Kameltoe Harris is a 'hero' to the cartels
"What exactly does she do except nothing and she even screws that up."

Record terrorists being caught under Biden's border policies
"There's 340 million Americans that need to stand together and get this Administration out of our White House."

When Did Joe Biden Develope Walking Corpse Syndrome?
"Notice that the 'Trump fact checkers' don't fact check Sleepy."

Biden's too slow to perform his job
"Biden doesn't have the mental sharpness to perform his job"

Biden, Democrats are oblivious
"Every day, Biden reminds us how much Orange man was great. Let's go Brandon"

Joe Biden is angry that Americans are complaining
"It's NOT a 'Putin Tax' - It's a BIDEN TAX!"

Democrats have a problem
"Fail to the Chief"

Democrats slammed for ignoring illegal aliens
"Never, never vote a democrat into any office. WAKEUP."

Here's why Democrats are 'thrilled' Americans are suffering
"As long as these politicians keep running their mouths there is plenty of wind."

Steve Hilton: The Biden administration is 'historic'
"I think we should stop putting our faith in 70 plus year old career politicians"

Hunter Biden asked for help with money by Serbian royals
"The whole Administration has to go away, and stay away forever. JAIL THEM ALL"

Democrats are worried: Joe Biden produces bizarre ranting unhinged performance
"Joe Biden never disappoints me; I expect nothing but the absolute worst and that's what he brings me."

Morally bankrupt Biden humiliated by Saudi Arabia and oil companies
"Running a country is like riding a bike - I can't do either one"

Joe Biden's Daughter Spotted as Story of Her Diary and 'Showers w/my Dad' Make the Rounds
"Ashley Biden's diary is authentic"

Hillary Finally Realizes That She is Washed Up
"Thank God!"

Does Biden think we're dumb?: Karl Rove
"Just think, if our votes counted we wouldn't be in this shape."

Endless Illegal Alien Invasion
"Just awful - no control at all - this country is going down the tubes"

The Biden administration is slowly dying
"The problem is we are all dying because of Biden."

Joe Biden Called Out On Big Lies
"Hey Joe. When Americans say 'Thing's can't get any Worse' - It's Not A Challenge"

This is the beginning of the end for Democrats
"Hard to imagine how far our country has fallen since trump left. It's sad honestly"

Tucker Sounds Alarm On Joe Biden's Sick & Horrifying Behavior For Showering With His Daughter
"Joe Biden has been documented inappropriately touching children for years."

Liberal Media Is Distancing Itself From Joe Biden
"They know he is damaged goods, politically."

Joe BIDEN Showered with his young daughter & possibly abused her!
"In Ashley Biden's diary, she wrote about her daddy 'inappropriately showering' with her, as well as inappropriate touching."

Sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden
"has faced criticism in the past over unwanted touching of women."

Never Bring a Hatchet to a Gun Fight
"A Middle Eastern man with a hatchet exited the sedan and lunged at the police officer."

Joe Biden Should Resign
"Biden should explain immediately why he inappropriately showered with his own daughter"

I fell off my bike
"Joe's newest career entry: a crash test dummy, one he's actually qualified for."

Creepy, Pedophile Joe Biden Immediately Beelines to Little Girl After He Falls Off His Bike
"beelined to a little girl and got in her face."

Were Those Joe Biden's Legs, or Was He Riding a Chicken?
"Biden appeared and then he fell over."

Why Biden Fell - He's a Dumbass
"Without the toe cages, Biden would likely have trouble climbing even moderate inclines with his frail legs."

Make it stop
"Jimmy and Joe were made for each other!"

Turn In Your Bikes
"He was eyeballing a 6 year old and forgot about gravity. Happens all the time."

Four Federal Inmates Escape Virginia Prison
"Corey Branch, Tavares Lajuane Graham, Lamonte Rashawn Willis and Kareem Allen Shaw"

Who Took the Training Wheels Off Joe Biden's Bike?
"Joe Biden is too OLD, SENILE and STUPID to even ride a bicycle"

Now the Democratic Party is singing a different tune
"Biden is Too Weak"

Man Attacked, Assaulted and Car Stolen While Getting Gas

To Restore the American Constitutional Republic, the American Oligarchy Must Be Overthrown
"I will not comply."

Joe Biden said he is unpopular because Americans are mentally unwell
"Someone Has Mental Problems And It's Joe Biden"

Adam Schiff Leads US Capitol INSURRECTION
"Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) let the insurrectionists in the building."

Biden has made one bad decision after another
"The American People 'MISS' President Donald Trump!"

Stephen Colbert employees arrested for breaching Capitol building
"Stephen Colbert is Not a comedian; he is a JOKE"

Larry Kudlow Calls Out Joe Biden's Lies
"Biden's efforts to transform this country have failed"

Biden's inflation lies
"OMG, I'll give it to Karine. She managed to lie without having to read it verbatim from her notes for once."

There May be Multiple Crises, But I Have Ice Cream to Eat
"Joe Biden Departs For Delaware Beach House Amid Multiple Crises"

Did Tongue-Tied Judge Michael Luttig Catch Monkeypox of the Mouth from Hillary?
"What Looks Worse Than Monkeypox? Hillary's Face!"

Jill Saves Childlike Joe Biden From Putting His Foot in his Mouth
"'We Gotta Go!' - Jill Biden Physically Pulls Joe Away From Reporters"

Truth About Jan 6

Democrats should be worried
"People are slowly waking up! Let's keep the momentum going and make our country great again!"

Biden ripped for trying to wave ‘magic wand’ over gas prices
"Putin didn't shut down our oil pipelines or stop drilling and refining here in the USA, but The Big Guy did."

Duke Energy Wants More Money
"If approved, customers will see bills increase starting in December"

Biden's inflation blame game a 'disturbing pattern'
"We all know why he's going to Saudi Arabia to negotiate a kickback for the Biden's family"

Message to Biden: You did this
"There is no way we the American people can survive 2 1/2 more years of this!"

Biden's Grooming Executive Order
"New EO Bans 'Conversion Therapy'"

Exxon Takes No Lip From Senile, doddering, pedophile Joe Biden
"Joe Biden simply refuses to accept any responsibility for rising gas prices."

Witnessing Biden's Fall of Afghanistan
"However all that this gentleman has just described is the sole responsibility of the current presidential administration."

He did what?
"The sad part is it's going to get worse. Roll on the mid-terms."

Biden Stares Blankly at Reporter Asking Why He Hasn't Sanctioned Russian Oligarch Who Wired Hunter Biden Millions of Dollars
"Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow"

They Keep Trying to Find Something That Kameltoe Harris Can Do
"to Lead New Task Force Targeting 'Online Harassment, Abuse, and Disinformation Campaigns'"

Bannon UNLEASHED Outside DC Courthouse
"America First 'Uprising' Will 'Destroy the Democratic Party' For Good"

What an Idiot!
"Biden to CEO of Jo-Ann Stores: 'My Sympathies to the Family of Your CFO Who Dropped Dead Very Unexpectedly'"

Biden still believes this
"LGBTQ now means: Let's Get Biden To Quit."

Biden sees disaster is looming
"Likely rolling blackouts across the US this summer as a direct result of Democrat incompetence. Voters will remember in November."

Joe Biden Exposed as an Incestuous Pedophile
"Ashley wrote about her sex addiction the day before her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting."

Democrats are ignoring you
"Such a joke! If this administration cared they would reopen the keystone pipeline! It's Simple!"

Ashley Biden's Showers with Joe Biden may have contributed to a sex addiction
"showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)."

Pelosi in: Who's fault is it?
"Every hour is happy hour for Nasty Pelosi and hubby."

Like Father Like Son
"It's infuriating as a tax payer that we actually pay these criminals."

Biden's Lie About Record Manufacturing Job Growth
"The vast majority of that increase in manufacturing employment occurred during the Trump Administration"

Joe Biden is Moving Forward with Plans to End Fossil Fuel Despite Soaring Gas Prices
"Joe Biden made it very clear that he was going to shut down the oil industry."

RAND PAUL Grills Fauci on Royalties NIH Research Doctors Received from Vaccine Companies!
"Fauci flip-flopped and lied to the American public about his background funding the Chinese WUhan virology lab and the origins of the coronavirus."

Avenatti Wanted to be President, and is About as Qualified as Joe Biden
"Incarcerated Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Tax Charges"

Energy expert's message to Biden: Start letting us drill
"Claire Chase argues Biden's policies and rhetoric are at fault for skyrocketing gas prices."

Biden's inflation Lies
"He's just saying what they're telling him to say. And he doesn't mind; he's been lying his whole life."

Official declaration of war against American oil
"Every single thing Trump said has come true."

Biden 'perpetuating' the lawlessness across the US
"All of us blame it on DEM, make sure you vote DEM out in Nov 2022. ALL OF DEM."

I Got Cooties
"That about sums up the whole Corona Virus BS"

Few endorsements for Joe Biden
"They got a less than enthusiastic response."

British Columbia Man Awarded Compensation for COVID-19 Vaccine Injury
"Wightman is one of only a handful of Canadians to have the illness validated as a vaccine-related injury by the federal government"

Joe Biden's Illegal Aliens SHATTERS All Records
"ICE records show a shocking decline in deportations during the Biden administration's first year including dangerous criminals."

'You're fired, Liz': Trump rips into Cheney as she fights for her political future
"Yes she should be fired; she's not working for the people she works for money"

Biden to punish border agents cleared of wrongdoing
"Those agents deserve medals for protecting this county."

Border Patrol is Probably Ready to String Up Joe Biden
"This goes to the top of embarrassing things for the Biden administration"

Judge Jeanine Calls Out Liar Joe Biden
"Biden blasted over angry letter to oil companies"

Joe Biden Saved G.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter From Being the Worst Presidents in History
"Imagine closing down a pipeline and not allowing federal drilling, but blaming oil companies for high prices"

After Waging War on Oil Industry, Biden Now Blaming Oil Refineries
"Joe Biden made it very clear that he was going to shut down the oil industry."

Pedophile Joe Biden Mumbles as He Signs Executive Order ‘Advancing LGBTQI+ Equality’
"Advancing equality for liberation, gay - for, excuse me, for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex individuals."

Democrats should have seen this coming
"Step aside aoc we now have an INTELLIGENT hispanic woman in congress"

'Commander in chaos' going the wrong way
"Biden changed things for the worst. Tired of this liar."

Biden's 'jig' is up
"The damage this administration has done in such a short time is dumbfounding. This country can't survive the rest of their term."

Karine Jean-Pierre just isn't good at her job
"Typical Democrat policy, don't hire the most capable candidate, just give the job to the person that ticks all the right diversity boxes!"

Hunter Biden is a broken individual [And Joe Biden is No Better]
"Hunter is a chip off the old block. He lies like his dad and he's learned how to live off others, just like his dad."

Biden's Claims Of Personally Reducing The Deficit ‘Almost A Bizarro World’
"distorting reality when he claims that he is personally responsible for the deficit going down."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introducing Bill to Make it Illegal for Children to be Exposed to Drag Queen Performances
"We must protect children from child grooming predators & abusers"

COVID-19 Vaccines Will Not Save You, But Might Kill You
"since the vaccines failed so miserably, why are the media not shining a light on it?"

Biden has caused all of these crises
"It's all this administration's falt. The only thing that needs said!"

Sen. Kennedy Blows Biden Out of the Water

This is not a ‘healthy sign’ for the Bidens
"Hunter and Dad need to be locked up."

What Idiot Would PAY to Hear Kameltoe Harris?
"DNC Forced to Move Kamala Harris Fundraiser to Fall because 'They Couldn't Sell Enough Tickets'"

Warming Up For the Election
"Wild Brawl Breaks Out - Half-Naked Woman Stomps on Person's Head"

‘Offensive’ George THE LIP Floyd Meme
"activists have built shrines, statues and painted murals honoring his life of criminality and drug abuse."

Biden is disconnected from reality
"B.I.D.E.N. should stand for...'But I Didn't Even Notice'"

Biden's effort to distance himself from this is a 'con job'
"Biden's the type of dude that walks around the parking lot for 30 minutes because he forgot he took an Uber."

How'd he get away with this?
"Yeah Joe you created jobs for all the people passing over the borders"

we're going to get rid of Dominion in Otero County...we're going to get rid of the Zuckerberg drop boxes
"refused to certify the primary election results of the election that we had last week."

Joe Biden Has Lost His Last Marbel
"Joe Biden began screaming out of no where and scolded critics for claiming his reckless spending caused inflation rates to spike."

Jan 6 Committee Failing Big Time - Even LESBO Rachel Maddow Doesn't Buy It
"Even MSNBC admits President Trump and the rally had nothing to do with the Capitol breach!"

Americans Do Not Care How Turtle Man McConnell Votes; He is Irrelevant
"RINOs like McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Collins, Toomey and others always fold to Democrat demands."

DC Rat Liz Cheney Down 28 Points in Wyoming House Race
"With Unfavorability Rating as High as 71%"

"Bill Barr, We're Coming for you, Bro!" Steve Bannon ON FIRE
"Steve Bannon went on the rampage against Bill Barr."

With Any Luck, Liz Cheney Will Have an Epileptic Seizure or Worse
"Liz Cheney threw a tantrum"

Courthouse Must be Fumigated After Visit From BLM
"The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Upstate New York was arrested"

Cheer Up Democrats; There is Always Suicide
"Biden and Democrats have done an awful job. They have truly earned what's coming to them in November."

After All Karine Jean-Pierre is Joe Biden's Paid Liar
"A Cadaver Could Keep Up With Joe Biden"

A Quick Look At Some Of Biden's Lies Since Taking Office
"Gas prices are now resting just above $5 per gallon, almost $3 higher than when he took office"

Joe Biden Thinks Hunter Biden is God; What Could Go Wrong?
"Hunter Biden Boasts His Father Joe will Do Anything He Tells Him to"

Leaked Twitter Chat Shows Employees Saying ‘We Successfully Deplatformed Trump’
"employees are seen celebrating their successful removal of former President Trump"

Bill Barr Tells Congress He Was Not Interested in Investigating ANY Ballot Trafficking in the 2020 Election
"Clearly, Bill Barr was not interested in looking at any instances of ballot trafficking."

Someone Left the Gates of Hell Open and Zoe Loagren Crawled Out
"They need more time to put together video for the show trial."

Rick Scott Blasts Biden's latest blame game
"JB brings up Rick Scott all the time, because his name is easy to remember. Period!"

Democrats know Biden is going to lose
"What's Biden Running For, the Ice Cream Store, a Nursing Home?"

Joe Biden's Inflation
"This is what happens when u replace a strong man and team that knows how to make money with a week man and team that only knows how to spend money."

Pence's border visit 'unfortunately' a 'political statement'
"Pence has not a chance in heaven for legally being voted into any legitimate office for Republicans."

Angle: Knives Out (Welcome to the Lame Duck Administration)
"FJB isn't the only problem his whole administration is rotten...as well as his whole party."

Perino: Biden is setting records all over the place
"A Communications Problem is When His Mic Does Not Work; A Joe Biden Problem is When it Does"

Don't Blame Putin; Biden is the Senile Idiot
"Jeezus I wouldn't trust anyone in that administration to get anything right."

Why we can't let Paul Pelosi's arrest go
"This is Paul's second offense, and might jeopardize his probation agreement."

The Mugshot was a Drag
"Everybody has to vote these psychopaths the hell out of office!"

'None of what Joe Biden does makes any sense'
"members of the Democratic Party don't want Biden to run again in 2024."

Any Last Words?
"You know you're doing a horrible job when the Democratic Party doesn't even want Brandon on the 2024 ticket"

Former AG Barr Cannot be Trusted as Far as you can Throw Him
"USPS Contract Truck Driver Transferred 288,000 FRAUDULENT BALLOTS from NY to PA"

President Trump predicted this entire mess. He was spot on!
"President Trump was 100% correct with all his predictions."

Joe Biden takes credit for the stock market when it hits record highs, but as soon as the market tanks, it's Vladimir Putin's fault.
"White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday couldn't defend Joe Biden’s abysmal economy."

Pelosi's Mugshot Released After DUI Arrest
"Pelosi is out on $5000 bail on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol"

Duke Energy customer sees her monthly bill reach $600, for 800-square-foot home
"It's to the point that the stress of the bills are now taking a toll on her physically."

Kamala Harris is 'lazy,' more than a 'laughingstock'
"I am not comfortable calling Kamala Lazy either, I prefer Useless or incompetent"

Democrats worry Biden is an 'anchor' that should be 'cut loose'
"Cortez hasn't brought anything to the table since she quit her waitress job."

Biden has caved in to the progressive wing of his party
"I hate it when I wake up and Joe Biden is still President."

Disturbing new images detail the severity of Biden's border crisis
"This is all Biden's fault. We need you back Donald Trump!"

We need to transition Biden out of office, Dems out of power
"Every time I think this administration can't do something dumber, Biden yells 'hold my depends!'"

Ron DeSantis: I'm not gonna let them cancel me
"I'm a Florida resident would hate to see him go. But we need this man for president of the United States."

Democrats terrified midterm losses could destroy their party
"My dad voted Democrat in the election...Something he never would have done when he was alive."

Run in '24? Joe Biden Will Be Challenged to LIVE Till '24
"Only 21 Percent Approval by Independents"

Dementia Joe Doesn't Know If He Is Coming Or Going
"Biden immediately reversed his claim of being undecided on the trip"

Patriot Goes Off at North Carolina Officials During City Council Meeting
"City Manager Called Him 'Jerk'"

The entire hood came out to beat this white man and they stole his car
"Twenty-plus against one"

3 Men Beat High School Teen to Death and Then Bragging About it to Friends
"family members were allegedly bragging about killing Liming, leading witnesses to tip off law enforcement"

Border Patrol Agents Have Lost Morale Under Biden's Immigration Crisis
"Biden has demonized agents for enforcing immigration laws that lawmakers like him passed in Congress."

YouTube Stars Are Beginning To Turn On Biden
"A Younger Generation Is Fed Up With His Poor Leadership"

Maybe Joe Biden seriously thinks it's 1965
"My Grandfather had late stage Dementia when he died and sounded exactly like Biden does now."

Kameltoe Harris is 'certainly unburdened by much in the grey matter department'
"Imagine becoming the first female vice president but being remembered as the dumbest politician ever to hold office."

Democrats create a crisis, make it worse and call it progress
"I feel like we have been Living in a 20 Month Long Episode of The Twilight Zone with No End in Sight."

Mark Levin: We are staring tyranny in the face
"Herr biden saying the 2nd amendment is not absolute is probably the most seditious statement I have ever heard."

Elon Musk Knows Joe Biden is an Idiot
"Agree with Musk"

Far-left ‘squad’ member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refused to endorse Joe Biden
"This was awkward."

This can't be true
"What a couple. There's still those out there who think they're doing a great job."

Biden and Democrats are using open borders to fill our nation with millions of poverty-stricken illegal aliens
"dummy dementia puppet Biden serves as decrepit front man."

Google Suspends Engineer For Sounding Alarm On The Company's Dangerous ‘Sentient’ AI LaMDA Robot
"Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO, high profile Democrat and Hillary Clinton crony"

Gun Control is a Joke - If Your Goal is to Kill People, You Do Not Need a Gun
"10 Republicans joined the Democrats and bowed to their demands."

This Biden inflation talking point is just not true
"There's never been a problem that Biden can't make worse."

New York Times Covered for Joe Biden
"Of course it leads to Joe Biden; He's the Big Guy"

Joe Biden 'started badly and got worse'
"This administration needs to be exposed fast. This country is losing ground."

Joe Biden Throws Tax Money at Illegal Aliens
"Biden is doing this on purpose; we need to strengthen our voting laws and vote this administration out!"

Joe Biden is 'blaming everything and everyone'
"This is why a nation needed a successful business man. Not a 50 year criminal."

Joe Biden Looks Like a Wind-Up Doll, Strutting Around in His Little, Blue, Cardboard Suit
"Aww. Poor Baby Joe. Let him try and handle the same press coverage as Trump received. He would be breaking down crying."

Biden has been a colossal fail
"If you're ever having a really bad day, take comfort in the fact you're not Joe Biden."

This is insane: GOP lawmaker
"This wouldn't have happened if drinker of the house took the protection Trump offered."

Nancy Pelosi Promotes Transvestic Disorder
"Skagbag Nancy"

Biden Told Kimmell "We Have the Fastest-Growing Economy in the World"
"Another Obviously False Statement from the Cognitively Declining President"

Blowhard Sean Hannity Proposed Hunter Biden Pardon
"Hannity suggested to Kayleigh McEnany that Trump pardon Hunter Biden"

Has Joe Biden Ever Been Right About Anything?
"Biden Said ‘No Serious Economist’ Believed Inflation Was Coming"

NO ONE Is Watching Joe Biden White House Videos
"The Viewership Is Abysmal - Pathetic"

Liz Cheney EXPOSED Herself as a SWAMP CREATURE
"Did we really need Liz Cheney to reveal herself as a swamp creature, like we didn't already know?"

Pelosi's DUI Saga
"lol too bad we will never see the mugshot. He was cheatin' on Nanzi."

Dem Senator Slams Biden for Refusing to Act on Plan That Would Immediately Lower Gas Prices
"What Biden Will Do Is Close Pipelines That We Already Have"

Cartel Rape at the US Border Brought to You By Joe Biden
"Ben pointed out used condoms, women's underwear, and even children's underwear."

The corrupt FBI and Biden Administration are attacking good Americans
"This mess they are creating is planned and coordinated. Something evil is going on."

Joe Biden Drags Down the Country
"Consumer Sentiment Sinks to Its Lowest Level ON RECORD"

Federal judge strikes down Biden's narrowing of ICE arrest, deportation priorities
"Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the ruling a 'massive defeat for the Biden administration.'"

Chuck Todd Invites Dead Congressman To Appear On His Failing Show
"He Could Invite Joe Biden; He's Almost Dead"

Local News Report: Biden is a PEDO!
"This isn't news, it's true but we've known this for a long time."

Ball-Less Bill Barr NOW SAYS Hillary Clinton Was Guilty of Sedition
"Hillary Clinton even taunted him. But he didn't have the guts."

It's Not Putin, This Is Biden's Price Hike
"White House Continues To Blame Russia For Its Own Incompetence"

Hunter Biden's Daughter Enters the Fray
"This is one sick family and now new generations of Bidens are getting into the political fray."

President Donald J. Trump vs Hair Sniffing Pedophile Joe Biden
"In crisis after crisis, the White House has found itself either limited or helpless"

Joe Biden's cognitive state called into question
"There should no longer be any question about Biden’s obvious and clear cognitive decline."

Pelosi is the beneficiary of 'liberal privilege'
"Nancy keeps saying 'Nobody is above the law' except when it applies to her family."

Pelosi DUI case has been buried from public
"He's being protected, hiding behind his wife's skirt, and using her Congressional immunity."

Biden's White House sells a 'charade'
"There's an old saying, 'you can't polish a turd.' That's what they're trying to do with this Administration"

Talked Himself to Death
"died on Thursday just hours after a posting on social media about dying at a young age."

DeSantis Fires Warning Shot At Drag Show Groomers
"We Have Laws Against Child Endangerment"

Biden to Begin Bussing Illegal Aliens Deeper into the US
"large sections of it were inexplicably removed (easy access) sometime after Biden entered office."

Biden Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise
"Biden team is letting gas prices rise intentionally in order to get the country off of fossil fuels."

Americans see Biden moving the US economy into a recession
"55 percent of Americans say that the U.S. economy is already in a recession"

Steve Bannon ON FIRE Following Liz Cheney's Failed Primetime Show Trial
"No ones says it quite like Steve Bannon!"

DA Refuses to Release Police Body Cam Footage of Pelosi's Drunk Driving Arrest
"Pelosi is out on $5000 bail on charges of driving under the influence"

Regime's Most Loyal Lapdog Jim Cramer Turns on Joe Biden
"It's so bad that Cramer hung his head and begrudgingly admitted things were better under Trump."

I Think We're Going to Get Criminal Charges Against Wray and Garland
"Donald J. Trump won the Presidency again on the 3rd of November of 2020."

President Trump Calls Out Bill Barr
"President Trump went off on corrupt dirty cop Bill Barr"

"World Leaders Completely IGNORE Host Joe Biden"

Liars EDITED OUT FOOTAGE of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland’s Death from FROM KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY!
"The harder the January 6th Committee pushes their phony narrative, the more their deceit will reveal itself"

Joe Biden's Lying and Cannot Stop
"falsely claimed Americans are seeing 'better pay.'"

Hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi and Biden
"The only public figure who didn't underestimate Biden's ability to FTU is Obama."

Reagan Economist Eviscerates Joe Biden
"Prices on everything went up last month led by Joe Biden's record energy prices."

Biden refuses to visit the border and see what his policies have created
"There is nothing the Democrats could do or say that would ever make me want to vote for them again in my lifetime"

Hunter Biden Runs the White House
"Well, that answers a lot questions...No wonder our country is falling apart"

Two-thirds of Biden's press staff leave White House
"Anyone who thinks this man will gain another 4 years in office is nuts."

Another anti-Trump smear that will accomplish nothing
"Everyone of these traitors need to be removed and locked up immediately!"

Biden whining about media coverage
"'There's a lot of major things we've done' - that's true, and ALL are a disaster!"

White House should stop thinking about itself
"Tulsi Gabbard blasted the Biden administration"

Tulsi Gabbard: Biden admin lives in a fantasy world
"A true leader fixes things, not blame everyone else"

'Napper-in-Chief' Biden hit the snooze button
"I can't believe he's on late night talking politics the guy is desperate"

What the Hunter Biden laptop story is really about
"I really can't believe this train wreck of a son has gotten away with so much."

Senile Biden Loses Teleprompter Battle
"Then Whispers Story About his Grandmother"

Democrats Wanted To Intimidate Justices
"White House encouraged people to go to the justices' homes to protest."

Biden approval plunges
"I'm amazed that he's not a zero. 33 is way to much to believe. Total pos."

Make it stop
"Jimmy basically did everything except swallow."

Schumer Incites Violence Against Judges
"I have been saying Schumer needs to be arrested for awhile now."

I'm going to get reelected whether you like it or not.
"She's just protecting her homies from being prosecuted by the cops."

Creepy Joe Biden Can't Keep His Paws Off of Girlfriend of Argentine President
"Can Biden get any creepier?"

Paul Joseph Watson on GAY PRIDE MONTH
"I'm not transphobic, that's not a real thing. What I am is transweary, right on the cusp of transrepulsed."

Joe Biden's Biggest Lies Yet
"Just remind us and pin point when has Biden's actually been honest with people?"

Biden 'stumbled' before even taking off
"This current administration is a extreme embarrassment."

Biden's approval rating plummets to new low amid inflation crisis
"We hate this administration period."

Biden goes on Kimmel for 'TV foot rub'
"Biden's eyes are so dazed and confused. He belongs in a home."

Biden does not want to solve the border crisis
"This is deliberate! We are a large militia we can solve the problem!"

Biden bungled this economy
"Anything he hasn't bungled? Everything from the economy to foreign affairs to the border to stairs."

Former Obama official rips Biden for 'reckless' gaffes
"You cannot expect Alzheimer's not to gaff"

Jimmy Kimmel is nothing
"This right here is the biggest joke kimmel's had on his show in years."

Hunter Biden continues to have ‘shady business dealings’ with US enemies
"This is how a crime syndicate operates when they own the town."

The Left realizes it has a presidential problem
"reports of replacing Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket."

Dangerous people are coming into the US because of Biden
"Truth be known joe is wanting them in the country to do as they please!"

Biden's Report Card: F Across the Board
"I think you were being too generous on Biden's report card."

Doddering Joe Biden Trips While Boarding Air Force One - AGAIN
"79-year-old Joe Biden on Wednesday tripped while boarding Air Force One."

The only people protected by gun grabbers are criminals and tyrants
"Her Son was Shot Dead Point-Blank in the Head by Criminal with an Illegal Gun"

Biden Blowing Millions Of Tax Dollars On His Lack Luster Social Media Presence
"more than 70 staffers help create and manage Biden's social media content."

Record-high gas prices a result of Biden's policies
"Joe needs to put on his big-boy Depends and take ownership for all the crises he's created."

Joe Biden's Whoppers
"Biden reportedly frustrated with low approval ratings"

Creepy Grandpa Joe Never Misses a Grooming Opportunity
"'Would you talk to me later?' creepy Uncle Joe said."

Democrat Congressman Pleads Guilty to Fraudulently Stuffing Ballot Boxes
"Myers, 79, admitted he bribed a judge of elections to add votes for his chosen candidates"

Grand Jury Indicts 11 Antifa Militants For Attacking Trump Supporters
"Antifa goons attacked the Trump supporters with pepper-spray"

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro cast doubts on Joe Biden's legitimacy
"he still harbors suspicions about Biden's victory"

Hunter Biden's Favorite Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan After Joe Biden Took Office
"Hunter Biden ignored her unless he needed her ‘services.’ "

Pelosi's Insider Trading
"Lifelong politician getting richer off of insider information. Imagine that."

Jan. 6 committee breakthrough
"Question to ponder: Do regular dogs see police dogs and think oh crap it's a cop"

Jimmy Carter Was a Nuclear Engineer; Joe Biden is a Doddering, Senile, Hair Sniffing, Pedophile
"Cool to see Tulsi on the Five. Wish they would keep her and get rid of Geraldo"

Vigilantes with Heavy Machine Guns Will Stop This Invasion Dead in its Tracks
"No doubt some countries can empty their prison inmates to come across our border."

Record illegal alien caravan heading for southern border
"I don't understand why Americans can't defend their own border with the 2nd Amendment"

Jimmy Carter was a better president than Biden: Kudlow
"Carter was not a corrupt criminal"

Liberal media forced to acknowledge Biden's crises
"He over performed the expectation of how awful a President he would be."

Biden is doing nothing because he IS nothing
"Biden needs to start praying, America is coming for him and his administration"

Joe Biden is Commander of Nothing
"Newt Gingrich: This is not funny"

Skagbag Joy Bahar Sucks Up to Joe Biden
"Joy Behar mocked for refusal to blame Biden"

This is disgusting what Biden's done to America: Sen. Scott
"This administration is disgusting! Always has been and always will be!"

Kate's Illegal Alien Killer Had Been Deported 5 Times
"If you return to this country again and you are back in front of me, I will not spare you."

DeSantis Just DESTROYED Old Joe
"DeSantis, is great. A ballsy governor who isn't intimated by a clown."

Biden complains about being inferior to President Trump
"He shouldn't complain about his approval rating, he earned every percentage point!"

Biden Resorts To Late Night TV As Approval Ratings Plunge To Record Lows
"Last month, Biden's approval rating reached its lowest point since he took office."

Rep. Kat Cammack on Latest Migrant Caravan Traveling Through Mexico
"Biden Regime Has Been Planning This and Holding Formula for Months"

Time For the Doddering presidential Piñata to "Transition"
"Steve Hilton: This is Biden's secret weapon"

From inflation to the border, the crises are piling up on Biden
"Biden is as serious about fixing border as Cap'n Crunch is about joining the military"

The Biden anti-inflation plan has crashed
"It all Joe's fault. This clueless administration has to go and NOW."

Biden's inflation is hitting everyone
"We must get Donald Trump back in the White House Where he belongs."

Biden's plan to fight inflation would get 'an F'
"The mistake is thinking that Brandon is fighting inflation; it's clearly evident that he's actually creating it."

Has there ever been a more pathetic excuse for president?
"Transition to absolute chaos and poverty"

Texas lawmaker slams Biden
"Three things Biden can't seem to beat: Putin, Pandemic and Potty training."

Media Tours Cannot Save Joe Biden
"They aren't out of touch. They are crashing things intentionally."

Pocahontas 2.0: The Puerto Rican Squad Member AOC Is Not Native American
"Ocasio-Cortez has also made claims in the past to have Jewish, European, and Black ancestry."

Biden is Destroying USA as Fast as Nazis on Meth
"Bookmakers across the world have made Donald J. Trump the huge favorite to win the presidency in 2024."

ABC Poll: "Biden is a Serious Drag on Democrat Candidates Nationwide"
"Badly Underwater on All Key Issues"

Turtle Man McConnell Should Have Been at the Top of the List
"had a ‘hit list’ that included Michigan Governor Whitmer, Senator McConnell and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers."

Politically Incorrect Jokes Are the Best Kind
"Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it's polar or sexual."

Utah Police Launch Investigation Into Alleged ‘Ritualistic’ Child Sex Abuse
"County Attorney Demands Sheriff Resign"

Investigation Reopened into Death Of Clinton Advisor Linked To Jeffrey Epstein

Joe Biden's Whole Family is a Train Wreck
"Hunter Biden's ex-wife opens up about his scandalous, drug-filled life"

Joe Biden's Executive Actions Will Be Ignored Just as he Is
"Biden considering executive action on gun control"

Joe Biden is like a child
"This administration is a friggin joke."

Rick Perry blasts Biden over gas crisis, says Democrats want pain at pump
"Now we understand why Joe Biden let's Hunter pay his bills."

Pam Bondi slams Biden's calls for gun control
"She bought a gun when she had a stalker. The stalker 'killed himself'"

The lies are starting to catch up with Joe Biden
"He's been lying for his entire career as a politician."

Gas Prices Have More Than Doubled Since Joe Biden Took Office
"Instead of taking responsibility for the high gas prices, Joe Biden blamed Vladimir Putin"

Mexican Cartels Organizing the Invasion
"Joe Biden and Democrats support this."

Former ICE director calls for Secretary Mayorkas's impeachment
"Tom Homan says Secretary Mayorkas lied under oath and that President Biden has 'opened' the U.S. border"

Biden torched for 'hollow words' on inflation
"Hollow Words From a Hollow Person"

Media might be 'turning' on Biden
"If he had never cut us off at the knees with the oil, we wouldn't be in the position."

Joe Biden is targeting you for liberalism's failures
"This is what happens when every single person in this administration is unqualified for their job!"

Democrat Arrested and Charged With Five Felonies for Threatening to Kill Rep. Lauren Boebert
"Matthew Comiskey, a self-described lib, was arrested in Palm Beach"

Government Officials Blame Biden For Inflationary Surge
"The CBO notes that President Biden is culpable for the record-high inflation

Biden Made Absurd, False Claims About The Economy, Lying To Americans
"Simply put, Biden, once again, lied to the American public!"

Pro-LGBTQ Quote from Hair Sniffing Joe Biden
"Kuwait summoned a top U.S. diplomat Thursday over tweets from the American Embassy expressing support for LGBTQ rights"

Gun-free zones are a magnet for evil
"Nikki Goeser's husband was brutally murdered by her stalker in 2009 in the middle of a restaurant."

Joe Biden Called Out for lying About Reducing the Federal Deficit
"Joe Biden and Democrat lawmakers have spent more than $6 trillion since Biden was installed."center>

Americans are sick of Biden's lies
"Biden's declining approval"

Nobody 'wants Joe Biden'
"Nobody else is undermining him better than himself."

'Clueless' Joe Biden gave 'no-response' to important question
"That smug little smile on his face as his handlers yell at the press to leave tells you all you need to know about this man."

Border crisis is by Biden 'design'
"I've seen an older video when Biden could still almost talk, where he states he wants a never ending stream of immigration, to end 'white supremacy'"

They took Latino voters for granted
"I'm latino and voting for Trump"

Biden's lies and exaggerations about his life are 'shameless'
"Every single day Joe just keeps reminding us all how great President Trump really was"

Homan on DHS approving border wall projects: They're getting nervous
"Biden's side deals with Canada and Spain to resettle refugees."

A Queer Flag
"Ireland Adds Ukrainian Colors To LGBTQ Pride Flag"

If John McCain Had a Baby With Liz Cheney, And That Baby Married a 95-Year-Old Billionaire, That's What We Got Here
"Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake pulverized her primary opponent"

Pedo/Idiot Ban, Starting With Joe Biden
"Biden attacked the Second Amendment AGAIN and said no amendment is absolute."

Future President Ron DeSantis
"After DeSantis stood up to Disney and now Major League Baseball, will corporations learn the lesson?"

Biden Blames All His Failures on President Trump and Putin
"Quick recap of Biden's speech: Putin price hike, Putin's fault, Trump's fault, but we have the best economy ever under my leadership."

Even Democrats don't believe Biden was legitimately elected
"Americans know the 2020 Election was stolen and 2000 Mules provides proof."

Now Students Must be Armed to Thwart Overbearing Teachers
"Bill To Arm Teachers In Schools"

The More Joe Biden is on Vacation, the Better Off the Country is
"Biden Set To Outpace Predecessors On Vacation Time"

Joe Biden Questions Why Anyone Needs A 9mm Handgun
"I love how people that know the least about firearms, try to educate others about them."

We Need to Ban Any Stupid, Senile, Hair Sniffing, Pedophile, SOB Pretending to be president
"In college, Joe Biden was known to be a pedophile"

Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife Kathleen Describes Troubled Marriage
"My thoughts and prayers go out to hunters laptop"

The Biden anti-inflation plan has crashed
"She actually said she didn't understand the market. Who put her into that position?"

Biden and radical Democrats 'have caused all of this:' Sen. Ron Johnson
"Give Me President Trump ANY DAY."

Biden roasted for 'incompetent' baby formula response
"Complete incompetence."

Hunter Biden investigation: This was their M.O.
"I've never discussed my son's business dealings with him."

Biden Was Able to Raise Gas Prices On His First Day
"Biden admits gas, food prices have no 'immediate' fix"

Gingrich blasts Democrats
"It's time for military action against the domestic enemies in the WH!"

Refugees Have the Right to Die
"Conservatives get mad when lied to and liberals get mad when told the truth."

Hunter Biden's latest allies attempt to fix laptop scandal
"The new press secretary is like a highschool student reporting on something she does not even understand."

Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren's latest plan to make herself more powerful
"I can't think of a single 'Democrat policy' that has actually benefitted Americans."

Biden wants to shift student debt to taxpayers
"Democrats' playbook for attracting voters is to toss them some handouts."

Hunter Biden's PornHub Account Confirmed
"Of the 281 websites captured in his browsing history over six days, 98 were pornographic."

Twenty-Nine Republicans Backing Resolution To Expunge Trump's Second Impeachment
"it was rooted in personal politics."

Hunter Biden Shared Pornhub Link with Father Joe Biden
"Hunter Biden shared a porn video with his father Joe Biden's phone contact."

Arizona Republicans are blessed to have Dr. Kelli Ward as Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party
"Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowsky, Susan Collins, etal. are trying to destroy it."

Woman Indicted For Illegally Collecting Ballots in 2020, Ran Sophisticated Ballot Harvesting Operation
"Fuentes used her status as a well-known Democrat operative to convince voters to give her their ballots or let her fill out their ballots."

Reporter Calls Out Joe Biden's Lies
"his non-existent plan to fix the baby formula crisis he created."

Government Officials Blame Biden For Inflationary Surge Hurting Most Americans
"Biden's preferred fix, increasing taxes, will worsen the economy."

Hunters going pro
"Which laptop which repair store, he has no clue. Probably see AOC/Hunter running for 2024"

Is Biden in over his head with inflation? YES! And Everything Else!
"Biden's over his head as soon as he starts squinting at the teleprompter."

Biden, Upset At Sinking Poll Numbers
"Let's be honest folks. Do you really think Joe even knows what his poll numbers are?"

The Biden administration created this
"Biden and 'laser focus' are two terms that do not go together. Biden is myopic at best."

Joe Biden Did This
"Must be some misunderstanding here, the administration stated, it's the fault of everyone EXCEPT the administration."

This is nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue
"I'm not sure the average person can survive another two years. This is out of control."

Biden had to remind himself that he was president
"If Joe Wants People to Know He's President, Maybe He Should Start Acting Like One"

Joe Biden worships at the altar of climatology
"Biden Doubled Down On Dumb"

Biden's job approval losing ground in typically blue states
"border crisis has gotten 'a lot worse'"

Biden seeks green energy future at all costs
"Biden needs green grass growing over his grave tomorrow and thats all the green I need"

‘The Five’ slams Biden's blame deflection
"C'mon man, it's the Trump/Putin/Cornpop price hikes, not mine."

Does Biden take any responsibility?
"In short, no, he does not take responsibility for anything."

Maybe They Just Do Not Like Working for a Hair Sniffing Pedophile
"Black Staffers Fleeing Biden White House in Droves"

If Republicans win the midterms, Biden should be impeached over this
"4,000 Illegal Aliens Crossed The Southern Border Over Memorial Day Weekend"

No One Makes Biden Look Weak - He IS WEAK!
"Biden reportedly frustrated with aides for making him look weak"

Biden is lying about the economy
"Biden's fundamental problem is that his policies suck"

Washington Post cites Hunter Biden's laptop after dismissing it
"I love how this administration has to backtrack on everything they do"

Wokeness is going to destroy our economy

US will transition to 'permanent recession' if 'fossil-free' economy takes place
"Biden's inflation plan is 'more of the same' as the president pushes green energy agenda"

This is a 'direct result' of Biden admin 'bad policies'
"Biden blames everyone but himself. Biden needs to go."

The White House doesn't have a plan
"I can't believe Biden continues to stay in office. He's horrible! Is there nothing we can do to get this clown gone?"

Rep. Nancy Mace predicts a 'giant red wave' in November
"Whatever Joe says, Do The OPPOSITE!"

Biden will pay the price of his stupidity
"To be more accurate. America is paying the price for Brandon's policy failures."

Biden 'gaslighting' the American people
"Joe has made his choice. He rather lie and save himself instead of saving everyone else."

Joe Biden's Slimy Brother James Denies He's a “Fixer” For Biden Crime Family Despite Evidence to the Contrary
"James was instrumental in Hunter Biden's Chinese business ventures"

Some Republicans Say Elections are Free and Fair - They Are Liars, They Are Cheaters and Want to Steal Another Election
"Arizona Republicans are blessed to have Dr. Kelli Ward as Chair of the Arizona Republican Party."

Pedo Joe Biden is the Dumbest Man on Earth
"Joe Biden Not Interested in 'Hardening Schools' Because the Problem is with Guns"

Dr. Peter Navarro Sues Pelosi and Her Unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee
"I was commanded to be and appear before a Kangaroo Court established by Nancy Pelosi"

Biden in Meltdown Over Flailing Presidency
"Just 23 Percent Biden Approval by Independents"

Joe Biden Afraid Someone Will Blow His Head Off
"Open Borders Biden and his White House have no regard for border agents or the work they do."

Stacey Abrams laughs at Biden Alzheimer's joke as rumours swirl about president's health
"Uh, in Joe's case those 'visions' are called hallucinations."

The Biden crime family business
"He was crooked when he had all his marbles. Now he is just a meat suit that can't string 2 words together. Corrupt as the day is long."

Nancy Pelosi’s Drunk Husband Caused an Accident Prior To DUI Arrest
"Paul Pelosi, 82, was arrested for driving while drunk."

Biden Administration Is Exploiting Poor Kids To Further Transgender Policies
"must allow boys into girls' bathrooms to qualify for federal funds to pay for reduced or free school lunches"

Joe Biden Welcomes More Illegal Aliens
"proposed plan will encourage more illegal immigration by making it easier for migrants to be granted asylum."

Joe Biden Escapes Booing Crowd
"Biden Was Supposed to Meet Uvalde Residents, But Fled When They Booed"

[2000] Mules went viral and educated Americans that the election was indeed stolen”
"Phillips has been dropping hints about something even more significant than 2000 Mules that he and Catherine are about to expose."

Five Steps to Avoid Biden Teeth
"No 78 year old wakes up with teeth the color of my old college fridge"

They never saw it coming
"Damn BIDEN and Pelosi are made for each other"

Republicans are from Mars and Democrats are from Ur-anus
"Guns aren't the problem."

George Soros Says He Worked with Biden
"Creepy George Soros is on his last legs. He's so bad that he's starting to look like Biden."

Media Keeps Trying the Same Old Lies
"Unfortunately for the Salt Lake Tribune guy and Raw Story, the place filled up."

Hunter Biden bought, used burner phone apps
"Joe Biden is Compromised"

The D U I heard aroun the world
"Well, that certainly came as a surprise! I suppose it’s inevitable that he’s a lush, considering he’s married to Squirtbottle!"

It's only a LiE if it's True
"What I like most about our pResident Dementia Joetato is when he stops breathing."

The New LIP Intersection
"Minneapolis Intersection Renamed in Honor of Felon George Floyd"

Nancy Pelosi's Husband Arrested For DUI
"One Has to be Drunk to Look at Pelosi!"

Alex Baldwin Knows More About Guns Than Joe Biden
"Actually, you can buy a cannon. Not only that, but a ghost gun"

Joe Biden Has Made Stupid Moves for 40 Years
"Biden's reform to asylum system a 'very bad idea'"

Joe Biden Does Not Want a Tragedy to go to Waste
"Biden almost immediately politicizes response to Texas shooting"

Senile Joe Biden's Complete Failure
"Do these 3 things to restore electoral confidence: Sen. Kennedy"

Democrats keep losing ground
"The solution to this is simple. Vote every Democrat out of office and keep them out for the next 5 decades."

This is how brazen people have become
"Joe Concha discusses America's crime crisis"

North Carolina Preschool Under Fire For Using Flash Cards Featuring Pregnant Man to Teach Kids Colors
"The principal searched the classroom and located the cards"

Kameltoe Harris Slams Americans and Plays Her Only Card - the Race Card
"Harris on Saturday joined Al Sharpton and other race baiters"

LIZ CHENEY Is the FACE of the Washington Swamp
"The Cheneys have never met a war they didn’t like."

Every Time Joe Biden Opens His Mouth, Another Lie Pops Out
"This is another complete lie by Joe Biden. And the fake news will let him get away with it."

2020 Election Fraud
"We've been involved in a major counterintelligence operation"

This is the laptop from hell
"Joe Biden's Fingerprints Are All Over This"

New York State Offering Queer License
"The change is being implemented following the State's Gender Recognition Act"

AG Bill Barr Says Hillary is Guilty of Sedition
"Hillary Clinton hatched the Trump-Russia collusion plot in 2016 in order to distract from her email scandal."

Biden Cannot Cancel Anything, So Let HIM Repay the Flaky Loans
"Of course, none of this debt will actually be cancelled, it will just be transferred to taxpayers."

Justices deny rehearing in Duke Energy coal-ash cleanup
"Duke Energy will not get a second chance"

Why Are the Dumbest Picked to Teach Others?
"Students and Staff were Safe Until Teacher Propped Door Open"

President Trump To Rally In Wyoming Against Liz Cheney
"Cheney Trailing Challenger"

Killer Salvador Ramos Threatened Rape and Mass School Shootings
"I just shot my grandma in her head"

lawsuit against Rep. Adam Schiff
"The laptop was never stolen - it was given to the computer shop by Hunter Biden"

He Was Always a Good Boy
"The seemingly MIA parent blamed his son's reportedly drug-addicted mother Adriana Reyes for not buying him more clothes."

Obama Worships George The LIP
"Congrats to George, he's been sober for three years now!"

Crazed Man with AR15 Sprays Graduation Party with Bullets – Shot Dead by Woman with Pistol
"The man drove up and started firing on the party"

The Mother of Every Axe Murderer ALWAYS Says "He Was Always a Good Boy"
"He Has Already Been Judged And Laid Out Cold"

Border Agents Are Great - Turn Them Lose On Illegal Aliens
"Border Agents Stormed School and Killed Gunman"

Kayleigh McEnany: This was one of the most shameful things I've ever seen
"Beto O'Rourke interrupted Gov. Abbott's press conference"

Biden is president in name only
"Calling him President is an insult to all the great Presidents."

Biden's 'woke pipedream' would lead to permanent recession
"This guy is good at one thing, destroying everything he touches."

Rep. Perry warns of blackouts, brownouts as a result of Biden's energy policies
"Biden's energy policies on Americans and the administration implementing a new system for asylum seekers."

Biden's economy is not working, nobody is fooled
"The worst President in Us history"

Mayor Who Called Beto O'Rourke a Sick Son of a B-tch
"I Have No Respect for Beto"

This is catastrophic for Biden
"Every single day Joe reminds us all how great president Trump really was"

Joe Biden Gets Wings Clipped
"World Health Organization Withdraws Biden's ‘Public Health Emergency’ Amendments"

Sen. Rick Scott says Biden should resign
"We need to finish the wall"

Did Hillary Train Rodney Joffe?
"went around his FBI handler to relay dubious Alfa Bank information to a friend at the FBI."

Wholesome, Christian Reality Star, Josh Duggar Gets 12 Years In Prison For Child Porn
"Duggar previously admitted and apologized for sexually abusing four of his own sisters and a family babysitter"

Big, FAT Stacey Abrams Tells a Big FAT LIE
"Sen. Ernst: This is Stacey Abrams' 'big lie'"

Stacey Abrams made a ‘gaffe of a faux pas’
"She said that Georgia is the worst place in the country to live. Hey, she ain't from here"

Beta Male O'Rourke The Stay at Home Husband
"Politicians like him are the number one reason we need our guns."

Beta Male O'Rourke Ejected From Meeting
"Sit Down!...You're a Sick Son-of-a-B*tch"

Importance of Gun Control; Always Hit What You Aim At
"Ten years of failure on gun control"

Biden ripped for lie about lowering gas prices
"60 + years old and that man is made bigger mess out of my country than all the presidents in the past"

The left is pleased with high gas prices
"The level of incompetence by this administration can't be accidental let's go Brandon"

Biden and his 'sidekick' Kamala Harris have embarrassed America: Hilton
"I cannot imagine what can be worse than this presidency."

Clinton OK'd leaking of Trump-Russian allegations
"Clinton's former campaign manager Robby Mook spilled the beans"

This is a 'Joe Biden story'
"Lesley Stahl needs to publicly apologize to President Trump."

Tucker BLASTS Kameltoe Harris
"A Low IQ Wine Mom"

Babylon Bee's Correct Predictions
"Jesters do oft prove prophets"

What's Biden hiding?
"He will conduct interviews as soon as his handlers can figure out how to hide the strings."

Even Liberals Are Sick of Joe Biden
"Liberal media calls out Biden over baby formula"

Biden divided the country in a moment of deep pain
"It's hard to believe that a guy with 2 brain cells can do this much damage to a country"

Joe Biden Will Not Let This Tragidy Go to Waste
"This Administration and the non leader needs to be removed from government!"

Grim Reaper Stalking Joe Biden, George Soros, Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein
"Soros says 'civilization may not survive' "

Biden asking Americans to ‘suck it up’ as gas prices soar and inflation spikes
"Saying quiet part out loud"

Joe Biden Unfit for Leadership
"frail, confused, bitterly partisan, desecrating on the memory of recently murdered children with tired talking points from the Democratic Party."

Biden slammed for gas prices, inflation comment
"Biden ripped for suggesting high gas prices are part of his economic plan"

Loudmouth Sean Hannity Apologizes After On-Air ‘Misunderstanding’ With Tucker Carlson
"Sean Hannity tweeted an apology to Tucker Carlson and the Fox News audience"

President Trump Will Slaughter Turncoat Mike Pence
"Mike Pence showed us his true loyalties & stabbed We The People in the back."

Stacey Abrams is About as Articulate as Kameltoe Harris
"Abrams spent years claiming voter suppression by evil racist...Now she's complaining about high voter turnout."

State Farm Abandons Grooming Book Program for Kids After National Backlash
"LOL - you mean after the backlash and tons of people canceling their policies."

Ballot Trafficking Search Warrants Served
"The search warrant was for one of our employees. They came and served it here."

Democrats did not expect Hispanic voters to do this
"Joey's biggest mistake is presuming that the immigrants actually want to keep his party in and serve HIM!"

Good Luck Getting a Refund From Duke Energy
"Barbershop owner gets $21,000 back from Duke Energy"

Corrupt FBI Lied About Hillary-Supplied Information
"Claiming It Came from DOJ and Not Hillary"

Media tries to spin Biden bad news
"White House plays blame game"

Tucker: This should make you nervous
"I challenge anyone who voted for biden to put an 'I VOTED FOR BIDEN' sticker on your car"

Biden seems to praise high gas prices
"They're saying the quiet part out loud now."

Joe Biden's gaffes are 'alarming' and 'weird to watch'
"America has become an embarrassing mess! We need Trump more than ever now."

Biden 'struggles with the simplest concepts'
"As an American, it is embarrassing that people are laughing at us all the way over in Australia. However, since laughter is totally justified, have fun over there."

Americans are bashing Biden's presidency
"There is no such thing as victory lap for this Administration. The damage is done and it is irreversible."

Biden's handlers are petrified
"Sadly, she wasn't hired for her skills, but instead to placate a small percentage of the woke."

Biden's Sitters Cannot Let Him on Stage Because He's an Idiot
"Biden has made this 'flub' three times"

Stacey Abrams is the fattest broad in the country
"She is the perfect example of racism. Somebody that was elected because of their color instead of the merit of their character and abilities."

Robert Mueller should be embarrassed
"Robert Mueller should not just be embarrassed, he should be indicted for obstruction of justice."

Joe Biden admitted that the current record gas crisis in America is ALL ON PURPOSE
"Oops! Old Joe said the quiet part out loud."

Like a Creepy Neighbor: State Farm Donating Transgender Books for Kindergarteners
"The project's goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books"

Biden’s Numbers Drop to Lowest Yet
"Americans Realize His Administration is a Total Failure"

Dozens of Illegal Aliens Wearing Military Style Camo Caught Entering Texas
"Alpine Border Patrol intercepted TWO vehicle smuggling attempts."

Biden looks to the enemy for help
"Biden administration’s mounting failures"

Hillary’s Campaign Manager: Hillary was behind the Russia collusion lies about President Trump.
"Mook shared that Hillary knew about it and approved it."

Hillary's Death Spiral
"Several million people knew all of this a few years ago, including Durham."

Joe Biden ‘dazed and confused’
"Harris's mentality is still stuck in school project mode like a kindergartener."

"Jail can't happen soon enough, either that or a public stoning"

"This Is Going to Make 1932 Look Like a Church Picnic"
"Steve Bannon and Executive Ed Dowd Warn of Economic Disaster"

Entergy Corp Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plant
"The facility's closure is a blow to Biden's climate agenda."

They are Representing an Idiot, So What Do You Expect?
"Karine Jean-Pierre's Disastrous Debut as Press Secretary"

A Monkeypox Upon You!
"These are the globalist elites discussing the next possible pandemics on the horizon and they nail it down in scenario one! What are the Odds?"

We Need a Nuclear Strike on Mitt Romney
"These people will get us all killed."

It's Time to Walk Away from a Hopelessly Corrupt Federal Government that Facilitates Biden’s Destruction of America
"We can begin the process of liberation by refusing to participate in the charade that Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States."

More on the Joe Biden Crime Family
"Senator Obtains New Hunter Records, Flagged Financial Affairs from Banks"

“Makes You Wonder What Else is Fake”
"Elon Musk Tweets on the Trump-Russia Media Hoax"

Kameltoe Getting as Goofy as Joe Biden
"Electric school buses are dangerous and a waste of money."

Dummy Joe Biden's Gaffe-Filled Speech
"Biden bungled South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol's name and referred to him as the previous leader in a gaffe-filled speech."

FBI and Hunter Biden's Laptop
"What I had seen on that drive, there was more than enough evidence of wrong doing in the Ukraine"

‘2000 Mules’ Ballot Trafficking Investigation
"Like Tweety Birds, They Sang"

Riding With Criminals
"You have expressed my opinion of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham in a nutshell."

Kameltoe Harris doesn't intend to address this crisis
"Lara Trump says it's 'laughable' to call Vice President Harris the border czar"

Hannity: Biden's radical administration will do nothing to help
"Hannity blasted President Joe Biden for hitting record setting gas prices and inflation"

Democrats are Going to get Smoked
"To call NANCY delusional is a insult to DELUSIONAL PEOPLE"

Jesse Watters on Biden's bear market
"Joe Biden is Shot"

Kudlow: This is a big mistake from the Biden White House officials
"Trump did say if Biden got in, we would see a depression the likes the country has never seen."

Biden 'purposefully unsecured' the US border
"I.C.E. director Tom Homan rips President Biden and the Democratic Party for failed border policies"

Illegal Alien Ronaldo Saul Monteroso Gonzalez charged with raping his own daughter, who is 3 years of age or less
"the juvenile tested positive for Chlamydia."

Member of Biden's Secret Service Arrested For Drunken Assault
"An agent and an armed physical security specialist were involved in the alcohol-fueled incident"

"We’ve had open borders for a year and a half now (since the day Biden took office)"

Hillary Campaign Manager Robbie Mook Can Join Hillary On the Double Gallows
"It was all one big lie. We knew it then. We know it today."

Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks is for PC Idiots
"wearing face coverings increases the likelihood of getting sick or contracting a deadly infection."

Life in GITMO or Execution for Hillary?
"Hillary Clinton Personally Approved of Dissemination of Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Accusations to Media"

Steve Bannon Goes Off on Mika and Joe
"hosts who have pushed the corrupt Democrats and Globalists and are now suddenly shocked that the economy is in tatters."

Far-Left Twitter Hack Behind Site's New ‘Crisis Misinformation Policy’
"Yoel Roth, the woke, far-left hack behind the new policy to suppress conservatives"

Joe Biden Replaces a Liar with Another Liar
"Hires Michael Chertoff to Lead Disinformation Board"

Deb Haaland was not chosen to be Biden's Interior Secretary because she's qualified for the job
"She checked a box: First Native American cabinet secretary."

Stations Add Fourth Number To Pumps in Preparation of Double-Digit Gas Prices
"This is a national man-made catastrophe that was spearheaded by Biden and his policy agenda!"

How BLM's Leadership Concealed $40 Million in Diverted Funds
"Tide continued to collect substantial BLMGNF donations during the George Floyd summer protests"

135 Teachers, Aides Charged With Child Sex Crimes in 2022
"The Left's full-out embrace of sexualizing and grooming young children in the classroom"

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them
"Americans are getting used to the Marxist tactics of the Biden regime"

Sen. Josh Hawley grilled Biden/Obama's lunatic Energy Secretary Granholm over gas prices.
"The Secretary wanted to blame high gas prices on Putin. We all know that's a lie."

What Biden is doing is flat-out idiocy
"Kilmeade rips the Biden admin over the state of the economy on 'Kudlow.' "

Biden Going Down in Flames
"People need to stand together and overthrow this administration"

Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas Naturally Appoints An Idiot
"DHS secretary Mayorkas admitting he did not research his new disinformation chief."

Under Biden, the country is ‘reeling’
"To all those people who couldnt handle mean tweets and who thought it's old harmless Uncle Joe, Proud of yourselves?"

Hunter made $11M from Ukraine firm accused of bribery
"That whole family sold all of us out"

McEnany torches Biden's crisis response: Always late to the party
"McEnany being generous there. Sleepy Joe turns up 3 decades late in the wrong country"

Joe Biden Still Searching for a Bottom
"Biden's Quinnipiac approval rating plunges to 35%"

Biden White House has entirely handed their agenda over to the radical left
"Texas Republican shreds Biden's policies on 'Kudlow.'"

Gas prices reach a high - Biden blamed for holding production back
"Within his first week in office, Biden signed an executive order temporarily suspending new oil and gas leases on federal lands."

Crooked Democrat Lawmaker Corrine Brown to Plead Guilty
"found guilty on 18 of 22 charges related to fraud, conspiracy, tax evasion, and obstruction"

Biden Refuses to Take Questions Because He's Too Stupid to Answer Them
"56 Days Since Biden's Last Press Conference"

Joe Biden is a Lunatic
"He's clearly lying. No world leaders are asking Brandon anything. They know that he's too incoherent to even chat about the weather."

Big Sis is Big Sad
"Flat Innertube Lips and a Punchable Chin"

Kamala Harris isn't even trying
"NBC poll showing Vice President Kamala Harris' low popularity"

There is nothing more dangerous than desperate politicians
"Every time you show Schumer it sickens me this is the reason NYS and NYC is suffering"

Info on Hunter Biden ‘probable cover up’ could be released next week: Rep. Comer
"When he says it all comes by to Hunter, he really means it all comes back to JOE."

Elon Musk vows to vote Republican, calls Democrats party of 'division, hate'
"He exposed Twitter for what it is. That's why they didn't want him to take over."

Damning text message revealed from Hillary Clinton's lawyer
"Fire them take their pensions and charge them for every lie under oath to the fullest."

Everything About Twitter is Fake
"Elon Musk Tweets in Agreement that He Knew Twitter Was Fudging Its Numbers and Lying About It"

Oh No! Not Monkeypox
"Suspected cases may present with early flu-like symptoms and progress to lesions"

NC GOP Republicans GLOATED After Uniparty Took Out MAGA Rep. Madison Cawthorn in NC Primary
"The GOP party elites at this point have more in common with Democrats"

G.W. Bush Keeps Foot in Mouth
"The Decision of One Man to Launch a Wholly Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq"

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake DESTROYS Liberal Reporter
"It Was So Devastating that the Most Biased Paper In Arizona History Didn't Even Run the Story!"

Hunter Biden's Finances Face New Scrutiny In Federal Tax Law Investigation
"Trump! Best President Ever! SUPER MAGA 2024!"

Obama Runs White House Because Joe Biden is Too STUPID
"Obama ‘calling the shots’ since Biden took office: Sen. Blackburn"

Biden creates a crisis with everything he touches
"The opposite of the Midas touch is the Biden touch. Let him touch himself!"

Democrats don't want Biden to campaign for them
"The People Don't Want Joe Biden in the White House"

The premise behind Black Lives Matter is a lie
"We can only laugh at these large corporations who gave money to these crooks!"

Biden's disinformation board and Nina Jankowicz are such a joke
"Now if we could do this for the rest of this joke of an administration."

Stuart Varney on hot inflation under Biden: Are you better off now?
"What I pay for chicken now is what I was paying for steak when Trump was President."

Full-fledged retreat from 'Bidenism'
"It's going to be hilarious watching all the Democrats running for office distancing themselves from Biden. lol"

WH press secretary Jean-Pierre is 'inarticulate, incoherent'
"She's the perfect successor for Psaki: inarticulate, incoherent and ducking and dodging questions."

Biden Halts ‘Ministry of Truth’ After Just Three Weeks
"media hammered the lunatic Marxist chosen to run the Orwellian agency."

Clinton pulled the 'dirtiest, dirtiest' tricks in American politics
"Are we just now figuring out how this vile woman operates? This is who she is and always has been."

Biden torched for 'catastrophically bad' decisions
"Joe makes a bad decision every time he opens his mouth."

Clinton lawyer 'manipulated' FBI against Trump
"Conspiracy theories are becoming facts almost every day."

Something is ‘deeply wrong’ with America's president: ‘Glassy-eyed and not really there’
"Unwell is putting it mildly. The whole Administration is disturbing."

Charges Against Black Man Who Beat Elderly White Nursing Home Patients Dropped
"Hayden filmed himself beating the seniors in their beds until they were bleeding."

Autopsy Reveals Healthy 36-Year-Old Mother Died from Acute Myocarditis Due to Her Covid-19 Immunization
"she died due to an adverse reaction from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine."

Elon Musk Will Vote Republican For the First Time Ever
"Musk also slammed the incompetence of the Biden administration, especially in comparison to the previous four years under Trump."

BLM Co-Founder Used Donated Funds To Pay Millions To Family Members And Friends
"BLM was nothing more than a massive grifter scheme."

All criminal roads lead back to Hillary Clinton
"That’s why she was so surprised she lost 2016’s election"

Biden confessing that his presidency is a failure
"Oh, obiden is absolutely 'that guy'. He is that guy you would never let babysit your kids and he is that guy you would never let balance your check book!"

Silence Of The Lies
"Thats not far from the truth. I`ll be more than half of the swamp craps themselves."

Scandal Still Following the Clintons
"Trial Starts for Former Clinton Atty. Sussmann Who Successfully Used Corrupt FBI Against President Trump in Russia Collusion Hoax"

G.W. Bush Was Never Hitting On Much
"Vovan and Lexus punked George W. Bush. And they have video."

"Twitter is in a terrible position."

Carlson invited Chuck Schumer on to discuss his fraudulent accusations.
"Coward Chuck Schumer Declines Invite on Tucker Carlson's Show"

We got a problem here
"The United Spot"

Biden's 'foolishness' fueled historic gas prices
"I don't know if we will survive another three years under this administration!"

He didn't have Consent
"Little Joey can tell if it's a woman with his Sniff Test."

Rep. Lauren Boebert Absolutely DESTROYS Director of Propaganda Nina Jankowicz
"This trashy lounge singer sings about sleeping her way into power."

Joe Biden, An Illegitimate President
"We've got to play the same hardball that President Trump played because we've got Joe Biden."

Let Us Know When She is Confirmed DEAD
"Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Tests Postive For COVID-19"

Joe Biden Blames Republicans After Leftist Shoots Up Buffalo Store
"Only 821 people tuned in to watch his nasty remarks. 821!"

Student Who Experienced Adverse Reaction Following Second Dose of Covid Vaccine Is Expelled for Refusing Booster Shot
"doctor requested an exemption due to her adverse reactions following her second dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine."

Eleven GOP Senators Break with Turtle Man McConnell and Vote Against Latest $40 Billion in US Aid to Ukraine
"the best thing that Biden could do is stop the war that he's waged on American industry."

Elon Musk Slams Dummy Joe Biden
"The Real President is Whoever Controls the Teleprompter"

Loudmouth, Blowhard Sean Hannity Blows His Cover
"Sean Hannity has really lost himself"

The Answer is as Plain as Black and White!
"How Come Biden is Visiting Buffalo, But He Couldn't Visit Waukesha?"

Pedophile Joe Biden Cannot Keep His Hands Off the Little Boy
"Joe Biden has been groping women and children for years and the media ignores his perverted behavior."

Does Pelosi Have Dementia or a Mouth Full of Mush?
"Pelosi has appeared to suffer confusion on live television before."

Biden's New Spox is Another Complete Idiot
"It was a rough day for the new Biden spokeswoman."

Pickaninny Karine Jean-Pierre Boasts: "I Am a Black, Gay, Immigrant Woman"
"wanted the reporters in the briefing room to know how special she is because she is a black lesbian."

President Trump Endorses North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn
"Cawthorn has been a staunch Trump supporter from Day 1."

President Trump: MAGA; Joe Biden: PEDO
"Democrats are obsessed with Trump"

Biden a hapless leader
"This press secretary has nooooo clue what she is doing."

John Oliver explains utility scandals
"Duke Energy's attacks on any solar it doesn't own"

Democratic voters realize their party has become radicalized
"When did they notice this? When they care more about gender pronouns than the livelihood of US citizens."

Federal Judge to deliver fate of Title 42
"If they get rid of title 42 it's time for the people to take back our country before it's gone"

There's a new KING in town
"This Biden is more coherent than the real one"

Washington launched a 'war' on North American oil
"Open the pipeline here in America now"

Biden failed policies on energy are not working
"Energy runs the country and so he's failing on everything else too."

Ripping Biden after exposing formula stockpiles at border
"I'm surprised they're not blaming president trump about this debacle, as well."

Elon Musk continues to expose Twitter
"It's probably exactly why Jack Dorsey said 'the company doesn't even need a CEO it's just a bunch of bots"

How the UK views Biden: 'It's embarrassing'
"Biden's approval sinking as inflation remains high."

This Will Piss You Off
"Arby's Manager Admits Urinating At Least Twice in Milkshake Mix for His Own Sexual Gratification"

Biden Secretly Orders U.S. Troops to Somalia
"After abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban...Biden has gotten the U.S. involved in an undeclared proxy war on Russia"

Mountain of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud

Don't Transport Illegal Aliens; Deport or Abort
"Texas has transported over 900 illegal aliens to Washington"

Two of the World's Biggest Scumbags: Dr. Fauci and Jim Acosta
"He lied about his involvement in the development of COVID in China and claimed it was created in nature."

'Payback time': 'Sleepy' Joe Biden knows 'impeachment is coming'
"Incompetence is an accident. This is corruption at a stomach churning level. Charges need to be filed."

Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble
"Americans Say Country is on Wrong Track Under Joe Biden"

Turtle Man McConnell Wants More Money Fast Tracked to Ukraine
"I'm sure that an additional $40 billion for Ukraine is how Brandon plans to remedy our rampant inflation."

Biden administration a total dumpster fire
"Biden's Got to Go; November is Coming"

Illegal Aliens Still Being Scattered Around the Country
"This is just a slap in the face to our immigration laws, and to the people of this Country."

Biden's messaging is failing (WE DON'T BELIEVE JOE BIDEN'S LIES)
"The COUNTRY is failing. F their messaging. Hold them accountable."

Disney Has Been Riding the Micky Mouse Copyright for Long Enough
"Elon Musk Appears To Back Stripping Disney Of Mickey Mouse Copyright"

Woman Tried to Run Away From All Repercussions
"Baby and Boyfriend Are Killed During Highspeed Police Pursuit"

Groper Joe cut away from Jill Biden and made a bee-line to the kids
"What a sick, perverted man."

Nancy Pelosi to open a congressional liquor store on Capitol Hill
"Joe Biden buys crack pipes, and Nancy Pelosi is opening liquor stores in Congress"

Pelosi and Joe Biden Still Looking for Someone to Blame Their Failures On
"She's blaming the baby formula companies...Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House."

Maria Bartiromo Mocks Biden Over “Ultra MAGA” Gaffe
"After showing several clips of Joe Biden stumbling through his speech and attacking Ultra MAGA Americans. Maria Bartiromo responded, 'Oh, God.'"

Joe Biden Looked High and Low to Find Someone More Stupid Than He is
"Whoever writes the public statements for Kamala Harris must really hate her."

Joe Biden is anti-energy
"If a Democrat told me grass was green, I'd have to go out and check."

Biden's actions are counterproductive to getting U.S. out of energy crisis
"Under Trump not only we were energy independent but the number one exporters"

President Donald Trump's prediction about George Washington has come perfectly true
"The New York City Council has already removed a statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall. No founding father is safe!"

Biden ripped for baby formula shortage
"The one good thing about the constant bad record of this administration is it's waking more and more people up."

We have puberty blockers for children but not baby formula
"It's funny that we have a shortage of baby formula but no shortage of ice cream. Providers know what would happen if Biden does not get his ice cream."

Border Patrol Beaten Down by Joe Biden
"Need thousands of Americans to go defend the border since the government won't do it."

Joe Biden No Longer Trying to Hide His Lies
"I remember all the Dems refusing to take the vaccine when Trump endorsed it. As soon as Biden took office, they were jumping over themselves to get the jab."

Biden administration's priority is 'opening the border'
"When can we begin to charge and try these politicians for not defending our borders?"

Biden refuses to take blame for soaring prices (or anything else!)
"He HONESTLY believes it's not his fault. That's how demented he is."

Incompetent Biden strikes again
"You know what never ends...this administration's ineptitude."

Transgender Activist Charged with 16 Felonies for Rape and Sexual Abuse of a Boy
"transgender child predator Hernandez was given asylum in the US"

Biden Caught in More and More Lies
"The entire world knows now that everything Biden does is a lie."

Gas Prices Hit 4th Straight All-Time As Joe Biden Cancels Oil-Gas Leases
"This followed several all-time record highs this week."

Pelosi Has Boose Delivered Directly to Her Office
"Pelosi has been accused of slurring her words like an alcoholic."

Over Two-Thirds of Republicans Think Biden Should Be Impeached and Tried for Treason
"would like to see the President charged by Congress for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors"

Mitch McConnell stands for money-laundering, corruption, bioweapons, RICO crime, etc.
"Mitch's mantra is China First."

Blockbuster Clinton case on Trump-Russia
"The only thing Hillary and Bill should be worried about is who gets the top bunk."

Joe Biden is a Groomer
"Fox News just called the 2024 Arizona election results for Joe Biden. And he has been dead 3 months."

Missouri, Louisiana AGs file lawsuit against Biden and top admin officials
"Vote to get rid of Biden/Harris...AOC and the Squad in the next election"

Watters: The woke are facing a revolt
"And who's missing President Trump now? America's greatest Defender."

Scandal Follows the Clintons
"Need to see Democrats going to jail"

When There is an Idiot in the White House, You'll Have These Things
"There's a big government scandal brewing here"

Reuters Only Wants the Truth if it's Politically Correct
"Director of Data Science Fired After Reporting Accurate Statistics on Police Shootings and Race"

“All of a Sudden It's on the Front Page of Every Newspaper” - Dummy Joe Biden Finally Addresses Baby Formula
"Biden Regime is shipping pallets of baby formula to US border facilities for illegal aliens while American babies go hungry."

How Many More Times Will Joe Biden Make the Very Same Mistake?
"Every day I wake up hoping this SOB had died overnight."

We Have No War; We Have No president
"Joe Biden is NOT a War President; He is a Whore President"

Free Crack Pipes from Joe Biden and Jen Psaki
"The Free Beacon obtained five safe smoking kits from harm reduction organizations and they all included crack pipes."

Fentanyl is Helping Eliminate Drug Addicts
"We should not spend one more dime in Ukraine or on the military until we have secured our southern border."

Biden Giving US Sovereignty Over Healthcare Decisions to WHO and China
"Biden is signing over US autonomy over our healthcare decisions to the WHO and therefore, China."

Trucking Firms Prepare for Imminent Diesel Shortage in Eastern Half of US - Blame Joe Biden
"Trucking insiders are blaming this shortage on Joe Biden"

Joe Biden Exposed for the Idiot He Is
"Joe Biden is horrible and everyone in America knows it."

Nancy Pelosi and Biden are running out of scapegoats
"They have nothing else to lie about. The American people see them for who they are"

Hannity: Biden's economy a complete disaster
"President Trump said all of this would happen if Sleepy Joe got in office."

Kudlow: Biden is playing the blame game
"This is what happens when you chose a lifelong career in government."

Biden's 'Great MAGA King' jab blows up in his face
"Biden is so Stupid that Everything will Always Blow Up in his Face"

No Baby Food for Americans, but Plenty for Illegal Alien Freeloaders
"I'd be willing to bet there is no formula shortage at the border stations."

"After Trump corrects course DeSantis WILL one day become president and complete the mission."

4 Pinocchios for Joe Biden
"Biden has been a liar for his entire 50 years in politics. How he kept a seat in the Senate blows me away."

With Gas Prices at All-Time Highs, Biden Decides to Cancel Oil and Gas Lease Sales in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico
"Biden Must be Eliminated by Any Means Necessary"

Biden's Economy is a Colossal Failure When Compared to President Trump's
"What a senile and crooked failure Joe Biden is turning out to be."

Kennedy calls out Biden's refusal to accept blame for inflation
"Why take responsibility when you can just blame everybody else?"

Biden Keeps Kicking His Own Ass!
"Biden blaming inflation on everyone but himself"

Tucker: There is something really wrong
"Fox News host voices his concerns about lawmakers prioritizing solving Ukraine's problems over America's"

Tomi Lahren torches Biden's information czar: 'Who is she?'
"Just get Biden out while we still have a country."

2 Years? Joe Biden Cannot Make 2 More Days!
"She wants people to stand when see enters a room yet her staff is quitting on her regularly. Tells you a lot."

Ingraham: What we don't need is a president offering fake empathy
"Biden's trip to the farm was another desperate act of poorly produced choreography by the White House comms team."

Got Baby Formula?
"Jo has never been weaned"

Comedian Dick Caught With Pants Down
"Andy Dick Arrested For Felony Sexual Battery on Livestream"

Racist Hiring Manager at Dropbox Admits She Dislikes White People and Makes Employment Decisions Based on Race
"Noted attorney Harmeet Dhillon said this is illegal under federal and state law."

Joe Biden: The Great Pedophile King
"The podium made Biden look small so he came around to the end to speak to the labor union gathering."

Trump-Appointed Judge Extends Order - Prevents Biden Regime from Opening Borders to Illegal Migrant Horde
"Trump-appointed judges are standing in defense of America and its sovereignty. And, Democrat judges are doing just the opposite."

Is Joe Biden Even More Stupid Than He Looks? No! That Would be Impossible!
"Biden has the perfect plan for getting everything wrong"

TOKEN, LGBTQ+, left handed, bowlegged, peanut butter allergic, gap toothed, O type blooded and 2 middle named black, Press Secretary
"This administration never ceases to amaze me. It's like they're trying to one up every ridiculous thing they do."

Biden's 'divisive lies' are worse than the gaffes
"This man is greatest fool that's ever held office!"

'Weak and unprepared': Trump releases scathing Biden gaffe video
"Biden convinced me to NOT be a Democrat anymore. I was so stupid. Trump now is my vote."

Americans are suffering the consequences of the Biden administration
"I can't believe he still hasn't been impeached"

Biden using one of the Democrats' 'oldest, dirty tricks'
"In four decades he has never had a new idea that actually worked. Says it all."

Donald J. Trump Was Right Again!
"NY Times admits Trump was right"

Flagship bill to end border crisis
"'exclude amnesty of any type,' create an immediate expulsion authority, clarify that migrants are ineligible for asylum"

Illegal Alien Surge
"National Guard installs new deterrence measure"

Biden blasted for ‘lying’, ‘gaslighting’ speech blaming inflation on pandemic and Putin
"Joe Biden will blame anyone and anything for inflation"

Biden should resign in order to fix inflation
"Sen. Rick Scott: Biden doesn't even know what state I am from"

Court Orders FBI to Disclose Details on Officials Who Opened Illicit Spy Operation on Donald Trump
"Bill Barr was protecting Hillary Clinton for some reason."

Could Not Have Happened to a More Deserving Guy
"Vaxxed and Boosted Bill Gates Tests Positive for COVID"

Democrat Non-Profits Used BLM-Antifa Rioters as Their Ballot Traffickers
"Democrats incited the Black Lives Matter mobs for months as they destroyed communities across the country."

Roe V. Wade Leak: A Way To Detract From Dinesh D'Souza’s 2000 MULES Movie
"The Left will do anything to distract America from @DineshDSouza's 2000 Mules movie."

How Joe Biden Became the FAKE president
"it was discovered that the voting machines could fill out ballots."

Turtle Man McConnell and Pelosi are a Pair Made in Hell
"This fraud has got to go, maybe he can pick up some votes if he switches parties."

Kayleigh McEnany: This is the (Joe Biden) twilight zone
"I feel worried for the US if there is still 36% of people there that approve of Biden"

This is pushback against the 'woke' invasion
"Stuart Varney joined 'Fox & Friends Weekend' "

‘Joe Biden is unwell, he's unfit for office, he's incoherent, incapacitated and confused’
"Republicans routinely attack Biden's mental fitness for office."

Biden is making suckers out of the people
"$33 billions for Ukraine while our veterans are homeless & ignored. Our borders are not secured."

Biden is disconnected from America
"It's the same talking points every time he steps to that podium everyone's fault but his."

Insane Clown and Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Wants “Trustworthy People” Like Herself to be Able to Add Context to Other People's Tweets
"Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas and Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz are Two of a Kind"

Joe Biden accidentally admitted the Democrats have no plan to reduce energy prices.
"But the truth slipped because of Biden's dementia."

Why Ask an Idiot Anything? Joe Biden Knows NOTHING
"Instead of answering the question, Joe Biden spun around and shuffled away."

President Trump and Elon Musk are Two of America's Greatest
"He Will Lift Twitter Ban of President Trump, Says It Was a Mistake"

Mike Tyson Teaches an Idiot a Lesson
"Repeatedly Punching Man in the Face"

BLM did absolutely nothing for the Black community
"PT Barnum is famous for having said, there's a sucker born every minute."

Shutting down Biden's Disinformation Governance Board
"We're gonna shut it down: Sen. Rand Paul"

Verified Liberal Calling for Terrorism Against SCOTUS Justices
"Twitter Obv Has a Strong Left Wing Bias"

Lesbian Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Issues a “Call to Arms”
"Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) on Monday night called for violence"

Biden's New White House Press Secretary a Bigger Liar Than Jen Psaki
"White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre"

The MAGA Of Oz
"Nadler really is that height"

The Democrats Of Oz
"My name whorethy, and this is my little dog ilhan."

CNN sued by Repairman who exposed Hunter Biden laptop scandal
"he discovered potentially dubious business deals conducted by members of the Biden family."

AG on 'landmark lawsuit' against the Biden administration
"It's wonderful to see new faces in the fight on making America great again"

AG demands Biden push back on Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas
"Florida AG demands Biden push back on radical Mayorkas"

'What did Joe Biden know and when did he know it?'
"There's absolutely nothing Joe and this administration can do to save themselves"

It Could Happen To You
"Fauci must be wearing Nancy's hiheels"

FCC Commissioner slams Biden's 'disinformation board'
"This fraud playing the president is an actor from Hollywood."

Steve Hilton: Democrats are desperate, divisive demagogues
"Sociopaths ALWAYS accuse others of what they are most guilty of."

Joe Biden Hides Behind Mop-Head Jen Psaki
"Outright lying, condescending, no respect for 'we the people'. That's her legacy."

A Debt Free Ride Will be Popular With Freeloaders
"Democrats: 'We are in Big trouble for votes...Let's cancel student loan debt.'"

Joe Biden Drives Up Food Cost
"Does Biden even consider these things or is this what he wants?"

'Sleepwalking' Biden 'can't wait' for term to end
"Biden been sleeping walking for 50 years, people just never had reason to notice him until now"

Happy Birthing Person's Day
"Happy Mother's day to all the real female mothers!"

Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses Being Released

800 Billion VoTEs
"He got 100% of the cemetery vote"

Biden's presidency is the worst presidency
"Joe called us his enemies. What else do we need to know?"

GOP lawmaker rips Biden's climate change unit: 'Political nonsense'
"Mayorkas is Just Not Even Able to Lie Well"

Bongino: This administration is not our friend
"We're past the point of irreconcilable differences."

Creepy Bill Gates Plans to Hire a 3,000-Person Social Media Team to Push Vaccines and Suppress Any Differing Information
"Gates said vaccine misinformation spread like wildfire on the internet during the COVID pandemic. Maybe it was all of the dead people?"

The COVID-19 Joke
"The FDA Finally Admits that COVID-19 Should Be Treated Like the Flu"

LESBO Liz Cheney Still Trying to Worm Her Way Into Office
"Biden and BLM Ad Agency Is Promoting Angry Liz Cheney to Democrats"

Kayleigh McEnany: This is all Kamala Harris has left
"Never interfere with your enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves"

Biden's 'alienating' language
"Biden's comments among the leaked Supreme Court document"

Lara Trump: The MAGA movement started because of people like Biden
"MAGA movement is the greatest thing that has happened in a long time; it has got people motivated in a positive way"

‘Arming Russia’: Biden fumbles in speech about preparing Ukraine for attack
"Joe Biden the gift that keeps on giving but one that nobody wants."

‘Puppet’ Biden avoids Oval Office events due to lack of teleprompter
"Most Americans are pretty embarrassed that we allowed this guy to be installed as a figurehead."

They think Black and Latino Americans owe them our vote
"The fact that people still watch The View is crazy to me."

GOP candidate tossed from ballot by Leftist judge
"Maxine Waters doesn't live in her district but since she's a Democrat, different rules apply!"

Biden is unfit for office, you can see his decline
"Sleepy Joe Looks More Like Nursing Home Patient Than President Of USA."

Rudy Giuliani on J6 Committee Refusing to Allow him to Record Testimony
"People on that Committee Tried to Frame a Sitting President"

Biden Didn't Get Votes - He Got Ballots
"Illegal aliens are pouring in by the millions—and the Biden administration is loading them on airplanes and busses, and bringing them to communities"

The Smartest Man Joe Biden Knows
"The night I met Hunter Biden"

One Dead After Gun Fight Breaks Out in SoCal Smoke Shop
"Kahlel Lundy, 23, and Keith Rachel, 21 are wanted for murder."

Tens Of Thousands Turn Out With Torrential Downpour to See President Trump
"Joe Biden couldn't even pull 20 people in 80-degree weather. How could anybody believe he won the 2020 election?"

Joe Biden Turned Out to be an Unparalleled Disaster - Tucker Carlson
"Biden Administration Nightmare"

Five Shooters Open Fire on Group of Kids
"Fortunately the gangbangers are lousy shots."

Congressman HUMILIATES Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas After He FLOPS In Congress
"Mayokas should be sent to prison."

Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas Lies and Tries to Run Out the Clock
"NEW Leak From Hunter's Laptop IMPLICATES Mayorkas"

What Did Hillary Know, and When Did She Know It
"She's going to smash the evidence with a hammer...again."

Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas and His Clueless Disinformation Czar
"Mayorkas admitting he did not research his new disinformation chief."

Sen. Hawley grills Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas
"Mayorkas is ashamed of the inner workings of the 'hiring process.' Brandon's puppeteer said hire her and she got the job."

Joe Biden is Demented and Dangerous
"Tucker: Violence is already beginning"

Are Landmines the Only Thing That Can Stop the Illegal Alien Invasion?
"This needs to be added to his impeach list. Not securing our border."

Ted Cruz: Biden should be ashamed of himself
"Biden should go out of DC in a body bag FJB."

Biden creates a crisis in everything he touches
"To an incompetent person, every event in their life really is a crisis."

Poll: Trump Would Beat Joe Biden by Double Digits
"Biden's actions have been completely insane."

Biden's economy is a disaster: GOP lawmaker
"FJB and the whole Democrat Party"

Biden is Not OUR President; He is YOUR President
"Biden disses MAGA crowd"

Bumblin' Biden: Biden mixes up job title while making White House speech
"He's right. Delaware hasn't had a real Senator for decades."

‘Deeply sinister’: Biden establishes ‘Ministry of Truth’
"Joe Biden has established a ‘Ministry of Truth’ to combat disinformation"

Tom Cotton breaks down GOP senators' fight against Biden disinformation board
"People that lie for a living think they should tell everyone what's true and what isn't?"

Congressman Adam Schiff Sued for Lying
"Congressman Adam Schiff parroted outright lies"

The View Is On Strike
"I would sooner put a fire out with my face then listen to The View."

Steve Hilton goes after the New York Times for calling the Biden economy 'solid'
"These aren't failures. It is sabotage."

Joe Biden's presidency ‘worst’ in history: Rep. Jim Jordan
"How do they keep allowing him to even speak? HORRENDOUS"

Kat Cammack Grills Mayorkas On Illegal Immigration
"This little troll does not earn the respect of one person."

'How Much Money Do You Need To Deport All Of Them?'
"Gaetz Grills Mayorkas On Illegal Immigration"

Mayorkas claims he knows where migrants on terror list are despite testimony
"Whitaker blasts DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' handling of the southern border"

Everything Mayorkas says is disinformation
"When Mayorkas throws his head back and sticks his chin out, he's lying."

Joe Biden Owns Energy Inflation
"Get the corporate goon out of our White House"

Newt Gingrich torches Biden's policies
"Wide open borders. What American thinks that is fine?"

Biden's approval rating underwater
"Now we have a judge that doesn't know what a WOMAN is."

Joe Biden's Approval Rating Collapsing Even In Blue Massachusetts
"For a Democrat to fail there, they have to be spectacularly bad, and Joe Biden fits into that category."

Joe Biden is a Walking Corpse
"As usual, Joe Biden could barely read his own teleprompter because his mental faculties are no more."

They Get Away With EVERYTHING
"Slick willy hasn't been attracted to the hildebeest in over 25 years!"

Number of Those Suffering Severe Complications After Taking COVID Vaccine Is 40 Times Higher Than Previously Recorded
"It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada."

2020 Election Was Stolen
"Joe Biden is an illegitimate president."

AOC is Still Looking for a Free Ride
"AOC wants us to pay for her loan debt, and yet she makes $100,000 a year, has a Tesla, and a French bull dog"

Kameltoe Knows Pedo Joe is a Joke; Pedo Joe Knows Kameltoe is a Joke
"There are 'real and deep tensions' between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden"

Joe Biden knows 'he's doomed'
"We want and need President Trump back at the helm and in leadership."

Lipstick on a Pig
"Hillary Does Not Need a Mask; She Needs a Bag Over Her Head"

Hunter Biden Took Trip to Moscow to Meet with Russian Oligarch
"Hunter Biden was involved with a Russian oligarch while his father was Obama's Vice President."

You're Going to Wear This Mask Even If It Kills You
"Special Ed Teacher Choked 7-Year-Old For Refusing To Wear Mask"

Hannity: I don’t think the Disinformation Governance Board will ‘fact-check’
"The number 1 problem is they granted themselves the power to decide what is true"

He Locked The Keys Outside The Car
"Abrams needs to wear a mask all the time for our Benefit."

They Blocked Him
"Biden's check engine light has been on for at least the past 40 years, minimum, lol"

A 'corrupt family occupies the White House'
"Newt Gingrich has accused the Bidens of acting like 'a criminal family in the old-fashioned mafia sense'"

Tom Homan: Biden's 'open border policies' are not humane
"Tom Homan is a true patriot. I would elect him to any position he would run for."

A disinformation board is a 'very dangerous thing'
"Weird how disinformation on Twitter has all of a sudden become an issue."

Steve Hilton: The Left's hypocrisy is on full display
"they battle disinformation except when they're spreading it."

What the heck were they thinking?: Rove
"The new Disinfo Czar is almost as batshit crazy as the Border Czar."

President Trump: "They Are Terrified of MAGA, and They Should Be"
"The Biden Administration's complete abolition of America's border is a crime against the citizens of our nation."

Insane DHS Head Mayorkas Lies Again
"Claims Nina Jankowicz, His ‘Minister of Truth’ is Absolutely Neutral"

President Trump Rips Turtle Man McConnell
"The primary thing they don't want to talk about is the 2020 Rigged Presidential Election."

Pack Your Bags Pelosi
"Midterm poll forecasts bleak outlook for Dems"

Biden's Secretary Left SPEECHLESS By This Brave Congresswoman's Question
"This man should be in Prison A.S.A.P./ What a LIAR..."

Steube To Mayorkas: 'Do You Include Black Lives Matter & Antifa' In Definition Of 'Domestic Terror'
"I believe the republican questioners should just refuse to participate. It's useless this guy won't honestly answer anything."

Biden wants the border crisis: GOP lawmaker
"Joey and the people that voted for him have lots of blood on their hands."

Big Brother Biden and Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas
"There's absolutely nothing Joe and this administration can do to save themselves"

Steve Hilton on Mongolian Idiot Mayorkas
"Yeah, we saw how persecuted the people coming off the bus looked."

It's Past Time for California to Fall Into the Ocean
"California Expands Medi-Cal to All Eligible Adults 50+ - Including Illegal Aliens"

Newt Gingrich: 'Joe Biden is a liar'
"Newt Gingrich responds to Biden's lowest approval rating yet"

Devin Nunes: Why no Big Tech tyrant can take Truth Social down
"Finally, a few people are standing up and committing to restoring Democracy in this country."

Your Job Is To Enforce The Law...And You're Not Doing That
"It is so unbelievably frustrating how Mayorkas just sits there and plays dumb as if he has no idea what is going on. He either needs to be fired or arrested for treason."

'Useful idiot': Biden's ‘disinformation’ czar Nina Jankowicz slammed as a 'woke-bot'
"Disinformation Governance Board sounds like they decide what disinformation to release."

Mayorkas Committed Treason
"How he can arrogantly sit there and act righteous is an embarrassment to all Americans."

Sen. Johnson blasts DHS's new misinformation board as 'Orwellian'
"The US Government stood up and presented a clown as Minister of Truth to the rest of the world."

AG sues Black Lives Matter
"It's about time they were held accountable."

Biden's answer to Hunter’s scrutiny is ‘control the narrative’
"How long can you deny something as the evidence mounts? Jussie Smolliet would say eternally."

Steve Bannon's War Room - Massive Fraud in 2020 Election
"election fraud that took place in 2020 through the use of ballot harvesting and ballot mules."

Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal "Put Women and 12-Year-Old Children as Sex Slaves"
"Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying America."

Alec Baldwin is a Criminal and an Idiot
"Alec Baldwin Calls For Gun Control After He Shot and Killed Woman"

Biden's Ministry of Truth Composed of Liars
"They're Liars. They're Horrible People"

Rep. Van Drew Calls on Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas to Resign
"he called on Secretary Mayorkas to resign."

Republicans call for Mayorkas to resign
"Biden is going to face a very hard time after Congress goes full Republican next year."

Mayorkas Tries To LIE In Congress
"They should remove him from office and charge him with dereliction of duty."

Former ICE head torches Mayorkas: You can't say the border is secure
"Tom Homan says the border crisis is now a national security crisis."

Joe Biden: Mind Control Victim
"Trump Should be in Prison for all the Decisions That I've Made"

Mayorkas should ‘lose his job’: Rep. Ken Buck
"Mayorkas said he's proud of the job he's doing, he definitely needs to go."

Ingraham: Someone should give her a lesson in basic administrative law
"They can't even manage their own miserable little lives."

Biden's ‘brain broke’ with yet another ‘cringeworthy’ gaffe
"Stop calling them gaffes. They are not gaffes. This is brain malfunction."

Six RINOs Who Voted to Confirm DHS Secretary Mayorkas and the Country’s Destruction Through Open Borders
"DHS Secretary lied again about the invasion at the open southern border."

Stephen Miller rips Biden's 'fake Broadway star' disinformation expert
"Biden's disinformation czar has a history of pushing disinformation."

Disinformation director is a ‘political hack’
"Rooting out 'disinformation' should start with the White House and the media."

Biden and Pelosi are the real source of 'misinformation': GOP lawmaker
"I don't believe the president can control his own bowel movements!"

This isn't going to help Biden's polls
"The idea that people can be irresponsible and not use any judgement with their educational choices and have the taxpayers bail them out is completely wrong."

Biden can't even get the words out
"Just what we need in the White House...an addle-brained fool!"

DHS Has ‘Obligation’ to Build Border Wall After Biden Halted Construction
"They just can't stop lying."

Jackass Mayorkas makes Democratic narratives his priority at DHS
"The first person Mayorkas' new board should be examining is him."

Border won't be fixed with these people in office: Rep. McClintock
"Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., pushes back on DHS Secretary Mayorkas' testimony"

Gingrich: Biden admin follows policy of secrecy and dishonesty
"Mayorkas isn't incompetent. He knows precisely what he's doing."

Biden's big lie to Americans about Hunter
"Good riddens to Chris Wallace - what a crook, truth is finally coming out - GREAT"

Stephen Miller: We have a propagandist-in-chief
"This November, vote out as many Democrats as possible for our country's sake."

Gutfeld: Democrats assume skin color equates wokeism
"It's a lot like having a dysfunctional parent, the whole house suffers."

Why Would Anyone Ever Trust the Bidens with $50 Billion in Ukraine?
"Will any money actually reach any people in Ukraine or will it end up...in the hands of corrupt politicians and their families like the Bidens?"

The Last Thing Fat Heffer, Demetrius Holeman, Needed Was More Sandwiches
"Winston-Salem, North Carolina - An angry customer stabbed a 16-year-old Jimmy John's employee over a sandwich order."

Democrats should consider removing 'cognitive wreck' Joe Biden from office
"The problem with replacing Biden is who do you replace him with? Kamala Harris? God help us. Next in line is Nancy Pelosi. We are so screwed."

76% of voters say economy is getting worse
"How 4 out of 10 Americans could still support Mr Potato is unreal."

Biden butchers another speech
"You Do Not Need a Cognitive Test to Tell When Someone is Bonkers!"

Big sister is watching you in Biden's America
"BIG sister? You must mean Stacey Abrams."

The White House is still denying this about Joe and Hunter Biden
"Jensaki has to be the biggest liar in the administration at this time."

Government is the biggest ‘purveyor’ of disinformation: Rep. Jim Jordan
"He's right but these new commissioners will never shine that light on the administration."

Mayorkas doing 'tremendous harm' to our country: Rep. Norman
"Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., torches Secretary Mayorkas for lying"

Biden's disinformation board will be 'weaponized'
"We The People have anger and hatred towards the Biden regime!"

GOP lawmaker rips DHS Mayorkas: 'Secretary of Asylum and Amnesty'
"Does mayorkas know what Homeland Security means? To me it means securing the homeland, of the USA."

Gutfeld: Joe Biden's 'Disinformation Governance Board'
"They are not looking for misinformation they are looking for people that don't agreed with them"

Big Brother Biden
"Well in fairness, the US government knows a LOT about disinformation."

The Two Stooges: Joe Biden and JugHead Mayorkas
"The #1 problem is that they have granted themselves the power to decide what is true."

Stop Disinformation: Tape Joe Biden and JugHead Mayorkas' Mouths Shut
"They're making this way too easy to see the hypocrisy. If it doesn't work for them it's wrong"

JugHead Mayorkas In Charge of Issuing Disinformation
"The disinformation board had their first meeting and they had had to dismiss themselves from the meeting!"

Joe Biden is Ordered Aroung by the Easter Bunny and Talks of "Batman"
"Biden openly laughed at"

'America is going to hell': Donald Trump slams Biden presidency
"It's nice hearing a President that can complete a sentence."

GOP lawmaker rips DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Southwest border is a 'catastrophe'
"North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop weighs in on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas's Capitol Hill hearings testimony"

This is bad news for Democrats
"Can we agree that 'bad news for Democrats' is good news for America?"

Chip Roy goes off on DHS Sec. JugHead Mayorkas over border policies

Republicans call for JugHead Mayorkas to resign
"Take a good look this is exactly what Treason looks like in Alejandro Mayorkas"

More Biden is not the answer (Zero Biden Is)
"Biden's like that grandfather who peacefully passes away in his sleep. But the passengers in his car don't."

Biden doesn't know what he's saying
"Joe looks like the hospice patient that wandered off the the property except nobody's looking for him"

Hunter Biden profiting off of ‘shady business’ from China
"Biden family is a ‘national security threat’ amid Hunter Biden scandal."

Joe Biden's ‘Earth Day gift to America's enemies’
"People are laughing at us because of him. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of our government."

Biden's pledge to make all US military vehicles climate-friendly 'a good joke'
"Joe Biden said billions of dollars would be spent making every vehicle in the US military climate-friendly."

Nothing about this regime makes sense
"This man needs to be impeached for ignoring federal and constitutional law."

Hannity: Twitter did this to protect Joe Biden
"Elon Musk has not only done a great service for America but the world."

Sen. Blackburn: There is no border, there is no plan
"Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., discusses DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' handling of the border"

Who is the Bigger Crook, Hillary or Joe Biden?
"The more denial from the White House, the more obvious."

JugHead Mayorkas is the Biggest Idiot of All
"Absurdly Claims, 'We Have Effectively Managed' Biden's Border Crisis"

Joe Biden is actually nine points behind an unnamed, unknown candidate.
"Democrats are going to regret making this man president, if they don’t already."

Biden is turning to The Squad's agenda
"the need for a special counsel into the Hunter Biden investigation."

Biden has been lying to Americans about Hunter's business dealings
"He's been lying for his entire career"

Hillary's Middle Name is "Liar"
"Clinton-campaign lawyer lied to the FBI"

Joe Biden lied about Hunter
"Remember, Hunter is the smartest guy our 'President' knows. That explains a lot about how the country got to this point."

Biden is 'very accomplished' at whining
"Complaining, NO Solutions, NO Accountability, that's EXACTLY Who Democrats Are!"

Leftist power-brokers want Joe Biden gone
"I'm not a leftist power but I want Joe gone as well; I just don't want to be stuck with Kamel or pelosi"

Musk slams Twitter censorship of Hunter Biden laptop story
"Thanks Elon, you are doing the right thing!"

Watters: They lost the battle
"Twitter will 'no longer do the bidding of the far left.'"

Biden will make 'dangerous' security crisis at border 'a lot worse'
"Unfortunately, Sniffy will most likely, be ruled unfit to stand trial."

Biden will face impeachment under a Republican majority for border crisis
"The Director of Homeland Security needs to resign. Better yet jail him!"

There must be a Hunter Biden special counsel
"Throw Mayorkas in prison too ASAP!"

Mayorkas needs to be impeached: Homan
"Militarize the border with orders to protect at all costs. The 2nd amendment gives us the right to defend our country, we don't need permission."

The Border is a joke
"When I showed a Biden voter the border he said, 'okay, we need trump back'"

GETTR CEO on Biden's big lie to Americans about Hunter
"Well done Musk on keeping free speech alive."

Blame flies as poll numbers continue to fall for Biden
"I underestimated Joe. He's a thousand times worse than I could have ever imagined and he keeps getting worse."

Another Hunter Biden bombshell
"Jen may be right. Dementia is a serious thing. Just because he doesn't remember doesn't mean he didn't"

Hannity: This is a full-fledged public meltdown
"This is the best thing thats happened to free speech in a long time."

MTV ex-reality star rapper recruited sex trafficking victims
"One look at him and I cannot believe he actually has followers!"

Turtle Man McConnell, The Swamp Rat
"Anyone who supports McConnell and the corrupt Democrats should be removed from office"

French President Emmanuel Macron Snubs Biden After Election Win
"Macron turned down a phone call from a US president. This is embarrassing."

24 reasons why the idea of Biden 2024 is 'absurd and offensive' to America
"There is not way this old man will make the end of this administration. He's completely lost. Not a joke!"

America 'dislikes Joe Biden'
"Joe's best achievement is...making America the laughing stock of the world."

Joe Biden's 'obvious' cognitive decline 'largely ignored' by US media
"Joe Biden's weekly gaffe tally is rising"

Joe Biden is in big trouble
"Is this the Morgan who fraudulently edit the interview with Trump?"

Biden is failing in front of us: Kellyanne Conway
"If those stairs to Air Force One was an escalator he would still be tumbling."

This is going to be ugly for Democrats
"The American people can't afford this Administration for another term!"

More Than 20 States Have Joined Lawsuit Over Biden's Mishandling Of Southern Border
"The Biden administration appears to have violated the law"

Joe Biden Thinks That He Has Done a Hell of a Job
"Biden said Democrats have done such a great job that it's just hard for people to understand how well things are going."

Biden is the worst president ever: GOP lawmaker
"This is what happens when you know the questions being asked beforehand. And Brandon answers the wrong question."

Backtracking Biden
"The only thing keeping Brandon in office is his vice president's incompetence."

Kameltoe Harris is politically toxic
"She's absolutely usless and a prime example of box ticking over actual ability to do the job."

19-Year-Old White Woman Brutally Beaten by Pack of Black Teens
"20 teens surrounded the white woman, punched her and kicked her and pulled her hair because she had braids."

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is FINISHED
"He Pals Around With LESBO Liz Cheney. What More Do You Need to Know?"

Lowered Expectations
"When you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed."

Tucker: Something really dark is going on
"All these crooked DA's need to be removed, sued and Jailed."

GOP-backed ‘strike’ force deployed to secure southern border
"If Texas needs help, most American veterans like myself would gladly come down to help!"

Catastrophe after catastrophe has broken Biden's presidency
"He has signs of Dimentia. He is pretty much in his Last-Stages-of-Life. He will be lucky to be around in 4 years."

It Finally Happened - now what? It's Hard to Tell If Slow Joe is Dead or Alive
"Never in my life did I ever imagine that a POTUS would ever be scooted away like a lost child, by an Easter Bunny mascot"

It's gotten so bad Democrats want a border wall
"All the Democrats should be embarrassed for voting this admin in."

Easter Bunny Saves Joe Biden
"Joe Biden's behaviour is 'beyond absurd'"

'Cognitively weak' Biden 'has lost touch with all reality'
"At the rate he is currently declining I don't think he'll be able to form sentences by 2024. He can barely do it now."

Americans aren't buying what Joe Biden is selling
"The only thing I'm buying is a charge of treason for the WHOLE OUTFIT!"

This was a Joe Biden family enterprise
"The Biden family, and many other career politicians, are precisely why I like Trump."

The Joe Biden Bloodbath
"Joe's response to every criticism is blame, excuses, gaslighting, and of course ice cream to celebrate a job well done."

A NEW BIDEN RECORD: 221,303 Illegal Alien Border Apprehensions in March
"Border Patrol agents encountered nearly 2 million illegals in 2021."

Walls will go up in Washington DC if this happens
"Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, discusses the Biden administration's immigration policies"

The Democratic Party will be in tatters if this happens
"Never have I imagined that the USA could ever have such an abysmal administration."

Pirro rips into Dems over border policies
"Democrats turning on Biden's plan to end Title 42."

Biden has not been able to think clearly for years now
"Joe Biden is so in awe of himself it makes him speechless"

The migrant surge: Every US city is becoming a ‘border town’
"God help us all under this Administration!"

This is why the Biden family corruption matters
"Miranda Devine"

Sara Carter encounters women at border stranded by human smugglers

'Cognitively weak' Biden mocked for telling Obama he's running in 2024
"Him being president is the only way to keep Hunter out of jail."

Got Gas?
"Nope! No gas! But he's got meth!"

This could sink Hillary
"Durham needs to publicly make it known that he’s not suicidal"

Conway: This is a tremendous liability for Biden
"Keeping his voter base is not what got this man in office in 2020, it was late night/early morning manufactured votes."

Hannity: Biden's cognitive abilities getting ‘worse and worse’
"Jill was the bunny making sure he wasn't going on a sniffy adventure with the kiddies."

"BIDEN WILL BE IMPEACHED" - Sen. Ted Cruz RIPS APART Weak and Pathetic president Biden
"I want President Biden impeachment now."

You Too Can Have the Mark of the Beast for Only $299
"Get your Covid certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin."

As Governor I Will Not Take Any Orders From Joe Biden He's Illegitimate. That Election Was a Sham
"Illegal border crossings have reached record highs, and Joe Biden wants to let these criminals roam free."

“America’s Top Ten” with the Top 10 Stories in the News for Conservatives
"Bidenflation, vaccine mandates, Biden's Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America, open borders, fraudulent elections"

Let Scumbag Bill O'Reilly Walk
"Hot-headed Bill O’Reilly threatened an airline worker who was trying to help"

'Cognitively weak' Biden mocked for telling Obama he's running in 2024
"This is a sure way to bring out every conservative voter."

Democrats 'refusing' to upload Hunter's laptop into congressional records
"They don't want to have an official record of the Big Guy's treason."

Elon Musk Can Crush Twitter
"Elon Musk exposed Twitter censorship: GOP congressman"

Joe Biden Cannot Run for Reelection - He NEVER Was Elected!
"Everyone knows he won't finish his first term, not sure why they even acting like he will be around"

Biden's economic report is really a gender & inequality report
"'woke rides again' in Biden's economic report"

This is a very serious Joe Biden problem
"Electing people with economic knowledge is better than choosing community organizers."

'The Five' tears into Kamala's staff exodus
"We should be ashamed as a country that this is what we have for 'Leadership.' Pitiful!"

Democrats have become the party of no common sense
"Who opened the gates of hell? It seems like we are at all time high of insanity"

JugHead Mayorkas does not understand very much of anything
"American citizens need to enforce our existing laws since the Fed will not."

Jen Psaki and Joe Biden Can Take Their Masks and Shove Them!
"federal judge striking down...Biden's travel mask mandate."

Joe Biden Has Collapsed The Border
"Biden needs to retire early, immediately. For his own safety."

The Democrats are extremely nervous
"They always think going further and faster in the wrong direction will encourage the rest of us to follow."

Dig Into Any Corruption And You Will Likely Find Hillary
"This is a historical scandal: Fmr. federal prosecutor on new Durham filings"

Saudi TV ridicules Biden
"I don't see how this is ridiculing him. It's more like an actual representation."

The All Purpose False Flag of Racism
"'A dictator half a world away' we don't need him when we have one in the Whitehouse."

'Kamala Harris' political career is over'
"Democrats fearing midterm losses and Biden administration facing historic low favorability."

I've come to love Elon Musk: Mike Huckabee
"I've always liked and admired Elon; now I like him/respect him even more!"

Who will be the future of the Democratic party?
"Tulsi Gabbard"

"SHE BELONG IN JAIL" Rep Jim Jordan Wipes the Floor with Nancy Pelosi
"come on midterms we need to clean house in November"

Radical left is causing all this damage: Sen. Johnson
"It's not that they just don't want to own up, they DON'T CARE."

Biden's White House Easter fiasco
"The problem is not the candidates. The left would vote for Spongebob Square pants if he were on the ticket."

How Much Went to Ukraine and How Much Went to “The Big Guy”?
"This is what happens when corrupt politicians steal the White House."

Jen Psaki is All For Sexual Grooming of Children
"Psaki said anti-groomer laws bring her to tears"

Joe Rogan Calls Out Jen Psaki For the Shrew That She Is
"He said it all and the brutal honesty was spot on."

Jen Psaki is a Bitch; Joe Biden is a Son Of a Bitch
"Hannity: The many lies of Jen Psaki"

Ingraham: The RNC finally did it
"It's about time the Conservatives stopped being a punching bag for the left."

What's going on here?
"Sleepy Joe needs to go to a retirement home"

JugHead Mayorkas and Joe Biden Need to Apologize for Being Born
"Biden should apologize to the entire nation and resign, taking Harris with him."

"Joe Biden: 'old, weak, feeble, brain-dead sock puppet with dementia, hiding in the basement with a mask and diapers.' "

Easter Bunny Retrieves Biden as He Wanders Off
"Nurse Jill did her best to keep Joe in line but it was all hands on deck on Monday."

Lifting Title 42 is 'political kryptonite' for Democrats in November
"No Democrat should have a job after Midterms!"

This is what you get when America fails to lead: Steve Hilton
"Biden administration's poor leadership is creating turmoil both at home and abroad"

GOP lawmaker on Hunter Biden laptop: We need to bring accountability to the Biden admin
"The laptop is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Hunter."

Joe Biden could be impeached for Hunter Biden laptop contents
"He should be removed and prohibited from ever holding office, charged, convicted and imprisoned."

Biden is destroying our country: Mark levin
"Why is no one calling for Biden's Impeachment?"

Trump will 'definitely' run again in 2024: Bannon
"I hope he does. He made politics so interesting and he really stirred things up for the better."

Hunter, Jim Biden scandal 'ties into access to Joe Biden': Rep. Andy Biggs
"How do we get them held responsible when the justice dept is also corrupt?"

Biden's chaotic crisis: Trey Gowdy
"There's already a system in place. It just has to be enforced."

BLM Confrontation Successfuly Resolved
"The officer repeatedly tells Lyoya to 'let go of the taser' - shortly after another struggle, the cop shoots Lyoya in the head."

ICE spent $17 million on a no-bid contract to house migrants in hotels that went largely unused
"Take the Wasted Money From Joe Biden."

Is it Bigfoot? Is it Maxine Waters? It's Stacey Abrams!
"Stacey Abrams may have eaten the cake. (Or Several Dozen Cakes!)"

Biden's Easter Circus
"Happy Easter from the Crackholic Crime Family"

Snowflakes Are Melting
"‘Free speech warrior’ Elon Musk triggers ‘comprehensive freakout’ in Twitter’s blue tick class"

Democrats are lying about this
"Only 18% of voters strongly approve of Biden, a new record low for modern day U.S. Presidents."

It’s ‘obvious’ Joe Biden isn’t ‘fully functioning’
"Joe B is functioning to his capacity. That is what makes it scary."

Joe Biden Going Under For the Third Time
"Biden looks ‘lost and confused’ after shaking hands with thin air"

Dems have been using immigrants as props
"We just need to go protect the border with our second amendment."

Biden's job approval plummets
"Someone needs to put these fossils in a museum."

Where the hell is Kameltoe Harris?
"DHS Secretary JugHead Mayorkas Needs to be Impeached"

Biden resumes secret migrant flights
"Why is this man allowed to constantly break the law and get away with it?"

Plenty of Room in the Ocean for Illegal Aliens
"Texas Gov. Abbott should bus migrants back over the border"

Intelligence Officials Targeted Trump After He Was Elected
"We now know that this coup was real and involved several intelligence officials...Hillary Clinton Campaign, Barack Obama, Joe Biden"

Joe Biden's Green New Deal 'on steroids’
"The only green in this deal. Is what politicians put in their greedy pockets."

Democrats Out of Excuses For Joe Biden
"Not much confidence when the Commander-In-Chief can get lost whilst leaving his podium."

Biden has not done a single thing to secure the border: Former ICE director
"Send them all to Delaware. They can scoop ice cream for Joe on the weekends."

Biden trolled for 'shaking hands' with thin air
"As an American citizen I'm more worried about the 81 million people who voted for him"

Hunter's financial connection to Joe Biden
"The financial connection to his Pop is the dozens of free flights he took on Airforce II, pimping Pop's office."

Gutfeld: Biden reached into empty space with confusion on his face
"Even The Invisible Man doesn't want to shake hands with Biden."

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: This administration is a joke
"This administration is a tragedy like I've never seen before."

Pedo Joe Biden's Approval Rating May Drop to The 20s Before The Midterms
"There is no limit or floor to a president's approval rating"

Who Will Keel Over First, Senator Dianne Feinstein or Pedo Joe Biden?
"Feinstein is in such bad shape that her own Democrat colleagues want her to retire before her term expires"

News Outlets BURY the Race of Murderers if They Are Black
"Race is 7X More Likely to be Mentioned if they are White"

A Gnat in the Ear of Gov. Ron DeSantis
"Only 10 People Show Up Including Staff"

CNN Admits Joe Biden Is Most Unpopular President in History
"CNN admitted on Friday that Joe Biden's polling is hitting rock bottom."

DHS Secretary JugHead Mayorkas, Pedo Joe Biden & Kameltoe are Liars
"Biden's smear of border agents falls apart"

Hunter Biden’s China venture included this famous gangster's nephew
"House letter sent to the DOJ requesting an investigation into Hunter Biden's dealings."

Biden looks confused, yet again
"If this dude wasn't so corrupt when he wasn't senile, I'd feel bad for him."

Ingraham: How low can Biden go?
"The Left is engaged in a brazen act of self-sabotage and is vindictively inflicting pain on Americans"

Joe Biden produces 'quite sad and pathetic scene'
"It’s seriously every day now. He is literally a cognitive mess. It’s utterly embarrassing."

Joe Biden's Handshake With Non existent supporters
"Media owes Americans a huge apology for protecting and promoting the great clown"

It is about time Hillary Clinton answers for her dealings
"Hillary needs to face justice to save Democracy."

Ingraham: Don't borrow what you can't pay back
"Democrats are basically buying votes as they always try to do."

Sen. Kennedy: Woke Democrats want to ‘beat the crap out of’ America
"Sleepy's a goldfish gulping for air in a shot glass. His entire administration's under water."

Joe Biden a cognitive mess
"I truly have NEGATIVE respect for this entire sham of an administration. They are evil and despicable to the core."

Who Has Worse Dementia Dianne Feinstein or Joe Biden?
"Feinstein had been 'seriously struggling'"

Mounted Border Patrol Agents Accused of ‘Whipping’ Illegal Haitians Cleared of Wrongdoing
"Nearly 15,000 illegal aliens, mostly from Haiti, crossed the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas last fall."

Joe Biden's "Please Clap" Moment
"After Biden finished his speech he wandered around confused."

Snowflake Chris Wallace having “daily meltdowns”
"Wallace also threw a fit after then CNN President Jeff Zucker resigned."

Warning To Biden - Re-Election “Virtual Impossibility” At Such Low Approval
"Just 33% of Americans now approve of Joe Biden's job performance"

Pedo Joe's Wandering Hands
"Like pedo father, like pedo son"

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden's poll numbers falling with key voter groups
"Kameltoe and Pedo Joe Are Doomed"

Democrats have been wrong on 'every single issue': Rep. Jim Jordan
"Can't sweep house soon enough!"

It will take Biden years to fix this
"If you think this administration is going to fix anything, you are beyond help."

Hunter Biden: The dam is breaking
"Of course she's going to give a thumbs up. Has anyone seen who Hunter's father is?"

'Hapless' Joe Biden admits to 'boring himself'
"I don’t care that Biden is boring, it's being incompetent and corrupt that concerns me."

Biden is appeasing radical leftists: Newt Gingrich
"Get Joe Biden out of the president's seat - impeach Joe Biden"

Hispanic voters turn on Democrats as Biden's approval rating plunges in new poll
"If he's at 33% in a Quinnipiac poll, then he's probably really down in the mid-20% range."

Democrats know what's coming with Biden's all time-low approval rating
"How can you not see what he has done to this country? Like trump or not I wasn't stressing about my grocery bill!"

Hannity: Media mob will try to make this story disappear
"B-b-b-b-but Joe doesn't tweet mean stuff. He just says stupid stuff that can get us into WWIII. That's not as bad, right?"

Roving Los Angeles Gangs
"LAPD said in many cases the thieves are released shortly after being arrested to go on and commit more crimes."

The Joe Biden Broken Record
"He's giving Trump a rest and focusing on Putin now. Too bad he doesn't look in a mirror."

Censoring the Race of Criminals
"Leaving out a suspect's race, no matter what race, is a huge public disservice."

These crimes are being abetted by the Biden admin and the media
"This is what we get with a mail order President!"

Biden's team refuses to concede and change course: Ingraham
"Laura Ingraham says this inflation spiral Biden created could mean the end of the Democratic Party for a generation."

This Biden excuse may cause a recession
"Biden is ‘blaming everyone else’ for the inflation surge, except for himself."

Biden is so weak, so frail
"I actually think this skit made the Biden Administration look better than they actually are"

Biden made a bad situation worse: Steve Forbes
"Jimmy Carter is really happy he is no longer the worst president in history."

The Brooklyn Subway Attack
"Paul Joseph Watson"

Only 6% of Americans believe Joe Biden
"Narrative fail — Nobody believes Dementia Joe."

Black Supremacist? How Many Times Have You Ever Heard That Term?
"NYC Subway Shooter suspect (Frank James) arrested"

Turtle Man McConnell is the Most Unacceptable Candidate Of All
"This guy is so awful."

Joe Biden's Numbers from Far-Left Quinnipiac Are a COMPLETE DISASTER for Democrats
"All the lies from Jen Psaki aren't going to make this pig fly."

John Ratcliffe: This is a direct result of the Biden admin policies
"Just when you thought you've seen it all, along comes Biden."

Biden’s policies are set to ‘destroy America’
"Let the impeachment begin for the whole administration. Dereliction of duty."

Biden in complete 'denial mode'
"You cannot take the current government as serious competent rational people."

Joe Biden Sounds Like He Has a Mouth Full of Mush
"Who else feels uneasy that we don't have a president?"

Biden's High Prices
"Everything that Donald Trump told us about the 'Biden Crime Family' has been 100% Correct"

Transcript Faked to Cover Joe Biden's Gaffe
"Joe is like a car crash dummy...he's literally failed every test"

The FBI and DOJ were feeding Twitter false info on Hunter Biden laptop story: GOP lawmaker
"Some heads need to start rolling."

Jim Jordan on Hunter Biden probe: Joe Biden had something to do with it
"I don't think Hunter would have the confidence to do what he did if not for Big Guy's nudging"

What Ever Happened to Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff?
"Those people should be put in jail for child abuse. Let kids be kids there's plenty of time to corrupt their minds when they become adults."

A bird just sh*t on Biden during his speech. It’s sort of how we all feel.
"He Wanted Ice Cream, But Got What He Deserved"

Time to investigate Black Lives Matter
"It's called racketeering. It's a federal crime."

Joe Biden Blames Everyone in the World Except Biden
"THE SEARCH FOR SOMEONE TO BLAME is always successful."

Kellyanne Conway: Has Biden hit rock bottom?
"Kellyanne Conway and former Trump White House chief of staff Reince Priebus"

Biden's America is a 'dumpster fire'
"liberal analyst suggesting Democrats should 'scare' voters in order to win"

How deep do Hunter Biden's China connections go?
"Even the idiots protecting Biden are getting sick of making excuses for him."

'Cognitively impaired' Joe Biden 'subject of mockery' after tobacco industry gaffe
"Joe Biden has shown the world just how great Donald Trump was."

We deserve to know the truth about Hunter Biden's laptop
"We already know. Trafficking, drugs, influence pedaling, selling the country. WE WANT THE ACCOUNT PAID!"

McEnany: The liberal media's DNC talking point about Hunter Biden
"CASH FOR ACCESS is the true talking point."

Biden has contempt for America: GOP gubernatorial candidate
"This has to stop. Time for this administration needs to be removed by force"

Joe Biden Doing What He Does Best
"Great job TUS. Did you use hidden cameras to capture all of that activity?"

Dems are trying to gain favor by throwing Biden ‘under the bus’: Watters
"Joe is doing a great job. He will have them Democrats voting Republican for the next 150 years"

She Tested POSITIVE For Corruption
"I never thought it would be possible to feel sorry for the covid virus. But being stuck inside of her..."

Joe Biden Fuels Inflation
"They wanted power at any cost. They are revealing what they really are."

Joe Biden is Afraid a Ghost Gun Will Make a Ghost of Him
"'The Five' react to Biden’s new gun ban"

McEnany: 'Five-alarm fires everywhere' for Biden
"The polls have got to be in NY or Cali or they are lying. He's got to be below 20 percent"

Kellyanne Conway: Biden’s sinking popularity points to GOP sweep in fall
"I’ve never seen an administration snatch failure from the jaws of success so quickly & completely."

This was a family operation: Jim Jordan
"Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, weighs in on the Hunter Biden story."

The Liar-In-Chief
"Hiring based solely on race and gender is NO less bigoted than firing solely based on race and gender."

FAKE president Biden could be impeached for this
"Hunter learned corruption from his father"

Biden is being replaced as 'leader of the free world': Nigel Farage
"Trump warned Germany about depending on Russia and everybody laughed at him. Once again Trump was right."

Lying, LESBO Liz Cheney
"Crazy Liz Cheney Responds to New York Times Report"

Pfizer Planned to Hire 1,800 Employees to Deal with Reporting on Adverse Effects from COVID Vaccine
"The employees were hired to address the flood in adverse effects reporting."

Jonathan Eluterio Martinez Garcia arrested for sexually assaulting, punching and strangling his teacher
"attempted murder, sexual assault, battery with intent to commit sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and robbery."

Psaki drastically changes White House message on border crisis
"Jen Psaki saying the situation at the border is 'broken,' a shift from White House calling it a 'challenge.'"

The real reason the media is turning on Joe Biden
"That video of him putting his hand on Obama's shoulder just to be ignored was just plain terrible as a president."

It's time for a showdown: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
"We as the people need to get the president out of the white house."

Maria Bartiromo Dunks on Lying Hack Chris Wallace Again
"Wallace lied to the Amewrican public and refused ANY discussion of the Hunter Biden laptop."

GOP lawmakers call for formal Hunter Biden probe
"These aren't Hunter's shady dealings, these are Joe's shady dealings. Hunter is just a stooge."

Gabbard: 'DC elite' controlling narrative on Biden family dealings
"Will Joe Biden be the first President to pardon himself as well as brother and son?"

Media Can No Longer Cover for Joe and Hunter Biden
"Just because the media covered up information doesn't mean it didn't happen."

World's Two Most Despicable People: Joe Biden and Turtle Man McConnell
"McConnell talking about another politician's 'unlikability.' Priceless."

Joe Biden's impeachable offenses
"Remember how much better life was when Trump was still the President?"

Obama Cannot Save Old, Senile, Pedo Joe Biden
"Bringing Obama to White House won't fix Biden's disapproval ratings"

Madison Cawthorn STANDS UP from Wheelchair at Selma, NC Trump Rally - Finishes His Speech
"Cawthorn was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident eight years ago in Florida."

DHS Secretary JugHead Mayorkas Allows Millions of Illegal Aliens Into the US
"This mad man never should have been put in any position in government"

Who is More Stupid Joe Biden or Jen Psaki?
"Peter Doocy GRILLS Jen Psaki on the illegal immigrant surge in Texas."

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Educates Pelosi on the Definition of a Woman
"XX Chromosomes; No Tallywacker"

Jen Psaki: Smart Aleck or Dumbass?
"She's not smart aleck; she's just a liar, and not even a good one."

Gingrich riffs on DC elite's boredom with 'Rip Van Winkle' Biden
"They weren't kidding when they said the White House has become the most expensive nursing home."

Biden border move to control 'political optics'
"Biden wants his border policy to be seamless and invisible to the American people."

Impeache Joe Biden AND JugHead Mayorkas for Treason
"If you just filled the Rio Grande with alligators, that flow would stop overnight"

Two Losers: Pete Butt-I-Gig and "The View"
"Says Prohibiting Classroom Instruction of Sex and Gender Identity in Kindergarten Classes Will 'Kill Kids'"

The New “Rigged” Movie Covers the Zuckerberg Interference in 2020 Election
"Here's What They Missed"

769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year
"coinciding perfectly with the rollout of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines."

Phony Barr is Making a Pathetic Fool of Himself
"Barr had the Hunter Biden laptop for a year and did nothing."

The Second American Civil War is Underway
"Ketanji Brown Jackson...illegitimate justice, nominated by an illegitimate occupant of the White House"

Biden has done a pretty good job embarrassing himself: Huckabee Sanders
"They need to be met with an overwhelming volunteer army of American citizens."

Hannity: Biden's historically bad presidency
"Biden needs to retire early, immediately, for his own sake and everyone's sake."

The walls are caving in on Hunter: Rep. Comer
"Hunter and James Biden have had 150 suspicious activity reports filed against them."

Texas' response to the ending of Title 42
"For a country being ran by 'adults,' you're swirling the bowl now."

'The Five' reacts to White House 'whining' about the media
"I care as much about the White House as the White House cares about the country."

Watters: All I can say is, we told ya so
"'Jesse Watters Primetime' host explains how boring President Biden is since taking office."

Biden admin's 'nonchalant' attitude about the border will come back to bite them 'big time'
"Old Joe's approval ratings continue to sink ahead of midterm elections"

Biden Running a Mass Asylum Fraud Rubber Stamp Operation on the US Border
"They are handing the authority to grant asylum to front-line regular asylum officers."

President Trump Investigated More Than “Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Al Capone, Combined”
"America has a justice system that is crooked and two-tiered."

Zuckerbucks Infiltration of the 2020 Election
"Shut down any efforts to perform an unbiased audit of the 2020 election"

VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A MINOR
"Biden can't get out of this one."

“Typhoid Nancy”: Tucker Carlson ROASTS Triple-Jabbed Nancy Pelosi
"the experimental vaccine does little to nothing in protecting against the virus."

DHS Secretary JugHead Mayorkas is a LIAR
"JugHead Mayorkas Wants All the Illegal Aliens He Can Get"

Joe Biden's Command Must Be Terminated
"Biden needs to stop talking to dictators and produce oil in America"

Biden must want to break his own record by allowing even more illegal immigrants in: Tom Cotton
"It's abundantly clear PotatoHead Joe isn't calling the shots."

Who Cares Abut Testing Positive? When Will We See the Dead Bodies?
"Nancy Pelosi tests positive for COVID-19"

Megyn Kelly labels White House event with Biden and Obama 'embarrassing, sad, and botched'
"Thats the creep who's running the show, not bumbling Joe."

Hunter Biden scandal ‘far from over’
"The fact that this woman said it wasn't interesting enough is all we need to know about her!"

Too Bad for Joe Biden; There is No Vaccine for Stupidy
"Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible"

Biden is to blame for US energy crisis: Sen. Blackburn
"I think if we replaced Biden with a 5th grader the country would be better off!"

Joe Biden 'lied to the American people' about his son, Hunter
"You should have known it was true as soon as CNN's said it wasn't"

Who wants political advice from Hillary Clinton?
"All Democrats need political advice from Hillary."

Hannity: Why did Biden lie about this?
"The moment hunter stepped on the presidential plane that tied joe biden to hunter as crime partners"

New details emerge in GOP probe of Hunter and James Biden
"Why is stuff that's been known for years suddenly being reported on by main stream media?"

Tucker Carlson ROASTS Mitt Romney
"Romney is an impotent, insecure little lap dog."

Steve Bannon: "We are coming for the Executive Branch"
"once Republicans take the US House and Senate in November the impeachment of rogue President Joe Biden will commence."

Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report
"Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud"

Biden FEC Nominee ADMITS Voting Machines Used In GA ILLEGALLY SWITCHED VOTES From One Candidate To Another
"'insecure and unreliable' electronic voting machines that 'lack a paper trail' and thus 'cannot be audited'"

Joe Biden will pretend he was not a part of Hunter's business dealings
"Joe will be snagged by Hunter's laptop, unless the FBI have already tampered with the evidence."

Joe Biden flying too close to the son
"If Hunter is indicted, it's hard to see how his father's presidency survives."

Joe Biden as president is compromised by foreign interests
"Biden family has taken in at least $31 million from China"

Texas governor has done more to secure border than anyone: Former ICE director
"Gonna have to have a round up once we get a leader back in the Whitehouse"

Feels Like We're Back
"All the right people are fuming."

Rep. Steve Scalise slams Biden, Pelosi for shutting down oil production
"Keep Title 42. Let Border Patrol do their job. Protect our nation's border."

Calls for special counsel on Hunter Biden
"These aren't Hunter's shady dealings, these are Joe's shady dealings. Hunter is just a stooge."

Joe Biden's crisis of epic proportions
"I just can't believe No one can stop Biden from doing this to the USA. This so insulting"

Joe Biden's trifecta of stupid
"Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for the Biden family to receive the same degree of scrutiny that the Trump family has received"

Democrats search for preemptive excuses before midterms
"Every democrap: promise everything, deliver nothing, blame others."

Joe Biden is exceptionally stupid and malicious
"Only Joey could ruin a country in little over a year."

Joe and Hunter Joined at the Hip
"It's going to be interesting to learn how they blame Trump for this"

This will 'dig the hole deeper' for Biden and take a bunch of senators with him

Obama cannot resuscitate a walking corpse
"Biden doesn't know what on Earth he's doing or where he's going."

Newt Gingrich: Biden feels subordinate to Obama
"Obama came back to remind us that this is his third term."

Joe Biden left 'confused and disorientated' at White House event as crowd 'mobbed' Obama
"Never seen a President that no one wants to talk to."

If Joe Biden Lives Until the Midterms, He Can be Discarded
"Biden seen wandering around aimlessly at White House event"

Psaki needs to resign NOW
"Why would she resign? She is just like the current admin pathetic and above all laws and ethics."

Democrats have decided to replace Biden
"As far as I can tell, everybody was giving the President all the respect that he deserves."

18 Thousand Illegal Alien Invaders a Day Predicted
"Obama DHS Secretary Calls Situation At The Border Under Biden 'Unsustainable'"

Joe Biden Is Now the Most Unpopular Person in Any Room He Enters
"Biden wanders aimlessly among crowds and is even ignored by his own party."

Pandemic of The Vaccinated
"Most Vaccine Compliant Areas of the US Experience a Significantly Higher Rate of Covid Infections"

Jen Psaki Lies for Joe and Hunter Biden
"Nobody believes this…"

Old Pedo Joe and Hunter are Dodging Bullets
"The White House can't contain this much longer"

This is going to get worse and worse for the Biden family: GOP lawmaker
"Hope they all end up in jail, that's where criminals belong, not running a country!"

White House Doctors Transcript to Cover Biden and Kameltoe's Gaffes
"If this guy figures out he's president, we're screwed"

Biden accused of lying about son Hunter's business dealings
"For God's sake, this man cannot remain our President"

This Biden move ‘screams scandalous’
"Who else feels uneasy that we don't have a president?"

Obama ‘calling the shots’ since Biden took office: Sen. Blackburn
"Biden has been unable to answer questions, so Barack Obama is ‘filling that void.’"

This is What Old Pedo Joe Likes
"To Put a P*dophile Apologist on Supreme Court, It Makes My Blood Boil"

Old Pedo Joe Biden Wanders Aimlessly at White House Event
"Literally No One wants to Talk to Joe"

DISNEY CRUISE SHIP Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Yr-Old Girl
"Disney Security Guard Investigating Sexual Assault Told 'Keep your mouth shut!'"

Rep. Cawthorn Joins Brian Kilmeade
"Congressman Madison Cawthorn"

Biden's five inflation lies: Ted Cruz
"The only time Biden has been right on anything is when he agreed to 'Let's Go Brandon.'"

BLM Secretly Used Donor Money To Purchase $6 Million Mansion
"took measures to keep the purchase a secret"

An Organized Crime Perpetrated on Americans
"They estimate over 137,000 ballots were trafficked in Wisconsin. Joe Biden 'won' Wisconsin by less than 21,000 votes."

Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths
"vaccine induced thrombosis, blood clots, stroke, hypertension, myocardial infection - a variety of other lethal syndromes."

Mark Levin Calls For Special Investigation Of The Biden Family
"Hunter's shady business dealings alone should be enough of a reason."

Kameltoe Wants Everyone to Stand When She Enters; She's Lucky That She is Not Mooned!
"So Biden has managed to pick a VP even less articulate than himself. That is an extraordinary feat."

Senator slams Biden's continued gaffes
"The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious, But the lips of a fool shall swallow him up."

Jim Jordan on Hunter Biden scandal
"How could anyone think Joe wasn't involved in what James and Hunter were doing?"

Joe Biden Keeps Popping Up in Hunter's Laptop
"Hunter wouldn't be in a Secret Service safehouse right now if he was 'innocent'"

Putin Beats Biden in Poll
"Hill just won't give up. She’s still trying to worm her way to the Oval Office."

Liberal media: 'Reckoning' coming for Hunter Biden coverage
"Jen Psaki has perfect timing. She is getting out of dodge at just the right time. lol"

Hillary is Guilty as Sin
"Hillary...Pays $113,000 FEC Fine in Admission of Guilt for Producing Steele Dossier"

GOP Officials in More than Half the Wisconsin Counties Are Calling for the Decertification of the State’s 2020 Election Results
"Numerous fraudulent activities have been uncovered to date and the number keeps on growing"

Word Is Out Around the World US Border Is Open
"It's a Spiritual Battle and the Left is Destroying this Country"

Confused Puppet Biden Ends Speech, Asks Handlers “What Do We Do Now” Before Finding a Little Girl In The Crowd to Creep On
"Joe Biden and Pete Butt-I-Gig Make a Nice Couple"

Joe Biden is a Loser and Always Picks Losers
"it was the first time the committee has deadlocked on a Supreme Court nomination in three decades."

Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Sen. Grassley Warns of National Security Concerns Surrounding Biden Crime Family
"The Bidens have profited off of selling out Americans for far too long."

Ballot Traffickers Were Using Democrat Officials' Offices as Stopping Points During Ballot Drop Runs
"mules would visit these drop boxes every night. And then go to Stacey Abrams' headquarters "

One Named Whoopi Cannot be Much
"Whoopi Plays Her Only Card - The Race Card"

Biden to blame for US economic crisis: GOP lawmaker
"It's Biden Not Putin"

Hunter Biden's laptop 'potentially biggest scandal' in US history
"I wonder how pissed off 'the big guy' is that his son just left his laptop to the American people. What a gift!"

Chris Christie destroys liberal media's Hunter Biden cover-up
"Imagine being president, in politics for 50 years, meeting thousands of people and THIS dude is the smartest person you know?"

Biden's border crisis is enriching the cartels in Mexico
"Biden loves kickbacks. How long has he been in politics?"

Biden intentionally unsecured the southern border: Homan
"Mayorkas needs to be held criminally accountable for his intentional malfeasance of office."

A 'classically non-lucid Joe Biden moment'
"He's not all there nor were any of the 'legitimate' voters who voted for him."

Hilton: Biden is utterly useless
"Biden's crowd shows up in the 10's. Trump's crowd shows up in the 10's of thousands."

Levin: This is what the 'Biden crime family' did
"'Life, Liberty & Levin' host blasts the mainstream media for covering up for Hunter Biden laptop story."

Bill Barr: Biden lied about Hunter Biden's laptop
"Barr was in on the cover up and should investigated as well."

Biden Has Done More Damage to the Country Than Any President in History
"Pence blasts Biden's 'failed' policies"

Biden almost fires ‘best friend’ Jen Psaki after DISGUSTING ‘circle back’ move at briefing
"She is quitting because she doesn't want to be around when they indict Hunter."

Biden admin called out for 'gross dishonesty'
"We need President Trump back in the White House and joe biden along with his son in prison"

Biden's freaking disaster
"This is going to be a 'freaking disaster': Bruce"

Biden is killing US energy infrastructure: GOP senator
"He's killing everything and I mean everything"

Joe Biden seems to think Jill was vice president
"Imagine a world where corrupt officials are held accountable for their crimes against humanity."

Media 'can't turn away' from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal any longer
"Now that the admin is a toxic failure they look into the laptop. Go figure."

HR Bans White People From Health Class
"Heads need to roll. Everyone involved in the original decision needs to be seeking new employment."

White House admits migrant 'influx' is coming
"The military needs to be deployed to the southern border right now and stop anyone from coming across the border at all cost."

No One Thinks Biden is Doing a Good Job Except Hillary
"White House changes Biden's startling gaffe about Michelle Obama"

A Snowflake Melts
"Far-Left Journalist Breaks Down in Tears and Claims She Suffers Severe 'PTSD' from Mean Tweets"

People Know President Trump Won the Election
"Save America Rally Crowd In Washington Township, Michigan Erupts With 'TRUMP WON!' Chant"

President Trump Mocks Crooked Hillary
"Trump came out swinging against Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the radical Marxist-Democrat party."

Sen. Ron Johnson: NYT, WaPo, Liberal Media Implicated Coverup of Biden Family Crimes
"The cabal that foisted this junta upon us, must be held to account for all of its failures. Freedom of the press is not a license to lie."

AG Barr Stopped Investigations into Trailer Load of 288,000 Ballots
"Now the USPS Won’t Provide Investigation Report"

Maria Bartiromo DUNKS on Chris Wallace for Hiding Biden Family Crimes
"the media lied about the Hunter Biden laptop to protect Joe Biden."

Deals Hunter Biden Had with Chinese Energy Company
"All of a sudden WaPo, CNN, CBS, ABC, New York Times and other mainstream media outlets decided to report on Hunter Biden’s financial entanglements"

President Trump's Rally Saturday Night in Michigan was Massive
"21,000 Outside Trying to Get In!"

President Trump is Living in the Head of Senile, Delusional Pedophile Joe Biden
"Biden Telling Staffers He Wants the Justice Department to Prosecute Trump"

Hunter's laptop will reveal Chinese ties: GOP lawmaker
"Lying incurs a debt to the truth, sooner or later that debt has to be paid."

We Miss President Donald J. Trump
"Yes sir, we all miss President Trump!"

The MSM senses that a Hunter Biden indictment is coming
"We have gone from the best President to the worst President!"

Hunter Biden laptop repairman reacts to latest developments
"The repair guy needs to put out there that he isn't suicidal. Give that guy some security."

Joe Biden's Sitters Keep Trying to Prop Him Up
"Joe Biden's Teleprompter Is Taking over His Special White House Studio Set"

Joe Biden Takes a Nap During Commissioning Ceremony
"Biden bungled his speech and referred to Michelle Obama (or Jill Biden?) as Vice President."

The Culture in Washington Is Corrupt
"Rep. Madison Cawthorn Releases Statement following His Allegations of Coke and Orgies in DC"

Even Democrats Call Out Biden For Ending Trump Border Policy
"Border crossings could triple due to the rescinding of Title 42."

Chelsea Hubbell Clinton is a Skagbag Just Like Hillary
"Perhaps she should talk to her own mother about living a healthier lifestyle."

Illegal Aliens En Route to United States Border Use Battering Ram to Break Through National Guard Lines
"The migrants clashed with law enforcement and used a giant wooden cross as a battering ram"

The Biden family has for decades profited from Joe Biden's positions of public trust
"House Oversight Committee Republicans Demands Access to Communication Records Between Hunter Biden and Obama White House"

Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide Following Rollout of the Experimental Covid Vaccine
"This pandemic was never about saving lives. Quite the contrary, it may have been the opposite."

Of Course Hair-Sniffing Joe Biden is All Into Transgender Identity
"The Biden administration is doubling down on its transhumanism agenda"

How Hillary Clinton broke federal law
"That 'fine' is a joke. It should actually hurt and she should go to jail."

House Judiciary Republicans Launch Investigation Into Facebook and Twitter For Blocking Links to Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell Story
"Emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop show the inner workings of the Biden crime family."

Biden May Pull Health Care from Veterans to Treat Illegal Aliens
"We're going to take medical services away from people that really deserve that. Who went to combat to give free medical attention to illegal migrants."

Illegal Alien Caravan en Route to US Border After Biden Announces End to Title 42 Restrictions
"Joe Biden...dropping a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border on May 23."

Joe Biden Wants to Give Smartphone App to Aliens to Pre-Register Before Entering the US Illegally
"The border officials are looking at 350,000 to 500,000 illegals the first month"

Joe Biden Is To Blame For High Gas Prices
"Joe Biden is blaming everyone but himself for inflation and the rising gas prices"

The S. S. Joe Biden is Sinking
"A group of normal people would have never closed the Keystone pipeline or allowed illegals to pour over our border and invade our country."

A Loser Leaves A Loser For Another Loser
"Jen Psaki to Leave Biden White House for MSNBC"

Ketanji Jackson's Disgusting Child Sex Offenders Rulings
"She defends America-hating terrorists for free, she's soft on child sex offenders, she's open borders"

Time to resign: Biden's cognitive decline is too much
"Thumbs up if you miss a president who didn't need cue cards and stood by everything he said."

Dirty Chinese money went straight to Hunter Biden's bank account
"Dirty Chinese money laundered by the Big Guy's washing machines."

Federal investigation into Hunter Biden's business deals with Chinese energy company heats up
"Man his presidential rating must be in the gutter for CBS to do a story on this."

Washington Post confirms Hunter Biden's ties to Chinese business
"Joe was right in the middle of it with his hand out for his cut."

Clinton, DNC fined by FEC for lying about Steele dossier payments
"They need to pay the US government back, and go to jail."

Even Democrats sound alarm on end of Title 42 as influx of scum of the earth expected
"Looks like American citizens are the only ones who are going to defend our border! We must take up arms and make a stand."

If people think they've ‘heard the last’ of Donald Trump they're ‘fooling themselves’
"Crazy how these things called conspiracy theories and disinformation just keep coming out true."

Why is the media coming around on Hunter Biden's laptop evidence?
"It's a Rush to get him pardon before Joey's impeached."

Biden's approval rating is 'going down, and down, and down'
"Biden is pitiful."

Russia's sanctions against Hunter Biden ‘raises serious questions’
"The only reason hunter got those 'jobs' is because of the big man, you think those companies would pay that much for a crackhead."

Hunter Biden's former business partner 'confesses'
"The Media needs to be dragged into court and held complicit to the crimes"

Kayleigh McEnany: This is why the media didn't cover Hunter Biden
"Joe is the one who is giving Hunter instructions cause Hunter isn't smart enough to do these things by himself."

New Developments In Hunter Biden Investigation
"These are not new developments. You finally just chose to report on what non liberals have know about for 2 years!"

Hunter is Joe Biden's Fall Guy
"Chinese money paid for Joe's house renovations. The poor American taxpayer got stuck with paying for his fence."

Biden is compromised: GOP senator
"This has been obvious for decades, to anyone who's half awake!"

Tucker shreds media over Hunter Biden coverage
"The plan all along was to elect the ancient Potato and then toss him aside in favor of the ignorant maid."

Cawthorn Joins In Focus to Discuss Trucker Convoy
"New Contract with America"

"Well said. The same people who supported BLM, also supported vaccine mandates, and are now supporting Ukraine."

President Trump to Come Back Bigger and Better
"Something Is Going to Happen"

Kevin McCarthy Wants Washington Orgy and Drug Use Covered Up
"McCarthy threatened Madison Cawthorn and said there will be consequences"

Crooked Pelosi Says Black Justice Clarence Thomas “Never Should Have Been Appointed”
"Earlier this week the Pelosi family bought $2 million in Tesla stock. This was also at the same time Democrats were pushing their green energy spending."

Biden Spends Money for Everthing Except the Border
"Border crossing could triple once the asylum restrictions are lifted."

They Wanted to see Blood and They Did - Their Own
"American Citizens Among Victims in Massacre at Underground Mexican Cockfight"

Hunter with Russians at Hollywood Orgy
"Joe Biden used Hunter to put together deals around the world in a racketeering enterprise to increase the Biden family's wealth."

Lying, Unhinged Hillary
"Day After FEC Fines Hillary for Creating Fake Trump-Russia Conspiracy - She Tweets Out a NEW Trump-Russia Conspiracy"

After a Year-and-a-Half of Media Blackouts and Denials Suddenly ABC, NBC, and CNN Report Honestly on Hunter Biden Laptop
"Biden family members profited by selling influence to Joe Biden"

Kameltoe Harris is as Goofy as Joe Biden, but at Least She Does Not Sniff Little Girl's Hair
"This is the most embarrassing, stupid, incompetent administration in the entire history of the US."

Ainsley Earhardt: Who is running the White House?
"This President is such an embarrassment. How can this man lead our country, he can't lead himself to the bathroom."

Joe Biden benefitted from Hunter's overseas 'business grift'
"The investigation into Hunter Biden's dubious overseas business practices has widened"

Hunter Biden laptop story 'isn't going away'
"The FBI needs to be held accountable. That loose answer should not be allowed to stand!"

"Walk Away Joe Bidem" Becomes "Walk Back Joe"
"Biden meant everything he said, he just wasn't supposed to say it out loud."

Biden press shop must be 'scared out of their mind': McEnany
"Last time I saw troops looking like that in front of a president was when Jimmy Carter came to our base."

Former border chief: This is my biggest fear right now
"Our border problem is an insult to the people who have come here legally"

The Bidens are known for influence pedaling
"Legal expert Jonathan Turley discusses the evidence mounting against Hunter Biden over laptop scandal"

The Hunter Biden dam is about to burst
"He's right. There's not one little bit of evidence. There's a lot of evidence"

Biden is not funny
"Remember the good ole Trump days when Trump would speak to large groups of reporters off the cuff for hours around the table."

Biden: The Sinking Anvil
"The ugly truth is that Democrats, the self-proclaimed 'defenders of democracy' hate our system and most of the voters."

“Our Country is Paying a Big Price for that Rigged Election” - President Trump
"The is the crime of the century."

Biden Blew $1.9 Billion Border Wall Money on “Environmental Restoration”
"This sounds like Biden took the money and gave it to whoever they wanted."

President Trump on Radical Left Democrats
"They Are the Liars, They Are the Cheaters, and They Are the Ones Who Are Destroying Our Country"

Chris Wallace Whines, Blubbers and Lies
"Could it be that he could not bear the fact that he hosted one of the lowest-rated programs on Fox?"

Newt: We Have A “Cognitively-Challenged President And A Cognitively Hopeless Vice-President”
"When will Democrats invoke the 25th Amendment?"

FBI Cyber Chief can't find Hunter Biden's laptop
"Emails on Hunter Biden's laptop revealed he was involved in an international money laundering operation and acted as a bagman for Joe Biden."

White House Left Out Details Of “Grisly Child Porn Case” From Nominee Materials Given To GOP
"A case in which Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson gave a light sentence to a child porn offender was left off materials given to Republicans."

Hunter and James Biden Received Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From Companies Linked to ChiComs
"Senators Grassley and Johnson continued their work on exposing the Biden crime family on Tuesday - and they brought the receipts AGAIN."

President Trump Leads Both Biden And Harris In 2024 Harvard-Harris Poll
"Trump leads Biden 47%-41%"

After Yesterday's Disastrous Presser, Biden's Handlers Allow Him to Take Only One Pre-Approved Question
"Biden was in such bad shape on Monday that Tucker Carlson said it's time to invoke the 25th Amendment."

Joe Biden Trying to Save His Own Neck
"Jussie Smollett tried, and both Kamala and Corey came out joyfully yelling from the roof tops "A MODERN DAY LYNCHING, A MODERN DAY LYNCHING!"

Disney Executive Producer Admits She Regularly ‘Adds Queerness’ to Children’s Programming
"I was just wherever I could just basically adding queerness"

Did You Really Think Hunter Biden Would Go to Jail
"The AG should recuse himself because he was appointed by the defendant’s father!"

Joe Biden Supports Illegal Aliens
"Biden admin has 'no regard for law and order': Rep. Kat Cammack"

Ingraham: The impossible clean-up
"Anytime he leaves his basement the entire world see that we have an inept, incompetent man without any integrity in charge."

Biden is Losing It, If He Ever Had It
"Think about the people who voted for Biden. They can't control their emotions either."

Biden's gaffes coming under increasing scrutiny
"It's the Walk-Back, Circle-Back Administration. An inflatable President would be much more effective."

Joe Biden Caught in Another Bold-Faced Lie
"Things have become so unraveled that the lies have become unmanageable."

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Talks about the ‘DC elites’ Having Orgies and Doing Cocaine
"No wonder the elites hate Madison Cawthorn. He won't play their games."

Beau Biden's Corrupt Foundation
"Beau Biden Foundation is spending large sums of its donations on employees and not on abused children."

Biden Used a Cheat Sheet to Answer Questions on Unscripted Comment About Putin Staying in Power and He Still Screwed It Up
"Biden closed his speech with what is either a policy change or a gaffe (dementia)."

Mass Illegal Alien Release
"This will never stop until this administration is gone!"

Biden's plummeting approval rating ‘spells doom for Democrats’
"That whole administration needs to go."

Biden could gaffe his way into World War 3
"Don't people find it odd that biden seems to be more concerned about Ukraine than our own borders"

Hunter could become his family's 'sacrificial lamb' in order to protect Joe Biden
"The kiss of death from father to sacrificing his lamb (Hunter)"

Joe Biden has the risk of starting World War III if he goes 'off autocue'
"He must step down! It's no longer a joke!

Gingrich: Biden, Harris are out of touch with reality as GOP leads in polls
"Everyone who voted for Biden should apologize to everyone who did not."

Biden is a 'rapid-fire gaffe machine': Rep. Don Bacon
"Watching Biden babble incoherently and mush-mouthed is great entertainment, for our enemies."

Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0 but worse
"Joe has always been below average throughout his life."

Joe Biden and JugHead Mayorkas need to apologize to Border Patrol agents
"It wasn't whips. It was reins. No one was whipped with reins, either."

Biden's Illegal Alien Surge
"Biden warned of border 'chaos'"

It's 'too late' for Biden to save face: Rep. Biggs
"I trust the upper members of the FBI just as much as I trust Biden, Obama or either Clinton."

This is the moment Biden's SCOTUS pick 'disqualified' herself: Gingrich
"I don't believe that anyone should ever be appointed for life for any position - that's a recipe for trouble."

Biden's approval rating falls to new lows
"Outside of NY and CA, Biden's approval rating is closer to 10%."

Biden's Call For Regime Change in Russia Not on Teleprompter
"Dementia Joe Just Blurted it Out and Almost Ignited WWIII"

Joe Biden Grovels to Iran
"Biden is giving Iran everything it wants"

Beau Biden Foundation Took in Millions of Dollars, But Spent a Fraction on Helping Abused Children While Hunter Sat on Board
"The rest of the money went to the Biden crime family and other Democrat cronies."

Spring Break From Lounging Around in Classrooms All Day
"The store was a complete disaster after they ran through trashing the place."

Resident of the White House: Frail, Doddery and Confused
"Biden's grip on policy, or even reality, is weakening."

Kudlow: Where does Biden come up with this stuff?
"Its hard for corrupt politicians to take down corrupt politicians!"

Stephen Miller: This is potentially corruption at the highest levels
"I'm tired of these democrats getting away with stuff all the time!"

Hunter Biden investigation 'warranted': Rep. Issa
"Why wait? Let's get Hunter & his Pops in prison now where they belong."

Baby Sitters are always clairfying and walking back Biden's comments because Biden does not know what the hell he's talking about
"Mitt Romney Offers Advice to Joe Biden - What Could Go Wrong?"

The Pain of Being Too Polite
"Singer Hospitalized for Holding Fart"

Judge Jeanine: Kamala was a disaster before White House
"The scariest part is that she seems to actually think she's clever and witty."

Kamala is the 'most qualified' to fail: Tom Homan
"She didn't fail at her task. making sure the border stayed open WAS HER TASK!"

Biden acknowledges the US has a border crisis
"Funny how he acknowledges that there is a problem but he doesn't mention that he's the one who caused it, Let's go Brandon"

Just Give Biden an Ice Cream Cone and Let Him Sit in a Corner and Eat It
"Biden needs to consider doing less public speaking"

Millions of voters have ‘never heard the truth’ about Biden files
"That's right the American media kept it hush-hush"

President Trump Mocks John Kerry
"Ocean Will Rise 1/100th of 1% in the Next 300 F*cking Years!"

President Trump Leads by Double Digits in a State Biden Took in 2020
"The pollsters also found that Trump is leading by a massive 19 percent with Hispanic voters"

Fat Kills
"Queer Fat Studies Lecturer and ‘Fatlicious Feminist’ Dies Suddenly in Her Sleep at 42"

Joe Biden Does Not Want to Take Putin "Behind the Gym" anymore than he wants to Take President Trump "Behind the Gym"
"White House forced to walk back Biden's comments on Putin"

Ingraham: Biden doesn't come off as leader of the free world
"Biden is leading like a 'damp sock puppet'; Elon nailed it."

The world sees US military as being 'led by a lamb': Rep. Mast
"Forget lamb he's an incompetent and were suffering from this man. To all who voted him was it worth it? Was your hatred for one man worth our country being destroyed?"

Biden torched for being all about the straw issue of climate
"It's obvious he wants to bring this country to its knees in every way possible."

Watters: The cover-up continues
"AOC owes student loans, can't put a roof over granny's head and wants it forgiven, spends most of her time on social media"

Will Hunter take jail time to protect slow Joe?
"Remember “10% for the big guy”? That also includes jail time."

AOC is Still Begging for Someone to Pay Off Her Debts
"AOC...The only waitress in America who brings nothing to the table."

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden's ‘not all there’
"I can't believe that his approval rating is that high. 34% of the people actually think he's doing a good job? Amazing!"

Biden and the White House are a 'mess': Jesse Watters
"We the American people demand biden have a cognitive test like now."

Biden is not in a position 'physically and mentally' to lead US: GOP lawmaker
"This Administration is what we get with a mail order President!"

Joe Biden is an embarrassment to America: Nigel Farage
"Not only Europeans missing Trump, Africans and the Saudis are missing Trump too."

The Understatement of the Century
"Biden isn't perfect"

Joe Biden is Too Stupid to be Tampering With the Currency
"would put even greater authority in the hands of a small number of bureaucrats"

The gas crisis is an opportunity for Joe Biden to prove what an idiot he is
"Biden says that the gas crisis is an opportunity to double down on our clean energy goals."

Hillary Clinton Will Face More Lawsuits
"The FBI used phony documents from the Hillary Clinton campaign to spy on President Trump"

These Demon Democrats, They're Out to Destroy You and Your Family!
"240,000-340,000 illegals to storm across the open US southern border this month!"

Man Arrested Attempting to Rape Woman Inside Walmart
"Bredan Jarmal Harvey, 28, was arrested on Sunday after he attempted to sexually attack a woman shopping inside the Walmart"

The Biden Administration and its handlers have to address yet another Biden blunder
"The Biden gang is spending all its time cleaning up for the many blunders Joe Biden made on his trip to Europe."

Black News Channel Will File For Bankruptcy
"He decided he couldn’t keep throwing more money at the operation"

The White House, Congress and FBI all support Ketanji Brown Jackson, so don't ask questions
"Joe Biden bragged repeatedly that Judge Jackson was nominated for her race and sex."

President Trump to Hand Hillary Clinton's Head to Her
"RICO Suit Over Russia Collusion Hoax"

Joe Biden Circles the Drain at 34% Approval
"Anyone who thought that this was going to be a 'winning' combination has GOT to have their heads checked."

Joe Biden Can Barely Walk - Waddles Through the Halls Smiling Like an Idiot
"Once again, America was absent at the tables. The imposter sat in."

No Surprise, Joe Biden Does Not Have the Mental Capicaty to Answer Questions - Can Only Eat Ice Cream

Even Turtle Man McConnell Cannot Stomach Train Wreck Ketanji Brown Jackson
"Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical Marxist who gave lenient sentences to pedophiles."

I've Been Given a List (But Would Have Rather Been Given an Ice Cream Cone)
"Another embarrassment on the world stage."

Democrats Getting Out of Congress While the Getting is Good
"Texas Democrat Filemon Vela resigned early from Congress. He won't even finish the year."

The Biden's Want a Wall - Around their House
"The Southern border is wide open...Cartels and human trafficking happen every day on that border."

Ever Wonder How Joe Biden Got Into Office?
"107 Ballot Trafficking Suspects in Wisconsin Visited the Ballot Drop Boxes over 2,000 Times"

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Disgusting Harvard Law Review Article on Being Nicer to Sex Offenders
"Joe Biden's radical, America-hating nominee for the the US Supreme Court is the latest assault on the country by Biden"

Democrats Refuse New Oil Production Projects
"Gas prices remain at all-time highs under the failed leadership of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi."

Tom Cotton Blasts Ketanji Brown Jackson's Pro-Bono Work For Gitmo Inmates
"Have You Ever Done Pro Bono Work for Victims of Terrorism?"

Joe Biden's Sitters Know He Cannot Talk; He Can Only Eat Ice Cream
"Biden's handlers swatted the press away, saying 'no, no, no, no.'"

Duke Will NEVER Voluntarily Provide Compensation for Power Surges
"Duke promises compensation after WBTV Investigation highlights costly power surges"

I Hate to Break it to You, Kameltoe, But You Are Getting EXACTLY the Respect You Deserve
"Harris’ aides felt that the task of addressing the southern border crisis, in any way, was politically undesirable"

You Wanted to be a Man, So Go to War
"Transgender Women Turned Away at Ukraine's Borders, Told They Must Fight"

President Trump Has Massive 59 Percent Approval Rating - Biden Continues to Sink
"on the same day that Joe Biden hit an all-time low in his."

Tom Cotton Blasts Ketanji Brown Jackson's Pro-Bono Work For Gitmo Inmates
"Have You Ever Done Pro Bono Work for Victims of Terrorism?"

FBI Agent William Tisaby Who Bungled Investigation into then Governor Eric Greitens PLEADS GUILTY of Evidence Tampering
"Tisaby had been facing trial on six counts of perjury and one count of evidence tampering"

Wisconsin 2020 Election Investigation Results
"Justice Gableman listed a series of unlawful acts that took place during the 2020 presidential election."

Hunter Biden Freaks Out That He Might Have HIV
"In Newly Released Email"

President Trump Tells Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich To Issue Warrants In 2020 Election Fraud
"The Supervisors Just Won't Release The Information—It Must Really Be Bad!"

Dump YouTube
"Live coverage of the rally will still be available on Rumble."

Black Man Seen Drawing Swastika on Manhattan Building
"Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers"

Ted Cruz GRILLS Ketanji Jackson Over Her Leniency For Sexual Predators
"Jackson Cut Recommended Sentences by Nearly HALF in 100% of Child Porn Cases"

Two Varmints: Mitt Romney & Ketanji Brown Jackson
"Romney defended dangerous nutjob Ketanji Jackson"

Lawyers for the Biden Crime Family are “Extremely Concerned Hunter Biden's Going to Be Indicted”
"Hunter and 'the big guy' need to face the music for selling out Americans in order to pad their piggybanks."

Shoot First and Inquire Afterwards
"Teens Carjack 73-Year-Old Grandmother, Drag Her to Death in Front of Neighbors"

We Don't Need a Token Fruit Cake On the Supreme Court
"Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court, was eviscerated by Senator Marsha Blackburn"

AG Bill Barr Covered for Hunter Biden
"Bill Barr, by ignoring the 2020 Election crimes and the crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop failed."

Is Dementia Worse for Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden?
"Bizarre behaviour from Nancy Pelosi"

A "Karen" Plays the Race Card, but Not Very Well
"Faced with the difficult choice as to what to leave behind, Lidia Thorpe decided to leave her dignity"

Energy and Commerce Committee Leaders Demand Answers from Utility Companies on Alarmingly High Shutoff Rates
"The letters were sent to the executives of Dominion Energy, DTE Energy, Duke Energy, Exelon, NextEra Energy, and Southern Company."

Kameltoe Harris repeats 'passage of time' in bizarre speech
"Imagine a street walker not having a good vocabulary, I'm shocked"

Biden is ‘running out’ of scapegoats
"Stetler trying to lecture on dishonesty is hilarious."

US media acted ‘disgracefully’ by denying Hunter Biden laptop story
"And what's even more of a disgrace is...he's still president!"

Hunter Biden cover-up is 'deeply disturbing'
"The cover up is predictable, it's the lack of action by the likes of the FBI that is deeply disturbing."

JugHead Mayorkas Called Out as a Liar
"This guy is a politician straight up. Biggest pack of lies I've heard since CNN"

Joe Biden's supporters are strangely quiet as his presidency descends into crisis
"He has been a liar all of his life. He has only known lying politics."

Kameltoe Harris May Be the Dumbest Person Elected as VP In History
"This is just a perfect example of filling a quota. Nothing more."

Kameltoe Harris is an Idiot, But No More So Than Joe Biden
"It never ends well when Kamala Harris does this"

White House Covering Up 48,000 Documents on SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson
"Democrats are stonewalling GOP efforts to obtain Jackson’s documents."

Hawley Outlines Seven Cases Where Ketanji Brown Jackson Was Lenient on Pedophiles
"Jackson consistently sympathized with and sentenced child porn offenders to sentences well below those in the sentencing guidelines."

President Trump vs Turtle Man McConnell
"I believe there should be impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden"

President Trump Wins Over Stormy Daniels - Stripper Owes Him $300,000
"The 9th Circuit Court issued a final ruling in the case brought against Trump by disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti and Stormy."

What Happened to People Who Volunteered to Fight For Ukraine?
"SO they finally found a solution for the social justice warriors. Great, send more!"

Everything we all know is forgotten with transgender ideology
"I refuse to enable these sick men to live out their fantasies at the expense of biological women."

The Hunter Biden laptop story shows Joe is compromised
"Ask anyone in the military who have a security clearance. JOE WOULD HAVE FAILED DUE TO HIS SONS CONNECTIONS"

AOC Was NOT Elected to Anything
"AOC actually loves capitalism. She's making a fortune off her house seat"

"two videos prove full evidence of this administration full of pedophiles."

Biden is a Feeble Old Fool
"Keep American troops & American tax money in USA. Welcome back President Trump."

The serious case for impeaching Biden: Rep. Norman
"Biden needs to be impeached and removed but then what does that leave us with but another fool to replace him."

Hunter Biden's laptop from hell must be investigated: Rep. Tenney
"We have investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing."

Biden's Token SCOTUS Nominee
"It's sad that we have come to a point where the color of one's skin dictates your the most qualified for a job."

Hunter Biden laptop story symptomatic of a larger problem: Bongino
"Learning from mistakes does not always work look at Joe Biden. Prime example."

Why Democrats need the ballot drop boxes
"over 100 people dropping off more than one ballot in just a few hours"

President Trump Holds Event in South Florida in Front of a Huge Crowd
"Biden Never Did This and Never Will"

Salvadoran President Call Out Joe Biden as the Enemy Within
"Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying America and it is likely on purpose"

Kid Rock: ‘I Am Uncancelable Because I Don't Give A F*ck’
"Kid Rock...criticizes Joe Biden in his new song, claims he is unfazed by the relentless assault on free speech."

Just Get a Few More Vaccinations and You'll be OK
"When I try to breathe, it's painful… It feels like needles."

Suppression of Hunter Biden emails all about getting rid of Donald Trump
"I need people to go to jail starting with 'THE BIG GUY' "

Hilton: Where is Biden's border czar?
"I wish our government cared about our Mexico/Texas border like they care about the Russian/Ukraine border."

Trump: "When I Was in the White House We Had Peace Through Strength...They Didn't F*ck Around with Us"
"I will be back and we will be better and stronger than ever before."

The Babylon Bee Awards Rachel Levine its "Man of the Year"
"The Babylon Bee has officially drawn the wrath of the Twitter speech police"

Excess Deaths Among Millennials Since the Experimental Vaccines Were Mandated Confirms Covid is Not the Cause
"deaths went up when the booster/vax mandates were put in place"

Nancy Pelosi Looks Like Walking Death
"The 2022 midterms are rapidly approaching and the Democrats have nothing to run on."

Don't Expect Twitter to Provide Restitution for Censoring and Kicking Americans Off the Platform
"Senator Ron Johnson asked when Big Tech will be held accountable for censoring conservatives who dared to report on the Hunter Biden laptop."

Kremlin BLASTS Biden's Cognitive Decline: Sleepy Joe's “Irritability,” “Fatigue,” and “Forgetfulness” Lead to “Aggressive” Temper Tantrums
"Biden is a total embarrassment. It's no secret that this guy is not fit to be the leader of the free world."

Senator John Kennedy Slams Biden For Not Standing Up To The Left On Energy
"First, I think it's clear that the leader of the free world is President Zelensky"

Man Suffers Stroke, Brain Damage and Has Been In Coma Right After Being Forced to Take Booster Shot
"Mbongani suffered a stroke, swelling of the brain and has been in a coma since Friday after being forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine"

Keep Your Nose Clean, Joe Biden
"South Carolina Ready to Use Firing Squads for Executions"

Man Died Screaming "I Can’t Breathe!" as Police Restrained Him on Ground
"For Some Reason No Cities Were Burned to the Ground by Leftists Following His Death?"

Unread meters lead to inaccurate Duke Energy Bills
"Ann Kilian of Norlina was initially billed $1,049 for her February heating bill."

White House dodges questions on Hunter Biden laptop
"Trump would never run away from a question, let alone a false allegation. WE NEED HIM BACK"

170,000 Illegal Aliens Amass on US Southern Border Ready to STORM ACROSS When Biden Ends Trump's COVID Rules
"The invasion is days away."

Kameltoe Harris is failing on purpose
"VP Kamala Harris wants 'open border policies to continue' "

Rep. Scalise tells Biden to 'stop begging' to dictators for oil
"I may be Irish, but I'm not stupid."

Jussie Smollett is the ‘personification’ of the ‘modern-left's yearning for victimhood’
"The guy just never stops lying, his entire life is one big act."

Joe Biden's 'negligence' and Hunter's shady dealings could drag America 'into World War III'
"Why Hunter on the list? Because they got ALL the dirt on everyone else via his laptop."

This is the greatest 'media manipulation' in modern US history
"Hunter can't make those illegal transactions using his name only. He's nobody. He must be using his father's name with the latter's knowledge."

NY Times makes stunning admission about Hunter Biden
"All those 50 intelligence officials should have their credentials revoked and barred from federal service"

Kameltoe Harris Identified as a "Cackling Nincompoop"
"a so-called president who babbles and a VP whom the foreign press called a 'cackling nincompoop'"

We know why they lied about Hunter Biden's laptop
"There is so much more on hunters laptop. The E-Mails are a small part of the cover up, and the cover up is still happening."

Joe Biden is Compromised
"'huge' Hunter Biden developments"

Dirty Lesley Stahl Told President Trump in Her October 2020 Interview Before the Election the Hunter Biden Laptop “Can’t Be Verified” - She Lied
"Lesley Stahl has quite a career of lies."

President Trump to RINO Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos - "Do The Right Thing And Correct The Crime of the Century"
"Vos admitted widespread voter fraud occurred in Wisconsin"

Filthy Liar Joe Biden Said Hunter Biden's Laptop Story was a “Russian Plant” During Presidential Debate
"Joe Biden knew Hunter was working for his father cutting deals around the world in million dollar pay-for-play schemes."

”Lawyer Hands Over Hunter Biden's Financial Records in Criminal Tax Probe
"I Expect Him to be Indicted"

Endless Vaccine Treadmill
"Moderna Asks FDA For Emergency Authorization of Second Covid Booster Shot For All Adults"

Congressman Cawthorn Explains Why The US Dollar Must Remain as the World Reserve Currency
"My future President!"

Joe Biden Wanted to Let Everyone Know He's No Fan of the 'F**k Joe Biden' Chant
"Yeah, Joe Biden is sucking. He's lost middle America. He's underwater in his approvals. And yes, that chant is very appropriate"

Biden Ignored Child Porn Issues; He Just Wanted to Nominate a Black Woman
"Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders."

Will Jen Psaki Stop Lying About Hunter Biden's Orgy Laptop now that the NY Times Admits It was Legit?
"Biden family scandal of hookers, drugs, orgies and million-dollar pay-for-play business dealings"

Steve Bannon SHREDS Far Left Reporter - Joe Biden is Illegitimate
"Don't Put Words in My Mouth and Don't Try to Spin It"

Potato Brain Biden is Destroying the Country by the Day
"Have you forgotten that Lindsey Graham is a notorious liar?"

China and Russia Negotiating for Biden Administration in a Deal with Iran
"This administration… has weakened this country with its open borders, out of control spending, record inflation, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan"

Sen. Kennedy: Biden needs to stand up to the 'wokers'

BLM Leader Arrested, Indicted on Federal Charges for Squandering $1 Million in Donations
"Monica Cannon Grant also raised her salary from $25,000 in 2020 to $170,000 in 2021."

Call For 20 Years For Jussie Smollett Due to Excessive Stupidity
"Smollett fabricated an elaborate lie in a bid to frame Trump's supporters with a racist hate crime"

Has One Rigged Election Destroyed America Forever?
"There is only one war we need to fight. That is NOT allowing FRAUD election winners into office."

Will Joe Biden Get Caught in His Own Web?
"Joe Biden Cannot Keep His Hands Off Little Girls. Does He Have the Pictures Also?"

Take the Bus and Leave the Driving to Butt-I-Gig
"I'm surprised they haven't said, 'Get a job that's within walking distance of your house.'"

Bring Back Donald J. Trump, Tweets and All
"I just want my country back. And I just want my President back."

WH enlists media to distribute Biden propaganda: Tulsi Gabbard
"Biden is more confused than a chameleon in a bowl of Skittles."

President Biden's 'cognitive decline' is 'obvious and clear'
"Can someone remove this person from office, he's a danger to himself as well as America."

Now we know why Biden was kept in the basement
"Americans disapprove of Biden's job performance casting doubt for re-election run"

Stupid Treasonous Couple Who Tried to Sell US Submarine Secrets to Brazil Were BLM Supporters and Trump-Haters
"They had a BLM sign in their front yard."

8-Year-Old Boy Develops ‘Stevens-Johnson Syndrome’ Following Second Dose of Pfizer Covid-19
"Bautista suffered a horrific adverse reaction reportedly due to the Pfizer vaccine."

Biden on Second Gentleman Testing Positive For Covid: “The First Lady’s Husband Contracted Covid”
"This is the dummy who is supposed to be taking on Vladimir Putin."

Joe Biden's Dementia Will Only Get Worse - And It's Bad Now
"Mr. Puddinghead strikes again!"

The Theft of the 2020 Election is the Greatest Crime in American Political History
"We warned that if the 2020 Election fraud wasn't addressed, it would happen again."

Scumbag Murderer Lieutenant Michael Byrd shot and killed 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt/a>
"Byrd should have been fired in 2019 after leaving his loaded Glock 22 pistol inside a bathroom"

Kamala Harris is 'new low point' in U.S. diplomacy
"Deferring to the President of Poland is by far the dumbest reaction possible"

Ron DeSantis won't allow 'injection of transgenderism' into kindergarten
"Remember when children went to school to learn to read and write. Now they come home in drag."

Hilton: I have never seen such shallow, despicable people in the White House
"Steve Hilton blasts the Biden administration as 'stupid and incoherent'"

Biden will pay the price for declaring war on oil
"A real American rescue plan would to vote Biden and this administration out"

Weak Joe Biden is lying to you
"There is no president in our lifetime weaker than Joe Biden"

Tyrants around the world know Biden is Weak
"Biden could've stopped it and he didn't; he's just as guilty. Ashamed of our government as it stands today."

Kudlow: Biden's woke Washington won't end well
"I have never wanted to see a group of people fail more than I have with this regime."

Senator Manchin opposes another Biden idea
"Biden is equivalent to a semi careening down the highway with a sleeping driver. The difference is: if the driver woke up in time he'd know what to do. "

Russians, Ukrainians Take Advantage of Biden's Free-for-All on the Southern Border
"Thousands have Already Come to the US Through Mexico"

Democrats Are Haunted By Their Calls To ‘Defund The Police’
"Democrats are desperately trying to get the public to forget that they called to defund the police"

USA Today Names Freak as One of their “Women of the Year”
"For her continued failures on the job she was promoted by Joe Biden to be the head of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps."

Black Man Actually Charged With Hate Crime!
"Beating 67-Year-Old Woman More Than 125 Times"

Biden Represents a Weakened America
"Everyone in the world is ignoring Biden because all he does is muck things up: don't make it worse - don't let Biden in the room!"

Mitt Romney is Such an Idiot, He Should be on the "View"
"It's obvious that Cheney and Romney have big money invested in Ukraine."

This defense from Biden is laughable
"It's getting hard for biden and psaki to lie about what everyone sees and feels"

Duke Energy Always Wants Everything Tilted In Its Favor
"Duke proposal to change solar rates has some hot and bothered"

Nobody Is Buying Biden's Bull on Inflation – He Created It - He Owns It
"No matter what Biden says, Americans aren't buying it. Inflation is his."

Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine
"Now there is proof via AMA documents that they are distributing different doses of the active ingredient in the COVID vaccines"

Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Fire Fauci
"Fauci lied and people died."

Rapists Are Sentenced to Probation While Peaceful Trump-Supporters Rot in Jail
"Two foreign nationals [&] another man were recently sentenced to 48 months of probation after they raped a 14-year-old girl and filmed it."

A Legal, Political and Constitutional Plan to Restore President Trump to the White House
"Biden, would either succumb to his obvious illnesses...or he will be removed under the 25th amendment"

Laid-Off Keystone Pipeline Workers SHRED Biden for His Lies About American Oil Production
"As Benny Johnson puts it, these guys just told Biden 'to go frack himself.'"

Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Wore Out the Race Card a Long Time Ago
"Maybe some hard time is exactly what this guy needs to finally realize people are on to his grift."

The Death Penality Would Have Stopped This Murderer
"Transgender Serial Killer Shopped at 99 Cent Store with Murder Victim's Dismembered Leg"

Thailand Pays $45 Million to People With Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions
"15,933 so far have filed complaints of adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines"

Who is the Bigger Scumbag? Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi
"Pelosi Refuses to Hand Over Emails and Videos"

Pelosi Argues Spending Trillions Helps Lower National Debt
"This is your Democrat leader. And you wonder why US inflation is at a 40 year high and going higher?"

COVID Vaccination Affects Your Heart
"evidence that the COVID vaccine can do damage to children’s health."

Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Mitt Romney
"Tulsi Gabbard destroyed RINO Senator Mitt Romney"

If You Get Hooked On Vaccines, It's an Endless Cycle
"We need a fourth boost to our stock price."

If You Look at the Numbers, Inflation Really Started to Rise Almost Exactly When Biden Came in the White House
"As soon as Trump left office? Hard to convince them Trump didn't do that."

Iranian-Produced Missiles Rain Down on US Army Base in Iraq Days After Biden Announced Plans to Buy Iranian Oil
"The Biden administration announced this week they would start importing oil from Iran."

Biden Won't Do It Because He Does Not Have The Will To Stand Up To AOC
"President Trump On Elon Musk Calling For Increased Oil Production"

Rep. Madison Cawthorn BLASTS Incredibly Evil Ukrainian Government
"Remember that Zelensky is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt"

Larry Summers Is Second Obama Economic Adviser To Blame Biden For Inflation
"He said Biden owns this."

Oh God No! Anything But Climate Change!
"The Atlantic Wants Us to Know that Climate Change Would Be Severely Impacted if There was a Nuclear War"

Joe Biden is a Greater Enemy to America Than Putin
"The Best Chance in 20 Years to Take This Guy Out"

JugHead Mayorkas is an Idiot AND the Election Was Stolen by Pedo Joe
"Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas immeditely opened up the US southern border after they came into office."

Joe Biden's Dumpster Fire
"Corn Pop should have taken care of this guy for us when he had the chance."

'Cackling' Kamala Harris cements herself as the 'worst vice president in US history'
"We're gonna need all the luck we can get with three more years of this trainwreck of an administration. God help us."

The Rip, Joe Biden, Rips One
"Joe Biden Rips MASSIVE Fart Live During Interview And We Laugh At it For 15 Minutes"

Biden's blatant disregard for Americans
"Rick Perry weighs in on the Biden administration's failures"

Kudlow: Biden went off the rails
"Sure he was ever on the rails? We know about Hunter."

Joe Biden Walks Like a Wind-Up Toy in His Little Blue Suit
"you cannot have an American president that has an America-last policy and blames Americans and America for what's going wrong."

Biden's gas prices propaganda
"I am tired of them telling me I need to pay more for their failures."

Conway says Psaki is playing a ‘Washington game’
"This administration should be referred to as The big lie!"

Is Kameltoe Harris on Drugs? Look at the Dark Circles Around Her Eyes
"She has no idea of what she's doing. Embarrassing."

Ingraham: Biden's never been a leader
"'Glad-handing grifter,' that's the perfect description for Biden."

Court: Duke can't make customers pay coal-ash cleanup costs
"utility failed to follow the proper steps to recover those expenses, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled."

This is why Biden has been weak over the last year: Sen. Cotton
"Weak over the last year? He has missed the mark on so many levels over the last 40 years."

Biden, ‘just get us back to where we were’: Rep. Gimenez
"If you offer Biden a Penny for his thoughts you are grossly overpaying."

Kamala Harris is an 'embarrassment': Judge Jeanine
"She's an example of why you shouldn't hire people just for their race"

Everyone Knows It Will Trigger Our Military Involvement into a Kinetic War into WWIII
"Republicans are urging Biden to start World War III."

Senile Joe Biden Starts Mumbling Something About Judgment and Cows
"Rome is burning and this dementia patient is mumbling about cows."

Vaccine-Injuries SKYROCKET
"Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Reports in VAERS Have Surged to Nearly Half the Total Reported in 2021"

Monopoly utilities like Duke are fighting to crush rooftop solar in North Carolina
"the new rates would reduce the value of solar production by 25% to 35%."

Americans Say Joe Biden is Worthless
"Biden revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline's building permit his first day in office"

Peter Doocy Makes a Fool Out of Psaki
"Are You Guys Just Gonna Start Blaming Putin For Everything Until the Midterms?"

“It Would Be a Tragedy” If Kamala Harris Becomes President
"The entire world is seeing how dangerous Joe Biden and Kamala have been for America and the world."

YouTube Deletes NELK Boys Interview with President Trump After 24 Hours and 5 Million Views
"Here is the full NELK Boys interview with President Trump on Rumble. Thank God for Rumble!"

How Much Did the Bidens Make in the Ukraine Biolabs?
"Metabiota and Hunter Biden are also connected to the Biolabs in Ukraine."

Like Hillary, Biden Blames Everyone but Himself for His Endless Failures
"Biden Blames Bankers For His Failures"

What an Idiot! Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Sentenced to 150 Days in Jail, 30 Months Probation, $25,000 Fine
"The judge scolded Jussie Smollett for his narcissism and hypocrisy before sentencing him to 150 days in jail STARTING TODAY."

Joe Biden is Public Enemy Number One
"This is the idiocy of the Biden administration"

Sen. Graham: Kamala's Poland appearance made things worse
"We want Trump back now!"

Biden's claims on oil prices are LIES
"When I watched him I knew he was lying. Whenever he says 'look, here's the deal' you know a lie is about to come out of his mouth."

Energy crisis began on 'day one' of Biden's presidency: Rick Perry
"Get America back on Track. Trade Biden in for a real president. Bring Trump Back - FJB"

Time for Joe Biden to Sacrifice
"It's been one thing after another with this miserable administration."

Joe Biden more worried about the ‘wrath of Greta Thunberg’ than Putin
"Green new deal undermines energy independence, therefore national security."

Hannity: Just another Biden-Jen Psaki lie
"Trump warned Americans about what would happen if biden got in, and they still voted for him - hope they are happy now!"

Putin is getting into Biden's head
"Biden threatens Putin...Putin almost dies laughing."

Kamala Harris is just not good at this
"This administration is the weakest, most cowardly, indecisive embarrassment this country has experienced"

Jen Psaki's message on energy is 'phony': Mike Sommers
"Of course she lies all the time and has No idea what she talks about...Throw her out with Nancy."

Biden Denies Tennis Champ Access Due to Vaccine Status, But Opened Border to 2 Million Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens in Last Year
"Biden...will not allow him to travel to the United States due to his vaccination status."

Americans Blame JOE BIDEN for Russian Invasion of Ukraine
"Wouldn't Have Happened with Trump in Office"

Democrats Met With Oil Execs Last Year And Pressured Them To Decrease Output
"Democrats are not trying to fix the problem of high gas prices, they're trying to transform the country to green energy."

When the Fact Checkers Say it's a Hoax...You Almost Know it's True
"Bongino TORCHES the Fake News for Covering Up US-Funded Bioweapon Research"

Biden Lies on His Role in Record Gas Prices
"FOX Business Network tore into these horrible lies by Jen Psaki and her boss Joe Biden."

Hunter Biden Firm Invested in Firm Tied to Ukrainian Biolabs
"State Department admitted to having Biolabs in Ukraine"

Biden's response to rising gas prices
"C'mon man don't look at me. It's Trump's fault. I mean Putin's fault. I mean uh, well, duh...I like vanilla ice cream."

Ingraham: Biden's new lockdowns
"You can not mess up a country so bad and so fast unless its done on purpose. Wake up!"

Sen. Cruz: Biden believes Russia will win
"Is joe still mad at Ukraine for investigating his son?"

Bill Barr: Trump improved the Republican Party
"Does he STILL believe nothing was amiss with the election?"

No One Has Time for Joe Biden
"Biden's call for more Middle East oil reportedly denied"

41-Year-Old Healthy Man Develops Complications Including Severe Neurological & Vascular Damage Following Moderna Vaccine
"I Believed the BS We Were Told by the Gov and Media"

Laid-off pipeline worker: Biden's policies caused the energy crisis
"This is the outcome of electing a person who can't even complete a coherent sentence."

Kamala Harris' ‘covert’ border crisis ‘cover-up’
"Scariest time in history and we have Biden representing us that's the scariest thing in history"

Art Laffer: The Biden admin should be ashamed of what they are doing
"I have never, in my over half a century of life, hated a president before, but I hate Brandon with every single fiber of my being."

Biden is 'misleading' the American people: GOP lawmaker
"He's a liar and plagerizer. It's in his DNA."

SHUT UP, Hillary!
"We no longer have to wonder what would happen if an Administration is composed of totally incompetent people."

Ingraham: This is no longer incompetence, it's vindictive
"Their actions are NOT MISTAKES. They are doing it all on purpose."

Watters: Biden can't let a good crisis go to waste
"This entire administration has been like a long, horrible nightmare that we can't wake up from."

Tucker: You are about to get a lot poorer
"We aren't sticking it to Putin. Biden is sticking it to us."

Presiden Trump is More Right Each Day; Pedo Joe is More Wrong
"Contempt, vindictive and incompetence together is destroying us"

Forget Peace Marches; We Now Have War Marches
"It's probably not a good idea to push for a nuclear war. It may not end well."

2020 Election Fraud
"Justice Gableman then called for the decertification of the 2020 presidential election results in the state."

Steve Bannon Goes Off on Turncoat Bill Barr
"Throw Chris Wray into the pile too."

CDC Director Walensky Gets Her Medical Info From Watching TV
"she found out about the effectiveness of the vaccines by watching CNN."

Joe Biden got lost on stage and wandered around confused
"This is the guy who's in charge as Putin threatens the West with nukes."

Senile Biden Goes Off Script on Texas Congressmen
"Joe Biden went off-script at one point during his speech and that's when things got awkward."

Tulsi Gabbard: US leaders have an ‘F-you’ attitude
"American people have the same attitude for their 'leaders'. Please, send them our worst regards."

Police Find Woman's Body in Backyard Septic Tank
"34-year-old Keoki Hilo Demich was charged with second-degree murder"

Black Lives Matter Perps Convicted of Arson, Vandalism After Attempting to Frame Conservatives
"BLM activists tried to frame conservatives and 'Proud Boy' members for their crimes."

Kameltoe Harris Sound More Like Senile Joe Biden Every Day
"We Have the Ability to See What Can be, Unburdened by What Has Been, and Then to Make the Possible Actually Happen"

Joe Biden Wants His Slimy Hands On Cryptocurrency
"The order will direct federal agencies to examine potential regulatory changes"

Flashback: Trump Warns Gas will Be $7+ if Biden Elected
"Trump was right...AGAIN."

Cawthorn Joins In Focus to Discuss Trucker Convoy
"Congressman Madison Cawthorn"

"Doo Doo" Biden torched for really dumb decision
"ALL of this has to be INTENTIONAL. NO one screws up this badly this consistently on accident."

Joe Biden, the pedophile-in-chief

Woman Calls Joe Biden A Pedophile
"'What the f**k are you here for?,' a third voice shouted as Biden walked away from the crowd."

"If you can keep your head..."
"The Case of the Missing Case of Human Heads"

Secretary of State Blinken's Lies
"The people of Poland have started telling Biden jokes."

Lying CDC Director Walensky
"transparency and truth are the last concenrs of the tyrannical US public health regime under Biden."

Armed Gang of Masked Black Thieves Use Hammers to Rob California Jewelry Store
"Roseville Police Department said one person held a gun while the others destroyed the store’s cases and took the merchandise."

Woman Sentenced to Five Years in Prison For Torching Police Cars During BLM Riot
"Margaret Aislinn Channon, 26, pleaded guilty to arson"

Lawsuit Over AstraZeneca's COVISHIELD
"Chandra said he was not feeling well after receiving the first jab."

Hearding the Sheep Toward Vaccines
"Hundreds of Media Companies...Paid by Federal Government to Promote the COVID-19 Vaccines"

Biden's Disaster
"Biden's policies 'emboldened' evil leaders of the world"

Biden Makes Every Mistake Possible
"I trust putin as much as I trust biden"

Duke Energy Plans to Hike North Carolina's Energy Bills
"The new rates will only be applicable if approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission."

Biden has never understood this
"Trump had it right when it comes to being energy independent."

The Truth Gets Out
"What, an accidental truth on the News? Say it ain't so Joe!"

Biden delivered the ‘stumbles of a feeble man’
"No one is more embarrassed of the American Government, than it's people."

Kamala Harris has 'made a mockery' of the office of Vice President
"selecting someone in politics based on quotas rather than merit will give you 'a dunderhead'."

Biden's Ukraine gaffes starting to ‘look like a pattern’
"Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes says it’s 'no wonder' Vladimir Putin has been emboldened to act with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in charge of the US."

Psaki roasted for pointing out Putin's invasion of Ukraine when Biden was VP
"Joe Biden has said he has gone toe-to-toe with Putin. Both times, he lost."

Joe Biden Created This Problem
"America has its own oil. So obvious, so simple. All we need to do is use it"

Joe Biden Hit With "Mace"
"Rep. Mace rips Biden energy policy: We are funding Putin's war machine"

Jesse Watters: Kamala to the rescue
"Sending Kamala just confirms that Biden has completely lost touch with reality. God help us."

Stacey Abrams is a Cross Between Maxine Waters & Bigfoot
"Stacey Abrams mocked for 'absurd' Ukraine comparison"

"The View" is Really "The Freak Show"
"Even rabid leftist Joy Behar is taken aback by Mystal's pointed attack"

President Trump Unloads On Former AG Barr
"Wanted To Save His Own Hide"

Replace Joe Biden with Elon Musk
"Elon Musk Calls For US To Increase Oil & Gas Production"

CDC Director Walinsky Knows Mask Wearing is a Joke
"Didn’t Appear to Know When to Wear a Mask and When Not To"

Gas Station Manager Says He Is Removing FIVE or SIX Joe Biden Stickers from His Pumps Every Day
"Since the day he took office, Biden has absolutely decimated the American energy sector"

Joey “Cheese Brain” Biden
"How Did We Get to the Place Where, you Know, Putin Decides He's Going to Invade Russia?"

Joe Biden is a Joke
"Biden's Approval Rating Sinks"

When the United States Military Shows Up Kings and Kingdoms Fall to Their Knees
"Congressman Madison Cawthorn"

Sen. Rick Scott Takes No Lip From Turtle Man McConnell
"Dirty Mitch McConnell did not like this"

Biden's State of the Union draws worst ratings in 30 years
"The worst president of my lifetime. What a failure, and an embarrassment to America."

Elon Musk Matches Wits with an Unarmed Man: Joe Biden
"Biden is lost and his gang doesn't help him any at all."

Joe Biden is an Idiot
"Joe Biden killed off 42,100 jobs by ending construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline."

World War Woke
"I just hope Putin respects everyone’s pronouns."

‘Shameless lies’: Joe Biden’s ‘race-baiting’ election claims
"Biden makes that awful skeleton 'smile' when he is talking...it is sooooo gross!"

Kellyanne Conway: Biden bored us with this speech
"You had an old man feeding a fish to the two seals behind him clapping like seals asking for another fish. Ridiculous!"

Sen. John Kennedy rips Biden's appeasement of 'neosocialist cupcakes'
"When Biden says 'we are going to be ok. We are going to be ok,' anyone else get a bad feeling?"

'Impeach Joe Biden, Impeach Kamala Harris': Lauren Boebert Hammers POTUS At CPAC
"Let's not forget that Pelosi is 3rd in line. Let's get the house back, name a House leader and then impeach the two of them, and let's include Pelosi as well."

Joe Biden Bumper Sticker: ASK ME ABOUT MY DEAD SON
"If Beau Was a Biden, He Could Not Have Been Much"

Joe Biden’s SOTU Speech Flops In Democrat-Heavy CNN Poll
"If Biden can't win in a CNN poll heavy with Democrats, he is in worse shape than people think."

Within seconds of signing the groping bill, Joe Biden beelined to Gretchen Carlson's teenagers.
"Joe Biden is widely known to grope, caress and sniff women and children - IN PUBLIC."

Ukrain Nuclear Plant On Fire
"A fire could disrupt the cooling system at the plant, says nuclear expert"

Send In Kameltoe Harris
"Every person who voted for the Biden administration owes this nation and the wold an apology. Embarrassing"

2 Trained Seals Kept Popping Up Behind Pedo Joe, Clapping Their Flippers
"It is difficult to believe that this Potato is really our 'president'."

But Joe Biden is the Biggest Sniffing, Groping, Pedophile of All!
"Serial groper Joe Biden virtue signaled today in signing H.R. 4445"

As Gen Patton Turns In His Grave
"Army Training on Pronouns and Gender Dysphoria"

Dumb & Dumber Joe Biden & Pete Butt-I-Gig
"Now the Biden Regime is open to buying oil from Iran."

Botox Brain Pelosi Called Out
"So Fancy Nancy is upset about me speaking out at the State of the Union?"

The Funniest Thing Since Someone Broke Geraldo's Nose
"Joy Behar Face-Plants in Front of The View Audience"

Americans will ‘tune out’ Biden's Lies
"How bad does it have to get before someone yanks him offstage? It's not a vaudeville act, it's our nation."

Stuart Varney: The era of the oligarchs is over
"Now where's 'The Big Guy' gonna get his kickbacks from?"

Everything about Biden's SOTU was tone deaf and wrong
"Pelosi's look of glee at the inane useless words of Biden was especially chilling."

Pelosi + Kameltoe Harris + Joe Biden = We'er Screwed
"This truly is the worst times I've seen or heard for our political stance, and this president should be held accountable."

Joe Biden is NOT the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
"Joe Biden Forgets Thomas Edison's Name"

Man Who Smeared Human Feces on Woman’s Face Told Cops Released without Bail
"Abrokwa was released without bail thanks to new Democrat bail reform laws."

January 6 Panel & LESBO Liz Cheney Suck
"The sham January 6 Committee"

How President Trump Returns
"Once the Senate Confirms Impeachment of Biden and Harris Trump will be President of the United States"

Animal Studies Showed Adverse Affects of Covid-19 Vaccines
"FDA Releases Thousands of Pages of Documents Related to the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccines"

Biden is directly responsible for this
"Biden did accomplish one thing, unity. We all can't stand him!"

Ted Cruz slams Biden's State of the Union speech
"Biden refused to acknowledge his multiple dangerous failures"

EWG joins North Carolina coalition fighting monopoly utility Duke Energy's plot to hobble rooftop solar
"The days of Duke Energy dictating the price and source of North Carolina’s electricity are dwindling fast"

Biden ripped for demonstrating weakness
"The US needs a tough leader, not a laughing stock."

President Trump rips Biden's climate agenda: US adversaries laughing at how stupid we are
"My heart gos out to President trump, the best peoples President ever!"

Pfizer 5-11 Vax has NEGATIVE Effectiveness After Just Over a Month
"effectiveness goes negative after just over a month"

What an Idiot! You can't build a wall high enough to keep out...uhh...a uh, a vaccine
"The look on Pelosi’s face says it all."

The real state of the union is in crisis
"Why isn’t Joe Biden being impeached?"

US has been ‘telegraphing weakness’ since ‘rambling’ Biden took office
"Biden makes Carter look strong"

Joe Biden stumbled ‘even further backwards’ after State of the Union
"Haha what a woke joke America got for a President."

Harris and Biden a 'problem' for the 'entire Western world'
"I’m so embarrassed by this administration."

New revelations about Hunter will hit President Joe Biden's already plummeting popularity
"If the war in Ukraine was going to distract Americans from Joe Biden's poor performance as President...Hunter's past will swing the political attention back home."

Nancy Pelosi 'clapped like one of Stalin's minions' during Biden's SOTU address
"I wonder how many actually decided to boycott the clown show."

Biden was 'incapable' of delivering State of the Union address
"Never have so many lies been spoken in just one speech. What an absolute husk of a human."

Biden's address wasn't without embarrassing gaffes
"President Trump backs up his speeches with accomplishments! Biden, like Obama love to give oratorical speeches with nothing to support it!"

Biden's agenda has failed
"The fact that members of his OWN party have prepared rebuttals to his address speaks volumes. 'Unifier'"

Biden’s new approval rating is ‘disastrous’
"Do they keep polling the same deceased people? Who else would say he's doing a good job?"

Biden's 'dumpster fire presidency'
"I can't watch FJB, for even one minute, he is a disgrace to the Citizens of the USA."

Biden's Deer in the Headlights Look
"The 'Stupid Train' got Biden good"

Welcome to Democrat Hellhole New York City
"Man Smears Human Feces on Woman's Face in NYC"

BIDEN ECONOMY: The US Trade Deficit Hit a Record All-Time High in January
"Inflation Expected to be Worse than Expected"

High School Assistant Principal to Return to Work While Awaiting Trial For First-Degree Child Sex Assault
"Melven Conway, 46, was taken into custody at the school Monday"

Donald Trump Jr. Bashes Biden Over Ukraine Crisis
"No one is weaker or more infirmed than Joe Biden"

The Climate Changes Every Day!
"Biden White House captured by climate zealots"

Don't Worry About Putin's Mental Ability; LOOK AT JOE BIDEN!
"Nearly Half of Voters Question Biden's Mental Fitness"

Jim Jordan Hammers Democrats' Priorities In Fiery House Floor Remarks
"Jim Jordan is a Beast. He has to be tired of dealing with a bunch of kids"

Here Comes the Cavalry
"Can't wait until we get a real president again."

In Case of Nuclear Attack: "Wear Your Mask"
"Good God. We are so doomed if Trump doesn't get back soon. The nuts are running the asylum."

China Rejects Biden's Begging
"Wow! At least their president is fighting. Ours will hide!"

Real State of the Union will come in November
"Yes we are more capable of telling him what state we're in than he is. LOL"

Biden is several flavors of stupid
"The fact that there is even one singular person that thinks Biden is doing a good job is embarrassing."

Joe Biden is either ‘unhinged, confused or lying’
"'Joe Biden is either ‘unhinged, confused or lying’ - all of these."

Biden ‘basically laid out the red carpet’ for Putin to invade Ukraine
"It's hard to be tough when you literally can't put a 5 word sentence together."

Biden has been undermining US energy independence everyday
"No, we need to be Energy Independent, like we were with President Trump!"

Biden Weaker by the Day
"Kamala Harris was painful in Ukraine talks"

If the Election Wasn't Rigged, America Would Right Now Continue to have Record-Low Gas Prices
"If my energy policy had remained in place, where we were energy independent"

President Trump Calls on Republicans to Launch Select Committee to Investigate Hunter Biden and Biden Family Corruption
"A Republican Congress should launch a select committee as opposed to an unselect committee"

22-Year-Old Woman Develops Pericarditis One Week After Receiving Second Dose of the Moderna Vaccine
"swelling and irritation of the thin saclike membrane surrounding the heart"

5-Year-Old Kid Suffers Vaginal Hemorrhage 10 Days After Receiving Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
"She has never had this issue before the vaccine"

Joe Biden Approval Rating Sinks to 37%
"54% of Americans Now See Biden Mentally Incapable of Serving"

There Could be a Nuclear War, But Biden Needs Ice Cream & a Nap
"Biden is at his private home in Delaware as the Russian invasion of Ukraine escalates"

Anyone with a ‘functioning frontal cortex’ knew the dangers of a Russian energy superpower
"Everything Donald Trump warned about has come to pass in the worst way possible."

Mitt Romney is the Biggest Moron of All
"I can't figure out which side of his face he's speaking from."

Trump wins CPAC 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll
"Trump captured 59% of ballots cast, DeSantis received 28%"

John Kennedy Lambasts Biden
"You Can't fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out"

Secret Service Covers for Hunter Biden
"Agency Made 'Extensive, Inappropriate Redactions'"

Nursing Home Employee Forging Signatures of Mentally Disabled on Absentee Ballot Applications
"Trenae Myesha Rainey forged the signature on approximately two dozen ballot registrations."

Joe Biden’s Energy Policies are Dangerous
"policies by Joe Biden and Democrats are designed to hurt the American people and destroy the country."

"Giuliani was encouraging former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden."

‘The People’s Convoy’ SWELLS to Over 1,000 Vehicles
"The American truckers are gearing up for a massive protest in Washington DC in opposition to tyrannical COVID mandates."

Only 4% of Military Believe Biden Did Enough to Prevent Russia from Invading Ukraine
"No matter how hard Biden wants the troops to like him, it will never happen"

Biden's SCOTUS Pick Has History of Decisions Being Overturned for ‘Judicial Overreach’
"Biden vowed to only consider black women for the seat."

Joe Biden Tries to Spin Away His Own Stupidity
"There's a phenomenal negative psychological impact"

Biden Has Done More Damage in 13 Months Than Worst 5 Presidents in History
"President Trump killed it at CPAC on Saturday night."

Hispanic Shift To GOP Is Building
"The midterm elections are looking even worse for Democrats."

Shots fired, Joe Rogan went in on Bill Gates
"No wonder the Left is trying to cancel Joe Rogan!"

Biden made a ‘voluntary decision’ to end US energy independence
"We have the weakest president ever"

Josh Hawley Calls For Biden To Resign
"There is nothing wrong with America; there's something wrong with Joe Biden"

Biden 'kneecapping' energy independence has impaired 'national security'
"He pandered to his radical base and now we are paying the price internationally and at the pump"

Biden Assured Ukrainian Leader Zelensky that US Would Respond “Swiftly and Decisively” to Russian Aggression - On Friday Joe Left for Delaware
"Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday. Joe Biden left for his home in Delaware on Friday."

Senile Biden Wants Border Patrol To Guard Ukraine Border - To Hell With Our Own Border
"Biden is depleting our already severely understaffed Border to the frontlines of Ukraine."

62 Percent Of Voters Say Putin Wouldn't Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Was Still President
"Putin would not have invaded Ukraine had former President Trump still been in office"

Congressman Cawthorn on Tucker
"Tucker Carlson invited me on his show to talk about Democrats' attempted stifling of the MAGA movement."

No one believes Senile Joe Biden or Hag Hillary
"Biden broke the oldest rule of all"

Supreme Court Stresses Importance of Ongoing Monitoring of All ERISA Plan Investment Options
"The Supreme Court made clear that a plan fiduciary has a duty to...continually monitor investments and remove imprudent ones."

CPAC Ad Hits ‘Woka-Cola’
"Today, we are launching AlwaysWokaCola.com"

Biden compared to Beavis and Butt-Head's Cornholio
"The 78-year-old did a hilariously awkward pose and is now being compared to a cartoon character"

Joe Biden Is in over His Head
"He's just not up to the job of being president."

Cawthorn Joins Steve Bannon on War Room
"Congressman Cawthorn is standing in between the Left and their total authoritarian takeover of the American public."

Psaki, Biden Clown Show
"He didn't mean to poop his pants either, Jen, but I'm sure you'll clean that up for him too."

“Sanctions of Alzheimer’s”
"Gentlemen when planning sanctions, check those who generate them for Alzheimer’s illness."

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome after COVID-19 vaccination
"Over 21 million individuals ages 12-20 years old received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine"

Just 31% of voters are satisfied with the way things are going
"A majority of 58% says the country is worse off than it was a year ago"

Biden not tough enough on Russia
"Do You Expect a Demented, Senile Buffoon to be Tough?"

Putin is threatening a nuclear attack on the West and John Kerry is talking about climate change.
"Clown show."

Biden Cannot Show What He Does Not Have
"You can't show strength when you weaken your own country."

Cruz lays out Biden's catastrophic mistakes that led to Russian invasion
"If Biden is allowed to finish out his term. America will go down."

Ingraham: This is Biden's new bogeyman
"The Biden administration is on the ropes"

Senator Blackburn blasts Biden
"Republican senator says Putin sees Biden as 'weak'"

Gen. Flynn Calls Out Joe Biden on Mistakes, Fantasies, and Lies
"Biden and his failed foreign policy team set the table and sent the invitation and President Putin came and spoiled the dinner party."

Steve Bannon: “Where’s Hunter Biden?"
"Is He with More Strippers? Is He Smoking More Crack?"

Biden Does Stupid Things Because He IS Stupid
"Biden can fix this if he wants"

Biden's approval ratings continue to plummet
"No matter how low they plunge, they will never be as low as he is."

These are the realities that actually matter
"She almost described herself, 'gotten rich off her own people'"

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden won't be able to ignore the truckers
"The world is watching and we stand with the TRUCKERS!"

Duke Energy may waste millions on nonexistent nuclear reactors
"nuclear power industry is a notorious money pit, wasting billions of private and taxpayer dollars"

Kamala Harris sending 'boring verbal missiles' to Putin
"She should tell the Russians 'Just don't come' worked so well on the southern border."

Biden's cluelessness is showing up here
"Whenever Putin plays chess, Biden immediately responds with Bingo."

Tulsi Gabbard reveals who Biden's sanctions really punish
"Forget about Russia and Putin, we have our own border to defend"

Gutfeld: Under Trump, Putin did none of this
"Biden threatening Putin is like Richard Simmons threatening Hulk Hogan."

Tennis Star Gael Monfils Blames Booster Shot For His Health Problem
"adverse reaction following his Covid-19 booster shot."

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Secret Testimony
"When does she OD?"

I truly think the Biden Admistration is evil
"Why would anyone trust this Administration with anything"

DC Swamp Braces for US Trucker Convoy
"the last thing this embarrassment of a president needs is an Ottawa situation on his hands"

Flush Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden
"Trudeau called in police on horseback to quash peaceful protests"

Will the Capitol Hill Fence be to Protect Women & Children from Joe Biden?
"Nobody cares what the creepy weirdo basement dummy has to say."

The Truth About Ukraine - Paul Joseph Watson
"Maybe it's a Violation of International Law Not to Have a Giant Statue of George Floyd"

TRUMP IS RIGHT AGAIN: German UN Delegation Laughed at President Trump When He Warned Them of Reliance on Russian Oil
"Germany halted the approval of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany."

Biden Stares Blankly, Picks at His Teeth When Reporter Asks if He May Have Underestimated Vladimir Putin
"A smug Joe Biden stared blankly and picked at his teeth while his staffers shooed away reporters."

Democrat Candidate for US House Gets Drunk at Little Girls' Sleepover, Swears at Them, Insists She's Woman of Color, Throws Up in Their Shoes
"A good Democrat."

Biden Cannot Bluff Putin and Really Does NOT Want to Meet President Trump "Behind the Gym"
"It's the American People That Do Not Want Biden to be President"

Biden weakness
"Biden is incredibly weak on the world stage"

Trudeau made Canada a dictatorship
"He has declared war on his own country. He is a traitor."

BLM leader helping Senile Biden with Supreme Court pick
"Biden should have picked Hunter for the Supreme Court. He is the smartest person he knows."

Rep. Madison Cawthorn is the Most Qualified Candidate in North Carolina
"Running for office is not only a great privilege, it is a right protected under the Constitution"

"This is the real sedition."

Judge Blocks Air Force From Enforcing Vaccine Mandate on an Officer
"Officer Can Carry Out Mission Even if Unvaccinated"

Biden Tries to Show Putin Who is Boss, But Putin Alread Knows That He is Biden's Boss
"Biden is struggling"

Biden is neglecting the first responsibility of the government
"the greater threat to national security is the invasion at the southern border."

Biden's cluelessness is showing up here
"You can't figure out what the man is doing if he doesn't know what he is doing."

'Screw You': Biden's Border Crisis Gets Personal
"And with all this bad news at our southern border Biden's only concern is Ukraine's border."

Trudeaus House Of Cards Is Crumbling! Ontario Premier says It's Time To End Vaccine & Mask Mandates!
"Doug Ford, Ontario Premier just gave the game away."

The Democratic party has 'lost its mind'
"Tell Biden to take it out of his son's account"

After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed $1 Billion to BLM
"As the protests began, big money started to flow into BLM."

PUTIN TRUMPS BIDEN - Aligns with Two Ukrainian Republics Without Firing a Shot
"Putin outmaneuvered Biden and Harris and made them look like idiots."

26-Year-Old Trans Child Molester Gloats Over Light Sentence Thanks to Marxist DA Gascon
"Tubbs bragged about working the system and not having to register as a sex offender"

Putin Tells Biden to Pound Sand
"Putin is daring the Ukraine and the West to attack the Donbas because Russia will defend the newly independent republics from invaders."

"Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem shared a new video on Monday highlighting the need to decertify the irredeemably compromised 2020 election"

Putin is playing chess while Biden is playing a bad game of checkers
"Robert Charles, former assistant secretary of state, discusses the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine"

Pat McCrory Unintentionally Flaunts His Ignorance of Economics
"the only North Carolina governor ever to lose reelection"

Tom Homan slams AOC for selling 'Abolish ICE' shirts
"Happy Presidents day Donald Trump!"

Biden looks desperate talking to Putin
"Putin looks at our southern border and laughs; that says it all."

Biden's latest senile gaffes
"From the US, you are 100 percent right, he's senile! How embarrassing for our country!"

Putin isn't afraid of Biden, sees president as weak: Sen. Blackburn
"He is much worse than just weak, he presents himself as an empty bag."

Senile Joe Biden Caused This
"Nothing matters as long as corporations own the politicians & news agencies."

Hilton: Do the Democrats realize how anti-American their rhetoric is?
"What ever Democrats accuse their opposition of doing that's what they are doing!"

Trudeau government has shown ‘absolutely totalitarian behaviour’
"The truckers protest hasn't ended. It's getting stronger."

Russia, China do not respect Biden: Rep. Jeff Van Drew
"Many Americans don't respect Brandon either."

Kellyanne Conway on Biden polling plunging faster and deeper than ever
"I didn't lose confidence in his competence, I never had any to begin with."

Biden has 'declared war' on the American people: Sen. Cassidy
"Biden's energy plan kills American jobs and gives an advantage to Russia"

Putin can smell Biden's weakness a mile off: Steve Hilton
"The U.S. will be speaking Russian if Biden stays as our president."

Calls for International Community to Isolate Tyrannical Trudeau Regime
"I stand with the Canadians in their fight for liberty!"

CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public
"The condescension is palpable. The wheels are finally coming off."

Violence in Ottawa today is sponsored by Justin Trudeau
"Today, I told the House of Commons to reject the Emergencies Act."

NASCAR Fan Says ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ on Live TV
"What do you think I'm going to sign? I'm going to sign F*ck Joe Biden."

Some Think Kameltoe Harris is Even More Inept Than Joe Biden!
"Is This Even Possible?"

Biden could not act or appear more inept if he tried.
"Biden's team said Putin would invade Ukraine on Wednesday but of course, they were wrong."

'Weak and frail': Concerns for Biden's health - 'guided' down White House stairs
"I'm so embarrassed that they consider that man as our president. He is not now nor has he ever been worthy or fit for that position."

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline ‘is obvious’
"Biden's inability to answer even the most basic questions from handpicked journalists raises serious questions about his fitness for office"

Biden has ‘absolutely lost the plot’ and the media is just as bad
"Reporters should throw hard questions. This will get him mad and he will display his demented decline."

Hunter Biden 'couldn't function as a normal person' let alone a businessman
"Hunter enjoy your time now, But your going Down"

‘Trump was right’ about Clinton spying and Lying
"It's about time Leslie stops trying to 'Say something' and starts 'Listening' then 'Researching' and finally 'Reporting'

Kameltoe Harris' Voice Sounds Like Cow Flatulence
"VP Harris says sanctions would absolutely deter Putin, despite saying he made up his mind on invading Ukraine"

Ted Cruz Calls Out Joe Biden's Stupidity
"The best leverage The U.S. had against Russia and Putin was the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. But thanks to Brandon that's out the window."

Mix Portland with Antifa; What Could go Wrong?
"One Woman Killed, Five Others Injured in Mass Shooting Involving Portland Antifa"

A Call To All Canadians - Stop Work 2 21, 2 22
"Until Trudeau Resigns"

Canadian Dictator Launches Physical Attack Against Peaceful Protesters
"Alex Jones breaks down the masked paramilitary police set to descend on the peaceful protesters"

BLM Rioters Gather Outside Home of Judge
"Daunte Wright resisted arrest and fled the scene."

Ottawa Police Dragging Protester Between Trucks Then Repeatedly Kneeing Him
"At least the Ottawa Police haven't killed any protesters yet - that we know of."

Huffington Post in 2014 Claimed Canada Would Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau
"For once, maybe Huffington Post got one right, proving again that even a broken clock is right two times a day."

Joe Biden Explains How the Universe Works
"Published January 19, 2022"

The Most Dangerous Film in the World
"We thought this film was defective. But we were mistaken. This is how radiation looks."

Ukrainian President Zelensky Calls Out Joe Biden, “Someone Is Lying!”
"Kamala Harris Looks Totally Out of Place at Munich Meetings"

Media Is Melting Down Over Durham Revelations
"He pointed out that the Durham filing proved what the media had been claiming was false for years."

Hooker Gets Around
"Lisa Hook was the CEO of Neustar, the firm that is now in the news for having been involved in Hillary’s spying on candidate and President Trump."

Many Democrat Voters Don’t Want Life To Go Back To Normal
"liberals have made mask-wearing such an important part of their identity that they might not be able to give it up."

Hate Hoax: Black Female Student Admits to Scrawling School Water Fountains with “White” and “Colored”
"The school administration later announced the perpetrator was a black girl and she got caught on camera committing the 'race' crime."

Time to Remove the Snake's Head
"Citizens Flood Ottawa Police Phone Lines With Complaint Calls About Horrific Treatment of Protesters"

Make Sure the Return Fire is Not Made of Rubber
"Ottawa Police Shoot Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas on Peaceful Freedom Protesters"

Just Another Bag Lady
"Hillary Clinton Steps Out in New York City and Nobody Notices Her"

Putin and everyone else knows Biden is weak
"Putin shivers with laughter as Joe Biden threatens him!"

The way North Carolina's electricity rates are set will change with a new law
"The way Nor th Carolina's big electric companies set rates is changing in a big way."

Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a Poundshop Putin and he's got to go
"That's an insult to Putin, he hasn't done these measures in Russia"

BLM chapter bails out alleged would-be mayoral assassin
"C'mon man, that was going to be a mostly peaceful assassination!"

Rep. Scott on Democrat Party facing extinction in Rural America
"I was so ashamed to call myself a Democrat that I left the party of 60 years."

Texas representative calls for Secretary JugHead Mayorkas to resign
"The man is complicit with this invasion and possibly allowed a terrorist cell in. He needs to resign immediately...then jail for life."

Senile Biden has 'declared war' on the American people: Sen. Cassidy
"We had a pipeline. The thing he signed away the first day in office. Anyone remember that?"

Police Assault News Reporter Purposefully Clubbed in The Head with Batons and Shot Point-Blank in Leg with Gas Canister
"Levant provided an update on Lavoie, as well as a video of the unprovoked attack."

Another Obama Economist Calls Out Senile, Lying Biden
"Even former economists for Barack Obama won't cover up for Joe Biden."

Canada Is a Police State...There’s No Rule of Law...Guns Were Drawn...They Suspended the Debate in Parliament
"He says that the country is in a civil war"

Trudeau's Goons Beat Protester on the Ground with a Stick
"The Ottawa Police today beat the hell out of Freedom Protesters."

Will Durham Destroy the National Security State or Just Hillary Clinton?
"Mueller investigation was to continue the hate campaign against Trump while covering up the prior illegal actions by Clinton"

Police on Horseback Trample Handicapped Woman with Walker in the Street
"I've seen some police laugh as other officers beat protesters."

The Crazy Politics Of The Squad Are Backfiring On The Democrats - And They Know It
"Democrats are trying to figure out something, anything they can do to save them from their electoral fate."

“The Democrats Are in Search of Their Next Scam”
"The National Archives did not 'find' anything, they were given, upon request"

Democrats are on a mission to destroy this country. You just can't deny it any longer.
"Top Senate Democrat Blocks Vote Banning Tax-Payer Dollars for Crack Pipe Distribution"

CDC Helps Pfizer Try to Spin Away Any Liability
"Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine increases the risk of developing a rare and deadly blood clotting condition in the brain."

Old senile Joe Biden extending National Emergency related to COVID
"Biden's decision to keep the emergency going has no end date."

Democrats "want to keep the mask on forever"
"The average Democrat thinks catching COVID will send them directly to the hospital 'where a ventilator awaits you'"

Putin ‘outplaying career politician’ Joe Biden: Rep. Tenney
"A three year old could outplay Biden."

Here come the American truckers
"I see so many Canadian drivers flying American flags along with Canadian. The support is greatly appreciated and the feeling is mutual"

Congressman Cawthorn: MAGA Fighters Have the Washington Elite Panicked
"Challenges to take patriots like Congressman Cawthorn off the ballot will never stand a chance in court."

Judicial Watch Settles North Carolina Voter Roll Lawsuit After State Removes Over 430,000 Inactive Names From Rolls
"Judicial Watch successfully sued California, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana and forced them to clean up their dirty voter rolls."

Woman Shares Her Tragic Story Following Pfizer Shots
"She had a cough and other issues like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue."

Biden's Goofy, Fully Vaxxed and Boosted Surgeon General and His Entire Family are Down with Covid
"Murthy is still lecturing on Covid safety"

“Lock Her Up!” - Angry Protesters Shout at Hillary Clinton
"'Lock her up!'' one protester shouted. 'Hang her!' another one said"

Trudeau Will Start Confiscating Pets Belonging to Freedom Convoy Protesters
"The city officials say they will keep the dogs for 8 days and then the animals 'will be considered relinquished.'"

Meta-Facebook Manager of Community Development Staffer Caught In Hotel Child Sex Sting Operation
"Miles serves on the board of directors for LGBTQ+ group, Equality California."

Nurse Develops Pericarditis After Receiving Booster Shot - Gets Mocked Online After Blaming Trump
"Her cardiologist told her it was due to the vaccine and he had seen several cases of it lately"

Trudeau Donated to Black Lives Matter and Kneeled in Obedience, Arrests Working Truckers
"The BLM mobs caused a record $2 billion in damages in 2020 and was behind several killings."

Biden's 'dismal' approval ratings
"Biden should not have reversed everything Trump had done."

Democrats losing voters faster than CNN is losing viewers
"Even the deceased are regretting that they voted for Joe Biden"

Sen. Blackburn Accuses Biden Of 'Truly Absurd Propaganda'
"Great work Sen. Blackburn. This Administration is a nightmare."

Ken Paxton rips Biden for border crisis: He's in ‘recruitment mode’
"Our southern border is nothing more than a giant 'Welcome' mat."

Sen. Blackburn Rips JugHead Mayorkas Over Settlements To Migrants
"He stalls so people who are asking questions will run out of time. However, this lady didn't let him do it. Good for her!"

Joe Biden is a paper tiger
"Crazy how having a feeble old man as commander in chief would make the world think that."

Lara Trump: Democrats are about to 'woke' themselves right out of office
"Yes I live in Ohio and I voted for Trump and I'm glad I voted for a True American"

Board of Health Suppresses Father’s Testimony About His Son's Death Following Pfizer Shot
"Dan believed that his son was killed by the experimental vaccine."

Democrats Took Over BLM Funding Using ActBlue
"Now Hillary's Attorney Marc Elias Is Identified as Working for BLM"

AOC Says She Helped Huge Amounts of Illegal Aliens Get Taxpayer Stimulus Checks
"AOC said she 'fought tooth and nail' to help illegal aliens get taxpayer money"

Joe Biden's Approval Number Drops to Just 35%
"You know it's bad when 95% of the media is behind you and you still score a 35% approval rating."

Coup Involving Not Only Hillary But These Other Government Agencies
"What we're hearing about now is awful, but what we already know is even worse."

Joe Biden Sued Over Mask Mandate
"Attorney General Paxton argued that Biden's airline mask mandate was unlawfully issued and never authorized by Congress."

I've Got Your Vax Proof Right Here
"Man Attacks Applebee's Bartender with Meat Cleaver"

Prissy-Boy Trudeau Suported BLM & Antifa Riots, but Tries to Destroy Protesting Truckers
"Justine Castreau just needs a small, square moustache to complete his look."

Prissy-Boy Trudeau is Being Flushed
"Trudeau has lost control of the situation"

Donald Trump Jr.: "All of Those Clowns Are Strangely Silent"
"Don Jr. wondered where the mainstream media was on this historic scandal? Why are they so silent?"

Russia Mocks Joe Biden
"Russia on Wednesday made fun of the Biden Administration with a series of tweets mocking Biden."

Reporter Faints On Live Television While Lobbying For Vaccine Mandates
"Pfeffer was in the middle of asking Muller if the country should really wait to implement a mandatory vaccine when she became unable to speak properly."

Sen. Blackburn: The Clinton Campaign Cooked Up This Plot To Ruin Trump's Presidency
"Senator Marsha Blackburn slams Clinton Campaign"

Hillary Clinton campaign was a 'criminal enterprise': Sen. Hawley
"Her whole life has been a criminal enterprise."

Justice Is Coming for Hillary
"The video exposes not just Hillary Clinton but the wicked and dishonest mainstream media in this country."

Biden has done everything in reverse
"That is why America is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Sickening to see."

Prissy-Boy Trudeau Cannot Keep His Foot Out of His Mouth
"Conservatives stand with swastikas."

Panel says Democrats have 'super wokeness' problem
"The Democrats have to step away from the super wokeness"

The opposition party and federal government intelligence operatives were spying on President Trump and then framed him of crimes
"Clinton's campaign spied on the Trump Campaign and Trump Tower and then later spied on his White House servers."

Virginia Governor Signs Order Ending Mask Mandates in Schools, Gives Pen to Little Girl Suspended 9 Times for Not Complying
"Suck it, lefty NoVA school boards, suck it!"

Turning Down $1 Million Severance Package That Was Offered by the Company in Exchange for Her Silence
"Some people just can't be bought off"

BLM to Bail Out Activist Who Attempted to Assassinate Louisville Mayoral Candidate
"Brown, a BLM and anti-gun activist, allegedly walked into Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg’s office and began firing shots at him."

Scandal-Plagued CNN Records Worst Ratings In Seven Years
"People are turning off CNN in droves."

Hillary Breaks Silence to Spin a Few Lies
"Anyone who trusts Hillary at this point is a fool. Most Democrats know that."

Hunter Biden sought ‘forever’ deal with China military-tied firm
"Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)...have been investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings"

Prissy-Boy Trudeau is Stupid Enough to Take Advice From Senile, Demented Joe Biden
"This is not an emergency. Emergency powers must never be normalised."

Hillary Clinton was attempting to 'overthrow' Trump's presidency
"We want the President we voted for...President Trump"

Sen. John Kennedy shreds Trudeau's 'underwhelming' leadership
"An old Texas Ranger saying, 'It's impossible to stop a man who knows he's right and just keeps coming at you.'"

Hillary Clinton dodges questions on latest Durham findings
"We need Trump to be speaker of the house after the midterms."

These are ‘the highest of crimes’: Monica Crowley on latest Durham probe findings
"A national Strike is how to play hardball with a tyrannical government."

Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee Demand Docs on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal
"Comer and Grothman wrote that the withdrawal was comparable to the fall of Saigon."

Little Castro: Justin Trudeau Is Now Threatening Tow Truck Drivers
"The Trudeau regime is threatening to arrest tow truck drivers if they don't do their dirty work for them"

Canadian Parliament Members Shout Down Trudeau Multiple Times As He Dodges Questions About His Unprecedented Use of the Emergency Act
"Justin Trudeau was mercilessly shouted down several times by parliament members"

Pfizer Drugs Killed Our Daughter
"Her parents say the doctors and hospital killed Grace by their insistence to follow ineffective COVID treatment protocols."

Was Hysteria Over Russia a Ruse to Take Attention Away From What Hillary Clinton Did?
"I was thinking it was a ruse to TRY and make Sleepy Joe the Child Lover into a more 'Presidential Person' (since his ratings are lower than a T E R D in the sewer)"

Jake the Snake Sullivan Biden's National Security Advisor
"Republican Leaders Jim Jordan and Marsha Blackburn Raise Concerns with Jake Sullivan as Biden’s National Security Advisor"

Biden Wants to Inoculate as Many People as Possible
"You’ll Have to Get an Annual Shot"

‘People’s Convoy’ of 1,000 US Truckers Getting Ready to Head For DC
"I think you’re going to see it grow as we move across the country"

Biden Doesn't Care About Our Border, Only the Ukraine Border
"Joe Biden Starts Spouting Off About Russia Invading Ukraine's Sacred Border Again"

Musician Boasts About Getting COVID Booster on Twitter, Gets Pericarditis 3 Days Later
"The doctor told him it may be due to the COVID booster shot"

Med Bag for the Bag
"A wheelchair ride to the gallows can be provided."

If There is a War, Put Joe Biden on the Front Line
"Does Biden want war?"

Biden incapable of handling what’s going on in the world
"If you offer Joe Biden a penny for his thoughts, you can expect change."

Trudeau getting his chance to play dictator
"This is the guy who praised China's dictatorship. If that wasn't a warning I don't know what is."

Media played a starring role in the death of Canadian democracy
"Can't wait til Americans show our government who is really in charge. We will not back down!"

Biden Will Leave Americans Behind Enemy Lines Again
"Just because bidumb rejects it don't mean it's not true"

Trudeau is displaying ‘petty’ behavior
"Canadians must stand firm to this tyranny."

Prissy-Boy Trudeau is Going Down
"Many people are joining this protest BECAUSE of the government's reaction, which is clearly sucky and excessive"

Protester: 'We're not leaving' Ottawa demo site
"HOLD THE LINE CANADA - America and the world has your back"

Hunter Biden ‘serving the interest’ of China at expense of US
"The only thing Hilary should be running for is a good lawyer."

"Keep the fight going; we can win this!"

Kayleigh McEnany torches ‘elitist’ Justin Trudeau
"Do not comply! Hold the line! America supports you Canada! Let's go Brandeau!"

This administration knows the facts aren't on their side
"This administration has no shame, no truth, no honor."

Pelosi exposed as 'a big-government socialist'
"Nancy can see Alcatraz from her window; it's time for her to see her house from Alcatraz"

Joe Concha: Trump's presidency was hijacked
"And all the people that supported the lie about Trump should be held accountable to the fullest"

Jesse Watters: Hillary's web of lies
"Anyone else tired of: Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Psaki, Hillary, Obama, Chuck, Miley, CNN, Maxine?"

Tucker: Trump was right about this
"I remember when Trump, very early on in his presidency, tweeted out that Obama had him wire tapped."

Hannity: Hillary's dirty Russian dossier
"Jail is too kind of a word for what these people have done."

Trudeau Has the Most Punchable Face Ever
"Using the Emergency Act to stop a legitimate peaceful protest is Unbelievable Banana Republic Behavior."

The Durham investigation has shown that the biggest threat to our democracy is the likes of Hillary Clinton
"Sussman 'repeatedly' billed the Clinton Campaign for the 'work on the Russian Bank-1 allegations.'"

I Demand Gun Control or I Will Shoot You
"Quintez Brown, charged in attempted murder of candidate Craig Greenberg, was once featured on MSNBC as a Black student gun reform leader"

Who Wants a Stinking Job?
"Huge numbers are leaving the labor market entirely and more than 80 percent do not want a job"

Joe Biden and Democrats Manage to Nearly Double Oil Prices in ONE YEAR - Oil Prices Threaten to Pass $100 per Barrel
"The gas and oil prices we see today are all a direct result of Joe Biden, his handlers, and Democrat policies."

Biden Working on Another Billion Dollar Deal in Ukraine
"The US southern border is more important to Americans and not the Ukrainian border."

Comedian Heather McDonald Says She Won't Get 4th Covid Jab After Collapsing on Stage, Fracturing Skull
"Dr. Drew said he has a friend who still can't walk after getting the Covid booster"

“I Do Think There Was a Criminal Conspiracy” - Former Head of DNI John Ratcliffe Says He's Met with Durham
"indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by operatives paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign"

Durham Grand Jury Interviewed 24 People So Far
"He's going to deliver. This guy is unraveling the biggest criminal conspiracy against a sitting president in the United States history."

President Trump Was a Victim of Espionage
"Durham revelations that people working for Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump, his campaign and his administration is only part of the story."

Watters: 'Criminal' Clinton should be banished from polite society
"Everytime we turn around we’re faced with 'Trump was right' "

John Durham did Democrats a favor, Hillary will surely not be running in 2024
"Stuart Varney weighed in on this news shaming the fake news for being so incredibly dishonest."

Terminate Trudeau's Command
"Problem with ending vaccine mandates is that Trudy's kickbacks also end."

Durham Probe Accelerates
"More People Cooperating and Coming Before Grand Jury"

Hillary Clinton needed a distraction from her own emails, connections
"How’s this not treason? Trying to over throw the government seems to make the case."

Bob Barr calls Clinton campaign spying 'very insidious'
"Just like what's going on now in the administration is insidious"

Ratcliffe predicts more Clinton-related indictments
"The only thing Hillary and Bill should have on their minds is who gets which bunk."

Pelosi Tries to Put on a Happy Face
"Nancy is making a great point for term limits and age limits."

Advice From a Senile, Demented, Not Too Bright Pedophile
"Biden is such an unbelievable embarrassment."

FBI official warns of 'a lot of potential charges' in Durham probe
"This woman has done so much damage and I am wondering that she isn't behind bars. This shows me the level of corruption in our system."

Jim Jordan sounds alarm on key Dem lawyer involved in spying on Trump
"One of the greatest gifts Trump gave Americans was to expose the corrupt media and politicians."

'He has to go': Trudeau's government has 'massively overreached'
"Nice. The world seeing Trudeau and his government for what they really are"

Durham report finds Clinton campaign spied on Trump during presidency
"Trump was right basically in everything and under amazing pressure leading country brilliantly!

You lying wretch: Hilton to Hillary Clinton
"She couldn't even win when she was cheating; poor Hillary"

The media was in on it
"KT McFarland, joined 'Fox & Friends' to discuss how the media has avoided covering the latest in the Durham probe."

Joe Concha: There is a media blackout on this
"Everyone that had half a brain knew DJ Trump was Not a Russian Spy; my cat was closer match."

Take Out Trudeau
"fines of up to $100,000, imprisonment for up to a year, and even the permanent loss of their driver’s licenses."

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Commercial During the Super Bowl
"McCormick explains in the ad that the issues Americans are facing are much larger than ‘Brandon” an assumed name for Joe Biden."

Joe Biden Suffers From Not Enough Brain Cells
"Joe Biden Attacks NFL on Super Bowl Sunday for Not Having Enough Black Coaches"

Biden dismissing Afghanistan probe
"He's your boy Jake...now you gotta live with it. TRUMP 2024!"

Obama Running White House - Has Call with Dems Minus Senile Joe Biden
"White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slipping and claiming she reports to Obama."

Biden’s going to ‘pay at the polls’ for this: Rep. Gooden
"I wish I could have seen 4 more years of President Trump"

Rep. Jim Jordan: This is worse than we thought
"This just proves how worthless the FBI and the DOJ is when it comes to prosecuting a Democrat"

Jen Psaki Said No Report on Administration’s Failed Withdrawal Existed
"she lied, there is a report and it's damning of the Biden gang and their actions during this crisis."

“I Hope Donald Trump Sues Them All for Everything! This is the Biggest Scandal We've Ever Seen!”
"The Durham team found evidence lawyers paid tech specialists, including university personnel to infiltrate Trump servers."

Joe Biden was in fifth place during the Democrat primaries in 2020
"Democrat voters weren't excited about a geriatric Dementia patient."

LESBO Liz Cheney’s Husband's firm connected to individuals involved in spying on President Trump in the White House.
"What really is the reason Liz Cheney hates President Trump so much?"

Joe Biden Doesn't Know What He is Doing
"We need a real leader with leadship skills and a spine, Not a puppet for special interestes"

Bongino: This is how the left executes censorship
"No one has to undermine government, they've made everyone not trust them all in their own."

Democrats are openly attacking the working class: Steve Hilton
"It's not about COVID or the economy. It's all about power. Period."

Border patrol at their wit’s end: Former acting DHS secretary
"This is so messed up. No country in the world would allow this, Biden needs to go!"

Last Week “Experts” Admitted Lockdowns Did Not Reduce Mortality Rates - NOW They Admit Masking Was Worthless
"We already knew this. But the elites are finally admitting what we already knew."

Democrats Trying To Take Credit For Ending The Pandemic: ‘Nice Try’
"Many people are speculating that Biden will try to take a victory lap at his state of the union speech in March. It won’t work."

Last Time Democrats Did This They Eventually Hanged for Their Sedition
"In a Stronger Period of Time in Our Country, This Crime Would Have Been Punishable by Death"

Hillary Paid Company to Infiltrate Servers in Trump Tower and Later the Trump White House in an Attempt to Link Trump to Russia
"And Hillary Clinton pushed the conspiracy knowing HER TEAM was behind the bogus accusations!"

Obama’s White House Doctor accused White House of covering up serious issues with Biden’s cognitive health
"You deserve to know if Biden is up to the job. Something IS NOT right with him!"

Capitol Police Killed Rosanne Boyland
"This is the second murder that day by Capitol Police that was given a pass."

Trump rips Biden on Ukraine
"It's nice to hear a president who can speak without mumbling or doesn't have to prepare 4 days to have a conversation"

'You Dumb Mother F*****': Joe Rogan RESPONDS To Don Lemon
"Joe Rogan is going completely scorched earth over this and I love it."

Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights
"Didn’t the LEFT in the 60s yell, 'Power to the People'? Well, you got it. Power to the people and power to the Truckers!"

Joe Rogan is 'unstoppable now'
"The more they try to cancel Joe Rogan, the more popular he gets. Keep going Rogan! We got your back!"

Truckers versus tyranny
"Forget the truckers who are legally protesting and worry about the people who are illegally crossing the southern border Brandon!"

Butt-I-Gig & Trudo are panicking over this
"Get ready America. This coming Sunday is not only the kickoff for the 'Stupidbowl'. It's the start of the biggest movement America has even seen."

Biden snaps at NBC's Lester Holt when asked about brutal inflation report
"He can't do anything about what he doesn't know exists. His handlers tell him we're in good shape"

Midterms will show one of the 'greatest rebukes of a sitting president'
"We need a leader not a squatter."

Australia Reporter B*tch and Whine After He Just GOT SCHOOLED by Kari Lake
"The off-record argument was hilarious! He started it, and she beat him hard."

President Donald J. Trump Interview - $800 Million Biden Scandal
"Trump brought us prosperity, opportunity, mobility, jobs by the millions, the greatest middle-class income growth in history, a secure border"

Biden’s Brain Breaks During Interview - "And There is No Way We Were Ever Going to Unite Ukraine...I Mean Excuse Me Iraq...Afghanistan"
"Imagine how bad the unedited version of this interview is because of Biden's dementia."

Joe Biden's New Dept. of Energy Hire: A Gender Fluid Drag Queen Into Kinks Related to Animal Role-Playing
"Sam Brinton, a genderqueer drag queen into BDSM, has been appointed to oversee the US's nuclear power plants."

"Hunter Act" Will Prevent US Taxpayers from Funding Free Crack Pipe Programs
"Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Dan Bishop of North Carolina said the Biden administration got caught “red-handed” trying to fund crack pipes"

Menstrual Disorders Following Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccinations
"thousands of women have reported changes to their monthly cycle after getting the COVID vaccine."

Stopping the Liberal Assault on the American People
"Congressman Cawthorn is standing in between the Left and their total authoritarian takeover of the American public."

America in trouble if Clinton runs in 2024
"People who voted for Bien should never be allowed to vote ever again."

Hannity: Frail-looking Joe
"Build Crack Better"

Ingraham: Biden Home Alone
"We never expected anything less of him. His entire career as representative was trash."

Biden: An Idiot at the Wheel
"With biden even snapping at Lester Holt shows biden is completely lost, overwhelmed and is very defensive"

Does Hillary Wear Her Nightgown All the Time?
"her popularity is likely higher than that of...Biden."

BIDEN PAY TO PLAY: After Biden Didn't Invite Tesla to Green Car Event at the White House, GM Hires Biden's Niece
"Did anyone release her diary to see if Biden got all touchy feely? Did he take showers with her too to get a good sniff?"

Biden Working on Plan to More Easily Release Young Adult Illegal Aliens on the Streets of America
"This program will not include GPS or other monitoring technology"

Tucker Carlson and Rep. Troy Nehls SHRED Pelosi's “Weaponization” of Capitol Hill Police
"CPD 'Has Become a Secret Police Force that Acts on Behalf of The Democratic Party'"

Rick Perry blasts Biden as the 'most job killing, inflation-creating' admin

The Five' slam Biden's plan to solve record inflation
"I’m personally embarrassed for every single person who voted for Biden."

Duke Energy customers seeking compensation after destructive power surge
"Neighbors in Indian Land said hundreds and thousands dollars worth of appliances were fried by the voltage."

HLS Sec JugHead Mayorkas Tries to Squirm Out of His Lies
"Biden's Secretary Tries To LIE To Ted Cruz, Gets CAUGHT Instantly"

Republicans catch Pelosi in outright lie about Capitol police
"It is difficult NOT to catch Pelosi in a lie every time she speaks."

Sen. Kennedy: Biden admin doesn't care about this issue
"Sen. John Kennedy R, La., torches Biden's 'open-border' policies and reported plan to distribute crack pipes"

Multiculturalism is a "Sickness"
"I have no problem being white and am proud of my people's accomplishments."

I don't know what the White House is smoking
"Larry Kudlow discusses the sky-high inflation rates and the Fed continuing to print money"

Over 5 Million Questionable, Unlawful or Spurious Ballots Identified in 2020 Election in PA, GA and AZ
"In Arizona, around a million ballot issues have been identified to date since the 2020 Election."

“Who's Running the FBI Investigation?”
"Kamala Harris was at the DNC on Jan 6 But She Doesn't Talk About Her Team Finding a Pipe Bomb There Minutes Before Capitol Riots?"

The Biden Economic Fiasco Is Manmade - He Did That in Three Ways
"Steve stressed to the War Room audience that these are not just cyclical or random inflation numbers that we are seeing. These are intentional."

Rear Admiral and Top US Commander in Kabul Blames White House and Jill Biden for Historic Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster
"It was the greatest US military embarrassment and disaster in our history."

CNN Poll Disaster: 57 Percent Rate Biden's First Year a Failure
"CNN Tries to 'Cover Up' Biden's Failure, But Cannot"

Capitol Police Rules Beating Trump Supporter Rosanne Boyland to Death, While Unconscious, "Objectionably Reasonable"
"Rosanne Boyland was the first woman killed by Capitol police that day."

Sen. Braun: There is ‘buyer's remorse’ over President Biden
"Buyer's remorse? No, we didn't vote for him. Trump won."

Biden is always three steps behind and it's only getting worse
"Anyone who thinks he's fit for office needs a cognitive test as well as him."

Trudeau has united the people against him: Freedom Convoy protester
"When people collectively tell Their government "no" government is forced to listen."

Hannity and Bongino DEMOLISH Geraldo Over His Bootlicking Defense of the Biden Regime
"After Geraldo's best defense of the policy, Hannity unleashes Bongino to demolish the ridiculous argument, and he did not disappoint."

Dad Feels Guilty After 10-Year-Old Son Died Following COVID-19 Vaccination
"The awakening will be tough for many."

Woman's Death Due to Allergic Reaction from COVID-19 Vaccine
"About 15 to 20 minutes after receiving the COVID shot, Evans began to complain that she can hardly breathe."

1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events
"myocarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, cardiac, Bell's Palsy, immune-mediated disease, and many more."

Kennedy: No 'safe way' to smoke crack
"How do you impeach a president that was not elected?"

Everyone's Finding Out Joe Biden is a Total Idiot
"Biden's Real Clear Politics Poll Average Drops Below 40 Percent For The First Time"

Kennedy: Biden has tolerated crime
"Criminals are not the victims of some ethereal systemic oppression."

Biden Wants Citizens to Support Illegal Aliens
"It is going to take years for Republicans to correct all the upheaval this Administration has done."

Biden Blasted for 'desperately' trying to evade this political movement
"Democrats sticking by their anti-police policies during crime surge."

Biden Still Searching for the Bottom of his Popularity
"Thanks to the people that voted Biden, Harris."

Blackburn: I Demand To Know Why HHS Plans To Use Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Crack Pipes
"rising crime in America, our open southern border, and the Biden administration's push for government funded drug paraphernalia."

Biden Spending $30M to Pass Out Free Crack Pipes
"Crime is skyrocketing, fentanyl is killing Americans, and what is Biden's response?"

Joe Biden is pandering to criminals: Former NYPD commissioner
"When Joe Biden puts a quarter in the parking meter he stands there waiting for a gumball to drop out."

Throwing Off the Elites
"When food stops getting delivered it will be everyone's problem. Not just the truckers' problem."

Biden urged to take cognitive test - his 'mental decline' has 'become more apparent'
"Recent polls have shown that Biden, age 79, is facing questions about his mental fitness"

Women shot server in the face over missing burger
"Bryanna and Breanta Johnson charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide"

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn launches campaign to impose term limits on Congress
"I really want to drain the swamp...Nancy Pelosi, 81, has been serving for longer than I've been alive."

6-Year-Old Child Develops Myocarditis Two Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
"Before the vaccine, Carrie said her son was 'eating on his own [but] now he can't even swallow his saliva.'"

BLM Protest outside officer's house
"We can thank the Dems for all of this stuff happening"

Biden a Partner with the Cartels
"Biden has partnered with coyotes for a ‘human smuggling operation’ at the southern border."

Tom Cotton: The Biden admin's ineptitude is hard to believe
"It's time to contemplate that this is malevolence as opposed to simply weakness or ineptitude"

House Arrest for Vermin Living on the street?
"Biden admin to put illegal immigrants under house arrest rather than detain them"

Big Tech giants ‘covering up’ Joe Biden’s weakness: Sen. Johnson
"They mismanaged everything they've ever done except extorting money."

This is Biden-style Democracy
"If Biden worried half as much about the Southern border as he does Ukraine's this country might be in better shape."

Hunter Biden emails attempted $120 million oil deal with China
"This family is very corrupt. When will they be brought to justice? This behavior is treason."

If Biden will not secure the border, the states will have to
"Too bad the states had not been preemptive over the past couple of decades in securing their borders seeing that the federal government would not do it."

Power surge fries homeowners electronics, Duke Energy won't pay up on claims
"Duke Energy says the surge was caused by an equipment failure but now the company is refusing to cover the cost of the damage."

Biden Regime to Pay For Crack Pipes for Drug Addicts to Advance ‘Racial Equity’
"Did Hunter Biden come up with this initiative?"

President Trump released a statement against this attack on Americans while criminals, gangsters, and real terrorists roam free across our southern border
"The Biden regime knows their time is almost up."

Jim Hoft On InfoWars With Alex Jones - People Are Tired Of Being Lied To
"People are tired of being lied to. The media has lied to them about everything."

Joe Rogan became more powerful than the mainstream media
"They struck him down, but he returned, and is more powerful than they can POSSIBLY imagine!"

Sen. Kennedy: When reality calls, the Biden administration hangs up
"Department of Health and Human Services granting funds to provide crack pipes for poor communities."

Will crime, inflation be the Democrats' undoing ahead of the midterms?
"We need a real President not a "Resident!"

White House can't admit that Kamala Harris is the problem
"That is the problem with hiring someone based on their gender and ethnicity. Can't put that cat back in the bag."

Woman Arrested For Human Smuggling Illegal Aliens Growls at Border Patrol Agents
"Oh, so now we're the worlds trash can. Everyone drops their most demented cases on our border?"

Biden Will Always Overpromis Because He Does Not Have the Capacity to Deliver
"Sleepy Joe is over delivering the capacity of his depends"

President Trump urges Joe Rogan not to apologize: 'Don't let them make you look weak'
"Don't even acknowledge them, see them for who they are. Never answer to fools"

Are Wild Geese Banned From Honking?
"Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Against HONKING"

Biden Left and Abandoned 9,000 Americans in Afghanistan in Botched Withdrawal
"The report contradicts the Biden administration's earlier claims that just 100-150 were left behind."

Fake Prez Joe Biden not focused on the record 2 million illegal aliens who crossed the open US southern border in the last 12 months
"These same bastards...are now threatening any honest American who questions the stolen 2020 election."

Watters: This is over for the Democrats
"Stacy Abrams writing erotic novels is like Ted Bundy writing a guide to dating."

Joe Biden Violates the Constitution EVERY SINGLE DAY
"It’s not just low-level crime. You got to look at who’s in charge. You got to look at the people at the top. Look at Joe Biden."

Taking a Chomp Out of Crime
"Two inmates who escaped from a Tennessee jail last week are now dead after allegedly robbing a convenience store"

James Carville Looks Like He's Already Been Punched in the Face - More Than Once
"I just want to punch you in the god----ed face"

AG Brnovich declaring border crisis 'invasion' under Constitution
"Brnovich says state authorized 'to defend itself' under governor’s 'authority as Commander-in-Chief'"

Sen. Rand Paul: Democrats have overplayed their hand
"will 'lose the public' over COVID-19 mandates"

No One Wants Jim Acosta
"MSNBC, CNN face gaping holes in primetime"

80% of Serious COVID-19 Cases Had Received at Least Three Shots of COVID Vaccines
"He also claimed that the vaccine has ‘no significance regarding severe illness.’"

10 Ways the 2020 Presidential Election Was Obviously Stolen
"The Mainstream Media continues to promote the lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was the most secure election ever."

High School Students Told to Put on Masks or Leave - So They Walked Out
"told to mask up or leave. So they left"

FBI Clowns Release Mueller Documents with Hillary’s Name Redacted - Forget Prior Document Dump Exposes Her Name
"Was Hillary at a meeting with Bill and Marc Rich? Did the Clintons make money by giving Rich a pardon?"

Pelosi drags her feet on proposals to ban lawmakers from trading
"She's dragging her feet on this policy? Of course she is. She can't make up some lame excuse now like it's for the children."

Biden family benefitted from Hunter's business dealings
"Remember when Criminal Politicians were Hung, Tarred and Feathered. Those were the Good Old Days."

'We Are Actually Winning!': Dan Sullivan Speaks At Trucker Anti-Vaccine Mandate Rally In Alaska
"Facebook and the VP supported peaceful protests in 2020 when BLM was protesting. Freedom of choice and vaccine mandates protests should get the same."

'America Is Not Stupid - We See What's Going On': Biden Hammered Over 'Nighttime Flights' Of Illegal Aliens
"It is YOUR DUTY to overthrow these traitors."

'It Was A Lie!': Chip Roy Blasts Jen Psaki On House Floor
"He's the second person I've heard openly say Psaki was a liar. DeSantis was another."

Stacey Abrams Could Not Find a Mask Big Enough to go Around Her Fat Head
"She can't even control her weight how's she going to control anything in Congress?"

Wicked ADL Pushes Hate in Classrooms - Only Whites Can Be Racist
"Today the ADL is a far-left hate group whose goal is to smear conservatives, patriotic Americans and white people."

BIDEN’S RECORD: More Police Officers Died in 2021 Under Biden's Watch
"Biden and the Democrats efforts to defund the police...led to widespread murders of police across the country."

Bureau of Labor Statistics Literally Just Made Up January Jobs Report
"The bureaucrats simply made up numbers to make it look like the economy added jobs."

Man Who Rammed Car into Winnipeg Freedom Convoy Protesters is Antifa Activist David Zegarac
"The masked man who ran over the Winnipeg Freedom Convoy protesters is an Antifa activist."

CNN has collapsed
"Brian Stelter saying CNN is not perfect is probably the only true story he’s ever told."

GoFundMe Sucks Up to BLM
"Gofundme needs to be dissolved and broken up and charged as a political, racial profiling company."

Lauren Boebert Calls Out Pelosi On House Floor
"The Democrats are fully supportive of what is happening at the border. It is all going according to plan."

Ottawa Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Ongoing Freedom Convoy Protest
"The 43-mile long Freedom Convoy started in Vancouver more than a week ago and reached Ottawa last Friday night."

“We Failed” - Danish Newspaper Admits Failure and Apologizes for Not Questioning the Government's COVID-19 Narrative
"One of the leading newspapers in Denmark issued a public apology for spreading the government's lies about COVID-19"

Sen. Rand Paul on Mask Mandates: ‘The Dirty Little Secret is It's Always Been More About Submission’
"Sweden didn’t have their school kids wear masks at all. Not one child died."

Black Lives Matter Founder Sentenced to Six Years in Prison in Voter Fraud Case
"Moses, 44, has 16 prior criminal convictions and committed the voting offense while on probation."

Teenaged J&J Covid Shot Victim
"five surgeries...3 brain surgeries with feeding and breathing tubes, as well as overcoming four strokes that affected both sides of her body"

Joke Was on Comedian Heather McDonald - Collapses on Stage Seconds After Delivering Joke About Being Triple Vaxxed
"I'm vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted and flu shot and shingle shot and haven't gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most."

Mainstream Media Pats Itself on the Back After Asking One Question Challenging the Lying Biden Administration
"The Biden gang is full of lies about seemingly everything"

Tom Homan on Biden's handling of border: ‘They're breaking the law’
"Tom Homan discusses the lack of border policies from Biden admin leading to record numbers of illegal crossings"

Biden's biggest gaffes and failures
"'Big nations can't bluff.' Especially true when you are lead by a doddering old coot who was always a creampuff."

LAPD Grovels to BLM
"LAPD to Limit ‘Minor’ Traffic Stops to ‘Eliminate Bias’"

DC School Makes Masked Kindergarten Students March With BLM Signs
"Homeschooling is rapidly becoming the only hope against this madness."

Is This Guy Joe Biden's Ethics Adivsor?
"Kershnar said that he isn't sure that it is morally wrong to have sex with one year old babies."

“And the Old Broken-Down Crow Mitch McConnell Sits Back and Does Nothing” - President Trump Releases Statement on GOP Getting Screwed in Redistricting
"President Trump released this second statement, 'Hold on, you haven’t seen anything yet.'"

Kenosha District Attorney Releases Photos of BLM-Antifa Looters from 2020 Riots that Destroyed the City
"The FBI does not seem too interested in these rioters for some reason."

Trump on Democrat's Ballot Harvesting Scam: The Biggest Political Scandal in History
"President Trump released a statement about the Democrats’ fraud in the 2020 Election stating using ballot harvesting"

Trump Blasts "Almost Radical Left" Fox News Host Chris Wallace
"Chris Wallace sparred with Trump and protected Joe Biden."

New CNN Employee Chris Wallace Having Meltdown Over Zucker Resignation
"Chris Wallace is 'irate' at the fact Jeff Zucker has now resigned. The report also outlined a feud between Wallace and CNN Host Jake Tapper."

Oconee Nuclear Station "Unusual Event" - Onsite fire officials responded to unit 2 and requested offsite assistance.
"Shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday"

Send In the Calvary! Hundreds of Cowboys on Horseback Join Freedom Convoy Protesters
"HUNDREDS of Cowboys on Horseback turned out today"

Fugitive on FBI's Ten Most Wanted list caught in Mexico after almost 16 years on the run
"Octaviano Juarez-Corro, 48, is accused of killing two people and wounding three others"

Rep. Ted Budd: Biden has put American weakness on full display
"Get resident Biden out of the White House!"

Mike Huckabee reacts to Biden's CRINGEWORTHY comments
"Ending the Biden administration is first on my list! I wish Trump could come back in 2022!"

Biden White House needs an entire restart - Rep. Murphy
"Not a restart, a REPLACEMENT! 'LET'S GO BRANDON!'"

Mask Wearing 2-Year-Olds In NC
"I have more respect for that kid than I do with anybody in the white house"

Joe Biden Really Botched Afghanistan
"OBiden is not only an embarrassment but a danger to our security and well-being"

Ingraham: BLM under investigation
"Anyone affected by their violence and destruction should sue them."

Biden is not addressing our number one civil right
"Resident Sniffy can't even dress himself of a morning."

Tucker: Biden, Harris aim to destroy the gun industry
"They are trying to disarm the people that didn't vote for them"

Tough Luck, Zuckerbucks
"Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, suffered its biggest one-day wipeout ever on Thursday"

Sue the Biden regime for its failures
"We need to build the wall, and first of all, we need to sue the federal government for failing to protect us"

FDA Quickly Deletes Moderna Vaccine Data Showing Rate of Heart Inflammation
"Just like the Pfizer vaccine ‘approval,’ the FDA ignored several serious red flags and circumvented their own expert vaccine advisory panel"

Kari Lake: “Joe Biden is the President Just Like OJ Is Innocent”
"The fact of the matter is, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the mainstream media are the conspiracy theorists."

Black Republican In Virginia House Blasts Black Caucus: ‘It's About Being Leftist’
"A.C. Cordoza is a Republican in the Virginia House who is black."

Biden's approval rating is dropping
"Marc Thiessen on the Defund the Police movement resulting in rising crime"

Lara Trump Blows Joe Biden Out of the Water
"Lara Trump: Biden's support is cratering and the White House is panicking"

Congressman Cawthorn Sets Biden Straight on How To Treat Military Members
"The path to American national security does not lie in American international interventionism. It lies in securing our southern border"

LESBO Liz Cheney Whimpers About Pending Censure
"colluding with Democrats to incriminate Trump and patriots for protesting the fraudulent election."

Madison Cawthorn describes looking Nancy Pelosi in the eye and seeing her HATRED of America
"Greatest young congressman there's ever been"

China's Not Too Subtle Press Gag
"pulled away from the camera by security guards at 12:00 pm live in the NOS Journaal."

Joe Biden Admits Life Sucks Under His Presidency
"Feeble Joe Biden was over an hour late to deliver remarks"

We Can Live Without Hershey
"Hershey Company has begun firing salaried employees who refused to comply with the company's COVID-19 vaccine mandate"

There is Only One Cure for these Types
"'Rape, Torture, Kill' Child Molester Released From California Mental Hospital in 2020 Arrested in Phoenix"

Joe Biden: The Poster Child for Public Executions
"Anyone who thinks that a politician who spent 50 years creating this mess has the ability to fix it is seriously unwell."

Kameltoe Harris has taken zero responsibility since taking office
"Lara Trump calls out the vice president for passing blame for the border crisis to Congress despite being named the border czar in early 2021."

Disgusting Liar Chris Wray Denies FBI Is Taking Jan. 6 More Seriously than 2020 BLM-Antifa Riots
"Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May 2020."

Sen. Ron Johnson Demanding Information on Shockingly High COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Among Military Personnel
"Renz exposed the disturbing truth about what is happening to the health of our service members since the rollout of the jab a year ago."

Megyn Kelly On CNN Scandal: "Mark My Words, There Are More Shoes To Drop"
"She says she can't speak out on specifics yet, but she says other shoes are going to drop."

Is CNN's resident potato on the chopping block too?
"CNN insiders are calling for Brian Stelter to be fired after Jeff Zucker's ousting."

Towing Company Refusing to Assist in Impounding the Peaceful Freedom Convoy
"they turned down the request."

Classified State Dept email: Hunter Biden undercut US anticorruption efforts in Ukraine
"U.S. embassy official George Kent raised concern over Hunter Biden's Ukraine dealings. "

When Hillary was SOS, Bill Was the Bag Man. When Biden Became VP, Hunter was the bag man.
"Hunter is merely a bag man for the Biden Cartel, which is headed by Joe Biden."

Biden Targets Gun Owners (And Hopes They Don't Target Him!)
"Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to New York City to address surging crime and gun violence due to Democrat policies of being soft on crime."

People Don't Want to Work for Kameltoe Harris
"Kamala Harris is a bully and a total nightmare to work for."

Biden failing on crime and the border
"What was the point of going to NYC outside of a photo op? Same ole blame the guns."

Hunter was trying to get rich off his father: Forbes
"Joe was selling favors. Hunter was just collecting the money."

Media's turn on investigating Hunter Biden an important development
"Movers decided to abandon Joe. Joe is a liability. NYT is doing the hit job"

President Trump Asks Why “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi and the “Massive Voter Fraud” Are Not Being Investigated
"There are criminals running the US government now and President Trump and the American people know it."

Utility users will be ones who have to pay
"A whopping 81% of Chronicle respondents thought Duke should take responsibility for these costs."

Court Denies Dismissal of Duke Energy ERISA Suit
"The plaintiffs suggest the plan, its participants and beneficiaries have suffered ‘significant losses totaling millions of dollars’"

Solar customers upset after Duke Energy raises its minimum fee
"For some solar panel users, this more than doubled their bills because they don't use any electrical power."

President Trump: Why Isn't Unselect Committee Investigating Massive Ballot Harvesting Operation that Has Just Been Irrefutably Reported?
"Earlier this week filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza released the movie trailer to '2000 Mules'"

The Sons and Daughters of America Are Not Foot Soldiers for Your Party's Inept Geriatric Despot
"'To be Dispatched at the Whims of an Idiot' - Rep. Madison Cawthorne"

More revealing hypocrisy from Dementia Joe Biden
"Joe Biden just sent armed U.S. Special Operations soldiers into Syria without the permission of the Syrian Government."

MSNBC Punked with “Let's Go Brandon” Flag During Live Broadcast
"The Biden protester was captured live on air."

Kameltoe Harris Says Microsoft is a Partner - What Could Go Wrong?
"I can't listen to this flea bag. Same ol bailing the water without patching the hole song and dance."

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS ABC Rookie Reporter in Attempted Hit Job
"ABC sent out a child to take down a giant."

T-Mobile Skulduggery
"Blocking and Erasing Text Messages with GP Articles and Links"

Somali refugee running to unseat Ilhan Omar
"Here is a person who truly appreciates being in this country and deserves to be in congress!"

Biden flights for illegal aliens are costing Americans $340M: Rep. Brooks
"It would cost nothing to push these people back over the border"

Biden locked into ‘incompetence, failure’
"If Joe Biden really cared about the country and the American people, he'd resign!"

The coalition that made Biden president is falling apart
"This is a Train Wreck in Progress; the bad thing about it is that we're all on board."

This Biden executive order could be a major threat to public safety
"The DA in NYC announced that he was not going to pursue felonies for armed robberies."

Biden official targeted for debunked Russiagate
"could ensnare Biden and Hillary campaign team members."

Americans say Biden will be remembered as worst US president
"Trump shouldn't be on that poll, he was the best president we ever had."

Leftist Man Has Meltdown Over Canadian Freedom Convoy
"I Lost My Mind Because I Haven't Slept for 5 Days!"

Facebook Stock Plunges After Closing
"Loses One Million US and Canadian Users in One Quarter!"

CNN Circles the Toilet Bowl
"Chris Cuomo Was ‘Trying to Burn the Place Down’ - Was Going to Reveal ‘Incriminating Information’ About Jeff Zucker"

This is the doddering old man Democrats put into office
"Joe Biden's face when he realizes he left the podium without his Mask"

Whistleblower: Covid Cases Inflated for Profit
"a person who went in for multiple gunshot wounds was coded as Covid."

Farmers Driving Tractors Break Through Police Barricades To Join Trucker Freedom Convoy
"While the tow truck drivers did show up, instead of coming to tow the semis, they joined the protest instead!"

Polish Immigrants Offer Food Assistance to Truck Drivers
"food assistance to our patriotic truck drivers who are fighting to end the vaccine mandate."

The New "I Didn't Inhale"
"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Claims He 'Held His Breath'"

Over Half Of Voters Think Biden Is One Of The ‘Worst Presidents Ever’
"The really bad news for Democrats here is that Biden is not going to improve with age."

Biden really ought to listen
"Let's punish the criminals. A violent gun crime should be a forever sentence. No parole."

Psaki torched over this 'pathetic' behavior
"There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this woman to be able to lie as much as she does. It's literally every sentence."

Border chief admitted morale is at an 'all-time low': Rep. Gimenez
"This is horrible to watch what this administration has done to our great border agents"

Biden has broken border patrol
"Please, Congress, impeach him! He's putting the whole country in danger."

Judge Jeanine: Everything Hunter Biden did is dirty
"Don't forget the Secret Service is covering up his flight logs on Air Force 2"

What's up with Biden's creepy whisper?
"He Just Can't Help It"

Joe Biden Must Be Led Around Like a Child
"This is America, we need real leadership. We need Trump, back!"

Biden's economy is a nightmare
"The Biden economy keeps failing. Yesterday we reported on the US budget deficit reaching more than $30 Trillion for the first time in history."

Trump Blasts Jeff Zucker - “World-Class Sleazebag”
"Jeff Zucker is gone-congratulations to all!"

Whoopi Threatening to Quit ‘The View’ - Does Anyone Actully Watch 'The View'?
"Oh, No, No, Anything But That!"

Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN - Relationship with Colleague Uncovered
"Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollust, the chief marketing officer for CNN, was revealed during an investigation into Chris Cuomo’s sexual misconduct."

Leaked White House Notes Reveals Biden's Afghan Failures
"The inept Biden Regime was caught off guard by how quickly the Taliban moved in and took over."

Joe Rogan Has A Greater Approval Rating Than Joe Biden
"The poll found that Rogan's net approval sits at plus two while Biden's net approval sits at negative two."

“We are in Full Support of the Truckers”
"Towing Companies in Canada Turn Down Requests from Police and Mayor to Haul Away Trucks"

Impeaching Joe Biden
"After the GOP Takes Control of the House, Biden needs to be Impeached"

Every powerful person in America is talking about this
"Brilliant point that everything the media talks about is the bottom of the list of peoples actual concerns"

The Five' skewer Biden, Trudeau
"I'm just curious, are Trudeau and Biden related? Stupid is as stupid does."

Sen. Rick Scott blasts Biden as 'weak' and 'incompetent'
"Weak & incompetent are his strong points."

New York Times Sues State Department to Get Hunter Biden Information
"Tony Bobulinski said Joe Biden was heavily involved in his son’s international business dealings."

Joe Rogan Has Credibility AND a Following; CNN & Brian Stelter Have Neither
"The network's owner, Jeff Zucker, has been under fire for protecting perverts and pedophiles at his company."

Evidence Uncovered Shows State Dept Thought Ukrainian Prosecutor Shokin Was a Good Guy
"Biden Bragged About Firing Him Because He Was Investigating Hunter, Biden's Son"

Letter: Duke Energy customers deserve better from company
"Duke Energy continues to make financial contributions to four U.S. representatives from North Carolina who voted against certifying the presidential election."

Whoopi Goldberg is so Huge - It Takes a Wide-Angle Lense to Capture Her Image
"ABC insiders are saying Whoopi Goldberg 'is in deep sh*t'"

Joe Biden's Mind is Always Devolving - At a Record Pace!
"Biden said the 'Constitution is always evolving.'"

President Trump's PAC Announces Record-Breaking Fundraising
"Trump Bashes Dishonest Fake News Media For Their Silence"

Duke Energy Must Face 401(k) Fee Suit After Supreme Court Ruling
"mismanaging its 401(k) plan is moving forward"

Mad Maxine Waters Dodges Another Bullet
"Other members of the Waters clan have also made off with donor cash over the course of the congresswoman’s decades-long career."

Governors gave Biden a "failing" or "poor" review
"Even my Democratic colleagues say they got better service form the Trump White House"

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded to Mayorkas by saying it "doesn’t matter" to the administration that an illegal immigrant killed Adrienne Exum
"Rhonda Exum continued to ask why her daughter’s killer is allowed to remain in the country."

JugHead Mayorkas Wants All the Illegal Aliens He Can Get in the US
"Biden Regime RESCINDS Deportation of Illegal Alien Who Killed 19-Year-Old Girl"

This was Ocasio-Cortez's downfall
"She was done as soon as she was elected and started talking."

Can Biden be trusted?
"'None of this would have happened if Donald trump was still in the White House.' Well said and agreed"

Biden has 'no answer' to border crisis
"Calling Joe Biden a president is like calling Alec Baldwin a firearms expert."

GOP lawmaker blasts Biden's 'disastrous presidency'
"I felt a hell of a lot safer under Trump"

President Trump Releases Statement on Upcoming Movie “2,000 Mules”
"The 2020 election was stolen and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president."

Go Woke, Go Broke
"Wisconsin Spice Company Loses 40,000 Customers After its CEO Called All Republicans 'Racist'"

Donald Trump could become US President before 2024
"They're talking about Trump being the speaker of the Senate, and then he will be able to impeach Biden and Harris, then he will be able to take over"

Democrats only know how to 'lie blatantly'
"She found that being in congress is a safe space so she can insider trade."

White House downplaying crime disaster
"Don't we have a VP who promoted bail for criminals? Would that be considered soft on crime?"

Biden torched over bombshell footage: 'Literally breaking the law'
"I want Biden and Kamala Harris IMPEACHED over the southern border issue alone."

This is Biden's crisis
"This is Biden's crisis. He has not stopped the migrant flow."

Biden DOJ Covers for Election Fraudsters
"Instead Going After Those Who Call Out the Egregious Steal"

Joe, uh, Biden, em, Talks, ah, to, Look, Governors
"They Tell Me I'm Supposed to Call on Governor Cox First"

37-Year-Old Man Suffers Severe Brain Rupture and Cardiac Arrest After Receiving Booster Shot of Moderna Vaccine
"Life Support to be Removed"

Gingrich, Kilmeade say Americans at ‘tipping point’ with liberal policies
"Gingrich says migrant surge is a deliberate policy from the Biden administration"

Gabbard says Biden picked ‘disaster’ Harris due to same 'identity politics' behind Supreme Court search
"Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex—not qualification. She's been a disaster"

50% of Voters Believe Joe Biden Should Be Impeached - Including 50% of Blacks
"The results include 50% of Black voters, 58% of other non-white voters and, yup, 34% of Democrat voters."

Marjorie Taylor Greene BLASTS Lindsey Graham After His Disgusting and Ignorant Comments Supporting Jan-6 Prisoner Abuse
"Lindsey Graham truly is a disgrace. He is an enemy of the American people."

Democrats Were Stealing Overseas and Military Ballots from Michigan, Georgia and Arizona
"No chain of custody. There's nothing to identify where this piece of paper came from."

Afghan troops, officials killed since Taliban takeover after Biden's Disastrous Retreat
"Eight civil society activists were killed, including three by the Taliban and three by Islamic State extremists"

Biden's presidency reset a dud already - AND So is Biden
"Joe Biden is running out of ideas and also running out of gas"

40% of 2020 Pennsylvania Ballots Unconstitutional - President Trump Crushed Biden by a 2 to 1 Ratio in the State!
"The justices agreed that the state's constitution does not provide for ‘no excuse’ mail-in balloting."

Biden's Freak Surgeon General Tries to Censor Joe Rogan
"Biden Surgeon General Calls For Joe Rogan to be Censored"

Lindsey Graham is a Dangerous Liar
"President Trump also promised to release the persecuted January 6 Political Prisoners at the DC Gulag!"

33-Year-Old Father Dies After Developing Autoimmune Disease From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
"developed an autoimmune disease after receiving his second shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine."

Why the Left HATES Rep. Lauren Boebert
"Not being liked by the Washington swamp is a good thing"

Biden has playined into Putin's hands
"Putin is playing Biden like a fiddle."

Biden family business dealings with China is a ‘national security issue’
"I think everyone realizes now how great a president Trump was. You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

Americans Reject Imbecile Joe Biden
"76% Reject Pledge to Only Consider Black Woman for Supreme Court"

Biden Has Never Been Accused of Being the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
"Biden's Announced Plan for Only Black-Female Pick for Supreme Court May Be Unconstitutional"

"Hispanic illegal alien males being dropped off in front of an Extended Stay hotel in Maitland, Florida."

How Election Was Stolen For Fake President Joe Biden
"Exposing Ballot Traffickers Who Stole the 2020 Election"

Kim Jong-un, Putin & Any Wino Passed Out in an Ally Are Superior to Joe Biden
"North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile into Sea in Latest Challenge to Joe Biden"

President Trump held a packed rally in Texas Saturday night
"True the Vote who has uncovered massive illegal ballot harvesting and other forms of ballot fraud."

Jim Acosta is Officially a DUD
"CNN is a disaster. Jim Acosta is not the solution to their problems."

Crowd Size at Trump Rally in Texas Was Massive
"Trump War Room reported on the huge crowd waiting to get into the event."

More Bald-Faced Lies From Joe Biden
"They wake up in the morning and start their lies. It goes on all day."

University of Nebraska Caves In To Loony Liberals
"changed its mascot because lunatic liberals convinced people that the 'okay' hand gesture is a secret code for 'white power.'"

American Truckers to Form Convoy Anti-vaccine Mandate Protest From California to DC
"We're done with the mandates. We're done with the government telling us what to do."

Tell LESBO Liz Cheny Nothing
"The sham continues."

Biden is Caught Lying About Phone Call With Ukraine
"Putin Setting Up Biden For Failure in Ukraine"

Jen Psaki Lies For Liar Joe Biden
"Lies Through Her Teeth"

Joe Biden Cannot Even Pronounce "President" Correctly
"And we are asked to believe 81 million people voted to this shell of a man."

Duke Energy Wants Your Money Whether You Use Electricity or Not
"So electric company is like the mob at this point lol"

The regime is settling illegal economic refugees from Central America who claim asylum in the interior of the US.
"Then after these illegals claim asylum the Biden regime is flying their kids in to join them on the taxpayer dime!"

Border Patrol agents turning their backs on Secretary of Homeland Security JugHead Mayorkas
"Border Patrol Agents Eviscerating Biden's BP Chief Over Failure to Secure The US Border"

Democrat voter has Biden Remorse
"Isaiah Carter, a Brooklyn-based blue collar Democrat, told Fox News why he is furious with Joe Biden a year after casting his vote for him."

Biden's dishonesty about open border
"Get the unelected trash out of America's White House and hold them accountable!"

Why is Biden betraying us?
"Biden is running a human smuggling operation."

No One is Afraid of Joe Biden, Least of All Putin
"Who would be afraid of him except little kids?"

Joe Biden's border policy has been a complete surrender
"Glad to see Arizona joining Texas in the fight against Biden's lawless border."

Biden, Pelosi getting rich making deals with China
"Corruption and Treason plain and simple."

Canadian trucker calls out 'stifling of freedom' in Canada
"Thanks Tucker for reporting on this important story. There's been a media blackout on it."

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney called for Biden's impeachment
"He should be impeached and removed immediately."

Idiot Joe Biden Raised the Prices - Then Screamed About High Prices!
"In one of his first acts as president, Joe Biden ended President Trump's policy reducing medical costs on insulin back on January 24, 2021."

It's Joe Biden Who's The Real ‘SOB’
"You gotta' wonder what color the sky is in Biden's world."

ICE says suspected Houston cop killer was in US illegally
"Houston deputy was killed by an illegal"

Only 31% of Americans Support Ground Troops in Ukraine to Protect Border as US Border Remains Wide Open
"The US does not deserve borders according to the Biden regime."

Reclaiming 2020 Electors
"One Honest Determined Man or Woman Can Make Tremendous Things Happen"

600% Increase in Number of Thrombosis Death in Vaccinated Young Adults
"I've Never Seen as Many Deaths"

Rep. Tenney calls for Biden's impeachment after covert migrant flights revealed
"This needs to be shut down asap and everyone involved needs to be charged, held accountable and our President impeached!"

Pelosi Crime Family
"Nancy Pelosi's Son Implicated in Sixth FBI Probe"

Biden is on his heels
"The entire administration needs to be removed and the people want to see it done. TRUMP 2024"

Impeach JugHead Mayorkas AND Joe Biden
"Those responsible should be hung for crimes to be held to account."

Did Biden Think Justice Breyer Wanted His Dirty Mask as a Souvenir?
"Amazing how clueless this man is."

Biden Crime Family Made 5 Deals with Communist Chinese Elites Worth $31 Million
"And Joe Biden personally benefitted from his family's foreign deals."

Rep. Tired of Hearing "Racist, Racist, Racist"
"Virginia Republican Goes Off On Democrats In EPIC Rant: ‘Enough!’"

AG Jason Miyares DESTROYS CNN's Shameless Hack Jim Acosta
"Virginia’s new Attorney General started with a bang and fired 30 corrupt attorneys"

Too Bad Joe Biden Was Not On or Under Collapsing Bridge
"Bridge Collapses Hours Before Joe Biden Arrives to Tout Infrastructure Bill"

Judge Denis Boyle Puts Cop Shooting Rapper Back on the Street
"This individual chose to carry illegal guns twice"

Democrats Don't Want to be Tied to Loser Joe Biden
"Democrats to Skip Out on Joe Biden's Visit"

Gov. Abbott torches Biden on border: ‘He does not care’
"Charge every politician involved in this under the RICO act."

America's border is being 'run over' and feds aren't stepping up
"Memo to: Mayorkas, FJB and Harris. Looking for the root cause, look in the mirror."

The Democrat Party is 'walking away' from Biden
"putting a clown in a castle doesn't make him a King, it just makes the castle a circus"

Border officials reaching illegal alien 'breaking point'
"The idea of an open border not being a national security issue is absolute insanity"

Joe Biden is a Damp Sock Puppet in Human Form - Elon Musk
"Well, you have to admit that Elon's description is accurate. Possibly even kind."

Joe Biden Successfully Sued 9 Times Fon Not Enforcing Border Law

AG Ken Paxton slams Biden admin after illegal alien kills Texas corporal
"It boils my blood seeing all those 'children' getting on the bus."

Illegal alien arrested in Texas cop killing
"The professional criminal has been on the run since 1996"

Between Joe Biden & Pete Buttigieg What Could Go Wrong?
"When ever they cloak themselves in the safety of children you know it is blatant bull sh1t"

Jesse Watters: The Five Families of the Democrat Party
"Watters exposes the family corruption of the Clintons, Pelosis, Schumers and more"

Canadian Freedom No Vax Mandate - Longest Truck Convoy 43 Miles Long
"The largest previous truck parade was 5 miles long in Egypt in 2020."

Biden is destroying the US
"Biden's biggest accomplishment is reminding us how great Trump was."

JugHead Mayorkas is lying to Americans & Should Be Removed
"I appreciate the genuine fury on Tom Homan's face when he is interviewed regarding the border. He's so sincere in his disgust."

Illegal Alien Wanted For killing Officer Has Been on the Run since 1996
"and is wanted for another murder in El Salvador"

Biden took a giant stride forward in fulfilling his pledge to 'bring Americans together' by referring to Doocy as 'a stupid son of a bitch.'
"The remark was included in an official White House transcript of the president’s remarks."

Biden Unqualified to be President
"How about being appointed based on their record and not skin color and race."

Newt Gingrich: We have to reset Congress
"That is how we got stuck with the worst VP in history."

Democrats are in trouble and not much will change that
"Calling a man who has been the village idiot for 40 years 'incompetent' is the understatement of the century"

Biden's undercover illegal alien flights
"Biden's presidency succesfully broke youtubes dislike button."

Watters: How did Pelosi become so rich?
"She needs to go! She's a crook and their needs to be an age limit to hold a seat in the house or senate. 81 years old! Lock her up"

Gutfeld slams Pelosi after re-election announcement
"Her lies about 'the children' are not believed anymore. This woman is a vampire."

Neil Young is an Idiot
"Now Neil has become part of the establishment he hated during his success. What a waste of an artist. And his ego still swollen"

Old Man Yells at the Unvaccinated
"Only thing I am afraid of is that people take this man seriously."

Biden's DOJ Says Arsonist Who Killed Someone During BLM Riots Should Get Lesser Sentence Because He Was Protesting
"Instead of facing the typical sentence of 200 months, US Attorney W. Anders Folk recommended less time"

President Trump 2024
"President Trump confidently declared that he will reclaim the Oval Office in 2024."

Joe Biden's Sitters Cut the Feed after He Starts Babbling about His Father the Used Car Salesman
"After his comments about his dad the salesman, his feed was abruptly cut."

50,000 Truckers Join Freedom Convoy Through Protesting COVID Mandates
"Massive Crowds of Canadians Show Up In Support"

Pelosi embodies everything about 'The Swamp'
"Nancy Pelosi is 'off her rocker' and 'on the sauce'."

Conway: Biden has a 'terrible temper'
"It just showed how a spoiled old man he is, he expected everything to be easy as doing nothing for 10%."

Has Anything Good Ever Come From Ferguson?
"Two St. Louis Police Officers Shot in Ferguson, Missouri"

Neil Young Sticks Foot In Mouth
"Spotify Removing Neil Young's Music After Singer Gave Ultimatum for Platform to Choose Him or Joe Rogan"

Ari Fleischer on migrants' release into US: Joe Biden 'wants it to happen'
"I think Biden may end the democrat party for good. This is the worst presidency in American history"

Biden Mental Decline
"Anytime you hear JB start a sentence 'I’ll be completely honest', you know the rest of the sentence is bull crap."

Biden doesn't see the adverse consequences to inflation
"Oh no he had plenty of wins. For himself and rich donors. They won big. Especially mancy pelousy."

There are 'no wins' from Biden
"When you put a loser in charge what would you expect the out come to be? What was his success in the senate?"

518,360 Illegal Aliens Invade US Border in First Fiscal Quarter of Year
"The US southern border under Joe Biden is WIDE OPEN and the world knows it."

Latest Actions by Durham Indicate a Broken Investigation by a Broken DOJ
"The entire apparatus of the U.S. Dept of Justice and the FBI are corrupt."

82 & Sluring Her Words Pelosi Tries to Cling to Power
"Meanwhile, 29 incumbent House Democrats have announced they will not seek reelection this year."

Biden Afghan Alien Convicted of Sexually Assaulting 3-Year-Old Girl - Argued His Conduct Was ‘Acceptable in His Culture’
"Two US Marines witnessed Tariq kissing the little girl and molesting her."

Medical Journal Study Confirms the Risk of Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
"The rates of myocarditis cases were highest after the second vaccination dose"

Border Patrol official blows whistle on Biden's border policies
"I am disgusted with Joe Biden, his administration and his Democratic party supporters."

The media made a terrible mistake proping up Joe Biden
"Sounds like the best thing he has done for Scranton, PA was to leave."

If you want a third world, vote for the Democrats
"What we need right now is a strong respect leader like Trump"

Biden has enabled this ongoing assault
"We need Trump badly before we get involved where we shouldn't be. This administration is leading us into doom."

Aussie Mayor Opens Up About Immune Reaction After Receiving COVID Vaccine
"she's been in bed for more than 35 days due to an immune reaction after receiving her second COVID shot."

The Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday voted to withdraw its 10 electors for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.
"The voice vote was unanimous"

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Trounces LESBO Liz Cheney in Republican Party Straw Poll, 59-6
"That was better than expected for Liz. She must by very hopeful."

178,840 Illegal Aliens Captured and Released at Border in Dec., But Biden Worried about Ukraine Border!
"This is an invasion. But Biden worried about Ukraine border"

Dr. Malone Warns That If We Keep Vaccinating, We Risk Developing a More “Pathogenic Virus”
"Omicron is not only resistant to the vaccine, but its infectivity seems to be facilitated by the vaccine"

Dr. Zelenko On Endless Boosters And Warnings About Vaccine-Induced AIDS
"Regarding the vaccine boosters, let me tell you its the biggest joke in the history of medicine."

Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Don't Take Any More’ Genetic Vaccines, Dangerous Foreign Spike Proteins ‘Lead To Chronic Disease’
"Worldwide, the vaccine programs have backfired, meaning those countries that have the highest use of vaccines have the highest mortality rates."

Pelosi's Head Turning Into a Gigantic Prune
"Pelosi's police are spying on political opponents and people who may disagree with the Biden Regime."

Joe Biden Knows He is the Real ‘Stupid Son of a Bitch’
"Biden called him and said, 'It's nothing personal, pal.'"

"When so much needs to be 'clarified' afterward, it really speaks volumes about the incompetence of this administration."

Joe Rogan Slams CNN: ‘They've Destroyed Their Business’
"Rogan reaches a massive audience compared to CNN, which has suffered a ratings imposion over the last year."

Biden has lost his party, the media and the midterms
"Even his lying press secretary can't save him."

Spartz Lambasts Biden Over Border
"Democrats, for your children and grandchildren, please vote republician. This border crisis must stop."

Biden's plummeting approval rating: 'Beginning of a continued downward spiral'
"His poll numbers are like the vote count, just don't add up."

There is a ‘Stupid Son of a Bitch’ AND It's JOE BIDEN!
"Biden caught on hot mic calling Peter Doocy a ‘stupid son of a bitch’"

'Incompetency Of This Administration': GOP Lawmaker Assails Biden
"The most incompetent bunch in my lifetime, and I'm old as dirt."

Hot Mic: Biden Calls Fox News Reporter A ‘Stupid-Son-Of-A-Bitch’
"He was referring to himself in a rare moment of self awareness."

'Strange' video of Biden complimenting Harris
"Calling Brandon a competent president is like saying O.J. has a reputation as a real 'lady killer.'"

Duke Energy dispute goes to Florida Supreme Court
"The Public Service Commission decided that Duke should be responsible for half of the costs"

Joe Biden Will Be Impeached in November
"Preserve your documents because after impeachment, they're going to put you up on criminal charges."

Rep. Van Drew slams Biden: 'I don't think anyone has done more to hurt the country'
"More people across Party lines are wishing for a Trump comeback in 2024 to MAGA."

Sen. Rick Scott: 'I am fed up with Biden'
"I know a lot of people who are regretting now voting for him"

Democrats should not be bragging about this
"We the people don't believe a word that comes out of this administration. Sad times right now."

'Startling' connection between Biden and China
"The Biden crime family needs to be held accountable."

Refuse to Obey Any Orders From Fake President Biden
"Another endless war, but this time led by a dementia patient."

Covid-19 Hoax Falls Apart
"Unvaccinated Have Lower Covid-19 Case, Hospitalization, AND DEATH RATES Than the ‘Fully Vaxxed’"

Guest on CNN Destroys Biden in a Little Over 60 Seconds
"Anderson Cooper Sits Shocked in Silence"

NBC's Chuck Todd: “Biden No Longer Seen as Competent and Effective”
"You know it’s bad when Chuck Todd is trashing Joe Biden"

Lawless Democrats “Face Real Risk of Jail”
"Newt predicted a massive Red Wave in the November elections - of course, that is assuming Democrats won't cheat again."

Vaccination Takers Threatened With Burning in Hell
"Response to the Third Vaccination Terror in the Vatican"

"Alberta, Canada exposed itself this week when it accidentally published damning evidence"

Kyle Warner diagnosed with pericarditis, POTS, and reactive arthritis a month after he took the second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine
"Kyle Warner now says his career was ruined due to the diagnosis and heart problems after taking the government-promoted COVID vaccine."

Over 20,000 Americans March in Washington DC Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny
"More than Six Thousand Federal Workers will also join the rally in DC including: Firefighters, First Responders, Doctors, and Americans"

Super Karen Mask Police
"Stalks Maskless Shoppers Around The Store"

EVERYONE Knows Joe Biden is a Failure
"NOT ONE Participant Believes America is in a Better Place After One Year of Joe Biden"

Sen. Blackburn on Biden admin: The more people learn, ‘the less they like it’
"Going on 48 years in politics you'd think Biden would be a political wizard. He turned out to be the scarecrow."

Judge Jeanine southern border investigations
"She showed us all the truth of the failures of this entire administration!"

Life, Liberty & Levin 1/23/22
"Donald J. Trump - The greatest U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower...possibly even since the great Andrew Jackson"

Biden 'bears a lot of the blame'
"Defend your own border before interfering in other countries"

Biden’s won't be Democrats’ 2024 nominee
"I hope Joe Biden does run for 2024. It will be the best humiliation of his entire presidency."

It's Up To the People To Solve the Joe Biden Problem
"As someone who grew up a Democrat and voted for Obama twice I will never vote blue again after witnessing their behavior over the last five years."

Joe Biden Does Not Like to be Called Out On His Lies
"Aside from not being a real president, he shows his real personality."

‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Bans Unvaccinated Truckers from Mexico and Canada into the US
"If they were unvaccinated illegal aliens - no problem, come right in."

Kameltoe Sucks Up to Illegal Aliens
"This Year is Mass Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens"

Triple Jabbed Covid RATE HIGHER And RISING FASTER Than Unvaccinated Across ALMOST EVERY Age Group
"not only do the double/triple jabbed make up the majority of cases overall, but the boosted are actually spreading the virus at a significantly higher RATE"

13-Year-Old Girl Dies - Mother Blames Pfizer Vaccine
"began vomiting and paralysis on her face five days after taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine"

10-Year-Old Girl Suffers Cardiac Arrest Hours After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine
"Following the incident, the municipality suspended for 7 days"

Kameltoe Wants Mass Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens
"Kamala Harris is pushing for mass amnesty in order to permanently entrench the Democrat party."

Homan exposes why Biden won’t release key border report
"Illegal presence IS a threat to both national security and the borders."

Virginia Foxx Lets Loose On Biden Administration
"Cannot Shake The Stench Of Incompetence"

Biden Caved To Fauci
"The only solution is to make Trump president for life and hope that he survives to be 150 years old."

'Beyond Belief And A Complete Disaster': GOP Lawmaker Assails Biden Policy
"The solution would be to nullify all executive orders undertaken by a person deemed not of sound mind and have the old bugger committed."

Support For Pelosi and Schumer Led Congress Crashes
"Even Democrats are souring on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer"

Hillary Comeback Disaster - Polling Shows President Trump Would Crush Hillary in 2016 Rematch
"Hillary shared that the Biden White House was a mess."

The Biden Legacy: Former Policewomen Are Hunted for Assassination and Beatings by Taliban in Afghanistan
"If they get me the only way I will be able to get out of their prison is death."

MLK's Niece Alveda King: “Biden Is Stirring the Race Card, Race-Baiting, Playing the Race Card”
"She also added that she supported voter ID - saying 'we need the ID and sensible voting.'"

Even the CNN Pedophile Enablers Over There had to Admit Biden's Presser Was Really Bad
"President is really, really struggling in regards to sharpness."

Biden creates a crisis, White House pretends there's none
"Hannity recaps Biden's ‘disastrous week’"

US sinking like the ‘Titanic’ under Biden
"I actually think Bidens presidency is like watching a cartoon character walking around a field covered in rakes."

Joe Biden, Take Your Vaccine Mandate And Shove It!
"Federal District Judge Blocks Biden's Last Vaccine Mandate"

President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 - Pelosi Turned It Down”
"I wanted to have soldiers and or National Guard but Nancy Pelosi turned it down."

White House Jen Psaki (Gin Sake) Pushes Booze
"UNREAL. How is this the 'advice' that is now coming from the White House?"

NPR Tried To Polish The Turd That Is The Biden Presidency
"We all KNOW Joe has dementia and forgets his questions."

The Democrats stole the 2020 Election and every day we find more and more information that proves this is the case
"The Jan 6 Committee takes text messages, likely illegally, and uses them in a hit job on Hannity and McEnany."

Biden Hammered On One-Year Anniversary Of His ‘Disastrous’ Presidency
"Senate Republicans hold a press briefing attacking President Biden on the one-year anniversary of his presidency."

Pathetic, Perverted, Poopy Pants, Pedophile Pretending to be President
"When a Reporter Asked a Question Pedo Joe Didn't Like, He Pointed For Him to Leave"

Drowning Biden Begs for Easy Questions
"Biden clearly couldn't even handle the softball questions from the pre-approved list of reporters."

Biden and Harris not up to the job
"Can both a President & Vice President be Impeached simultaneously?"

Don't give Biden a pass because he's old
"To all those who said the last administration was awful well then now it's a catastrophy"

Rep. Brian Babin Says Biden and Mayorkas Should be Impeached
"This is criminal and people need to be held accountable. There should be people beimg charged w dereliction of duty"

Hunter Biden under fire again after links to China unveiled
"The biggest problem is the FBI protects the Democrat party at all costs."

Hunter Biden travel logs were heavily redacted, missing years: Sen. Grassley
"If hunter isn't investigated fully would mean all senator's children are able to get away with breaking the law regardless of party"

Biden's Economy Setting Records with Worst Results Ever
"Oh what a difference a stolen election makes."

One Year Ago President Trump Was Removed from Office Through a Stolen Election - WE WILL NEVER FORGET OR GIVE UP
"We won’t stop investigating and reporting on the 2020 Election steal"

119,283 active voters who have been registered for over 100 years
"The voters with the same registration date from over 100 years ago alone are 5.5 times Biden's slim margin of victory."

Biden has done an ‘abysmal job’ of telling the truth
"I've never seen a president mumble spit and stutter more."

White House hoping to avoid this Clinton 'calamity'
"If Biden had left Trump's policies in place and done absolutely nothing else we'd be in much better shape than we are in now."

Crazy comments from Biden
"Most of his answers were unintelligible and needed to be translated by his press secretary."

Biden making excuses for midterm loss
"I will not shut down the Keystone Pipeline. I will not leave Americans behind. I don't know anything about Hunter's business."

President Trump: “President Biden Admitted Yesterday - That the 2020 Election May Very Well Have Been a Fraud”
"Joe Biden's press conference...was a disaster...The man zoned out, lost his place, spewed complete nonsense"

LESBO Liz Cheney is Begging
"I would burn hundred dollar bills before I sent her a penny."

TSA Allows Illegal Aliens to Board Plane Using Criminal Arrest Warrant as Form of ID
"Unknown and unvetted immigrants shouldn't even be in the country, much less flying without proper identification."

Advice for Joe Biden
"Play Russian Roulette With an Automatic Pistol"

America's run out of reasons to trust Joe Biden
"Joe Biden has taken the Democratic Party to new lows."

Biden's press conference blunders
"You know it's bad when the mainstream media can't even defend Biden any more."

'The Five' slam Biden
"The only president in history that didn't campaign and we're supposed to believe he had the most votes in history"

Gutfeld: Is Joe Biden awake?
"The country ends up where it is when it elects a 78 year old with a verified college GPA of 1.9 to be the leader of the free world."

Turtle Man McConnell Comparing 'African-Americans' To 'Americans'
"he distinguished between African-American voters and Americans"

Kameltoe Tries to Get Biden's Foot Out of His Mouth
"What is CRYSTAL CLEAR is that Donald John Trump is STILL OUR PRESIDENT!"

What a Stupid "president"
"'What a Stupid Question' - Biden Lashes Out at Reporter"

Secret Service Hid Names and Information on Hunter Biden's Overseas Travel
"Hunter Biden took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and 2014 while his father was US Vice President."

Newsmax Reporter James Rosen Asks Joe Biden About His Obvious Cognitive Decline
"And then the fake news went off on Newsmax and Rosen for having the gall to point out the obvious."

Biden Couldn't Even Attract the Number of People at the Port-o-Johns at a Trump Rally
"Lake compared the enthusiasm for President Trump to the enthusiasm for Joe Biden"

Newt Gingrich on this 'totally crazy comment' from Biden's press conference
"I would have to say that Joe is right, he has Exceeded Expectations. I never thought he would cause this much damage this quickly."

Lockdowns Are Over
"Paul Joseph Watson"

Biden's press conference ‘most delusional’ I've ever seen
"Every time he has a microphone his party loses points."

Rep. McCarthy slams Biden's long list of first-year mistakes
"Brandon wishes he had Trump's influence. He only has obuma's policies and voice in the earpiece."

Americans needed something different THAN Biden
"What America Needs is Biden to GIVE UP and ADMIT he was the WRONG PERSON for the Job"

Biden is detached from reality
"I think the Dems are even disappointed."

Biden trashed for wrecking ‘greatest economy' in decades
"There isn't anything this guy has touched that he hasn't ruined!"

Biden's policies are 'problematic'
"Is there someone Biden doesn't point a finger at? I mean, besides himself..."

Now you know why they don't let Biden do pressers
"'why did you leave Americans behind enemy lines?' He should be removed and impeached just for that!"

NHS Doctor Tells Patient NOT to Take Covid Vaccine Because They Will Be PULLED Soon
"Vaccine Data is Being Hidden From Public"

Decertification of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election
"Donald Trump Won"

President Trump Responds To DirecTV - Do NOT Use AT&T
"Joe Biden Orders Media Outlets to Banish Voices that Deviate from the Regime's Official Narrative"

Biden Gets A 'F' Even If You're Grading On A Curve
"Scalise Hammers Year 1 Of Biden's Presidency"

Biden's press conference was 'painful'
"Having to suffer through Joe biden's presidency is painful."

Elon Musk Just Exposed Joe Biden's Corruption
"Let's be honest, If Elon ran for president, he would probably win"

Biden doesn't care how his policies affect you
"A very old tired man, lost in his mind. He needs to retire, as he’s not helping in anyway."

Babbling Biden Talks in Circles
"'Maybe I'm Kidding Myself': Biden Addresses Low Poll Numbers, Dems Crashing In 2022"

Liberal media is starting to notice Biden's problems
"liberal media starting to acknowledge the train wreck. They’ve known all along."

Biden's living in a fantasy world’
"He outperformed "expectations"...yeah...he though his approval rating would be below 20 percent by now"

Voters have ‘utterly rejected Biden
"Validity of votes is far more important than the ease and comfort of voting."

Voters favor Republicans in new polling ahead of 2022 midterms
"I'm glad to see so many people waking up and joining the republican party!"

Bloodbath for Democrats in 2022 midterms
"I am a Latino Democrat and am sick of Democrat Socialist Party"

Debbie Lesko Rips Into Biden
"Time to cancel Biden and most the other Democrats."

Duke Energy Resents Being Called Out On Dirty Plant
"78 among the '100 Dirtiest Power Plants in the United States'"

Biden "Messaging" Problem
"People Are Getting The Message That Joe Biden is an IDIOT!"

Give Them Another Vaccine; That Should Bring 'um Back to Life
"40% Spike in Deaths Among 18-49 Year-Olds"

4th Booster Shot Ineffective
"Moderna and Biotech Stocks Are Cratering"

Midterms won't be ‘a pretty sight’ for Democrats
"Vote all democrats out of office now! All of them are gone"

Democrats' obsession with race
"It's amazing how the two worst people on the planet are named Joy."

Media shifting blame on Biden's failures
"GOP support surges and president's agenda falls flat."

Tom Cotton: This is a result of Biden's incompetence
"Trump may have been a loud mouth but he put America first and being a businessman he did the right things for the regular American."

Biden more worried about ‘open-border pundits’ than US citizens
"Most damage inflicted by any president ever."

Pelosi's Top Pick For Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle, Walks Away
"Speaker Pelosi is seriously considering this person to serve as the chairwoman of the Transportation Committee"

The crowd size is more proof that the Arizona 2020 presidential election was stolen from President Trump
"The full forensic audit of Maricopa County's 2020 Election provided more than enough evidence that President Trump won Arizona"

Biden is now getting bashed by this trusted group
"Biden appears to be losing the left-wing media."

Biden purposely betraying this campaign promise
"Steve you hit it right on the head. The man does not know what hes doing; he should be impeached for dereliction of duty"

Biden's approval rating drops amid concerns about pandemic, economy
"Let’s go Brandon. VOTE 2022 & 2024; Show this clown and his administration what we think of them."

Midwest Hospital System Stops Using Race-Based, Anti-White Covid Treatment Plan After Legal Threat
"This race-based scoring system put Whites at the back of the line"

This is what Republicans will do if they retake majority in 2022
"The 2022 election needs to be secured. Volunteers, observers, chain of custody and 100% transparency"

Empty Shelves Disprove Biden's Lies
"Biden boasted that he had averted the supply-chain crisis"

Latest Illegal Alien Caravan Leaves Honduras En Route to US Border
"DHS JugHead Mayorkas Is An Idiot"

Steve Bannon Blasts FOX News: FOX Has Really Flipped - You’re Not a News Organization - The FOX Scam Is Over!
"FOX has really flipped and Brian Stelter right there is bragging about it."

Zuckerucks Implicated in Huge 2018 Backroom Deal
"guaranteed...Facebook would both bid in - and win - a fixed percentage of ad auctions."

Iron Pig Vanquishes Gov. Whitmer
"The Iron Pig will not be forced to pay Whitmer's $5,000 fine."

Majority of Americans Now Identify as Republican After Pedo Biden
"The pollsters believe that much of the shift is due to the rising disapproval of Joe Biden"

Trump Goes Off On Biden
"I knew Biden was going to be bad, but he SURPASSED every expectation I had about how bad, and thats not easy to do"

Impeaching Biden 'being talked about more and more'
"I hope they DO impeach him. Not just for Afghanistan but also for the illegal immigration."

Tulsi Gabbard: This undermines the heart of our Democratic republic
"This is why the Dems had to get Tulsi Gabbard out of the 2020 race. She is just about the closest thing to a sane Democrat."

Pelosi's Son Is Involved in Five Companies Probed by Federal Agencies
"Pelosi's family made multi-millions while she was speaker of the House."

Police Turned THOUSANDS OF Attendees Away from President Trump's Rally In Arizona
"Guys Donald Trump's on the way back. Get used to the idea."

Biden Remorse
"The people who voted for Joe Biden are not happy."

Biden Falls Back On "Russia, Russia, Russia"
"Biden and his intelligence community stooges are pushing propaganda that the Russians...are going to stage false flag attack in Ukraine:"

Pfizer Vaccine Kills Another One
"died of myocarditis...four days after receiving his third Pfizer shot."

CNN Knows Biden's presidency doomed
"I've never seen so much hatred for a political figure."

We're Going to Decertify Those Electors...It’s Going to Lead to the Total and Complete Destruction of the Democrat Party!
"Bannon warned the Democrats on what is coming."

Biden has a 'five alarm fire'
"Biden's sinking approval ratings will invite primary challengers."

Biden White House reeling after week of defeats, setbacks, and policy flops
"Biden is on track for what could be one of the worst weeks of his presidency"

This is a president in shambles
"How can we survive three more years of this guy? We are going down in flames fast and this sucks."

Tulsi Gabbard knocks Biden admin as 'authoritarian' and 'unacceptable'
"If you offer Joe Biden a penny for his thoughts...You can expect change."

Joe Biden's presidency has fallen and it can't get up
"Donald Trump told us that every last detail of what we're seeing today was gonna happen. Whether you like him or not he was absolutely right"

Biden's epic week of failure
"Biden always squinches his eyesbrows trying to act all tough. It's like watching a poodle think he is a lion."

'The Five' torches Kamala Harris' recent interview
"She never talks about the border. She is trying to coast her way through."

Demented Joe Forgets Name of His Infrastructure Czar
"Biden struggled to read his teleprompter and forgot the name of his infrastructure czar."

CNN admits Joe Biden is a failure
"CNN on Friday highlighted Joe Biden’s 'week from hell' after an entire week of failures."

Whenever Hillary Defecates, She Falls Back Into It!
"And it backfired...Blacks and leftists hammered Hillary Clinton."

House Prostitute Pelosi Sucks Up to Joe Biden
"Pelosi praised Biden for calling Americans 'domestic enemies'"

Biden has another disastrous day
"No sympathy for Brandon at all. He put himself in this position knowing full well that he's not fit to be President."

Gov. lies are worse than we thought
"This administration is everything they accuse their opposition of being."

This Is Not Stagflation; We’re Entering the Abyss of Something Much Darker
"Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have devastating consequences."

Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House, But Leaves US Border Wide Open
"Meanwhile, the US Border is completely wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at record levels."

President Trump Releases Statement On Supreme Court Blocking Joe Biden's OSHA Vax Mandate
"The Supreme Court has spoken, confirming what we all knew: Biden's disastrous mandates are unconstitutional."

The Decay of America - Paul Joseph Watson
"Diversity is a hinderance when all that matters is shade and not skill."

Biden Stammers Through Covid Presser, Can't Even Pronounce the Name of the Guy Leading His “Testing Program”
"How much longer are they going to prop this guy up?"

Joe Biden wants companies to censor posts he disagrees with
"The only mis/disinformation is coming from the Biden Administration and their minions"

We're Glad Biden Wants War - In War You Can Kill The Enemy
"Biden walked up to the mic like a bumbling idiot and began shouting about voting laws passed by state legislatures."

This On Top Of Duke Energy's Own Pension Scams
"Scammers never rest"

Biden's disastrous year
"Can we just all agree that Joe's defective? And Isn't there some kind of return policy on this guy?"

Biden is the most divisive president in 20 years
"33% is also about the same percentage of votes he actually received too."

Hillary Clinton 2024 talks heat up
"This evil and corrupt woman will not go away. Most people are sick of these career politicians. Stay home Hillary."

Look at Hillary's record as a loser

Biden has 'nothing' AND is 'nothing'
"It took Psaki exactly 10 seconds to bring up Trump. They simply can't let Trump go, and they won't - at least until 2024."

Another major defeat for Biden
"Joe makes Jimmy Carter's term look like a success."

Biden's sinking poll numbers are a 'big, big deal'
"2 steps for fixing America’s crises: 1) get rid of 2 clowns sitting in White House 2) that’s it"

Jim Jordan Shreds Democrats On House Floor
"Jim Jordan - next speaker of the house."

Here comes Hillary
"Please run Hillary. I want to see her lose again to literally anybody"

Americans fed up with Biden's disasters
"I think this whole country is getting fed up with this Administration."

President Trump Calls Turtle Man McConnell a Loser
"President Donald Trump hung up on a clearly hostile interviewer from NPR on Tuesday."

Covid Will Eradicate Fauci
"Biden Regime is changing its messaging on Covid because the Democrats know they're in trouble going into the 2022 midterms."

Biden Approval Plummets to Only 25 Percent Among Independents
"Quinnipiac Poll spells trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrat party going into an election year."

Pandemic of The Vaccinated
"Vaccinated Deaths Higher than Unvaccinated Deaths"

Bureaucrats Hid Evidence Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine Effective against COVID
"Dr. Fauci and the medical elites have blocked the use of these effective treatments"

Sen. Daines on inflation hitting 40-year high: Biden pushed 'radical' policies forward
"Make him pay for it along with everyone who voted for him"

Biden is waging a war with the wrong constituents
"Biden: 'what am I doing here?' America: 'destroying our country'"

Gov. Kemp responds to Biden's criticism of Georgia's voting law
"It blows my mind that people continually fall for Biden and Harris's blatant lies!"

Biden's Unpresidential Because He's NOT the President
"McConnell Tears Into Biden's 'Profoundly, Profoundly Unpresidential' Georgia Speech"

Stacey Abrams won't go to Biden's speech because his poll numbers are tanking
"A bunched up diaper makes Biden hyper."

Demented Joe Biden Keeps Calling Kameltoe "President Harris"
"Joe Biden slipped during his speech and called Kamala, 'President Harris.'"

Joe Biden Keeps Telling The Same Lies
"Joe Biden has told a version of this lie many times."

Mike Byrd Was NEVER EVEN INTERVIEWED by DC Police Before He Was Exonerated for Killing Ashli Babbitt in Cold Blood
"Byrd did not cooperate with internal affairs or FBI agents."

It's Clear the DOJ Had a Role in Jan 6th
"So, the DOJ knows nothing about Ray Epps - the guy on the most wanted list - Right"

‘Anti-Authority’ Ideologies
"They fear the American patriots who stand against Marxism this is why Biden has American troops training in NC"

It Would Be Great To See Sen. Rand Paul Body Slam Serial Liar Dr. Tony Fauci
"Senator Rand Paul RIPS into Serial Liar Dr. Tony Fauci"

The CDC Can Take a Flying Leap
"This is an admission that cloth masks and Covid vaccines do not work."

Hunter Has Crack Addict Teeth; Joe Biden Has Fake Cheshire Cat Teeth
"Your team just made me the uncontrollable troubled tax cheat philanderer sex and drug addict that you tried so hard to fix but couldn't."

Ted Cruz SLAMS Joe Biden For Lying To Congress
"We should not have to wait until 2024"

Joe Biden appears to admit addiction
"Five members of Joe Biden's family have done stints in rehabilitation centers"

What About Pelosi?
"FED Vice Chair Richard Clarida Resigns After Trading Scandal"

Hunter's Pimp Has Privilege - After Violating Probation Multiple Times She Stays on Probation
"What are the odds that Ms. Pagano has been given preferential treatment because she is connected to Hunter Biden?"

New Yorkers Raise Hell Over COVID Segregation In Nike Store, Whole Foods
"This Is The Same Thing They Did In Nazi Germany"

NC Rep. Cawthorn Joins The Steve Noble Show
"If we don't start holding people accountable it will only make matters worse."

This is the truth about Pelosi
"Sounds like insider trading between her and her husband to me."

NC Rep. Cawthorn Rips Mask Mandates
"children should not be forced to obey destructive, unscientific mandates from the heavy hand of government."

CA Gov. Newsom Wants Health Coverage For All Illegal Aliens
"Newsom (D) on Monday proposed a budget that would give all illegal aliens health coverage."

They're Using Jan 6 Really as a Way to Not Talk About the 2020 Election
"Cheneys showing up on the house floor suggest the ruling class feels their power slipping away."

White House Refuses to Criticize Justice Sotomayor For Spreading Big Covid Lies
"Psaki refused to criticize Sotomayor and changed the subject."

Rep. Jim Jordan Tells Jan. 6 Panel to Pound Sand, Rejects Legitimacy of Investigation
"Jordan is correct. The January 6 panel is totally illegitimate. One problem for the panel is that there is no ranking member."

Biden's Sitters Know He's Too Stupid To Answer Questions
"Joe Biden ignored reporters shouting questions"

Support Madison Cawthorn
"An organization hilariously called 'Free Speech for People' has filed a lawsuit on behalf of just 11 people in North Carolina"

Thank You Joe Biden for Bringing on a Premature Death of a Life not Fully Lived
"Covid Vaccine Death obituary in MN Blames Joe Biden"

These are the big liars: Steve Hilton
"Absolutely spot on. I'm pleased you brought up the Cheneys and their corruption."

Democrat bill is a 'recipe for disaster'
"The More JOE and KAMALA give speeches, more REPUBLICANS are CREATED!"

Pedo Joe doesn't know year we are in
"2020 is where his mind still is. That's the last coherent thought he had."

They Never Saw It Coming
"Dr. Jill: 'He thinks his name is Brandon!'"

Sober Up, Pelosi!
"Nancy Pelosi Stumbles Off Podium"

Viagra To The COVID Rescue
"Patient asks his doctor when is this pandemic going to end? Doctor responds how should I know? I'm not a politician."

Lara Trump blasts 'bumbling' Biden: He's a liability
"Letting Joe Biden continue to be president is like letting the drunkest guy at the party drive everyone home."

Kamala reminds me of Hillary: Conway
"I never thought there could be a more terrible human being than Hillary. Then Kamala ran and her own party agreed with me."

Is Joe Biden More Stupid Than He Looks? No - That Would Be Impossible.
"It costs Americans a lot more money to keep their homes heated this winter thanks to Joe Biden."

MI Dem Gov Gretchen Whitmer Bragging About, and Leading An Insurrection Inside MI Capitol Building
"what would a Democrat-led insurrection be without a race card?"

Did Alec Baldwin Take Lying Lessons From Hillary?
"In a bizarre rant Alec Baldwin just compared his shooting of his cinematographer to Jan 6"

Some Would Rather Be Dead Than Serve Under Pedo Biden
"Throughout the first three quarters of 2021: 476 military suicides."

Joe Biden: "You Reduce the Demand for Cars by Making Americans Poorer"
"They don't even hide their intentions anymore."

Boston Marathon Terrorist Received $1,400 Covid Check While Incarcerated Thanks to Biden's Stimulus Bill
"Biden's stimulus bill made the terrorist eligible to receive the money"

New year, same Biden
"Hillary talking about others not knowing how to win an election - priceless!"

Congresswoman shreds Biden admin's 'zero transparency' on spending
"When he actually forms coherent sentences he's lying."

Joe has no time to think as ratings shrink
"Joe's been in politics over 50 years and still needs more on the job training...good grief!"

Joe Biden's Approval Is Underwater Even In Deep Blue California
"Biden's approval among residents of California has tanked since he took office."

Vaccine mandates, rigging Covid numbers, vaccine passports, president Trump
"Top Ten Conservative Stories"

YouTube Pulls 'Five For Fighting' Music Video Exposing Tragedy Of Biden's Afghanistan Surrender
"Big tech is covering up for the disaster that is the Biden administration."

LESBO Liz Cheney Lies Again
"May Face Legal Implications"

Joe Biden's Voice is Now the Voice of Desperation and Despair
"unprecedented failures of his presidency and the left-wing extremism of the Pelosi-Schumer Congress have destroyed the Democrat Party."

HELP! Joe Biden is Lying And Cannot Stop
"Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind."

Biden Making The Southern Border Even Worse
"Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants walked across the border and the Biden administration did nothing to stop it."

The Look On Joe Biden's Face Says "I AM STUPID!"
"They want to distract from Biden's failed presidency."

Justice Sotomayor Tells Some Bald Faced Covid Lies
"None of those things are true. Not even close."

Hannity rips White House, Dems for clown show
"Of everything they accuse Trump, Joe ended up being that."

Voters Know That Pedo Joe is Dead Meat
"Biden has not given voters any reasons to feel confident about his presidency."

The Sham Jan. 6 Committee
"Have Democrats ever been in charge of any committee that was not a Sham?"

Ingraham: This is what really happened at the Capitol
"Pelosi's propagandistic production was a blatant, cheap attempt to deflect attention from cascade of calamities piling up under her Democrat majority."

DeSantis Rips 'Nauseating' Media Response To January 6
"They Are Going To Take This And Milk This"

President Trump says America is in the early stages of communism under Joe Biden
"Interview of President Trump with OAN's Christina Bobb"

Where Did They Dig Up Mop-Head, Lying, Biden Suck Up Jen Psaki?
"Liar Jen Psaki was in rare form on Thursday"

Joe Biden - Pervert & Pedofile...!
"Democrats: This is your president."

Polyp removed from Biden's colon turned out to be his head
"The doctor said no further action is required at this time"

Biden family has long history of influence peddling
"Worse Prez we ever had bar none."

"Has no time to think"? Biden Has No Brain To Think With!
"Psaki claiming Biden 'has no time to think' despite spending 27 percent of his presidency on vacation."

Texas Gov. Abbott Sues Biden Over Military Vaccine Mandate, Tells His National Guard Biden is Not Their Commander-in-Chief
"Over 40% of the Texas National Guard are refusing to get the Covid vaccine."

Is Hunter Biden a Pedophile Like Joe?
"Fox News Suggests Child Pornography Was Found on His Computer"

Does Joe Biden Still Shower With His Daughter?
"FBI raiding James O’Keefe's house regarding Ashley Biden's diary pretty much proves it's real."

Pedophile Joe Biden pinches little girl's nipple in public
"Yep. The Left supports pedophilia."

Ashley Biden's Diary
"showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)."

Snopes Tries to Cover For Joe Biden
"Does This Photo Show Biden Posing Inappropriately with a Young Girl?"

No One Is Going To Take "Scolding" From a Senile, Pedophile, Idiot, Lame Duck, Fake president
"Liberal Reporter Asks Psaki Why Biden Isn't Focused More on Scolding the Unvaccinated"

Wimpy French President Emmanuel Macron is Not a Man
"Macron also said someone who refuses the Covid vaccine is ‘not a citizen.’"

Biden's Impeachment
"Biden's actions on immigration might be grounds for impeachment"

‘Ballot Trafficker’ Is Talking - Admits to Being Paid THOUSANDS in 2020 Election Ballot Harvesting Scheme
"Each of the traffickers averaged 23-24 drops where they would empty backpacks into the ballot boxes."

Ingraham: It's time to take our movement nationwide
"'Ingraham Angle' host says 2022 should be a year of victory for Republicans"

President Trump Still Dominates
"Leading 2024 Republican Primary By 43 Points"

Biden Disapproval Hits New High
"This is a left-leaning CNBC poll which means Biden's approval rating is much worse than what is being reported."

Biden Looks Horrible - Sits and Ignores Questions with a Creepy Look on His Face
"Biden is totally losing it. He sat after a brief talk yesterday and looked lost (again) and creepy. It was weird."

A Fake President In a Fake White House
"What a mess the Biden Administration is, led by a guy who doesn't know what day it is let alone what's outside his window."

Healthy 57-Year-Old Nashville Doctor Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine
"Despite the family confirming Dr. Ndina got blood clots after taking the Pfizer vax, the media is claiming he died from Covid-19."

Dr. Fauci Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time
"Dr. Malone was asked about Tony Fauci and his lack of integrity."

Pennsylvania Democrat Commissioner Arrested For Raping 15-Year-Old Boy Released on Bail
"Smith told the juvenile he would give him a ride home"

Twitter is a Disgrace to Democracy
"Trump Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene Ban"

Biden's presidency is on the verge of collapse
"Potato-in-chief said it best 'Let's go Brandon. I agree!'"

Texas rep. asks 'where is the president?' - We Do Not Have One!
"I ask myself everyday how he is still president when he is literally destroying our country"

Kamala Harris fumbled this high-profile meeting
"This is what happens when there is incompetent people in office"

Biden's first year in office is failing
"After Joe’s first year even he said 'Lets go Brandon.'"

Disrespectful? We Have ZERO Respect For Pedo Joe Biden
"There's nothing disrespectful about the sign. It's an honest expression that many of us have."

“He's ‘DEEPLY UNPOPULAR’ and ‘OLD AS SH** - Progressive Strategist on Joe Biden
"If You Want To See a Real Turkey Neck, Look At Joe Biden"

666 is Here
"‘Will be Used Whether We Like it or Not’ - Developer of Covid Microchip"

Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests
"We will likely never know how many feds were working that day to sabotage the peaceful protests."

Joe Rogan leads move to GETTR after Twitter bans Dr. Robert Malone, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
"GETTR was launched July 4 by former Trump adviser Jason Miller"

Did Joe Biden Borrow His Phony Teeth From Mr. Ed or AOC?
"National Guard appears to be facilitating human smuggling."

O M I C R O N: The Latest Hoax
"In case nobody has noticed, 'omicron' is an anagram of 'moronic.' They're laughing at us, STOP COMPLYING!"

Direct Hit: YouTube Begins Removing Uploads of Dr. Robert Malone’s BOMBSHELL Interview With Joe Rogan
"Dr. Malone...administered direct hit after direct hit against the public health tyrants"

PA Governor Wolf Is a Liar - Huge Number of Planes Coming Into PA Carrying Mostly Illegal Adults - Not Children
"What person in their right mind would invite murderers into their state?"

After Drumming Out Unvaxxed Servicemembers, Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Defense Secretary Blowhard Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for COVID
"This month the Defense Department started discharging several hundred servicemembers for refusing orders to get vaccinated against COVID-19"

Eliminate Joe Biden
"With Illegals Crossing the Border at a Record Pace, Biden Petitions Supreme Court to End Trump's Remain in Mexico Policy"

Illegal Immigration, Human Smuggling As Biden Erases Southern Border
"Biden...has welcomed illegal immigrants into the United States with open arms."

Homeless Man Was Inside Tent Cleared By Equipment
"The property is owned by Duke Energy Progress"

What Everyone With Half a Brain Already Knew
"Cloth Masks Don't Provide Protection Against Covid-19"

"Jim Jordan Leaves Maxine Walters SPEECHLESS On Stage"

Democrats Know Biden is a Ticket to Failure
"Ousted Democratic county executive warns her party faces 'bloodbath' in 2022"

Kim Jong Un ignores nobody Biden
"Biden's name was never mentioned in the speech"

Which Lie Will Biden Use Today?
"On top of all this, every time Biden opens his mouth he sounds like a dumbass."

Naples Mayor Can Suck a Lemon
"Fed-up residents of Naples, Italy joined together to form an epic display of civil disobedience"

Latino Truck Driver Rails Against Biden Regime
"These Filthy Pigs Have Ruined Everything!"

Now the Beaches Match the Rest of LA
"Los Angeles Beaches Covered in Raw Sewage"

Democrats are fleeing Pelosi's sinking ship
"So far, 23 Democrat House Reps have said they won’t run in 2022."

Biden's list of total failures
"Trump releases his most brutal video yet"

Hillary Still Begging For Money
"The Clintons are likely the most corrupt couple in US history."

Joe Biden's Worst First Year Of Any President In Modern History
"On top of all this, every time Biden opens his mouth he sounds like a blithering idiot."

Biden Sends In Another Plane Load of Illegal Aliens At Night
"Biden...is flying planeloads of illegal immigrants from the Southern border to states across the country daily"

Federal Government is Lawless and Actively Violating the Nuremberg Code
"Dr. Malone has been speaking out against the public health bureaucracy's Covid-19 response and the experimental vaccines"

I'm All in For Trump 2024
"A majority of voters even agrees there was massive fraud in the 2020 election - including 41% of Democrats."

Numerous Grammatical Errors in Letter from Virginia Teachers Union President
"Ms Gallery marked up about 20 errors in the letter sent by Arlington Education Association President Ingrid Gant"

Joe Biden the Illegitimate president
"71% of Republicans viewing Joe Biden's victory as illegitimate"

There is a Biden Plan, but it’s the same one as ever: the covering of the Biden posterior at all costs
"Biden washes his hands of COVID - not my problem despite my promises!"

President Trump Releases List of Joe Biden's Record of Complete and Total Failure
"By Biden's own standard, he should be removed from office."

Now, Jingle Bells is Racest
"Jingle bells...Joy Reid smells...Michael Brown got served...Three dumb punks chased Rittenhouse And got what they deserved!"

Covid-19 Vaccines Cause More Illness than They Prevent
"Pfizer Jab Recipients are 76.5% MORE LIKELY than the Unvaxxed to Contract Covid"

Biden Actively Impeding Rescue Efforts of US Citizens Stranded in Afghanistan
"Thousands of Americans and as many as 100,000 American allies are left stranded inside the country."

Bill Gates specifically mentioned vaccines as one factor that would help reduce population
"And people over 60 who are vaccinated are dying at a higher rate than people over 60 who are not vaccinated."

Rep. Lauren Boebert Destroys Joe Biden and Those Who Continue to Back Him
"This isn’t the first time Rep. Boebert destroyed the Democrats."

Fauci Needs GITMO or the Gallows
"Fauci Eligible to Receive the Largest Retirement Pay in US Government History"

Ghislaine Maxwell Bites The Dust
"Guilty of Sex Trafficking - Judge Sealed Details"

Biden's long political experience isn't helping him
"It's so sad to see Biden behind that little desk in that facade of the White House. He seems most certainly sheltered away and being controlled by others."

Under Biden, it will only get worse
"Six people showed up for Joe's presidential run it's amazing how you can win with six people"

There is a reason Kamaltoe Harris feels sidelined
"That's what happens when you're picked solely on superficial identity traits."

All collusion roads leading to Hillary Clinton
"Durham scrutinizing members of the 2016 Clinton campaign as part of his criminal inquiry"

Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines
"Nurses in the US warn of reactions to adults from vaccines. No way should children have them."

Are All CNN Producers Pedophiles?
"yet another CNN producer fantasizing about sex acts with his fiancé's young daughter."

By Complying with the COVID-19 Guidelines I Would Be Participating in Terrorism
"But when have we ever mass vaccinated the entire population of the earth with an experimental vaccine?"

Biden systematically dismantled the most secure border America ever had
"Most Americans are literally sick of Biden's open border policy"

The Vaccine Hoax
"COVID jabs do not inoculate against transmission of the coronavirus and masks are not stopping the spread."

Those Who Did Not Know Are Finding Out That Pedo Joe Biden is an Idiot
"If Biden's COVID Response Was a Gun, He Just Shot Himself"

67% of Voters Know Pedo Joe Biden is Fake
"This is just devastating for Joe Biden and his Democrat-Socialist Party."

Kameltoe Harris is a Basket Case - The Perfect Mate For Pedo Joe Biden
"Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most."

Christmas Parade killer Darrell Brooks Should Have Been immediately executed & Then Given a Fair Trial
"Brooks should never have been out of jail in the first place"

Gov. DeSantis Destroys Biden
"He would make a kick ass president."

Kameltoe Knows That if They Can't Cheat, They Can't Win
"Democrats' bill will cement into place all of the illegal activities they rely on to win elections"

Brain Bleeds, Heart Attacks in Younger 50-Year-Olds. No Doctor Will Admit This Is from the Vaccine
"potential adverse reactions to COVID-19 experimental vaccine shots."

Pedo Biden Overrated at 36 Percent Approval
"Biden's absolute collapse of support among independents"

Lower fuel cost don't equal lower rates
"Did I somehow miss the article a year ago that said they planned to lower electric rates because of decreasing fuel costs?"

The vaccine is killing the American people
"The Pandemic of the Vaccinated"

Not Much Time For Vaccine Boasting
"49-Year-Old Dies of Heart Attack One Day After Boasting About Getting Covid Booster Shot"

Whitmer Kidnap Case False Flag
"Defendants Had No Interest In Plot But Fed Agents Kept Pushing"

How Did the Dumbest Man In the World Get Into the Oval Office? RIGGED ELECTION!
"Joe Biden is failing and the White House knows it."

Joe Biden Celebrates Kwanzaa - A Phony Holiday Created by a Violent Felon Who Tortured Two Naked Women
"Kwanzaa is a phony holiday created in 1966 by black radical Ron Everett, a violent felon who tortured two naked black women."

No president has lost the faith and confidence of the American people more quickly than Joe Biden
"This is a sad little man."

Kameltoe Does Not Need To Be Set Up To Fail! She Will Do It All On Her Own
"People are thrown under the bus from the very top"

Democrats Admit Kameltoe Harris Is a Failure
"The Biden administration is setting records at the border and not in a good way."

GA Election Official Lied About Duplicate Ballots
"Georgia recount included a 60% error reporting rate."

Another Bullet For Hillary To Dodge
"Hilary Clinton's 2016 campaign is falling under scrutiny as well."

Deploy Lethal Drones On The Border
"Drone Has Ability to Take Down Illegal Aliens Crossing Border"

Scottish Football Fans Chant "You Can Shove Your F***ing Booster Up Your A$$!"
"This is how the little people are feeling all over the planet today to the scientism and multi-booster plan."

'F Joe Biden' Trends on Twitter
"'F Joe Biden' was a top trending topic on Twitter on Christmas Day"

No Wonder Kameltoe Harris Is Such a Failure
"Harris held White House meeting with Hillary"

Illegal Aliens Sue Because They Were Not Pampered Enough
"Let's go Brandon! Close our borders with armed military! Stop this illegal activity!"

Senile Joe Biden Said He Agrees With "Let's Go Brandon"
"Jill giggled while Joe said, 'Let’s go Brandon! I agree.'"

White House Staffers Don't Want Biden Either
"More Joe Biden staffers are unhappy and looking to exit the White House in 2022."

mRNA Vaccine Inventor Issues Warning To Parents:
"Do Not Give Children ‘Unproven Vaccines’ That May Permanently Damage Organs, Reproductive System, Immunity"

Progressives, Moderates, Republicans - Nobody Trusts Joe Biden
"Even 41% of Democrats Believe It Somewhat Likely That Cheating Affected Outcome of 2020 Presidential Election"

Get The Jab For Jesus
"The propaganda never stops. Now the godless are preaching that Jesus wanted jabs."

Why is the White House doing this to Biden?
"I trust him with the presidency like I trust him around children."

Pelosi Plays Dumb About Her Inside Trading
"The look on her face when she's asked questions she never thought she would be asked is priceless."

Madison Cawthorn describes looking Nancy Pelosi in the eye and seeing her HATRED of America
"What an inspiring young man. What a Patriot. God bless him."

Imagine taking orders from liars, thieves, pedophiles, psychopaths and mass murders and thinking you're more virtuous than those who disobey.
"That was so easy to get entire population to submit. Even the globalists were surprised."

I'm still not jabbed and am not planning to
"Rearrange the letters of OMICRON, you get MORONIC. Rearrange the letters of DELTA OMICRON, you get MEDIA CONTROL."

CNN producers linked to apparent pedophilia
"This report comes on the heels of the arrest of another CNN employee, John Griffin."

Senile Biden Says He Will Run For Reelection if He's “in Good Health”
"Hell, He's NOT in Good Health Now"

The 12 Days of Election Cover-Ups in Georgia
"Two senior poll managers and two elections directors who all found serious evidence of election fraud, or irregularities were terminated or forced to resign"

President Trump Releases Statements Regarding the 2020 Election Steal and the Jan 6 “Unselect Committee”
"President Trump is absolutely correct. The 2020 Election was stolen."

How a Fake President Got Into Office
"Fulton County 2020 Absentee Ballot Results Were Physically Impossible and Files Were Modified"

The Only Thing That Joe Biden Is Not Faking Is His Pedophilia
"Really, a flaming dumpster fire would be a more fitting image to put behind the windows of a fake White House set."

Fake president Biden Goes to the Fake White House Set Again, Puts Fake Container Ships in the Background Outside of Fake Windows
"Fake sets? Everything is a charade. And yet we are supposed to trust these people?"

Birx and Short: Skag Bag & Scumbag
"Birx and Short were like two peas in a pod."

Pedo Joe & Jill's Cringworthy Christmas
"With a Hillary Look-Alike"

This is Proper Treatment For Pedo Joe Biden
"Capitol Police Pummeling Female Trump Supporter, Beating Her with Batons, Punching Her in Face"

Donald J. Trump, Speaker Of The House?
"I'm Looking Forward To What President Trump Wants To Do Next."

Maybe He Needed 4 or 5 Vaccines
"Triple Vaxxed House Democrat Whip James Clyburn Tests Positive For Covid-19"

Rep. Jim Jordan Will Hand LESBO Liz Cheney Her Head
"Liz Cheney and the January 6th Committee called in Rep. Jim Jordan for questioning in their sham investigation"

Poor Joe. Someone scheduled an interview for him past his pudding and bedtime hour
"Joe Biden Repeatedly Confuses COVID Test Kits and Pills in Latest Train Wreck Interview"

WHO Director Says Covid Boosters Are Being Used to “Kill Children”
"The Truth Slips Out"

Cathy Don't Go! "666"

Over My Dead Body Will I Get COVID Vaccinated - Sarah Palin Vow
"I will not do it. I won't do it, and they better not touch my kids, either."

Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States; Bill O'Reilly is Only a Hanger-On
"I believe totally in your freedoms. I do. You've got to do what you have to do."

Kevin McCarthy Will Launch 7 Investigations Into Biden
"'I’m scared,' said Peg Schaffer, vice chair of the Democratic Party in New Jersey."

Dr. Fauci Continuing To Suck In Air Is Unacceptable
"Dr. Fauci Says Millions of Americans Refusing to Get Experimental Covid Vaccine is Unacceptable"

Young Voters (And Everyone Else) Are Deserting Joe Biden
"Joe Biden is losing various groups of voters faster than any president in recent memory."

Illegal Aliens HIGHEST NUMBER in History After Joe Biden's Open Borders Policies
"This also does not bode well for Mitch McConnell and the other RINOs who refused to fund President Trump's border wall project for years"

Democrats Are So Desperate That Scag Bag Hillary Is Being Foated As a Candidate
"Jesse Watters explains why 'not even God can save' the Democratic Party"

Would Hunter Be Better Than Pedo Joe Biden
"With Joe Biden, There is Just Nothing"

'You're supposed to know your job' in the White House
"Biden belongs in a nursing home not the Oval Office. Let's Go Brandon."

Jen Psaki lies every day of the week
"Just looking at Jen Psaki makes my stomach churn."

Biden is obviously senile
"I think more people are starting to unite against Biden. Maybe that is what he meant about uniting us."

This officially marks the end of the Biden presidency
"What a difference between Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell One defending we the people and the other defending me my pocket"

Manchin rejecting Biden's disastrous presidency
"A majority of the US is rejecting the disastrous Presidency."

Sorry, Pedo Joe, No Vaccination For Senile Dementia or Utter Stupidity
"Senile Joe Biden to Push More COVID Insanity"

It Would Be Nice If LESBO Liz Cheney & the January 6 Panel Faced a Firing Squad
"We don't need to twist our minds into a pretzel to know that Hillary committed actual real crimes, so where are her charges?"

Ghislaine Maxwell Threatening to Start Naming Names - Rest In Peace
"six felony counts related to child sex trafficking and faces a maximum of 70 years and potential suicide in a jail cell if convicted."

Mark of the Beast Microchip Implanted Under Your Skin Will Show Your Vaccination Status
"Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things"

Get Some More Vaccines, Scumbag
"Double-Vaxxed Gov. Larry Hogan Gets COVID One Day After Slamming Trump"

6 Black Men Charged with Hate Crimes in Robberies Targeting 100 Asian Women
"CNN told us white supremacy and hate are haunting Asian Americans?"

Cramer, You Need 10 or 20 Vaccines
"Triple vaxxed Covid positive Cramer is concerned AS EVER about the unvaxxed (you can’t make this up)."

Rep. Jim Jordan RIPS Serial Liar Adam Schiff After He Doctored His Text Message and Lied Again
"Schiff made up fake text message during Congressional testimony"

Complete Breakdown Of Rule Of Law Under Biden
"Seen enough of this clueless simpleton President yet America?"

Build Back Better is dead and Biden has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel
"'He's just perfect,' says Nancy with lipstick smeared all over her face."

Donald Trump: Border crisis is destroying America
"I agree about McConnell he's a snake in the weeds for the GOP!"

DOJ To End Rewarding Criminal Illegal Aliens
"Sleepy Joe needs to step down and take the laughing clown with him."

Nancy Pelosi is world's biggest Skag Bag
"Am I only one that thinks Pelosi looks like she is about to fall apart?"

Biden Will NOT Run In 2024, If He Does, He Will Lose
"Trump should replace Biden immediately."

Biden faces lowest approval ratings
"Rep. Chris Stewart and FOX Business contributor Deneen Borelli weigh in on the administration’s ‘harmful policies’ that are impacting Americans."

"Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall slams the administration's economic agenda for causing consumer prices to soar."

Biden's abysmal approval rating: The left is allergic to accountability
"Biden Grasping For Straws"

CBO score 'blows up' Biden's lie that Build Back Better costs zero dollars
"HOW DO YOU TRUST A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? Always has been no moral code look at his son!"

President Trump Slams Democrats in Latest Statement
"The Jan. 6 Unselect Committee is a coverup for what took place on November 3rd"

I Have to Call to Decertify
"AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Demands Update On Election Investigation"

Oh No! Not A Stark Warning From a Senile, Doddering, Pedo, Fake president
"Only 8 people were unvaccinated who got infected with the Omicron variants and 1 person has status unknown."

The Stupidity of the Pro-VAX Crowd is Infinite
"Yet these NBC morons, consumed by fear and immersed in ignorance, did everything short of running from the NBC studios screaming in terror."

THOUSANDS Turn Out to See President Trump in Houston
"The Tokyo Center in Houston holds over 19,000 at capacity."

Illegitimate president Joe Biden couldn't get 50 people to see him during his 2020 campaign
"On Saturday night President Trump held an event...The arena was packed to capacity."

Pedo Joe is Reduced to a Vaccine Shill
"The Biden administration is an embarrassment."

John Griffin, a CNN producer, was arrested on federal charges for allegedly abusing underage girls
"He was a producer for CNN's Chris Cuomo"

Build Back Better is dead AND so is Joe Biden
"The only thing that needs rebuilding is the whole government system. Starting with Congress"

Democrats are anti-democracy
"When Hillary is on your side you know you are not on the correct side."

Gov. Abbott working to secure the sovereignty of America with border wall
"Governor Abbott does for his state what Joe Biden won't do for this country."

Nancy Pelosi is world's biggest gaslighter and hypocrite
"Maybe she should speak to Kamala about her bail fund for rioters, arsonists and looters."

HB 951 doesn't do nearly enough to protect residential ratepayers
"Duke Energy continues to make record profits"

“Build Back Biden” Bill with Trillions for Socialist Causes
"Senile old Joe Biden moved past discussing anything beneficial for the average American in the bill and instead lied and claimed it won't cost Americans a penny."

Fauci Is Dr. Death
"Fauci Needs to Be Held Responsible for Deaths That Are Being Created by the Things He's Foisting on Americans"

Joe Biden is a "Just Perfect" Pedophile
"Saying Brandon is perfect is like saying HUNTER is law biding citizen"

Biden Happy With Illegal Alien Invasion
"As a younger American knowing I'll have to live with the consequences of this, this is truly sickening."

Biden Still Trying to Lie Out of HIS Afghanistan Failure
"He CAN'T defend what he did in Afghanistan. People remember what he did and that he refused to correct it."

LESBO Liz Cheney Has a "Dereliction of IQ"
"Schiff should be stripped from his committees, removed from Congress, and charged with perjury."

Illegal Aliens Denied COVID Shots - Fear Lawsuits OVER SIDE EFFECTS
"This tells you everything you need to know about the COVID vaccines - And companies producing the vaccines."

Americans Lose Three Years of Real Wage Growth Under Biden
"Spending another $5 trillion, heaping that fuel onto the inflation fire won’t help"

Biden Has Repeatedly Called Kameltoe “President Harris”
"Joe Biden is suffering from dementia and the media refuses to acknowledge his cognitive decline."

NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan is a Lying Biden Goofball
"And by lifting Afghans to safety in a unique American example of capacity, Sullivan is referring to the Afghans that plunged to their death"

Democrats Unanimously Pass Ilhan Omar's Rag-Head Act
"all the members of the Republican party voted against it."

NYT reporter calls for Twitter to censor images of Biden inappropriately touching women, children
"The agent compared the former Veep to Harvey Weinstein"

Mix Senility With Stupidity and Pedophilia and You Have Joe Biden
"In college, Joe Biden was known to be a pedophile"

"Published on 16 Dec 2021"

GOP Lawmaker Promises Oversight Investigations Into Joe And Hunter Biden
"Published on 16 Dec 2021"

Biden asks Americans “What's the big deal” with giving up their Freedoms
"Biden dismissed Americans’ concerns about losing their freedom"

Pedo Biden Openly Fondles Young Boy, Pats Down His Blond Hair and Rubs His Shoulders
"Never have we seen such an open display of child abuse in front of our eyes."

Joe Biden Gets Touchy-Feely with Young Girls
"Biden arrived to protesters chanting 'Let's go Brandon!' "

In Biden's Absence, Texas is Stepping Up to Get the Job Done
"Construction of Texas-Mexico Border Wall to Begin Soon"

Plastic Surgeries Aside, Joe Biden Looks Like Walking Death
"If he had a face lift, he needs another."

Pelosi Defends Lawmakers' Inside Trading
"49 Members of Congress Violated Law Designed to Stop Insider Trading"

Biden had his back to the camera...to put his slipping teeth back in his mouth
"Sad will be how the country will be destroyed if he gets elected."

Cuomo, Biden in a race for most women accusers
"Biden has been credibly accused by at least eight women. The man is truly creepy."

Do you think Joe Biden will be assassinated before his first term ends?
"He already looks like he's about to drop dead any second. The democrats might assassinate him so they can play the pity card."

Seven women have now accused Joe Biden of inappropriate touching

Build Back Better's freeze puts the bow on Biden's very bad year
"Is...Joe Biden doing anything - and I mean anything - right?"

60% Of Americans Believe Biden Won’t Finish First Term
"If Biden resigns or is impeached, Harris should go right along with him."

'SNL' just introduced a new Joe Biden
"New Biden, who dis?"

Will Doddering, Senile Joe Biden Even Live Until 2022?
"Yet, this doddering old man can't help but play the faux tough guy because that's his entire personality."

Senile Joe Biden Has Trouble Even Speaking
"Another garbage word salad."

Biden Lies Through His Phony Looking False Teeth
"Biden went off script and that’s when things went awry."

Turtle Man McConnell's days failing the American people are coming to an end
"As Alaska’s next U.S. Senator, I will not support Mitch McConnell as leader."

Lying Sack of Schiff Needs to be in GITMO
"Dirty Schiff Does It Again! Doctors J-6 Text Messages"

Bannon and Peter Navarro called for Turtle Man McConnell to step down.
"the deceiving fool of the US Senate"

Media 'ate up' Jussie Smollett's hate crime 'hoax'
"Jussie showed where the real racism is coming from!"

HELP! Biden's Lying And Can't Stop!
"It's Not Gonna Cost a Single, Solitary Penny"

Pedo Joe's Biggest Achievement is Sniffing Kid's Hair
"Psaki couldn't even think of one achievement. That's because Joe Biden is a huge failure."

How To Stop All The Smash & Grab Robberies
"14-Year-Old Son of Philadelphia Pizza Shop Employee Shoots Armed Robber in the Face"

Andrew Cuomo Doesn't Look Too Happy
"Ordered to Return $5.1 Million from His Covid Book Deal"

Vaccine made before pandemic - a premeditated & concerted scheme by govt. & medical entities
"McCullough took aim directly at the federal government and the medical elites for their massive role in the manufactured Covid-19 pandemic."

Holy Roller Army Gets a Lump of Coal For Shooting Off It's Mouth
"After a major uproar the Salvation Army backtracked over Thanksgiving weekend and released a statement refuting the claims of their racial demands."

Wall Street Journal Labels Pelosi's Price Tag on Biden's ‘Build Back Better’ the “Lie of the Year” - It's a Financial Disaster
"It's not Build Back Better - it's the lie of the year."

President Trump Still Reigns Over Pedophile Joe Biden
"Court Shoots Down Biden's Attempt to Stop Trump's Highly Successful Remain in Mexico Policy"

Vaccines For The Sheeple
"Might Actually Mutate Healthy Human DNA by Accident"

If the Vaccine is So Great, Why are So Many People Dropping Dead?
"What do all these victims have in common? They've all been vaccinated."

Lying Biden Willing to Lose His Presidency AND We Are More Than Willing For Him to Lose It
"Joe Biden also falsely claimed he was against the war in Afghanistan from the beginning."

Run Pelosi Out of Washington On a Rail
"The Democrats know they are in trouble going into the 2022 midterms so many are fleeing a sinking ship."

Black Hammer Org Forms Coalition With Proud Boys to Stand ‘Against Fauci's Mandate and the Left’
"We know that this coalition will keep Antifa out of our communities, and the jab out of our veins"

Greg Kelly DESTROYS Dirtbag Chris Wallace After His Departure from FOX
"Whoever agreed to allow Chris Wallace as debate moderator should have been fired."

Chuck The Cuck Todd Blames Biden’s Awful Poll Numbers On COVID And Trump
"Biden is to blame for where things are now."

Climate Fraud Scientist Michael Mann Says Joe Biden's Build Back Broke Bill will Prevent Tornadoes From Getting Worse
"Mann committed contempt of court in what was dubbed the 'climate science trial of the century.'"

Anti-Vax Protests in France Escalate Into Street War
"police are seen huddling together, using their shield to fend off the rioters"

Crips Gang Members Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Aliens in Truck
"Troopers found several migrants in the back. The smugglers had 3 handguns, two of which were stolen"

New Hampshire voters hold 'strongly unfavorable' opinion of Biden
"That finding was just one of a spate of troubling findings for Biden"

President Donald J. Trump vs Pedophile Joe Biden
"This lying media won't report the real truth when it comes to Joe Biden and President Trump’s rallies in the lead-up to 2020 Election."

Who Would Be Weak Enough To Take Orders From Fraud Fauci?
"Americans Will Just Have to Deal with Yearly Booster Shots"

Americal Will Be Great Again If President Trump is Elected Again and Skag Bag Hillary is NOT
"Delusional, arrogant hag."

Mother, Daughter Killed When Illegal Alien Smuggler Crashes Into Their Vehicle During a Police Pursuit
"Two innocent Americans are dead because of Joe Biden's open borders policies."

Biden and the Democrats know what's coming
"Biden is preemptively excusing what will likely be a crushing loss for his party in 2022 and 2024."

Authorize Border Patrol's Use of Lethal Force & Give Imunity From Prosecution
"Border Patrol increasingly finding illegal immigrants with weapons"

GOP Lawmaker Promises Investigations Into Joe And Hunter Biden
"It's about time! America is fed up with Biden and his son getting away with treason and much more!"

Republican warns of chaos if border crisis not resolved soon
"States need to call up their own military and active them like Florida has done. Protect your citizens governors and do your sworn duty."

Hillary's Middle Name is "Cringe-Worthy"
"Imagine being such a wicked, old, evil woman and expecting pity."

We Need a Double Gallows for Hilary & Biden
"5 years later and Hillary is still pitiful, go away Hillary."

Democrats headed full speed ahead to the cliff's edge
"This country is without a President or any leadership!"

Why Democrats want you to be afraid
"Chicago is not only getting what it deserves, it's getting what it asked for."

Biden will break the back of the American people
"Seems Everyone except Joe's supporters think this bills is absurd"

Yuma, Arizona is ‘under siege’ amid border crisis
"Something has to be done about this border or better yet this administration."

Saying that Brandon is a president is like saying AOC is intelligent
"Yes. The American people are living 'a nightmare.'"

First Article of Impeachment Against Joe Biden
"Biden regime has only sent 2 PEOPLE back to Mexico. They are openly defying a court ruling."

Getting All the Losers In One Place
"Chris Wallace will Join CNN"

Judge Jeanine: The country is going to hell in a handbasket
"I keep thinking it can't get any worse, until I remind myself who our President is."

It's payback time
"Jesse Watters surveys the sorry state of the left, from liberal media to the Biden administration."

Joe Biden, Quit lying about "Build Back Better"
"Somebody needs to put 'Let's Go Brandon' on Biden's teleprompter...He'll definately read it."

You know, send me over to the Judiciary Committee and their sphincters will tighten
"When Trump gets back in, let's hope the reckoning will come with him."

Doctor Warns Stillbirths Are Rampant Among Fully Vaccinated Mothers
"urges pregnant women to abstain from getting the COVID injections."

Joe Biden Blames Q-Anon for Lack of Unity Behind his Historic Failures and Marxist Policy
"Biden is an illegitimate president. DECERTIFY THE ELECTION BEFORE AMERICA IS GONE."

Rep. Lauren Boebert Identifies Joe Biden as a pedophile
"Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) accused President Joe Biden of being a child molester."

Joe Biden Skipped Army-Navy Game to Avoid “Let's Go Brandon!” Chants
"Joe Biden even left military families behind in Afghanistan."

Good Riddance: Chris Wallace
"The ratings must have sucked."

Anti-White Racism was Motive in Brutal Killing of 14-Year-Old Florida Boy
"The teen boy was stabbed numerous times in the head and face"

A Black Joe Biden Asks If He Can Smell a Woman
"The man walks up to the female customer, gropes her and asks if he could 'smell her.'"

Democrat Senator Arrested for RAPING Multiple Children
"Democrats Have A Pedophile Problem"

Another Raving BLM Lunatic On a Plane
"Assaults Flight Attendant and Air Marshal"

GOP Holds 10 Point Lead Over Dems In Congressional Preference - First Time In History!
"This is the first time in at least 20 years Republicans have held a lead this big."

Where Did the Mysterious 298,000 Absentee Ballots in Georgia Come from After Election Day?
"As we said a year ago, nothing in Georgia’s election makes any sense."

Biden's speech for the ‘Summit for Democracy’ was a total dumpster fire
"Joe Biden coughed, mumbled and slurred his words"

Dire Consequences If Hillary Shows Her Ugly Face In Public
"If I were a betting person right now, I'd say Trump is going to run again"

Mark Meadows Case Against the Jan 6 Committee May End Up Shutting Down Pelosi's Kangaroo Court
"Meadows sued corrupt Speaker Pelosi and the Jan 6 Committee and each member of the corrupt committee."

Illegal Aliens Still Pouring In By The Tractor Trailer Loads - Grim Reaper Helps Us Thin The Ranks
"55 Dead, More Than 100 Injured"

Joe Biden Should Paint a Smiley Face on the Back of His Bald Head - It's the Main Thing We See!
"Walk Away Joe Biden"

Joe Biden 'can't answer a question' from the media
"We all just laughed and laughed at him. Not with him. At him."

Joe Biden is Really a Bigger Scumbag Than Hunter Biden
"How fitting, our joke of a President is going on a comedy show, meanwhile Psaki struggles to cover for him."

'The Five' mocks Biden pushing media for better coverage
"What president has gotten better coverage than Sleepy Joe considering that he's done nothing good?"

Biden an accomplice to Jussie Smollet's race hoax
"Biden and Harris both have to make apologies for trying to obstruct justice."

Biden chooses 'most unhinged' person possible for DOJ position
"The color of her skin got her the job. She certainly isn't qualified!"

Tucker Calls Out Turtle Man McConnell
"Miserable Mitch single-handedly cost his party hundreds of thousands of supporters"

Ingraham: Biden and the Democrats know what's coming
"The game has long been rigged and people are only noticing now."

Jim Jordan Calls Out Liar Adam Schiff
"What Adam Shift has done to our President and to the American people, he needs to go to jail"

'How Joe Biden Stole Christmas': GOP Senator Rips POTUS On Senate Floor
"Now he stole Christmas AND the presidency."

Smollett's Hate Hoax Blows Up In His Face

Warning: Steer Clear Of LA
"Don't Come, We Can't Guarantee Your Safety"

Under Biden Everything is Fake - Even The Economy
"Liberal Media Goes Into Overdrive To Portray Sagging Economy As Booming Under Biden"

What About a Vaccine Every 10 Minutes?
"Biden Regime is preparing to change the definition of 'fully vaccinated.'"

New York City Lawmakers Worship Illegal Aliens
"would give noncitizens and illegal aliens the right to vote in municipal elections."

There Needs To Be A "Mondern Day Lynching," But This Was NOT It
"Harris has still not apologized to the nation for smearing innocent Americans as vicious racists."

Of Course Jill Lies About Joe Biden's Mental Fitness
"It is obvious to anyone paying attention that 79-year-old Joe Biden is suffering from dementia."

The Questionable Presiden Cannot Read a Teleprompter Correctly
"End of message."

Biden Finally Finds Someone He Can Look Down On
"Biden Refuses to Acknowledge Kameltoe Harris"

Elon Musk completely DESTROYS the Democrats' Irresponsible Infrastructure Bill
"Honestly, I would just can this whole bill. Don't pass it. That's my recommendation."

None Dare Blame The Vaccine
"300,000 Are Suddenly Facing Heart Problems Which Two Doctors Claim Is Due to 'Pandemic Stress'"

University of Delaware's secret deal with Joe Biden to hide his Senate records
"Biden doesn't want his senate records unsealed because there would be evidence of a sexual assault complaint filed by Tara Reade in 1993."

Mandate THIS Biden
"Two Senate Dems Join Every Republican, Vote to OVERTURN Biden's Vaccine Mandate"

Joe Biden is a Proven LIAR
"More lawsuits please! Lets join together as Americans."

Botox Pelosi Babbles On
"Nobody will ever convince me, that she is not an alcoholic."

Hillary Begins To Get a Clue That She is a Total Loser
"Pathetic: Hillary Clinton Cries as She Reads Victory Speech She Wrote for 2016"

Top Republican Blames Joe Biden Over Supply Chain Woes
"I bet you they are pissed that they can't blame Donald Trump for everything now"

The Truth About the Christmas Parade Killer
"And this is the group of people they expect us to get down on our knees to."

The Strange Incident in Waukesha - Paul Joseph Watson
"You can literally see him flip off the crowd out his driver window in the video before he hit them."

Guess What Happened to This Hotel After it Allowed 150 Afghan Refugees to Stay
"Being labeled a ‘racist’ just means you’re brave enough to speak the truth."

LESBO Liz Cheney Is An Idiot Just Like Dick Cheney
"Liz Cheney Threatens Mark Meadows"

President Vladimir Putin Would Snap Biden's Spine Like a Pretzel
"Biden’s actions to date actually help Russia rather than hinder it."

Matt Gaetz Fires Warning Shot at Democrats
"We Are Going to Take Power"

Smollett Testifies CNN's Lemon Warned Him Police Were Suspicious Over Alleged FAKE Racist Attack
"Will Lemon's be the next propagandist head to roll at CNN?"

Media's Coverup of the 2020 Election Steal Coming Unraveled
"Americans aren't buying Joe Biden won the 2020 Election."

And Throw Out Joe Biden While You're At It
"Calls for Congress to Throw Out Biden's ‘Build Back Better Bill’"

A Senile, Doddering, Pedo vs President Vladimir Putin
"nothing good can come out of the summit"

"Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A**"
"It turns out the song was written 8 years ago."

Lying Alec Baldwin Implodes
"Baldwin absurdly claimed he didn't pull the trigger."

Undercover Law Enforcement Officer Passed Out Weapons to J6 Protesters Who Were Later Arrested - Clear Entrapment
"Investigate how FOUR cap police decided to end their lives and leave wife and children behind - statistically impossible - they were clearly silenced."

Tulsi Gabbard against the POISONOUS pill of Big Pharma
"pill made to grow Covid exponential into the World."

Biden Frightened of Putin
"The problem for Biden is Putin sees right through him."

Biden polling plummets and 2022 midterm red wave gathers strength
"The Biden-Harris administration has failed at every opportunity"

Joe Biden, "Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A**"
"Mayor Pete loves this song! He wants his booster."

ICE Reveals Deportations Have Dropped By 90% Under Borderless Biden
"Now, an unbelievable 65 percent more of those individuals are being allowed to stay in the US thanks to Biden"

Turtle Man McConnell & Crying Chuck Schumer - 2 Scumbags
"McConnell in Private Talks with Schumer to Waive Filibuster to Raise Debt Ceiling"

Only 22% of Americans Want Joe Biden to Run Again
"But if grassroots Republicans cannot correct the fraudulent behavior witnessed in the last election it won’t matter. He'll win again anyway."

Americans Died From Covid Because Fauci ‘Sabotaged Early Treatment Using Cheap, Available, Generic Drugs’
"Fauci is pushing the ineffective, unsafe, experimental Covid vaccines instead."

Brother Testifies Under Oath that Jussie Smollett Composed His Ridiculous Hate Hoax for the Media
"Smollett paid the Nigerian brothers over $3,000 to help him pull off the 'MAGA Country' hate hoax crime"

Biden Sucks Up To Iran
"Biden/Obama gang has lifted sanctions against terrorist nation Iran."

Feds Investigate Trump's Media Company; Ignore Hunter Biden's Laptop and Shady Deals
"Democrat privilege."

Joe, If You Had Never Run For Office, The Whole World Would Not Know What An Idiot You Are
"recent legal setbacks for...Biden"

Hundreds Take to the Streets to Protest Vaccine Mandates
"Demonstrators chanted, 'Let's go Brandon!' as they marched down the street."

CHICAGO Mob Beat, Kick and Stomp Bus Driver
"Andy Ngo reported the bus driver was hospitalized for his injuries."

Candace Owens mocks Biden as ‘America’s senile-in-chief’
"America's Senile in Chief, brought to you by mail-in-ballots"

Ben Shapiro warned a year ago Biden 'falling apart'
"His faculties have begun to degrade. You can see it in real time'"

This Guy Is Senile and Can the Media Stop Pretending He's Not?
"He was always stupid, and always stubbornly attached to whatever dumb ideas formed in the spongy mass of cells that passes for his brain"

Candace Owens: Joe Biden Is So Senile He ‘Believes He Is Running for President of Iran’
"Owens took to Twitter to blast Biden’s call for a national mask mandate"

Biden Had Another 'Senior Moment'
"The mainstream media may be ignoring the president's cognitive decline, but it's still there."

Biden's N-Word Freudian Slip
"Biden has been accused of accidentally using the n-word"

Brit Hume: Biden is 'Clearly Deteriorating, He's Clearly Senile'
"I think the thing we have to watch is the question of whether he serves out his first term."

Only Leftys Are Hysterical About Carbon Emissions
"Carbon Emissions Have Been Flat for a Decade Despite the Leftist Hysteria"

President Trump on General Milley
"That's When I Realized He Was a F*cking Idiot"

Pelosi has micromanaged every committee in the House
"Nancy should use crazy glue stick instead of lipstick"

Border Is 'Raging Out Of Control' Due To Biden
"Arrest him and the entire congress. Before we the people do it."

'It Is Chaos': GOP Senator Rips Biden Vaccine Mandates
"Let's go Brandon! FJB and his administration too!"

3 Big Biden Lies
"The first lie is 'I'm the president of the United States.'"

Biden remains behind Donald Trump for who will win the 2024 US election
"Biden, at the age of 79, isn't up to the task of running the country."

Biden's Cold, COVID, Pneumonia OR Did We Hit The Trifecta?
"Calling biden a president is like calling Jill a doctor. Neither are legitimate."

Duke Energy Is All About Maximizing Profits
"$37,000 Duke Energy Bill"

Joe Biden Digs Up Corpses In Pennsylvania For Votes
"Joe Biden is a walking corpse so it makes perfect sense that the dead would vote for him."

The Biden-Harris Presidency Has Ended
"Is Joe Biden Brain Dead? All indications are tha