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Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Leaving Coal Ash in Eden?
"We're looking at the potential for placing that ash in lined landfills"

Experts wonder if penalty for Duke Energy execs is serious or symbolic
"Duke was lucky that no one was harmed"

New coal-ash suit against Duke Energy filed under seal in N.C. Business Court
"It names board chairwoman Anne Gray and all current board members except Richard Meserve"

County contemplates next steps in coal ash agreement
"It was sad, and I think it’s just an example of the bullying that Duke...has done"

County had little choice but to make deal
"The newly approved agreement...was a classic no-win situation"

Commission needs to adopt open discussions
"The company’s 'good neighbor' slogan has worn thin since...Duke’s intentions became clear"

Duke Energy docks CEO's pay $600,000 for coal ash spill on the Dan River
"cut payments made to its top executives under the company's short-term incentive plan by 35%"

Can Duke Energy accept responsibility for its polluting already?
"And what is the company’s answer to this indictment? Deny, deny, deny"

Coal ash deal approved
"The Republican-driven legislation...gave this bad deal to us"

Duke Energy's $25 Million Fine For Years Of Groundwater Pollution
"Duke and DENR have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to protect clean water"

Duke's $12 million won't help Lee County
"Will the $12 million make the ash less toxic? less radioactive?"

Commissioners left powerless by legislature in fight against Duke Energy
"bill gave Duke the right to place coal ash in the county without approval of the local government."

'Smart meters' called a major threat to health, national security
"There's nothing more dangerous than a smart meter on your house"

Fukushima scans confirm complete reactor meltdown
"After first denying that a melt-through had occurred, TEPCO later changed its tune"

US must release photos of Abu Ghraib detainees, federal judge rules
"photographs showing abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan"

Commissioners expected to make decision on coal ash offer
"residents stood outside...to encourage the commissioners not to accept Duke Energy's offer"

Duke Energy Consumer Complaints & Reviews
"There is no customer service with this company"

N.C. govt. could be turned on its head with court ruling
"ignored more than 100 years of court rulings"

Commissioners misguided
"Duke was putting a lot of pressure on the commissioners to make a quick decision"

Crippling the regulatory regime isn't reform
"Is any regulation that puts a crease in somebody's profit margin 'burdensome' and 'unnecessary'?"

Noting the Irony, Republican Praises EPA Coal-Ash Rule
"In a departure from the usual 'War on Coal'...lauded the EPA’s 'hard work' "

Atlantic drilling opponents speak out in record numbers
"we would bear the brunt of the risk and reap no financial benefit"

Duke Energy needs to clean up its mess
"Duke allowed thallium to 'leach into groundwater...for 1,668 days' "

Fight against ‘mountain of coal ash’
"This 'plan' is insane!"

Duke Energy And Locals Struggle Over Coal Ash Solution
"This is a cheap and dirty, almost old-fashioned, solution"

Circadian Surprise: How Our Body Clocks Help Shape Our Waistlines
"Yes, there are clocks in all the cells of your body"

Coal-power plant pollution needs better management
"Four out of five coal plants...no limits on the amount of toxic heavy metals they are allowed to dump"

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
"Large employers too often try to take advantage"

Legislators, McCrory at odds
"will delay the confirmation process for several of Gov. Pat McCrory’s choices to government position"

Commissioners eye coal ash deal with Duke
"Duke Energy had made an offer of up to $12 million in exchange for storing coal ash"

Honeywell ordered to change policies after NRC investigation
"terminated after notifying Honeywell...of smelling alcohol on the breath of a supervisor on duty"

NC Supreme Court hears arguments on Duke coal ash pollution
"These are large unlined pits with ash buried below the groundwater table"

Officials taking comments on water quality implications with relocating coal ash
"(DENR) also intends to hold public hearings on the proposal in April"

OSHA announces final rule on procedures for handling retaliation complaints
"OSHA enforces the whistleblower provisions of SOX and 21 other statutes"

Protecting Temporary Workers
"Host employers need to treat temporary workers as they treat existing employees"

Stopping leaks is priority
"Thallium was used for decades as the active ingredient in rat poison"

S.E.C. Wants the Sinners to Own Up
"When the S.E.C. has demanded admissions, it says it usually gets them"

Test results don’t alleviate public concerns
"Would you like some water with your glass of arsenic?"

Duke’s Asheville coal plant exceeding safe sulfur dioxide levels
"Duke is choosing to save an extra buck, at the expense of human health"

Duke Energy asks for coal ash leaks to continue
"Duke Energy asked for permission to monitor levels of hazardous chemicals itself"

Duke Energy, Koch brother among top donors to Republican Governors Association
"Facing South has reported on what Duke stood to gain from its big donations"

The Simpsons, Duke Energy and the Governor of North Carolina
"if he ran for governor, Mr. Burns 'could decide what’s safe and what isn’t' "

750 tons of Fukushima plant water leaked
"having difficulties dealing with plant decommissioning...forced to postpone deadlines"

Duke Energy faces April 16 sentencing in federal coal ash cases
"The companies were charged with multiple violations of the Clean Water Act"

Duke Energy Gets Fines, But No Coal Ash Cleanup Required
"This proposed fine does not clean up one ounce of coal ash pollution"

That Gallon Of Gas Costs More Than You Think
"Duke Energy and its rate-payers will likely be on the hook for tens of billions of dollars"

$25.1 Million Fine for Contamination at Sutton Plant Doesn't Satisfy Many
"They're talking about groundwater contamination...they won't ever clean that up"

Duke Energy to Pay $146M to Settle Lawsuit Over CEO Ouster
"the most blatant example of corporate deceit that I have witnessed"

Duke Energy slammed with record $25.1 million coal ash fine
"Duke Energy allowed a host of coal ash contaminants to leach into the groundwater...for several years"

McCrory amends filing after ethics complaint
"There is a clear pattern of hidden conflicts of interest...what else does Gov. McCrory have to hide?"

New McCrory administration permits for Duke Energy include a massive loophole
"Of course, what the Observer fails to note is that is that such loopholes are no accident"

Fukushima not only affecting that local area, but also worldwide”
"Significant concern on the safety of the population and environment worldwide"

Lawmakers have to say ‘no’ to Duke Energy
"The laws passed by the majority in both houses have been a failure"

Evaporating Health Insurance
"Carolinas HealthCare System and UnitedHealthcare are giving patients contradictory information"

DENR permits for Duke lack essential timetable
"What good is a state agency that just writes permits"

Cobalt-60 dumped into SC coal ash pond
"dumped the material at least once in the pond without federal approval"

Duke Energy public hearing planned for Monday
"Community leaders plan to speak in Raleigh Monday against Duke Energy"

Duke coal ash pollution could continue under permits proposed by state regulators
"add '12 potentially contaminated groundwater seeps' to Riverbend's allowed discharges"

Judge to review criminal cases in Duke coal ash spill
"Federal prosecutors also charged several Duke subsidiaries with criminal negligence"

Consumer advocates debunk Duke Energy’s anti-solar power claims
"falling profits as more customers rely less on giant, expensive power plants"

NC lawmaker behind stealth attempt to block fracking rules, a top recipient of oil and gas money
"Hager...one of the leaders in the push to open North Carolina to fracking"

New Coal Ash Rules
"A high risk is posed by 50 ponds"

Ignoring expenses, UNC says it will divest in coal
"avoiding having UNC’s name associated with costly mistakes that fossil fuel companies have made"

Time for NC to protect residents, not corporations
"protect the residents of North Carolina, not the corporate interests of Duke Energy"

Duke Energy hires former Clinton counsel in coal-ash defense
"she handled cases involving racketeering charges against organized crime figures"

Duke Energy’s plan offers no recourse
"The truth is that they are not planning on being neighbors at all"

Council urges Duke Energy to make good on promises
"It’s time for Duke to make it right — do something"

Duke Energy Says it will Drop Nuclear Fee off Florida Bills
"Some of Duke's billing practices have created an outcry"

$229K in damages for whistleblower retaliation
"Workers have a right to contact OSHA and to assist others to connect with OSHA"

Utilities: Pulling the plug on passivity
"drafted a series of measures aimed at Duke and the state Public Service Commission"

Public Service Commission ripe for reform
"repealing the law that lets utilities charge ratepayers in advance for nuclear projects"

DENR gets much-needed wake-up call
"DENR attempted to shield Duke from full liability with a paltry fine"

Experts talk toxicity, reuses of coal ash
"Duke's current plan is extremely weak...because it includes options for cap-in-place"

Protecting Fragile Retirement Nest Eggs
"financial industry lobbyists are already griping"

Good neighbor, really?
"Duke Energy’s public relations firm spews daily messages...It’s a broken record of lies"

Duke cited for coal-ash related groundwater contamination in Asheville
"Duke has denied every substantive allegation we made in our lawsuits"

TEPCO blasted for concealing latest radioactive leak for nearly a year
"knowingly allowing radioactive substances...to flow freely into the sea since April"

Scott Walker Is Set to Deliver New Blow to Labor in Wisconsin
"he is poised to deliver a second walloping blow to labor"

Groundwater contaminated at Duke Energy’s Asheville power plant
"the company broke groundwater standards for 12 constituents"

Duke Energy Pleads Guilty to Charges
"We have seen that we cannot count on the DENR to effectively enforce the law"

Duke Energy Admits Guilt in Coal Ash Spill Case
"Duke Energy pleaded guilty in a federal court to charges brought Friday"

NC Governor Shut Down Toxic Disaster Lawsuits to Protect Own Interests
"revelations about the state’s political connections to Duke are raising eyebrows"

Video: Massive toxic spill yields federal criminal charges for Duke Energy
"state government in North Carolina stepped in and blocked those lawsuits"

Duke Energy pays for dodging coal ash problems
"What Duke Energy has learned is that it's expensive to be cheap"

Beneath PR spin, Duke Energy pleads guilty to environmental crimes
"not pursuing a 'proposed agreement' but pleading guilty to multiple environmental crimes"

Asheville power plant included as Duke Energy proposes criminal charge settlement
"pattern of state regulators allowing the company to avoid fixing problems"

A loophole in immigration law is costing thousands of American jobs
"The H-1B system turns the Indian workers virtually into indentured servants"

Fresh leak at Fukushima nuclear plant sees 70-fold radiation spike
"He did not specify the cause of the leak"

Duke Energy is exploiting a broken political system
"continues to allow companies such as Duke to pervert the democratic process"

So much is missing from utility's deal with feds
"What felony was suspected a year ago? Why are today's criminal counts only misdemeanors?"

Coal Giant Dumped Waste Directly Into Rivers, Now Faces Criminal Charges
"dumping coal ash from power plants in five North Carolina locations since at least 2010"

DENR, utilities clashed over coal ash regulation in 2011
"criticized as being too lax in regulating coal ash generated by Duke Energy"

Duke Energy now facing criminal charges for coal ash pollution
"Being the largest electric power holding-company...may not mean a 'hill of beans' "

Criminal charges filed against Duke Energy for NC coal ash spills
"The money will come from shareholders, not customers"

Federal probe appears to place blame with Duke Energy
"Duke Energy says it agrees there were misdemeanor criminal offenses"

Duke Energy agrees to pay up
"This is a situation where the company can’t pay its way out of the problem"

Duke to pay millions in federal court fines over coal ash
"the company also would serve a five-year probation with a court-appointed monitor"

Duke Energy fined over $100 mln for environmental violations
"Duke Energy will have to maintain $500 million as security to meet their obligations"

US Charges Duke With Illegal Pollution From 5 Coal Ash Dumps
"Duke adamantly denied any wrongdoing for years"

Feds Charge Duke Energy With Violations Of Clean Water Act
"Duke was illegally polluting waterways across North Carolina and it was criminal"

"a river that’s been poisoned with arsenic from a nearby Duke Energy site"

Pollution from coal ash spill stains Dan River
"Duke should still undergo severe consequences as a result of the spill"

Increased sulphur dioxide emissions at Duke’s Asheville plant
"emitting harmful sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution at levels considered unsafe"

Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities
"could allow customers to be electric grid independent"

Toxic water worse at Fukushima
"challenges include persistent underground water ingress to main buildings"

Open Forum - February 2015
"Who are you going to believe, Duke Energy or your lying eyes?"

Duke Energy is setting aside $100 million to settle an investigation into a massive coal ash spill
"This settlement would not resolve DENR’s civil litigation over violations at coal ash ponds"

Duke Energy could pay $100 million to resolve coal ash investigation
"Prosecutors issued at least 23 grand jury subpoenas to Duke Executives and state officials"

Senate bills targeting utilities, PSC wins committee support
"some utilities might be improving their service and practices, Duke Energy 'has gotten worse' "

OSHA Whistleblower Protection Programs
"OSHA’s whistleblower statutes protect you from retaliation"

'There really are people who feel pain related to EMF'
"They discussed the smart meter problems privately, violating their own rules of procedure"

Florida solar coalition collects 100,000 signatures for petition
"We are overwhelmed and excited by the support we have received"

Lee residents push for change in Raleigh
"ninth annual Moral March on Raleigh to demand changes to state laws"

The Love-Hate Relationship Between Utilities and Solar Energy
"try to find ways to subvert...solar because it offers little opportunity for them to profit"

Judge, activists ‘indict’ NC lawmakers for denying Medicaid
"designed to shame North Carolina legislators into expanding Medicaid"

Wake up or coal ash coming
"Raleigh politicians and Duke Energy have made us the sacrificial lambs"

The real power brokers in Raleigh
"Duke was able to influence legislation...has bought access with its money and its lobbyists"

Rally kicks off campaign against ‘dirty industry’
"We are fighting against dirty industries like Duke Energy"

Protests around the South target fossil fuels in run-up to Global Divestment Day
"In North Carolina, fossil-fuel critics have gotten the ear of some state leaders"

Pee Dee WALL challenges Ansonians to ‘veto’ governor, state legislature
"We also veto Duke Energy with the state’s permission to dump their coal ash mess"

Document shredding caused fire at Edwardsport power plant
"Duke is highly protective of information about the $3.5 billion plant"

G.O.P. Consultant Pleads Guilty in PAC Case
"directed nearly a quarter of the money, about $138,000, back to Mr. Harber"

Texas company rolls out plan for private spent-fuel storage site
"It's clear Yucca Mountain won't and shouldn't happen"

Tar Heel Power Brokers: Special interests spend big to get their way in Raleigh
"Duke Energy's political influence includes ties to...Gov. Pat McCrory"

Duke to pay for damage to Arden roads from ash hauling
"There are some places that are pretty severely cracked"

Pushing utility risk to customers
"Duke Energy...asked the state for the ability to charge the rider"

Coal ash sign causes controversy
"Addison's daughter filed a police complaint in the case"

Rise in wildfires may resurrect Chernobyl's radiation
"This is clearly an important problem and one that applies also to Fukushima"

Justice Department Seeking Felony Pleas by Big Banks in Foreign Currency Inquiry
"prosecutors have not charged one top executive on Wall Street"

Left and Right Align in Fighting Obama’s Trade Agenda
"150...Democrats have already signed on to letters opposing fast track

“Cancer Epidemic” Underway in Fukushima
"I can’t forgive the gov’t, they’re murderers. This is definitely a holocaust"

Late bill? Duke Energy snaps off the lights
"Counsel is wondering out loud if smart meters are driving Duke's disconnections"

Herbal Supplements Without Herbs
"Walmart and GNC are continuing to sell their products in stores outside New York"

Duke's energy audit leaves renters in the cold
"The unsatisfactory reply was, well, because that's the way it is"

10 million gallon 'bath mat' of oil remains from BP oil spill
"the size of the state of Rhode Island"

Nuclear plant restart delayed again
"All of Japan's commercial nuclear reactors remain offline"

Regulator surveys fault near Shimane nuclear plant
"length of the fault and its structure beneath the plant complex are among the focal points"

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's Administration Facing New Criminal Investigation
"later brought a whistleblower case against the Christie administration"

Even the pirate Blackbeard offered an employee health-care plan
"Archaeologists are now studying previously recovered medical instruments"

Coal ash more toxic than lawmakers let on
"coal...plants...'the major sources of radioactive materials released in the environment' "

One Year After Coal Ash Spill – Remembering the Wisdom of Annie Fulp Brown
"her story and the story of others like here remain with us and must never be forgotten"

Video: Coal ash cleanup problems
"It’s going to be airborne, and people are going to be breathing it"

Charah answers coal ash questions
"Will the land...simply be bulldozed and dug up?"

Governor of Illinois Takes Aim at Labor
"the state’s first Republican governor in 12 years"

Will Anyone Pay for Abu Ghraib?
"response has been to try to keep the federal courts from getting involved"

Duke Energy or Indiana customers: Who should pay Edwardsport's climbing price tag?
"Consumer Counselor...force the utility refund about $51.6 million"

Pittsylvania County may pursue legal action against Duke Energy over coal ash spill
"We have dropped the ball on this"

Vice mayor calls for legal action against Duke Energy
"They said they’d make it right...So far, nothing"

The Real Problem With Thom Tillis' Stance on Hand Washing
"All American Grill in Tillis’s home state gave a hundred people salmonella"

Duke Energy CEO addresses Chamber in wake of coal ash spill anniversary
"scientists...warn it could take years before the true impact...is known"

In NC, too little action on coal ash
"The more that the scientists look, the more problems they find"

Millions of tons of toxic coal ash are piled at power plants across the nation
"Duke wants to make us the coal ash dump site for the whole state"

One year after coal ash spill, many impacts to Dan River unknown
"The company is continuing to do damage control"

LEE COMMISSIONERS: Board repeals pro-fracking resolution
"Pennsylvania...report of hundreds of cases of water contamination"

Coal Ash Spill Could Not Be Ignored
"Ultimately, the law passed without McCrory's signature"

Where we stand a year after the coal ash spill
"And after one year, this story is far from over"

County to seek coal ash compensation
"the spill was also a failuire to communicate by Duke"

What’s in Those Supplements?
"Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC...contained little more than cheap fillers"

Chris Christie Shows Fondness for Luxury Benefits When Others Pay the Bill
"I try to squeeze all the juice out of the orange that I can"

The Supreme Court’s Secret Decisions
"a crucial part of the court’s work that most people don’t know anything about"

Nuclear safety push to be watered down after U.S. objections
"hazards far greater than those they were originally designed to withstand decades ago"

Regulators and accountability
"crescendo of criticism against Gov. Pat McCrory, a former Duke Energy executive"

Danger still looms over the Dan River
"harms waterways and wildlife, including documented groundwater contamination"

1 year since Dan River: 3 ways to prevent another coal ash disaster
"disaster eventually exposed cozy relationships between Duke and the state agencies"

One Year Later, Impact of Coal Ash Spill Into Dan River Still Lingering In Danville
"Southern Environmental Law Center...warning Duke about a possible spill since 2011"

Dan River recovering after coal ash spill as fines weighed
"fines levied after large coal ash spills in other states ran into the millions"

Coal ash in the water supply
"Immediately after the spill, sales of bottled water spiked citywide"

Coal Ash Spill, One Year Later
"running a storm pipe under an unlined coal ash pit was a bad idea"

One Year Since Massive Coal Ash Spill in Dan River
"try to learn whether mercury from the spill will create long-term damage"

Dan River Coal Ash Spill: Long-Term Impact Unknown
"The water had turned black...frankly it changed me forever"

Monday Marks 1 Year Since Massive Coal Ash Spill
"EPA said arsenic levels exceeded acceptable levels"

Dan River coal ash disaster: An accident waiting to happen
"years of Duke Energy giving short shrift to early warnings from engineers"

Don’t Drill Along the East Coast
"To allow drilling off the Atlantic Coast is to willfully forget Deepwater’s awful lesson"

CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing
"bomb was tested many times at Harvey Point, a facility in North Carolina"

Ash spill changes Duke’s attitude
"They were out on the river for seven hours, and they found five mussels. That’s not thriving"

Duke told about pipe failings 30 years ago
"any qualified civil engineer could have foretold for the utility, and, in fact, several did"

Did Duke Energy downplay severity in spill notification?
"Duke Energy...dropped the ball by not giving...enough information"

Dan River Coal Ash Disaster: Stopping the leak took 4 days
"the earthen platform collapsed into the crater created by the initial pipe failure"

Is the water safe to drink?
"It was noticeably gray...It scared me: Are we really removing that?"

North Carolina community fights Duke Energy plan to dump toxic coal ash
"lining the pits with heavy plastic was like lining them with a plastic bag"

Environmental impact could take years to determine
"McCrory moved to distance himself from his former employer"

Most ash settled up to 25 miles downstream
"In the 1970s...Duke Energy’s discharges of coal ash wiped out entire species"

Year after ash spill, state of Dan River in dispute
"It has a smell you'll never get off"

Make Belews Creek a top priority
"There are so many people here who have gotten sick"

New details flow in federal coal ash probe
"Duke Energy was on clear notice for years that there was risk from the pipe that broke"

Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% risk of autism hidden from public
"He alleges criminal wrongdoing by his supervisors"

Duke Energy’s coal ash leaks persist across NC
"each leak nearly 1 million gallons a day"

Uncertainty clouds coal ash picture one year after spill
"A plan put forward by the governor was dismissed as too weak"

The Coal Industry Owns The Courts
"Duke Energy had been paying off the right people to prevent...punishment"

Duke Energy spent $45M on Lee nuclear plant in 2014
"Since proposing the project in 2007, Duke has spent $426.6 million"

On the New Congress: Better They Just Keep Doing Nothing
"Why can’t they just NOT get along?"

Mitt Romney Bites the Dust
"Donors who supported him last time refused to commit to his campaign"

Mitt Quits. Again. Probably.
"Really, he didn’t seem to be scaring off anybody"

Timeline Dan River coal ash spill
"McCrory said that Duke’s record on coal ash is 'quite poor' "

Governors' Big Oil-assisted lobbying pays off in Obama's Atlantic drilling plan
"McCrory…received over $229,000 in contributions from oil and gas interests"

Moral Monday photo exhibit opens in North Carolina
"more than 900 people arrested for...civil disobedience at the North Carolina legislature"

Amid gas drilling boom, investigators warn of systemic pipeline safety hazards
"failed to conduct…tests that would have discovered problems before the explosions"

State senator files bill to defund group that spent $200,000 against him last year
"would reduce the funding of the State Employees Association (SEANC)"

New subpoena disclosed in federal probe of Dan River spill
"an official criminal investigation into a suspected felony"

Dan River Coal Ash Spill rally set
"Saturday, Jan. 31"

Comcast Renames Man ‘Asshole Brown’ After He Tries to Cancel Cable
"Comcast spokesman Steve Kipp confirmed the Browns’ story"

Audio: Comcast Begging Customer Not to Leave
"my wife became so visibly upset she handed me the phone"

Residents right to question Duke plan for ash
"Duke's grudging release of information…hasn't made anyone want to trust the company"

"poses a serious threat to coastal communities throughout the region"

Long hours make you less productive
"output falls sharply after a 50-hour work-week, and falls off a cliff after 55 hours"

Lee County residents plan several anti-coal ash events
"this community is not going to sit down and be dumped on"

SELC to Duke Energy: Follow Santee Cooper's lead on coal ash cleanup
"Santee Cooper's work shows the kind of leadership we need from utilities"

Legalized Bribery
"private campaign finance has essentially pre-corrupted our politicians"

Why you need to pay attention to solar energy legislation
"This is a war on solar because of the dramatic decrease in costs"

Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up
"The middle class has shrunk consistently over the past half-century"

The Growing Shadow of Political Money
"$6.3 billion spent on the presidential and congressional elections of 2012"

Three Tepco execs again dodge indictment over Fukushima meltdowns
"could still be indicted forcibly by court-appointed lawyers acting as prosecutors"

TEPCO reneges on deadline to process radioactive Fukushima water
"300 tons of radioactive water leaked...August 2013...100 more tons in February 2014"

‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator
"attempts to kill 41 targeted individuals...resulted in the deaths of some 1,147 people"

Offshore wind beats drilling for jobs and energy in the Southeast
"Pat McCrory of North Carolina is pushing to open the area to the oil and gas industry"

Former Commissioner Accuses Gov. Rick Scott of Meddling
"asked him to intercede in an out-of-state money laundering investigation on a donor"

Objections by Women Open Rift in G.O.P.
"grappling with a familiar situation: how to fix another self-inflicted political wound"

Environmentalist testifies to Congress on NC coal ash
"state agencies will not effectively enforce laws designed to protect communities"

A Coal Ash Community That Can’t Use Its Tap Water
"lawsuits have been filed...to require Duke Energy to clean up its coal ash ponds"

Bill would prohibit Florida utilities from charging for fracking
"Duke Energy has expressed interest in exploring similar proposals"

Attempting to gut solar power incentives for homeowners
"The sun isn't going to call you up and raise the price of photons"

C.I.A. Report Found Value of Torture Was Inflated
"if Senator Burr thinks he can erase the report...he is likely to be mistaken"

The Year of Living Dangerously
"Duke Energy was at it again"

Environmentalists warn about coal ash in clay mines
"mines throughout the state may be used for coal ash disposal"

A Detainee’s Diary
"I know I can go to hell for what I did to you"

Duke Energy's N.C. returns still higher than regulators allow
"The commission has acted in the past to bring return rates down to target levels"

Flashback: Duke Takes a Hit in South Carolina
"company had been intentionally understating its regulated profits to authorities for years"

Businesses rank Duke Energy Florida last in satisfaction survey
"Duke has become a target of criticism after a series of mishaps"

Video: The American Dream
"HOW the private Federal Reserve steals your money"

McCrory Damage Control
"So, why did we call him a partner?"

Coal ash plan: Pair compensation, heavy restrictions with disposal
"This problem is far from over"

The Great Wage Slowdown
"Wages and incomes for most Americans have now been stagnant for 15 years"

Anson landfill could be used for coal ash disposal
"There is already a witch’s brew of toxic poisons in the Waste Connections landfill"

Environmentalists want more direct action on coal ash
"coal ash would be 'much safer in concrete than in ponds' "

McCrory vs. the truth - once again
"McCrory owned Duke Energy stock even as he took action...after Duke’s coal ash spill"

Flashback: N.C. Governor No Longer Works for Duke Energy, But Is He Doing Their Bidding?
"they shielded Duke from potential higher fines or potential more extensive remediation"

Texas Is Sending You a Present
"No mention of his pending felony indictment for abuse of power"

Commissioner critical of coal ash lawsuits announces resignation
"His law firm...has represented Duke Energy in court"

Florida ballot drive seeks to boost solar energy in Sunshine State
" 'corrupted' by campaign contributions and lobbying power of big electricity companies"

House Measure Defies Obama on Immigrants
"would revoke legal protections for millions of unauthorized immigrants"

Virginia Politician Serves 2 Terms: In Jail and in the State Legislature
"must report to his jail cell about 7:30 each evening"

Duke Energy hits bottom on business-customer ranking
"Duke has suffered as well in recent years in residential-customer satisfaction surveys"

Area residents rally, brainstorm ways to fight Duke coal ash plan
"This is Duke's problem. They've had all these years to deal with the problem"

Could Duke Energy's coal ash be headed to a mine near you?
"The plan to spread coal ash all over the state is a public health nightmare"

Coalition of conservatives, liberals fight for more Florida solar power
"removing the utilities as middlemen...could help spur solar as a clean-energy alternative"

NC lawmakers to end policy letting utilities overcharge customers
"allowing Duke Energy…to over-collect about $19 million a year"

Democrats Step Up Efforts to Block Obama’s Trade Agenda
"a Trojan horse for every kind of extreme corporate proposal"

Group seeks ethics investigation of McCrory
"McCrory did not properly report ownership of stock in Duke Energy"

Flashback: McCrory Gets Exposed, Has Hissy Fit
"can't regulate coal ash directly because, 'There's ongoing criminal investigations right now.' "

Reforming utility regulation
"would prevent some of the worst abuses by electric companies such as Duke Energy"

Coal ash rules must be stronger
"Ignorance isn't an excuse when things go terribly wrong"

Duke Energy's donations pay off in Florida governor's race
"Scott, who was behind in the polls...squeaked out a one-point victory"

Fighting Duke Energy's coal ash dumping plans
"Years…McCrory…employed by…law firm that represents Charah: 2"

Atlantic Coast Pipeline meetings get underway amid growing landowner resistance
"Duke holds a 40 percent stake"

Strength in numbers
"designed so poorly, people grew dizzy going around in circles trying to find answers"

Another Governor is Off to the Big House
"one of the most spectacular falls of a statewide official in the history of the commonwealth"

Cut Everyone's Pay - But Not Ours!
"The Harvard faculty is being attacked by the monster that it created"

Lee County officials approve resolution opposing coal ash disposal
"commissioners unanimously approved a resolution opposing Duke Energy's plan"

Welcome to 2015
" 'Merger Harmonization'…turned out to be 'Merger Homogenization' "

Lee Commissioners poised to officially oppose Duke Energy's coal ash plan
"set to take formal action Monday against Duke Energy's plan"

Thumbs up: Keep up the good fight
"moving and storage of Duke Energy’s seemingly never-ending supply of coal ash"

In 2014, 'coal ash' became a household term
" 'Moral Monday' protests continued at the legislative complex"

Video: Coal Ash in Yadkin River
"what one...group found near the Yadkin River by a Duke Energy plant"

News 13 Takes a Look Back at 2014
"2014 began with an environmental disaster in North Carolina"

Year In Review: Coal Ash Spill In Dan River
"it's irresponsible to say that the river is anywhere close to back to normal or clean"

An energetic year: Top 10 stories of 2014
"1. Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill"

Ash spill, Womack top news in 2014
"1. Duke spill dumps ash in river"

Top stories of 2014: Coal ash
"Duke Energy to use up to 8 million tons of coal ash as structural fill"

Coal ash and the Carolina comeback
"In 2014, 'coal ash' became a household term"

Newsmakers 2014: Lynn Good
"I feel like we have laid the groundwork in 2014"

South Korea searching for answers after nuclear power plant's computers hacked
"According to investigators, the hackers attack may not be over"

Sediment from failing Asheville airport wall reached wetlands
"coal ash from the Duke Energy's...plant has been trucked in as structural fill"

EPA's Coal Ash Rule Shouldn't Let Utilities Off the Hook: Viable Options Exist
"Duke Energy...lack of oversight led to the Dan River fiasco"

Duke Energy: Clean Energy, International Business To Drive Future Growth
"maintain these costs at current levels...owing to...reduced use of contract workers"

Why Duke Energy Is A Good Buy
"achieved 45% of its entire five-year...savings commitment...in just two years"

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Staging Internet Failure
"Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest"

Buried coal ash suspected in tainted well water
"EPA has confirmed 157 cases of proven or potential damage from coal ash"

The Best Lawyers Money Can Buy
"when...labor issues...do reach the court, they lose more often than not"

‘Beneficial reuse’ of coal ash could contaminate drinking water statewide
"It’s not a good sign when even the dogs won’t drink your tap water"

Preventing the Next Coal Ash Disaster
"unwilling to enforce the law effectively against well-connected public utilities"

"coal ash was full 'encapsulated' in the bank"

Rep. Michael Grimm pleaded guilty to felony tax evasion
"20 charges of tax fraud, lying under oath and essentially keeping two sets of books"

When Insider Trading Is Legal
"public mistrust of the stock market is warranted as are doubts about its integrity"

Top Stories of 2014: Coal ash spill puts spotlight on Duke Energy, regulators
"environmentalists had said coal ash stored in ponds...was a ticking time bomb"

First federal regulation of coal ash enacted
"If anybody is crazy enough to build another one...it would have to be lined"

Film of the year: Take Back Your Power
" ‘Smart’ meter technology threatens home safety"

Chatham County Commissioners throw wrench into Duke Energy's coal ash plan
"measures to prevent Duke Energy from disposing coal ash at two mines"

Six tons of tainted water leak at Fukushima No. 1 during Korean safety tour
"The water seeped into the ground"

Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses
"any credible investigation should include former Vice President Dick Cheney"

Conquest Is for Losers
"War makes you poorer and weaker, even if you win"

Drone strikes counterproductive, says secret CIA report
"Israel's 'targeted-killings campaign'...was of limited effectiveness"

Pat McCrory launches assault on Associated Press
"He did come in saying this is going to be a squeaky-clean administration"

Pat McCrory's meltdown
"Pat McCrory really doesn't like anyone shattering his delusions"

Flashback: 'Daily Show' latest in line of satirists taking aim at NC
"McCrory says...he is more surprised that his approval is as high as it is"

NC Stop Torture Now asks McCrory to investigate state's role in CIA renditions
"It was wrong for our state to be an enabler of these unspeakable acts"

A Vermont Senator Asks, Why Not a Socialist President?
"Mr. Sanders should not be underestimated; he raised $8 million for his 2012 election"

Fact Check: Is Duke telling "The Truth About Toxicity?"
"Duke Energy earns a red light for this fact sheet"

Scandal brewing? Analysts question McCrory's payout disclosure
"He can argue that it's legal all he wants...this looks sleazy"

Flashback: Study shows depth of McCrory’s campaign ties to Duke Energy
"Pat McCrory’s connections to Duke Energy are under scrutiny amid the probe"

Commissioners oppose plan to dispose coal ash in Chatham, Lee counties
"older ash pond clean-up sites may also have [polychlorinated biphenyl] contamination"

Chatham County Commissioners Reject Duke Energy Coal Ash Plan
"residents would face a higher risk of exposure to cancer-causing toxins"

DOL orders Railroad to pay employee $250,000 in punitive damages
"did not fill out an incident report for fear of reprisal"

Did CIA torture violate Nuremberg ban on human experimentation?
"CIA health professionals may have committed war crimes"

CIA medical professionals accused of committing war crimes
"hold accountable all health professionals who participated in the CIA torture program"

Psychologist admits he waterboarded al Qaeda suspects
"Yes, I waterboarded KSM"

If the truth hurts, beg for money
"I asked McCrory why he chose to use the controversy...to solicit campaign donations"

Flashback: Subpoenas raise stakes in N.C. criminal probe
"Of particular interest was a settlement between the McCrory administration and Duke Energy"

A legal maneuver could absolve Duke Energy of its responsibility for coal ash dumps
"That's a bunch of crap...He's just concerned with his big income"

Coal, an Outlaw Enterprise
"Blankenship...vacationed...with a justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court"

Whistle-Blower on Countrywide Mortgage Misdeeds to Get $57 Million
"helping federal prosecutors force Bank of America to pay a record $16.65 billion penalty"

Gov. Cuomo Bans Fracking
"sends an important message to both the industry and the Obama administration"

A Hit Dog Always Hollers
"hides his financial entanglements...misleads people...doesn't disclose conflicts of interest"

Flashback: McCrory misstated Duke Energy holdings, sold stock after coal-ash spill
"McCrory filed a new ethics and economic disclosure"

Rep. McHenry brags about slashing EPA that’s helping McCrory with coal ash
"cuts that will drop the agency to levels last seen in the 1980s"

Utility counselor says Duke customers owed a refund
"Duke Energy wrongly passed on costs related to its Edwardsport power plant"

Local officials feel misled by plans for Sanford coal ash storage site
"Every day we learn something new, and it gets worse instead of better"

The More Insidious Things That Polluted America’s Air And Water This Year
"this year, the Dan River spill was undoubtedly the worst"

AP: Carolinas politicians get payouts from lender
"Pat McCrory and U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford...accepted six-figure stock payouts"

Complaint filed against Duke Energy over reserves
"charges its customers for new power plants while operating with exorbitant reserves"

C.I.A., on Path to Torture, Chose Haste Over Analysis
"I knew that at that moment, my life as I knew it was over"

Some In Lee County Oppose Coal Ash Dump
"If you walk down the line here, this is nothing but a Duke Energy pony show"

NCWARN criticizes Duke Energy’s approach to solar power
"accuses Duke of telling 'fish stories' about its support for solar"

Real reform for the Public Service Commission could happen
"legislators received the message loud and clear from voters who are fed up with Duke Energy"

Wind Syndrome: Public health crisis?
" 'human health hazard'...Health Board...Shirley Wind Project, owned by Duke Energy"

Gas pipeline fails to energize
"experience an average of 90 failures a year that the government considers significant"

Edward Snowden lawyer calls on Europeans to prosecute US torture architects
"Kaleck said it was important to target the 'architects' of the system"

What not to ask your probation officer
"You have some weed?"

"Tortured Justifications"

Britain convulsed by its dirty secret in wake of CIA torture report
"six-year-old girl...pregnant woman...kidnapped and flown to one of Gaddafi’s prisons"

Riverkeeper Concerned Over Plans to Fix Leaky Coal Ash Pipe
"Marshall’s permit does not have limits for things like arsenic and mercury"

Riverkeeper objects to releasing water from Duke Energy ash pond into Lake Norman
"siphoning threatens to release high levels of ash contaminants into Lake Norman"

Ash-pond repair raises concerns for Lake Norman
"Marshall’s pond holds 22 million tons of ash"

Wall Street Wins Again
"Wall Street regulates the United States Congress"

On Torture Report, Colorado’s Udall Leaves Subtlety at Door on the Way Out
"He strongly criticized President Obama for failing to 'rein in' the agency"

Progress Energy Rated by Employees
"Most of the best parts of Progress were lost during the Duke Energy merger"

Elizabeth Warren: Kill the bill
"House...is about to show us the worst of government for the rich and powerful"

Supervisor at Brunswick nuclear power plant fails follow-up fitness for duty test
"resulted in a confirmed positive result for illegal drugs"

Poland objected to CIA's secret jail, but bought off with large cash payment
"the CIA allegedly provided several million dollars"

US hid UK links in CIA torture report at request of British spy agencies
"UK had been granted deletions in advance of the publication"

Video: Duke Energy's leaky, metal, coal ash pipe at Lake Norman
"crack in a drainage pipe running under an earthen dam at the Marshall Steam Station"

NC's ongoing coal ash regulatory disaster shows urgency of EPA action
"Pat McCrory...as mayor...voted in favor of a proposal that directly benefited Duke"

Fighting back against Duke Energy's coal ash
"That's what Duke wants you to think — that you have no power and no control"

Riverkeeper concerned over 'essential repairs' on coal ash pipe
"A similar pipe broke at Dan River in February, flooding the river with gray ash"

Adorable anti-Duke protest
"we don't want their dirty energy anymore"

Pension Deal In Spending Bill Will Cut Benefits
"written in the dead of night, behind closed doors, without public discourse"

America’s Most Accomplished Looters: The Great Pension Robbery
"attack on American pension funds encompasses both the public and private sector"

Getting even tougher on corporate crime
"there were calls for Blankenship to be charged with murder"

The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk
"Cheney...backed torture, blithely supporting techniques that were called war crimes"

Dark Again After Report on C.I.A. Torture
"torturers acted on orders...from...George W. Bush...Cheney...Tenet...Rumsfeld"

Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture
"The Senate report confirms it doesn’t work. As those of us on the inside knew"

Hanford nuclear facility contractor to pay 2 workers $186K for retaliation
"Those working around or for a nuclear facility must raise safety concerns freely"

The Mergers and Acquisitions Cycle: Buy. Divide. Conquer.
"Mergers have a spotty record of creating value. Putting two companies together is risky"

Obama Catches Blame on Tactics of Torture
"it was a 'flat-out lie' to suggest...George W. Bush was kept in the dark about details"

Torture Report Puts MOST Presidential Hopefuls in Quiet Mode
"Senator Bernard Sanders...denounced the tactics described in the report"

Bill seeks to restrict how Duke Energy alters billing cycles
"Duke has proven, time and time again, that there is no line that they will not cross"

CIA interrogations report sparks prosecution calls
"officials from the administration of George W Bush...must be prosecuted"

CIA torture report reveals tactics WORSE than agency let on
"we can never let the world know what I have done to you"

Officials: Lee County was set up regarding coal ash
"Do you trust Duke Energy? I don't"

Lee Co. neighbors speak out against coal ash plan
"they think we're too small to matter, too dumb to care, or too apathetic to speak out"

CIA torture report
"Obama has already dubbed the techniques used as 'torture' "

The Spill at Dan River on '60 Minutes'
"McCrory cut the budget and staff of the specific department that inspects the ash ponds"

Bill filed to repeal Duke Energy's nuclear advance fee and force refunds
"customers are paying Duke about $3.2 billion without receiving a single kilowatt"

McCrory bashes Duke Energy’s record on coal ash
"Pat McCrory continues to distance himself from his former employer, Duke Energy"

Gov. McCrory: Duke Energy’s coal ash record is ‘quite poor’
"Duke Energy has done 'very little' to clean up its coal ash contamination"

N.C. legislators say coal-ash law likely to need revisions
"I think we have to recognize we didn't get it right entirely"

Contractor death slows solar project connections for Duke Energy Progress
"He was taken to the burn center...where he died two days later"

New Mexico fines federal government after nuclear waste radiation leaks
"more than $54 million for violations at a nuclear waste facility"

‘Thick Orange Gooey Stuff’ With Arsenic, Lead In River Near Duke Energy Plant
"there may be more unknown problems underwater stemming from...coal ash ponds"

Groups say Duke Energy plant leaks coal ash into N.C. river
"toxic loading into the water is actually far worse than we’d imagined"

Contaminated seeps found in river near Duke Energy coal-ash site
"Seeps from ash-pond dams have been frequently identified at Duke’s power plants"

Coal ash emergency plans
"But one thing won't change: The plans remain off-limits to the public"

500 more dead sea lions; Fukushima radiation continues to spread
"the worst is still yet to come from Fukushima"

DENR leader to face challenges
"others saw the relationship between DENR and Duke as too friendly"

DENR reviewing coal ash permits
"McCrory...landed in hot water...for failing to disclose the sale of...Duke Energy stock"

States sue Obama administration on immigration
"Texas has sustained millions of dollars in costs related to illegal immigration"

Genial Force Behind Bitter Opposition to Immigration Overhaul
"are the people who are here illegally more important than the Americans"

Senator Bernie Sanders: An Economic Agenda for America
Americans are working longer hours for lower wages

Edward Snowden wins Swedish human rights award for NSA revelations
"Whistleblower receives several standing ovations in Swedish parliament"

Duke Energy Progress rates go up
"customers who use 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month will pay an extra $4.80"

McCrory shuffles NC business, environment heads
"Skvarla and McCrory denied working to benefit Duke"

Duke Energy considers charging customers to explore fracking
"If it is a dry hole, why should ratepayers be paying?"

Coal ash impact will have chilling effect on counties
"From day one, the entire project has been less than transparent"

Lee County wants fees to take Duke Energy’s coal ash
"Duke and Charah officials 'laughed at me' when he brought up the issue"

A Costly and Outrageous Tax Break
"artificially favor spending on capital assets over spending on employee salaries"

How to Correctly Calculate Your Workers’ Compensation Rate
"there are many important additions and exceptions to this general rule"

Eliminating nuclear cost recovery
"The answer is very simple: nobody can buy my vote"

If you're not mad at Duke Energy, you're not paying attention
"Duke Energy: Me First, Customers Last"

Video: Black Friday Brawls

Video: Walmart Black Friday Brawl

Kentucky's coal addiction and a boy named Cody
"Duke Energy's Gallagher plant sits across the river"

Dan River coal ash spill damage could top $300 million
"Duke Energy has admitted that it is incapable of cleaning up the coal ash in the river"

Experts: More regulations needed to make recycling coal ash safe
"suggest regulations for smaller coal ash ponds and old fill sites"

Duke Energy dumping 3 million tons of coal ash near Sanford trailer park
"One city planner told me she found out from the newspaper"

Coal ash in clay pits may work, but scrutiny needed
"Obviously, it was a done deal, and that’s very concerning for something of this magnitude"

Florida regulators to decide on energy-efficiency goals, solar rebates
"More than 100 protesters from across the state gathered outside the commission"

THUMBS DOWN: Duke Energy’s ‘free pass’
"it’s becoming evident that coal ash is just about all we’ll be getting"

Duke denies Rowan Co. community's water tainted by coal ash
"Our well at the time was the highest for hexavalent chromium"

New report questions Duke Energy's role in N.C. elections
"plaintiffs suing Duke Energy...may doubt the impartiality of those judges"

McCrory's veto not used
"avoid an independent barrier between his administration and former employer"

Duke Energy pushing back decision on Lee nuclear plant
"Good conceded that new nuclear construction may not be feasible"

Renewable energy starting to win on price
"The price drop extends to homeowners and small businesses as well"

Solar power backers: leave friendly NC laws alone
"The sun could generate 20 percent of the electricity North Carolina uses by 2030"

Video: Jailed, but Not Silenced
"The environmental activist Wu Lihong was jailed for speaking out about pollution"

Duke Energy: Leave us alone
"Citizens of Lee County, we are in store for a world of hurt!"

This Town Was Named After A Company Residents Say Is Slowly Poisoning Them
"When I voted for Pat McCrory, I had no idea his Duke ties"

Duke Energy must take swift steps to clean up pollution
"lenient state enforcement...a governor who held investments in Duke Energy"

Why Congress Can Impeach Obama
"There is a plausible case for taking that step"

Campaign contributions correlate with more wins for law firms at NC Supreme Court
"polluting corporations such as Duke Energy are repeat players in state courts"

Fortune looks at Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good, likes what it sees
"Good has remained much more focused on the company"

Sheriff Scott Jones Blasts Obama on Amnesty
"they commit murders, sexual assaults, kidnaps, thefts, engage in violent gang activity"

Obama unleashes dictatorial order that will now invoke "open rebellion" - Senate aide
"President Obama is going rogue"

Obama, Daring Congress, Acts to Force Amnesty
"cemented his legacy of lawlessness and squandered what little credibility he had left"

Obama offers amnesty to 5 million illegals
"The White House struggled this week to explain why the president changed his mind"

Sanford has successfully fought waste relocation in the past
"Then there was the Progress Energy plan for a low-level radioactive dump"

Voter ID Laws Scrutinized for Impact on Midterms
"In North Carolina...overall early voting was up by 35 percent"

Lee County residents speak out against coal ash storage proposal
"We don't want to leave our homes...but we don't want to breath cancer-causing toxins"

Obama to Force His Own Amnesty-For-Illegals Laws on the People
"I’ll be ignoring the law"

Republicans weigh government shutdown to stop Obama on immigration
"allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States"

Nuclear Agency Rules Are Ill-Suited for Plant Decommissioning
"That’s another piece of advice for the next chairman: Get rid of the acronyms"

Concord considers alternative to Duke Energy
"Concord and other cities have been investigating alternative power supply options"

Concerns grow over risk of coal-ash leaking into Lumber River
"The stuff literally has half the periodic table in it"

Video: Coal ash commission wants customers to pay for cleanup
"Pat McCrory…fighting to take control of the commission away from the Legislature"

Video: One-month spike in electric bill angers Duke Energy customer
"In other words, the customer is always wrong"

Dan River coal ash disaster leaves lingering concerns
"The threat from the site is not over"

NC coal ash commission meets
"governor has repeatedly denied his former employer has received any special treatment"

Massive radiation spike at Fukushima: 40,000% increase
"Order of magnitude above record high set last year"

'Cheap and dirty solution'
"It'll be a dumping ground for Duke Energy...I'm sick to my stomach over it"

Bankers gone wild (again)
"failure of corporate prosecution is the subject of a new book called Too Big to Jail"

How wildcat strikes made public worker unions grow and thrive
"It was small groups of militant workers who made this explosive growth possible"

Lame Duck Obama's 'Executive Amnesty'
"If the president wants to change the legal structure, he should go through Congress"

Elizabeth Warren joins Senate Democratic leadership
"I expect her to be Elizabeth Warren"

Lawyer who defended Duke Energy's coal ash now advising regulators
"it may be that he's slanting his judgment in favor of Duke in terms of writing the rules"

McCrory sues legislators over coal ash commission
"relationship between Duke and state officials has been under close scrutiny since the spill"

Video: Hauling coal ash to impact local thoroughfares
"We are treading new ground here"

Defenders of Appalachia rally against gas pipeline bound for North Carolina
"Duke Energy...would own 40 percent of the pipeline"

Final notice on gas pipeline surveying
"a clear instance of abuse of corporate power...the biggest bully on the block"

Brown County weighing its options for wind turbines
"residents have filed 80 official complaints"

How safe is the water you drink?
"Duke Energy’s coal ash spills put toxic waste in the news"

Keepers of the Light: North Carolina’s Linemen
"One out of every two linemen died from 1880 until the early 1900s"

Coal ash impact discussions scheduled
"Duke Energy also is seeking input from the community on impacts of the coal ash spill"

County's next move on wind turbine issue? Unknown
"neighbors of...Wind Farm, operated by Duke Energy, have abandoned their homes"

Brunswick offering KI tablets to residents in nuclear plant zone
"KI blocks the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine"

The Manhattan Project
"5:30 a.m. on Monday, July 16, 1945, the nuclear age began"

Is Lynn Good the smartest (new) CEO in the energy industry?
"I’ve never heard an undignified word come out of her mouth"

N.C. tightens permit requirements for ash ponds
"changing the dams' designation from low-risk to high-risk"

Republicans are talking nice — for now
"McCrory… wants to talk to environmental groups but not let them attend big meetings"

State: Duke cooling pond is public water
"Earlier this year, a federal judge ruled that Sutton Lake is public water"

Buying local power
"Duke's terrible record when it comes to its treatment of its customers"

NC Officials Host Closed Meeting on Oil Drilling
"It's hard to understand why the McCrory administration is being so secretive"

Nuclear expert on Oconee Nuclear Station
"The Second Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America"

How the Berlin Wall Really Fell
"shared suffering welded people together more strongly than shared success"

Fukushima disaster site 'like a science fiction film'
"it's like a wound which is not healing"

New NC voting law already stopping would-be voters
"I'm legally not allowed to vote in a state where I've lived the 42 years of my life"

Duke Energy sets aside $3.4B for coal ash cleanup
"regulators ordered Duke...to resubmit proposals for assessing...contamination"

McLaurin’s coal ash contamination concerns spot-on
"50 times the maximum level...for hexavalent chromium (think Erin Brockovich)"

Japan restaurant ordered to pay $500,000 damages after suicide
"This is a ruling that encourages workers suffering from prolonged work"

Duke Energy results miss as mild summer hits demand, costs rise
"The company...has been trying to exit the volatile wholesale power market"

Duke Energy donation gives questionable boost to NC economic partnership
"$200,000 donation by Duke Energy...close ties to Gov. Pat McCrory"

The coincidence of Duke Energy’s big contribution to economic development nonprofit
"It’s all probably above board. Nothing nefarious here"

High gas taxes keep NC fees low for billboards, developers, utilities
"North Carolina drivers pay one of the nation’s highest gasoline taxes"

Protesters skewer Duke Energy over rates, billing, politics, policies
"Politicians and activists have come out to criticize Duke on a host of issues"

Court date set for Levy nuke plant lawsuit
"Westinghouse responded with a lawsuit of its own for $512 million"

Big Energy's outside spending in North Carolina
"Duke...cases before the N.C. Supreme Court...rate hikes and groundwater contamination"

Bottom 90 percent are poorer today than they were in 1987
"everybody but the richest 10 percent of Americans are worst off"

Sen. Sanders on Moyers & Company
"Koch brothers…want to eliminate all champagne finance legislation"

Duke Energy CEO: What I learned from Dan River, Progress merger
"mergers aren't just about assets and systems. It's a lot about the people"

Video: Protesters bring 'pitchfork protest' to Duke Energy Florida's headquarters
"Democrats voiced their displeasure with Duke alongside Republicans,...tea party"

Duke Energy a big contributor to Florida candidates
"I didn't feel like it was an accident that they were overcharging customers"

Prosecutors Suspect Repeat Offenses on Wall Street
"PricewaterhouseCoopers, watered down the report under pressure from the bank"

No plans to shut down Asheville plant in near future
"Having lived off the grid on a battery-based system for 20 years, solar can do it alone"

Senator Sanders Stands with FairPoint Workers
"North Carolina-based company cut health benefits and froze workers’ pensions"

U.S. Official Calls Netanyahu a Coward
"The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here"

Duke Energy, Southern Alliance tighten security ahead of 'Pitchfork Protest'
"Duke's follies are costing its 1.7 million customers billions for failed nuclear projects"

Do we really have clean, dependable water?
"Duke Energy...hid the discharges and hid the facts

After election, it's business as usual for Duke
"Duke Energy...political lightning rod of the year as the Company Everyone Loves to Hate"

FTC sues AT&T for limiting “unlimited data”
"AT&T then began slowing the data speed for 'unlimited' customers"

NRLN Focus - fall 2014
"NRLN Working New Process on Legislative Bills"

Duke cited for decommissioning spending violation
"The process is expected to be completed in 2074"

Health officials weigh next step in wind turbine battle
"Wind Farm operated by Duke Energy Renewables poses a health risk to its neighbors"

Feds' ruling could spur electricity rate cuts
"believe the decision will force...Duke Energy...to adopt a lower rate of return"

Are NC Courts for Sale?
"It wasn’t all that long ago when, in North Carolina, judicial races were publicly financed"

Duke must clean up its coal-ash mess
"Maybe there is something hidden in the state legislature that we cannot see"

Video: Ruby Ridge: American Standoff
"When armed suspects stand off against the law"

Mayhem at Rick Scott rally
"more than a $1-million in campaign donations from Duke Energy"

Crowd turns out to protest Duke billing practices
"We have a Legislature that's...pretty much owned by the utilities"

US, Europeans row over post-Fukushima nuclear safety step
"United States is lobbying against an amendment to an international nuclear safety pact"

Accusations fly as state Senate & House candidates debate in Brunswick County
"we know where the Governor stands with Duke Energy"

Frustrations over Robeson County coal ash site
"It's the same situation here as at the Dan River plant"

Duke electrician dies following on-the-job accident
"Dasher came into contact with a test line carrying approximately 10,000 volts"

Do environmentalists get a fair shake in the state Supreme Court?
"virtual sinkhole for environmental law"

Plutocrats Against Democracy
"It’s always good when leaders tell the truth, especially if that wasn’t their intention"

AT&T deaker to pay overtime back wages following DOL investigation
"This was a systemic, corporatewide issue that affected workers throughout the country"

Strengthening Fiduciary Duties to Protect Retirees
"retirees...believed that at least they had the security of ongoing protection against default"

Mexican Official Links a Mayor to Missing College Students
"The mayor and his wife are fugitives"

Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in 2007 Iraq Killings
"Blackwater...began as a police- and military-training facility in North Carolina"

DENR serves polluters, not public
"Duke Energy was previously caught...violating the law by doing exactly the same thing"

Close race for county’s N.C. Senate seat
"We must hold Duke Energy accountable for the coal ash spill"

Are roach-killing chemicals in our drinking water?
"there's no limit on how much arsenic can safely leak out"

Nathan Ramsey omitted reporting Duke Energy contribution
"an incredibly convenient mistake to forget to report the most...toxic campaign contribution"

Occupy London protesters start week long demonstration
"The occupation is expected to last until October 26"

Duke Energy CEO: 'I Don't Think Of Myself As A Powerful Woman'
"If she could get out front of this issue...she could create an identity for herself...very quickly"

Group offers cash, free dinner to Duke Energy protesters
"Anger with Duke has steadily grown over the utility's overcharges in billing"

Duke Energy Florida irks churches, businesses with unnecessarily high bills
"This is just wrong. What they're doing is wrong"

Health Board Says the Shirley Wind Project is a Health Hazard
"Potential lawsuits and...agreements signed with Duke Energy is keeping most people silent"

Time Comes for a Nuclear Plant Four Decades in the Making
"T.V.A. has been burned very, very badly by nuclear power over the years"

NC’s questionable coal ash policies
"Pat McCrory…allowing Duke Energy to pump wastewater…into our public waters"

Coal ash topic of meeting on Thursday
"Little attention is now being paid to the coal ash pits"

State Senate hopeful aims for three-pointers with voters
"DENR fined Duke chump change, to try to get environmental groups off of their back"

Candidate profiles: Apodaca, Wood running for NC Senate
"Apodaca's efforts seem more calculated to protect Duke Energy than the people"

Seeking to Extend Life of Nuclear Reactors for Decades
"I don’t know how we would explain...100-year-old designs, are still safe to operate"

With public financing's demise, special-interest money pours into NC court races
"Duke Energy has had $38.8 billion dollars at stake in high court cases in North Carolina"

Duke worker seriously injured
"came into contact with a test line which had approximately 10,000 volts of electricity"

80 area businesses demand Asheville coal-plant closure
"It is also illegally polluting the French Broad River through coal ash seeps"

Jeb Bush signed law letting Duke Energy collect advance fees
"Duke decided to shut down the Crystal River plant...leaving a bill of about $1.7 billion"

Canadian nuclear plants must give anti-radiation pills to residents
"The new regulatory documents address lessons learned from...Fukushima"

"I believe government should be on the side of the people, not puppets to Duke Energy"

Coal Ash Survey Targets Hundreds
"The survey is required by the Coal Ash Management Act"

N.C. AG to appeal new utility tax ruling that increases customer rates
"All three of McCrory's appointees were on the commission already"

Lockheed Claims Breakthrough on Fusion Energy
"it could complete a design, build and test it in as little as a year"

Tritium up tenfold in Fukushima groundwater after Typhoon
"strontium-90, which causes bone cancer, also shattered records"

Activists tell Duke Energy they want their money back
"Bashing Duke is now a bipartisan affair"

No Smoke, No Mirrors: The Dutch Pension Plan
"The rest of the world sort of laughs at the United States"

Fortune 500 CEO on her professional heartbreak
"Her advice: Don’t define yourself as your career"

Alt-labor or not, it will take rank-and-file power to revive us
"workers organized independently because of disinterest or hostility from...unions"

Over 100,000 public comments urge changes in NC's proposed fracking rules
"Womack expects at least half the proposed rules to get reworked"

Brian Turner hits Tim Moffitt over environment
"voted to protect Duke Energy from cleaning up the Lake Julian coal ash ponds"

Billions of Gallons of Oil Industry Wastewater Illegally Injected Into Aquifers
"Tests Find Elevated Arsenic, Thallium Levels in Nearby Water Wells"

Duke Energy's money is on a GOP-controlled U.S. Senate
"Duke Energy's political action committee cut its contributions to the Democratic...Committee"

What do NC justices owe voters in exchange for taking their cash?
"rife with the potential for undue influence...it's been banned in most places"

Duke Energy supervisor in violation of Fitness for Duty Policy
"at the Catawba nuclear power plant in South Carolina"

Duke Energy will excavate additional coal ash from Riverbend
"About 3 million tons of ash at the Asheville plant remain to be moved"

AT&T’s $105 million “cramming” settlement leads to refunds
"Contact the FTC’s refund contractor at 1-877-819-9692 for more information"

Residents Accuse Duke Energy of Contaminating Drinking Water
"We have cancer, birth defects all up and down our road in our community"

Duke Energy finds 830 private wells near its coal ash ponds
"Coal Ash Management Act requires Duke to identify all wells within a half-mile"

Did Duke Energy mistake hurt your credit worthiness?
"monthly payments were reported as 'late' to the...Exchange"

Officials Question the Rising Costs of Generic Drugs
"some generic drugs have soared more than 1,000 percent"

Roanoke River Basin Association Coal Ash Litigation
"successful in insuring that Duke will have to produce its documents to the public"

Secretly Buying Access to a Governor
"both parties are routinely selling access to the nation’s governors"

More you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up coal ash news
"What’s next? Direct pipelines into the backyards of all of Duke’s residential customers?"

No quick fix for coal ash pond problem
"Duke could have drained all its ponds completely without having to take a single water test"

EPA halts N.C. coal ash plan
"tried to give Duke Energy permission to dump hundreds of millions of gallons"

Solar push a massive hit in North Carolina
"Bray's goal is to get even more North Carolina homeowners to go solar"

43 Missing Students, a Mass Grave and a Suspect: Mexico’s Police
"The mayor and the police chief of Iguala are now on the run"

Duke Energy to Clean Up, Close Coal Ash Pits
"Ruhe admitted contamination would make the groundwater potentially unsafe to drink"

Feds override NC on draining coal ash dumps
"legislators in McCrory’s own party have openly questioned his handling of the issue"

Regulators order Duke to refund money to customers
"refund $54 million it collected from ratepayers to pay for a failed nuclear plant"

Duke to close last coal plant in SC
"These sites are frighteningly similar"

Returns at Duke Energy’s N.C. utilities higher than regulators allow
"2003...Duke Power Co., and S.C. regulators required it to cut its rates by $30 million"

Live grenades found near dam as Lake Glenville water level drops
"If you see anything, call 911 and do not touch it"

Duke Energy ups coal ash estimates
"Duke Energy’s coal ash burden in North Carolina grew by almost 6 million tons"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good talks to '60 Minutes' about coal ash
"two weeks preparing a report on Duke Energy’s coal ash issues"

The pay gap between CEOs and workers is much worse than you realize
"they are making more than 350 times the average worker"

Violence Erupts in Hong Kong as Protesters Are Assaulted
"The protesters said the attackers were pro-government gangs"

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to Monitor Lump-sum and Annuity Cashouts
"cashouts jeopardize the retirement security of plan participants"

Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Put Pressure on New York Fed
"Fed can identify problems, but can’t bring itself to make the banks fix those problems"

Hong Kong Leader Refuses to Resign; Deputy to Meet With Protesters
"We are here because as long as we fight on, at least we haven’t lost"

Some Blacks See Secret Service as Flawed Shield for the President
"Colin L. Powell’s wife urged him not to run...out of fear that he might be targeted"

Financial Ties Between Doctors and Health Care Firms
"Social scientists will tell you that any amount of money will influence people"

Video: Flying Low, Dodging Towers
"Crop-duster pilots...encountering a new and proliferating hazard camouflaged"

New NC Laws On Coal Ash, Drones And Taxes
"illegal to build or expand any coal ash ponds"

Securing Social Security
"By the way, Social Security is not going bankrupt"

OSHA: Stop blaming workers for occupational injuries
"Just focusing on personal responsibility isn’t useful, and it isn’t the law"

Environmentalists' ads target Moffitt, Presnell, Ramsey
"ads call the three 'big utility buddies' for their votes on legislation affecting Duke Energy "

Environmental groups seek to block new Duke nuclear power plants in SC
"A coalition of 17 environmental groups filed legal action Monday"

Duke Energy Florida under increasing fire during pivotal week
"a series of proposals to bolster consumer protection"

Hong Kong Protests Are Leaderless but Orderly
"The strengths of these protests are that it’s so decentralized"

'Bear at Door' Is A Solid Reason to Not Deliver a Package
"We don't mess with bears." — Unofficial motto of the Canada Post"

Duke Energy donation to Dan River region "won't go very far"
"The city is now working with an environmental lawyer from Roanoke"

Fukushima Prefecture Stricken by 5.0-M Earthquake
"Japan is one of the most seismically active countries in the world"

James A. Traficant Jr., colorful Ohio congressman expelled by House, dies at 73
"while sitting in a federal prison cell, Mr. Traficant ran for Congress"

Few lessons taken from ash spills
"Why...did it seem to take public embarrassment to prod the largest U.S. utility to act?"

Crackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the Streets
"Occupy Central With Love and Peace"

Finally, the Truth About the A.I.G. Bailout
"The Starr case...may be our last hope for ending the charade"

Our Invisible Rich
"Americans have no idea how much the Masters of the Universe are paid"

Donation from Duke Energy ‘won’t get them off the hook’
"We don’t feel this is very much at all"

Secret tapes of Fed meetings on Goldman prompt call for U.S. hearings
"Elizabeth Warren...called for hearings"

Danville Leaders Say Duke Energy's $2 Million Pledge is a "Drop in The Bucket"
"We've got a lot of mad citizens"

The Incredible 'Wussiness' Of The Fed Vs Goldman Sachs—Caught On Tape
"once clients were wealthy enough, certain consumer laws didn’t apply to them"

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes
"Fed encourages its employees to keep their heads down...and to appease the banks"

Untapped potential
"Burlington, Vermont, can now get 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources"

The Show-Off Society
"John Boehner, says that people have gotten the idea that they 'really don’t have to work.' "

Duke Energy agrees to dispose of more coal ash in a lined landfill
"last utility in South Carolina to make a commitment to dispose of coal ash in lined landfills"

S.C. regulator 'surprised' Duke hasn't removed coal ash yet
"Duke has not yet decided when it will move the coal ash or where"

Industrial landfills: A better way
"They don’t want a pond sitting on the lining because there is a lot of force there already"

Duke Energy gets serious (seriously) about solar
"Duke will continue to shutter more coal-burning plants"

G.O.P. Error Reveals Donors and the Price of Access
"here you see these companies paying the governors for access"

Don’t Execute Those We Tortured
"Obama has declined to pursue criminal charges against...Bush’s administration"

Duke Energy Says It Will Close SC Coal Ash Pits
"Frank Holleman...says Duke is leaving in place unsafe dams"

Video: Senator wants coal ash ponds in Rowan Co. cleaned
"We've got to clean those ponds up...remove that threat to our drinking water"

Video: Duke to pay nearly $1 million in refunds to over-billed customers
"Duke…was keeping the extra fees. But that has changed…Facing a growing protest"

Protesters flood Wall Street
"How many cops does it take to arrest a bear?"

"the largest climate change march in history"

Hundreds Of Thousands Turn Out For People's Climate March In New York City
"More than 400,000 people turned out"

Spying and storing: Assange says 'Google works like NSA'
"nearly all information collected by Google is available to the NSA"

Those Lazy Jobless
"Boehner was clearly saying what he and everyone around him really thinks"

Oversight commissions nothing new
"governor’s primary concern appears to be a desire to control the coal ash commission"

Residents sit under trees to block Duke Energy from cutting down
"they received no notice that their trees were included in the clearing plans"

The message behind McCrory’s lack of action on coal ash
"hardly inspired confidence anywhere beyond the executive suites of Duke Energy"

Environmentalists challenge Duke on solar energy
"we know our customers would like more renewables"

Complaint alleges air pollution
"Duke Energy’s Sherwood H. Smith Jr. energy complex...center of a civil complaint"

Meet the gas industry front group exploiting the homeless to promote NC fracking
"turns his ID badge over when Ashby attempts to read it"

North Carolinians demand coal ash cleanup
"born with serious birth defects and her neighbors have suffered from brain tumors"

Coal ash petitions demand quicker cleanup
"risk of polluting drinking water...continues as long as the 33 ponds...remain as they are"

Making NC the other 'Sunshine State'
"I don’t have to look far to see the other energy path in North Carolina, and it isn’t pretty"

Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal
"I had the rare opportunity to hang out for three days with Edward J. Snowden"

Coal ash issue raises doubts about future of Duke plant
"legislation requires it to find a safer way to store the coal ash"

Orlando moves to dump stake in Duke's nuke plant
"Crystal River was bedeviled with concrete failures even before it started up in 1977"

Copper Thief Meets Poetic Justice
"He was found holding a pair of pliers and wires"

Duke Energy erred in back-billing over meter malfunction
"wrongly charged a local company nearly $10,000"

Get Ready for Keystone II
"has the potential to become the Keystone of the East"

Plans for natural gas pipeline worry some
"The issue you worry about is breaches...These things blow up"

Faulty shale gas wells contaminated drinking water
"fracking process could be affecting the integrity of the gas wells"

Sun and Wind Leaving Utilities Behind
"technologies they once dismissed as irrelevant begin to threaten their...business plans"

Doctor pleads guilty to cancer treatment fraud
"admitting that he knew his patients often didn't need chemotherapy"

NC options for Medicaid expansion
"McCrory declined to accept expansion last year"

Hugh McColl Gets a Clue on Greed
"big banks are getting bigger"

Fukushima disaster casts $600 million shadow over Duke Energy
"post-Fukushima modifications to the 11 reactors, including $71 million for Brunswick"

France failing to keep up with nuclear reactor maintenance
"There are delays and complications and some could affect safety"

Andy Stapp, Soldier Who Tried to Unionize the Military
"he won his second court-martial...You just don’t win courts-martial"

Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories
"we refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians"

Workers feel pinch as employers rein in health insurance costs
"Duke...participation in high-deductible...from 30 percent...to just over 60 percent"

A law, lawsuits and enforcement hit coal ash
"he's alarmed at the creation of a coal-ash cleanup commission that doesn't report to him

If This Is Really the Most 'Sweeping' Coal Ash Law In the Country, We're Doomed
"Their excavation could only account for 5 percent of the coal ash in the river"

Former SouthPark company owes IRS $2 million
"Duke Energy wouldn't discuss Total Protection's contract"

Environmental groups may oppose $5B pipeline to N.C.
"Duke Energy would be the largest single customer"

Stop feeding the hand that bites us
"Suppose we stopped bribing companies to do what already benefits them"

NC congressman presses for release of censored 9/11 report pages
"George W. Bush classified 28 pages of the official report related to Saudi connections"

Focus on coal-ash leaks, not panel
"force Duke Energy to clean up and move away from our water supplies"

FL Rep. demands full refund for Duke customers
"Why is this such a mystery? Why cant Duke share this information?"

Japan approves nuclear restart amid push to close old reactors
"two-thirds of Japan's 48 idled nuclear units may never return to operation"

Massive radiation plume from Fukushima heading toward U.S. West Coast
"skilled workers are leaving. It's becoming a place for amateurs only"

McCrory to allow NC coal bill to become law
"avoid an independent barrier between his administration and former employer"

Duke Energy bill deposit shocks customer
"Duke has crafted a lucrative profit center by penalizing its customers"

Customers vs. Duke goes beyond a billing cycle
"Duke reversed course on the indefensible charges...only after public outrage"

Duke Energy refunds $1.7 million to customers because of meter issue
"Some customers would receive as little as 2 cents"

Court: IURC erred in approving Duke fee hike
"The case is one of many surrounding the Edwardsport plant"

DENR responds to lawsuits against Duke Energy coal ash facilities
"we will enforce the law if DENR will not"

OSHA cites Duke Energy in fatal fall
"Duke Energy didn’t contest the July 14 findings by OSHA and paid its $10,000 penalty"

NC clean air law saved lives, study finds
"There’s really no controversy that particulate matter is bad for your health"

Video: AG fights Duke Energy rake hikes before NC Supreme Court
"Our main case is that Duke Energy is rigging rates against small customers"

In plain sight of regulators, NC employers skirt the law
"classified as independent contractors but should have been employees"

FERC ruling may affect Duke Energy plans for plant construction
"could delay or derail Duke Energy Corp.’s plan to share reserve capacity"

CIA 'tortured al-Qaeda suspects close to the point of death'
"It is, however, something that the American public has a right to know about"

Duke Energy overcharges leave customers hot
"Boy, did it backfire on them"

State learning lessons from coal ash spill?
"It wasn’t a pretty sight from the start"

Japan Regulatory panel will force decommissioning of Tsuruga reactor
"an active geologic fault exists under the Unit 2 reactor"

NC says Duke Energy coal ash dams are high hazard risk
"pose a 'high hazard' of killing downstream residents if they were to breach and spill"

Duke Energy answers questions about overbilling customers
"The utility giant admitted it overcharged customers in August"

Coal-ash dam threat heightened
"The inspections will be made more frequently"

They don't need a majority to get things done
"because of the suit...proved...company was lying...violated state wage and hour law"

Former Governor in Virginia Guilty in Bribery Case
"public is so suspicious of politicians, cutting a politician slack is nothing they can rely on"

BP May Be Fined Up to $18 Billion for Spill in Gulf
"BP has already pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other charges"

Duke Energy's release of coal ash site plans prompts 'high hazard' classification
"DENR says the dams are a 'high hazard,' the most serious of the three classifications"

Waterkeepers sue Duke Energy over coal ash dumps
"earthen dam retaining coal ash is rated in 'poor' condition by state regulators"

Group alleges connection between coal ash and prison illnesses
"Long-term overexposure may reduce pulmonary function"

Coal ash suits claim DENR shirking its responsibilities
"DENR has allowed Duke Energy to flout some aspects of the law"

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants
"additional inspection and follow-up of corrective actions....Oconee 1 (S.C.)..."

More Workers Are Claiming Wage Theft
"His agency has uncovered nearly $1 billion in illegally unpaid wages"

Groups sue Duke Energy over coal ash pollution
"administration of Gov. Pat McCrory...intended to shield Duke"

NC's $10 billion Medicaid challenge: Pay for other states or take federal money?
"Other once-resistant states...are working with the Obama administration"

Advocates sue Duke Energy over coal ash
"Environmental advocates filed more lawsuits Wednesday against Duke Energy"

Fukushima workers to sue Tokyo Electric Power
"first time that workers still employed at the plant have launched legal action"

Clean water
"Who wins? We citizens, or the former employer of Gov. Pat McCrory?"

NC advocates question utility deposits, credit checks
"they’re unfair to people with modest incomes"

FERC rejects Duke generation capacity sharing plan
"failed to prove their plan...is just and reasonable"

Duke Energy's real outrage
"even a monopoly with political clout cannot ignore...its customers crying foul"

Randolph landfill could get coal ash
"Coal ash does not belong in a municipal solid waste landfill"

NRC Assigns New Resident Inspector to Catawba Nuclear Plant
"At least two NRC Resident Inspectors are assigned to each...nuclear plant"

Electricity usage on the decline in Orlando area homes
"utilities by and large would rather build a plant and put that into rates"

What Life Will Look Like When You Can't Afford to Retire
"With the death of pensions and the increase of short-term, temporary jobs"

Twin heirs to Doris Duke tobacco fortune claim life of abuse and torture
"People see this luxurious life but at the same time we were living in hell"

Labor Day stems from deadly labor strike
"saw federal marshals and the Army kill 30 striking Pullman railroad strikers"

Workers drop refueling crane console into Fukushima Reactor 3 spent fuel pool
"This is not the first time that debris...dropped...into the Unit 3 spent fuel pool"

Vladimir Putin: Don't mess with nuclear-armed Russia
"I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers"

Customers scoff at Duke Energy refund
"paid the $800...Duke then turned off her electricity yesterday anyways"

Duke Energy to stop using coal at Beckjord ahead of schedule
"was the site of a recent oil spill into the Ohio River"

Angry Duke Energy customers look to Tallahassee for help
"the utility will have some explaining to do to the state Public Service Commission"

The environmental prosecution gap
"prosecutions are the only way to get large corporations to clean up their act"

White House considers proposals to sharply increase immigration
"The increases in foreign workers demanded by corporate lobbyists"

Fukushima court rules against Tepco in suicide case
"ordering the utility to pay ¥49 million in damages in a landmark ruling"

Video: DENR admits to lack of oversight in coal-ash plants
"long-ignored problem that took 60 years to create"

DENR rejects new legal action against Duke Energy
"The decision clears the way for environmentalists to sue in federal court"

Duke Energy to retire coal-fired plants in Ohio
"Power utilities are cutting their exposure to coal-fired plants"

Will Diablo Canyon survive the next big earthquake?
"secret government report pointing to major earthquake vulnerabilities"

Duke Energy to Issue Credits to Customers
"It's so much different than the response I got last week"

Ex-lawmaker tops lobbyist list at N.C. legislature
"Duke Energy...has a lobbyist Kathy G. Hawkins focused solely only its interests"

In flip-flop, Duke Energy will buy existing power plant, not build one
"Duke is 100 percent responding to the bad attention"

Duke apologizes for meter troubles
"The PSC has asked Duke to appear before the commission"

Duke Energy Burns Man On Warranty Details Until Call For Action Steps In
"They pretty much got me off the phone as fast as possible saying you're not covered"

Sanford no longer backing fracking
"We reject the notion that so-called trade secrets are more important than...health"

Group files petition to close California's last nuclear plant
"In 2008, geologists discovered a new 6.5-magnitude-capable fault"

Duke Energy gets violation notice
"first time that the state has issued a violation notice to Duke over groundwater"

NC moves to fine Duke over coal ash pollution
"Thallium was used for decades as the active ingredient in rat poison"

Duke Energy says fuel spill was larger than originally estimated
"actual spill was closer to 9,000 gallons"

Duke Energy makes battle for governor go nuclear
"A power company that writes six-figure checks to the governor's re-election gets attention"

Duke's president to address billing complaints
"The PSC is calling the situation urgent"

Video: Never report a coal ash spill during the Super Bowl!
"tests repeatedly showed results that left him wanting to pull out his hair"

You Write the Caption by Kevin Siers

Cleanup questions remain for Duke Energy after coal-ash bill passes
"This legislation is just kicking the can down the road"

Duke Energy error blamed for sinkhole
"We think that they took the top out of his sewer line"

Coal ash is turning us green
"This is not the Kingdom of the Tree Huggers. Not even close"

$5 fee fumble: Duke reverses course on man's payment plan charge
"Dameron was one of about 267,000 Duke customers facing unusually high bills"

Retirement payouts boost Novant execs’ pay
"Daniels...pay boosted by an almost $8.7 million pension payout"

Emails Show Bigger Fund-Raising Role for Scott Walker
"donations...not disclosed and can accept corporate donations without limits"

Making laws challenge-proof
"Of course, this new law is judge shopping to the extreme"

McCrory threatens fight over coal ash commission
"Duke's got to take care of their responsibility, and they did some shoddy work"

Duke Energy CEO on Ohio oil spill: ‘We take responsibility’
"Good did not seek to minimize the spill"

Shades of coal ash gray
"the damage is largely irreparable once it occurs"

Really, senator? The coal ash bill is something we should be proud of?
"it’s biased toward corporate interests...bought and paid for by Duke Energy"

McCrory's stock holdings in Duke threaten public's trust
"demanded to appoint all nine members of the Coal Ash Management Commission"

Customers hot about higher Duke Energy bills
"This is one more change for Duke Energy to gouge the consumer!"

Duke Energy billing change upset Florida consumers
"tweak that Duke has designed has the potential of taking millions of dollars"

Sen. urges PSC to intervene against Duke Energy charging customers more
"Duke could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars — for nothing"

Duke Energy saps customers, senator says
"accused the utility of cashing in on 267,000 customers"

Utility regulator to call Duke Energy in to justify rate charges
"We will look into whether or not a class-action suit can be filed against Duke"

Duke Energy billing switch is latest sign it just doesn't care
"Lawmakers have sold their constituents out in the name of campaign donations"

Sen. Latvala says Duke's billing strategy not moral
"What a bunch of greedy, profit-starved jerks"

Video: Protesters rally outside Duke's uptown headquarters
"They feel the bill protects the company, not the general public"

Hagan says coal ash bill doesn’t go far enough
"Hagan said the consumer should not have to cover the cost"

Drilling may be huge issue for this state
"If you think fracking and coal ash are controversial, just wait"

Legislators approve regulating toxic coal ash
"would allow Duke Energy to leave its coal ash in place, threatening...communities"

Documents show Duke Energy plant had issues prior to oil spill
"ash ponds at the plant could be considered in 'poor' condition"

NC House, Senate Pass Coal Ash Cleanup Bill
"could make the policy determination that this cost is not going to be born by the ratepayers"

Duke Energy coal ash vote
"Duke will recover the costs regardless of how the company disguises the matter"

Citizens pay the price
"let them clean up their coal ash messes to demonstrate they don’t want to kill us off"

Duke Energy plant that spilled diesel into Ohio River written up by feds in the past
"allowed to release thousands of pounds of oil and grease directly into the river every day"

NRC Assigns New Resident Inspector to McGuire Nuclear Station
"He has served as the resident inspector at Duke Energy’s Catawba Nuclear Station"

Cincinnati drinking water supply halted after Duke Energy’s Ohio River diesel spill
"Coast Guard’s estimate was around 8000 gallons"

Industrial Commission losses will hurt workers
"McCrory...leaders...handed Allen a seat that...should have gone to a qualified person"

Rep. Grier Martin says GOP delaying coal-ash clean-up until elections over
"There is no debate that there has been a failure on the coal-ash front"

McCrory’s mishandling of his Duke stock
"Even today, McCrory is not being transparentl"

McCrory's actions on coal ash issue will tell us what we need to know
"His ultimate response to that crisis will carry much more weight with the public"

NC session marked by coal ash, teacher pay, length
"McCrory took a more concerted effort to promote his agenda"

Disabled vet won't have to pay deposit to move power service
"they only said they decided to reconsider the matter and waive the fee"

Disabled veteran confused by power company requiring deposit
"A Wilmington veteran feels cheated by his power company"

Duke University scientists' fracking warnings meet deaf ears
"North Carolina needs to be especially careful"

Why We Fight Wars
"military power is socially and economically futile"

N.C. protestors refuse deal from courts
"To separate the Governor from Duke Energy is very difficult"

PAC accuses Rick Scott of letting Duke Energy fleece customers
"paying billions to the nation's largest power company and getting nothing in return"

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas Is Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power
"charge of abuse of official capacity carries a prison sentence of five to 99 years"

Grand jury indicts Gov. Rick Perry on two charges
"Count I - Abuse of Official Capacity, a first-degree felony"

Traders Profit as Power Grid Is Overworked
"congestion contracts are one way to manipulate electricity prices"

Koch-backed group faces complaint for misleading IRS on political spending
"appears to be an open-and-shut case of intentionally lying on tax returns"

McCrory failed to report Duke Energy stock ownership in 2013
"This is the second correction the governor has made for his 2014 filing"

McCrory misstated Duke Energy holdings, sold stock after coal-ash spill
"Since the spill, McCrory sought to distance himself from Duke Energy"

McCrory Criticized For Duke Energy Stock
"Outside Duke Energy's...headquarters...demonstrators staged a peaceful protest"

Coal ash could become campaign hazard
"It's a problem as long as voters think there's a problem with coal ash ponds"

NRC Increases Oversight at Oconee Nuclear Plant
"failure to identify and correct a crack in a weld on a key safety system"

NC tells Duke Energy to submit ash removal plans
"ordered Duke to submit by Oct. 14 surveys of private drinking water wells"

TEPCO to abandon AREVA system amid contaminated water crisis
"it took 50 welders more than a month to put the system together"

Don't rubber-stamp Duke's plan for plants
"piles of campaign cash, armies of lobbyists and lawyers, and guaranteed profit margins"

Cesium found in exported Japanese steel
"South Korean authorities plan to return contaminated steel scrap"

Ad attacks Scott for failing to stop Duke's nuclear charges
"Duke Energy's failed nuclear ambitions became political fodder"

Solar power for the masses reaches Charlotte
"that’s what resonates with people – their power bills"

August Open Forum
"No CEO would welcome dealing with the coal ash issue"

Weeks, Months, and Years Later, Still No Coal Ash Safety Standards
"The cleanup still continues today as Duke Energy drags its feet"

Court Rejects Deal on Hiring in Silicon Valley
"rejected as insufficient a proposed $324 million settlement in a class-action antitrust case"

New coal ash threat identified: toxic dust hurting lungs, hearts
"We know coal ash is poisoning our water...it’s poisoning our air as well"

Duke cries wolf on coal ash cleanup
"How long before someone calls their bluff?"

After tumultuous reign, Art Pope steps down as NC budget chief
"He drives the budgetary policy goals of this administration. The governor yields to Art"

Contractor sentenced to 28 months for dumping fracking waste
"Lupo ordered two employees to dump the waste and lie about it"

McCrory defends removing SBI control from attorney general
"This is bad for law enforcement, public safety and the fight against public corruption"

Republican budget disaster in the General Assembly
"In Duke Energy, we trust—especially for campaign contributions"

GOP leaders fail on coal ash cleanup
"stalemate...shows deep division among Republican leaders"

Legislators flunking on coal ash pond solution
"Both proposals are too weak...and let Duke off the hook for the ongoing damage"

TEPCO says Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 meltdown worse than estimated
"will make decommissioning efforts much more difficult and costly"

From Anti-Environmentalist to Fake Green Crusader
"Thom Tillis...supporter of business efforts to cut back on environmental regulations"

Environment fared poorly in legislature
"The Senate passed a weak bill, the House passed a worse bill"

Stop the C.I.A. Spin on the Senate Torture Report
"A failure of leadership took the country to the dark side"

$54 million consumer refund sought for Duke's canceled nuclear project
"collected from customers for nuclear equipment that was never purchased"

Solar vs nuclear power in space
"disintegrating as it fell, dispersing plutonium worldwide"

Is coal ash still a problem?
"We know the coal ash has changed the chemistry of the river"

Going “rogue” dooms coal ash bill
"But it’s not for the Senate to tell the House what its position is"

Political chaos in wake of North Carolina coal ash bill debacle
"The people of North Carolina deserve better than political stunts"

Groups say NC GOP has gutted pollution programs
"Republicans...promised to do away with environmental regulations"

N.C.'s coal ash capital
"Anything that is man-made is going to break. It’s going to fail eventually"

In late night drama, a compromise on coal ash bill fails
"organizations have lobbied for a cleanup solution and have filed legal actions"

Citing redactions, Feinstein delays release of report on CIA interrogations
"The Obama administration censored significant portions of the findings"

Obama says after 9-11, US 'tortured some folks'
"We crossed a line...We did some things that were wrong"

AP-GfK poll: Public ready to close book on 2 wars
"Three in four Americans...judge the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as failures"

McCrory orders that laws be enforced on coal ash
"little more than a political stunt orchestrated to give the appearance of action"

Failure on coal ash is 2014 legislature’s legacy
"further evidence of the state’s refusal to deal with ash"

Coal ash battle wages on other fronts
"Those weren't cleanup bills, those were anti-cleanup bills"

Strong words follow collapse of coal ash bill
"last-minute maneuver to try to kill the coal ash bill"

Governor goes rogue
"we cut the DENR budget down to two guys with a bucket and mop"

Report criticizes EPA oversight of injection wells
"Oversight of injection wells is currently delegated by the EPA to...state agencies"

Coal ash bill in limbo after NC Senate adjourns
"State regulators say all Duke's dumps are contaminating groundwater"

This GOP Candidate Says He's Cracking Down on Coal Pollution—That's BS
"would actually leave North Carolina even more vulnerable to future spills"

Deal still not reached on NC coal ash bill
"would be the second time...to change the law to potentially benefit Duke"

NC House, Senate at ‘loggerheads’ over coal ash legislation
"Duke Energy is storing about 106 million tons...in open-air pits"

Coal ash legislation faces delay
"House and Senate negotiators are pointing fingers at each other"

Deal for coal ash bill remains elusive
"They are doing everything they can to undue the ruling"

Rebellion Inside G.O.P. Scuttles Vote on $659 Million Giveaway to Illegals
"It’s bad enough we shut the government down last year"

Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel
"C.I.A. officials consistently misled the White House and Congress"

The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust
"heads should roll, and people should go to jail"

TEPCO admits Fukushima groundwater bypass failure
"at least 400 tons of groundwater flow into reactor buildings each day"

Clean Up of Coal Ash is Still Lagging
"They have not accounted for 94 percent of the coal-ash waste spilled"

Ohio court blocks Duke Energy charges for cleanup
"court stayed a regulatory order allowing the company to pass the cleanup costs"

Coal ash a toxic topic in NC
"What would you do if you discovered your drinking water had arsenic in it?"

McDonald’s Ruling Could Open Door for Unions
"Employers like McDonald’s seek to avoid recognizing the rights of their employees"

Australia-wide censorship order for corruption case
"WikiLeaks release: July 29, 2014"

Voter ire over handling of Duke Energy coal ash disaster transcends party politics
"don't think the state legislature has done enough to address Duke Energy's...spill"

Poll: Reaction to Duke Energy coal ash spill hurts Tillis politically
"82 percent...concerned...bill does not require Duke to pay for cleaning up those sites"

1.1 trillion becquerels of radioactivity leak during Fukushima cleanup
"over a period of four hours"

Coal ash bill badly flawed
"weaken our state’s existing groundwater protection laws in favor of Duke Energy"

WNC residents to testify on power plant emissions
"People also can comment on the proposal online or by email, fax or letter"

Duke Energy ranks low for renewables, efficiency in national study
"Duke ranks that high only because it is the nation’s largest utility"

NC Solar Industry In Jeopardy If Utilities Get Their Way
"The Public Staff...has recommended no change"

Huge issue ahead for North Carolina
"If you think fracking and coal ash are controversial, just wait"

Oconee Nuclear may face penalties for leak
"has required among the highest levels of scrutiny in the industry"

Promises of easier nuclear construction fall short
"Few power companies are building brand-new nuclear plants"

If You Can Make Solar Power Better, Google Will Give You $1 Million
"Google has long-promoted increased use of renewable energy"

Fix 3 flaws in coal ash bill
"The bill gives Duke Energy amnesty for its leaking coal ash dams"

Not so fast on coal ash cleanup success
"still warns against eating fish caught downriver from the spill"

Activists pan coal ash clean-up efforts in North Carolina
"Duke Energy has dropped the ball, environmentalists say"

"Coal ash contains the deadliest heavy metals on the planet earth"

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Changes to Radiation Protection Regulations
"The NRC staff has identified six policy and technical issues to be addressed"

Groups express concern about coal ash bill
"legislation runs counter to the promise lawmakers made to protect the environment"

What To Do If You Are Injured At Work
"You should report your injury as soon as it occurs"

Letting Duke Energy off the hook for its coal ash mess
"Duke Energy ratepayers could end up paying for cleaning up the...coal ash dumps"

Labor lessons from Mississippi Freedom Summer
"I was resigned to being killed"

Large releases of radiation from Fukushima debris removal
"TEPCO officials stressed that the precise amount...is still unknown"

Premature end to river cleanup?
"They do not contest that there is coal ash where its critics say"

Politicians point fingers about coal ash policy
"The $10 billion is what Duke Energy is saving by Speaker Tillis’ bill"

Public 'mislead' to think Dan River is clean
"This arrogant announcement from Duke Energy is the ultimate insult to the people"

An Idiot’s Guide to Inequality
"the richest 85 people in the world own half of all wealth"

Coal ash layers still evident in Dan River
"an uncanny ability to...make things come out favorably for the company"

Residents Weigh In On Duke Energy Cleanup
"It's like they didn't even do anything"

Senator Elizabeth Warren Brings Down the House
"those with power fight to make sure that every rule tilts in their favor"

Mission accomplished?
"If this is what they call “success,” one would hate to see them fail"

Cleanup of Dan River ash sparks backlash
"Federal and state agencies say their work isn’t done"

NRLN President’s Letter to President Obama
"Your administration...is trying to destroy what little is left of retirement income security"

Immigration protests staged around the country
"National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty & Border Surge"

92% of Coal Ash Still Coating...River Bed, Duke Energy Declares Cleanup Complete
"This stuff is not just going to go to the bottom and stay there"

94 percent of Duke Energy coal ash still in Dan River
"Duke has failed to clean up the coal ash from the old Dan River Steam Station"

River Advocates Concerned With Duke Energy's Cleanup of Dan River
"I think it's irresponsible to say that the river is anywhere close to back to normal or clean"

Officials voted against water safety
"A legislator who votes against his own drinking water"

Living with coal ash in our river
"We want Duke Energy to find more coal ash deposits in the Dan River and clean them up"

Environmentalist criticizes suspension of coal ash cleanup
"Duke...can only recover as little as 8 percent of the leaked coal ash before giving up"

Coal Ash Remains But Duke Energy "Completes" Cleanup
"They said it was safe to drink but she didn't trust it anyway"

EPA Wants My Opinion?
"Citizens now have until August 4th to submit their comments on exposure limits, dose"

Waterkeepers vs. DENR vs. Duke Energy: Who's looking out for you?
"We’re the one’s protecting the public interest and clean water not DENR"

Senator Elizabeth Warren On Denying Birth Control
"Giant corporations...fight every day in Congress to protect their own privileges"

UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga latest example of creative organizing in the South
"This non-traditional approach...is somewhat similar to other efforts across the South"

Fast food worker hopeful for labor revival
"every day we are winning victories across the country -- even here in the deep South"

NC GOP mayor marches to DC to urge Medicaid expansion
"residents...travel more than an hour to receive emergency care"

North Carolina public gets a chance to weigh in on proposed fracking rules
"linked to water contamination and air pollution problems in other states"

Duke Energy Carolinas slips in customer survey
"Duke Energy Progress...did even worse in the survey"

Duke Energy scores poorly in J.D. Power customer ranking
"Duke's purchase of Progress Energy may also be a factor"

NRC Conference with Duke Energy Over Apparent Violation at Oconee Nuclear Station
"The meeting is open to the public and NRC officials will be available to answer questions"

NC raising water standards; critics say not enough
"North Carolina is the only Southeastern state that hasn't adopted...recommended limits"

Teacher raises and coal ash ponds face N.C. General Assembly
"proposed paying for it with cuts to Medicaid"

Progressives turn from Obama to embrace Warren
"got a rock-star reception during a standing-room-only campaign rally"

Duke Energy Progress acknowledges 'payment posting delay fiasco'
"One payment didn't post until 17 days after it was mailed"

Appeals court upholds EPA’s mountaintop removal crackdown
"The EPA did its job when it directed its staff to finally follow the law and science"

Link between injection wells and quakes
"where hydraulic fracturing is taking place...a surge in earthquake activity"

Fukushima cleanup blamed for contamination of rice crops
"officials suggested that the radioactive materials were transported by winds"

Report: $6.6 trillion lost on Bush tax cuts
"What we’re seeing in America today is our country is falling apart"

N.C. customer advocate calls for no change in solar rules
"The public staff is assigned to protect the interests of N.C. utility customers"

Don’t hurt N.C. solar
"stricter standard would strip the benefit from all but the tiniest...operations"

Who will pay for gas plant at Crystal River?
"The new gas powered plant would likely cost about the same -- $1.5 billion"

This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions
"passed the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee"

Gang Members Recruiting Inside Immigration Facility
"the Border Patrol's hands are tied"

Why Does Duke Energy Hate Solar?
"Duke is trying to stop paying a fair price to solar-generating customers"

Minor tsunami hit Fukushima coast after strong quake
"strong 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast"

NC leads nation in surge of people living in high-poverty areas
"increase in people living in poverty areas was greatest in North Carolina...17.9 percent"

Fukushima ice plan failing to take hold
"warning that the water could very easily escape into the nearby Pacific Ocean"

Crack Down on Scientific Fraudsters
"Criminal charges against scientists who commit fraud are even more uncommon"

9/11 conspiracy group pushes vote for investigation
"9/11 Family Members, First Responders, Survivors and concerned citizens"

Toxic coal ash puts river at risk
"Coal ash impoundments are the number one source of toxic water pollution"

Davidson presses for coal ash cleanup
"A spill on the Catawba could potentially spoil the water supply"

From voting battles to coal ash spills
"monster voter suppression bill"

Duke Energy plans meeting to tout its future power plant
"don't...use less energy any more than McDonald's wants to sell less hamburgers"

Wisconsin reactor’s demise shows nuclear towns’ plight
"cost of non-nuclear...trending down...aging nuclear power reactors is trending up"

Health Ranger's vehicle violently rammed by illegal immigrant asleep at the wheel
"no drivers licenses, no insurance and no legitimate driver's education"

Google chief urges part-time work for all
"we should all work fewer hours"

Contaminated well water turns mom into activist
"I wouldn't believe a thing Duke said"

Birth defect deaths in West Coast state hit record levels during 2011
"gov’t document lists ‘Fukushima release along west coast of US’ as possible factor"

Mistrust in North Carolina Over Plan to Reduce Precincts
"this is part of a bigger trend — a movement to suppress people’s right to vote"

Weak coal ash bill an affront to North Carolinians
"rife with weakened timelines and eases cleanup requirements in favor of Duke Energy"

Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating
"Engineers have discovered that 1,300 liters of water leaked from a cooling system"

Coal-ash cleanup bill far short of our needs
"lawmakers have no intention of requiring Duke Energy to remove all the ash"

Coal ash, fish tales and the legacy we’ll leave in NC
"Earthen dams with massive amounts of hydraulic pressure behind them inevitably leak"

Consumer advocate seeks $54 million refund for Duke Energy customers
"instead of a refund, customers could be forced to open up their wallets, again"

Duke Energy behind schedule with coal ash cleanup
"The deposit was about 350 yards long by 20 yards wide, and about a foot deep"

The Town Where Illegal Immigrants Hit a Human Wall
"Why can’t we just transport them on a bus to Tijuana?"

N.C. mum on response to threatened Duke Energy suits
"state has repeatedly shielded Duke from any enforcement of...water regulations"

House OKs coal ash bill
"We are not being fair to the citizen who are in these areas"

What does states' refusal to expand Medicaid mean for Southerners?
"South has the highest portion of uninsured residents among U.S. regions"

Advocates plan to sue Duke Energy over ash
"Lawsuits will be filed in federal court in 60 days"

Duke Energy faces antitrust suit
"claiming they manipulated natural-gas prices during California’s energy crisis"

Duke Energy coal ash dumps polluting 3 N.C. rivers
"notice of intent to sue Duke for violations at...Cape Fear, Lee and Buck plants"

The Other Sunshine State
"North Carolina is an environmental nightmare"

Compromise at the Supreme Court Veils Its Rifts
"It remains solicitous of corporate rights and of efforts to curb union power"

My Head’s Exploding
"He’s always busy predicting another 9/11...ignored warnings about the first one"

Clean it up, Duke
"shows an utter disregard for the health and well being of North Carolinians"

News & Observer

Who will really pay for coal ash cleanup?

Duke needs to pay for cleanup
"it is the polluters who need to pay for it, not us"

Protect our water
"Duke Energy...continuing to contaminate with its irresponsible way of storing toxic ash"

Customers should not pay for Duke cleanup
"Duke will convert its own failure into a lucrative profit center"

Duke Energy’s responsibility
"One cannot expect the 14th Amendment to protect them from dereliction of duty"

Coal cleanup shouldn’t raise rates
"Rep. Ken Goodman doesn’t want Duke Energy customers to get stuck with the tab"

Multimillion-dollar Westinghouse contract dispute to be heard in N.C.
"The dispute centers on Duke's canceled project to build two nuclear power plants"

Is Duke Energy following its home state's turn to the right?
"Duke's formidable lobbying presence is tilting with North Carolina to the right"

Still work to do on proposed coal ash bill
"should not allow Duke’s ample lobbying team to dissuade them from doing the right thing"

Obama to Seek Funds to Stem Border Crossings and Speed Deportations
"tougher penalties for smugglers who bring children...across the border illegally"

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
"Revolutions, like bankruptcies, come gradually, and then suddenly"

On proposed casino, Gov. McCrory’s interest faded abruptly
"blackjack, craps and roulette...for giving the state a 4 percent or greater cut"

How Much Room Do We Need To Supply The Entire World With Solar Electricity?
"20,279,640 GWh. The sun creates more energy than that in one hour"

Video: Nation Building
Sen. Bernie Sanders on cost of war in Iraq and America's crumbling infrastructure

Obama should ignore the warriors and focus on the economy
"the military...cannot address...the broken global economy"

Here Comes the Judge, in Cuffs
"three judges pending criminal charges...judge disbarred...another...awaiting removal"

Duke Energy cited for ‘high hazard’ Cliffside coal ash dam
"condition...appears serious. Your dam is categorized as a high hazard dam"

McLaurin: Clean coal ash from Yadkin-Pee Dee River first
"Senate Democrats voted for the bill but said it didn’t go far enough"

DENR Cites Duke Energy For More Leaking Drain Pipes At Coal Ash Dams
"The state issued 14 citations earlier this month and another nine yesterday"

N.C. orders Duke Energy to act after finding more faulty pipes
"roots growing throughout joints...joints displaced. Several blockages prevent flow"

Southern waters imperiled by toxic pollution
"North Carolina at almost 8.9 million pounds"

Researchers develop cheaper way of making solar cells
"Dr Major believes that solar energy could eventually meet the world's energy needs"

Families take stories of cancer, birth defects to NC lawmakers
"We pay our power bill each month. We are paying to kill ourselves"

Debunking Gov. McCrory's misleading coal ash claims
"Now would be a good time for the state's leaders to get their stories straight"

Experts: Senate coal ash bill is an improvement but still not nearly enough
"Every Duke Energy coal ash site in N.C. has violations of...clean water laws"

New online database reveals groundwater contamination from coal power plant waste
"thousands of groundwater samples near coal ash dumps...exceeding federal thresholds"

NC Senate approves ash-pond cleanup schedule for Duke Energy
"This has been around since the 1930s"

Duke Energy Progress raising household fee for renewables
"charging more to households and less to businesses"

EPA court ruling is win for public
"That’s not just a win for the EPA. It’s a win for the environment and public health"

Pollution laws reduce deaths from lung illness
"We need to clean up the legacy of dangerous, dirty, leaking coal ash lagoons"

Moral Monday protesters shifting from legislature to voting polls; 15 arrested
"We have a group of legislators and governor who are bent on tearing things down"

Delays building Ga. nuclear plant
"Total project costs could jump $2 million every day there is a delay"

Justices Uphold Emission Limits on Big Industry
"effectively endorsed...efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from...power plants"

Angry Japan farmers bring cow from Fukushima to Tokyo
"developed white dots on their skin since reactors went into meltdown"

Chris Matthews schooled by Elizabeth Warren
"this woman has the fire in her belly to really get things done"

9-Year-Old's 'Little Free Library' Shut Down By City
"I would tell them why it's good for the community and why they should drop the law"

Buck Steam Station’s coal ash ponds a health concern for neighbors
"how many Duke Buck Steam employees who lived in this area who had leukemia"

Reports suggest pipes not tested at Duke Energy's Dan River plant
"That stuff is all a time bomb waiting to occur everywhere"

NC Attorny General Says Coal Ash Must Be Cleaned Up
"Attorney General Roy Cooper said the $50 billion company should pay for the cleanup"

Duke University scientists report air pollution controls linked to lower NC death rates
"This research tends to show that environmental policies work"

The Hidden Cost of Trading Stocks
"There’s no escaping the conclusion that the stock market is not a level playing field"

N.C. residents worry over coal ash ponds
"the readings...leave little doubt that coal ash pollution had spread"

NC coal ash bill is Duke Energy's pass to pollute
"North Carolina legislature has demonstrated its coziness with Duke Energy"

Coal Ash Seeps Prompt Cancer Concerns
"four houses in a row, we've had brain tumors here"

Carcinogenic Contaminents in Private Well Water Near Retired Duke Plant
"There's a lot of issues with brain cancers, brain tumors, birth defects"

North Carolina ranks 9th for toxic waterways in the country
"these chemicals have been linked to cancer, development or reproductive disorders"

Sit-ins planned for final Moral Monday of NC legislative session
"This is the time for vigorous and positive action here in North Carolina"

For inspiration, look to the history of public worker strikes
"Figuring out how to break free of these rules is a practical necessity"

Poll: Duke Energy, not customers, should pay ash costs
"91 percent of those questioned said Duke should pay the costs of closing its ponds"

Proposed law on Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds moves forward
"This thing must be paid by the utility...It cannot be passed on to the consumer"

Flashback: What Neocons Told Us about Iraq
"This is going to be a two month war, not an eight year war"

Duke Energy warned about pipe's likelihood to leak in 1986
"Federal prosecutors subpoenaed these new documents two weeks ago"

Coal ash dump neighbors won't drink their own well water
"The controversy surrounding Duke Energy's coal ash ponds is hitting home"

Coal Ash Pits Poisoning Locals
"water...contained chromium at four times the state limit"

Duke asks Senate to reconsider coal ash clean-up timeline
"Time is not on Duke’s side, according to conservationists"

NC orders Duke Energy to fix leaky pipes at coal ash sites
"The videos showed cracks, drips and gushers in the pipes"

In NC Hamlet, Residents Worry Over Coal Ash Ponds
"there is no safe level of chromium-6 because it's a known carcinogen"

‘Moral Monday’ demonstrators turn up volume on NC General Assembly protests
"nearly 800 demonstrators gathered on Halifax Mall"

Reactions vary after NC Senate proposes new coal ash plan
"state regulations are so deficient it would simply be the tallest midget in the circus"

Strong, if flawed, start on coal ash
"For more than 80 years, North Carolina has done almost nothing to regulate coal ash"

You err, we pay?
"no limits on how much Duke may need to spend to fix its big mess. Good"

Coal Ash Stories Screening Tour Launches in Response to the Duke Energy Spill
"Dozens more coal ash impoundments...are at risk of failure"

We drink from the Catawba; we deserve clean water
"These coal ash dumps are always at risk of catastrophic failure"

Bill would order closure of NC coal ash pits
"falls far short of protecting North Carolina’s communities and clean water"

Duke has many options, reasons to move beyond coal
"Coal is dirty from cradle to the grave"

Nuclear bomb nearly detonated after falling on North Carolina
"literally the failure of two wires to cross, a nuclear explosion was averted"

Ukraine crisis raises risk for nuclear reactors
"plant without several connections to a solid power grid is extremely dangerous"

The Koch Cycle of Endless Cash
"using their fortunes to lobby Congress against any limits on their ability to buy elections"

Median CEO pay is 129 times higher than NC median wage
"The gap between what CEOs and workers earn in North Carolina widened in 2013"

Feds subpoena more records in NC coal ash probe
"The subpoena orders the state commission to produce the documents Tuesday"

McCrory came off as a man happy to sell jobs for contributions
"an empty suit controlled by puppeteer Art Pope"

'Conclusive link' between fracking, aquifer contamination found in Texas
"gas in Lipsky's water...clearly the result of fracking"

2014 Duke Energy Employee Opinion Survey
"When a Duke program is floundering, it is time for the company to take bold action"

Study: Duke could absord clean-up costs
"The company is capable of absorbing the costs of the ash fill cleanup"

Duke Energy pays $55 million to settle with Crystal River nuke co-owners
"Duke decided that fixing the plant would be too costly"

Barclays downgrades US power sector over solar threat
"the idea of the utility death spiral"

States Sign Deal With Duke For Coal Ash Cleanup
"agreements do not resolve an ongoing criminal investigation into the spill"

Judge: Coal ash lawsuit can move forward
"The ruling allows environmental groups to request internal Duke Energy documents"

McAllister admits to vote for contribution
"I voted no, and I didn’t get a Heritage Foundation check but he did"

Mona Lisa Wallace Received Defender of Justice Award
"Fighting for working people became the theme of her career"

Protester handed cookies by Gov. McCrory strikes back with 'coal ash cupcakes'
"Unlike real coal ash, these cupcakes do not contain mercury, lead, arsenic"

Senate right to tweak McCrory's coal-ash plan
"Duke has balked at being required to close all the sites"

Energy companies, utilities lead EPA lobbying
"Duke Energy and Edison Electric Institute topped the list"

Duke Energy Fails to Dominate Social Media
"You can't urinate on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

An Elusive Jackpot
"People who rise to the top from the smaller group of women are...extraordinary ones"

More Scrutiny, Still Spectacular
"C.E.O. Pay Still Huge, as Boards Show Independence"

In Some States, Emissions Cuts Defy Skeptics
"This is not going to be the Armageddon that some people think"

Closer to fracking, risks
"the change allowed Duke to avoid any costly cleanup of contaminated groundwater"

NC passes fracking law, seeks taxpayer subsidies for industry
"spending public dollars on a highly profitable industry that imposes significant social costs"

The shadows behind sunny NC jobs claims
"The last year has been a boom-time for ultra-low-wage work"

Lawsuit Against Duke Energy Directors over Alleged Wrongdoing Filed
"alleged breaches of fiduciary duties...could cost the company billions of dollars"

NC lawmakers push for coal ash cleanup deadlines
"legislation allows the state to keep secret portions of the emergency action plans"

'Coal ash cupcakes' delivered to NC lawmakers
"enjoy the sweets, but no sweetheart deals for Duke Energy"

Sweets, not a sweetheart deal for Duke Energy
"she was arrested...when she tried to deliver coal ash cupcakes to...McCrory"

Duke proposes new fees
"Duke did not release estimates on the cost to ratepayers"

"brochure on how to plant trees in the future after we tear up your yard"

Video: Florida Judge And Public Defender Brawl In Courtroom
"They got some straight up entertainment in that courtroom"

McCrory signs NC fracking gas drilling bill
"There are more than 1,000 documented cases of contaminated water from fracking"

"We're about to turn off your power"

Smoke in the Water
"we can’t allow...McCrory...Legislature to rob our state of the protections we rely on"

US Attorney, FBI: Patrick Cannon corruption case is not closed
"looking into related allegations which could result in more charges and additional parties"

Patrick Cannon pleads guilty to corruption charge
"He now stands to be the city’s first mayor ever sent to prison"

Limiting the Carbon Emissions from Power Plants Will Make Americans Healthier
"The White House"

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs
"When used in combination with rooftop solar panels, a house could run off grid"

Seattle Approves $15 Minimum Wage
"unanimous vote of the nine-member Council"

Tales of Army Discord Show Tiananmen Square in a New Light
"I’d rather be beheaded than be a criminal in the eyes of history"

Former Duke worker seeks overtime class-action
"The lawsuit was filed by Janet Farnham"

Spill upends N.C. politics
"Instead of protecting...water, Pat McCrory's administration worked to block safeguards"

Duke Energy must face this threat
"Too big to fail? How about too big to risk failure?"

EPA calls on NC power plants to reduce emission rates 40% by 2030
"Duke...has shut down half of its 14 North Carolina coal-fired power plants"

Patrick Cannon to plead guilty Tuesday to corruption charge
"Pat McCrory...said...he was not familiar with the new allegations against Cannon"

Data shows migration of coal ash in Dan River
"Coal ash does not evaporate or magically disappear...it’s in the river damaging the river"

Why You Hate Work
"just 30 percent of employees in America feel engaged at work"

Insider Selling: Jennifer L. Weber Unloads 1,150 Shares of Duke Energy Stock
"downgraded...Duke Energy...from an 'overweight' rating to an 'equal weight' rating"

Democrats introduce aggressive coal ash bill
"If (Duke) had not spent...years fighting every measure...I would have more sympathy"

Biologist: Stay away from coal ash at CLT Airport
"those liners can and do leak"

State legislators propose a bill to protect Duke Energy customers
"forbid Duke Energy from passing costs of cleaning...ash...to its customers"

Officer Arrested After Holding Gun To 5 Year Old’s Head
"answered with a gun drawn and pointed it at a deputy"

Duke should move coal ash away from rivers
"These coal ash dumps are always at risk of castrophic failure"

Democrats outline coal ash cleanup
"It would ban new ash from going into ponds after August 2014"

The tight link between unions, the middle class and inequality in two charts
"Even if you're not in a union, the fate of unions affects us all"

14 Moral Monday demonstrators arrested during sit-in at Thom Tillis' office
"now they are playing a waiting game in hopes that we will lose heart"

The CEO got a huge raise. You didn't. Here's why.
"Some board members defer to a CEO's judgment on...compensation"


Median CEO pay crosses $10 million in 2013
"little energy being put into ensuring the rest of the workforce is engaged"

Coming clean
"Duke still has no plan to close ash ponds at 13 other sites throughout the state"

Poll finds support for renewable energy
"nine in 10...supported allowing other companies to sell electricity from renewable sources"

S.C. House Votes 105-0 to OK Bill Promoting Solar Power
"the legislation will move the state out of the dark ages"

Tree cutting along Duke power lines irks neighbors
"These guys just come in and do a hack job"

Uranium suppliers forced to cut production due to lack of demand
"Japanese utilities are unsure of when or if they will be able to restart their reactors"

Duke Energy shareholders coal ash lawsuit
"For years...defendants have known...coal ash containment was inadequate"

I.R.S. Bars Employers From Dumping Workers Into Health Exchanges
"Many employers had thought they could shift health costs to the government"

Thank You for Being Expendable
"Now I’m thinking it’s a miracle I’m still alive after dealing with the V.A."

Missouri Water Protections from Toxic Coal Ash Petitions
"concerns about the recent major coal ash spill at a Duke Energy"

Coal ash rarely used as structural fill
"When they said they had an end use, they didn't have an end use...a form of disposal"

BofA said to abandon market-making unit amid industry scrutiny
"The fairness of stock trading has been under unprecedented scrutiny"

Duke Energy shareholders sue over coal ash
"Duke’s board created a 'lawless culture' "

Cooper talks coal ash
"Governor and this General Assembly...eliminate many safeguards that protect our water"

Rural NC sites become dump grounds for unwanted coal ash
"Everyone just kind of ran when DENR started issuing violations. Everyone’s scared of it"

Who Pays to Clean Up Coal Ash Sites
"Duke had been warned for years, should have known the risks involved"

Duke Energy, EPA sign Dan River cleanup agreement
"agrees to pay the agency’s costs of responding to the spill...about $1 million so far"

Mubarak Gets 3 Years for Embezzlement, and His Sons Get 4
"Mubarak’s conviction could create problems for other high-ranking Egyptians"

Japanese court orders Kansai Electric to keep Ohi reactors offline
"need for nuclear energy does not have more weight than an individual’s right to safety"

North Carolina county leaders not comfortable with coal ash in local landfill
"We place our citizen's welfare and health above what a company might desire to do"

Appeals court denies group’s appeal of Duke Energy merger investigation
"the court has just endorsed back-room dealing between corporations and regulators"

NC Senate passes bill that would lift fracking moratorium
"sponsors are asking you to step on the gas when we only have three wheels on the car"

57 nuke waste containers from Los Alamos could present radiation threat
"posing a potentially 'imminent' and 'substantial' threat to public health"

State demands that DOE seal two rooms at WIPP
"more than 500 drums in the stream of waste potentially containing the dangerous mix"

"we stopped to capture a shot of a baby bear on the highway"

NC lawmaker calls for cancer cluster study related to coal ash
"Duke Energy officials...would not say if they back the idea of a study"

Mountain Island Lake residents question Duke Energy about coal ash
"naturally, the community pressure makes a difference"

Fracking: Gas drillers await green light; others pull out of NC
"did not renew leases because people in Lee County are pushing back against fracking"

Bank of America among US companies saving on taxes by keeping profits offshore
"Duke said it would owe $288 million on $1.7 billion of income"

DENR might not enforce farm pollution laws
"It’s a repeat of the...regulation of Duke Energy coal ash"

NC Republicans shill for industry; bill would jail anyone disclosing fracking chemicals
"Twenty states now require companies to disclose the chemicals they use"

A start on coal ash; let’s see a finish
"the spill demonstrated the cozy relationship between Duke and state regulators"

The coal plant to end all coal plants?
"The only thing the Kemper power plant is burning now is money"

A deteriorating relationship
"Don’t you worry, Miss Clegg. You won’t even know we’ve been here"

Bill limiting public’s ability to sue polluters moves forward in S.C. Senate
"The only state utility that has refused...is Duke Energry...no plans to move...ash"

Fee to Build Phantom Nuke Waste Site Ends
"customers have been paying for 31 years to fund...nuclear waste site that doesn't exist"

The Republican War on Workers’ Rights
"wage theft…'far greater than…bank…gas station…convenience store robberies' "

Record high radiation in seawater off Fukushima plant
"Officials of Tepco...said the cause of the seawater spike is unknown"

North Carolina Governor Tested by Own G.O.P.
"Tax cuts shifted more of the burden from the rich to the middle class"

Tears of a Rickshaw Driver
"Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood"

Appeals court won’t stay order that Duke Energy must stop coal ash leaks
"He said the law requires Duke to take immediate steps to stop the leaks"

Ohio court blocks Duke Energy charges for cleanup
"the court stayed a regulatory order allowing the company to pass the clean-up costs"

'Energy [R]evolution': Nearly 100% renewable is doable, says report
"it can be done with readily available technologies and on an expedited timeline"

German government rebukes utilities plan to dump decommissioning responsibilities
"I am against shifting risks onto the state and taxpayers"

Duke Energy ad campaign causing controversy
"Perkins wishes Duke would spend less on its image and more on cleaning up its coal ash"

'Good start' not enough for coal ash crisis
"But the governor has a credibility problem"

Senate leaders introduce coal ash bill
"should be enforcing the law, not trying to weaken it to bail out Duke Energy"

Will the Next Coal Ash Disaster Be in Your Neighborhood?
"Most of the 1,400 coal ash storage sites across the U.S. lack adequate safeguards"

Budget proposal adds staff at DENR
"Duke must 'eliminate the source of contamination.' "

Obama Backs Away From Net Neutrality Campaign Promises After FCC Vote
"The proposed rules will be open for public comment through July 15"

NC Senate coal ash bill similar to McCrory proposal
"asks citizens...to trust DENR and Duke Energy to take care of the coal ash problem"

9 On Your Side Investigates Coal Ash And The East
"I asked McEvoy if he trusted Duke Energy to notify him if there are problems"

Department of Labor sues Southwestern Bell for illegal retaliation against workers
"It is against the law for employers to discipline employees for reporting injuries"

DOL sues employer for allegedly firing an employee who filed an OSHA complaint
"Employees have a right to file a complaint with OSHA without fear of...retaliation"

Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack
"The family's cat, named Tara, rushed the attacking dog"

Illinois Residents, Environmental Groups Sound The Alarm On Coal Ash Dangers
"Coal ash ponds 'are disasters waiting to happen...' "

California’s Thirst Shapes Debate Over Fracking
"Vermont banned fracking...New York and North Carolina have temporary bans"

Despite technology, much of coal ash will remain in Dan River
"much of that lost material might be gone for good"

Concerns expressed on coal ash runway at CLT
"he has concerns about using coal ash from Duke Energy as the foundation"

Fukushima’s Cesium-137 levels ‘50% higher’ than previously estimated
"harmful to humans and can cause cancer, while it has a half-life of around 30 years"

The Dark Shadow of Agent Orange
"The use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War"

Duke Energy begins coal-ash dredging in Dan River
"How can we be sure this is not going to happen again?"

Contamination From Coal Ash Puts Drinking Water At Risk
"water would actually turn brownish and at the last – it started turning black"

Groups want coal ash out of Person Co. landfill
"the bottom line is that all landfills leak"

Duke Energy’s stake in McCrory
"the foundation spent $800,000 on TV ads to boost his image"

Fukushima worker files historic lawsuit over radiation exposure
"His exposure exceeded official limits, which forced him to stop working at the site"

"the mere perception that something is rotten in North Carolina could carry costs"

Duke Posts Loss, Declining Value of Coal Plants
"The company's regulated utility operations...performed better than expected"

"they spent very little money so far and they have not done a lot to clean up"

Now That’s Rich
"these 25 men (yes, they’re all men) made a combined $21 billion in 2013"

Can the Kochs Hold Back History?
"In the end, health care and clean energy will march on"

Duke Energy fields questions about safety after coal ash spill
"Duke Energy has been feeling the heat since a coal ash spill"

Strong public-private partnership needed to limit Dan River damage
"the full environmental impact of the spill may not be fully known for years"

Duke Energy representative mum on coal ash cleanup
"John Elliott refused to comment, despite being asked multiple times"

Greensboro residents upset over Duke Energy tree trimming
"What we were told by Duke Power was they won’t touch any of your shrubbery"

Tear Down ‘Deadbeat’ Dams
"many dams have high environmental costs that outweigh their value"

Judge lets more advocates join NC-Duke lawsuits
"The judge has now allowed 10 other groups to intervene"

Environmental Report Shows Coal Ash Waste a Danger to Hoosiers
"Hoosiers face very troubling risks from poorly-regulated coal ash"

Duke wants $63M from customers
"for improvements to the Crystal River nuclear plant"

Indiana leads nation in coal ash ponds, raising toxin concerns
"We know how to reduce that risk, and yet we're not doing it"

Pipe Explosion at Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant
"but the event wasn't shared with the public"

Coal ash from Buck steam plant poses toxic threat
"since Gov. Pat McCrory...took office in 2013, funding for the agency has been cut"

Judge dismisses suit over Progress Energy deal
"The suit named Johnson, 10 of Duke’s directors and former Duke CEO Jim Rogers"

Duke plant coal ash threatens our water
"These coal ash dumps are always at risk of catastrophic failure"

California teacher retirement system votes against BofA auditor, 4 directors
"The North Carolina pension fund...has not made a decision on how to vote"

Safety concerns follow coal ash spill
"Coal ash is like the who's who of the periodic table"

Environmental Coalition Seeks to Ignite Local Activism on Coal Ash
"One...by...McCrory, has been heavily criticized by members of both parties"

McCrory sells Duke Energy stock
"would have been better...to have sold his stock in Duke Energy before taking office"

Is a Duke Energy power plant making nearby residents sick?
"Bailey-Lash, who doesn't smoke or drink, was diagnosed with Stage 3 brain cancer"

‘Dirty Duke’ TV Ad Exposes Largest Power Company in the U.S.
"Duke can no longer get away with polluting our communities in secret"

New coal ash ads hit airwaves as Duke shareholders arrive
"close the plant, remove coal ash...invest in clean energy"

Duke Energy still doesn’t get it – maybe protest will help
"Duke doesn’t need to 'manage' its ponds; it needs to get rid of them ASAP"

Duke Energy Directors Survive Angry Shareholders Meeting
"former Duke employee Gov. Pat McCrory quietly dumped his stock in Duke Energy"

A year in, Moral Monday movement plans new protests
"This is a fight for the future and soul of our state"

UAW takes its case against Nissan in Mississippi to a global court
"no region of the nation has less economic mobility than the U.S. South"

5 players behind the Big Money attacks in NC Supreme Court elections
"perhaps the most despicable political advertisement ever aired in the state"

Duke Energy 2014 Meeting of Shareholders
"Will Duke shareholder meetings become like Black Friday sales?"

Many regulators have ties to utility industry
"Duke Energy made major errors in not dealing with the coal ash issue years ago"

Protesters demonstrate outside Duke Energy building
"This is a passionate crowd. They’re always passionate"

Amid security and protests, Duke shareholders re-elect current directors
"Duke Energy has willfully turned a blind eye to the hazards of things like the coal ash"

Duke's board to hear shareholders' concerns
"the facts need to be brought out in the open"

Cowell steps up pressure on Duke Energy over coal ash before shareholder meeting
"We urge the Duke Energy...to commission an independent firm to investigate"

Duke Energy ash spill needs outside investigator, state treasurer says
"it will vote against the reelection of director Carlos Saladrigas"

Duke Energy critics speak out during public hearing
"Duke's integrated resource plan will kill us all"

Questions raised at coal ash forum
"a terrible year for waterways and for communities that live on those waterways"

In 25 years, will more women rise to the CEO seat?
"women are more often promoted into leadership roles in times of crisis"

Justices Back Rule Limiting Coal Pollution
"East Coast states have...been subject to tougher air pollution requirements"

Former regulator’s acts in Duke case not criminal, court rules
"accused of failing to disclose secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

City hiring specialist to handle ash claims
"Gilstrap, too, expressed a lack of confidence in Duke Energy’s promises"

Duke Energy asks appeals court to stay coal ash cleanup order
"Duke is inflating the costs of the ultimate cleanup to make it an unattractive alternative"

10 pct of nuclear capacity to shut by 2020
"When faced with declining profitability, plant owners may choose to retire their units"

Battle looming over renewable energy; fossil fuel interests are losing
"The stage has been set for what one lobbyist called 'trench warfare' "

Duke ignored requests for emergency dam plan update
"It took only a little more than 2 inches of rain to drive open a breach 60 feet wide"

Duke Energy, coal ash ... and hope
"Duke funds both parties...no matter who's in charge, they'll both look the other way"

$10 billion in bad management from Duke Energy
"They 'shared' in the profits, now they need to 'share' in the cleanup"

Coal ash cleanup: Someone will pay; will it be customers?
"customers have been paying for...closing of those ash ponds since the thing started"

Chernobyl: Capping a Catastrophe
"agonizing deaths over the ensuing weeks from exposure to high levels of radiation"

Canadian aborted babies incinerated...to provide electricity
"ironically titled 'Burn, Baby, Burn' "

Bank of America suspends dividend increase
"incorrectly accounted for a type of debt inherited in its 2009 Merrill Lynch acquisition"

Forced to Flee Radiation, Fearful Japanese Villagers Are Reluctant to Return
"The government and the media say the radiation has been cleaned up, but it’s all lies"

Apodaca guarantees action on coal ash
"the bill wouldn't allow wet coal ash to be kept on site or be used for fill somewhere else"

The Koch Attack on Solar Energy
"This campaign is really about the profits of Koch Carbon and the utilities"

From Outside or Inside, the Deck Looks Stacked
"regulators hear over and over from the industry and their lawyers and lobbyists"

McCrory’s coal ash plan: Bipartisan effort needed to craft tough new law
"groups immediately criticized McCrory’s plan as too lenient on...Duke Energy"

New details emerge on Gov. McCrory's Duke Energy money ties
"McCrory...faced criticism from...his own party...for going easy on Duke Energy"

WNC Faith Community address Duke Energy Progress
"we implore you to decommission the Asheville coal plant"

Who is savvy and who isn’t in NC politics
"by far the biggest environmental disaster of McCrory’s administration"

Japan seeking international assistance with Fukushima fuel removal
"the containment vessels may be more damaged than initially estimated"

Lawmakers press Duke Energy to clean up coal ash dumps
"the public is expecting a quicker resolution, a quicker closure strategy"

Duke CEO answers questions 2 months after coal ash spill
"McCrory urged the huge electric company to 'come out of the shadows' "

"there is no such thing as accelerating some traffic without degrading other traffic"

"Poor management, an eroding safety culture, ineffective maintenance"

Nuclear Industry and Regulators at odds in Japan
"the accident was caused by the 'arrogance of science and technology' "

Chernobyl Radiation Shield Under Threat Amid Ukraine Crisis
"97 percent...of highly unstable nuclear material is still inside the crumbling...complex"

State official: Ground water contamination exists at every coal ash facility
"We've known that for a long time now"

Duke Energy accused of exaggerating cleanup costs
"Duke’s...PR ploy is to pump the numbers up so high it will avoid cleaning up the problem"

Duke: Cost of converting coal ash ponds could top $10B
"All of the company’s waste ponds...are in violation of state or federal clean-water laws"

Toxic coal ash from the Sutton Plant may be moving closer to you than you think
"lined landfills can leak. Lined landfills have a life span"

Duke Energy says moving toxic coal ash costs too much
"would take decades and cost up to $10 billion"

Bill Moyers on America’s Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy
"a protection racket for the 1%"

$3 Million Verdict in Texas Fracking Case
"fracking...sickened them and their pets and livestock"

Radioactivity found in groundwater well at Fukushima
"The utility does not have any clues as to why the radiation levels are varying so much"

Contaminated vehicles from Japan still being rejected by Russian Customs Service
"they were shipped back"

Video: Groups plan protest at Duke Energy meeting
"we're going to make sure Duke executives are hearing the voices of their customers"

Woman says Duke Energy accidentally closed account
"They made the mistake, but I got to pay for it"

Wage Theft Across the Board
"To fight white-collar wage theft requires a re-energized Justice Department"

American Middle Class No Longer World’s Richest
"While the wealthiest Americans are outpacing many of their global peers"

TEPCO unable to bring Fukushima contaminated water issues under control
"Tanks were built hastily...which lead to a variety of leaks"

GOP legislators irked by McCrory's Duke Energy coal ash plan
"he'll propose legislation tougher than what McCrory outlined"

Proposed coal ash law could undermine NC court ruling on groundwater leaks
"The governor says this will close loopholes, but I think it's the Loophole Law"

Coal ash unmonitored in fill sites across NC
"It’s sort of a silent, lurking issue that’s not getting any attention"

Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights
"Duke Energy...made clear the state's net metering law is in their sights"

Fukushima No. 1 boss admits water woes out of control
"we were...in a rush and may have not paid enough attention to quality"

General Mills Reverses Itself on Consumers’ Right to Sue
"The announcement was a stunning reversal for the company"

Public records, diligence reveal problems in DENR/Duke Energy relationship
"It took months and months and court rulings to get information out"

Utilities Commission ignores law in Duke Energy rate increase
"Even when given a second chance to get it right, the commission didn’t"

What CCAAP Can't Do: Protect NC from Duke Energy Coal Ash
"McCrory’s proposal bends over backwards to accommodate Duke’s discretion"

EPA Mercury Rule for Power Plants Upheld by U.S. Court
"Duke Energy...must abide by federal limits on mercury"

New Wind, Solar Power Cheaper Than Nuclear
"can make power a fifth cheaper than nuclear"

Renewable energy industry touts economic benefits
"ammunition against legislative opposition to subsidizing solar, wind"

Elizabeth Warren Skewers White House Boys Club
"foreclosure program was intended to...protect against a crash landing by the banks"

NC officials promoted conspiracy theory to discredit environmental sustainability
"McCrory is also leading the push for fracking...in North Carolina"

Salvation Gets Cheap
"incredible recent decline in the cost of renewable energy, solar power in particular"

Ash spill costs at $15M for Duke Energy
"Pat McCrory...would not make Duke remove all its ash ponds"

Push for coal ash regulations
"More concerns are spreading over coal ash issues in the Cape Fear region"

2012: Duke Energy CEO Caught Lying Under Oath, Media Sleeps
"How was it...that Duke was using Crystal River both as a sword...and as a shield...?"

Pensioners in Detroit Rejoice
"they want to take back what I’ve already earned...make it appear like it’s my fault"

G. W. Bush Cartoon
"The Joy of Retirement"

When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue
"trying to protect the company from all accountability, even when it lies"

Judge denies Duke Energy request for stay in coal ash case
"The order was signed Wednesday by Wake Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway"

McCrory unveils plan to tighten regulations on coal ash
"McCrory would not discuss specifics of his plan"

Coal to again be an issue at Bank of America annual meeting
"questioned CEO Brian Moynihan about Bank of America's loans to coal companies"

Duke's battles in spotlight as utility's shareholders meeting looms
"shareholders should vote against the re-election of four directors responsible for risk"

C.E.O. Pay Goes Up, Up and Away!
"boards began setting performance measures that were easy to clear"

Cleaning the voter rolls in North Carolina
"field organizer for...Congressman Patrick McHenry was indicted in 2004 for voting fraud"

Fukushima basements mistakenly flooded with 200 tons of radioactive water
"decontaminating the plant will be a decades-long venture costing the country billions"

Vote out Duke Energy directors, investors urge
"committee members – Alex Bernhardt, James Hyler, James Rhodes and Carlos Saladrigas"

Discharge from Belews Creek power plant affects water quality
"Bromide from the Belews Creek power plant was a primary cause of trihalomethane"

NC must continue its support for renewable energy
"Hager opposes the requirement that utilities purchase power from renewable sources"

SC solar bill is no quick fix
"it gives power companies an unfair advantage over solar companies"

High fees eroding many 401(k) retirement accounts
"shift from traditional pensions threatens the retirement security of millions of Americans"

Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community
"That's right. Somebody called the cops on Jesus"

Three Expensive Milliseconds
"It’s the whole financial industry...that’s undermining our economy and our society"

CIA and White House under pressure after Senate torture report leaks
"As you have said publicly, the report must be declassified"

Executive Pay: Invasion of the Supersalaries
"Productivity can’t come from the person at the top of the pyramid alone"

Recovery for Whom?
"gains so far have mostly benefited those at the top of the income and wealth ladder"

Judge lets Duke Energy ash lawsuit continue
"The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation sued Duke last June over contamination"

Duke Energy should clean out aging, leak-prone coal-ash ponds
"Duke Energy's public relations team is working overtime"

Communities along Dan River demand quick cleanup
"material is expected to disrupt the ecosystem by choking living organisms"

Coal waste may cause carcinogen spikes in drinking water
"the source: a Duke Energy coal-fired power plant"

Regulators, Duke, environmentalists in 3-way fight over coal ash
"ash ponds have been allowed to leak into public waterways for decades"

Westinghouse CEO is key witness in suit against Duke
"If not for the utility tax, the advance fee, they wouldn't be able to do this"

Pat McCrory says scandal could take years to recover from
"Cannon and McCrory had been working on a compromise"

Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton at Vegas speech
"evokes a 2008 event in which an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at...George W. Bush"

US sailors sue for $1B over Fukushima radiation
"has since led to dozens of cancer cases"

Residents Fear Drop In EPA Inspections And Enforcement
"Pat McCrory worked for Duke Energy for 29 years before taking office"

Rounding Up Suspects, Pakistan Charges a Baby
"9-month-old boy who faces charges of attempted murder"

Duke Energy suspends use of chemical product that stunts tree growth
"In response to public outcry"

TEPCO to begin dumping groundwater into Pacific Ocean in May
"but do not know the levels of contamination that the water will have"

Family values congressman fires girlfriend, announces re-election bid
"McAllister made a pledge to those who supported him: 'I won’t let them down.' "

NC commission appeals ruling giving it authority to halt coal ash pollution
"Just a week after the state publicly abandoned its sweetheart deal with Duke"

How to catch a coal ash spill? Send lawyers, boats, and airplanes
"Was Duke in collusion with the agency that was supposed to be monitoring it?"

Revised Quake Estimates: Dozens of Nuclear Reactors Face Costly Safety Analyses
"N.R.C. should be demanding implementation of seismic safety upgrades"

5-year-old finds flaw in Xbox Live security
"At a year old, he bypassed a cellphone toddler lock"

Potential coal ash threat to Saluda River surfaces
"Duke does not know the risks of those pipes under the Lee abandoned ash basin"

Mount Holly annexes Duke property
"city will also annex an ash pond at the center of recent controversy"

State utility agency to put new Edwardsport plant's performance under microscope
"And it ordered that the costs be subject to refund"

Duke Energy's customers face a potential $500 million bill
"while it was charging but not building, a utility could be making a nice profit"

Public trust
"The Duke Energy coal ash saga reminds us of the old poem"

Readers offer thoughts on Duke Energy
"Shame on Duke and people trying to cover its ashes"

Regaining trust may be difficult
"the state and Duke have a long way to go to regain public confidence"

Keeping regulators and corporate America separate
"I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima had never happened"

Thallium found near Duke Energy's coal ash pond
"It doesn't take as high a concentration as other things to make you sick"

Duke Energy told to turn over documents in coal ash case
"Duke has tried to keep the records secret"

Weekly wrap: Voter fraud, Dix offer, coal ash documents
"Thousands of...documents released...Duke...tried to keep information...secret"

Chemical? Experiment? Trees? Duke Energy? What? Us Worry?
"And it has no one to blame for its sullied reputation and lack of public trust but itself"

Judge rules Duke Energy can’t have blanket protection for its records
"“Every day that goes by without full disclosure we're at greater risk"

Lawmaker, former Duke employee, downplays toxic thallium pollution
"thallium was once used in rat poison and insecticides before being banned"

SC regulators ask Duke Energy to correct problems at coal ash pits
"Duke simply did not tell the Public Service Commission the full story"

Duke Energy using federal coal ash probe to stall NC lawsuits
"Duke Energy’s motion is another play out of the playbook...obstruct"

DHEC warns Duke of fines over coal plant violations
"Duke officials said that some clean-up efforts could take 30 years"

SC DHEC chief urges extra care with Duke’s coal ash
"Duke is the only major utility in South Carolina not to agree to clean...waste ponds"

Duke appeals judge's order in coal-ash pollution case
"proposed...bill that would force Duke to close and move all of its 33 coal ash ponds"

Oregon treasurer calls for Duke Energy investigation
"These events...have shaken investors’ confidence in Duke and its board"

Duke Energy wants citizens group out of ash action
"But instead of cleaning up, what they've done is lawyer up"

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Duke Energy Goes After Solar in South Carolina
"Now they claim to love it, as long as they're the only ones who can sell it"

Duke Energy Says It Needs Time to Clean Coal Ash
"Frank Holleman...says the river is still seriously polluted with coal ash and heavy metals"

Duke Energy will keep cooperating with state probes, CEO says
"She sidestepped...differences between those statements and Duke’s legal positions"

Duke Energy refused to share possible effects of coal ash dam breaches
"Duke, DENR kept potential impacts of coal ash dam breaches secret"

EPA was concerned NC agency's Duke Energy coal ash deal was too weak
"scuttled that settlement after it was criticized by environmental groups"

A Nation of Takers?
"taking a budget vacation is subsidizing the C.E.O.’s flying on a corporate jet"

U.S. companies are chipping away at retiree health benefits
"Wages are stalled and benefits are on the chopping block"

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says
"continued the harsh treatment even after it appeared that Baluchi was cooperating"

Flu Shot Causes Polio-like Guillain-Barré Syndrome
"there is great risk in the seasonal flu shot"

A movement emerges against the Duke Energy-Progress monopoly
"McCrory was elected governor. Duke was riding high. Then a pipe broke in Eden"

Duke Energy asks judge to throw out coal ash case
"wants a judge to prevent citizens groups from participating"

Duke Energy Waits for NC to Approve Its Coal Ash Plan
"Duke has been cited for eight violations"

Remembering TN’s Coal Ash Problems After NC’s Dan River Disaster
"the way we store burned coal waste in the Southeast is far from safe"

Poll finds support for coal ash regulation
"the latest in a slew of polls that have found negative attitudes toward Duke Energy"

EPA looked askance at DENR’s proposed coal ash settlement with Duke
" 'this is all gamesmanship'...Duke Energy’s aggressive stance in resisting proposed regulations"

Duke Energy sues Westinghouse for $54 million
"$500 million that Westinghouse claims Duke owes in contract termination costs"

Power companies wield too much influence in Florida Legislature
"Duke Energy spent about $2 million since 2007 and employed 16 to 20 lobbyists"

Solar business group blasts proposed SC law
"what the utilities do when they are trying to hide something...create complicated bills"

Fukushima cleanup suspended after worker’s death
"fatality was the fifth death among the workers involved in the cleanup operation"

Markets are 'rigged'
"stock exchanges, the big Wall Street banks and high-frequency traders"

Legislative leaders not happy with Sec. Wos
"known by the company you keep, McCrory is sending quite a message"

NC cites Duke Energy for problems at cracked coal ash dam
"a 40-foot crack developed"

Duke Energy should pay for coal ash spill clean-up
"allow lobbyists to change the laws of North Carolina at the behest of Duke Energy"

I-Team investigates coal ash water samples
"Duke's lab also reported 216 parts of aluminum and the state found 1,400"

Tangled allegiances plague coal-ash cleanup effort
"the state and Duke have a long way to go to regain public confidence"

Take your pick - big government or business
"McCrory...made a great show of turning down EPA grant money"

Duke Energy Seeks to Keep Records From Regulators
"Frank Holleman...said Duke's motion is a stalling tactic"

Why Patrick Cannon sting took so long
"If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 50 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine"

Duke Energy worker's death triggers IOSHA probe
"Michael Davis, 59, was killed while working at the Duke Energy substation"

Smoking Gun: Tobacco giant reveals funding of NC dark money group backing McCrory
"a political nonprofit launched...to support the agenda of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Duke Energy stockholders want answers
"serious lapses in oversight as well as failures in risk management by the board of directors"

Class-action certified in 2008 rebate case against Duke Energy
"the case could produce more than $1 billion in damages against Duke"

Duke Energy denies NC stormwater violations
"DENR issued notices of violation to Duke for those six plants Feb. 28"

Regulators missed crack in Duke coal ash dam
"failed to notice the crack clearly marked with metal stakes and bright orange streamers"

TEPCO under-calculated radiation exposure for 142 Fukushima workers
"Japan is still struggling to deal with the radioactive contamination"

Is Charlotte Mayor’s Arrest The Tip of an Iceberg in North Carolina?
"He also touted his close connections to other politicians including McCrory"

Duke shareholders want probe of coal ash spill
"concern about an ongoing federal criminal investigation...company's inadequate response"

Feds must get to the truth on Duke spill
"an ongoing story that is quickly becoming a scandal"

DENR hires former federal prosecutor to steer it through grand jury probe
"because of the reach and influence Duke enjoys that we need a real watchdog in Raleigh"

Exxon Valdez and Duke Energy

It's Ugly
"proposals to cut food stamps"

McCrory seeking records for Duke Energy on coal ash
"plans to make public Duke Energy'srecords involving the spill"

Mayor Cannon resigns after corruption arrest
"Cannon and McCrory talked for about an hour Wednesday"

US Attorney's Office Press Release: Charlotte Mayor Arrested
"Cannon allegedly solicited and accepted money bribes and things of value"

After allegations, Cannon could no longer lead
"FBI investigating other unspecified individuals and potentially criminal activities"

Gov. McCrory, longtime Cannon friend
"Cannon describes his close relationship with McCrory as an asset"

Complaint and Warrant
"for the arrest of Patrick DeAngleo Cannon"

Siers cartoon: Mayor Cannon
"I look good in an orange necktie, but not an orange suit"

How the case against Cannon unfolded
"This timeline, based on a federal affidavit"

Duke Energy says it will move coal ash in response to spill
"Duke has yet to make it clear what it is going to do for the other 11 communities"

Bank of America, Ken Lewis agree to $25 million settlement
"Bank of America settled a shareholder lawsuit...in 2012 for $2.43 billion"

Man killed while working on project for Duke Energy
"We can confirm there was a fatal injury in Hamilton County"

Duke Energy had years to display some corporate character
"symptoms of flawed decision-making by Duke Energy"

Environmentalists question timing of Duke Energy coal ash pond pumping
"For some environmentalists, it all adds up to a smoking gun"

Farmers along Dan River worry about livelihood
"only guarantee we have is they’re gonna send us a bill next week for our electricity"

Lawyer for N.C. in coal ash spill once represented Duke Energy
"defended Duke in a lawsuit filed by the company’s retirees that was settled in 2011"

Wealth Over Work
"rise of America’s 1 percent has mainly been driven by executive salaries and bonuses"

Oakland will pay $4.5 million to injured Occupy activist Scott Olsen
"The marine served two tours in Iraq between 2006 and 2010"

Duke Energy: Cleaning up coal ash ‘is going to take time’
"Duke Energy made no promise...it would clean out and remove pollutant-riddled coal ash"

Cooper doesn’t heed McCrory’s coal-ash advice; calls on EPA
"State Bureau of Investigation environmental crimes unit is involved in the federal probe"

EPA to join NC’s coal ash probe
"It’s not clear whether EPA’s involvement would raise the likely penalties to Duke"

Duke Energy wants 'to regain your confidence' after coal ash spill
"Duke Energy took out a full-page advertisement in newspapers"

New Mexico cancels permit to expand leaky nuclear waste site
"Federal officials could not say what would happen with above-ground drums"

Radiation leaks force transfer of nuclear waste from New Mexico to Texas
"United States’ first nuclear waste repository"

Duke Energy coal ash woes in SC
"found arsenic in the soil coming from coal"

Duke coal ash disaster is only the beginning
"DENR will not require the toxins/carcinogens in fracking fluid to be disclosed"

Private tests show arsenic seeping at Duke Energy’s Cliffside plant
"one seepage site showed arsenic levels 27 times higher than state...standards"

NC drops coal ash settlement, says it will fight for cleanup in court
"If only DENR had not worked so hard to keep EPA out of the picture early on"

Court denies Duke Energy’s motion for delay in fixing groundwater contamination
"Duke must comply with the law and take immediate action to clean up the sources"

Duke Energy dam cracked at Chatham coal ash pond
"DENR said the pumping substantially exceeded limits on legal discharges"

Duke Energy Caught Intentionally Dumping Coal Waste Into North Carolina Water
"eighth time in less than a month...accused of violating environmental regulations"

Over 800 people have disappeared from Fukushima plant
"May have been killed or died during work"

Fukushima water decontamination suspended indefinitely
"We never expected radioactive water to flow into the storage tanks"

France’s nuclear power generation cuts due to increased wind and solar output
"The situation is only going to get worse for nuclear power operators"

N.C. regulators again cite Duke Energy over coal ash
"Duke illegally pumped so much water...'impoundments no longer properly function' "

New Duke Energy CEO earned $6.5 million
"Good’s pay last year reflects only six months as CEO"

61 Million Gallons from Duke's Coal Ash Ponds Poured into Cape Fear River
"the sheer volume looks more like illegal bypass"

DENR officials examining crack in Moncure coal ash dam
"This is the latest in a series of troubling incidents at Duke Energy facilities"

DENR cites Duke Energy for illegal dumping at Moncure coal ash site
"utility didn't mention it had already been pumping for months"

EPA knew of faulty pipes at Dan River ash basin in 2009
"At least five other studies...mentioned the pipes as a potential problem"

Enviro groups want role in ash spill case
"officials have ignored numerous discharges from...plant’s two ash ponds"

WRAL News poll: NC pessimistic about economy
"Eighty-eight percent said Duke should pay to clean up the ash ponds"

13,000 tons of toxic Fukushima water may need to be cleaned again
"found its water treatment system was not working properly"

A coal ash mess in North Carolina
"McCrory...cleared out North Carolina’s Environmental Management Board"

Duke Energy eyes closing more coal plants in response to Dan River spill
"Duke may abandon...coal capacity beyond...retirements already announced"

For the sake of North Carolina, Skvarla must go
"it’s hard to ignore that McCrory was a career Duke Energy employee"

Protest against Duke Energy plan for ratepayers to cover coal ash cleanup costs
"also came out to 'express support' of the criminal investigation of any improper ties"

McGrady credited for no vote on bill that helped Duke
"one of only two Republicans in the state House to vote no on the bill"

Duke Energy's response to storm questioned in Columbus
"Duke Energy is a bully"

Video: Grand jury hears evidence in Duke Energy investigation
"it's looking at whether there may have been criminal activity"

Federal grand jury looks into Duke Energy spill
"The co-chair of the commission...is a retired Duke Energy engineer"

Va. gov expects Duke to pony up for coal ask spill
"I have assurances from Duke Energy that they're going to pay for everything"

Customers should not be on hook for Duke Energy’s mistakes
"only became a priority for Duke after a high-profile, preventable disaster"

Duke Energy accused of pumping wastewater into a canal leading to Cape Fear River
"discharge structures were designed to allow water to exit only if the level topped the pipe"

'Cash' spill
"Duke is getting ready to undergo what’s likely unprecedented scrutiny"

OSHA seeks Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee member nominations
"Nominations must be submitted by May 12, 2014"

Duke Energy accused of mishandling more coal ash wastewater
"It was secretive. They were trying to get away with it"

Were North Carolina Regulators Helping Duke Energy Avoid Big Fines?
"reporting $6 million in lobbying last year alone"

Tweak to N.C law protected Duke Energy's coal ash pits
"This sweeping change gutted North Carolina's groundwater law"

Questions as More Wastewater Flows in North Carolina
"This is a way of disposing of that water without the state knowing"

Regulators lacked resources
"1986 study…highlighted the fragility of the corrugated…pipe"

DENR: Duke coal ash pond pumping could be illegal
"it could be another headache for the already beleaguered Duke Energy"

State to alter permits for Riverbend, 2 other plants
"DENR is 'giving (Duke) retroactive amnesty, a get-out-of-jail card' "

Duke Energy CEO lays out company’s coal ash plans after spill
"she and the company realize that wet storage of toxic coal ash waste is dangerous"

Agency: Duke plant consumed more energy than it produced
"$1.5 million related to Edwardsport...would be covered by customers"

Fukushima nuclear workers rally against plant operator
"Several thousand employees at the plant are locked in a daily"

Unskilled and Destitute Are Hiring Targets for Fukushima Cleanup
"Out of work? Nowhere to live? Nowhere to go? Nothing to eat?...Come to Fukushima"

Duke Energy Possibly Caught Pumping More Toxic Water
"Duke deliberately released wastewater...just upriver from Raleigh"

Ex-DENR employees unload on Department under Skvarla, McCrory
"what DENR has become in the wake of McCrory’s budget and staffing cuts"

Voters Think Duke Energy Should Pay For Coal Ash Clean-Up, Not Customers
"Only 26 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of the company"

Disagreement between Duke Energy, N.C. regulators widens in coal-ash spill
"Still, the e-mails suggest that Duke was getting what it wanted"

DENR Calls Duke's Coal Ash Clean-Up Plan Inadequate
"they could change their minds once the heat dies down"

Worry, Coal Ash Continue to Spread in Dan River Community
"EPA confirmed his findings of arsenic, lead, beryllium and other coal ash toxins"

Watch an expert teach a smug U.S. senator about Canadian healthcare
"an exchange between Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Danielle Martin"

New Emails Suggest Coal Ash Polluter Helped State Regulator During Investigation
"coordinated with Duke Energy officials before intervening in a suit by citizen groups"

Coal ash polluting NC river was once Appalachian mountaintops
"Duke Energy...lobbied against federal coal ash regulation"

Duke Energy talked ash lawsuits with regulators
"DENR is working with the lawbreaker to continue to harm the water"

Duke faced few fines over decade
"It was more of a focus on getting what (regulated entities) wanted"

Forcing NC Taxpayers to pay for Duke Energy’s Toxic Coal Ash Dumping
"It was stunning the state judge ruled that Duke had to clear the storage ponds"

NC Democrats to push bill to move all coal ash
"a flawed design, compounded by flawed regulation and flawed enforcement"

Duke Energy proposes storing coal ash at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
"Dan River spill...put pressure on McCrory to take a tough stance against Duke"

DENR rejects Duke's coal ash plan, amid accusations of leniency
"talking about how they could...resolve this without the participation of...citizens"

Krystal Ball brutally eviscerates GOP & trashes corporate Dems in one segment
"If you watch only one thing today, watch this"

Nuclear radiation found in B.C. may pose health concerns
"Discovery of Fukushima radioactivity raises concerns"

White House withholds thousands of documents from Senate CIA probe
"raise the specter that the White House has been...stonewalling the investigation"

CIA hacked into Senate computers to conceal 'brutal details of torture'
"ordered by the Bush administration but halted when...Obama took office"

PBA head accuses Christie of using pension as a 'slush fund'
"The giveaways...were gained on the backs of the state's public sector unions"

Emails show Duke and state regulators were, indeed, in cahoots
"We've known this all along, but now there's actually proof"

Internal emails show Duke Energy, DENR negotiating coal ash clean up
"Duke's demands that the state not require...specific actions to clean up coal ash"

Duke Energy and regulators discussed ash lawsuits
"there is a very close and cozy relationship between Duke Energy...and DENR"

'Come Clean McCrory!'
"potential criminal corruption between the McCrory Administration and Duke Energy"

Remarks by the President On Overtime Pay
"Americans have spent too long working more and getting less in return"

Fixing Overtime Rules to Reward Hard Work
"exceptions were originally designed to only apply to well-compensated employees"

Locals concerned coal ash is leaking into the Neuse River
"This has been here all these years and none of us knew"

Cleaning up coal ash ponds
"McCrory administration has tipped too far toward appeasing corporate interests"

Emails show close ties between Duke, NC regulators
"discussing 'how Duke wants to be sued' "

Extra Pay for Extra Work
"Bush administration...locked in...outdated and inadequate salary threshold"

Reports about possible pipe problems went nowhere
"reports recommending close monitoring of the...pipe that ruptured on Feb. 2"

NC utilities chairman to testify in coal ash probe
"part of the broadening criminal investigation"

Judge delays hearing on Duke’s coal ash
"pattern of delay that has resulted in serious harm to the people of North Carolina"

The state of North Carolina water
"The news about the state's waterways is bad and getting worse"

Fukushima venting may have released more radioactive materials
"radiation levels dramatically spiked an hour before the hydrogen explosion"

Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay
"would increase the number of people who qualify for overtime"

NC Utilities Commission records subpoenaed in coal ash probe
"Duke acknowledged also getting two subpoenas in February but would not discuss"

Panel should decide who foots pond bill
"McCrory says he's going to stay out of the debate"

State agency wants to investigate Duke plant
" 'negative generation' fuel expenses at the Edwardsport plant"

EPA Steam-Plant Emission Rules Survive Utility Challenge
"The ruling affirms part of...EPA air pollution rules for power plants"

The Spies Who Didn’t Love Her
"920 other documents — began vanishing from Senate computers"

The C.I.A. Torture Cover-Up
"detailed the lengths to which the C.I.A. had gone to hinder the...investigation"

Lawmakers grilled on response Duke Energy's coal ash spill
"Riverbend dams are among 45 nationwide that the EPA has deemed 'high-hazard' "

No time to ease pressure on Duke Energy
"The gig is up. Duke must pay to clean up the ash and its own reputation"

Virginia regulators take long view on N.C. coal ash spill
"Agency confirmed coal ash was leaking from the third pipe at the Eden site"

Duke Energy customers: Don't make us pay for coal ash cleanup
"The state utility commission is expected to make the decision"

Duke's coal ash plan needs to show urgency
"Duke has known about this problem for years, but officials have dragged their feet"

Duke Energy has the power
"coal ash is...also coating...Pat McCrory with political muck"

Duke Energy’s $1 billion cleanup: Who would pay?
"contaminated groundwater collecting for decades under Duke’s ash-disposal sites"

A dirty clean energy battle becoming a utility war
"Rogers lamented...he hadn't done enough about encouraging renewable energy"

Florida lacks corporate brands with global clout
"Duke profited for decades by storing coal ash on the cheap...wants others to pay"

Cuts to DENR regulators jarring in wake of Dan River spill
"returned almost $600,000...that would have been used to test water"

Safety enforcement at nuclear plants inconsistent
"NRC has been complicit in allowing utilities like Duke to ignore deadlines for years"

New Security Rules on Electric Utilities
"fines of as much as $1 million a day for each infraction of new rules"

NRC’s inconsistent FOIA releases
"same information...redacted in some...documents, was not redacted in others"

Duke Energy CEO, the "2013 Businesswoman of the Year," cites value of mentorship
"He has to be good at something, or he wouldn’t be where he is"

Democrats Stand Up to the Kochs
"Kochs and their allies have pressed for high-end tax breaks that burden the middle class"

Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific
"they quickly reached their lifetime radiation dose limit"

Feinstein accuses CIA of 'intimidating' Senate staff over torture report
"accused the CIA of potentially violating the US constitution and of criminal activity"

McCrory: Duke Energy didn’t meet its responsibility in coal ash spill
"miffed that he is receiving...scrutiny because of his three-decade tenure at Duke"

Duke Energy’s dirty water
"McCrory remained on the Duke payroll during his time as mayor of Charlotte"

After Fukushima, Utilities Prepare for Worst
"Woe unto us if we don’t respond properly"

Disasters prompt new look at coal ash handling
"They cut a sweetheart deal with Duke so they didn’t have to actually do anything"

"no full explanation on what went wrong at Fukushima, and how to avoid a recurrence"

DENR lawyers OK turning over Duke settlement communications
"The letter limits communications to those made through Nov. 20, 2013"

North Carolina citizens demand action on coal ash
"McCrory needs to come clean...Are you going to serve the public or Duke Energy?"

Duke Energy extends influence to NC courts
"reporters have scrutinized Duke's cozy relationship with North Carolina lawmakers"

Duke CEO: Customers should pay ash pond costs
"But the determination of payment will be up to the North Carolina Utilities Commission"

Governor responds to criticism on protecting the environment
"DENR and Duke...taken a very stubborn and arrogant attitude toward this"

Coal Ash Harmony

Duke's Fed Tax

State issues citations to Duke Energy after coal ash spill
"I'd say they deserve a large punishment. That kind of negligence is inexcusable"

Issa Cuts Off Microphone of Democrat
"Mr. Issa has proved to be his own worst enemy, stepping on his own message"

US nuclear fuel supplier files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
"has been hailed as one of the greatest failures of privatization in world history"

The Hammock Fallacy
"Mr. Ryan and colleagues outright misstate what the research says"

Judge: Duke Energy must halt coal ash pond contamination
"Republican legislative leaders say Duke's clout won't be enough this time around"

Who is DENR's main customer?
"she quit DENR last fall after 10 years because of changes pushed by McCrory"

Duke Energy’s 32 Coal Ash Ponds in North Carolina Pose a Threat to Groundwater
"The state is afraid of Duke Energy"

Neighbors unaware of earlier spill at Duke Energy coal ash dump
"5 million gallon spill from the Cliffside steam station in October 2005"

McCrory: Duke Energy failed to meet its responsibility on plant oversight
"going to be more customer-friendly toward business and…relieve regulatory burdens"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill in North Carolina Finally Ruled as Violating Laws
"These are violations of state and federal law, and we are holding the utility responsible"

Coal-ash incident raises questions about DENR's record
"get permits out quickly and get out of the way of business, or else"

NC NAACP leader: Coal ash spill is disaster, sin
"deflection of responsibility by Gov. Pat McCrory...'is immoral. It's unjust. It's sinful' "

NAACP to launch own investigation into Dan River spill
"No corporation paid more to get Pat McCrory elected than Duke Energy"

NC regulators want Duke Energy’s engineering and emergency plans for its coal ash sites
"DENR also is facing a federal investigation in connection with Duke’s coal ash spill"

Lumber River advocates want coal ash removed
"Duke has these holes in the ground filled with toxic coal ash that they've left behind"

Hazmat team finds coal ash in Va.’s Dan River
"responded to a call of an unusual substance in the water"

More Metal Pipes At Duke Energy Coal Ash Ponds
"eight additional corrugated metal pipes at Duke Energy coal ash ponds"

Duke's Edwardsport plant slows to crawl
"the facility is proving that fears about its viability were valid"

NC regulators inspect leak at Duke Energy’s Cliffside plant
"a damaged drainage overflow pipe was discovered at the site last week"

State wants Duke documents on coal ash ponds
"Duke revealed last week that eight of its 33 ash ponds have corrugated metal pipes"

Emails: NC regulators knew for years Duke power plants lacked permits
"Republican lawmakers cut the agency's budget...the permitting process ground to a halt"

UCS Welcomes Energy Department Suspension of MOX Program
"would have used the plutonium to produce fuel for commercial nuclear reactors"

Opponents to appeal court ruling approving Duke Energy-Progress Energy deal
"We say Duke has profited heavily from the merger and its customers have not"

Poisoning our water supply is not ok
"Gov. Pat McCrory...has been protecting Duke Energy"

Waste management director for DENR announces retirement
"will retire effective June 1"

The growing fight against oil and gas exploration off the NC coast
"McCrory...to make the case for opening up their coasts to offshore drilling"

Coal firm to pay record fine for water pollution
"will pay a $27.5 million fine and spend $200 million to reduce illegal toxic discharges"

Utility Cited for Violating Pollution Law in North Carolina
"regulators were told to play down enforcement of pollution laws"

OSHA investigates Duke Energy fatality
"they believe the pole snapped below the ground"

NC pension fund fees criticized by consultant
"over-the-top fees...massive hidden fees"

Regulators accuses 5 more Duke plants of violations
"crackdown…follows…investigation of the relationship between Duke and DENR"

Did Duke Energy ignore ash pond warnings for over a decade?
"repeatedly flagged the drainage pipes...as potential problems"

Regulators were frustrated at slow pace of Duke coal ash stormwater controls
"They’ve been shut down internally after leadership met with lobbyists from Duke"

Why can't Duke Power do the right thing?
"It really shouldn’t be that hard to commit to simply doing the right thing"

Duke Energy could avoid coal ash lawsuit if SC bill passes
"It is amnesty for polluters"

Breaking silence, McCrory discusses career with Duke
"Duke Energy officials aren’t talking"

Ash Spill Shows How Watchdog Was Defanged
"She and others said they were told to stop writing Notices of Violation to polluters"

North Carolina cites Duke Energy in spill case
"regulators had knowingly allowed Duke to operate without the required permit for years"

Dams, and questions, separate coal ash from water supply
"The two ponds at Riverbend...help make Charlotte an epicenter of ash"

Bottle water sales spike after coal ash spill
"advised people not to consume fish from the Dan River"

While Duke Energy dodges taxes, its pollution costs the public dearly
"reduced life expectancy…respiratory...heart failure…bronchitis, asthma…loss of IQ"

Group to protest Duke Energy rates, pay-in-person fees
"protesting...high cut-off penalties and fees to pay in person"

Letter documents shifting administration story
"a group made up exclusively of DENR staff with no outside experts

Is a nuclear disaster unfolding in Florida?
"Number of tubes…that show signs of significant wear: more than 3,700"

Thirteen workers internally contaminated by leaking radioactive materials at WIPP
"the first deep underground nuclear waste storage site in the United States"

Canary Coalition expresses outrage over Duke Energy coal ash

Duke Energy worker dies after fall from pole
"the other worker suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries"

City wants tour of Riverbend coal ash ponds to assess risk to Charlotte water supply
"Leaks have been recorded at Riverbend’s ash ponds"

Duke Energy paid no federal income taxes from 2008-2012
"Allan Freyer...urging Congress to close corporate tax loopholes"

New Poll, Rally Show WV, NC and Beyond are Fed Up With Coal Industry's Pollution
"Americans are standing up to the coal industry in the face of its continuous pollution"

McCrory Flip Flops on Duke Energy
"McCrory is joining a chorus of voices from protestors"

NC Wants to be Seen on Winning Side of Coal Ash
"Duke has 32 of these ponds"

AP journalists told story of coal ash spill
"state’s lack of enforcement...slap-on-the-wrist settlements and modest fines"

Officials Evaluate Radiation Leak at Nuclear Dump
"The dump's systems 'are in the guinea pig stage' "

DENR proposes expanding scope of coal ash settlement with Duke
"great scrutiny of the relationship between DENR and the nation’s largest utility"

Protesters target Duke Energy’s coal ash
"Security guards initially blocked entrances to the building"

Protesters deliver petition to Duke Energy
"A federal criminal probe has been expanded"

Lack of coal-waste oversight is under fire after giant spill
"State officials must bring any records they have of gifts from Duke Energy"

NC officials examine notification delay in coal ash spill on Dan River
"state regulators were playing catch-up"

McCrory turns up heat on Duke Energy
"His tough words help distance the governor from his former employer"

Bank of America discloses new probes
"Bank of America has paid more than $50 billion in litigation costs since the financial crisis"

NC might make Duke Energy move coal ash
"One option the state will consider...stop all discharges from the plant"

Ash spill could push NC to move more aggressively on environmental threats
"McCrory...help companies get speedy permits and resolve legal disputes with the state"

Right answer on coal ash spill not hard, gov
"The spill...could have been avoided by moving the ash years ago"

2 electrical workers shocked after contact with power line
"suffered a 'severe shock' and was flown by helicopter"

NC cleanup raises concerns for S.C. Saluda River
"They’re essentially hazardous waste dumps"

Coal Ash Lawsuits: A History
"DENR has been trying to put in place a settlement that would protect Duke"

Safety of Duke's SC coal ash ponds lost in shuffle
"an unlined waste pond can let toxins ooze into groundwater"

"They just push us to the side and do what they want do to do"

Environmental Disasters, Tax Avoidance, and Public Safety
"corporations fail to live up to their tax responsibilities, they harm the communities"

UNC students protest for system-wide clean energy for universities
"encourage Duke Energy...to provide UNC-system schools with 100 percent clean energy"

Freeze solar net-metering terms
"Duke Energy’s hope to cut the rate it pays for electricity from rooftop solar"

When it comes to fines, the NFL's a lot tougher than DENR
"largest electric utility in the country, gets a fine of $99,111. That’ll teach ‘em"

Coal Ash Politics
"spike in the number...who disapprove of...Pat McCrory's job performance"

Duke Energy defends costly deposits on customers' monthly bills
"deposits of up to $1,000 were tacked on to their monthly bills without explanation"

Tokyo Electric determines human error cause of contaminated leak at Fukushima
"admitted that workers...ignored alarms"

DENR ran interference for Duke Energy and let the Dan River spill happen
"knew...Duke Energy...polluting the Dan River...did nothing about it"

Coal Ash Spill Could Have Been Prevented
"in fact they were violating state and federal clean water laws"

Coal ash becoming a growing problem after Duke Energy spill
"What bothers me is that we're just finding out about this now"

Few companies can match Duke Energy's political contributions
"Indirect contributions let donors circumvent laws limiting...money they can give"

5 tycoons who want to close the wealth gap
"These advocates point to notions of fairness and admit to twinges of guilt"

Federal case looking at Duke Energy and state regulators begins to unfold
"This is an extraordinary quagmire that DENR and Duke have created for themselves"

Spill cost likely starts at $70 million
"That means harm to the natural world valued up to $700 million over the years"

Second North Carolina coal ash spill plugged, but concerns remain
"But the river remains contaminated with coal ash"

N.M. Nuclear Waste Site Stays Closed After Radiation Leak Plugged
"not connected to an underground fire that broke out at the plant two weeks ago"

Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant leaks radioactive water
"The toxic water may have overflowed after a valve was left open by mistake"

Exxon Mobil CEO: No fracking near my backyard
"CEO Rex Tillerson's opposition to a project in his own neighborhood is interesting"

An End to the Grand-Bargain Charades
"Republicans...will have to explain to voters why they prefer tax loopholes for the rich"

Duke Energy's inside connections to the McCrory administration
"During McCrory's campaign...he singled out DENR as...unfriendly to business"

Ask Gov. McCrory about Duke Energy
"If federal investigators...aren't already examining...Pat McCrory, they need to start"

Coal Ash Investigation Continues; Anti-Uranium Groups Draw Disaster Comparisons
"a uranium-related accident like this would take years to fix, if it could be fixed at all"

3 lessons from the VW union defeat in Tennessee
"may challenge the VW vote due to the 'unprecedented interference' of...lawmakers"

How can labor organize the South?
"if we grow this movement here, we can change the South"

U.S. widens inquiry of Duke Energy's coal ash spill in North Carolina
"Duke Energy...said it received a second federal subpoena Wednesday"

How ALEC helped Duke Energy block stricter coal ash rules
"It has carried out this work with the financial backing of Duke"

Duke & DENR Cartoon
"Kevin Siers"

NC Coal Ash Cartoon
"Kevin Siers"

McCrory's Complaint Cartoon
"Kevin Siers"

Coal Ash Safety Cartoon
"Kevin Siers"

DENR allowing Duke to make decisions on handling coal ash dumps
"not willing to enforce the law vigorously against Duke Energy"

Residents ask tough questions about spill
"Residents were critical of the regulators’ ability or interest in protecting the river"

Obama's TPP negotiators received huge bonuses from big banks
"corporations...award bonuses...to executives if they take jobs within the government"

Charlotte mayor offers to help find job for cook fired after McCrory confrontation
"Swope said McCrory began yelling at him"

More subpoenas issued over Duke Energy's ash
"I'm glad the U.S. Attorney’s office is casting a wide net in this investigation"

Duke Energy CEO: Dan River spill is our liability
"This accident should have never occurred"

Duke CEO: Customers won’t pay for ash cleanup
"It ordered Duke to immediately stop releases from the pipe to the river"

Toxins Leaking From 2nd Pipe at NC Coal Ash Dump
"State regulators expressed concern the second pipe could fail"

Unsafe levels of arsenic from Duke Energy coal ash dump pouring into river
"Duke spokeswoman Paige Sheehan quickly issued a statement, downplaying the risk"

Loan Program for Reactors Is Fizzling
"But the construction boom never happened"

Tepco took months to release record strontium readings at Fukushima
"Strontium-90...has a half-life of around 29 years"

Our well won't explode...or your pizza is free!
"One worker at the rig was not found and is presumed dead"

Duke Energy dodges on who will pay to clean up the Dan River spill
"I don't think ratepayers should pay for the costs of the cleanup"

Sharp exchanges spice state meeting on coal ash
"We know what needs to be done. Duke knows what needs to be done"

Push to cleanup coal-ash ponds
"Republicans have been softening the state’s regulatory approach to business"

Spill, probe spell right time to pressure Duke
"But this story also points back to failures by state leaders"

Coal ash lines river 70 miles from North Carolina spill site
"advised people to avoid contact with the water and not eat the fish"

NC regulators post video of second leaking pipe at Dan River coal ash spill site
"state regulators say there’s still a danger for another spill"

DOE says MOX may cost up to $30 billion
"the plant is $3 billion over budget"

NRA begins seismic survey of TEPCO’s nuclear power plant
"At least 23 faults are known to exist beneath reactor buildings and other facilities"

Regulatory Favoritism in North Carolina
"Federal prosecutors have...issued subpoenas for the records of Duke Energy"

Federal probe of the coal ash spill will be enlightening
"McCrory’s policies...businesses should be pretty much left to their own devices"

Could stricter oversight have prevented ash spill?
"Holleman said the DENR shielded Duke"

Duke’s giving favored the GOP as lawsuits threatened
"contributions were made shortly after...groups threatened to sue Duke"

NC tells downstream users not to touch polluted Dan River water or eat the fish
"The Dan is a drinking water source for several cities"

Apodaca 'dead serious' about killing coal ash ponds
"The political force behind...tougher regulation of coal ash ponds is formidable"

Capturing Carbon Seen Adding as Much as 80% to Electricity Costs
"We still don’t have a replicable model"

McCrory economic adviser Tony Almeida resigns
"spent 30 years with Duke Energy Corp. before joining the governor’s staff last year"

Legislators want ash ponds removed
"As federal prosecutors launch a criminal investigation into Duke Energy's...ash spill"

Warnings about coal ash are now hard to ignore
"The Dan River coal ash spill was an unwanted 'told-you-so' moment"

Feds, NC testing new leak from Duke’s Dan River ash pond
"water has high levels of arsenic and other heavy metals typical of coal ash"

Danville mayor: City not taking spill lightly
"hearing from a multitude of residents...especially those unconvinced...water is safe"

Duke Energy’s Midwest fleet could go on block as Ohio nixes capacity charge
"shot down Duke Energy’s request for a capacity charge"

TEPCO reveals record cesium level in Fukushima No. 1 well
"no exact reason for such a significant increase of...cesium...in the groundwater"

Maddow: Toxic spill exposes NC Tea Party governor’s corrupt energy company ties
"McCrory is accused of working with Duke to quash those suits"

Duke Energy downplays concern of NC officials that 2nd pipe...could collapse
"The state has given Duke 10 days to come up with a plan to fix the leaks"

Making Retirements Less Secure
"AOL would reverse the change in its 401(k) policy"

Second pipe at Duke ash-spill site could break
"In three places the flow was under pressure, forming...'water jets' "

Environmental, political and legal damage
"Two politicians might be especially nervous. One is the current governor, Pat McCrory"

Gov. McCrory gets testy when pressed on Duke Energy holdings
"McCrory ducked questions about his relationship with Duke"

Rachel Maddow Exposes Dirty Deal in Duke Energy Toxic Coal Ash Spill
"Subpoena looks for dirty deal in toxic spill"

Is N.C. Governor Still Doing Duke Energy's Bidding?
"redefining the customer as...the industries seeking permits"

UPDATE: Criminal investigation launched in coal ash spill
"state stated under oath in August that Duke was violating the Clean Water laws"

Just how cozy are Gov. McCrory and Duke Energy?
"Of the 5,000 public comments…number that supported DENR's plan: 1"

Tens of thousands in North Carolina vow 'not now, not ever'
"governor's refusal…to extend Medicaid…cutting…unemployment benefits"

McCrory on defensive over coal ash spill
"Visibly irritated...McCrory shouted him down"

Duke Energy political money trail
"Political corruption needs to be a part of the investigation"

Grand jury launches criminal probe of coal ash spill
"could expose its target...to fines...and potentially send somebody to prison"

This is How Citizens United Dies
"Mexican businessman funnelled more than $500,000 into U.S. political races"

Residents question officials over coal ash spill
"Our legislators are owned by Duke Energy"

N.C. Trying to Avoid Scrutiny of Duke Energy Deal Following Toxic Leak
"former Duke employee Pat McCrory has shielded the company from a series of potential lawsuits"

N.C. regulators seek delay on Duke Energy accord after coal ash spill
"They are the law enforcement agency, yet they work out a deal with the lawbreaker"

‘Streamline’ Justice on Border
"more of a deterrent effect than putting people on a bus and sending them back to Mexico"

NEW STUDY: Corporate Welfare Makes the Rich Lazy
"tax breaks and corporate welfare structures turn the ultra-rich into lazy moochers"

Value work? Then tax capital at the same rate as labor
"Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed"

A disastrous toxic spill broke NC interference for governor’s former firm
"dissuaded from levying sanctions against companies like Duke since McCrory took office"

$5,000 reward for info on NC coal ash spill leading to charges
"Gov. Pat McCrory...worked for Duke Energy...continues to hold...stock in the company"

State should sever its cozy ties with Duke
"It’s a promising sign that a settlement slanted so heavily toward Duke is on hold"

Duke Energy: This is Not Leadership
"Duke has a record of aggressively lobbying against Environmental Protection Agency rules"

Agencies Close Ties To Industry Lead to Failure of Accountability for NC Coal Ash Leak
"North Carolina government...is beholden to Duke Energy"

Too cozy with Duke Energy?
"The governor worked at Duke Energy for 28 years"

McCrory's test on coal ash
"The state agency has blocked the citizen lawsuits by intervening at the last minute"

Govt settlement with Duke Energy over massive coal ash spill killed after protest
"They are scrambling to figure out what to do without losing face"

NC backs off controversial coal ash settlement after Dan River spill
"Nobody liked the settlement, except for DENR and Duke"

Thousands take to the streets of Raleigh for massive march
"to protest the policies pushed by Gov. Pat McCrory"

Survivors of America’s largest coal ash spill talk about experiences
"watch out for Duke Energy officials who may try to downplay the disaster"

Groups take moral stand against GOP policies at march
"Rev. William Barber II made the promise before a crowd of between 80 and 100,000"

Nuclear plants suffer under challenging economy
"company could be forced to close nuclear units that are not profitable"

Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class
"rule No. 1...Don’t give lessons with live explosives"

New Jersey paper admits 'we blew it' by endorsing Chris Christie for governor
"Yes, we knew Christie was a bully"

Christie's Last Apologist Folds
"This morning they folded, and they're now they're calling Christie a liar"

Duke Energy CEO apologizes to Danville for ash spill
"CEO Lynn Good phoned Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders...to apologize"

Federal regulators begin audit of anti-monopoly measures in Duke-Progress merger
"regulators may not be satisfied with the way Duke’s merger with Progress has played out"

Coal spill sparks protest outside Duke Energy’s HQ
"company plans to change the way ash is stored at its retired plants"

Will Dan River spill be factor in court?
"I think it would be Exhibit One and the chief witness for the prosecution"

NC Regulators Shielded Duke's Coal Ash Pollution
"real goal has been to shield the governor's former employer"

Duke Energy ash spill damage control
"efforts to shore up public confidence after the spill may have taken a hit"

Coal ash disaster: Could it happen here?
"This spill illustrates why no coal ash ponds should be allowed to remain unlined"

Eden ash spill highlights government laxity
"Duke's executives...are generous political donors (and Gov. Pat McCrory's former employer)"

TVA customers paying for ‘08 spill
"Duke has too much political influence over the same people tasked with regulating"

South Carolina utilities dealt with coal-ash problem before a massive spill
"DENR put together a quick sweetheart settlement with Duke"

Retired plant similar to one on Wabash has spill
"stormwater pipe goes under one part of the...plant’s ash storage area"

Writing Off the Unemployed
"one often gets the sense that contempt for the unemployed comes first"

Former Bank of America executive pleads guilty in bid-rigging scheme
"The wire fraud charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison"

NC now says Dan River arsenic levels were unsafe after Duke Energy ash spill
"it appear the state wanted the report to be overlooked"

Duke Energy Issues Apology for NC Coal Ash Spill
"could take years before the full impacts...work their way through...ecosystem"

Video: The War on the Poor and Working Families
"keep poor and working families in desperate situations"

US Navy sailors seek £600m damages from owners of Fukushima nuclear plant
"These sailors were in radioactive plumes for more than five hours"

Fukushima radiation levels underestimated by five times
"previous radioactivity levels had been wrong"

Distressed by Baby Controversy, AOL’s Armstrong Reverses 401(K) Policy
"he used the example of two 'distressed babies' of employees"

Report shifts focus from human error to organizational processes and cultural values
"result of organizational and process weaknesses, not individual behavior"

Lawyer reprimanded in Duke Energy ethics scandal
"Storms' decision to take a job at Duke touched off a cascading ethics scandal"

Bill to strengthen 'government by the people' finds broad support
"Our democracy is under siege by big money campaign donors"

Moral Movement readies for mass march on NC capitol
"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Jay Rockefeller bemoans ‘Appalachian myth,’ lax regulations at spill hearing
"coal industry...will cut corners, and they will get away with it"

Health, Work, Lies
"Not a word of this claim was true"

Corporate virtue and corporate subsidies
"corporate giveaways far outweigh the current costs of providing pensions"

Ex-SAC Trader Convicted of Securities Fraud
"Cohen built fire walls between him and the illegal action that so far have protected him"

Duke Energy’s coal-ash spill has utterly ruined a river
"Before the spill, Duke...insisted that its coal-ash dump sites posed no...threats"

Demonstrators protest Duke's coal ash spill
"protesting Duke Energy's leaking ash pond in Eden, N.C."

Duke Energy Battles to Halt Leak Amid Coal-Ash Review
"Duke has done nothing to contain the spill"

Broken Duke pipe was metal, not concrete
"criticized Duke for not publicly reporting the spill until a day after it was discovered"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill Pollutes Dan River, Threatens Drinking Water
"You can't clean this up. It's going to go up the food chain"

Arsenic Detected in NC River After Coal Ash Spill
"largest electricity provider and an environmental group are reporting conflicting data"

Duke Energy waited 24 hours to report major coal ash spill
"preliminary estimate...would be the third-largest coal ash spill in US history"

The river of ash
"The legislature is more interested in easing regulatory burdens on businesses"

Indiana coal ash pond has buried stormwater pipe, too
"did not know why ash ponds were constructed on top of stormwater pipes"

Duke Energy will change coal ash storage at...retired plants
"old, unsafe, insufficient method of storage leaves it prone to...catastrophic failure"

McCrory demands Duke fix leaking ash pond
"has leaked contaminants into the Dan River for five days"

Months Later, Sniper Attack at Power Hub Still a Mystery
"very professional, very well organized, well thought out and well-executed"

Worker found dead at Cooper nuclear power plant
"found deceased on the refueling floor of the reactor building"

Did Duke-Progress merger really save consumers money?
"There were hidden costs that were part of the process that never came to light"

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism
"He said he was going public...out of concern that national security is at risk"

Freeing Workers From the Insurance Trap
"The new law will free people...to pursue careers or retirement"

Fukushima wash-up to hit US coast this year
"runoff from the Japanese plant will mingle with radiation released by other...stations"

EPA solicits comments from the public on radiation protection standards
"groundwater contamination was identified at several nuclear power plants"

Duke Energy, EPA work to halt ash spill
"Engineers don’t know why the pipe broke or, at the moment, how to fix it"

Up To 82,000 Tons Of Toxic Coal Ash Spilled From ‘Antiquated’ Storage Pit
"Duke should not be storing coal ash in antiquated pits near our state’s waterways"

Cop for Christie caught shoplifting
"I'm on the governor's security detail"

Metal band ‘invoices’ US govt for using their music to torture in Gitmo
"They are not the first band to express such objections"

9/11 'truther' arrested for hijacking Super Bowl news conference
"I just saw my opportunity to get my word out there and I took it"

Duke Energy plant reports coal-ash spill
"an unknown amount of coal ash and water was released from a pond"

Nuclear power project financing option sticks ratepayers with tab
"ratepayers picking up the bill for billions of dollars...even when a plant is canceled"

A New Way to Rein In Fat Cats
"executives…never paid in excess of 20-to-1…compared with their lowest-paid workers"

The Capitol’s Spinning Door Accelerates
"Some of those who are lobbying...for corporate clients are actually former lawmakers"

A Long Fight to Get What Was Theirs, in a 401(k)
"I have learned never to trust a 401(k)"

Law Doesn’t End Revolving Door on Capitol Hill
"Is it any wonder that the public holds such a low esteem for Congress?"

TEPCO fears 3-cm hole in Fukushima reactor No.2
"Water is being constantly pumped into the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors"

What G.O.P.-Style Health Care Reform Looks Like
"But the plan...looks inferior in most respects to the existing law"

Retirement Is Out of Reach
"it’s all about 401(k)’s and the disappearance of pensions"

NHK falls prey to Streisand Effect
"an attempt to suppress, censor, or remove information brings more attention to it"

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes
"The Legislature has sent subpoenas to Mr. Wildstein and 17 other people"

Christie Plays Defense
"Do you think Chris Christie will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl?"

The death toll from blocking Medicaid expansion
"Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South"

'NAFTA on steroids'
"perpetuating a global race to the bottom for all workers"

Lunches seized from kids in debt
"one of the cafeteria workers cried at the sight"

Federal regulators to audit Duke-Progress merger
"The audit will go back to Jan. 1, 2011"

SC mom charged after kids found in heatless house
"the power was turned off Monday"

Threat by Staten Island Lawmaker Adds to a Reputation as Hot-Tempered
"He then returned and threatened to toss Mr. Scotto over the balcony"

Capitalism vs. Democracy
"when pay setters set their own pay, there’s no limit"

Chemical Spill In West Va. Worse Than Initially Reported
"It is not known how much...spilled...and shut down the drinking water supply"

Pete Seeger, Champion of Folk Music and Social Change, Dies at 94
"Mr. Seeger’s career carried him from singing at labor rallies to the Top 10"

Lawsuit: CEOs conspired to drive down engineers' wages
"Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google's Eric Schmidt"

Man accused of shooting at Duke Energy worker
"Duke Energy employee who was turning off the power...for non-payment"

Duke Energy attacked on solar prices
"Duke should join its customers and the 20th century and stop blocking the sun"

Don’t lower Duke’s cost for solar power
"Solar…is substantially cleaner and safer than traditional coal, gas and nuclear power"

Duke Energy won’t buy into SC nuclear plant
"Last year, Duke canceled the contract for its planned Levy County nuclear plant

Low dose radiation has lethal side effects
"20 times more capable of increasing cancer rates than acute exposure"

Texans angrily protest fracking after 30 earthquakes hit town
"That causes slippage, and that causes the earthquakes"

GE Hitachi to pay $2.7 million as part of nuclear settlement
"The government contends that GE Hitachi concealed known flaws"

FBI questions Hoboken mayor's aides over alleged Sandy relief funds threat
"lieutenant governor linked Sandy funding to backing of the development project"

U.S. Attorney subpoenas Christie campaign and GOP State Committee
"threatened to choke off Hurricane Sandy relief if she failed to support...project"

"The bottom half of the world’s population owns the same as the richest 85 people"

Indiana Senator withdraws bill that would have aided new nuclear builds
"CWIP program is a tax, where government power is used to extract money from citizens"

States Cutting Weeks of Aid to the Jobless
"The rest of the country is now following North Carolina’s lead"

Tony Blair subjected to citizen's arrest attempt
"I believe Blair is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians"

Wallace & Graham Brief Guide to Overtime Pay
"Being paid a salary does NOT automatically also make you exempt"

Fukushima contaminated water leak may have international safety impact
"questions as to whether the main steam isolation valve...may have failed"

Ex VA Gov., Wife Charged With Corruption
"A federal investigation hung over the final months in office"

Contaminants from coal ash threaten drinking water for Charlotte
"I've made a career of body counts of dead fish and wildlife made that way from coal"

Regulators Can't say for sure Duke customers won't pay more
"There is no one here who can tell you there is enough money"

Loophole Allows Lawmakers to Reel In Trips and Donations
"Everybody is embarrassed about it...Although not so embarrassed that they don’t do it"

Alert declared after smoke detected at Harris Nuclear Power Plant
"People are concerned considering how many incidents have happened"

For the Love of Money
"I demanded $8 million instead of $3.6 million"

"President Chris Christie, Day 100"

Freedom to pollute
"MCHM is used to process coal"

Fukushima fish 124 times radiation limit
"There's going to be a decrease in the birth rate and an increase in the death rate"

In Defeat for Tea Party, House Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
"a remarkable marginalization of the Republican far right"

Queens honors Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good
"no one more perfectly exemplifies the values celebrated by the BusinessWoman of the Year"

More environmental groups seek role in Duke lawsuit
"We’ve had longstanding concerns about groundwater contamination"

NC fracking panel passes chemical secrecy rule
"companies won the right to keep secret the chemical cocktails they pump"

Rachel Maddow Destroys Any Credibility Chris Christie Might Think He Still Has
"She might as well have just used the word liar"

Stories Add Up as Bully Image Trails Christie
"Christie waved off any suggestion that he had meted out retribution"

Another Mayor Felt Christie-Tied Reprisal
"mayor...who endorsed Mr. Christie, got $250 million in Port Authority money"

Christie Faces Audit Over Use of Hurricane Relief Money
"The commercials were paid for with money from a federal disaster relief package"

Duke gets another sweetheart deal
"consumers who will pay more than $3 billion for Duke's mistakes"

Enemies of the Poor
"it’s O.K...for politicians with national ambitions to talk about helping the poor"

Video: Duke Merger Monkeys vs Progress Merger Monkeys
"Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay"

Fukushima radiation reaches 8 times govt standards
"Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope...with a half-life of 28.8 years"

Moral Monday movement spreads through the South
"1,300...will likely die in South Carolina...if the state continues to refuse Medicaid"

Why Bankers Have Gotten a Pass
"fraud at every level permeated the bubble in mortgage-backed securities"

Falluja’s Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There
"Lives were wasted, and now everyone back home sees that"

Duke set to profit again off Crystal River nuclear plant fiasco
"We have an open wallet...and it continues to be filched by Duke Energy"

Emails tie top Christie aide to GWB closures
"Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee"

Duke settles lawsuit over Crescent bankruptcy
"The Charlotte-based utility said the terms of the settlement are confidential"

McCrory, keep cork on champagne
"He also touted…the refusal to expand Medicaid coverage"

Former Indian Point supervisor fighting incarceration
"hid results of tests that showed that the quality of fuel in backup tanks"

Still Not Serious About Jobless Benefits
"they don’t really care about people falling from the middle to the bottom"

NRC Accepting Public Comments on Crystal River 3 Decommissioning
"The deadline for submitting comments on the report is March 5, 2014"

Fukushima pollution may be causing sea star epidemic on West Coast
"We’ve had populations go locally extinct overnight. Literally"

Duct tape used to mend Fukushima water tanks
"I couldn’t believe that such slipshod work was being done"

Some states confirm water pollution from oil and gas drilling
"A Texas spreadsheet contains more than 2,000 complaints"

Welcome to 2014
"Ms. Good is operating in a state of grace, floating above the fray"

North Carolina: Battleground State
"unprecedented spending by...Art Pope...budget director under Gov. Pat McCrory"

U.S. seeks bids for 14 million potassium iodide pills
"Delivery is required on or before February 1, 2014"

Restart of Japan nuclear facilities unlikely to be settled soon
"utilities have not adequately revised their estimations of potential earthquake activities"

Utilities Commission Mulls Rate Dip To Offset Consumer Tax Hike
"it amounts to about $20 million for Duke Energy"

Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor
"fuel storage pond still houses an estimated 89 tons of the plutonium-based MOX"

'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
"My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal"

The Obamacare We Deserve
"Stephen Hemsley of UnitedHealth...made nearly $102 million in 2009"

Millions Gaining Health Coverage Under Law
"companies can no longer deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions"

Suit brought against Duke Energy by Indiana Wind Farm
"If it was not significant, we would not have filed the complaint"

Duke should remove coal ash ponds
"In 2010, a containment berm ruptured...at the Sutton facility"

Japan's homeless recruited for Fukushima clean-up
"a 55-year-old homeless man...paid the equivalent of $10 for a full month of work"

Bald eagle deaths in Utah alarm and mystify scientists
"Some point to radiation from Japan after the 2011 meltdown"

Secret pre-Iraq War talks between Blair and Bush to be published
"From our point of view, from the Charter point of view, it was illegal"

5.1 magnitude quake hits Japan 80km from Fukushima
"strong enough to gently rock high-rise buildings"

Duke Energy’s Rogers leaves a mark on his industry
"Duke learned too late, he said, of growing troubles with Progress’ nuclear fleet"

Utilities Invent New Fee for Solar Rooftop Owners
"“I feel like they are driving us off the grid"

1936 Sit-down strike against GM begins in Flint, Mich.
"On February 11, 1937, the UAW and GM reached an agreement"

A Tool Consumers Need
"an effective ban on forced arbitration"

The year in Elizabeth Warren
"here she is arguing for expanding Social Security"

Ex-fugitive reactor operator accepts plea deal
"Brittain was transferred to the Stateville Correctional Center"

Solar power will take over the world
"More than 100x cheaper in 35 years!"

TEPCO submits new restructuring plan to Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund
"unlikely to raise money through bond markets due to poor credit and high risk"

Fukushima decon deadline delayed until 2017
"difficulty of finding enough places to temporarily store the tainted soil"

Further Fukushima radioactive leaks
"2.6 tons of radioactive water is estimated to have leaked at 4 separate locations"

Canadian nuclear waste heading for SC
"highly radioactive liquid waste containing weapons-grade uranium"

Vermont Yankee closing ranked top story of 2013
"Two weeks after winning a key legal battle to stay open"

NC tax law changes to increase power bills
"The reason customers will pay more is that corporations are getting tax breaks"

Bill Moyers: The End of Democracy
"We are so close to losing our democracy to the mercenary class"

US sailors claim radiation sickness from Fukushima rescue
"USS Ronald Reagan sailed straight into a plume of radioactivity"

Fukushima nuclear operator Tepco to shut two more reactors
"They have bowed to public pressure that the plant be shut permanently"

Japan increases support of Fukushima clean up
"TEPCO is facing seemingly insurmountable liabilities"

X-CIA Director Calls For Snowden To Be “Hanged By His Neck Until He Is Dead”
"Woolsey’s attitude toward holding CIA officials accountable is a bit more generous"

Art Pope think tank behind campaign to discredit and defund Medicaid
"McCrory cited Medicaid's supposed brokenness to reject...expanding"

Pickets at Art Pope stores reach small-town North Carolina
"Roses and Maxway are owned by Art Pope"

Single Payer Is Getting a Second Life
"It is not a matter of if but of when"

Release the Torture Reports
"Obama has a duty to ensure prompt public release of the documents"

Obama Panel Recommends New Limits on N.S.A. Spying
"The report was praised by privacy advocates in Congress and civil-liberties groups"

Judge Questions Legality of N.S.A. Phone Records
"a secret program authorized by a secret court"

Edward Snowden says judge's ruling vindicates NSA surveillance disclosures
"Judge Richard Leon declared…'almost Orwellian' in its scope."

Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers gets lifetime award from Platts
"The award is the latest of a number of recognitions received by Rogers"

Glaxo to Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs
"Glaxo paid a record $3 billion in fines"

Rate gouging gone wild
"Let's just not let Duke Energy off the hook as the close runnerup"

Water from fire trucks didn’t reach Fukushima reactor cores
"If...successfully injected...the melting...could have been slowed down"

Southern states stand to lose out on billions of dollars by blocking Medicaid
"North Carolina at $2.6 billion"

After a political setback in NC, ALEC retools assault on renewable energy
"It also wants to penalize homeowners who install their own solar panels"

Pickets at Art Pope's stores gain steam, go statewide
"Pope joined McCrory's cabinet in January"

300k Fukushima refugees still living 'in cages' in makeshift camps
"They said it would be only for two, three days"

VA lobotomized 2,000 disturbed veterans
"hundreds of additional operations likely took place at other VA facilities"

Who Goes to Work to Have Fun?
"discouraging too much focus on low wages or inherently unfulfilling work"

Hagan bill would extend NC long-term unemployment benefits
"North Carolina was the only state whose federal benefits were terminated"

NAACP pickets at Roses store, protests GOP policies
"aimed at Art Pope, budget director for Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Better Health Care for More People at Less Cost
"Do you know who doesn’t like American health care? Americans don’t"

The Appalling Stance of Rand Paul
"We have gone from a war on poverty in this country to a war on the poor"

NC group challenges Duke Energy merger settlement
"Duke Energy shocked investors...by quickly firing Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson"

Duke Energy silent on ALEC ties
"Duke has supported ALEC's past events...$50,000 to sponsor a 2012 meeting"

NC to Duke Energy: Have You Dumped ALEC Yet?
"Duke is terrified of the prospect of rooftop solar energy"

Police Push Into Kiev Square as Crisis Grows
"Of course we could lose, but we will achieve something anyway"

Protesters in Kiev Topple Lenin Statue as Rallies Grow
"new wave of popular fury after the police’s crackdown on a few hundred protesters"

Duke Energy informs union of contract termination if talks fail
"federal regulators are reviewing policies and procedures at...Crystal River"

Duke Energy files $1.2B nuclear shutdown plan
"Crystal River...will be mothballed for 60 years"

States want smog reductions from NC
"North Carolina is resisting the cleanup effort"

AARP seeks repeal of nuclear 'advance fee' as a priority in 2014
"coalition of lawmakers who believe the law is an unfair tax on consumers"

Duke Energy, union's contract talks raise safety concerns at nuke plant
"Duke wants to cut the health and life insurance benefits of union retirees"

What Is Causing Massive Fish Die-Offs in North Carolina?
"Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash pollution has killed more than 900,000 fish"

ALEC documents show strong ties to NC lawmakers
"outsiders are trying to take control of the democratic process"

Whistleblowers can now file complaints online with OSHA
"online form to provide workers a new way to file retaliation complaints"

Fukushima record outdoor radiation level ‘can kill in 20 min’
"The crippled reactors burnt through the concrete basement"

Anti-fracking clashes in Romania
"The entire perimeter fence has been knocked down"

Pushed Out of a Job Early
"after recommending that Mr. White be removed...was hired to take his place"

Radiation 36,000 times permissible level found in water at Fukushima
"strontium-90...detected at a level of 1.1 million becquerels"

Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor
"The quality of what we did was low, but what else would you expect?"

6 Arrested in Theft of Truck With Radioactive Waste
"raised concerns about the transporting of nuclear material"

Stolen Radioactive Material Found In Field
"fatal...in the range of a few minutes to an hour"

Secretive Right-Wing Group Continues Its War On Clean Energy
"ALEC lost all 13 of its anti-clean energy legislative fights at the state level"

ALEC's trouble continues as Visa leaves
"specializes in making corporations' desires into law"

In Detroit Ruling, Threats to Promises and Assumptions
"Workers for companies owe their relative protection to big unions"

PCBs still affecting our health decades later
"There is a significant association between PCB levels and cognitive abilities"

Regulators urge TEPCO to dump tritiated water into the Pacific Ocean
"When the economy is down, companies are known to cut corners"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Pollution Deforms Fish
"disturbing mutations of the heads, mouths, spines, and tails"

Who will get screwed in Detroit's bankruptcy?
- I'll bet you can guess the answer to this one! -

Detroit Ruling on Bankruptcy Lifts Pension Protections
"attack the workers and attack the retirees"

Mexico: Stolen radioactive material box found
"stolen container of radioactive material has been found empty"

Fukushima's two worst-case scenarios explained
"the problem facing engineers...is major rack distortion"

PSC to consider nuclear cost law changes
"allows utilities to charge customers for new nuclear plants that may never be built"

The Importance Of Human Interaction Over Technology
"More people trust small business to tell the truth when compared to big business"

Fukushima forced to shut down contaminated water processing system again
"facing severe criticism for its failed management of contaminated water"

Walmart's Black Friday
"Going About As Badly As You'd Expect"

Video: Crazy Wal-Mart Black Friday fight
"Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart, cops lay down the law and a girl or two"

Walmart employee fired after trying to help assault victim
"I will always do the right thing"

Quake rocks Iran near nuclear plant
"Iran stands on several seismic fault lines"

Typhoons spreading Fukushima fallout
"The delicate process of decommissioning the site is expected to take decades"

South Carolina Threatens Washington Over Nuclear Cleanup
"tanks...have leaks and are buried in soil below the water table"

Rooting for Failure
"The failure movement is active and very well funded"

Manslaughter sentencing in fatal gunpowder plant explosion
"five to 10 years on two counts of manslaughter, to be served consecutively"

Paralegal Who Bared Big Tobacco
"the files refuted 'the three big lies' of the tobacco industry"

FirstEnergy's first lockout in utility’s history
"most employees ultimately will not have retiree health-care benefits"

Lynn Good of Duke Energy, on Effective Leaders
"your asset is you. It’s not who you work for"

Guilty plea in bird deaths a first
"The case against Duke Energy...was the first prosecuted"

Duke underpays Citrus County tax bill for second straight year
"The court still must rule on the exact value of Duke's assets"

Links growing between coal ash and contamination
"Duke Energy is beginning to waver on its long-held assertion"

Beyond Coal delivers petition to Duke Energy
"The only way to permanently address toxic coal ash waste is to stop burning coal"

N.C. attorney general appeals Duke rate hike again
"he will also appeal Duke Carolinas’ 4.5 percent rate increase granted this year"

Expanding Social Security
"Employers took advantage of the switch to surreptitiously cut benefits"

Santee Cooper Leads South in Cleaning Up Coal Ash Waste
"North Carolina coal ash pollution continues to dump arsenic, selenium, mercury"

The South’s New Lost Cause
"the utter stupidity of refusing to help their own people"

Another Banking Scandal
"alleged manipulation of the $5.3-trillion-a-day foreign exchange market"

Duke downgrades risk from spent nuke plant fuel
"There is less risk to the public now from the Crystal River nuclear plant"

Japanese Do Not Want Nuclear Dumps Either
"strong public opposition nationwide to hosting long-term nuclear waste"

Last British resident in Guantánamo Bay: we are treated like animals
"Either you leave us to die in peace – or tell the world the truth"

Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal
"There is in fact no assurance that Yucca would turn out to be suitable"

Duke Energy worker shocked by power line
"These people are going out in dark...stormy conditions working throughout the night"

Customers, legislators call on Gov. Rick Scott to end Duke Energy bailout
"Protesters are upset about footing the bill for a nuclear plant that will never happen"

Rep. Castor vows to push for more energy efficiency and solar power
"It's a horrible way to collect money, to have a gun to your customers' heads"

Environmental Groups Join Coal Ash Lawsuit Against Duke Energy
"state accuses Duke of allowing coal ash ponds to leak contamination into groundwater"

Protest Against Duke Energy coal ash
"Protesters say water from the pond is leaking into nearby Mountain Island Lake"

TEPCO begins critical work unloading Fukushima spent fuel pool
"one of the most dangerous nuclear operations in human history"

Duke Energy, union at odds in Florida over benefits
"We are willing to force the employees to strike, in order to get what we want"

The Shame of American Health Care
"United States spends far more...gets meager results"

Justice Dept official admonishes nation's bankers
"Over $3.7 billion in penalties have been paid in LIBOR settlements"

Caught in Unemployment’s Revolving Door
"I’ve been turned down from McDonald’s because I was told I was too articulate"

Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster
"it was mishandled during a transfer, and is bent out of shape"

Under My Thumb
"By a 2-1 margin...machinists...told Boeing to stuff it"

Leaks confirmed in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 containment vessel
"gushing out into the basement of the reactor building"

Duke says dam failure wouldn't doom Oconee
"the public still cannot get a clear answer from either Duke or the government"

Crowd protests Duke Energy coal plants, touts solar
"I think the time for excuses is running out"

What to do if your pension is frozen
"employees...stop earning some or all the benefits"

These CEO pension values will make your head spin
"The growing wealth disparity between CEOs and workers"

Petition Launched to Expedite Coal Cleanup at Duke's Sutton Energy Plant
"we don’t need to study it anymore...there’s groundwater contamination"

Ohio Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'
"The lawsuit alleges that fatigue from being overworked contributed to Jasper’s death"

Indiana utility regulator's job move raises new questions
"Comes on heels of Edwardsport ethics scandal"

Supervisor at Harris nuclear power plant fails fitness for duty test
"Source: NRC Event Notification"

Duke Energy chairman named most influential power exec
"The magazine also named the late Bill Lee, a one-time Duke CEO, third on the list"

Carolinas nuclear industry worth $20 billion a year
"The loss of talent from an aging workforce...is the industry’s biggest worry"

Plan to lower Fukushim radiation readings OK’d
"people say they can’t trust statements that suddenly declare areas to be safe"

Japan's ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power
"Abe aims to reduce nuclear power as much as possible"

Riverboat tour targets Sutton Plant smokestacks, coal ash disposal
"That coal ash will continue to contaminate the groundwater"

U.S. seeks $864 million from Bank of America after fraud verdict
"a federal jury found it liable for fraud over defective mortgages"

Siers cartoon
"Unscripted McCrory"

McCrory talks off the cuff, sparking controversy
"In each case, and in others, his comments skewed the truth"

Duke Energy Can't Shake EPA's Clean Air Act Suit
"government originally sued Duke in 2000 over modifications that began in the 1980"

Duke Energy customers protest rate hikes for defunct power plants
"Duke Energy customers are upset they are paying for cancelled nuclear power plants"

The 'nuclear renaissance:' What went wrong?
"The industry got hit between the eyes by a number of things happening at once"

Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation
"preparing to extract the first of thousands of nuclear fuel rods"

Colorado Cities Reject Fracking
"Boulder, Fort Collins and Lafayette approved antifracking initiatives by wide margins"

NC governor's mansion gets ballistic windows
"forced to scuttle...$230,000 in bathroom remodeling following public outcry"

Japan Nuclear safety body slams safety standards at fast breeder reactor
"they let it happen at a facility where a large amount of plutonium is handled"

Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned with polonium, tests show
"unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210"

NC appeals court weighs Duke Energy merger deal
"the latest twist in a multi-billion-dollar deal and the boardroom intrigue behind it"

Groups ask regulators to review Duke dealings
"It is time to stop taking advantage of consumers in Duke service areas"

Waste Storage at Shut Nuclear Plants
"Duke Energy...has not decided how to store used fuel at the shuttered Crystal River"

Video: Fears of Catawba River contamination arise with coal plant teardown
"Duke Energy's plan also calls for nine months of removing asbestos"

Senator Rand Paul's Plagiarism Excuses
"Paul said he could not rule out more disclosures"

G.O.P. Campaign Takes Aim at Tea Party
"blames...Tea Party for the recent series of political losses"

Elementary school in Japan using water bottles to shield students from radiation
"it seems to have reduced the radiation levels inside by one-third"

Kevin Siers: You Write The Caption
"Submissions must reach us by NOON, Wednesday, Nov. 6"

Duke Energy's Riverbend power plant to come down in 2016
"Groundwater has been contaminated around all 14 of Duke’s N.C. unlined ponds"

State to spend over ¥1 trillion of taxpayer money for Fukushima decontamination
"Tepco is still expected to stump up to some ¥3 trillion"

Earthquake risk at Hanford underestimated
"Geologists now believe one fault passes a scant 2.3 miles from the 1,170-megawatt plant"

Poverty in America Is Mainstream
"For most of us, the question is not whether we will experience poverty, but when"

A Victory Against Dark Money
"They came up with a scheme that any money-launderer would be proud of"

Contamination lawsuits push Duke Energy, N.C., to address pollution
"When will Duke clean up the toxic coal ash that is polluting the water?"

Delaware, Den of Thieves?
"incorporation fees have accounted for as much as a quarter of Delaware’s...revenues"

G.O.P. Filibuster Blocks Rep. Mel Watt
"Mr. Watt was the first sitting member...denied confirmation since the Civil War."

It’s time for Duke Energy to clean up coal ash pollution
"5,000 North Carolinians submitted comments – all but one opposing it"

The Saga of Michael Buhrman and Landon Brittain
"Once Buhrman began catching on to Morales’s betrayal, he began planning his murder"

Peacock and McCrory
"Siers cartoon"

Anti-Edwardsport groups demand Duke Energy documents
"Edwardsport cost about $3.5 billion...about 75% more than the original estimate"

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net
"I’m concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor"

NRC Issues Orders to Dresden Nuclear Plant
"senior reactor operator Michael J. Buhrman, planned to rob an armored car"

Coal ash waste ponds: Better state, federal controls make sense
"the state has sued Duke Energy over leaks from its Belews Creek coal ash pond"

Oconee reactors drew scrutiny, new documents show
"was probably the worst plant in the country over that decade, and that’s not good"

Tepco can't be trusted to restart world's biggest nuclear plant
"if they keep skimping on costs and manipulating information, they can never be trusted"

Fukushima Radiation Traced in Pacific Seafood
"cesium isotopes from Fukushima were found in tuna caught off California"

The Democrats' Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler
"Not surprisingly, private health insurers cheered on the Republicans"

The Big Kludge
"Republicans...want to convert Medicare into Obamacare"

Contaminated Asheville Well Fuels Coal Ash Debate
"regulators...indicated it likely comes from waste leaking from a Duke Energy coal plant"

Social Security is on the Chopping Block!
"a deal could be struck to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid"

Contamination found in well near Duke plant
"testing showed the home’s private well has been contaminated"

N.C. attorney general to appeal Duke Energy rate increase – again
"The state was once known for having some of the nation’s cheapest electric rates"

NC heads down scandal-plagued economic development path
"McCrory…pushed…corporation chaired by the governor himself"

Southern right-wingers wage war against labor
"The South has always had plenty of people who work against their own interests"

Fukushima radiation doubles to new high in No. 1 plant water ditch
"The figure is 2.3 times higher than the previous record"

Nov. 4 Public NRC Spent Nuclear Fuel Meeting in Charlotte
"Public comments may also be submitted online"

Accounting World, Still Resisting Sunlight
"Deloitte...did not like the 'second-guessing' shown by the regulators"

Group Linked to Kochs Admits to Campaign Finance Violations
"ties to the billionaire conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch"

Fukushima readies for dangerous operation to remove 400 tons of spent fuel
"worst-case scenario could play out in death to billions of people. A true apocalypse"

Asheville Votes to Move Beyond Coal
"city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to move the city from coal-fired electricity"

Big typhoons may collide off Honshu
"concerns were mounting over the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant"

Can we unload the Executive Mansion?
"Pat McCrory backed off from ordering a $230,000 remodel of upstairs bathrooms"

Duke nuclear settlement has some benefits for consumers
"The settlement is being derided as a horrible deal for customers. And it is"

Politicians’ Extortion Racket
"John A. Boehner appears to be a master of the tollbooth"

Special PACs Spent Money at Resorts
"could prove uncomfortable for some on Capitol Hill"

At PSC, a lone voice for public
"Balbis embraced the public interest. The nerve of that guy"

At the PSC, a confederacy of yes men — and women
"For sure, state legislators are hiding, eager to avoid their role in this boondoggle"

Duke Energy customers on hook for $3.2 billion
"In terms of being a watchdog for consumers, they have been absent"

Radioactive water leaks at Fukushima as operator underestimates rainfall
"water with high levels of radioactive strontium overflowed containment"

Environmental concerns persist at Belews Creek plant
"DENR is not following the law when it fails to set limits for heavy metals"

On North Carolina's high court, corruption worse than West Virginia?
"the judges will be allowed to judge themselves outside of public view"

NC lawmakers earn record low grades on the environment
"Pat McCrory (R) got a failing F on his budget but a D- overall"

The Dirt on North Carolina
"North Carolina and Duke Energy have had a string of bad news recently"

AFL-CIO convention repositions unions to speak for all workers
"a correction to the narrow focus on its dues-paying members"

Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well
"radioactive substances like strontium have reached the groundwater"

Senior adviser for Fukushima cleanup says foreign assistance needed
"When people built nuclear power plants, they never thought of decommissioning"

Fracking booms, workers busted
"must sign a 'confidentiality' agreement not to share that information with the patient"

Kemp Burdette - Duke needs to take responsibility
"Duke...is penny-pinching local residents and ratepayers"

Republicans Back Down
"The shutdown sent Republican poll ratings plunging, cost the government billions"

Losing a Lot to Get Little
"divide ourselves on something we were unified on, over a goal that wasn’t achievable"

The Republican Surrender
"The Republican Party slunk away on Wednesday from its failed, ruinous strategy"

Republican Collapse
"We really did go too far. We screwed up"

NC corporate tax cuts
"there also will be an increase the state sales tax utility customers owe"

Oconee nuke plant has most violations in Southeast
"Catawba Nuclear Station in York County reported 98 lower-level violations"

NC's 3 nuke plants each report more than 90 violations
"McGuire plant…Brunswick plant…Harris plant"

SC ahead of NC in coal ash cleanup
"Duke doesn’t plan to start cleaning it up for years"

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage
"Only by the end of his sixth year did Bush finally conclude that Rumsfeld had to go"

Strong typhoon heads for Japan and Fukushima nuclear plant
"It is the strongest typhoon in 10 years"

Utility regulation needs overhaul
"Duke Energy is poised to collect $3.2 billion from its customers for its mistakes"

Fukushima Politics
"Japanese Diet...concluded Fukushima to be a man-made disaster"

Duke Energy Florida is not competitive
"Customers were charged billions. No electricity was generated"

Mass demo in Tokyo to ban nuclear energy
"70 percent of Japanese believe...nuclear power industry should be closed"

Settlement likely to end inquiries into Duke Energy nuclear plants
"Duke blames Progress for the whole debacle"

Demonstrators rally against Duke rate-hike settlement
"It looks like the Public Service Commission is serving the utility companies"

Lawmakers to protest settlement with Duke over nuclear costs
"The pitchforks and torches are coming out"

Rich hedge funders to poor: We feel your pain
"biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever"

Toxic Groundwater Will Keep Flowing After Close of Coal-Fired Plant
"decommissioning the plant’s ash basins will not guarantee safety"

GOP mega-donor Art Pope distancing himself from controversial big-money groups
"Pope, now state budget director under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Kochs and Other Conservatives Split Over Strategy on Health Law
"the defeat-health-care-at-any-cost strategy may have backfired"

Duke CEO among Fortune's 50 "most powerful women"
"to steady the ship after Duke's merger with Progress Energy, executive departures"

Key details withheld from audit of NC Medicaid
"McCrory has used the January audit to make a case for privatizing...Medicaid"

McCrory administration suppressed critical Medicaid info
"McCrory might have a more difficult time justifying the Medicaid privatization"

McCrory Administration Officials Suppressed Insight Into Medicaid
"made strategic edits to the departmental response to State Auditor Beth Wood’s audit"

NC Audit Edits Eliminated Defense of Medicaid Program
"McCrory has used its findings as justification for declining an expansion of...Medicaid"

CFPUA OKs extension of water line to Flemington community
"I'm missing why we should share the above costs with Duke"

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact
"I can tell you it’s very bad for the future of America. I just can’t tell you why"

Business Groups See Loss of Sway Over House G.O.P.
"would thrust...business lobby into warfare with the Tea Party"

Proposed Deal between Duke Energy and CFPUA Raises Concerns
"Duke is off-loading about half a million dollars of the cost onto the rate-payers"

Video: Don't Make Seniors, Veterans Pay for the Shutdown
"do not balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick"

Video: Hey, Paul Ryan, You Lost
"they want to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid"

MOX alternatives
"Contractors will have an additional year to complete a key analysis"

Politicians for Sale
"The nation’s founders understood the threat of corruption in politics"

Toxic Cleanup Manager Guilty of Kickbacks
"charges included bid-rigging, money laundering and defrauding the U.S. government"

Chemicals from coal ash leaching into groundwater
"Duke has acknowledged the migration of boron contamination"

Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers wins energy-efficiency award
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima
"Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has suffered yet another leak"

Reform Turns Real
"fear...was not that health reform would fail, but that it would succeed"

New radioactive water leak at crippled Fukushima plant
"contaminated water may well have flowed into the sea"

Fukushima Leaks Radioactive Water Into Pacific
"430 litres...which contains highly radioactive doses of strontium"

Ex-PM Koizumi raps government push for nuclear power as ‘irresponsible’
"Currently, all of Japan’s 50 commercial reactors are offline"

Utilities, Solar Companies in Fight Over Rates
"They are trying to punish people for buying less electricity...They are trying to kill solar"

Video: Losing Hope in Fukushima
"refugees...are losing confidence in the Japanese government's cleanup efforts"

John Boehner’s Shutdown
"catastrophic mistake...to believe in Mr. Boehner’s willingness to be reasonable"

Fukushima Plant Operator Reports New Leak
"estimated to be 4 tonnes and was absorbed into the ground"

NC One of the Best States for Business, Worst for Workers
"low labor costs that are 19 percent below the national average"

Video: Duke Energy customers protest in St. Petersburg
"It's robbery without a gun"

OSHA cites 4 employers in crane collapse that fatally injured 1 worker
"Precision Surveillance...Bigge Crane...Siemens Power...Entergy Operations"

Rebels Without a Clue
"This may be the way the world ends — not with a bang but with a temper tantrum"

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media
"The republic's in trouble, we lie about everything"

Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted
"Mr. Benmosche declared that the retirement age should go up to 70 or even 80"

Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
"a budget provision that protects genetically-modified seeds from litigation"

House Republicans vote to extend 'Monsanto Protection Act' in spending bill
"The American people deserve better than dirty politics"

UNC students want end to coal investments
"similar campaigns have sprouted at more than 300 college campuses"

NC Attorney General to Appeal Duke Rate Hike
"The evidence just isn’t there to support a double-digit profit margin"

Exposing the Pay Gap
"changing corporate norms have allowed C.E.O. compensation over all to balloon"

Duke Energy is 'filthy' and should be dumped from our investment portfolio
"The UNC Sierra Student Coalition will present a list of the 'Filthy Fifteen' companies"

County council comes out swinging over water issue
"strong opposition to Duke Energy’s relicensing agreement"

North Carolina Returns EPA Grant To Study Fracking’s Effects
"North Carolina is the first state in the Southeast to turn down an EPA grant"

S.C. nuclear reactors at risk from dam failure
"Oconee’s 5-foot floodwall could be swamped by more than 16 feet of water"

NRC to Increase Oversight of RobinsonNuclear Power Plant
"The violation and increased oversight is linked to an inspection finding"

Duke Energy contractor airlifted after accident
"The breaker that fell on the worker weighed about half as much as a car"

Duke's Most Efficient Plant Not Efficient Enough
"Coal is the highest emitting fossil fuel"

Japan dismissed US warnings to contain radioactive water at Fukushima
"cost of constructing the barrier would have had an impact on investor confidence"

Most North Carolinians disapprove of Barack Obama and Pat McCrory
"For McCrory, a Republican, approval fell to 36 percent from 46 percent"

DeLay conviction overturned; DA promises appeal
"He (DeLay) was wrong on the law and wrong on the facts, but politics bailed him out"

S.E.C. Proposes Greater Disclosure on Pay for C.E.O.’s
"The agency will collect comments for 60 days and must vote on the proposal again"

America’s Sinking Middle Class
"income channeled to corporate profits is higher than at any time since the 1920s"

The March to Anarchy
"Boehner is playing the dangerous game of trying to placate the extremists for a few days"

Duke Energy to stop insuring retirees
"They gave us two months to sit here and worry about it"

Duke Energy to drop some retirees from health care coverage
"more of that trend of favoring shareholders at the expense of employees"

LA County Illegal Aliens On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits
"total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year"

Jim Rogers Receives EEI’s ‘Distinguished Leadership Award’ for 25 Years of Service
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Maybe there's still a way to get something from Duke Energy in nuclear debacle
"power companies screwed up...legislators screwed up...ratepayers are footing the bill"

DENR tightens proposed order for Duke over coal ash
"people deserve and have the right to give their opinions on how we proceed"

Coal industry braces for EPA emissions crackdown
"it could be the death knell for new coal plant construction"

OSHA orders MGM Resorts to reinstate whistleblower, pay more than $325,000
"OSHA conducted its investigation under the whistleblower protection provisions"

Uprising Over Personal Health Data
"failed to do basic due diligence, signing off on the wellness plan"

State proposes changes to Duke Energy coal ash settlement
"In response to public comments, state officials recommended changes"

Troops oppose strikes on Syria by 3-1 margin
"withdraw all our troops and let the rest of the world figure out what to do"

Tritium levels reach new high at wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant
"elevated readings of tritium in groundwater"

Occupy Wall Street Legacy
"The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand"

AFL-CIO resolves to organize the South
"a long-term commitment to organize the South"

A call for a second Operation Dixie
"There is a...tradition in the South of active repression of workers organizing"

A hundred arrested protesting Walmart firings
"recently held a 30-minute meeting in the freezer to punish staff"

Video: North Carolina Walmart Workers Flash Mob
"Raleigh, NC"

Video: What America Wants by Sen. Bernie Sanders
"they were lied to about Iraq; they were lied to about Afghanistan"

China’s Plan to Curb Air Pollution Sets Limits on Coal Use
"The key to preventing air pollution is to curb coal burning"

Rich Man’s Recovery
"95 percent of the gains from economic recovery...have gone to the famous 1 percent"

Sutton Plant subject of coal-ash lawsuit
"A trio of environmental groups on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy Progress"

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage
"Mr. Putin has eclipsed Mr. Obama as the world leader"

A Plea for Caution From Russia
"What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria"

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Extended Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
"Public comments may be submitted several ways"

Duke Energy plant ranks among Ohio’s worst polluters
"America’s dirtiest power plants are the elephant in the room"

Group links Duke emissions, flooding
"Duke Energy operates some of the 'dirtiest' coal-fired power plants in the country"

The Rich Get Richer Through the Recovery
"The top 10 percent of earners took more than half of the country’s total income in 2012"

Court Says Privacy Case Can Proceed vs. Google
"In the past, Google has been able to buy its way out of privacy violations"

Leaked toxic water found at another site at Fukushima plant
"raises the possibility that leaked toxic water has reached groundwater"

Indiana attorney general wants to reinstate criminal charges against former regulator
"accused of failing to disclose secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

Regulators set to vote on Duke rate hike
"Duke charges him a $12 service fee to use his phone to pay an $11 bill"

Shaking Pennies and Fists Against Utility Rate Increases
"We need money between rate cases, and we’ll tell you later what it’s for"

Survey Reveals Scant Backing for Syria Strike
"So this will be another Iraq"

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper proposes striking down Duke Energy rate hike
"The N.C. Supreme Court reversed the rate case in January"

Groups want Court of Appeals to overturn rate hikes to pay for Edwardsport plant
"ratepayers should not have to foot the bill for...'project mismanagement' "

And now it's global COOLING!
"Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year"

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by U.S. strike
"Moscow has been the most powerful ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad"

Russia sends four more warships to eastern Mediterranean near Syria
"Will we help Syria? We will"

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria
"The Navy in recent days has moved the aircraft carrier Nimitz into the Red Sea"

Organize the South or die
"lowest wages, the fewest worker protections, and the least union representation"

Israel Promotes US War with Syria
"right now, there’s no good way for this war to end"

Skepticism and Wariness in Talk of Syria Attack
"He’s having trouble keeping his popularity up...And this is his way of getting back up"

World leaders push big companies to pay more taxes
"crack down on cross-border companies that use tax havens"

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated
"Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack"

Florida man cites ‘Bush doctrine’ after pre-emptive killing of neighbors
"cited President George W. Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq and the 'Bush Doctrine' "

Does the governor have a truth problem?
"And he needs to be more careful with his facts"

U.N.'s Ban casts doubt on legality of U.S. plans to punish Syria
"Who asked Mr. Obama to be the bully of the world?"

Record radiation readings near Fukushima contaminated water tanks
"The rising radiation levels and leaks at the plant have prompted international alarm"

Lenovo CEO shares bonus money with employees
"Yang has decided to share about $3.25 million of last year's annual bonus"

McCain playing poker on his iPhone during Syria hearing
"worst of all I lost!"

Errors Cast Doubt on Japan’s Cleanup of Nuclear Accident Site
"Every three days, there seems to be a new problem up there"

Frankly, the governor says "frankly" a lot
"Of course, Gov. McCrory wasn’t telling the truth"

Nuclear group taps Duke Energy’s Lynn Good
"committee is in charge of the business and policy affairs of the nuclear trade association"

Duke Energy, Tampa Electric at bottom of J.D. Power survey
"To be fair, Duke Energy...inherited Progress' legacy of low marks"

NRC sued over documents related to Oconee Nuclear
"frustration among NRC engineers nearly since the birth of the three reactors 40 years ago"

Nuclear whistle-blower fears reprisal
"The group alleges that the NRC refused to release some records"

Fracking Wastewater Spill Kills Rare Fish in KY
"companies have been telling the public for years that frack fluid is mostly water"

How a Cabal Keeps Generics Scarce
"Improvisation has caused some patients to wake up during operations — or not at all"

Love for Labor Lost
"Grover Cleveland deployed 12,000 soldiers to break the union"

Public opposes coal ash pollution settlement
"Rarely...has an has an environmental issue in North Carolina attracted more comments"

Duke Energy to Retire Wabash River Coal Units in Settlement
"The Edwardsport coal gasification plant has been mired by scandals"

Fukushima Radiation Readings 18 Times Higher
"highly radioactive water dripping from a pipe...had been patched up using tape"

Protesters oppose possible military strike on Syria
"Bombs are not a humanitarian device"

Squirrel Power!
"the fake owl was attacked by a hawk which in turn caused a substation outage"

N.Y. nuclear plant won't close, owner says
"The place is not able to defend from a terrorist attack"

Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Plume to Reach US Waters by 2014
"plume of radioactive cesium-137"

U.S. spy budget disclosed: $52.6 billion
"Leave it to us, we can handle it, the American people have to trust us"

UK asked N.Y. Times to destroy Snowden material
"Miranda was held and questioned for nine hours"

Israel Grants...Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company
"shareholders include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch"

Lake Norman coal ash controversy
"alleges pollution of the Catawba River and drinking water reservoirs by Duke"

The History of Labor Day
"March 2013 marked the Department of Labor's first 100 years of service"

Jobs for highly-paid McCrory staffers were never posted
"McKillip received a nearly 35 percent raise after only three months on the job"

Thousands say no to Duke Energy's coal-ash settlement
"But the verdict is already in from the court of public opinion: No deal"

Groups File To Intervene In State Lawsuit Against Duke
"the state says the utility giant illegally contaminated groundwater"

Vermont Yankee Plant to Close Next Year as the Nuclear Industry Retrenches
"So far this year, owners have announced the retirements of five reactors"

Vermont Nuclear Plant's Closure Shows Impact of Cheap Gas
"U.S. nuclear industry is in the midst of a 'rapid-fire downsizing' "

Judge rules mortgage fraud lawsuit against Bank of America can proceed
"It’s not the only mortgage-related case Bank of America is fighting"

Brokerage giant settles discrimination lawsuit
"reached a $160 million settlement"

Fukushima Leaks Prompt Government to ‘Emergency Measures’
"From now on, the government will move to the forefront"

Distributed Generation Poses Existential Threat To Utilities
"U.S. utilities are still mostly in the denial stage"

Sustainable Energy Spotlight: West North Carolina
"it’s about time people started demanding long term thinking"

It's a jungle out there! Man pulls gun on Duke Energy worker
"Harter got more agitated and began saying he was going to 'kill everybody.' "

Shooting victims return home; alleged gunman still hospitalized
"Two men from the tree crew were hit"

Why the U.S. Power Grid's Days Are Numbered
"Natural gas is already wiping out coal, and it’s going to wipe out most nuclear"

Nuclear Waste Will Never Be Laid To Rest At Yucca Mountain
"But it will never be used as a permanent nuclear waste storage facility"

Duke Energy should pay its Citrus County taxes
"predecessor companies may have been undervaluing its property for years"

Duke Energy asks court to dismiss appeal on merger probe
"NC WARN...contends its should have been allowed to participate in the hearing"

Making Choice to Halt at Door of Citizenship
"It’s not as glamorous to be a U.S. citizen anymore"

For new Duke CEO, 2 busy months of merger, regulators
"I’ve been focused primarily on employees and stakeholders here in the Carolinas"

State Takes Action on Permit Violations at Coal-fired Power Plants
"The state also gave the public 30 days to comment on the proposed consent order"

Rally against Duke Energy plant
"149 coal-powered plants had closed since 2010 thanks to grassroots movements"

The New Nuclear Craze
"Coal and nuclear power are both doomed"

Fukushima leak is 'much worse than we were led to believe'
"It is leaking out from the basements, it is leaking out from the cracks all over the place"

BofA reviewing conditions for junior employees after intern death
"long hours in a competitive environment...may have played a role"

N.C. attorney general: Duke Energy’s profit margin hurts consumers
"Cooper...won his appeal of Duke Carolinas’ 2011 rate case"

Man Charged In Tree Trimming Shootings
"the man was irate at the tree trimmers and wounded three people"

Investigators identify victims, charge suspect in Craven County shooting
"They were trimming trees around power lines under a contract for Duke Energy"

Charlotte environmental activists stage 'die-in' protest outside Duke Energy HQ
"Duke Energy, Coal Ash Is Poisoning Our Water"

Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'
"it's like a haunted house...mishaps keep happening one after the other"

After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan's nuclear clean-up
"The problem with a fuel pool criticality is that you can't stop it"

Tank leaks 300 tons of radioactive water at Fukushima plant
"The water inside the tanks contains cesium, strontium, tritium and other...materials"

Duke Energy cuts power to woman on oxygen pump
"The district manager told me that the air was my problem"

Duke Energy Progress says NC customers owe $45M for nuke plant costs
"It is not clear when Duke Progress will seek the next rate hike"

SELC considering next move with Duke in light of state lawsuit
"Holleman says it’s significant that the lawsuit was filed under oath"

Crystal River Spent Fuel Leak Noted by NRC
"first discovered in the mid-1980s"

After canceled nuclear plant, Florida legislator seeks repeal of advance fee law
"Vasilinda filed HB 4001 in response to what she called a 'growing public outcry' "

Payback time: Citrus County nearly doubles Duke Energy's tax bill
"Duke owed $36 million in property taxes. But the company paid just $19 million"

Doubts dampen S.C.’s nuclear future
"Utilities largely have backed off any rush...in constructing...expensive, new nuclear"

Japan’s Nuclear Clean-Up: Costly, Complex and at Risk of Failing
"experts fears the $15 billion allocated to the scheme so far will be largely squandered"

Duke CEO: No More Rate Increases For Several Years
"And our commitment is to keep our rates as low as we possibly can"

Study: All 107 U.S. nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists
"the report spotlighted 11 that were most at risk...Brunswick in North Carolina"

Fukushima apocalypse: Years of ‘duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’
"Mathematically, it is almost impossible to quantify in terms of resulting contamination"

Lavabit founder, under gag order, speaks out about shutdown decision
"suspended the operations...rather than violate the Constitutional rights of their...users"

NC sues 12 Duke Energy plants
"Duke will retire seven of the 14 coal plants by the end of the year"

State suing Sutton Electric Plant/Duke Energy
"N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources filed the two complaints"

New study finds high levels of arsenic in groundwater near fracking sites
"The EPA also found arsenic in groundwater near fracking sites"

No Banker Left Behind
"The banks’ 25 percent hit is nothing compared with the 90 percent cut to pensions"

North Carolinians Fear the End of a Middle Way
"I’m not much into North Carolina...I don’t think they’re doing much of anything right"

Charges dismissed against regulator indicted over Duke Energy ties
"Duke executive, Jim Turner...resigned late in 2010 in connection with the scandal"

Charges dismissed against former Indiana utility regulator
"met privately several times with Duke Energy executives"

Green groups can join suit against Duke Energy
"Catawba Riverkeeper...Sierra Club...Western N.C. Alliance...Waterkeeper Alliance"

For Freshmen in the House, Seats of Plenty
" 'the cash committee'...big incentives for freshmen to do special favors for the industry"

After Guantánamo, Another Injustice
"The United States was dead wrong, but no one can admit it"

U.S. Plan to Arrest Pair in Big Bank Loss
"S.E.C. is seeking to extract an admission of wrongdoing from the nation’s biggest bank"

Mexican Tied to Killing of D.E.A. Agent Is Freed
"A Mexican federal judge freed the drug lord, Rafael Caro Quintero"

Duke Nukem Ripoff is Everything the Right Wing Pretended Solyndra Was
"forcing energy consumers to subsidize this astronomically expensive boondoogle"

Radioactive water leaking into Pacific Ocean in new Fukushima 'emergency'
"Right now, we have an emergency"

Tepco needs public cash to dig deep wall
"300 tons of tainted water is flowing to the Pacific daily from the stricken plant"

Snow Job: U.S. Air Force Flies Cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami
"nearly 24 tons of cocaine were loaded onto a United States Air Force...aircraft"

Unfair advantage
"Legislature is more concerned with pleasing its corporate masters than the people"

Nuclear woes
"What we are seeing today is...the rapid-fire downsizing of nuclear power"

FP&L asks to continue to collect for Turkey Point expansion
"FPL consumers don’t want to suffer the same fate as Duke Energy customers"

Feds: Bank of America defrauded investors of ‘prime’ mortgage securities
"The Charlotte-based bank ignored its own underwriting standards"

Radioactivity levels in Fukushima groundwater increase 47-fold over 5 days
"TEPCO has been struggling to deal with the enormous amounts of water"

Six days after opening, Duke Energy's...$3.5B Edwardsport plant shut down
"There are no protections in place for ratepayers from a white elephant"

In wake of Duke Power's retreat from nuclear, it's time to rebuild industry's credibility
"Companies like Duke come across as the worst kind of corporate bullies"

Shelving of Levy County plans is another step away from nuclear energy
"cost of permitting and building new nuclear reactors has become prohibitively high"

Charging Florida utility customers in advance for nuclear power plants
"I feel like the consumer has been taken advantage of"

Less Nuclear Energy
"Nuclear reactors are simply not competitive"

Duke Energy to cancel proposed Levy County nuclear plant
"Customers...have to pay up to $1.5 billion...shareholders get to keep $150 million"

Nuclear plant deal late, limited
"For Duke, the agreement cleans up the nuclear mess it inherited"

Thank you, Tallahassee, for making us pay so much for nothing
"only monopolies...can get away with such self-serving shams"

In Complex Trading Case, Jurors Focused on Greed
" 'Goldman Sachs land of make-believe' where deceiving investors is not fraudulent"

Contraception and Corporations
"At least three dozen lawsuits have been filed by private businesses"

Billion-dollar asbestos fight underway in Charlotte court
"in 1999...Duke Energy pledged $800 million for asbestos claims

Duke cancels Florida nuke plant contract
"the fleecing associated with this nuclear project will end"

Former Trader Is Found Liable In Fraud Case
"He was the one that didn’t get away"

Case Against SAC Is Aided by Hiring of Fired Trader
"Richard S. Lee’s first day of running a trading desk was his last"

Clean up pollution rather than just study it
"Duke Energy has been polluting Mountain Island Lake illegally for years"

FBI was aware of plan for snipers on Occupy Houston
"planned to engage in sniper attacks against protesters in Houston"

Few Think Middle Class Helped By President's Policies
"Wall Street and others have been better served by the president"

Largest Moral Monday crowd yet floods downtown Raleigh
"I’m ashamed of what our state has done attacking women, students and voters"

McCrory gives protesters cookies, they give them back
"Will take women's health over cookies!"

Siers cartoon
"McCrory's Cookies"

DHEC issues wastewater discharge permit for proposed nuclear plant
"All but one person...voiced opposition and concerns about the draft permit"

Legislature targets environmental rules
"might have given Duke Energy a break on cleanup of coal ash contamination"

Cumulus planning to drop Rush Limbaugh
"blaming the company's advertising losses on Limbaugh's controversial remarks"

McCrory signs NC abortion bill as protesters hold vigil outside governor’s mansion
"We will make sure women know Gov. McCrory can’t be trusted"

Coal ash pollution threatening Neuse River
"Several enforcement actions have been filed against Duke Energy Progress"

Regulatory Reform Act could push coal ash compliance boundaries to property line
"Burdette says neighboring properties will no longer be protected"

Duke juggles nuclear plant safety fixes
"The NRC cited Duke’s poor performance in meeting project deadlines"

Effort to speed up fracking derailed
"Critics called it a roundabout way of lifting the state’s fracking moratorium

Consumers need voice in rate hikes
"This state is one of the poorest in the country"

Obama Promises, Including Whistleblower Protections, Disappear From Website
"We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing"

Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence
"Halliburton's guilty plea is the third by a company over the spill"

Radioactive Water Detected at Fukushima
"Levels Recorded Haven't Been Seen Since Soon After 2011 Disaster"

Sanders Details Tax Plan, Declines Secrecy Offer
"I have no problem with making them public"

Why is the White House aiding and abetting lawbreaking by coal plants?
"Among the utilities singled out in the report is North Carolina-based Duke Energy"

Southerners take to the streets
"Progressive North Carolinians didn’t take it lying down"

Republican Health Care Panic
"Obama’s signature policy achievement, is probably going to work"

Nuclear-contaminated Pacific Ocean may become a global threat
"continuing by the minute causing great concern not only for Japan, but for all nations"

Fukushima nuclear clean-up to cost $58 bn
"could cost five times more than estimated"

Ex-supervisor at Indian Point nuclear plant charged with fabricating fuel tests
"allegedly fabricated fuel tests to prevent the facility from being shuttered"

Report accuses Duke Energy of leaking pollutants into lakes
"I would not allow them to pass those costs on to the public"

Kennedy on coal ash: 'We are living in a science fiction nightmare'
"Environmental crime is a real crime"

A coal ash history lesson from the Queen of Coal Ash
"Listen, I didn't mean to become the Queen of Coal Ash"

Fukushima Plant Admits Radioactive Water Leaked To Sea
"TEPCO had persistently denied contaminated water reached the sea"

D.C. group lists McCrory among worst governors in America
"McCrory acknowledged that he’s been criticized by...Democrats and Republicans"

Hartsville nuclear plant at risk for closing
"more than a handful of plants are vulnerable to early closure"

Solution to Asheville coal ash pollution disputed
"It’s basically a way to drag this out as long as possible"

Green-Energy Mandates Find Improbable Allies
"North Carolina must generate electricity from sources classified as renewable"

Cries of Betrayal as Detroit Plans to Cut Pensions
"I kept my promises. They’re not going to keep theirs"

In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters
"Climbing the income ladder occurs less often in the Southeast"

Freedom, Flight and The Falcon
"Snowden is acting on...more important considerations than his own safety"

Nearly 2,000 Fukushima workers at higher risk of thyroid cancer
"workers have surpassed the 100-millisievert threshold of radiation exposure"

Detroit Gap Reveals Industry Dispute on Pension Math
"out of nowhere, a $3.5 billion hole appeared in Detroit's pension system"

G-20 Backs Plan to Curb Tax Avoidance by Large Corporations
"allow some multinational corporations to pay only a pittance in income taxes"

Fracking's Democracy Disconnect
"Only 37 percent of North Carolinians support fracking"

Gaston has a chance to voice opinion on Duke Energy plans
"Gaston County deserves better than to be Duke Energy's waste dumping bin"

Bribery accusations unwarranted in recent state v. Duke Energy case
"That doesn't mean that McCrory's no longer the...weasel we've all known"

Campaign money fueled Duke coal-ash settlement
"I think it's the political culture of McCrory that is so clearly aligned with Duke Energy"

Former IURC chief asks judge to dismiss charges, again
"accused of failing to disclose several secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

McCrory cuts sweetheart deal with Duke Energy
"Duke receives amnesty for its previous pollution"

Duke Energy, state to settle ash lawsuit
"It fines Duke 99,000 and allows penalties of up to 5,000 a day"

San Onofre's new steam generators sealed nuclear plant's fate
"document they said showed that Edison knew the steam generators were flawed"

'Radioactivity found in Swiss lake' near nuclear plant
"cesium 137 released...into a lake that provides 68 percent of the drinking water

It's no surprise Duke Energy likes this advance fee deal
"allowed power companies to charge you $2 billion with virtually nothing to show for it"

Power bills take lots of disposable income in most Southern states
"Tar Heel State power bills take the eighth-largest bite out of the disposable income"

Minor NRC violation for missed NC nuke plant flaw
"One of analysts had worked 24 days without a day off"

Snowden documents could be 'worst nightmare' for U.S.
"U.S. government should be on its knees...begging that nothing happen to Snowden"

US firms ordered to pay over Agent Orange
"466 million won ($A454,445) from Dow Chemical and Monsanto"

Secret TPP deal would void democracy
"Corporations could sue governments over laws not to their liking"

Clean water advocates criticize limited EPA hearing on coal plant water pollution
"EPA is also taking written comments on the proposed rule"

No public hearing for pollution discharge permit
"The permit is basically a way to legally pollute"

Bank of America racketeering lawsuit
"hundreds of thousands of homeowners were wrongfully denied a modification"

The Decline of North Carolina
"Republicans have begun to dismantle a reputation that took years to build"

Coal pollution in China is cutting life expectancy by 5.5 years
"fine particles released when coal is burned can have adverse health effects"

Coal Ash on the French Broad River
"EPA is taking public comments on new Coal Plant Water Pollution Standards"

Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket
"We still don't know why the level of radiation surged"

Tepco's 'Fukushima Fifty' Leader Yoshida Dies of Cancer
"He was such a born leader that his subordinates were ready to die alongside him"

Attorney General's staff questions Duke Energy profit margin
"The ROE you recommended...turned out to be higher than what Duke actually needed"

Duke Energy's Political contributions mistakenly charged to customers
"Republican Governor's Association...N. C. Republican Party...S.C. Republican Party"

2013 Employee Opinion Survey
"The 2013 Employee Survey was not open to everyone"

"I kind of was hoping that issue had sort of died on the vine"

Tritium soaring in water at No. 1 plant
"contaminated groundwater from the plant...may be seeping into the ocean"

DU Draws Heat for Plan to Present Bush with 'Improving Human Condition' Award
"Bush...being given an award for 'improving the human condition' is a sick, cruel joke"

Duke to face critics at rate hearing
"Duke acknowledged some accounting errors"

Fracking chemical disclosure divides North Carolina officials
"Southern states are among those with the weakest disclosure laws"

Duke Energy rate hike plan draws protesters
"Protect us from the rapacious greed of Duke Energy"

Occupy Oakland protesters awarded $1m over police violence during arrests
"These settlements are an important victory for democracy"

Greenpeace plane buzzes Duke Energy HQ on new CEO's first day
"Duke and Greenpeace are currently at legal odds with each other"

New Duke Energy CEO receives gift from activists
"gave Duke Energy's new CEO $100 in pennies"

N.C. Attorney General appeals Duke Energy's rate hike
"In a separate case...Cooper successfully appealed a 7.2 percent rate increase"

War on the Unemployed
"It's quite a spectacle, but North Carolina isn't alone"

U.S. Moves to Abandon Costly Reactor Fuel Plant
"Just about everything is going wrong"

Golden Parachutes Are Still Very Much in Style
"EVEN those forced out of the corner office can receive giant payouts"

C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police
"there was inadequate direction and control by the agency managers"

Southern coal plants top list of worst carbon polluters
"The South leads the nation in carbon dioxide emissions from power plants"

Duke Energy's rate hike takes a beating at hearing
"When is enough enough?"

Duke Energy wants Greenpeace testimony stricken from rate hearing
"customers should not have to pay any of the costs for building...Cliffside"

The renewable energy rollback that wasn't
"ALEC's attempt to squash clean energy standards in the states has failed"

The Future of Fair Labor
"Being exempt allows employers to ignore pesky things like overtime"

Illegal immigrants who commit crimes face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens
"We say nobody is above the law, but apparently illegal immigrants are"

CEO's rise at Duke Energy grew from Enron fiasco
"Allegations of improper contact...led to the resignation in 2010 of...Jim Turner"

Duke Energy caught making illegal charges to customers
"They include...$2,715 for country club dues for a former Duke Energy Carolinas CEO"

Another Blow to Class Action
"This week, the Supreme Court continued its aggressive effort to favor corporations"

Toxic radiation in groundwater at Fukushima
"tests showed the highly toxic strontium-90"

Prison sentence for Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling slashed by 10 years
"coming on the heels of the lack of prosecutions arising out of the financial crisis"

Former Duke Energy employee sentenced in copper theft
"The copper thefts took place over years"

Groups notify Duke Energy of impending coal ash lawsuit
"The law center has filed similar notices over ash at two other Duke Energy plants"

Lynn Good Elected Duke Energy CEO
"Duke has made the best possible decision"

NAACP protest ends with 84 arrests
"only 20 percent of people approve of the job the legislature is doing"

Customers complain about wait to get power back on
"things seemed to go better before Progress merged with Duke last year"

Don’t Blame the Work Force
"What employers describe as talent shortages are often failures to agree on salary"

How not to respond to peaceful protesters: Lessons from North Carolina politicians
"some elected officials have responded to the protests in less-than-respectful ways"

How Art Pope killed clean elections for judges in North Carolina
"Pope's groups...spent $530,000 on McCrory's behalf"

Lawsuit: BofA gave bonuses, gift cards for meeting foreclosure quotas
"workers falsified records and were told to delay U.S. loan-assistance applications"

Edwardsport IGCC Project Start Marks Delayed, Costly Milestone
"cost overruns and delays, as well as legal challenges and an ethical scandal"

NRC still seeking why spot at NC nuke plant missed
"Duke Energy took over the Harris plant after it acquired...Progress Energy"

America's 20 Worst Corporate Air Polluters
"top...polluters are American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Southern Company"

Voice your opinion on Duke rate hike
"The latest request would equal a $214 per year increase"

Southern Environmental Law Center, Catawba Riverkeeper sue Duke Energy
"Do we just leave this here, leaking indefinitely into the lake?"

Duke Energy's controversial $3.5B Edwardsport plant powers up
"After years of ethics controversies and cost overruns"

Duke undervaluing assets
"How many properties can you buy that are guaranteed to make money?"

Dwight Dudley blasts PSC for refusing to study costs of nuclear plant
"Duke does not have to refund the money if it scraps the project"

The whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations
"I have no intention of hiding who I am"

Cloud computing is a trap
"It's stupidity. It's worse than stupidity"

Riverkeeper asks to join suit against Duke
"Groundwater near the Riverbend ash basins has also been contaminated"

Environmental groups join lawsuit against Duke Energy
"those contaminants can leach into groundwater and drinking water sources"

San Onofre nuclear power plant to shut down
"executives were not forthright in how they characterized replacement steam generators"

Google Glass Banned From Own Shareholder Meeting
"but when it comes to their own privacy Google executives jealously guard it"

Pat McCrory: 'Moral Monday' Protests Against GOP Are 'Unacceptable'
"Gov. Pat McCrory 'one of the most wicked people I’ve ever met' "

N.C. House panel keeps fracking moratorium
"a rebuke to the state Senate’s aggressive push to fast-track shale gas exploration"

Another contaminated water leak at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant
"earlier this week it had detected radioactive cesium in groundwater"

Feds to pay OSHA whistleblower $820,000 settlement
"Retaliate against whistleblowers at your peril"

NAACP protest against NC GOP policies draws 1000
"people are beginning to read and see that this present administration is toxic"

McCrory urges end to weekly NAACP protests
"He told reporters he has no desire to meet with the protesters"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Lawsuit
"[Duke Energy] is putting a carcinogen, arsenic, into the drinking water reservoir"

Fired Safety Whistleblower to Receive 261,152.69
"Companies providing services to nuclear power plants are subject to the ERA"

Duke asks for 12% rate hike
"it may be the last coal plant built in the Carolinas"

Outside appraisal boosts Citrus County's tax claim against Duke Energy
"There were a lot of unreported and underreported items that we found"

Proposed law poses threat
"The loophole would free Duke of any cleanup responsibility"

Fracked off
"Duke Energy...calling off two of the six reactors it had planned"

Groups to ramp up fight against Duke Energy rate hikes
"We're working to help empower folks"

N.C. attorney general to appeal Progress Energy rate hike
"The rate increase will cost consumers an extra $326 million"

City leaders applaud Duke rate hike challenge
"This order puts utility profits ahead of people"

Charlotte’s largest companies keeping $22 billion overseas
"Duke Energy...has about $2 billion in foreign profits that remain overseas"

Fukushima fishermen forced to test fish for radiation
"They say it's safe, but they had always told us that the nuclear power is safe too"

Soil around Fukushima to be frozen to stop groundwater leaking in
"Every day another 400 tonnes of groundwater forces its way into the plant"

NC renewable energy law survives attack from the right
"73 percent of respondents favor promoting renewable energy...14 percent...opposed"

No Replacement for Corporate Taxes
"corporate...tax burden has declined as the labor force’s share has increased"

N.C. files second ash suit against Duke Energy
"this will be brought in the community of people who drink the water"

Conservationists blast pollution reform bill
"The state is certainly selling out the people of North Carolina in favor of Duke Energy"

Tesla Takes on NC Good Ol' Boy Network
"consumers would laugh at the notion that they're better served by the existing system"

Strict radiation reference levels shunned to stem Fukushima exodus
"In addition, there were concerns that more compensation money will be needed"

‘Serious danger’ looms at lake
"chemicals are seeping out of the lagoons and into Mountain Island Lake"

Shareholders? Fuhgeddaboudit!
"requested that Mr. Morea accept appointment to the vacancy created by his resignation"

Lawsuit Against Duke Ash Ponds Is A Reversal For State
"Duke University study that shows periodic spikes in arsenic in the reservoir"

Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills
"appalling...disgusting...wasteful...possibility of conflicts of interest and corruption"

Art Pope back in glare of national spotlight
"continue to generate controversy for Pope and the McCrory administration"

Kryger Glass Co. agrees to pay more than $107,000 in back wages to 53 employees
"improperly classified as exempt from overtime requirements"

Former Shaw Coastal employee settles sexual harassment lawsuit
"twice was awarded judgments of $500,000"

The Billionaire Bugle
"used his vast fortune to promote...need to cut Social Security and Medicare"

NC sues Duke for polluting Charlotte drinking water
"The state has been aware of the leaks as well as the groundwater pollution for years"

NRC Begins Special Inspection at Harris Nuclear Power Plant
"Duke Energy has begun the repair process"

Duke says flood gate at dam failed
"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants Duke Energy to explain"

Fukushima No. 1 can’t keep its head above tainted water
"The decommissioning, if it ever starts, will take decades"

Obama Admin. Approves ALEC Model Bill for Fracking
"ALEC is a 98-percent corporate-funded bill mill and 'dating service' "

North Carolina NAACP protests reach highest arrest count yet
"Hundreds more supporters remained outside the General Assembly"

Harris plant neighbors seek answers over nuclear shutdown
"it had the potential for uncontrolled radiation release"

Dam failure feared during Catawba floods
"The gate wouldn't budge. Duke Energy couldn't open it anymore"

NRC meets public after NC nuke plant shuttered
"Duke Energy took over the plant after its merger with Raleigh-based Progress Energy"

North Carolina nuclear plant shut down after crack discovered
"Duke Energy said it would evaluate why the problem was missed last year"

The 9/11 Phone Calls: Disturbing Irregularities Uncovered
"in 2001...mobile calls were not possible above 10,000 feet"

5.9 earthquake strikes Japan off Fukushima coast
"No information has been released on potential injuries"

The Health Toll of Immigration
"the immigrant advantage wears off with the adoption of American behaviors"

Panel concludes Tsuruga nuclear reactor located above active fault
"All of Japan's 50 surviving commercial reactors, except for two...are currently offline"

Shell and BP raided in price fixing probe
"claims they manipulated cost for more than a decade"

Another Military sexual assault prevention coordinator investigated
"being investigated for forcing at least one subordinate soldier into prostitution"

IRS targeted NAACP in 2004
"accusations of improper political activity for criticizing the Bush administration"

NC Coal Plant Emissions Might Play Role in State Suicide Rate
"airborne levels of nickel, mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, beryllium and arsenic"

Nuclear Resurgence Dims
"U.S. nuclear-power output will have reached a peak a few years ago"

Tritium found in water leak at Catawba Nuclear Station
"The leak, however, has the potential to reach groundwater"

NC NAACP tops last week's arrests at legislature
"Worker's rights are union rights"

NC House Republicans vote to restrict union dues collections
"prevent...collecting union dues from workers"

Levy nuclear plant more costly than a natural gas facility
"Duke Energy would pocket $4 billion...For a natural gas plant: $369 million"

The high price of nuclear fantasies
"the only real winner from building nuclear instead of natural gas? Duke Energy"

Always a Drought at Duke Energy
"federal government...state...declaring an end to South Carolina’s persistent drought"

Feds Probe Shaw Over Allegations
"creating a workplace that discouraged employees...from raising quality concerns"

17 Days in Darkness, a Cry of ‘Save Me,’ and Joy
"We are with you...We will not move out from this place without rescuing you"

Jury awards families $6 million in Crescent Resources suit
"Jurors Friday awarded $3 million each to the families of the two children"

NC renewable energy repeal advanced by committee despite losing vote
"That means the measure got 17 votes at most. It needed 18 to pass"

Social Security Summit
"Social Security has not contributed a dime to the deficit"

The Labor Board’s Contested Poster
"informs employees of their right to join or form a union"

UnitedHealth Group CEO's Pay Down 28 Percent Last Year To $34.7 Million
"not including $7 million in stock awards"

Top Enron Crook Strikes Deal to Get Out of Prison Early
"Victims will be allowed to comment on the proposed agreement"

Head of Air Force's anti-sexual assault unit arrested for sexual battery
"the woman fended off Krusinski"

Couple fights Progress Energy over meter mixup
"you don’t have a legitimate complaint then, you still have electricity in your home"

Wisconsin Nuclear Plant Is Shut
"it will take 60 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to decontaminate them"

Sexual Assaults in Military Raise Alarm in Washington
"officer in charge of sexual assault prevention...arrested and charged with sexual battery"

Duke Energy seeks $174M for nuke projects next year
"Such costs have been highly controversial, touching off...legislative and legal battles"

G.O.P. Opponents Plan Immigration Bill Attack
"The longer it lays out there, the worse it’s going to smell. The tide is going to turn"

Duke Energy officially arrives in Florida with iron fist
"Just don't stand in its way unless you want to be run over"

Utility customers keep losing
"pocketing $150 million in profit while consumers have nothing to show for it"

Boosts - Energy assist is routine, not an outrage
"The U.S. government essentially invented the nuclear industry"

Duke Energy wants customers to pay $70M spent on shelved nuke
"People are going to be mad that they threw away $70 million on that plant"

Duke Energy 2013 Meeting of Shareholders
"Jim Rogers closed the meeting before everyone had a chance to speak"

North Carolina: A banana republic for dirty energy interests?
"Clean energy opponents turned to dirty tactics this week"

Duke Energy & Koch Brothers aim to kill clean energy in North Carolina
"would fully repeal North Carolina’s renewable portfolio standard"

Aiding ALEC & Spinning Disinformation
"What goes on behind closed doors?"

Protesters gather outside Duke Energy meeting
"This is the final shareholders meeting for Duke CEO Jim Rogers"

Green-energy groups slam Duke Energy
"Protests...are expected at Thursday’s meeting"

Dhiaa Jamil remains Duke Energy’s point person on nuclear power
"I go back to the days when Bill Lee ran this company"

Duke Energy CFO takes on added responsibilities
"I think those leadership transitions do impact employees. They create questions"

Flow of Tainted Water Is Latest Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant
"there is concern that we cannot prevent another accident"

AG wants Duke Energy rates rolled back in N.C.
"without a proper order...the rate increase should be suspended"

Repeal law that sticks public with risk for building plants
"Wall Street won't finance the plants"

Loans Borrowed Against Pensions Squeeze Retirees
"the effective interest rates ranged from 27 percent to 106 percent"

Everything Is Rigged
"monkeyed with Libor submissions in exchange for a bottle of Bollinger champagne"

Breakthrough in the quest for nuclear fusion
"fusion reactors do not produce high-level radioactive waste"

A turning point for mountaintop removal
"(EPA) has…authority…to revoke a permit for a mountaintop removal mining"

The South, still ruled by 'the handful'
"North Carolina...slash weekly benefits to the unemployed from $535 to $350"

NC Renewable Energy Standard Scores Surprise Win
"it occurred in the Committee chaired by the bill’s own sponsor, Chairman Mike Hager"

The 1 Percent’s Solution
"policy of the 1 percent, by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent"

Electric Cars Begin to Earn Money From the Grid
"When the cars work with the grid, they earn about $5 a day"

Experts label Catawba River ‘endangered’
"wet handling of coal ash was the cheapest easiest option around"

FBI raids home of ex-Cherryville police chief
"resigned his position...following allegations of corruption within the department"

Why Obama’s Stealth Social Security Cut Is Bigger Than It Seems
"will typically harm seniors more than the rest of the population"

Video: Obama Sells Out Social Security
"I'm prepared to cut your benefits"

Gunfire Exchanged at Nuclear Plant
"shot at the officer and struck the officer's vehicle"

Response To Duke Energy’s Statement On The Catawba River Coal Ash Ponds
"Duke has redacted large parts of the reports relating to the safety of the coal ash ponds"

Cleanup The Coal Ash!
"Riverbend’s coal pollution has contaminated the air we breathe and the water we drink"

Corporate Donations and the S.E.C.
"companies now free to hide donations through trade associations"

"continued cracking, crazing and spalling as well as increased efflorescence"

Force Companies to Disclose Donations
"A petition to the S.E.C....has already garnered close to half a million comments"

State takes positive step on pollution New park path
"North Carolina environmental regulators...took the unusual step of suing Duke Energy"

Power Plant Water-Discharge Limits
"Power producers must curb the tainted water they discharge into waterways"

Lawmakers with coal-gas plant ties dilute measures
"watering down opposition to a $2.6 billion coal-gasification plant"

Power Plants Brace for New EPA Rules Adding to Coal Woes
"I am sure we will see great hand wringing from industry"

Solar energy plan fails to move SC senators
"It’s not a secret that the utilities have an incredible amount of influence up here"

Catawba River Fifth Most Endangered River in America
"He says the toxins are coming from four coal ash ponds"

North Carolina's arrogant and vindictive Senate
"I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet"

"significant number of employee concerns reported to the NRC"

Nuclear fee hinges on disparate House, Senate bills
"terminated the Crystal River project, but has kept $150 million of the money in profits"

Catawba River on List of America's Most Endangered Rivers
"the Catawba Riverkeeper filed a notice of intent to file a lawsuit against Duke Energy"

DOL sues El Paso A.R.C. Electric for retaliating against employees
"workers were wrongfully terminated for filing a complaint against the employer"

A Turning Tide on Immigration
"putting them on a bus and shipping them back to wherever they came from"

How the justice system works in Texas
"charged with…slayings of the district attorney…his wife…and another prosecutor"

Dealing with coal ash is a ‘must-do’
"Nationwide, 137 sites are contaminated with coal-ash chemicals"

Former Shaw Group Safety Manager Sentenced To 78 Months For Fraud
"Injuries hidden to obtain over $2.5 million in safety bonuses"

Duke Energy paid no federal income taxes in 2012
"Duke instead got a $46 million rebate"

Your voice can help energize PSC
"Are we satisfied with being ranked 40th in the nation in energy efficiency?"

U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes
"it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture"

Republican money backs immigration push
" 'amnesty' for immigrants who broke the law"

If Companies Are People...
"American corporations are now sitting on $4.75 trillion in cash"

Supreme Court strikes down Duke Energy rate increase
"Duke is seeking another 9.7 percent rate increase"

House committee moves bill to modify nuclear fee law
"This bill puts an end to nuclear power plants"

Obama’s Budget Revives Benefits as Divisive Issue
"People would be looking to punish them"

When Shareholder Democracy Is Sham Democracy
"we can’t sit by and let the board make a mockery of our...right to elect directors"

"Advances In Scientific Analysis Of Coal Ash Reveals Dramatically Increased Risks"

Antitrust case linked to California energy crisis revived
"Dozens of companies...including...Duke Energy"

NC Supreme Court orders new look at Duke rate hike case
"customer interests cannot be measured only indirectly or treated as mere afterthoughts"

The danger of McCrory's Bobby Jindal imitation
"Pat McCrory appears to be on a privatization spree"

Senate wants 'comprehensive review' of Levy County nuclear project
"Duke Energy has bene­fited from a law...that allows utilities to collect...in advance"

Resolve dam issue in plain sight
"In 1977 the NRC identified dam failure and flooding as a potential problem at Oconee"

Video: Obama Is A Terrible Disappointment
"Social Security represents the best of America values"

Video: Obama's Social Security Lies
"I believe cutting benefits is not the right answer"

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed
"All 104 nuclear power reactors...have a safety problem that cannot be fixed"

NRC tells Duke it hasn't decided on company's assessment of Oconee flood threat
"a history of concern dating back to the 40-year-old station’s early years"

Finally, a step for utility customers
"it would ensure that in the future, utilities can't earn profits on such failures"

Fla. considers changes in nuclear utility rates
"Duke stands to earn a $50 million...for the Crystal River plant"

Corporate tax breaks rolled out in Senate committee
"How lawmakers pay for the tax cuts still remains unclear"

WikiLeaks publishes 1.7m US diplomatic records
"diplomatic records from the beginning of 1973 to the end of 1976"

Utilities fight proposal that could lower your bill
"The current system…creates big profits for utilities and contributes to rising…costs"

Night Shift Makes Metabolism Go Haywire
"prone to heart disease, bone fractures, cancer, diabetes and obesity"

Internal conflict at NRC over potential Oconee Nuclear Station flooding
"They don’t get it...The games these people have played...is shameful to say the least"

Radioactive water 'may have leaked' from Fukushima
"the latest in a series of troubles at the crippled facility"

Rat Chase Backfires At Reactor In Japan
"We were installing wire nets to keep the rats out"

Southernomics as a model?
"the 'original sin' of the Southern political class is cheap, powerless labor"

NC attorney general asked to probe possible fracking conflicts of interest
"pattern of political patronage"

Duke Energy glitch shuts off power to customers
"households mistakenly having their power cut off"

Duke Devising Contingency Shutdown Plan for Oconee Unit
"NRC...concluded the risk of catastrophic dam failure was higher than Duke figured"

Small Print, Big Problem
"the contract you agreed to waived your right to class action as well"

Riverkeeper: Duke Energy allowing toxic leaks into Catawba River
"The lake is a source of drinking water for the city of Charlotte"

Environmental oversight necessary when states refuse to act
"it took a sixth-grader’s school project to bring attention to elevated levels of arsenic"

Bad Directors and Why They Aren’t Thrown Out
"they’ll all be elected, even with a single yes vote (which may be their own)"

Duke Energy CEO calls move by power giant potential threat
"his bills plummeted after installing the panels and a wood-fired stove"

NRG Skirts Utilities Taking Solar Panels to U.S. Rooftop
"Consumers are realizing 'they don’t need the power industry at all' "

Duke Energy's Little Tyrant
"The inevitable happened: employees began concealing accidents"

Driver in weekend hit and run is illegal immigrant
"Oscar Francisco Garcia-Fuentes is an illegal immigrant"

Duke Energy reports payments to departed execs
"McArthur’s compensation totaled just less than $9 million"

Duke’s Rogers took in $8.7 million in 2012
"Duke’s directors also got raises, from $150,000 a year in cash and stock to $200,000"

MOX plant cost revised to $7.7 billion, with three-year delay
"This huge cost increase is more justification to pull the plug"

SRS Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Plant Continues to Spin Out of Control
"With this stunning news, it appears that the MOX project is doomed to elimination"

Rat Gnaws Fukushima Cables, Cuts Flow of Cooling Water Nuclear Fuel Rods
"It took Tepco almost a day to restore cooling to the first of the affected pools"

Progress Energy wants other customers to pay for break to industrial companies
"customers would be asked to pick up the slack for the industrial customers"

Progress Energy execs grilled over price breaks for industrial customers
"merger between Progress Energy and Duke Energy came back to haunt Progress"

Study says customers get raw deal in new reactors
"would be better served if their power providers abandoned the plans"

OSHA order to reinstate employee terminated for reporting injury
"The company will pay more than $350,000 in back wages with interest"

Duke Energy merger issues back before NC regulators
"The commission has declined to dismiss the appeals"

Nuclear plant fiasco means financial armageddon
"when it comes to Crystal River, Progress Energy Florida has done little right"

U.S. Nuclear Industry Withers as Wind Hurts Prices
"closing a money-losing reactor and selling coal plants"

Energy watchdog pressures NC governor over conflict of interest
"Pat McCrory needs to be Governor for the People, not for Duke Energy"

Fracking wastewater poses a risk
"Pat McCrory made lifting the fracking moratorium a cornerstone of his campaign"

Fracking waste could go to N.C. coastal towns if ban is lifted
"You’re basically contaminating an aquifer forever"

Massive Duke Energy Copper Theft Case Goes To Trial
"He said Duke officials sanctioned the thefts from day one"

Duke Energy Contractor Dies on the Job
"He was a fireman's fireman"

Leaders Souring on Nuclear Power Costs
"there are signs of buyer's remorse"

Crystal River nuclear plant had flaw in safety procedures for over a decade
"When you hit a tree, it's a little late to find out you have a hole in your airbag"

NC support for renewables remains strong, poll says
"Nuclear was the least popular energy source on the survey"

2012 Employee Opinion Survey Results
"Only 39 percent agreed that there is a high level of trust in the company"

Occupy Wall Street Protester Innocent After Video Contradicts Police Testimony
"There is no justice in the American justice system, but you can sometimes find it in a jury"

Duke Energy won't be repaid $10 million from DNC
"Duke’s financial support of Charlotte’s biggest event became a political football"

Vote on NC commissions bill reveals divisions
"If there's anything that's not broken in North Caroilna, it's our Utilities Commission"

Senate legislation overshadows electric bill talks
"accused...McCrory of wanting to stack the utilities commission to help line his pockets"

Duke Energy Ties to Gov. McCrory Increase Concerns over SB10 Proposal
"What is it going to take for you to act in the public interest?"

Duke Energy writes off $10-million loan for Democratic convention
"I think it's a great investment for our community"

Crystal River 3: Getting a grip on the coming nuclear stigma
"a lot of the people, procedures and habits remain the same after the recent merger"

Duke Energy announces closing of Crystal River nuclear power plant
"Seldom, if ever, has an attempt to save $15 million cost so many, so much"

Big Money in NC: Outside groups unleashed $14.5 million in state races
"RGA's donor list…Pike Electric, RAI Services/Reynolds Tobacco, Duke Energy"

Take Legislature, elections out of PSC process
"power companies too often control the Legislature with giant campaign checks"

Priest, 80, Bites off Fellow Clergyman’s Ear in Parking Row
"Byrne attacked his neighbour, Fr Thomas Smith, 81"

Amid North Carolina anti-labor campaign, public workers score union win
"North Carolina is already the least-unionized state in the nation"

ALEC leads attack on North Carolina clean energy with Duke Energy funding
"This is where ALEC makes things awkward for Duke Energy"

CEO's Say Raise Retirement and Medicare Age to 70
"These ideas were soundly rejected in the last election only a few months ago"

Pat McCrory’s 5 most dubious appointments
"guilty of assaulting a neighbor's children, now leads the Department of Public Safety"

Big Tobacco has a ball in NC
"Reynolds' lead sponsorship of McCrory's event"

NC judge tosses law that represented GOP revenge against public school employees
"Pat McCrory...named Pope as his budget director"

Is Duke Energy Taking Over NC Government?
"McCrory tapped two other Duke...alumni on Thursday"

McCrory's Duke Energy ties cloud judgment on Utilities Commission
"being employed at Duke Energy for 28 years, you have an actual conflict of interest"

State relies on corporate Friends for some bills
"AT&T, Duke Energy, Progress Energy, ElectriCities...and PSNC Energy"

John Boehner and Dick Cheney are Soul Mates
"Boehner's White House F-bomb"

Terminal cancer patient faces electricity turn-off
"They (Duke Energy) are so mean. I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown"

Duke Energy Loses Again in Indiana Ethics Case
"Duke had offered Storms an in-house counsel job—while he was still GC at the commission"

GOP Proposal to Raise Medicare Eligibility Age, Cut $1Trillion From Program
"The plan would raise the Medicare eligibly age to 67"

Duke to absorb $900M in overruns
"Jim Turner, resigned after private email exchanges with Hardy were disclosed"

Pat McCrory and Art Pope
"With McCrory's election, the road to power was clear"

How dark money helped Republicans hold the House and hurt voters
"Pope...used his fortune to dominate North Carolina politics"

Potential Jocassee Dam failure could rival Fukushima
"life as we know it in the Southeast would be at stake"

Ethics conflicts complicate votes for outgoing members
"Rep. Heath Shuler...is headed to Duke Energy"

Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge NRC With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety
"Dam failure with subsequent site inundation, all three Oconee units will go to core damage"

CIA 'tortured and sodomised' terror suspect, human rights court rules
"a web of systematic crimes and human rights violations by the Bush-era CIA"

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public
"What I saw at certain moments and in certain places...is very disturbing!"

Just how extreme is North Carolina's new Lt. Governor?
"a handy link to the lingerie website for the faith-driven consumer to…test his or her faith"

Shuler Breaks Pledge To Not Become A Lobbyist
"Rep. Heath Shuler will go to work for Duke Energy"

Departing Lawmaker to work for Duke Energy
"Williams would not provide Shuler’s salary"

Duke Energy hires U.S. Rep.
"Shuler was not the best professional quarterback"

Big Money plays big role in North Carolina elections
"McCrory didn't have to run negative ads...outside attack groups did it for him"

A Nuclear Zax?
"The smiling, round Kibitan explains why radiation is dangerous"

Duke Energy CEO Rogers talks politics
"Rogers and his wife donated $6,000 to McCrory’s campaign for governor"

Koch Industries boosts investments in NC politics
"McCrory has been a vocal proponent of fracking"

Risk of Melt-Down In U.S. HIGHER Than Fukushima
"Oconee...operated by Duke Energy, would suffer almost certain core damage"

Corporations are the real moochers
"A large portion of...entitlement spending...ends up in the pockets of corporations"

Employee alleges nuclear decision led to retaliation
"Manoochehr Nazar…allegedly ordered him to continue starting up the plant anyway"

NRC Whistleblower: Nuclear Plants Flood Threat Covered Up By Regulators
"vulnerability at one plant in particular -- the three-reactor Oconee Nuclear Station"

Letter: Concealment of Significant Nuclear Safety Information by NRC
"please consider this allegation to be public information"

Less of a Free Ride for Illegals
"will not be eligible for health insurance coverage"

Working More Than 8 Hours A Day Can Kill You
"more than 11 hours of work a day raised heart disease risks by 67 percent"

Jim Rogers Addressed DNC, Despite Supporting ALEC's Voter Suppression
"Senator Chuck Schumer…'I'd urge [Duke] to leave ALEC ASAP... if not sooner!' "

Obama’s Close Ties to Utility Giant Duke Energy
"Duke Energy has had extremely close ties with ALEC"

A bill of rights for North Carolina workers
"Laws that protect workers from abusive employers, unsafe conditions, and destitution"

Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers
"We tortured people unmercifully. We probably murdered dozens"

Court Rules Israel Is Not at Fault in Death of American Activist
"overwhelming proof that Rachel was deliberately murdered"

Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility
"familiarity has helped foster access at the upper reaches of government"

Parting Is Such Sweet Revenge
"Free speech isn’t a vague concept"

The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare
"this corporate coup is an end-run around the electorate"

Illegal Immigrants Can't Practice Law in the US
"Federal law prohibits employers from knowingly hiring illegal workers"

Deadly Particles
"Released by sources like diesel trucks and power plants"

Pat McCrory dons tinfoil hat in bid for NC governor
"McCrory has embraced a far-right conspiracy theory"

Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer
"the more a miner was exposed to diesel, the greater his cancer risk"

Toxics lobby pours money into North Carolina politics
"North Carolina Chamber, Duke Energy...Manufacturers and Chemical Industry Council"

Fracking interests spent heavily to influence NC lawmakers
"Progress Energy, Duke Energy"

Fracking in North Carolina could carry extra risks
"there is a greater risk of groundwater contamination from oil and gas"

Illegal Immigrants Don't Have a Right to Bear Arms
"According to the court, illegal immigrants can be prohibited from owning guns"

Joke is on Progress customers
"Stop me if you've heard this one"

Imagine if Progress Energy were trying to run an actual business
"They are charging people every month for nothing"

Lobbyists Know That They are Scum of the Earth!
"We're tainted"

ALEC fights coal ash protections on polluters' behalf
"They include Duke Energy and Progress Energy"

Cincinnati Dumps Duke Energy
"shifting to 100 percent clean energy"

Secrets can strain credibility
"the public now knows of a private club of cronyism between Duke and the IURC"

Counterpunch 2010: The Duke Energy Scandal
"Duke Energy always rewards it creepy disgraced executives it seems"

Duke Energy's Support for Dems Pays Off in Taxpayer Cash
"spent more than $26 million lobbying the federal government...since 2007"

Is Energy Secretary Chu even deeper in the Solyndra scandal?
"Duke Energy got $230 million and they generated 196 jobs"

VIDEO: We Occupy for the Victims of Fukushima
"Stone-Webster guilty of racketeering and fraud...$4-billion judgement"

VIDEO: We Occupy for Jake Horton
"if you are a power company, you are exempt from the racketeering laws"

2011: A Banner Year for Energy Lobbying
The Total Failure of Barack Hussein Obama II
How Paul Singer Shortchanged Asbestosis Victims
Duke leader met privately with Gov. Mitch Daniels
Fukushima: They Knew
Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Attack
1 Marine vs. 30 Cops
Duke Energy helps McCrory's and Perdue's causes
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, In Bobblehead Doll Form
Judge Approves $3.4 Billion Settlement of Native American Suit
$30 Million Settlement Ends Duke Energy Class-Action Suit
Duke Energy Cash Balance Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
Emails shed additional light on Duke-IURC scandal
Progress Energy Lobbyist Found Dead in Burning Car
Don't Cry For Duke's Departing Jim Turner
Duke Energy President Violates Ethics, Deposits an Extra $10 Million in the Bank
Duke scandal reflects poorly on Indiana, its governor and Duke Energy
Duke Demands Documents Deletion
Senate Approves $4.6 Billion for Claims by Black Farmers, American Indians
Duke, IURC Email Published by The Indianapolis Star
Alan Grayson's Filibluster
Preserving Access to Justice for All
Video: Rep. Alan Grayson on Health Care Gridlock
Duke Energy Lawyers Misled Jurors
Press Conference on Illegal Workers at Duke Energy (Updated 8/26/08)
Duke Energy Settles Retaliation Lawsuit
Duke Energy Retirees Take an Insurance Hit
EEOC Pension Assistance Appreciated
IBEW International Organizer
Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr Against Pensions
Whooshing Judge Thompson Wins Delay
Whistleblower Awarded $1.5 Million
Mr. Smith Goes to Raleigh
Duke Energy's $1.6 Billion for Asbestos Claims
Woman Freezes to Death After Power Cut
All Hands - 2003
Cash Balance Can be Beaten
Duke Energy Shooting, Brawl Update
Harvey Padewer at Secret Energy Meetings
Power Plants and Lung Cancer
Rats On a Sinking Ship
Rick Priory's Fun Ride
Mad As Hell
Duke Energy Will Not Retaliate
I Am Not a Crook
The $3,880 Megawatt-Hour
Yahoo Posters Can Stay Anonymous
Three Overtime Lawsuits Against Duke Energy
No cap put on harassment pay
Duke Energy Confirms Price Gouging
Company Owned Shrinks
Letter From Duke Energy's MOX Fuel Project Manager
Power Lines, Soot, and Cancer
GAO Writes Harkin on Misleading Sentence in Cash Balance Plan Ergs
Election Hearing Too Hot To Handle?
Court Considers if Employer Can Force Pledge Not to Sue
New cancer link to power lines
The American Bar Association and Cash Balance Plans
Good Riddance! - September "Directions"
Wal-Mart Fires Employee For Helping Blind Customers
Pension Revolt Catches Fire
Paying the Price for Greed and Arrogance
Now You Can Pay To Suck Up!
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
Eating Their Words!

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."