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NC BLM Rioter Demonstrates How to Throw Fire Bomb
Joe Biden Demonstrates How to Jog Up Airplane Steps
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Don't Underestimate Joe's Ability to F*** Things Up - Obama

Duke Energy Employee Advocate

"Americans can see that Biden's mental health is in total decline"

Two Sets of Laws
"Compared Trump's indictment to mishandling by both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden"

Hillary Raises Her Ugly Head
"Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted Special Counsel Jack Smith's indictment of former President Donald Trump"

Evidence against the Biden crime family is mounting
"Democrats obsessed with need to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president again."

Mark Levin Screaming About Trump's Second Indictment Will Live In Your Nightmares
"Mark Levin absolutely shreds Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Jack Smith"

Joe Biden Criminal Bribery Probe
"These are facts."

GOP to hold FBI in contempt Over Biden's bribery schemes
"Joe Biden was involved in a $5 million bribery scheme when he was the vice-president."

NYT Ridiculed after sad Biden video
"Jimmy Failla reacts to the DNC refusing to hold presidential primary debates"

The problems with coal ash
"Fears of future spills and seepage caused Duke Energy to agree to pay $1.1 billion"

Plenty of Room in the Ocean for Bag People
"Mayor Adams ridiculed for suggesting migrants be housed in private residences"

Duke Energy Profited From Flaky Subsidies
"It is an absolute shame and embarrassment to me that we have not wiped off these illegal acts from the books"

Key Biden witnesses either in jail, court, or missing: James Comer
"investigation into the Biden family and Adam Schiff's role in perpetuating false Trump-Russia claims."

Biden Going Up In Flames
"FBI source on alleged Biden criminal scheme doc is 'highly credible'"

Joe Biden IS the Sandbag
"Sandbag Has Higher IQ Than Biden"

Biden's Natural Position is Groveling On The Ground
"The majority of Americans can see that Biden's mental health is in total decline"

Target's Queer Promotion Backlash
"Even Walmart Has a Little Queer Display"

Biden family business witness drops ‘bombshell’ allegations
"Miranda Devine details a witness to the Biden family's business schemes who is now living as a fugitive."

Hunter Biden's insane laptop exposed: Sex, drugs, and shady deals
"Garrett Ziegler pulls back the curtain on Hunter Biden's scandalous laptop"

Trump: The Biden family is being protected
"President Donald Trump weighs in on allegations against the Biden family's business dealings"

4 Years? Frail Biden Will Be lucky to Last 4 More Days!

Biden Sticks Foot In Mouth
"Biden, who just fell on stage, once mocked Trump for carefully walking down ramp"

Biden Tries to do His Pathetic Little Jog And Falls on His Face
"What an Idiot"

Bill Cosby With Pudding On Face
"Cosby drugged and raped her in 1969."

10K photos from Hunter Biden's laptop hit the web
"The Smartest Person Joe Knows"

Biden spox left speechless by reporter's question
"Biden Evades and Lies"

FBI Still Covering For Biden
"Rep. Comer makes stunning prediction over docs alleging Biden bribery schemes"

"Biden admin accused of misleading veterans"

Judge Jeanine: This started with Obama
"Crimes Against America."

Sen John Kennedy On Biden's Open Border
"Do You Believe That Illegal Immigration Is Illegal?"

All Know Joe is Too Old, Frail, and Stupid to Debate
"Actor blows up at DNC, Biden: Are you 'f***ing kidding me?!'"

Biden Desperation
"Hunter Biden is a Loose Cannon"

"The vice president set up his family to profit from influence-peddling"
"And unfortunately he did it while he was in office"

Biden losing on 2024, debt, public opinion
"Joe Biden behind the eight ball on, well, everything."

Most severe allegations’ ever leveled at a president
"Biden's Sinking"

Biden Disaster
"CNN host announces 'horrible news' for Joe Biden"

Biden-Garland-establishment system has engaged in criminality
"Biden's blatant dishonesty regarding his family's business dealings is staggering"

Biden Declining Mentally Daily
"Worst Ever"

Queer Pride Cost Target 9 Billion
"Now with Memorial Day weekend approaching, the company is attempting even more damage control."

Deep State Scrambles for New Puppet President
"as Biden Plummets in Polls"

Illegal Aliens Serving Corporations
"A senior official in the White House has revealed a shocking agenda behind Biden's immigration policy."

DOJ interference in Hunter Biden probe dates back years
"New IRS whistleblower letter"

Geraldo and Biden Are Idiots
"Geraldo Completely Humiliated by Deer Hunter"

Contractor says it has settled lawsuit with sick and dying coal ash workers
"200 workers sued Jacobs, claiming the company's supervisors misled them about the dangers of the ash"

Biden Started at Rock Bottom and Started Digging
"Biden's approval rating at 40%, Americans concerned about immigration"

Biden Bumper Sticker? Ask Me About My Dead Son
"Biden raises questions on 'mental fitness' "

Elon Musk doesn't care if people don't like what he says: Mike Huckabee
"President Donald Trump is leading the pack in the Republican presidential primary."

Texas rancher shreds Biden
"Just the other day, we caught five on camera that were from the Middle East"

But She WAS Teaching
"CA high school teacher arrested for having sex with underage student"

Whistleblowers scorching Biden
"Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation since 2018."

Man charged with attempted murder after Obama commuted his sentence
"Alton Mills, 54, faces three counts of attempted murder"

Illegal Alien Released at Border Rapes Teanager
"They can take custody of his body when [Department of Corrections] is done with him."

Trans Queer Pig Meltdown
"senator flips out debating ban on sex change surgeries for minors"

FBI agents should be INDICTED after Durham report that found no Trump collusion
"FBI funding should be cut"

Trump tears into 'treacherous charade' of Russian collusion probe
"John Durham concludes the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia Probe!"

Duke Energy Will Have to Clean Up Its Mess
"EPA proposes rules that could require utilities to clean up legacy coal ash ponds, landfills"

Dan Goldman Grills FBI Whistleblower, Then Jim Jordan Jumps In
"Weaponization Committee Hearing"

Democrats revealed their true reasons for open borders
"secure the southern border"

Joker Becomes Woker
"making the series 'more queer'"

Now Blacks Want $5 Million in Reparations
"Paid For With More Tax, of Course"

The Queen of Beers Nosedives
"A lot of consumers will never drink another Bud Light beer in their life, including me."

Ted Cruz Rips Joe Biden and Mayorkas
"That's A Ridiculous And Silly Question!"

Biden admin is lying, compromised top to bottom
"Biden administration is 'completely compromised' by China."

Biden Criminal Enterprise
"Biden admin is lying, compromised top to bottom"

Biden will be the kryptonite of America
"Biden administration's border inaction is 'intentional'"

Who is Dumber Joe Biden or Mayorkas?
"Biden admin ripped for what they claim as the 'greatest threat' against US"

A Pass For Biden
"Biden allegations were once the 'bread and butter' of the DOJ fraud and corruption unit"

Covering For Joe Biden
"What happened in closed-door House hearing with ex-CIA boss?"

Rep. Comer blasts Dems over Biden family probe
"Biden family business deals and influence peddling."

Stark warning issued over Biden admin's border priorities
"Monica Crowley discusses the Biden administration"

'Pretty Damning' New York Times Article About Migrant Children, Slam Mayorkas
"Mayorkas Gets Cartels 15 Billion a Year"

Letter: Rethink Energy Policy
"I urge our state legislature to reject Duke's rate request"

Break Out The Heavy Machine Guns - Cross The Line And DIE
"Kevin McCarthy on the upcoming end of Title 42"

This seems to confirm our worst expectations
"new allegations against the Biden family"

Biden and HL Sec Want Open Borders
"Biden trying to 'destroy' US, GOP senator warns"

ABC, CBS, NBC bury Hunter Biden revelations
"10% for the Big Guy"

Joe Biden's Racketeering
"Rep. James Comer discusses the House Oversight Committee's Biden family business probe findings"

Pickaninny Karine Jean-Pierre treating Americans like morons
"Does She Have a Potted Plant On Her Head?"

Biden Border Crisis
"We Need President Trump"

Joe Biden Investigation
"Biden received millions of dollars"

Hell Freezes Over
"Black Charged With Hate Crime"

Biden DHS Coordinating Illegal Immigration In-Flows with Mexico
"Biden's officers use an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico when to let migrants swim across"

How the Biden family used shell companies to enrich themselves
"Members of the Biden family...raked in millions of dollars from foreign entities"

Jesse Watters: The whole world has dirt on the Bidens
"Biden family profited from foreign contacts"

Judge Jeanine On The Biden Crime family
"I've Been Doing This For Forty Years; This Is How They Do It"

Someone Does Need To Be Expelled From The White House: JOE BIDEN!
"Biden White House wants to revise rules for who can attend press briefings"

When Will Joe Biden be Impeached for High Crimes?
"When will he go to GITMO?"

Whistleblowers Coming Out of the Woodwork
"WHISTLEBLOWER BOMBSHELL: This is the ‘biggest development’ of the Hunter Biden laptop story"

Biden is a Wounded Animal
"Staff tries to save Biden from himself"

Border Patrol apprehends over 10,000 illegal aliens a day
"There are 28,500 migrants in custody ahead of Title 42's expiration"

80,000 illegal aliens headed to border
"President Giammattei also said he tried to call the White House on the matter, but nobody would take his calls."

Biden's Judgement Day
"Biden family received millions from foreign nationals, tried to conceal"

The White House is terrified
"Former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins"

Duke Energy Left Holding the Renewable Bag
"$175 Million Loss"

Whistleblowers Sinking Joe Biden
"Joe Biden 'masterminded' Hunter's scandal"

Biden had to be rescued from this interview
"Jesse Watters calls out President Biden's softball interviews"

Biden's mental sharpness doubted
"Biden Never Was Hitting On Much"

CA Blacks Demand More Free Money For Being Black
"'$200 million' per person"

Bud: The Queen of Beers
"Chicago organization 2Bears Tavern Group is no longer selling Anheuser-Busch products"

No Hate Crime Here
"Black man charged with murdering two White strangers because of their race"

President Trump On Biden's Illegal Alien Invasion
"Donald Trump makes announcement on upcoming expiration of successful Title 42 legislation"

'Sleepy Joe can barely walk'
"Basement Biden: His Elevator Does Not Go All the Way to the Top"

Hiding Biden
"Where in the world is Joe Biden?"

More Biden influence peddling
"This Has Been Going On for Years"

Nuke Ukraine
"US Sending $300 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine"

Toxic Coal Ash
"coal ash dumps remain unregulated"

Biden's Collapse
"This is a red flag"

The Tragedy is This Scumbag Was Not Eliminated Sooner
"One Scumbag Eliminated"

Tenny Boppers On the Run
"fire 3 shots at 14-year-old's head"

Joe Biden is a Criminal
"Joe Biden On The Take"

Roseanne Barr Hands Jimmy Kimmel His Head
"'You Want Pence for the Freakin' President?'"

From King of Beers to Queer Beer
"Anheuser-Busch is trying to salvage its relationship with Bud Light distributors"

#1 Euthanasia Candidate: Joe Biden
"House Moves To Stop Joe Biden"

Deporting Illegal Aliens Never Works - Execution Always Works
"Illegal Alien Murders 5 in US"

He's Running Again
"All I Need is a Basemant, a Teleprompter and 10%"

Joe Biden skipped press conferences as 'unscripted questions' are a little 'too tough'
"Sky News Australia"

Biden Enables Child trafficking
"Biden's conveyor belt of Child trafficking"

Pelosi's payout under House investigation
"$365M in tax payer dollars for parks"