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Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Legal Petition: North Carolina Energy Monopolies Violating Customers' First Amendment Rights
"Duke often wields its political influence to block competition from cheaper, cleaner renewable energy sources"

Duke Energy must get rid of coal residue
"set a precedent in determining that ratepayers could be charged the 778 million chunk of cleanup expenses"

Investigations into Hillary Emails, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, AGT, Obama FBI and DOJ Crimes?
"Clinton Foundation which is probably the most corrupt entity in US and world history."

Duke-backed ratemaking bill in North Carolina could decrease regulatory oversight
"I don't know why [Duke] did not involve stakeholders"

Paying for coal ash clean up
"It wouldn't be fair, now, to ask customers to pay the cost of the risk the company took."

Big employers push back on Duke Energy rate bill
"the bill, largely written by Duke, hasn't been hashed out by key stakeholders."

Trump Exposes Liberal Elites' Virtue-Signaling Hypocrisy

Marriage Between Conservatives And Corporate America Is Officially Over
"legislators have been blackmailed in Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, and now Texas"

What About Old, Tired, Privileged & FAT White People?
"Michael Moore Lashes Out On 'Old, Tired, Privileged' White People"

Bad decisions cause Duke bill increases
"Duke continues to rely on old, expensive coal plants."

The real impact of coal ash on North Carolina's communities
"we can all support legislation that protects constituents from footing the entire bill for the most powerful corporation in the state."

CNN Pimped Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti 121 Times In Past Year
"He is even accused of withholding millions in settlement cash from a paraplegic client of his"

Boycott USA By Getting The Hell OUT
"Ocasio-Cortez applauded the boycott initiated by the Yemeni American Merchants Association"

Only a heckler can improve an evening with the money-grabbing Clintons
"Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing what comes naturally: Hitting people up for money."

Illegal alien invaders break border gate, force their way into Mexico
"acting in a 'hostile' and 'aggressive' way...attacking local police"

Duke Energy Writes Its Own Rate Increase Laws
"The company contributed heavily to the bill draft"

AGT International - Clinton Foundation Scandal Covered Up by FBI/DOJ
"DOJ terminated its internal investigation in 2016 despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid this investigation"

Duke Energy chooses coal ash litigation over clean water; customers be damned!
"Duke Energy's refusal to accept responsibility for cleaning up its dangerous coal ash pits is a slap in the face to the communities"

Duke Energy Trying to Weasel Out of Moving Coal Ash
"The order could cut the risk of toxic chemicals leaking into water supplies"

Never Knock Off MAGA Hat of a Man Armed With a Sword
"He Was Just Gushing Blood"

Complaints of Duke Energy bills skyrocketing
"I spent $1,500 more than I did the previous year and absolutely nothing has changed"

Each Day It's Duke Energy vs The People of NC
"I do worry about Duke trying to make customers pay for all of the cleanup, and we need to be ready to work against that"

Google is a massive criminal enterprise engaged in felony election meddling and racketeering
"election meddling, racketeering and systemic violation of human rights of the American people."

Nuns sexually abusing minors could become next Catholic Church scandal
"Finnegan alleged that she was repeatedly raped by a Catholic nun"

What a Real Coal Ash Cleanup Looks Like
"The state decided that protection of human health and the environment must be placed above the convenience of Duke Energy"

Jeanine Pirro Rips Evil Pelosi a New One
"Democrats are against securing the southern border- They only care about resisting President Trump."

Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank
"It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers"

Joe Biden Cold Open - SNL
"meets with a consultant...to evaluate if his behavior crosses the line for a presidential run"

"The connections between the entire Democrat Party and the deep state actors who created the fake Trump - Russia conspiracy run deep!"

Criminal Referrals To DOJ For Conspiracy And Leaking Classified Information
"related to the Obama administration's handling of the Trump-Russia investigation."

Duke Energy asks NC legislators for new ways to price gouge customers
"Bill 559, allows utilities to ask the N.C. Utilities Commission for alternatives to standard rate cases for a broad range of programs."

Guttersnipe Cortez Channels Hillary

Dem Aide Pleads Guilty In Kavanaugh Smear Job, Goes Straight To Jail
READER COMMENT: "He looks a lot like that little snake Kushner."

Coal ash be gone
"filed several environmentally themed bills...including one that would require Duke Energy to pay all the costs for cleanup."

Outcry against Duke Energy rate increase reaches Sumter
"A proposed rate increase for Duke Energy customers was not popular Tuesday night at a public hearing in Sumter."

Muslim Asylum Seeker Imprisoned For Killing Wife Who Converted To Christianity
"Dana Abdullah stabbed Avan Najmadiein...50 times in October and left her to die"

Bill would prohibit customers paying for coal ash excavation
"State lawmakers are getting ready for a fight because some of them want to stop Duke Energy from charging customers for coal ash cleanup."

Hard to Meet a Deadline For Something One Does Not Want to Do
"Duke Energy says it may not make deadline to remove coal ash"

Illegal alien charged with murdering nanny was twice-deported
"charged with murdering...as well as kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault."

Illegal alien arrested on 100+ child sex crimes
"Martinez was previously deported in 2005."

Biden Thwarted Investigation of Son's Company
"threatened to hurl Ukraine into bankruptcy if their top prosecutor, General Viktor Shokin, wasn't immediately fired"

Customers shouldn't pay for Duke's new coal ash cleanup
"Duke's shareholders...should pay the price for those mistakes."

Hillary Always Surrounds Herself With Creeps
"Two more women have come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately."

DEQ No Longer Totally Controlled by Duke
"Duke and its shareholders should take responsibility for years of disposal practices"

Pelosi Changes Tune, Tells Biden to Stop Being Touchy-Feely With Women
READER COMMENT: "Truly an amazing woman. She speaks, and instantly cures Joe Biden of pedophilia. Remarkable."

NC Orders Duke Energy to Clean Up its Coal Ash Pollution
"Decision Follows Years of Public Outcry, Pollution, Crimes & Spills"

Jeanine Pirro Rips The FBI, DOJ & CIA
"Jeanine calls for those who attempted a coup to be put behind bars."

Joe Biden accused of inappropriate touching
READER COMMENT: "Creepy Joe should be locked up. I'm a Democrat but Biden has got to go"

House Intel Readies Criminal Referrals For Clinton Operatives
"This is the unravelling of the biggest political scandal in American history"

FBI Sued for Failure to Report Known 9/11 Evidence to Congress
"use of pre-placed explosives to destroy World Trade Center Buildings, 1, 2, and 7"

Buying a Get-Out-Of-Jail Card for $10,000
"We did not exonerate Mr. Smollett"

Smollett Reaps Social Media Whirlwind From Liberals And Conservatives As #LiberalPrivilege Trends
"Smollett getting away with committing 16 felonies has me so pissed off right now"

Obama Connection to Jussie Smollett's Dropped Charges
"Did Michelle Obama play a role in Jussie Smollett's dropped charges?"

SPLC President And Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal
"Tina Tchen...unsuccessfully tried to pull strings and have the Jussie Smollett case transferred"

Michael Avenatti Arrested In Extortion Plot Against Nike, Conspired With Smollett's Lawyer
"Officials call Michael Avenatti 'a corrupt lawyer' who 'fights for his own selfish interests' "

Chattering Parrot Guttersnipe Cortez Thinks Her Green Deal from Hell Can Fix the Flint Water Crisis and Midwest Flooding
"0-57 with 43 cowardly Democrats voting 'present.' "

Green energy
"Duke Energy, with its monopoly and financial grip on our state’s legislature, is desperately trying to maintain its archaic business model."

Former CNN Legal Analyst Mark Geragos Is Avenatti Co-Conspirator
"Avenatti was a frequent guest on CNN in 2018."

Border patrol shuts down nearly a dozen checkpoints
READER COMMENT: "Start using bullets on the ones who try to violently force their way across. The rest will think twice."

Smollett Whitewash
"Why not give him a kiss?"

Emanuel Calls Smollett Charges Being Dropped 'A Whitewash Of Justice'
"grand jury indicted this individual based on only a piece of the evidence"

Avenatti Facing 97 Years Behind Bars
"embezzling client funds to finance his own expenses."

20 Illegal Aliens Jump Out Of Stolen Truck After Police Chase Them Down
"pay coyotes-otherwise known as human traffickers specialized in smuggling people over the U.S.-Mexico border"

N.C. Needs Energy Choice, Not Monopoly Control
"Duke Energy executives have long disregarded our safety and pocketbooks."

Thyroid cancer cluster
"Commissioners James Mallory and Jeffery McNeely said it's too early to rule out coal ash as a possible cause"

Democrats Are Right! Subpoena Mueller to House So GOP Can Grill Him on THE 100 TIMES He Committed Crimes
"DO IT!"

Thyroid cancers near Lake Norman
"ionizing radiation, the only environmental source clearly linked to thyroid cancer: radon...and coal ash"

Why Duke Energy’s CEO saw a big drop in compensation last year
"The decrease was due primarily to decreases in the present value of employees’ pension benefits"

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges
"Today we will launch a criminal investigation about this and we will give legal assessment of this information"

Southern Poverty Law Center Ripping Off Donors
"We were part of the con, and we knew it."

Get All Ragheads Out of Congress
"New Leak Exposes Who Stabbed Judge Pirro In Back"

SC Public Service Commission and Duke Energy square off in rate hearing
"complaints about high bills, smart meters, customer service and a number of other issues"

Guttersnipe Cortez: The Babling Idiot

Duke scales back proposed flat fee on energy customers, shifts hike to usage rates
"This is a fee that every Duke customer pays monthly regardless of how much power he or she uses."

Duke Energy wants $225 million more per year from SC utility customers
"Duke Energy is also expected to come back to the commission asking for even more money in the coming months."

Illegal Released By De Blasio Bites Off ICE Agent's Finger
"officer's injury was the direct, foreseeable and entirely avoidable result of New York's criminal alien sanctuary policies."

Border Patrol catches 400 illegal aliens in five minutes
"expects nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants to be encountered at the border in March, or a pace of more than 1 million this year."

CA Gov. Newsom Not Sending $3.5B Back To Trump, POTUS Shows Him Who's Boss
READER COMMENT: "That is Pelosi's nephew with the same amount of brain cells inherited."

North Carolina County Passes Resolution Declaring That They Are Now a 'Gun Sanctuary County'
"will not accept federal or state funds to be used to 'infringe on the right by the people to keep and bear arms as described.' "

Muslim Doctor Praises Trump and GOP in Live Interview - CNN Quickly Whisks Her Away
"Why did CNN cut her off after she destroyed their Islamophobia hoax?"

George Soros Tied To Phony Anti-Trump-Russia Dossier
"Soros funded Black Lives Matter protests across the country."

Chris Steele Used Random CNN Online Comments to Create Anti-Trump Dossier
"The Obama FBI and DOJ then unquestioningly used this junk document to spy on Trump."

Socialist Lunatic Ocasio-Cortez LASHES OUT after Polling Numbers Put Her in the Green New Gutter
"As Americans become more familiar with AOC, the more unfavorably they view her."

Duke rate hike ask goes before state regulators Thursday
"Duke's proposed fees are unjustified, inequitable and bad for consumers and the environment."

50+ Officers Quit Antifa-Controlled Portland Police Bureau
"ordered by the mayor to cater to the far left protesters and rioters like Antifa."

Guttersnipe Cortez Has Ties To A Dark Money Group
"Cortez serves on the board of Justice Democrats, the 'sister organization' of the dark money group."

Facebook criminal investigation for secret data-sharing deals
"150+ dubiously legal data partnerships"

Duke Energy proposed rate hike sparks Anderson customers' ire
" 'Outrageous,' 'preposterous' and 'unfair' "

Democrats Worship Illegal Aliens
"Democrats Vote To Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote"

Illegal Alien Arrested In Brutal Killing of Woman
"agents tried to deport Carranza nine times before, but their detainer requests were not honored in Los Angeles and Santa Clara"

Lisa Page's Testimony Confirms Conspiracy To Protect Clinton
"Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence"

Concerned customers pack Duke Energy rate hike meeting
"It was standing room only as customers spoke against the rate increase."

Gov. Cooper's clean energy plan
"we need permanent remediation of coal ash contamination to be paid for in full by Duke Energy"

Ivanka & Guttersnipe Cortez are Both Losers
"When you hear Ivanka Trump speak on issues like this one, it sounds silly."

Maybe They Should Claim They Are Indians Like "Pocahontas"
"Warren Has 'Zero' Sympathy With People Who Lied To Get Into College"

Guttersnipe Cortez Gets Philosophical: You Know, Like, Whatever, You Know?
"AOC said 'like' no fewer than 71 times, 'you know' at least 34 times, and 'whatever' five times."

Cheney Crawles Out From Under His Rock
READER COMMENT: "Who in the world would take advice from Dick Cheney? Either on the subject of foreign policy OR hunting."

Proposed Duke Energy Rate Increase Blasted
"flat fee on residential customers...'the highest (fee hike) requested by any of the publicly traded electric utilities in the nation.' "

Mueller Rigs Investigation
"Mueller quoted selectively from Trump campaign emails in court filings in the case against George Papadopoulos."

Venezuelan Expat Shreds Guttersnipe Cortez And Other Democrats For Promoting Socialism
"Socialism is what destroyed Venezuela. There's nothing for free in the world. Somebody is going to have to pay for it."

A Selfie To Die For
"A Woman Climbed Over A Zoo Wall To Take A Selfie With Jaguar. It Did Not Turn Out Well"

Sunshine remains best disinfectant
"At Duke Energy's Buck Steam Station, we reported for years on how coal ash ponds affected the water quality for nearby residents."

Duke Energy will need to create a corrective action plan for its coal ash ponds in Indiana
"high levels of arsenic, cobalt and lead."

Hearings set on Duke rates
"increase of $17.91 per month beginning June 1, another $1.60 per month beginning June 1, 2020, and another $1.81 per month on June 1, 2021."

Guttersnipe Cortez Power Grab

Searching for answers behind thyroid cancer cases in Iredell County
"There are more coal ash fills in the Mooresville area than anywhere else in the state."

Smollett Facing Up to 48 YEARS Behind Bars
"Smollett is facing up to 48 years behind bars and fines of up to $400,000"

READER COMMENT: "As for the letter, that's a federal matter & those dogs will not let a bone go! It's ALL going to fall apart."

Guttersnipe Cortez Slapped With THIRD Ethics Complaint In A Week
READER COMMENT: "Proof of people that know the least, think they know the most."

Guttersnipe Cortez Regrets Costing NYC 25,000 Amazon Jobs
"Cortez is backpedaling"

Nancy Pelosi MOVES ON Guttersnipe Cortez
"Pelosi goes after AOC and Omar."

Petition seeks deportation for Ilhan Omar
"married her own brother in a sham marriage constituting immigration fraud (while still with her first husband)."

Judge Jeanine Risks Everything To Expose Who Pelosi Might Work For
READER COMMENT: "Pelosi, Schumer and Killary got payoffs by El Chapo. He confessed this at Gitmo recently."

Pelosi, Do The Country A Favor & Never Take Another Breath
"Nancy Pelosi is reveling in her glory after retaking the powerful Speaker Of The House position"

Pelosi Imploding
"Pelosi facing new questions about how much control she has over her the Democratic Party"

Ethics Group To File House Complaint On Guttersnipe Cortez's Twitter Use
"This is not the first ethical complaint Ocasio-Cortez has had this week."

READER COMMENT: "The only crime he committed was winning that presidency from ol’ Crooked Hilary"

Duke Energy settles with dozens of homeowners over Dan River coal ash spill
"This settlement also puts Duke Energy on notice to act responsibly to protect the environment"

Nancy's 'Drunk As A Skunk' James Woods Points Out
READER COMMENT: "Put Pelosi in GITMO where she belongs for TREASON and being a huge TRAITOR TO AMERICA."

Twitter CEO Dorsey: 'We Were Too Aggressive' In Banning Conservatives
"Twitter has a long history of controversial decisions involving bias against conservative voices"

Guttersnipe Cortez Would Like to Censor Unflattering News About Her
"Targeting big names on Capitol Hill and in the White House seems to be common practice for the media."

Guttersnipe Cortez Doesn't Want This News Published
READER COMMENT: "She's not so Squeaky clean after all, But shes Definitely Squeaky!"

Least Qualified in Congress Simply Answered Casting Call
READER COMMENT: "It's all about distractions to what is truly going on behind the scenes, clue was that AOC is Media's darling."

Guttersnipe Cortez accused of breaking campaign finance law
READER COMMENT: "AOC is very Transparent, so much so that we can see right through her."

Hillary Says She Was Misunderstood When She Said She Wasn't Running
READER COMMENT: "Aww. She thought everybody would beg her if she played hard to get. And, nobody did. That's embarrassing."

Measles "outbreaks" are caused by measles vaccine
"measles outbreaks were occurring among children who were already vaccinated"

Dem Lawmaker Triggered; CNBC Host Calls His Talking Points 'A Crock of Sh*t'
READER COMMENT: "Calling a spade a spade, so to speak."

Environmental study ranks Belmont coal ash site second worst in nation
"leaking cobalt into groundwater, more than 500 times above safe levels, along with other pollutants."

Action needed on Wabash fly ash ponds
"Duke Energy’s shuttered Wabash River Generating Station show levels of arsenic, cobalt and lead higher than groundwater protection standards."

Guttersnipe Cortez accused of campaign finance violations
"Report says Cortez staffer ran 1 million dollar slush fund."

READER COMMENT: "Yes, AOC, you are dumb."

Jerome Corsi CNN Interview Awkwardly Shut down By Anderson Cooper After Lawyer Brings Up Obama's 'Fraudulent' Birth Certificate
"There's other forensic analyses, the birth certificate uses the word 'African-American' in 1961. That term was not used until Jesse Jackson"

Never Believe Anything CROOKED HILLARY Says
"Crooked Hillary told reporters at News 12 on Monday she will not be running for president in 2020."

Widespread contamination at coal ash sites
"Duke Energy’s Allen Steam Station’s coal ash dumps were built beneath the water table and had leaked cobalt"

Duke Energy's proposed rate hike hit with criticism
"proposal would more than triple its residential basic facilities charge"

Turning A Blind Eye To The Coal Ash Threat?
"The most dangerous sites are located in Texas, North Carolina and Wyoming"

Roseanne Barr Says Kamala Harris “Slept Her Way to the Bottom”
READER COMMENT: "Here I was, thinking Kamala already WAS the bottom."

Guttersnipe Cortez a Pompous Little Twit & Garden Variety Hypocrite
"The co-founder of environmental activist group Greenpeace tore apart New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal on Twitter Monday."

2 Black Youths Rob Immigrant Shopkeeper, SHOOT HIM WHILE HE HANDS OVER THE CASH!
"family knows the gunman, and has even helped the gunman's mother during hard times."

Hillary's fake southern accent is back and worse than ever
"she always invokes a fake southern accent when talking to crowds in the deep south"

Former ICE Director Blasts Guttersnipe Cortez for RANK LIES and IGNORANCE on ICE
"And he ripped apart EVERY SINGLE BOGUS ACCUSATION by the Democrat Socialist."

AOC Admits Who She Really Serves
READER COMMENT: "What should concern us is there were enough morons to vote her into office."

Mueller Summoned Before FISA Court Over FBI Abuses in 2002
READER COMMENT: "We the American people need to take this country back?"

Trump Delights CPAC Crowd With Green New Deal Mockery
"Darling, is the wind blowing today? I would like to watch television, darling."

Harmful pollutants shouldn't be left in risky locations
"The Duke Energy coal ash spill...forever spoiled over 70 miles of the Dan River"

Clinton Foundation Connected AGT Forwarded Top Secret US Intel to RUSSIA – FBI/DOJ Covered It Up - PART V
"DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI"

Cohen Flipped on Trump because Mueller Threatened to Jail His Wife for 30 Years
READER COMMENT: "In a just world, a swat team would show up at Mueller's house at 4 am and take him away in cuffs, under the watchful eye of CNN."

Guttersnipe Cortez Accused Of Making Illegal Payments To Boyfriend
"filed a complaint...that Ocasio-Cortez's campaign may have illegally funneled thousands of dollars through a PAC to her boyfriend, Riley Roberts"

Bernie Hires Illegal Alien To Be His Potty-Mouthed Press Secretary
"Sisa has been on the Bernie train for years."

Newly Uncovered Evidence Connects Crooked Hillary and Creepy Podesta to Fake Russian Hoax Before Election
"A summary of Podesta's emails shows contempt for Americans and a desire for power at all costs."

House Democrats Suffer Embarrassing Loss On Gun Control Amendment Vote
"would require ICE to notify the background check system anytime an undocumented immigrant tries to buy a gun, an embarrassment for Dem leaders."

Cohen Referred To AG Barr For Alleged Perjury At Oversight Hearing
"Cohen is scheduled to report to jail for a three-year sentence for tax evasion, bank fraud, and lying to Congress on May 6."

Teenager Arrested For Throwing 81-Year-Old Trump-Supporter to the Ground Over His MAGA Hat
"New Jersey law enforcement arrested 19-year-old Ryan M. Salvagno"

Governor Blackface's Wife Pam Hands Out Cotton to Black Kids on Mansion Tour
"Pam Northam handed a ball of cotton to her and another black child and asked them to imagine being enslaved and having to pick cotton."

Chicago Police: Overwhelming Evidence Jussie Smollett Staged Crime
"According to Superintendent Eddie Johnson, there is mounting evidence that Smollett was fully responsible for staging a 'hate crime.' "

Protected by a Sanctuary City: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Who Raped a Child Has Been Sentenced
"If the ICE detainer had been honored by local law enforcement, this crime never would have happened"

"CORTEZ was caught again living the way that she says is bad for the planet!"

Guttersnipe AOC Green New Deal Heckler
READER COMMENT: "Awesomeness, from under a rock to Congress! An actual LIBTARD!"

Facebook whistleblower exposes malicious algorithm to shadow ban and de-boost conservative content
"thereby admitting to criminal election meddling and fraud."

Sunrise Movement Activists Storm Russell Senate Office, Leave In Handcuffs
"at least 40 arrests as they attempted to demand action from lawmakers on the Green New Deal."

Trump To Use His Veto Power Hammer On Democrats To Saves America's Border Wall
"Ronald Reagan said the border was in crisis. Bill Clinton said the border was in crisis. George Bush Sr. AND George Bush Jr. said the border was in crisis."

Facebook Eliminated Over One Billion Page-Views to Conservative Websites in 2018
READER COMMENT: "Zuckerburg should be indicted for lying to Congress multiple times."

Researchers test samples in Iredell County to ensure drinking water is safe
"Since there was so much demand for these tests, researchers have added an extra day for the drop-offs."

Knife-Wielding Muslim Declares Allegiance To ISIS, Attacks A Cop, Gets Shot. MEDIA BLACKOUT ENSUES
"I just want a cop to come real quick...I want to deal with him."

The Autopsy of a Dead Coup!
"He sees the members of the coup will begin to ask for leniency in return for information on their cohorts"

Woman Who Attacked Massachusetts Man Over MAGA Hat Is Illegal Alien; Arrested By ICE Tuesday
READER COMMENT: "If we have chain immigration, we should have chain deportation."

Terrence Howard confronted Jussie Smollett, Never believed his story & had Meltdown
READER COMMENT: "Your race card has been declined."

Coalition Aims To Slow Duke Energy's Influence In N.C.
"The 15 organizations want to transition North Carolina to 100% renewable electricity and end...monopoly control of Duke Energy in the state."

It's time to break NC's dependence on fossil fuels
"They've also been hit with repeated rate increases and toxic coal ash pollution while the utility blocks competition from cheaper, cleaner renewable energy"

Guttersnipe Cortez’s Green New Deal Would Cost Over $600,000 Per Household
"The total price tag would be $93 trillion over 10 years."

For an Actor Wanting to Wear a Dress, Any Excuse Will Do
READER COMMENT: "That is a great gown. Maybe he should sign up for the military and wear it in a combat situation and see how long he lives."

Corey Booker and a Man walk into a bathroom.
"A gay man who describes himself as a liberal Democrat is accusing New Jersey Senator Cory Booker of sexually assaulting him"

Jussie Smollett says 3,500 was for PERSONAL TRAINING
READER COMMENT: "His Aunt Kamala Harris put him up to this."

Transgender Activist Accused of Burning Down Own Home, Killing 5 Pets in Hate Hoax Crime
"Joly was frustrated that the 'Jackson Pride Parade' and festival held just days before the home was set ablaze, hadn't received more attention"

Radical Socialist Guttersnipe Cortez Tells People They Shouldn't Reproduce Due to Climate Change
"We are literally going to die unless the Green New Deal is passed, according to AOC."

Too Bad Ginsburg; Judges Can't Rule From The Dead, Supreme Court Rules
"But federal judges are appointed for life, not for eternity."

JetBlue Apologizes For Honoring Fugitive Cop Killer In Black History Month Tribute
"first woman to be placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list after escaping to Cuba from prison, where she was serving a life sentence for the 1973 murder of a police officer."

Even Idiots Know Guttersnipe Cortez is an Idiot
"Cortez is not the future of the Democratic Party."

READER COMMENT: "Do you think they want the anti lynching act is so they can't be hung for treason"

READER COMMENT: "He will be suicided next week."

IT WAS A DEEP STATE SET-UP: Trump Campaign Volunteer Papadopoulos Introduced to 'Russian' Mifsud by FBI in London!
READER COMMENT: "Entrapment."

An illegal immigrant killed my daughter. Trump's right - we must complete the border wall.
"Mandy was so badly injured that the police initially wouldn't let me see her body."

Jussie tells the truth
READER COMMENT: "I personnally didnt have a clue who this flake was before he started all these hate crime lies."

The Libertarian View: You Suck, Jussie Smollett
READER COMMENT: "America is so great,...black men have to pay Nigerians to oppress them..."

Huntersville community discusses next steps in rare eye cancer cases
"Is it possible that Duke Energy's operations and coal ash basins in Lake Norman are contributing to the cancer cluster?"

Client Knocks Out Lawyer and Bites Butt in Court, After 47-year Sentence
"prosecutors were pulling him away because his client was on the ground biting his butt."

FLASHBACK: Bernie Describes Wanting To Puke Watching JFK Get Tough On Castro
"But I remember, for some reason, being very excited when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba."

Guttersnipe Cortez Tweets Blatantly Wrong Accusation About GOP Operative
"She's easily the most reckless politician in America"

Many Would Have Been Glad To Stomp Smollett For Free
"They were also paid $3,500 each prior to leaving for Nigeria and promised $500 each upon their return"

Obama FBI-DOJ Covered Up Clinton Foundation - AGT Crimes - KILLED INVESTIGATION BEFORE 2016 ELECTION (Part III)
"More crimes with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation - More cover ups from Obama's corrupt and conflicted DOJ and FBI."

Radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib Condemns Detroit Taco Eating Bar Crawl
READER COMMENT: "Couldn't care less what this Muslim trash has to say."

Guttersnipe Cortez Now Telling People What They Can Eat
"Cortez Instructs Americans To Eat Fewer Hamburgers"

Sanctuary Laws Allowed Illegal Alien Who Tried To Kill A Cop Remain In The US
"officials claim a deadly shootout between an illegal immigrant and a sheriff’s deputy could have been prevented if California sanctuary laws allowed them to do their job."

Health Concerns Prompt Investigation of NC Coal Ash
"people living in close proximity to coal-fired plants had higher rates of all-cause and premature mortality, increased risk of respiratory disease and lung cancer"

FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation Crimes - PART II
"The DOJ terminated its internal investigation despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public!"

FLASHBACK: Clinton to Use 'Executive Order' for Gun Control
"If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she'll close the loopholes"

Bill Cosby has been moved to a general population cell at a Pennsylvania prison
"Cosby was sentenced in September to 3 to 10 years behind bars."

Judge Sets $100,000 Bond For Jussie Smollett - Must Post Only $10,000
"Chicago Police admitted Smollett sent himself the racist, homophobic letter to the 'Empire' studio."

Jussie Smollett in Custody For False Police Report
"Smollett had been charged with concocting an attack in Streeterville, because 'he was dissatisfied with his salary.' "

Smollett Charged With Filing A False Police Report
"A conviction for a class 4 felony in Illinois carries a 1-3 year prison sentence"

Judge Uses Government Credit Card to Buy Gas, Goes to Prison for It
"The state legislature voted to impeach the entire supreme court for misusing government funds."

FBI's top lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should face charges, but was talked out of it
"The revelation is contained in testimony Baker gave to House investigators last year."

Woman Charged With Assault and Battery For Hitting MAGA Hat Off Stranger's Head
"he wasn't going to press charges - but then she assaulted him again in front of four police officers."

Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules
"The story behind a Palm Beach sex offender's remarkable deal"

Duke Energy Called to Use More Clean Energy
"Over 100 people came out to the public hearing, and all of the speakers criticized Duke Energy over their resistance to switching to more clean energy sources."

Uncovered FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation and Russian/China Related Crimes
"Clintons were compensated for their support and endorsement by Kochavi and Edelman through payments to the Clinton Foundation."

For the love of the South
"In April 2007, after a seven-year battle, the SELC won a U.S. Supreme Court case, Environmental Defense v. Duke Energy"

Guttersnipe Cortez Lives Up To Worst Stereotypes Of The Participation Trophy Generation
"millennial generation is also known as the 'participation trophy generation,' used to being fawned over without doing a whole lot to merit it"

Brothers Expected to Testify Before Grand Jury in Jussie Smollett Case
"FBI and US Postal Inspection Service are investigating whether Jussie Smollett played a role in sending a threatening and racist letter"

No, AOC, our border wall is not like the Berlin Wall because it wasn't built to imprison Americans
"The comparison of these two walls draws attention to an aspect of socialism that Ocasio-Cortez should find embarrassing."

Alleged abuse of deaf children on 2 continents points to Vatican failings
"Catholic Church: a place of silent torment where prosecutors say pedophiles preyed on the most isolated and submissive children."

Free water testing for neighbors of Duke Energy
"Recently in Mooresville, there was a cancer cluster identified"

List Of Hoax 'Hate Crimes' In The Trump Era
"Smollett's alleged fake 'hate crime' appears to be the latest instance of liberals manufacturing hate crimes for attention"

First Golden Fleece of 2019
"Golden Fleece Award for accepting inflated bids for the management of Medicare Part D."

North Carolina groups call for end to utility monopoly
"Energy Justice NC: End the Duke Monopoly."

Cities And States Are Scaling Back Their Green Ambitions As Costs Skyrocket, Opposition Grows
"Cities and states are having a hard time trying to implement climate policies laid out in the Green New Deal."

Jussie Smollett Wanted More Media Attention; Now He's Getting it!
"Smollett was so upset after the racist threatening letter sent to Empire's studio didn't get a 'bigger reaction,' that he decided to concoct the fake MAGA attack."

Nathan Phillips Pushes Camera and Runs When Confronted By Reporter About Covington
"Perhaps it would have been okay if Perdie was banging a drum while he approached him."

Clean energy is the best way forward
"With Duke Energy's political influence, laws...are usually favorable to it while our state - and Earth - endure pollution and high utility bills."

"Documents prove two Nigerian brothers who work as extras on the highly rated Fox drama bought the rope which was found around Smollett's neck"

Chicago police investigating whether 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett paid brothers to stage attack
"Detectives are following up on information provided by the brothers while they were in custody for two days this past week"

Idiot Wants to Advise Another Idiot
"Mika...Says Ocasio-Cortez Makes Her Cringe With Lack Of Experience, Wants To Give Advice"

Rod Rosenstein: Poster Boy For Pencil-Necked Geeks
"Roseinstein, who is expected to soon leave the Justice Department, has rebuffed Congress's requests for him to testify"

Inside the horrifying, unspoken world of sexually abusive nuns
"Pope Francis recently made the bombshell admission that some nuns were abused by priests and even used as sex slaves"

Pelosi wishes Happy Thanksgiving' — on Valentine's Day!
"caught herself holding up only five fingers while talking about six bills."

Duke Energy continues obfuscation on coal ash
"Duke elevates dodging responsibility to an art form"

McCabe Admits Deep State Officials Discussed Recruiting Cabinet Members to Push Trump Out of Office
"Treason is punishable by death in the United States."

Congress Blindsides Hillary - Democrat Plan For Trump Gets Clinton Instead

McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Schiff & Omar
"Jefferson and Adams understood that one day in the new nation's future, we would again have to wage a second American revolution to clean house of the rats' nest"

Coal Ash: A Growing Environmental Concern in NC
"North Carolina's slow steps to implement site closures offer insight into the political power of the state’s bureaucratic energy monopoly."

Lets look into Nancy Pelosi's finances
READER COMMENT: "Harry Truman said it best. If you get wealthy being in politics you're a crook."

You'll Never Get The Truth From 2 Liars
"Dirty Rod Rosenstein Rejects McCabe's Stunning Remarks"

This is your week to share coal ash input
"Duke Energy has proposed leaving the coal ash at six unlined pits, but environmental groups say it will keep polluting groundwater"

NC residents demand more action from environmental justice board
"This state is the den of iniquity."

NC should move now on safe coal ash storage
"DEQ...has years of public input to consider, and the public overwhelmingly wants coal ash moved"

Duke Energy's Monopoly Control of North Carolina's Electric System
"Duke's influence is a moral decay that erodes our democracy"

Professor explains 'the Ocasio-Cortez effect' on campuses
READER COMMENT: "AOC is the dumbest person to ever be in our government"

Hillary Dancing? Dancing Like a Side of Beef
READER COMMENT: "She should be dancing at the end of a stout hemp rope."

Add your voice to N.C. coal ash closure plans
"Duke Energy's plan is to simply cap the ash in place - where it is sitting in the groundwater - and run away."

There will be no justice as long as Mueller and Rosenstein are running the DOJ
READER COMMENT: "GITMO is the only way these criminals ever see justice"

Associated Press Lies About Ocasio-Cortez In Their Own Fact Check Article!
READER COMMENT: "huge eyes = huge lies"

Press conference challenging Duke Energy monopoly
"Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 1 p.m."

Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders.
READER COMMENT: "When the Invader's start killing the Rich and their Family's, watch the screams for a wall"

9th Circuit Sides With Trump On Environmental Waivers For Border Wall
"The dissenting judge, Consuelo Callahan"

THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS Line Up to See Trump in El Paso
"Hundreds Arrive 24 Hrs Early - 75,000 Request Tickets For 8,000 Seats"

Sorry Michelle - Grammy Ratings at All-Time Low - Liberal Politics Turn Off American Viewers
READER COMMENT: "She looked large and lurking next to her husband too."

Guttersnipe Cortez CAUGHT IN MAJOR LIE! Claims Crazy 'Green New Deal' Document FROM HER OWN WEBSITE Is a Fake!
READER COMMENT: "Dyslexic-Occult-Cortex just keeps spiraling down the crapper."

NANCY PELOSI & GUTTERSNIPE CORTEZ meltdown on CNN & FOX News Live - Dumb and Dumber
READER COMMENT: "Pelosi needs to retire and Ocasio- Cortez needs to go back to elementary school."

Rep. Liz Cheney Did NOT Allow Jake Tapper to Lead Her Answers
"Cheney called...Elizabeth Warren 'a laughingstock.' "

Bill That Would Hold Clinton, Comey And Others Accountable For Lying
"certain people have the book thrown at them, while others face no consequences at all for their behavior."

Fidelity and Hillary had a relationship
READER COMMENT: "Mueller was brought in as 'The Fixer'...They never thought they would get caught."

Acting AG Shows Sheila Jackson Lee Does NOT Run the Show
READER COMMENT: "Sheila Jackson Lee is the Biggest Joke and her time in the Congress is up. Vote her out!"

Border agents apprehended convicted child molesters and an MS-13 member where there's no barrier
"Honduran man with a record in North Carolina showing a conviction for 'Indecent Liberties with Child,' "

Guttersnipe Cortez Tells NPR One Thing, Tells Chuck Todd The Opposite - Just Hours Later
"Thursday evening, however, the congresswoman appeared to have changed her tune."

Robert Mueller Hauled Before FISA Court to Address FBI Abuses in 2002
"FBI abused the FISA courts and illegally obtained a warrant on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page"

Ben Stein on Guttersnipe Cortez: She Doesn't Know her Ass From Her Elbow
READER COMMENT: "I think Ben is being generous"

Twitter Turns on Guttersnipe Cortez After SOTU Behavior
READER COMMENT: "Haven’t seen that many Dems dressed in white since they founded the KKK."

Guttersnipe Cortez Pulls Her Lunatic Green New Deal Plan from Her Webpage
READER COMMENT: "It's a joke. She is a joke. The whole thing is a joke and yet media is treating her like a respected scientist"

DNC Was Not Hacked by Russians in 2016 - It Was an Inside Job And the Deep State Knows It!
"insider who released the emails was Seth Rich...who was murdered in Washington DC in July of 2016"

Sen. Sasse Launches Investigation Into DOJ Handling Of Epstein Case
"The victims of Epstein's child sex trafficking ring deserve this investigation - and so do the American people and the members of law enforcement"

Duke Energy Continues to Invent & Hide More Fees
"Duke is proposing to triple the mandatory hidden monthly fee"

Take responsibility Duke Energy
"Clean up the coal ash and don't make us pay higher monthly electric bills to cover your mistakes."

President Trump Delivers Second State Of The Union Address
"Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards"

Guttersnipe Cortez Refuses To Applaud Much Of Anything At SOTU
"Socialist AOC refuses to applaud record low African-American & Hispanic unemployment levels."

MS-13 Murders Man on 7 Train in New York City In Ocasio-Cortez's District - She's Bringing Illegal to SOTU
READER COMMENT: "ICE should arrest any illegals at the Capital and any Congressman who attempts to aid and abet their crimes by interfering."

DOCUMENTS SHOW CNN WAS TIPPED OFF on Roger Stone Arrest by 29 FBI Armed Agents - Leaked by Deep State!
READER COMMENT: "The SOTU should be the declaration of martial law, I for one am ready. The swamp is out of control."

Pentagon sends 3,750 more active-duty troops to the Mexico border
"The new troops will lay 150 more miles of razor wire"

Is Don Lemon the son of Maxine Waters?
READER COMMENT: "Gladys Knight = Legend...Don Lemon = self appointed moral compass of bitter butt boys and other assorted losers"

Democrats are leaving Hillary Clinton behind
"Hillary Clinton's political career is over, kaput, finished."

Watch A North Carolina Man Hold Burglary Suspects At Gunpoint
"The policeman said it best, that they're lucky that I didn't shoot them"

Famous Rapper Discovered To Be Living In The US Illegally, Arrested By ICE
"It doesn't appear 21 Savage's immigration status attracted the government's attention until recently, despite a conviction on felony charges back in 2014."

Raleigh protest against Duke Energy's coal ash cleanup plan
"Not everyone is happy with Duke's plan to clean up the mess."

Pelosi Wants Open Borders And Doesn't Mind Human Trafficking
"I think she is very bad for our country"

Don't Try to Defend Dick Cheney; He's Nothing
READER COMMENT: "Both Dubya' and Cheney paved the way for the abomination that was Obama. Good riddance to both of them."

5 years after Dan River coal ash spill
"We know coal ash and substances like arsenic do not go away, they don't disappear, they don't evaporate"

I've fought sex trafficking as a DHS special agent - We need to build the wall for the children
"10,000 children are being smuggled into the U.S. every year to be sold as sex slaves"

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Admits Twitter Colludes with Far Left Activist Groups and Governments Like Pakistan to Censor Users
READER COMMENT: "Twitter is an enemy of the USA and the constitution. Something needs to be done to shut them down."

Duke agreed to pay record $10 million fine for lax security
"If you're not paying attention to regulatory compliance, how close are you paying attention to safety?"

Duke Energy wants to burn coal ash in Chatham County a second time
"There are still many unknown risks about what they’re going to do."

Hillary Camp Set Up Trump Tower Meeting Between Russians and Don Jr. - 'Russians' Involved Are Connected to the Clintons
READER COMMENT: "Clinton's are evil people and make the mafia look small. Hillary and Bill have done more damage to our country than anyone in America."

Jerome Corsi Tries To Clarify His Allegations About Roger Stone
"acknowledging his recollection of events could be wrong, while Stone could be right."

Plant Neighbors Call On Governor To Order Coal Ash Removal
"it's time for Governor Cooper to live up to a campaign promise to protect the environment."

President Trump Discovers Paul Ryan is a Liar
"Ryan promised to secure wall funding while Republicans controlled both Houses in exchange for the president's signature on the 2018 omnibus spending bill."

Largest Fentanyl Drug Bust In History Made As Truck Tried Crossing The Mexico Border
"President Donald Trump is trying to secure funding for a wall he would like to be built along the southern border to prevent smuggling and illegal immigration."

Landfill leachate released into stream at Duke Energy plant
"According to Duke Energy, between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons of leachate was released into the Bowes Branch"

Graham Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Justification For Pre-Dawn Raid on Roger Stone
"Christopher Wray is a disgrace to this country and should be forced out as FBI Director for allowing his agents to run around like KGB thugs."

Model Admits She Made Up Russian Collusion Story About Trump To Get Out Of Jail
"Vashukevich was doing hard time in Thailand for offering her sex coach talents to the locals."

Top Defense Official Testifies Trump Does Not Need Congress or National Emergency to Build Border Wall
READER COMMENT: "Build it and they will (not) come"

Chris Christie destroys Jared Kushner, Kushner's father, and New Jersey in just 10 seconds
"it's one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes that I prosecuted ... and I was the U.S. attorney in New Jersey"

Global Warming Was a Big Lie All Along
"Cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather"

Unhinged Protester Leaps at Presidential Motorcade - Gets Taken Down by Secret Service, Arrested
"One protester was arrested for jumping in front of the motorcade near the 17th and Pennsylvania intersection."

"Good" Antifa Leftist Has Been Located
"Landeros points the gun at the officers. Then the cops opened fire."

Antifa Thug Shot To Death After Drawing Down on Eugene, OR Cops in School
"Landeros accepted the room temperature challenge and drew down on the police, they dealt with his threat exactly as you'd expect. Landeros died at the scene."

If Trump Removed From Office, Hillary May Become President
"That way they can make Nancy Pelosi president...She can make Hillary Clinton vice president and then step aside."

Roger Stone Raid Raises Questions About Wray Among FBI Rank And File
"FBI Director Wray...seems to be Mueller's errand boy."

CNN Hid Images and Video of Roger Stone’s 72-Year-Old Wife Being Dragged Out of Home Barefoot and In Nightgown
"I was made to stand in the street, handcuffed and in bare feet. They brought my wife out in her nightgown and also in bare feet...she's not accused of any crime."

Now Pelosi Talks Out Of Other Side Of Mouth
"Pelosi Monday formally invited President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address next Tuesday on February 5."

Where is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozes during President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address to Congress"

Poll: Trump Loses 43% of Base If Wall Is Not Built
READER COMMENT: "If he goes soft on immigration (and I'm including any amnesty along with this) he's toast. Period."

DC Antifa Leader Charged With Ethnic Intimidation Related To Attack On Marines
"10 to 12 Antifa members called them 'Nazis' and 'white supremacists' and attacked them on the street"

Last best chance to be heard: What's next for Lake Wylie's 19M tons of coal ash?
"This stuff will be poisonous forever. This is a problem forever. This is the public's last best chance to be heard."

Pelosi Lied About President Trump Delivering SOTU Address From House Chambert
READER COMMENT: "Message to President Trump. Never trust a Democrat. They are all liars."

Feds Refuse to Unseal Documents on FBI Deep State Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower that Implicate Mueller
READER COMMENT: "Black Robe Tyranny has to stop. The politicians aren't going to do it. We the People must."

HAITI 2.0 - Clintons Travel to Puerto Rico to 'Assist' with Hurricane Recovery Efforts
READER COMMENT: "Maybe the Clintons are there to buy more kids - that was a key activity for them in Haiti"

Call Senator Wells and demand Duke excavate coal ash waste
"This isn't about being a Republican or Democrat. This is about the health and safety of the people"

To save America, Trump must declare a "New American Revolution"
"Millions of Americans citizens would rise up to defend America, protect our borders and defeat the enemy combatants"

Multiple Lies by Mueller Mobster Lisa Page - Why Is Only Roger Stone's Home Raided for Lying to Congress?
"what about the lying done by Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lisa Page & lover, Baker and soooo many others?"

Calls For Nancy Pelosi To RESIGN After Sen Ted Cruz EXPOSED THIS
"Republicans had a plan to pay federal workers during the shutdown. But that proposal did not pass because all but 6 Democrats voted against it."

NC Regulators Deciding How to Clean Up Coal Ash Sites
"Duke Energy should take responsibility for the pollution and the contamination that it's been storing by our important waterways for decades."

Illegal Alien Living in Texas Sentenced to Prison For Voting in 2016 Election Using Fake ID
"Salazar Ortiz began using the name several years back after buying a birth certificate from a man in a bar for $20."

READER COMMENT: "CNN guy was in front of Roger Stone's house an hour before the FBI raid."

Fake accounts have been keeping Facebook afloat
"Facebook will go the way of AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy—if legal liability doesn't bankrupt it first."

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper Can Now Prove He Is Not Under Duke's Thumb like Pat McCrory
"Cooper...dubbed McCrory, 'the Duke Energy Governor.' "

Professional Victim Nathan Phillips is an Embarrassment to the Indian Nation
"Nathan Phillips Has A History Of Playing The Victim"

There's Still Time for Ginsburg Death Prophesy of “1933-2019” to Play Out
"The graphic...showed a photo of Ginsburg and the dates '1933-2019.' "

We've Already Issued Subpoenas and Search Warrants against Online Abusers of Covington School Children
"When it comes to the offenses that rise to the felony level we can extradite."

New Caravan Grows as Mexico Eases Passage
"It is clear the left is using the caravans to try to destabilize the government"

Nathan Phillips Not a Vietnam Vet - He Was a Mechanic Who Went AWOL THREE TIMES
"He claimed he was a Recon Ranger - there is no such thing as a Marine Recon Ranger, Rangers are in the Army."

Nathan Phillips Stopped by Security From Disrupting Catholic Mass With Drum Protest
"The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security"

Blexit Conference: Encouraging Black People To Leave The Democratic Party
"It's the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America"

Mugger attacks senior who was a kickboxing champ, loses TKO
"Shepherd is a five-time world kickboxing champ...retired 18 years"

Climate change HOAX has convinced Guttersnipe Cortez that the world is going to end in 12 years
"There is no climate emergency; only an emergency of ignorance and stupidity among climate hoaxers"

Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits
"if the goal was to deter me in helping these families, it had the opposite effect."

Democrats Won't Build Wall Because They're Under Influence of Mexican Mafia
"Jeffrey Peterson states in his profile on Twitter that he is a former Democrat who 'walked away' "

Activist Nathan Phillips Never Served in Vietnam - But Raised Money By Saying He Did
READER COMMENT: "Maybe he and Running Mouth Warren can get together for a beer summit."

Mother Responds to New Footage of the Children Being Bullied By Protesters
READER COMMENT: "I'm sorry to say, and it's horrible, but the only way to make some of these people get better is by euthanasia."

DJ Calls For Covington Catholic School to be Burned Down - With Kids Locked Inside - TWITTER SAYS HE DIDN'T VIOLATE RULES
"Police...FBI were flooded with phone calls and emails from people reporting Mr. Buchanan's terroristic threats."

Find the criminals in Mueller's office
"Levin called for an investigation into the source of the continuing Department of Justice leaks."

More Fake CNN News Exposed
"Scott Adams apologizes for believing @CNN about the Covington Catholic Boys fake news."

President Trump Invited to Deliver SOTU Address in Raleigh by North Carolina Speaker
READER COMMENT: "He should definitely go to North Carolina for the State of the Union. The more he is out of DC and among the people the better."

Crowd Wants Duke To Remove Coal Ash At Marshall Plant
"Duke's preferred option is to keep the ash where it is and to add a waterproof cover. That idea got only boos."

Residents call for Duke Energy to excavate coal ash from Marshall Steam Station
"Attendees refused to follow DEQ's meeting format, instead yelling a collective 'no!' when Holman told them to break into groups and visit informational booths"

A green-card holder voted illegally 3 times in NC. The judge scolds election officials.
"So they see a green card and say...they don't know what they're doing...They ought to be a little smarter than that."

Pelosi's History of Abusing Military Travel - Bringing Family Members Aboard - Serving Top Shelf Liquor on Taxpayer Dime
"Any chance of politely querying [Pelosi's team] if they really intend to do all of these or are they just picking every weekend?"

Citizens urge DEQ to excavate the coal ash
"These are the things that those people are dealing with over money. I call it poison for profit."

Top DOJ Officials Were WARNED Biased Dossier Was Connected to Hillary - Corrupt DOJ Officials Then Went to Work For Mueller
"This crucial information...omitted...from the FISA warrant application that the FBI submitted to the court to spy on Donald Trump's presidential campaign"

Two Can Play Postponement Game
"President Trump informed Speaker Pelosi her 'public relations' trip to Afghanistan, Egypt, and Brussels has been postponed so that she can stay in DC and negotiate with him."

Furious Calls Going Back and Forth From The Hill, State Department, Pentagon and White House After Trump Cancels Pelosi's Flight
READER COMMENT: "Pelosi has no constituency except perhaps illegal aliens."

Sheila Jackson Lee Sued For Firing A Staffer To Cover Up A Rape
"The staffer says she was fired once the congresswoman learned she planned to sue the Foundation, which Jackson Lee chairs."

Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney REFUSES to Charge Dealer with 1,000 Opiate Pills and $30K in Cash – Shows Officers the Door
"The St. Louis police officers also got a confession from their suspect."

Gillette Lectures US Men on Sexism — Then Objectifies Hot Women in Provocative Clothing at Their Sponsored Events
"The company decided the best way to promote their product was to attack their customer base."

DEQ could grant Duke extension to close Sutton coal ash basins
"The public comment period will remain open until Feb. 4."

Pelosi is an Immorality! Also a Liar & Hypocrite
"Pelosi called police to evict illegal aliens from camping out at her multimillion-dollar vineyard estate"

New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge
"Authorities have confirmed the arrest of 26-year-old Juan Carlos Molina."

Illegal Alien Previously Deported For Rape Arrested Trying To Illegally Enter The Country Again
"Wilfredo Perez-Aguilar...was convicted in 2005 for Sexual Abuse/Rape of a Minor, who was under the age of 12, while living in the United States illegally."

Cardinal Wuerl's Latest Defense Against Covering Up Sexual Assault? He Forgot He Knew
"Wuerl said Tuesday he 'forgot' he knew about allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick after months of denying he knew anything."

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Lied to Congress
"we don't manually intervene on any particular search result."

If Mr. Pichai Lied to Congress...It Would Be a Criminal Matter
READER COMMENT: "Hillary lied to Congress - Comey lied to Congress - McCabe lied to Congress - Clapper lied to Congress - the list is very very long"

Freshman Democrats Turn on Pelosi Over Border Wall, Seek Deal with Trump
READER COMMENT: "Trump should compromise absolutely nothing. The Democrats are an enemy against this country and should not be negotiated with."

I'm A Senior Trump Official, And I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance
"We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them."

Any Idiot Can Set a Profit Target
"The group of female workers were ordered to crawl through traffic in China"

Will coal ash & toxic groundwater just have a blue tarp thrown over it?
"In Indiana...Duke Energy and Northern Indiana Public Service Company - have polluted in excess of standards at five different power plants."

Immigration loophole allows MS-13 gang members to go free
"All three of the illegal immigrants entered the U.S. in 2016 as unaccompanied alien children"

Public comment sought on Duke Energy's plans to close basin
"The (clean-up contractor) used similar language as Duke Energy. They said you could eat coal ash for breakfast."

Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray LIED TO TRUMP and Congress
"It's time to clean house."

Flashback: Maxine Waters Exposed Obama’s Secret Citizen Database
"That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before "

County opposes Duke rate hike
"Duke Energy will be seeking to raise its rates sometime this year"

Another Caravan Forming in Honduras - Headed Northbound to US Next Week
"the group forming is bigger that anything we’ve ever seen."

Ted Cruz Mocks Schumer, Pelosi Rebuttal Speech - 'That Thing Looks Like A Hostage Video'
"They know they are in the wrong and the American people know they are in the wrong"

Federal Gun Ban for Undocumented Immigrants Upheld
"arrested for possession of a firearm, a homemade silencer, bolt cutters, and a stolen bicycle."

"The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Teases "Next Round Of Leaks"
"They own politicians, judges and all your data. They are the biggest pirates in history."

MS-13 Gang Members Charged in Stabbing of NY High School Student Are All Illegal Aliens Freed By Federal Judges
"Molina was picked up by DHS in July 2017 but released by a federal district judge in November 2017."

This Is OFFICIALLY Chuck & Nancy's Shutdown
"Democrats' opposition to President Trump is so fanatical that they REFUSE to agree to the 20 billion dollar compromise proposed by the deal master himself."

Jim Acosta Destroys His Career At The Border Wall
READER COMMENT: "Thank you Jim Acosta for proving our President RIGHT!"

CNN Disinvited Our Journalist Because We Reported Border Wall Does Work
"CNN invited and subsequently rescinded the invitation"

MS-13 Associate Secretly Films Sexual Encounter with Teenager for Blackmail
"Police said many more underage girls are currently missing and being forced by criminal gangs like MS-13 into the sex trade"

US approved thousands of child bride requests
"My passport ruined my life"

President Trump: Democrats Don't Give a Damn About Crime

Politicians Can't Block Voters on Facebook
"If you feel like your right to free speech has been curbed by politicians on a public forum, contact a local civil rights attorney."

Billion-Dollar Privacy Lawsuit Could Clobber Facebook
"There are thousands of regulators now looking to nail Facebook."

TV Station Editor Fired After Network Airs Doctored Video Of Trump’s Oval Office Address
"the actions were the result of an individual editor whose employment has been terminated."

Donald Trump Hosts Border Event with Brother of Slain Police Officer Ronil Singh
"Legally we migrated to America to fulfill his dream, to join the law enforcement"

DEQ coal ash meeting set for Thursday
"Duke Energy wants to leave in place to contaminate nearby communities"

Ann Coulter on Trump's Oval Office Address
READER COMMENT: "Trump should hire Coulter as his Immigration advisor."

CNN's Cuomo Shuts Down Don Lemon In Debate Over Border Security
READER COMMENT: "Looks like the lovebirds are fighting again."

Pelosi and Schumer Freak Out Viewers… Blank Stares, Scowls and Crazy Eyes
READER COMMENT: "I think the embalmer did a good job on both of them"

Coal Ash Excavation On The Cheap
"Instead of moving it to safe landfill storage, they're just going to dump it in a different portion of the same unlined pit"

READER COMMENT: "Only in places like New York and California would dingbats like this be elected"

Guttersnipe Cortez Melts Down Over Getting Fact-Checked
"Cortez referenced the $21 trillion number from an article from The Nation, but the numbers and math were questionable."

Kellyanne Conway SLAMS Jim Acosta for asking the Most idiotic Question in History
READER COMMENT: "Acosta is why people hate the news media!"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius?
READER COMMENT: "Did she get that bachelor's degree in economics on Ebay or Craigslist?"

Ocasio-Cortez's brain is as empty as the promises of unfettered statism
READER COMMENT: "She needs to go to OZ and see the Wizard for a BRAIN."

It is hard to quantify the smallness of Mitt Romney
"let's just say that if character were measured in shoe size, we'd be using the children's scale to gauge his worth."

Man robs credit union across street from police station just after release from jail
"His bail was set at $100,000, cash only."

Woman attacked by a dog, then bitten by dog's owner
"The woman later came across the dog's owner - another woman - who tackled and punched her multiple times"

Mueller gang was caught withholding millions of pages of non-classified information
"Mueller gang is corrupt and criminal outfit attempting a coup of the 2016 US election"

Benghazi Coverup Was to Protect Clinton Foundation - General Flynn Attacked Because He Knew Too Much
"The foundation reportedly made millions gun running and General Flynn was allegedly attacked because he knew too much."

Sanctuary Policies Protected A California Cop’s Killer - Democrats Need To Wake Up!
"The accused cop killer, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, had prior arrests and authorities also say he was part of a street gang."

Declare a national emergency, build the border wall, activate the military police and arrest the deep state traitors
"Arrest the CEOs of Google and Facebook, then dismantle their entire operations"

After Pelosi Refuses To Fund Wall, Trump Gives Military A New Order
READER COMMENT: "Trump will always win, he knows what he is doing"

Class Action Targets Tijuana Weight Loss Doctor, American 'Weight Coyote'
"That's what he's treating human beings over there like...Just like a pig. Slaughtering them."

Donald's Border Patrol Drops Hammer Of Justice
READER COMMENT: "Throw them back over the wall in human catapults."

Democrat Spending Bill Offers $12 Billion More for Foreign Aid, $0 for Border Wall
"$12 billion more in foreign aid than the Trump administration requested"

Paul Ryan REPEATEDLY Promised to Fund Trump Border Wall - Repeatedly Lied
"Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lied. But they did fund a border security barrier in Tunisia and Jordan."

Worst Public Speaker in Congress is New House Speaker
"78 years old"

UPDATE: Physician Claims Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Days Are Numbered
READER COMMENT: "Judge Jeanine pirro would make a great Justice for supreme Court."

Welcome to 2019
"One employee was so impressed with Ms. Good that he put a "LYNN GREAT" plaque in his work area."

Obama and Hillary Knew Arms Were Going to Syria from Libya - Lied About It Under Oath
"Rand Paul later said Hillary could get five years in prison for lying to Congress"

Pelosi's Angel: Illegal Alien Driver Kills Local Fire Captain's Son on Christmas Weekend
READER COMMENT: "Pelosi and Schumer are mass murderers!"

"Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary"

Ginsberg More Vibrant and Articulate Than Pelosi and Might Outlast Her
"Verbal Flops Run In The Pelosi Family"

Mexican mayor gunned down after being sworn in
"Aparicio had just been sworn in...when an unknown number of gunmen opened fire at him."

Illegal Aliens Climb Over Skimpy Border Fence as Border Patrol Agent Stands and Does Nothing to Stop Them
"A migrant woman, pregnant with her anchor baby, climbs the border fence at Tijuana"

Socialist Princess Ocasio-Cortez Suffers Twitter Meltdown After She Is Called Out on Her Elite Upbringing
READER COMMENT: "And if you LIKE your bug-eyed bimbo - you can KEEP your bug-eyed bimbo"

ICE Director On Cop-Murdering Illegal Alien
"Democrats only care about power & impeaching Trump, not protecting Americans."

Pilot Who Heard Every Word of Clinton Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence. Now Dead
"Scary? With the Clintons it's normal. And with Ryan, everyone know's he's a snake."

Fish bones could help trace the toxic path of coal ash
"Exposure to coal ash can lead to cancer and a number of other long-term health problems."

Another, bigger migrant caravan is set to leave from Honduras
"teenagers were viciously beaten, tortured and killed by low-level members of the Jalisco New Generation cartel"

A GOOD Illegal Alien Found!
"Body found in ocean near U.S.-Mexico border"

"Two others were arrested for trying to help Arriaga flee."

"You're a disgrace and an embarrassment" Judge Gomert Wipes The Smirk Off Strzok's Face
READER COMMENT: "Peter Szrok deserves execution for his treason against America and the American people."

CA Manhunt - Illegal Alien Kills Police Officer During Traffic Stop
"The suspected cop killer is described as a heavy-set Hispanic man with black hair"

"She is at risk for bleeding, infection, respiratory issues, all on top of three broken ribs."

Loony Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Claims Baby Jesus was a Refugee Baby in a Manger
READER COMMENT: "Socialism only works until you run out of OTHER peoples money."

"colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and has a stent in her heart"

Justice Ginsburg FAVORS Decriminalizing Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking
"It is time for Ruth Ginsburg to step down, before she starts falling down."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Advocates Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking
"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a pedophile and she is satanic pedophile"

Scumbag Ryan Said He Would Never Support President Trump and He Never Has
READER COMMENT: "He can't leave the planet fast enough."

Chuck Schumer Must Take a Long Walk Off a Short Pier

"Duke Energy is polluting groundwater in the Carolinas with toxic and radioactive contaminants"

Grim Reaper Will Eventually Resolve the Problem of Supreme Court Hangers On.
"Ginsburg, still recovering from a fall and broken ribs, had surgery Friday to remove malignant growths"

"The companies that made the admissions include Duke Energy"

Paul Ryan Kept Promises to Corporate Lobbyists
READER COMMENT: "Paul Ryan makes me sick just looking at him."

Kasich Gets a Clue
"2020: Kasich Concedes: 'I Can't Beat' Trump in Primary"

Smart Meter Explosions are Far from Rare
"can burst into flames and even explode"

American Patriots Overriding Irrelevant Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

Telling All Those Lies Takes Its Toll
"Media Has Third-Highest Suicide Rate"

Guttersnipe Cortez Needs Vacation Before Job Even Starts
READER COMMENT: "She's by far the dumbest politician alive today. She deserves a Darwin Award, not a political seat."

Hillary Lies
READER COMMENT: "Both Clinton's are liars and crooks but Hillary is a sociopath."

"Smart" Meters
"Everyone and anyone who uses electricity should know what these devices do"

Illegal Alien Karma
"In 2018, at least 226 migrants died in Texas while crossing the U.S. border or during smuggling"

NC House passes Voter ID bill, 67-40
"North Carolina is the last state in the Southeast not to have any form of voter ID law."

Pelosi Afraid of Cameras When Debating Border Security
"over and over again Nancy Pelosi says, 'can we turn the TV cameras off?...' "

Larry Nichols Remembers George Herbert Walker Bush and His Arkansas Connections to Bill Clinton
"alleged connections between George Herbert Walker Bush, the Clintons and the Iran Contra scandal."

Stopping Caravan Illegal Aliens Dead in Their Tracks
"Send ALL illegal aliens to Gitmo as enemy combatants until their military tribunal."

For Once Pelosi Understands More Than Trump
"Let the Construction Battalion build the wall and DEPORT all illegal aliens!"

30 disaster clean-up workers dead, 250 sick after cleaning up TVA's coal ash
"TVA rep promised to pay medical tab, keep disaster workers safe"

Guttersnipe Cortez Claims Jewish Ancestry at Hanukkah Party
READER COMMENT: "Is her feed bag filled with kosher grain?"

Illegal Immigration Last Month Hit Highest Level in Over a Decade
READER COMMENT: "Without a wall, the cucarachas just keep coming back!"

"extensive evidence that explosives were used to destroy three WTC buildings."

Clinton Foundation CFO Turns Government Informant on Crime Family
"Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted by 90%...But that may be the least of the her worries."

Only a fool like former NC Sen. David Hoyle opposes clean energy
"politicians like former Sen. David Hoyle...who frequently voted against pollution controls, are no longer on the scene."

Trump's Wall Gets FUNDING – Where It Came From Sends Caravan Running In New Direction
READER COMMENT: "Let's stop calling these freakin' freeloaders migrants. They are law breaking enemy combatants!"

Federal Judge Rules Against Hillary Clinton, Accuses Her Of Collusion
READER COMMENT: "If she goes down, many many others will follow."

READER COMMENT: "I hope they don't get suicided."

Guttersnipe Cortez Threatens Trump Jr. With Her Subpoena Power, Immediately Regrets It
READER COMMENT: "That little trollop has no idea what she's gotten herself into. The swamp rats in DC will eat her alive."

Let Hillary be President of Hell
"Hillary Announced She's Leaving U.S. To Be President - Here's Where She's Headed"

Clinton Crime Family Is Finally About to Be Brought to the Bar
"The Clintons are toast. And it's about time."

Judge orders more fact-finding in Clinton email case
"whether Clinton's use of the private email system was a deliberate effort to thwart the Freedom of Information Act."

Guttersnipe Cortez Not in Office Yet & Already Making Threats
"A source close to Donald Trump Jr. says that they expect an ethics complaint will be filed."

CIA's illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments
"made over 9,000 Freedom of Information requests and posted over 2 million pages of documents online"

Trump is not capable and hasn't kept his illegal alien promises
"that issue is immigration."

Drug dealer released from prison, then carjacks woman in parking lot
"fled with her 1-year-old grandson in the back seat."

Ungrateful Honduran Illegal Alien Who Complained About Mexican Pig Food - Seen Dining in Dallas, Texas
"It was later discovered the woman was hardly a 'refugee' and lived a comfortable life in Honduras."

Caravan Illegal Alien Promptly Drops Anchor Baby in USA
"U.S. and Canada are the only nations in the developed world that offer birthright citizenship in these cases."

How Much to Get Hillary to SHUT UP?
"Ticket prices for the Clintons' world tour have bottomed out, with prices as low as $11"

READER COMMENT: "The world is a kinder, gentler place in his, long overdue, absence"

H. W. Bush Bites the Dust
READER COMMENT: "Bush was a CIA SATANIST GLOBALIST who likely mass murdered far more people than Castro."

READER COMMENT: "It's an alien invasion!"

People are going to prison in Arkansas - Clinton's are circling the drain
READER COMMENT: "The list is almost as long as the body count!"

Democrats Stole the Election in California - Legally, Through Ballot Harvesting
"California Democrats have systematically undermined California's already-weak voter protection laws to guarantee permanent one-party rule"

Even Paul Ryan Questions Suspicious California Election Results Where Democrats Flipped 7 Seats AFTER ELECTION DAY
"Democrat blue wave? More like Democrat election fraud."

Hillary Changes Her Tune After Coughing Fit in Toronto - Doesn't Mention Trump on Second Night of Tour
"Clintons limited Wednesday evening's tour stop to only one hour and...were thrown softball questions."

Caravan Illegal Aliens Are Really Going to Teach Us a Lesson - HUNGER STRIKE!
READER COMMENT: "Yea, the two fat ones have the advantage. This could take awhile."

Lame Duck Paul Ryan is a Babbling Idiot!
"Speaker then bragged about how Congress ran on his 'Better Way' agenda - which explains why the GOP lost."

An Evening With Coughing Hillary & Lying Bill
"Shortly after she trashed Trump, her coughing fit returned."

Instant Karma for Illegal Alien Invader
"Illegal Mom Is Impaled in Butt After Falling Off Border Wall"

Caravan Illegal Aliens Breach US Border, Now Liberal Judges Can Cater to Them For Life
"Forty-two caravan migrants broke into the United and were arrested"

Never Take a Rock to a Helicopter Fight (Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed)
"lit the tree afire and began to throw rocks at the agents as well as a helicopter"

"What planet does Roberts live on, if any, in our solar system?"

"Special Guest: Bob Barr, Former U.S. Attorney and Congressman"

Chief Justice Roberts Stuck His Nose Into a Buzz Saw
"TRUMP: Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster."

"She won't go away. She's like herpes."

Guttersnipe Cortez Enshrines Worn Out Shoes in Exhibits About Her Life
READER COMMENT: "might just be the dumbest person ever elected to any office. And thats saying something."

Paul Ryan Promised to Fund Trump Border Wall - But Knew He Was Lying
"Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lied."

"Obama used his State of the Union speech to directly criticize the Supreme Court's then-recent 5-4 ruling"

President Trump Bursts Chief Justice John Roberts' Fairy Tale View of Judges
"Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have 'Obama judges' "

"Cilliza's predications and analysis were way off. Lets just say his video didn't age well at all."

Chief Justice John Roberts Needs to Understand Some Judges Are Dishonorable With Zero Integrity
"The president went on to criticize the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for repeatedly impeding his policy agenda."

Grifter Hillary Peddles Expensive Tickets to 'An Evening With The Clintons' Going Into Thanksgiving Holiday
READER COMMENT: "I'd pay to watch them both hang."

Jim Acosta Perjures Himself in Federal Court
"Jim Acosta is not just an egotistical blowhard and Trump-basher, he's also a serial liar."

Pig Food For The Pigs!
"Honduran Migrant Complains About Free Meals Provided by Mexico - Calls it 'Pig Food' "

97.8% of Mass Shootings Since 1950 Occurred in Gun-Free Zones
"Borderline Bar and Mercy Hospital were both state-mandated gun-free zones."

Ocasio-Cortez Not Impressing Anyone in Congress
"People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress"

Judge in Acosta Case Based Decision on Mainstream Media's FAKE NEWS REPORTS
"Today, the court made clear that there is no absolute First Amendment right to access the White House."

Write Your Own Punch Line
"Monica Lewinsky thought the semen stain on her dress from President Bill Clinton was actually spinach dip"

A Guttersnipe Can't Wait to Slurp From Public Trough

US investigators expand Catholic child sex abuse scandal probe
"Department of Justice is expanding its investigation...into sexual abuse allegations against Catholic priests"

"I think Jim Acosta is a very unprofessional man"

A Naturalized U.S. Citizen Can Be Denaturalized & Deported
"Examples include failure to disclose criminal activities or lying about one's real name or identity."

"When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people."

Newton and his Duke ties a bad choice for voters
"Newton represents a company in Duke Energy that is seeking $10 billion of our dollars to clean up the coal ash mess it created."

Is This The Reason Whitey Bulger Got Whacked In Jail?
"will leave many observers to ponder the possibility that the federal government was somehow involved in Bulger's death."

"They All Look The Same" - Hillary Cracks Racist Joke
"Being the paragon of political-correctness and queen of virtue-signaling opportunism"

Robert Mueller Accused of Rape By Very Credible Witness
"The Mueller apologists are already trashing the accuser - and don't even know who she is!"

Mueller-Connected Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison - As He Was About to Out FBI Officials
"he hadn't even been processed at the West Virginia facility when he was killed."

30 workers are dead and 250 more are sick or dying...from illnesses linked to toxins found in coal ash.
"Environmental Management has already received several closure proposals from utilities around the state, including Duke Energy"

Is Hillary 71 or 101?
"Twice-Failed Presidential Hopeful Who Lost the 2016 Election to the Guy Who Picked Up Politics as a Hobby"

Google's Andy Rubin Emailed Woman: 'You Are My Property, and I Can Loan You to Other People'
"fired 48 Google employees, including 13 'senior managers and above,' due to allegations of sexual assault"

Kiss Me You Fool
"They then held hands and Cuomo leaned in for a kiss on Lemon's cheek."

Federal Judge Releases Benghazi Evidence - Hillary Goes Into Complete Panic
"I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury...I found her unworthy of belief"

Former FBI Agent Sentenced to Four Years in Prison For Leaking Documents to Media
"Terry James Albury, a former FBI agent who aimed to blow the whistle on the bureau's 'systemic biases,' "

Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Using the Phrase 'Girlie Men'
READER COMMENT: "Arnold doesn't like the phrase any more because he has turned into one!"

The Horrible Hacking Hag
"The twice-failed presidential hopeful sputtered her way through Mansfield College earlier Monday coughing up a lung."

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison in Sex Assault Case
"the judge declared Cosby a 'sexually violent predator' "

ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd Alleges Clarence Thomas Is a Sexual Predator
"It was despicable and outrageous what happened to Anita Hill"

Banned 911 Report: The Smoking Gun
"Bush administration helped terror suspects evacuate the country."

Obama-Hillary Fired Benghazi Heroes When they Got to Germany - Made Them Find Their Own Way Back to US
"US military contractors battled Islamist extremists for 13 hours while Obama slept."

Bill Clinton's Most Famous Presidential Act
"Monica Lewinsky Walks Out Of Jerusalem Interview After Host Brings Up Bill Clinton"

Endless McCain Funerals
READER COMMENT: "McCain's Headstone should be a 'URINAL' "

When a Scumbag Dies, the Only Change Is That He Is Now a Dead Scumbag
"McCain Takes a Shot at President Trump From Beyond the Grave"

"there were 2 very high profile individuals at the hospital at the same time as Seth Rich who were not previously reported"

Judge Comes to His Senses - Government Does Not Have To Accept New DACA Requests
"more than 100,000 new DACA applications and 30,000 advance parole requests would occur if DACA were completely rebooted"

20 illegal alien juveniles skip deportation hearings, disappear into shadows each day
"There are no lost children. There are some families that don't take our call. There's a big difference"

"Jen Moore dies in a hotel room shortly after reporting the alleged rape of a boy."

Poetic Justice For Bleeding-Heart Liberals
"Bleeding-Heart Liberals Bike Through Tajikistan to Prove 'Evil Is a Make-Believe Concept' - Are Stabbed Dead By ISIS"

Mozilla/Firefox goes all in for EVIL - pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media
"Remember the day you found out Google was steeped in pure evil?"

Who is Dumber than Maxine Waters? Don Lemon
"CNN's Don Lemon Says Trump Supporters 'Steal', 'Cheat', 'Lie To Their Mother' "

Ivanka is a Disgrace to the White House
"Ivanka breaks with her dad on media as 'enemy of the people' "

Former Navy SEAL Promises A Gruesome Massacre In America If Liberals Follow Through On Threat
"It warns the far left Clinton loons of potentially deadly consequences if they try to remove President Donald Trump from office."

WOW! Pelosi Can Out Lie Hillary Clinton
"Minority leader Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are stronger on border security than Republicans."

Going the Electric Chair One Better
"Serial killer accidentally kills himself in jail during sex act"

DACA Recipient Busted for Human Smuggling
"In January, Laredo Sector agents arrested another DACA recipient for human smuggling"

Obama's Freudian Slip: I Visited Kenya as First American President to Come from Kenya
"In an earlier bio Obama wrote that he was from Kenya."

Worries linger after EPA changes coal ash rules
"She was diagnosed with stage 3 astrocytoma, a form of brain cancer...'I'm 100% sure I know what caused it: Duke Energy.' "

President Trump is Over the Target
"Vladimir Putin is more trustworthy than many government officials and members of Congress."

CA Chainsaw Attacker Is Illegal Alien Who Has Been Deported 11 Times
"tried to kill his wife with a chainsaw in front of their three children."

New Info on Eyewitness In Seth Rich Murder Investigation
"The witness also fingers Rod Rosenstein...he knew both the DEA agent and ATF agent"

Witness Prepared to Identify Two Government Employee Killers of Seth Rich
"Doherty was friends and palled around with the ATF agent and the DEA agent who shot Seth."

Vote Democrat Get Amnesty; Vote Republican Get Amnesty!
"But if you keep clinging to DACA amnesty, a vote for Donald Trump will be a vote for amnesty!"

Will Trump Cave to Ivanka's Demand for DACA Amnesty?
"Trump: A Vote For Democrats Is A Vote For 'Anarchy, Amnesty And Chaos' "

Border Truth: Human Trafficking, Parental Abuse & Sexual Slavery
"Being arrested — even multiple times — doesn't disqualify foreign kids for DACA."

Immigration Appeasement Will Always Fail
"The media is already using the order to not separate illegal alien families against you."

Thousands of DACA recipients with arrest records, including 10 accused murderers, allowed to stay in US
"4,500 had been arrested on allegations of assault or battery; 830 arrests were related to sex crimes -- including rape"

Hillary Flashback on Illegal Immigrant Children: "They Should be Sent Back"
"Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn't mean that child gets to stay"

Border Patrol Agent Shot in Tucson Sector
READER COMMENT: "There's no deterrent like a .50 Cal. machine gun in the hands of a US soldier on patrol."

Russian Lobbyist at Don Jr. Meeting Says He Might Have Seen John McCain at Summit Where Senator Learned of Pee Dossier
READER COMMENT: "I still think he should be cremated and his ashes made into urinal cakes."

Duke Energy won't deliver Trump tax bonuses to its workers
"There will be no bonuses or raises because of tax reform to Duke employees"

Judges Are Not Immune to Stupidity
"Knives are too sharp and filing them down is solution to soaring violent crime, judge says"

John McCain, YOU are the One Teetering on the Doorsteps of Hell!
"John McCain: 'Go to Hell' If You Don't Like that I Passed Pee Dossier to FBI"

MKULTRA Victims Plan Class-Action Suit Against Government
"documents initially ordered for destruction were inadvertently exposed to the public which led to several congressional investigations"

What Happens When Bombs are Wasted on Syria Because Ivanka is Sad
"The US is running out of bombs — and it may soon struggle to make more"

Google Officially Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Motto from Code of Conduct
READER COMMENT: "If they were being honest about what they are, they would just remove 'Don't' "

One-on-one with Erin Brockovich
"Hexavalent Chromium is widely associated with companies like Duke Energy"

Manuel Silverio stripped naked in street because Burger King was closed
READER COMMENT: "Yet another admirable mexican 'dreamer' "

Body Cam Footage Contradicts NAACP President's Claims He Was Racially Profiled
"Timmonsville Police Chief isn't happy about Moultrie's false allegations."

Texas, Six Other States Sue Trump Administration Over Failure to End DACA
"Texas attorney general blames activist judges for blocking Trump from ending program"

Facebook has reportedly fired an employee accused of using his privileges to stalk women online
"Firing an employee for using company collected data to stalk women at the same time as announcing a dating service is very 2018 Silicon Valley."

Homeless Man Breaks Into Cali Gov’s House: 'He's an Open-Door Policy Kind Of Guy so I Figured the Door Would be Unlocked'
"Irony! Sanctuary state politician has personal space invaded"

DOJ Files Charges Against 11 Caravan Migrants for Illegal Entry
"If convicted for aggravated re-entry after removal, the illegal alien could face up to 20 years in federal prison."

Canada Suddenly Wants U.S. To Enforce Its Immigration Laws – To Protect Canada
"Remember when Canada's Justin Trudeau made a big deal about how migrants are so welcome in Canada?"

Migrants From Central American Caravan Caught Scaling The Border Fences
READER COMMENT: "A proper warning needs to be issued by knocking them of them off the fence with a bullet."

CHAOS: Caravan of illegals climb border fence, cheer 'Gracias, Mexico!'
READER COMMENT: "How I detest the politicians that have allowed this invasion! Every one of them needs to be strung up"

Refugee Rapes 12-Year-Old Girl – "Didn’t Know It Was Illegal"
"Offender not scheduled for deportation"

Evidence of explosives found at site of 9/11 terror attack
"Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, has filed a 52-page petition with 57 exhibits of conclusive evidence that explosives were planted and detonated."

Jim Acosta: Dumbest Man in the Universe
"CNN's Acosta Whines About Being Called Fake News, Vilifies Trump Supporters"

University Offers Cry Closet For Stressed-Out Snowflakes
"for stressed-out snowflake students to relieve tears in for 10 minutes at a time."

Three More Border Patrol Agents Assaulted in South Texas
READER COMMENT: "Send in active duty troops with humvees patrolling with 50 cals."

POETIC JUSTICE: Open Borders Advocate Anally Raped by Migrant
"Swedish woman said she hung out with suspects to prove she wasn't xenophobic"

What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria… And Does it Matter?
"Even if Assad had gassed his people...there still would have been no legal justification for the US to fire 100 or so missiles into the country."

It's True That No One Likes You, Hillary, But Plenty of People Hate Your Guts
"You know, I am getting pretty tired of hearing about how nobody likes me"

James Woods Asks For Photo Evidence Obama Attended Columbia University
"People who attended Columbia University at the same time as Obama do not recall seeing him or having any classes with him."

Trump Falls All Over Himself Trying to Justify Unnecessary Syrian Attack
"Trump can no longer change the channel to ignore his angry supporters reminding him of his campaign promises."

Stop New Strikes in Syria!
"Top US General Says Syria Attack Was Staged"

FLASHBACK: Here's A List Of The Times Trump Warned Against Getting Involved In Syria
"Trump has warned many times against getting further involved in the Syrian civil war."

Moscow Claims Britain Staged Syrian Chemical Attack
"We have irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event"

GOP snakes Lindsey Graham and Thom Tillis from NC join Democrats to introduce bill to protect Dirty Cop Robert Mueller.
READER COMMENT: "Tillis is a snake, and so is our other NC senator, Burr. I wouldn't trust either of them in the men's locker room."

Don't Let Ivanka Start World War Three
"ordered the 2017 Syria air strike because the gas attack made Ivanka 'sad.' "

FLASHBACK: Trump's dramatic U-turn on air strikes in Syria 'was sparked by daughter's Ivanka's heartbroken response to gas attack'
"Ivanka Trump's condemnation of the gas attack in Syria could have sparked her dad's U-turn"

FLASHBACK: Eric Trump says 'heartbroken and outraged' Ivanka influenced U.S. airstrike on Syria
"President Trump's sudden policy reversal to intervene in Syria was a result of his daughter and adviser, Ivanka"

Trump Hotel to Employees: Don't Hire Relatives
"Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law, has presented all kinds of headaches for his White House."

Facebook Secretly Deleted Zuckerberg's Private Messages
"Zuckerberg...called Facebook users 'dumb fucks' for trusting him with their private information"

Stopping Illegal Aliens Dead in Their Tracks
"The military and Border Patrol need full immunity from prosecution for the use of lethal force"

Replacing Catch-and-Release With Shoot-and-Bury Will Solve the Illegal Alien Problem
"Until we have a wall and proper security, we're going to be guarding our border with the military."

How Trump's Presidency Will Be Judged
"Trump alone pledged to kill amnesty and secure the border"

President Trump's Part in Attracting Illegal Aliens
"When you offered DACA amnesty, the only word the invaders heard was AMNESTY!"

President Trump Comes to His Senses

"No More DACA Deal" Trump Booms, "Must Go Nuclear" As "Refugee Caravan" Approaches
"These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!"

David Hogg's dad worked for the FBI and his mom works for CNN
READER COMMENT: "David Hogg has the most punchable face I've ever seen in my life!"

Amnesty Don Ends Amnesty for Some, But Still Sucking Up to DACA Illegal Aliens
"President Trump is ending temporary amnesty for nearly 1,000 Liberian nationals"

Even Mitt Romney Understands the DACA Scam Better Than Amnesty Don!
"Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney signaled that he was against amnesty for DACA recipients"

Duke Energy wants to raise rates — and you probably won't like why
"grid modernization...a way for the utility to generate increased cash flow for performing basic upkeep"

Amnesty Don's Base Revolts Over Signing of Budget Bill
"I don't recall chants of…'protect dreamers' at Trump's campaign events"

Immigration Reformers Blast GOP Omnibus as Betrayal of U.S. Workers
"It was also troubling to see the White House push for the inclusion of a DACA 'fix' in the spending bill"

Does anyone know why President Trump loves "Dreamers"
"you're scratching your head wondering what happened to those campaign promises that set him apart from every other Republican."

In 35 Years Ivanka Will Become Hillary
"Why Doesn't She Just Go Home?"

Priest publicly wishes for Pope's quick death
"I can always ask God for a happy death for him"

Ivanka in the White House Would be the Same as Having Hillary
READER COMMENT: "Yet Hillary is right on one thing: we don't want Ivanka Trump anywhere near the White House."

Who Will Implode First, Pelosi, McCain or Hillary?
"Pelosi loses breath during short sentences, suffers brain freezes, repeats words"

Oakland Mayor Allowing Americans to be Murdered, Has Blood on Her Hands
"The illegal was described as a DACA recipient who had just completed a four-month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon"

Aon Hewitt Accused of Kickback Scam with Financial Engines in 401(K) Lawsuit
"The kickbacks were purportedly a substantial percentage of the fees that Financial Engines charged"

Getting rid of Financial Engines
"How do we get Financial Engines out of his 401(k) and out of our lives"

DACA Illegal Aliens Rally for Free Money From Taxpayers
"Undocumented immigrant students to rally for access to financial aid"

Will Amnesty Don Give Killer Amnesty Also?
"Illegal Alien Acquitted of Murdering Kate Steinle Sues Feds for 'Vindictive Prosecution' "

Duke Energy called out over 'influence spending'
"Why does a monopoly need to advertise?...because buying favor and distorting its public record is an essential part of Duke's monopoly business model"

Nancy Pelosi Finds Something She is Qualified For
"Nancy Pelosi will be a judge on the upcoming season of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' "

Illegal Aliens Flaunt Unlawful Status Outside ICE Headquarters
"Federal Judge in Maryland has just ruled that 'President Trump has the right to end DACA.' "

'Javanka' Destroying President Trump Bit by Bit
"Listen, it's Ivanka and it's Jared"

'Javanka' should follow Hope Hicks out the door
"Ivanka Trump is at least less of a liability than her husband, whose problems seem to be growing by the day."

Seth Rich's Father Confirmed His Son Was the Wikileaks Leaker
"we know what our sons did, but we just want to find Seth's killer."

Going Off-Grid Looks Better Each Day
"Your electric bill is about to go up, even with the lights off"

FLASHBACK: Is there some reason why Hillary keeps doing this gaping-maw face?
"I was wondering why she does that wide-open-mouth/insane-elation thing with her face"

President Trump Worries About Complacency at CPAC
"You sounded like Jeb Bush babbling about a 'bill of love.' "

Jared Kushner Has To Go
"This is a criminal...he has been incompetent, duplicitous, totally dysfunctional"

DACA Amnesty Will Breed Even More Complacency in Trump's Base
"The crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference was lower-key and often sparser than in recent years"

Donald Trump Rocks CPAC: 'We’ve Got Seven Years to Go, Folks!'
READER COMMENT: "If Trump signs an amnesty bill or a pathway to citizenship bill, no way will Trump have 7 years."

Amnesty Don Has Already Sold Out on DACA; What's Next?
"he is determined to push for some sort of gun-control legislation."

Trump's Weak Link: Jared Kushner
"Zeroing in on Jared Kushner"

Hillary, You Will Die Having NEVER Been President! BWAHAHA!
" 'Happy birthday to this future president,' Clinton said to herself in 2016"

Trump Floats Immigration Sellout
"And he's already talking back his position on the wall"

New Bipartisan DACA Plan is Giant Amnesty, But so is Trump's Plan
"the end of immigration enforcement"

Democratic Infiltrator in the White House: Ivanka Trump
"Ivanka Trump showed up in Washington last year with a to-do list of policies straight from the Democratic Party playbook."

We Elected Donald Trump, But Got Stuck With Ivanka
"Ivanka Trump to lead presidential delegation for Winter Olympics"

"This video didn't age well"

Trump Backs Off on Building a Cheap, Short Wall; Now He Needs to Back Off on DACA Amnesty
"Donald Trump: 'A Real Wall, Not a Little Wall' Needed on Southern Border"

Angel Dad's Amnesty Message to Trump: 'Don't Give In to the Democrats; Stick to Your Guns'
"The illegal alien...had been arrested twice previously for kidnapping and raping underage girls, subsequently fleeing to Mexico both times"

Duke Energy: We'll pass along tax cut, but not too much
"It would be wrong for us to pay the utilities for an expense they are not incurring"

FLASHBACK: Trump: There will be a border wall, no amnesty deal
"There will be no amnesty"

FLASHBACK: President Donald Trump Supports DACA Amnesty?
"Now if Trump doesn't listen, it is Trump who will have killed America, but at least you will not be complicit"

FLASHBACK: Ann Coulter Reacts to the Pelosi-Schumer DACA Deal
"they just want Trump to break his central campaign promises"

Trump Tries to Spin Away His DACA Amnesty Sellout of Americans
"Calling Illegal Immigrants 'Dreamers' Is A 'Trap' "

9th Circuit & Trump DACA Amnesty Causing Surge In Illegal Immigration
"ordered the government to continue administering the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program"

North Carolina Ranks in the Top in Something Besides Low Wages & High Taxes!
"North Carolina ranked No. 7"

Customers Don't Like Duke Rate Hike, Or Paying For Coal Ash Cleanups
"It was 10 years ago that Duke told us coal was cheap, clean and reliable."

As Trump Tries to Appease Illegal Aliens, They Continue to Spit in His Face
"DACA Recipients Are Furious Trump Used 'Dreamers' To Describe American Citizens"

Trump is making 'clean coal' dangerously dirty
"Clean coal isn't real"

Trump thinks clean coal is when workers mine coal and then actually 'clean it'
"Back in the real world, clean coal remains a fantasy."

Donald Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight EXCEPT on AMNESTY
"Americans are dreamers, too."

Illegal Aliens Coming by the Tractor Trailer Loads for Trump's Amnesty
"Agents stop semitrailer with 76 immigrants inside in Texas"

Don't Worry; Trump Has Amnesty for One and All
"DACA recipients arrested on suspicion of human smuggling"

The Art of the Sellout
"Donald Trump Urges Democrats to Support 'Something Great for DACA' "

President Trump: Back Out of Amnesty While You Still Can
"You can never win by trying to appease illegal aliens."

Coulter Gets Results! Lindsey Graham Banned and Booted from White House Immigration Discussions
"If the Republican Party wants to win a few more elections they will build the wall, end chain migration and quit catering to the 20 to 50 million illegal aliens."

Ann Coulter
"on Trump Suggestion of a Path to Citizenship for Dreamers"

Ann Coulter's REACTION to President Trump's DACA Meeting with Democrats!
"Any amnesty means 100% amnesty"

Trump: Amnesty Offer Intended to Expose Democratic Cynicism
"President Donald Trump carefully distanced himself from his unpopular amnesty proposal late Saturday night"

Trump Is Ready to Sell Out His Base
"Democrats are well aware that the amnesty will be permanent, while the tougher enforcement can always be stalled in any number of creative ways"

Did President Trump sell out candidate Trump?
"Trump lambasted Bush and Rubio for 'weak' immigration stances. Yesterday, Trump asked for a 'bill of love.' "

Amnesty Don
"President Donald Trump's decision to work with Democrats on immigration may be the final straw"

Trump's biggest fans are furious about his immigration deal
"Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he'd be 'tough' on immigration, build a wall, and deport, not protect, undocumented immigrants."

Trump's Impending Immigration Sell-Out
"By leading with DACA, Trump puts immigration control on the path to failure."

Trump DACA Deal Will Be Biggest Amnesty In American History
"If the president doesn't get funding for a wall now, it will never be built. Period."

American Dreamers Not Welcome In Mexico
"For every dreamer...there is an American that needs a job, needs an education"

Trump in Current Mess Because Jared Thought Dems Would Applaud Comey Firing
Reader Comment: "Kushner needs to go back to New York and take Ivanka with him."

FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani-Born IT Worker's Home
"Schultz 'inexplicably protected' Awan when news of the scandal first broke."

Illegal Alien Burns Charlotte, NC Apartments for Revenge Against Girlfriend, 130 Homeless
"Lopez now faces two counts of attempted murder, arson, and damage to property by use of an incendiary device"

Brazilians funneled as slaves by North Carolina church
"The Word of Faith Fellowship used its two church branches in Brazil to siphon a steady flow of young laborers"

Dying to Break the Law
"8 Illegals Found Dead in Trailer at San Antonio Walmart"

Going to Mexico to Get Drunk; What Could Go Wrong?
"she was assaulted while both she and her husband were unconscious"

Rats Fall From Ceiling of Dallas Chipotle
"If we would have been sitting at the table next to that it definitely would have fell on top of our food"

Over 100 Report Being Sickened at Virginia Chipotle
"Number of reports of illness associated with location in question continue to rise"

CNN's Cillizza Debunked By Own Network After Latest Trump Attack
"Fraud News Network hemorrhaging last shreds of credibility"

Baron & Budd Opposes Duke Energy Only Providing Water Filtration System for North Carolina Well Owners
"Baron & Budd, along with the Law Offices of F. Bryan Brice, Jr. and Wallace and Graham, represents more than 1,000 individuals"

FBI cover-up in Seth Rich murder case
"FBI altered the facts of the July 10 vehicle break-in and weapons theft evidently to deflect attention from Seth Rich"

This Energy Company Made an Environmental Mess - Now They Want Their Customers to Clean it Up
"Duke would like customers to help pay to fix their mistakes, as well as storing cash for their future environmental goof-ups."

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead
"he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation."

Podesta Emails Document Hillary Clinton Money-Laundering Scheme
"Why does AG Sessions refuse to investigate?"

California abandons economic suicide plan to provide universal health care to illegal aliens
"Give us more free stuff or we'll kill you!"

Migrants Turn German Festival Into Rape Fest
"17-year-old festival goer held down by three Afghan migrants"

Students suffer "microaggressions" when told homework might be easy
"conditioned to function as intolerant, bigoted crybully snowflakes"

Loose Cannon John McCain Really Needs a Head Transplant
"McCain's Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought"

Mad Maxine Waters short circuits during live TV interview
"In April, the 78-year-old congresswoman suffered a brain freeze during another interview."

N.C. residents decry Duke Energy's lack of progress on coal ash issues
"McCrory administration approved an arbitrary, low per-household spending limit for Duke Energy to have to provide municipal water."

Nation's Largest Utility Wants Customers to Pay for Coal Ash Cleanup
"They want to pass their mistakes on to the land owner."

Mexican, Texan Cartel Smugglers Sentenced for Kidnapping 8-year-old Girl
"threatened to sever her fingers if her parents did not pay a ransom. "

N.C. regulators allow advocates more time to review Duke Energy coal-ash operations for rate hike
"Attorney General's office weighed in, saying it also wanted more time to evaluate the rate case."

Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes of The Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Interview
"Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones hit piece exposed"

Coal ash neighbors: Don't raise rates as pollution lingers
" 'We think this is not a proper cost to pass along to the general public,' said their attorney, John Hughes."

Cooper backtracks on well water campaign promise
"New DEQ water standard less stringent than those proposed by DHHS scientists last year"

Trump Supporter Viciously Beaten At NYC Bar
"This is yet another example of liberal violence against Trump supporters."

Elizabeth Warren Challenger: 'It Takes a Real Indian to Beat a Fake One'
"I love Donald Trump. I think he's done a great job. He's my hero."

Just 4% of Dems Think Hillary Would Have a Chance of Beating Trump in 2020
"Fully half think no candidate would have a chance"

Russian Lawyer Attended Chicago Anti-Trump Rally
"Evidence is mounting the Russian lawyer may have been a honey pot set in place to trip up the Trump campaign."

The Disgusting Dark Side Of Chelsea Clinton
"It's the whole rubber lip thing"

Get Ivanka & Jared Kushner Out of the White House!
"MSNBC Source: Jared Kushner Threatened Morning Joe"

Fecal bacteria found in Starbucks drinks
"Would you like some diarrhea with your coffee?"

CNN Producer: Americans Are "Stupid as Shit"
"According to Carr, 90% of people within CNN share these beliefs."

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Calls for Jared Kushner Murder
"MSNBC Host Suggests Trump Should Have Jared Kushner Murdered"

Ivanka in White House is Like Having Hillary in White House
"I advise my father on a plethora of things"

Ivanka Cannot Stand the Heat and Needs to Get Out of the Kitchen
"Ivanka Trump On The Viciousness Of Washington D.C."

What Do You Mean 'We'? No One Elected You, Ivanka!
"we want to do big, bold things."

Why Are You People Surprised That Ivanka Trump Sucks?
"It's fun to mock her, but after a while it leaves you feeling a little dead inside."

The Family That Brawls Together, Stays Together
"Five female relatives busted for 2:45 AM Waffle House melee"

Seth Rich raised questions about voter integrity before his murder
"police were instructed to withhold information from him about Rich's case by…Donna Brazile."

Ivanka Trump: The New Hillary Clinton in the White House?
"she has sat in on meetings with Chinese and Japanese leaders while her company was arranging trademark and business deals in those countries."

Former Cruz Spokeswoman Compares Ivanka Trump To Hillary Clinton
"She's sort of becoming increasingly unlikeable"

Alex Jones: Ivanka Trump sounding a lot like Hillary Clinton
"and we didn't want Clinton in the White House"

Donald Trump Jr. a Chip Off the Ol' Block; Ivanka Better Suited for Hillary Camp
"Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad"

Ivanka Really Needs to Join Hillary
"Ivanka to join Trump in jobs push"

Pelosi Still Throwing Stones From Her Glass House
"Moments After Questioning Trump's Mental Health, Pelosi Has Senior Moment(s)"

Alex Jones Offers 1 Million To Charity For Chelsea Clinton's Paternity Test
"She looks just like her daddy [Webster Hubbell], despite four plastic surgeries"

NC attorney general intervenes in Duke Energy rate request
"I'd like for them to eat the costs themselves"

News blackout on refugee boys who sexually assaulted Idaho girl
"Judge slaps gag order on parents of 5-year-old victim"

Anti-Shariah rallies planned for 28 U.S. cities June 10
"We're seeing girls being killed simply for wanting to wear makeup"

Dems Understand People are Tired of Seeing Hillary's Face & Hearing Her Screeching Mouth
"Good God, what is she doing?"

Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Bitter Hillary Clinton Over Election Loss Blame Game
"Hillary is still blaming everyone but herself and her campaign for losing to Trump"

Terrorists Attack London Bridge
"Direct result of globalist-ran, unvetted immigration"

Al Franken Cuts Off Kathy Griffin
"Al Franken has reversed himself and decided 'it would be best' for Kathy Griffin not to attend"

Career Suicide: Kathy Griffin's Final Remaining Tour Date Canceled
"The Uptown Theatre's cancellation follows six other venues"

Kathy Griffin Is The Tombstone Of The Left
"The Left must separate from the globalists"

After depicting deadly violence against the President, Kathy Griffin plays VICTIM card, claiming Trump bullied her
"Did the Russians hack her brain and MAKE her do it?"

Huma Abedin did 'Russia' favors for Clinton Foundation
" 'hooked up' people from the Russian American Foundation with 'the right people' at the State Department"

Stupid Patent of the Month
"Ford demanded a patent on a windshield shape."

Kathy Griffin Destroys Herself
"she doubled down on her Trump attack and played the victim simultaneously."

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Washington Post and the CIA
"Amazon won a $600 million cloud computer contract from the CIA."

Kushner's lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, A Decades-Long Clinton Loyalist
"Trump's son-in-law and policy advisor Jared Kushner hires globalist lawyer to represent him in Russia investigation"

The REAL SCIENCE behind carbon dioxide
"Al Gore is a science idiot"

Tucker Carlson corners globalist mayor over Paris withdrawal
"United States agree to send $100 billion to poorer countries every year starting in 2020"

NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord
"Paris accord meant to kill US economy to make America dependent on globalism"

Kathy Griffin Wanted Publicity for Attacking Trump, But Now Plays Victim Card
"I don't think I will have a career after this. I'm going to be honest, he broke me"

Flashback - Kathy Griffin: 'Happy to Deliver Beat Down' to Barron Trump
"was happy to 'deliver a beat down' to Trump's youngest son, 11-year-old Barron Trump."

Google could face a $9bn EU fine for rigging search results in its favour
"distorting internet search results to favour its shopping service"

Another day, another excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election
"This time, she's blaming the American form of government"

Will Hillary Call Treason a "Nothing Burger" From Prison?
"Hillary Clinton's 'excuses tour' hits a new low"

Man who infiltrated 'Muslim Mafia' speaks out
"Islam dictates the penalty for abandoning the faith is death"

Hillary's LOSING Excuses so Lame, Even CNN Mocks Her!
"Russians cloaked Wisconsin so she couldn't find it on a map to get there and campaign there."

The Complete (And Ever Expanding) List Of Hillary's Excuses For Election Loss
"Two-time failed presidential hopefully Hillary Clinton has blamed everything and everyone other than the old lady looking back at her in the mirror"

Even Hillary's 'PR Person' Says She's "Drawing a Conspiracy Theory" Over Russia/Trump
"Hillary Clinton blamed everyone except herself for her election loss to Donald Trump"

Nuclear nightmare worse than Fukushima could hit US because of ignored risks - study
"disaster would lead to 'trillion-dollar consequences,'...fire would result in contamination of an area larger than New Jersey and force mass relocations."

Face It Hillary; The Best Man Won!
"plethora of excuses for losing the election"

Hillary Invents Even More Excuses for LOSING Election
"Hillary: I Lost the Election Because of Infowars and Wikileaks"

Oh Dear, Kathy Griffin Misses Her Calling, Not Classy Enough to be the Squatty Potty Girl
"CNN fires comedian from New Year's Eve lineup following anti-Trump 'severed head' photo shoot"

Burglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting
"Private investigator sues police to determine if crimes are connected"

Former Univision Host Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old Girl
"Univision's owner counseled failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in her strategy with the Latino community"

It Does Not Matter What the Left Thinks; Jared Kushner is Poison for Trump
"My sense is Jared is going to have a longer leash and would be treated differently."

Illegal Aliens Disrupt Texas House Floor
" 'I'll put a bullet in your head': Fistfight nearly erupts on final day of contentious legislative session"

TV news network boosts Seth Rich reward
"resident at the hospital who confirmed Rich was not only alive when he arrived, but that his injuries were not life-threatening."

DNC Leaks Came From Inside, Not Russian Hackers
"Russian hacking scheme is nothing more than a lame Clinton excuse for losing."

Why Democrats want you to forget the Confederacy
"Ku Klux Klan was the military arm of the Democratic Party."

If Hillary Runs Again, the Grim Reaper Will be Her Running Mate
"Rahm Emanuel Gets Really Uncomfortable Over Questions About Clinton Potentially Running for President Again"

Will Trump Fire Totally Green Jared Kushner?
"Kushner allegedly told Russian officials during the 2016 campaign he wanted to establish a back-door channel"

Jared Kushner Number 1 Mole in White House
"made a pre-inauguration proposal to the Russian ambassador to set up a secret, bug-proof link with the Kremlin."

Fire Jared Kushner
"Through his wife Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner has become a dominant force against the nationalist populism that got Donald Trump elected"

Grim Reaper Will "Impeach" Coughing Hillary
"She is the most wanted traitor in American history, worse than Benedict Arnold."

Cops hid evidence, halted Seth Rich probe
"Police Department - in collusion with the mayor - are withholding key evidence from the public and obstructing the investigation for political purposes."

Badgering Reporter Gets Body Slammed
"Ben Jacobs entered the office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg's face, and began asking badgering questions."

Twitter suspends WND for Seth Rich report
"Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich reportedly sent 44,053 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before he was gunned down"

Good Riddance; Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Calling it Quits on President Trump's International Tour
"booing the couple as their motorcade left the site."

Hannity on Seth Rich coverage: 'I retracted nothing'
"For those accusing me of pushing a conspiracy theory, you are the biggest phony hypocrites in the entire world"

BIG LIST of people who smell a rat in Seth Rich case
"He's been killed, and apparently nothing serious has been done to investigate his murder"

Even Bill Clinton Has Never Used This One
"Margate man acquitted in murder case after oral-sex defense"

Will Jared Kushner be Fired with the Other leakers?
"Leakers Found Inside White House, Trump Will Be Firing"

FLASHBACK: Jared Kushner Is Leaking To MSNBC
"Trump senior advisor texting information to Joe Scarborough"

Hillary Missing After It's Revealed Where Seth Rich Was Headed When He Was Assassinated
"It's starting to look like the 30 year Clinton crime spree, which started all the way in Arkansas, might finally be coming to an end."

Listen to Ann Coulter & Steve Bannon NOT Ivanka & Jared Kushner
"If Trump Does Not Keep His Promises in 2018, GOP Will Be Wiped Out, Dems Will Impeach"

UnitedHealth fudged Medicare claims, overbilled by $1 billion
"Justice Department alleged that the insurer made patients appear sicker than they actually were in order to collect higher Medicare payments"

Bullets Are Also an Excellent Illegal Alien Deterrent
"Hungary Electrifies Border Wall"

Ivanka Becoming a High Profile Problem in White House
"accusations of nepotism in the Trump White House regarding President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka"

Everyone Has Baggage; President Trump's Baggage is Ivanka
"Climate Scientist Urges President Trump not to Cave to Ivanka's 'Climate Change Madness' "

Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary's Loss
"Clinton's Russia-blame-game was a plan hatched by senior campaign staffers John Podesta and Robby Mook"

Bill O'Reilly's Ad Revenue in Free-Fall
"It's worse than Glenn Beck...Beck lost his show on Fox in 2011 when advertisers turned against him."

Well, Google DID Drop the "Don't Be Evil" Motto
"Did Google just surpass Monsanto as the world's most EVIL corporation?"

Google Admits To Censoring Infowars, Claims It Will Stop
"First amendment victory after search engine exposed"

Man Who Shouted "Allah Akbar" After Murdering Three 'Hated White People' in CA
"The shooter was already wanted in connection with the murder of a security guard outside a motel last week."

Show Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump the Door
"Cohn is being accused of pushing President Donald Trump to abandon many of his populist campaign promises"

MIT Expert Claims Latest Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria was Staged
"it was more likely that the attack was perpetrated by players on the ground."

Assad: America's 'Deep State' - Not Trump - Blew Up Airbase in Syria
"Whoever wants to fight the terrorists, we are partners"

Kushner Assuming "Direct Control" of Foreign Policy
"Kushner pegged as 'shadow Secretary of State' "

Buchanan: Trump reacted to Syria 'emotionally, ineffectively, unconstitutionally'
"president's daughter, Ivanka, prompted the president to attack after being heartbroken by the images of Syrian children"

Nepotism in the White House: Spoiled Brats Trying to Run the Show
"Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner gain more White House power after ski vacation vanishing act"

Justice Ginsburg Finally Gets One Right
"Ginsburg Refers to Graham as One of 'the Women of the Senate' "

Let Ivanka Stick to Selling Dresses & Leave Running the US to President Trump
"This is literally the official story now. Whatever makes Ivanka sad, we will attack"

Does President Trump really want the US to act as ISIS's air force?
"Thursday's US missile attack on Syria must represent the quickest foreign policy U-turn in history."

Illegal Alien Problem Solved in Libya
"Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya"

Sleepwalking toward World War III
"President Trump, by the way, may not be aware of any of this false flag fakery."

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike 'after being convinced by daughter Ivanka'
"Increasingly, Ivanka is having more and more influence over her father"

#FireKushner Takes Over Twitter
"Outraged Trump supporters blame president's son-in-law and top adviser for decision to strike Syria"

False Flag Attack Started Syria/US Conflict
"The false flag attack is maneuvering us to WW3, much to the globalists' delight"

The Truth About Trump's Air Strike on Syria
"Paul Joseph Watson"

Marine Veteran Warns Trump: "You're Being Duped" on Syria
"You're falling for the dumbest thing I've ever seen"

Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Likely a False Flag
" 'Zero chance' Assad behind attack"

Refugees Admit Sex Attack on Disabled Girl in Idaho
"Americans are deliberately misled about refugee programs by politicians working hand-in-hand with secretive refugee resettlement program directors."

Muslim refugees plead guilty to sexually assaulting 5-year-old Idaho girl
"We have just begun to clean house in Idaho."

Dan Rather publishes 'fake news' about himself
"He washed out of boot camp while trying to become a Marine."

MAGA: Justice Department warns companies not to discriminate against US workers
"President Trump slammed H-1B visas early in his campaign"

Don't Take Brass Knuckles to a Gun Fight
"Family of dead burglar: Homeowner's gun meant 'unfair fight' "

Don't Get Bitten by TaxAct.com

They'll have a 'gay' old time: 'Bordellos' now in CA nursing homes?
"using the wrong pick from 'he, she, ze, zie, sie, ey, ve, tey or e' can be subjected to criminal and civil penalties"

Scandal Follows the Clintons
"student who cosied up to Bill Clinton at Hillary rally among trio arrested for planning a threesome with an undercover cop"

FBI Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos of 9/11 Pentagon Crash
"New photos provide clues into Pentagon crash"

Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs Due to Islamic Fundamentalists
"Open-borders subversives escaping neighborhoods they destroyed"

Trump calls critics' bluff: Will share intel on Obama spying
"there was surveillance that occurred during the 2016 election that was improper."

TX Gov Abbott: I Will Sign Legislation That Could Put Sheriffs of Sanctuary Cities in Jail
"sheriffs could wind up behind the very bars they are releasing these criminals from."

Reince Priebus Ally Katie Walsh Out at White House
"Reince Priebus is now a dead man walking"

Homeowner Guns Down Three Masked, Armed Burglars with AR-15
"The woman...faces three counts of first-degree murder and a first-degree burglary charge, in addition to a count of second-degree burglary."

Why Modern Art is Absolute Crap
"the same agenda behind it is now ruining movies and popular culture."

Video Shows Saudi Man Literally Herding Veiled Muslim Women With a Stick
"Is this the brand of Islam feminists want to import to the west?"

Duke Energy shareholders lash out over meeting switch: 'This is hiding from debate'
"Duke Energy is facing growing pressure to reverse a decision to push its upcoming annual shareholders meeting online"

Migrant Tortures, Kills Social Justice Warrior, But City Defends Sanctuary Status
"El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing to death 34-year-old Corrina Mehiel"

Voters Find Out What an Idiot Paul Ryan Really is
"Ryan's slide means that a majority of likely voters nationwide view him unfavorably"

Fake News Strains at Gnats
"CNN Fact Checks Sean Spicer Joke About Salad Dressing"

Woman who had terror conviction in Israel to be deported in plea deal
"lying on her application to enter the U.S. and be a U.S. citizen about her conviction in Israel in terror bombings in 1969."

Border Patrol Agents Assaulted by Increasingly Aggressive Illegal Aliens
"we are now seeing an increase in assaults against our agents"

Evelyn Farkas Says Obama Was Spying on Trump
"Ms. Farkas was so caught up in the discussion, she didn't quite realize the significant admissions she was making about the Obama administration spying"

'Trump Was Right' On JCC Bomb Threats
"source of the threats was allegedly a 19-year-old Jewish man named Michael Kaydar"

Russia scandal? Inside the Obama-Clinton uranium deal
"Hillary OK'd sale as cash flowed to foundation, Bill's pockets"

Consumer Confidence Exceeds Entire Obama & Bush Terms
"Consumer confidence has taken off since the election of President Donald Trump"

Massachusetts Sheriff: Arrest Leaders Of Sanctuary Cities
"If these sanctuary cities are going to harbor and conceal criminal illegal…federal arrest warrants should be issued"

Embattled DNC Asks All Staffers For Resignation Letters
"Major reorganization of Democratic party underway"

Duke Energy to build a natural gas plant on Duke University campus
"The shady reputation of Duke Energy does not serve our University"

Father of Maryland High School Rape Suspect Arrested By ICE
"Both father and son in country illegally"

Did the Freedom Caucus just pull the Republican Party back off the ledge, before it jumped to its death?
"Paul Ryan…having voted 50 times over seven years to repeal Obamacare…had no consensus plan ready to replace it."

Media Lies Backlash
"Top national news organizations increase security for employees"

Chelsea Clinton is Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
"Chelsea Clinton flips out over Trump hat on Lincoln"

Feed a Snake and Guess What Happens
"Texas Woman Bound, Kidnapped After Helping Illegal Immigrant"

Pair of Illegal Aliens Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Girl In Nation's Capital ('Sanctuary City')
"Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, both of the 11500 block of Elkin Street in Wheaton."

Somali refugee in U.S. gets 3 years prison for attempted sexual assault
"Mohamed's victim was severely handicapped woman"

Immigrant Accused of Child Rape Disappears after Posting Bond
"Vargas-Perez paid the bond and then disappeared."

Pamela Geller: Obama's FBI 'wanted us dead'
"Anderson Cooper revealed an undercover FBI agent was tracking the two jihadists and was 'on the scene' "

Whistleblower Files Charges Against Obamacare Looting Scheme
"Obama administration looted investors to fund Obamacare"

Judge Jeanine: 'Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down'
"This is not on President Trump"

Antifa Thugs Chased Away by Trump Supporters in California
"Commie agitators get a taste of their own medicine in Huntington Beach, CA."

Woman Raped by Illegal Alien Testifies Against 'Sanctuary State' Bill
"Stop trying to blur the difference between illegal and legal"

FAKE NEWS: Congresswoman Interviewed "Live" By CNN and MSNBC - At Same Time
"Failing media caught in another massive lie"

George Soros warned his days are numbered
"Paronto gives the Democrats a warning that they do not want the violence to continue."

First Replace Paul Ryan, Then Replace Obamacare
"Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill-the American Health Care Act (AHCA)"

Trump Must Focus On Core Promises, Reject Paul Ryan Agenda
"Ryan is not on Trump's side"

Tucker Slams Rockville Rape Defense Lawyer
"Lawyer defending alleged illegal alien rapists questions character of young victim...just like Hillary did"

Fruitcake Down
"Officer Drives Over Woman as She Allegedly Shoots at Police"

Google profits from Jihadi training videos; Facebook gives thumbs up to "kill white women" posts
"With each passing day, the insidious evil of Google and Facebook becomes increasingly apparent"

Paul Joseph Watson: My Last Ever YouTube Video?
"The establishment media is pressuring YouTube to censor Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson because they are 'extremists'."

Most Americans, especially minorities, say no to sanctuary cities
"Only 28 percent say Washington is doing enough to stop illegal immigration."

Paul Ryan is Public Enemy Number One
"The President had confidence Paul Ryan would come up with a good plan and to me, it is disappointing."

Illegal deported 4 times charged in sex attack on girl, 2
"probably the most heinous criminal act I've ever seen…It really is nauseating."

Forgotten case: Girl, 5, sexually assaulted by refugee boys
"the little girl did tell her parents that a knife was used to threaten her."

After illegal-alien bathroom rape, superintendent accuses community of racism
"Both teens were detained at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2016 and targeted for deportation proceedings"

Former Muslim: Islamists Emboldened by PC Culture
"The Islamists want one thing and that is a Sharia compliant society"

CNN Investigates: Is Trump Afraid of Stairs?
"Another example of why network considered 'very fake news' "

Media's treatment of Maryland high school rape 'beyond anything I have ever seen'
"ABC, NBC, CBS did not cover it on their nightly news broadcasts."

Suburban Immigration Lawyer Gets 15 Months For Asylum Scam
"would quickly forge that person's name on an application and pepper the person's life story with horrific hardships"

Better for Obamacare Repeal to Fail Than Paul Ryan to Write New Law!
"High drama for ObamaCare vote"

Internet Commerce Threat Spreads Across The States
"A slew of unconstitutional, overreach bills in Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, Hawaii, Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina"

Sean Spicer Slams Sanctuary City Jurisdictions After Illegal Aliens Accused of Gang-Raping High School Freshman
"the county declined 70 ICE detainer requests, including 63 for illegal aliens with criminal histories."

Sweden: Asylum Seeker Forced 10-Year-Old to Watch Porn Before Raping Her
"also raped another woman in the camp on up to 20 different occasions."

DOJ Found Falsely Planted Malware At Trump Tower Designed to Mimic Ties To Russia
"Dovetails with Wikileaks revelation that CIA can stage 'Russian' cyber hacks"

Dump James Comey as Director of the FBI
"Comey is 'tainted' by his ties to the Clinton Foundation, and needs to be removed from the current administration."

FBI's Comey 'falsely' denied surveillance
"ABC News documented that the FBI monitored Trump Tower."

Illegal Immigrant Gang Rape of 14-Year-Old Girl Stopped Me Being a "Bleeding Heart Liberal"
"This changed my attitude about a lot of things, as a former bleeding heart liberal"

Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan Wanted Ryancare to Cover Illegal Aliens
"Such a defeat…would heavily damage Speaker Ryan's control of the House."

Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan Dragging GOP Into Gutter
"I can't recall a more universally detested piece of legislation than this GOP health-care bill"

Possible Prompt CAEXIT!
"Ancient quakes may point to sinking risk for part of California coast"

Give Her Credit; She WAS Teaching Anatomy & Physiology
"Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Underage Student Grins in Mugshot"

Sanctuary policies 'led to' brutal, bathroom rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl
"Henry Sanchez, 18, of Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, of El Salvador"

Obama's NSA Illegally Spied on Sheriff Arpaio's Prosecution
"Clear parallels to Obama's wiretapping of Trump"

Trump releases 'Big List' of sanctuary cities
"Boulder County, Colorado, released three illegal aliens with assault convictions, one burglar and two with drug convictions"

News Flash: Removing Tattoos Does Not Make Illegal Aliens Suddenly Legal
"Tattoo Removal Business Booming As Fears Of Deportation Mount"

Message Board Is Using Border Webcams To Help Report Illegals
"taken it upon themselves to help ICE agents catch and report illegals entering the United States."

Zero Tolerance for Ham on Pizza
"Muslim gang attacks Danish couple for eating ham on pizza"

Five 'Arab migrants' gang-rape little girl
"FIVE migrants allegedly gang raped a seven-year-old girl at a refugee centre in Germany"

NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family
"Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring"

Federal Judges Have Lost All Credibility and Should be Ignored by President Trump
"Constitution 'doesn't extend to anybody, anywhere, anyplace, at any time' "

Maddow falls for Trump's baited trap
"What is wrong with her?"

Democratic Officials Now Trying to Downplay Their Russia Lie
"Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion"

North Korea Death Rattle
"If a single bullet is fired, we WILL nuke the US"

Downstream from Duke Energy plant, search continues for clean drinking water
"Their yearslong struggle is directly linked to the Belews Creek Steam Station"

CNN/NYT Blame Alex Jones For Trump Wiretap Claims
"Look at that look on that slime bag's face"

'The Ninth Circus': Judge Jeanine Slams Hawaii Judge For Travel Ban Ruling
"I think all the refugees should go to Hawaii"

Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are Soul Mates
"globalists like Merkel are trying desperately to limit the political fallout of their open-borders, mass immigration"

Paul Ryan trying to undermine Trump
"If he refuses to resign, the House should move to vacate the position and elect a new speaker of the House."

Propaganda Effectively Promoting Homosexuality Among Youth
"Homosexuality is exploding among U.S. teens. Ditto for younger adults."

N.C. voters overwhelmingly oppose letting Duke Energy charge customers for coal ash cleanup
"83.8% say Duke itself should pay for cleaning them up and not charge customers."

Pension Grabber Sen. Rob Portman Doesn't Want His Pork Cut
"Big Government Republicans Rebuke Trump Budget"

Drain the Judicial Swamp
"American courts creating 'affirmative right to immigrate' "

Principal recruits students for secret 'gay' club
" 'We're keeping it on the down low' so parents can't stop kids from attending"

Cruz tweets tribute to 'snowflakes,' breaks Twitter
"Friends in Safe Spaces"

Maddow & Fallon Team Up To Defend Failed Trump Tax Stunt
"Establishment leftists band together and refuse to admit major debacle"

Grandstanding Illegal Alien Demanded Attention and Got It!
"to be deported without hearing"

Keep Calling Attention to Yourselves; Paddy Wagons Are Waiting!
"Moments after an immigrant spoke out about her fears of deportation, she was detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement."

Hillary Has a Hard Time Accepting That Donald Trump is the Better MAN
"Instead of being gracious in defeat, Clinton made accusations that even MSNBC pundits had a hard time swallowing."

Migrant Arrested For Kicking Woman Down Subway Stairs
"criminal record for robbery, theft and hooliganism in his native Bulgaria."

Morning Joe Stalwarts Are Tired of Hillary Clinton Blaming Others
"It's Comey's fault...it's Huma's fault, it's Obama's fault, it's fake news's fault, it's the media's fault."

Reporter Asks Stupid Questions, But Jerry Lewis Would Not Play The Game
"Watch the Most Painfully Awkward Interview of 2016"

Who Looks Presidential and Who Looks Like a Crackhead?
"skinny, ghetto crackhead"

Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged
"raises serious questions that high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed at the highest level of government."

Judge Pirro destroys that bitch Hillary
"Hillary, you are a liar, and a pathological one at that."

"They should all be investigated, prosecuted, and punished to the fullest extent of US, American law"

Sheriff's probe finds Obama birth certificate 'fake'
"White House fraudulently created a forgery that it characterized as an officially produced governmental birth record."

Did Elizabeth Warren Catch PMS From Hillary? Bashes Hillary Clinton Supporter
"paid $1,000 to see Warren speak at a fundraiser"

Americans First: Other Identities Can Go to Hell
"Liberals tried hard to kill the American Spirit, but to no avail."

Sheriff Joe slaps Obama with new birth-certificate bombshell
"The Cold Case Posse advised Arpaio that they believed forgers committed two crimes."

Hillary - The Queen of Fake News - Lectures Americans About Fake News
"The woman who voted for a war that killed hundreds of thousands based on fake news"

60 Minutes Report Backfires When Muslims Attack
" '60 Minutes' goes to Sweden to show how peaceful refugees are.. Entire crew gets assaulted by refugees!"

Attorneys demand details about Duke's compensation plan for properties near coal ash pits
"Mona Lisa Wallace and Bill Graham of Wallace & Graham, The Law Offices of Bryan Brice, Jr., and the Baron & Budd law firm"

Black Homeless Woman Says Trump Allowed Her to Live in Trump Tower Rent Free For 8 Years
"If it weren't for him I'd be homeless - I'd be dead right now"

Incompetent Obama Plays Race Card, His Only Excuse
"Obama Claims 'whites in northern states' Very Different from 'southern states' "

Will Lame Duck, Fake President Obama Take 'Worst President Ever' Title From G. W. Bush?
"Obama Tells CNN His Greatest Regret Was Failure To Secure More Gun Control"

France's Le Pen pledges no schooling for illegal migrants
"don't expect that you will be taken care of, treated (by the health system) and that your children will be educated for free"

Lame Duck Obama Raided Medicare Accounts to Fund Illegal Aliens
"Medicare isn't the only program he's burglarizing."

Be Careful Of What You Ask For: Rape, Murder of EU Migrant Supporting Official's Teen Daughter
"The victim herself was also a 'refugee activist'."

Drunk Hillary Demanding Recount to "Lift Her Spirits"
"She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual."

Obama Mocked Trump, Said He Wouldn't Save Manufacturing Jobs
"Given yesterday's news, Obama is looking pretty stupid right now."

Potential Cure For One Of Hillary's Problems
"Man in the Netherlands euthanised due to his alcohol addiction"

Can Hillary Battle the Bottle Until 2020?
"Just when you thought it was safe to forget about her"

#DumpKelloggs: Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers
"The only sensible response is to join together and boycott Kellogg's products in protest."

Dem Civil War: MSNBC Unloads On "Shrill, Unhinged" Elizabeth Warren
"Has Fauxcahontas exhausted Brzezinski's patience?"

Trump Was Right About Somali Migrants
"President elect said they were a 'disaster' for U.S. cities just three weeks before Ohio State University attack"

People Are Learning What an Idiot Gov. John Kasich Is
"People are blaming Kasich's calls to open the Buckeye state's borders to international refugees for Abdul Artan's actions"

Impact of illegal-alien voters could be significant
"Obama himself admitted...that illegals would face no scrutiny or hindrances registering to vote and voting"

Hillary Lawyer Calls On NC Gov. Pat McCrory To Stop Recount Despite Tighter Race Than WI, MI & PA
"Well this is awkward."

Furious Democrats Blast Stein's Recount Effort As Nothing But A Scam
"So, while you may be 'With Her', dear Jill, pretty much no one is with you."

Jill Stein is a Complete Idiot
"Her recount campaign is a total fraud"

Jenny Poore's Poor Comments About President-elect Backfired Big League
"quit her position following public backlash."

Clinton Covers Up Child Porn Scandal
"We won't hold our breath waiting for the media to cover anything involving the Clintons."

Muslim 'refugee' goes on stabbing spree at Ohio State
"Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been a big backer of the federal government's refugee resettlement program in his state."

Obama Talked Hillary Clinton Off the Ledge
"After all the cheating and conniving this man did to get Clinton elected, that had to be a tough call, even for him."

Obama's Race War Could Be a $2 Billion Liability
"He only has a problem if there's crime against blacks or crime is against Muslims"

Jubilant over the election night ass-kicking we dished out to the Left
"The fact is by any measure Obama has embarrassed blacks as the first president."

Romney, You're Fired!
"Sources say Trump is backing away from Romney"

Even Obama Slams Stein's Recounts
"Jill Stein's credibility seems to be sinking fast"

Trump Won Popular Vote If Illegal Voters Excluded
"attempted to rig the election for Hillary Clinton, but they couldn't overcome a landslide for Trump."


Duke Energy reaches $1.5 million settlement over Sutton plant, downplays contamination fears
"Wednesday's settlement is separate from the 2015 State-imposed $25.1 million fine for contamination at the Sutton plant."

Mitt Romney May Publicly Apologize For Being a Scumbag, But He Will Always Be a Scumbag!
"President-elect Donald Trump may make things a little more difficult for Mitt Romney"

CNN Recycles Same Fake News With Only a Slightly Different Spin
"Washington Post claims Natural News is controlled by the Russian government"

CNN Offers Everything From Fake News To Non-stop Hardcore Porn
"Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown takes on an entirely new meaning"

Hillary crawled from under her multi-million dollar rock to make a post-election appearance. Yep, six more weeks of Winter
"Chelsea Clinton Hints at Future for Clintons"

DEQ chief should heed his own advice on hexavalent chromium
"They're protecting polluters over people"

Black Fridays Matter
"Two people are killed outside a Macy's and a Walmart"

Obama fast-tracks plan to take Muslim migrants rejected by Australia
"Congressmen demand answers on 'secretly negotiated treaty' "

FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney Still Wants To Be President, Still Will Never Be President
"Because nobody likes him. They never have."

Lame Duck Obama is Still Dodging Fake Birth Certificate Issue
"Obama's birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a 'fraudulent, fake document.' "

Nobody Wants Romney
"Trump loyalists warn against Romney as sec of state."

No Romney For Secretary of State
"Mitt Romney, Rince Prebius and John Bolton are all died-in-the-wool neocon apparatchiks"

Mexican Cement Company Offers to Help Trump Build Wall
"Mexico will likely benefit greatly if Trump keeps his campaign promise to gut NAFTA"

Romney, GO AWAY!
"Trump aide has received 'deluge' of comments about Romney pick"

Obviously No Hate Crime Here
"man cuffed for trying to push straphanger onto Harlem subway tracks; yelled, 'I hate white people' "

No Trace of a Hate Crime Here
"White schoolgirls say black gang racially targeted them in bus attack"

Judgment Day for Muslims who burned Christians to death in kiln
"sentenced to death five extremist Muslims fo the murder of a Christian husband and wife"

Triggered Social Justice Warriors Protest 'Female Donald Trump' by Screaming Like Lunatics
"Norwegian minister causes mass hysteria with anti-immigration comments"

Proof Donald Trump Won The Popular Vote
"Donald Trump didn't just win the electoral vote - he really won the popular vote too."

Romney for secretary of state? Why not just put Hillary back in?
"Huckabee: Trump Appointing Romney Would Be A Huge Insult To Voters"

Kanye West Has Been Kidnapped, Placed In Mental Hospital
"Pop star hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after expressing support for Trump"

FIVE officers shot in three days
"searching for a black man in his 40s, wearing a white t-shirt and a skull cap and a brown jacket."

How Trump Destroyed Mainstream Media Forever
"We're in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong."

Judge spanks transgender-obsessed Obama: You lie!
"Reaffirms nationwide injunction blocking White House policy for schools"

9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors 'immigration' to defeat USA
"easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran."

Man Was Hot About Election Results
"Man sets himself on fire after yelling about election results"

Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami
"not able to circulate water to cool the nuclear fuel because of a broken pump"

Lame Duck Obama Tries to Finish Destroying America Before He Leaves Office
"I can't think of any reason why you would stop trying to apprehend people on a known smuggling route"

4 cops shot in 24 hours in 4 cities, 2 shootings called targeted
"shot to death in his squad car late Sunday morning outside police headquarters"

Chinese media called the race for Donald Trump before the US liberal media!
"Even in Sydney, Australia they know who won."

'Safe space' liberal actors target theater GUESTS for mass humiliation in the name of 'tolerance'
"Your behavior is so delusional and self-contradictory that it borders on mental illness."

Hillary and Lame Duck Obama Blame Each Other for Losing
"Obama: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Was Too Divisive to Win"

CNN Delivers Fake News; Lame Duck Obama Delivers Fake Presidency
"Obama Joins the War on 'Fake News' "

Networks that reported 'You can keep your doctor' were knowingly spewing FAKE NEWS
"New York Times has openly admitted it is willing to lie to make sure conservative candidates are defeated in elections."

Lame Duck Obama Grasping at Straws to Prove He's Not a Loser
"Obama Claims Electoral System Rigged in Favor of Republicans"

German Migrants Take Action on Problem of Epic Proportions
"Migrants Burn Down Hall: 'There's Not Enough Nutella and Gummibears!' "

Lame Duck Obama is Useless Baggage Going Through the Motions
"Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, could barely stand to look at each other"

Time for Lame Duck Obama to Slink Away and SHUT UP
"Obama: I Will Criticize Trump if 'Necessary or Helpful' "

This Should Solve Everything
"Woman posted false sexual assault claim because she was 'distraught over the recent election' "

Dear Blacks, Latinos & Gays
"Isn't amazing that Trump only became a racist when he ran against Democrats?"

Texas Officer Executed; Black Suspect Sought
"suspect...black man between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet in height who was wearing a gray shirt and black pants."

Apparently Only White People Can be Charged with Hate Crimes
"no hate crime charges are being filed against four thugs who were filmed beating and carjacking an innocent man in Chicago"

Gun sales slow in days after Donald Trump secures presidency
"If Hillary had gotten elected, in a month you would see people buying more and more"

Hillary Slides Into Irrelevance, And Can't Deal With It
"Can it get any more crazy and laughable?"

President-elect Donald Trump Scrapes Bottom of the Barrel
"Trump has called Romney one of the 'dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics' "

4 Charged In Beating Of Man As Others Yell Anti-Trump Words
"26-year-old Julian Christian, 21-year-old Rajane Lewis, 20-year-old Dejuan Collins and a 17-year-old girl"

Clinics sue feds over order to perform gender transitions
"Congress has repeatedly rejected similar attempts to redefine 'sex' through legislation."

84 percent of Americans say they accept Donald Trump as their president, including three fourths of Hillary supporters
"2016 election is over - and Donald J. Trump is the winner. Period"

President-elect Donald Trump Already Eclipsing Lame Duck Obama
"Trump Says Ford Called to Say It's Keeping SUV Plant in Kentucky"

Giddy Russians Seek To Rename Street After Donald Trump To "Make Our City Great Again"
"The petition for a Trump Street has turned out to be quite popular."

Media Has Hissy Fit Over Trump Attending Private Dinner With His Family
"Let's see what 'Richard' Maddow has to say over at MSNBC"

Infowars Announces Fake News Analysis Center
"Discredited 'mainstream' media makes desperate attempt to control narrative"

Obama's Brother Calls for Boycott of CNN, MSNBC, New York Times
"Malik Obama joins president elect in calling out biased press"


Podesta Claimed "She is Not Done Yet," But Hillary Was Totally and Eternally Done
"Hillary Clinton Screaming Obscenities and Throwing Objects in Election Night Meltdown"

Trump Pulls World From Brink Of Nuclear War: Soros Outraged
"Trump defiantly opposes their plans"

We Don't Want Him; Could You Just Keep Him?
" 'Obama Go Home': President Sparks Riots on European Farewell Tour"

Trump supporter, 15, beaten by group of Hillary supporters
"Rockville police said the victim was not the aggressor."

Obama Will Take Him
"Asylum Seeker Stabs Wife to Death After Throwing Her From Window"

Where's Hillary? Creeping Around Children
"Alex Jones...covers a long list of Hillary's evil deeds in the past and her predatory character moving forward."

Flier objects to attendant's 'White Supremacy Kills' button, gets booted
"offered Coyle undisclosed restitution and took undisclosed disciplinary action on the unidentified flight attendant"

Pelosi Is The New Hillary
"Pelosi moves to intimidate Democratic rivals as she tries to cling to power"

Michelle Obama Outed As 'Ape in heels'
Reader's comment: "Google 'michelle is a man' "

Don't let Duke Energy pollute the Dan River with coal ash waste
"All this is going to do is give Duke Energy a free pass to pollute both Little Belews Creek (under the ash basin) and the Dan River"

Female Trump Supporter Scolds MSNBC Host
"Why don't you get it on camera instead of editing"

PROOF - The Trump protests utilizing paid professional protesters financed by George Soros
"Investigative report shows proof of Soros funding protests"

Drunk Driver Blames Crash on Trump
"I am upset over the outcome of the election and you should let me go home"

Twitter Has Always Been a Joke
"Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory"

Anti-Trump Rioters Protest Constitution
"Rule of law under attack by Soros-funded minions"

Ed Klein on Bill and Hillary Clinton: 'It's All Over for Them'
"Her disastrous performance during this campaign was, I think, her last performance on the stage"

Morons React to Trump Winning
"The hysteria continues!"

More On Hillary's Election Loss Meltdown
"Is it any wonder that so many of her followers are emulating Clinton's behavior, going on full-fledged temper tantrums and riots, shedding...tears"

Black Lives Matter movement helped elect Donald Trump
"Keith Lamont Scott's wife said he got shot because he was holding a book (when in fact he turned out to be holding a gun)"

Obama Doesn't Like THESE Rioters; They Are Protesting Him!
"Greek police clash with demonstrators protesting Obama's visit to Athens"

Public Interest Legal Foundation Wants DOJ to Investigate Attack on Trump Supporter David Wilcox
"The right to participate in an election without fear of being beaten by a mob is one of the most fundamental civil rights"

Anti-Trump Rioters Block Ambulance; Father of 4-Year-Old Girl Dies
"I had a patient die because our ambulance was stopped by the protesters"

REALITY CHECK for environmentalists: Until we achieve clean, renewable energy breakthroughs, the U.S. economy still runs on oil
"Don't think for a minute that Obama, or Clinton, or anybody from the establishment left gives a damn about the environment"

Hillary Became "Physically Violent" After She Realized She Had Lost the Election
"Clinton had to be 'briefly restrained' after trying to attack her own campaign staff"

Trump looks to ban Muslim Brotherhood
"Eric Holder...prevented the investigation and also the prosecution of these groups"

Putin Bypasses Lame Duck Obama And Negotiates Directly With President-elect Donald Trump
"Putin called the president-elect yesterday to begin negotiations over how best to tackle to terrorism"

Hillary Blames Obama and Obama Blames Hillary For Election Loss
"Obama's pointed rebuke to Clinton for election loss"

Election Cartoon

Protesters occupy Senate Dem's office, blast Wall St. ties
"Hillary Clinton's defeat was because of her coziness with big money donors"

Let The Left Coast Exit; Just Run Border Wall On Up To Block Off The Whiners
"Renegade states plan to pull off their own Brexit and ditch the US for Canada"

Raging Violence
"Ex-Con Arrested For Ramen Noodle Attack On His Boyfriend"

Hillary Refused To Hold Press Conferences; Lame Duck Obama Refuses to SHUT UP!
"Obama delivered a patronizing series of backhanded compliments to Donald Trump in a Monday press conference"

Soros-funded left-wing anarcho-terrorists plotting to SABOTAGE Trump and overthrow the Republic
"Their ultimate goal is to march on Washington and overthrow the legitimate government"

Hillary Clinton should only blame herself and her adoring sycophants for her loss
"How laughable is that? The media gave Trump a pass?!"

Illegal Alien Rapes Young Woman In a Ditch For 2 Hours
"26-year-old Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian...detained in Lee County Jail in North Carolina"

Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens
"Trump may have won popular vote"

Swedish chef violently assaulted by 'Muslim men' because he 'looks like Trump'
"assaulted by three Muslim men who punched and kicked him in the face and head"

Blocks Of Anti-Trump Protest Buses Caught On Tape
"according to Wikileaks documents at least two of the people profiled by USA Today have a history of being professional agitators for the Democratic party"

Border patrol union president predicts career-level supervisors will now resist Obama directives
"They're going want to make it look like they're in lockstep with [Trump] … We're already seeing it now."

NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury
"We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that."

Hillary Clinton Learned How To Manipulate The Law By Defending A Child Rapist
"Hillary blames a little girl for her own rape"

Hillary organizer struggles to energize Kent State students
"only a few people acknowledged him. The rest looked away and stood in line."

WikiLeaks: In 2011, Team Clinton Worried About Anthony Weiner's Activity With Underaged Girls
"Weiner's problems with underage girls was known by campaign staff, even before the Clinton's 2016 campaign officially launched."

Resignation letters were piling up at FBI
"stack of resignation letters from livid agents was making him depressed, as they reminded him that morale at the bureau had hit rock bottom."

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a 'crime family'
"It's like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool."

'Pay to Slay': Hillary link to baby body-parts biz revealed
"Hillary Clinton's State Department granted favorable treatment to a family involved in the harvesting."

2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election
"We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win"

Coal ash is radioactive and will be for more than 1,000 years
"laden with uranium, thorium or polonium-210"

Michelle O Convinced Hillary's On Drugs
"she popped out on the street so chipper she was praising New York and hugging a little girl - when she was supposed to have pneumonia"

Clinton's State Department Waste and Mismanagement: $5.4 Million for a No-Bid Contract for Crystal Stemware Among Shocking Expenditures
"Clinton wasting billions in taxpayer funds."

Trump will win the election and is more popular than Obama in 2008, AI system finds
"The AI system was created in 2004, so it has been getting smarter all the time."

Woman surprised to find Donald Trump Jr. was the one who helped push her car
"I've been around a lot of politicians. Most would just freak out or go around"

Clinton Insider: Rigging Only Way Hillary Can Win
"She's going to lose and she knows it"

Young People May Not Be Dumb Enough To Vote For Hillary
"Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach 'F**king Dumb' Young People"

"The Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks (so far)"

Michael Moore freaks! Anti-Trump film might help elect Trump
"Moore has been frantically tweeting responses to the praise heaped on him by Trump supporters"

McAuliffe-FBI-Hillary payoff scandal explodes
"half-million dollars to the campaign of the wife of the senior FBI official involved in the Clinton investigation sure looks like a payoff - a major payoff"

Hillary Clinton: "Best thing that could happen to us is be attacked by somebody"
"We're gonna provoke an attack"

A Vote For Warmonger Hillary Clinton Is A Vote For World War 3
"it is Clinton that actually has a long history of being emotionally unstable."

Clinton Foundation auditor also in Global Crossing scandal
"The Clinton Foundation did not heed the warnings of its hired private auditor"

12 Days from Election, Clinton World Still Has No Good Answers on Russian Uranium Deal
"We now know that the Clinton Foundation operated with a quid pro quo"

Media Lies Against Trump Debunked One by One
"Amazing how the press can just keep lying and have no ramifications"

Hillary Cartoon

Putin Knows What a Liar Hillary Is
"But our patience has its limits"

Podesta Emails: Who Told Hillary She Could Use Private Email?
"And has that person been drawn and quartered?"

7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring
"leaked a tip to the Clinton campaign that 300 of Hillary's Benghazi emails were about to be released."

Ignoring The Law To Rig Elections
"Immigration laws are being ignored to an unprecedented extent."

McCrory's trouble with coal ash
"McCrory's story could not be true"

WikiLeaks: Team Hillary Feared Clinton-Cosby Comparisons
"How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?"

Clinton's corruption runs deep
"the obvious coercion would have to come from the top to not prosecute, namely Obama."

It's not over yet: Donald Trump will win, says top forecaster
"Hillary Clinton's confidence could cost her the US presidency"

Erica Garner blasts Clinton campaign over discussions staffers had about her father's death in WikiLeaks emails
"These people will co opt anything to push their agenda. Police violence is not the same as gun violence."

WikiLeaks: Hillary needed 'sobering up' in afternoon
"I think you should call her and sober her up some"

Top Clinton Ally Caught Accepting $20k Foreign Donation
"I do a lot of work with the White House on their issue"

WikiLeaks Emails Show Those Closest To Hillary Clinton Think She's 'Nuts'
"These are people who love her and support her saying she's nuts and she's secretive."

How did Hillary Clinton Cheat At The Last Debate?
"By Using An Embedded Tablet Device In Her Podium"

Trump's path to victory runs through Florida; enthusiasm 'through the roof'
"When Mitt Romney ran in 2012, we would struggle to get 500 people in an abandoned airplane hangar to make it look crowded."

WSJ: Wikileaks Raises Questions on When John Podesta, Russia Stopped Doing Business
"When did Clinton's top aide stop doing business with Moscow?"

Hillary Cartoon

Blaming Donald Trump for the Inevitable Economic Collapse
"many globalists actually want Donald Trump to be elected President so they can BLAME HIM for the economic collapse"

John Podesta's hacked emails
"unprecedented glimpse into the inner workings of the Clinton campaign and its allies."

Hillary's Violent Operatives Unmasked On Video At Scene Of The Crime
"What you are about to see is evidence to convict."

James O'Keefe Threats; Dead Man Switch Key Given to InfoWars.com
"Media won't touch damning evidence in Project Veritas videos - and there's still more to come"

NBC Crew - Crooked Hillary's MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum
"It was the most awful and terrible...and racist display - such a profane meltdown I have ever witnessed from anyone"

New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"
"And that's how you manufacture a 12-point lead for your chosen candidate and effectively chill the vote of your opposition. "

'Demonic' Hillary Is Why Democrats Are Voting For Donald Trump In 2016
"Framed Berners for her terror attacks on Trumpers. Hillary is demonic."

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Had Gun Control Supporters Planted In Town Hall Audience
"those plants would be from various gun control groups"

Professor with excellent prediction record says Donald Trump will defeat Clinton
"The professor even said he's put down actual money on his prediction"

Everyone knows laws do not apply to Hillary
"Hillary campaigns at early voting location - in violation of NC law"

Just Like Corporations and Pensions
"Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war"

Questions Arise Again Over Lighted Screen At Hillary's Podium
"Hillary spent an awkward amount of time during her answers peering down rather than at the camera"

Lying Tim Kaine Will Fit Right in With Hillary
"Tim Kaine - and Hillary Clinton - lied to the American people about the Virginia senator's selection as Clinton's running mate."

Judge Jeanine: Laws Do Not Apply To Hillary Clinton
"There are two systems of justice in America"

Duke Energy Faces Coal Ash Questions After Spill
"Sounds like [North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources] is trying to protect Duke again"

Former Prosecutor: The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything 'They Touch Turns To Molten Lead'
"Obama's Department of Justice 'created a double standard for justice - one for the Clintons and one for the little guy.' "

Hillary breaks into bizarre, fake laughter over her 'stamina'
"So is it really that funny, or is she really that fake?"

Hillary Clinton Tied To Illegal Vicious Election Attack On WikiLeaks' Assange
"the latest set up of Julian Assange of Wikileaks"

5 Repugnant Scandals That Should've Ended Hillary Clinton's Career
"She doesn't even try to hide her contempt for Americans"

Lawmakers, security mavens praise Donald Trump's robust plan for national defense
"We believe that Donald Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton to move our military in the right direction as President of the United States"

"liberal forces always use polls to manipulate and discourage conservatives from voting"

It's 'felony corruption!' State Dept. undersecretary at the center of FBI firestorm about 'quid pro quo' proposal to bury Benghazi email
"Kennedy illegally pressured the FBI to un-classify emails from Hillary's illegal server"

Top Clinton aide offered FBI a funding 'quid pro quo' if agents helped him bury a Benghazi email - 'never to be seen again'
"FBI documents provide undeniable proof that Hillary Clinton colluded with the FBI, DOJ and State Department to cover up criminal activity"

Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!"
"join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti."

Madonna Offers to Prostitute Herself for a Political Prostitute
"Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters"

3 Faces of Hillary: Gaping Maw, Silly Grin & Resting Bitch Face
"Hillary Grins Her Way Through Debate; Smiles At Mention Of ISIS, Human Rights Abuses"

RIGGED: Trump rally violence was STAGED by Clinton campaign operatives
"This is the same way in which the leftist terrorist bombing of a GOP campaign headquarters building in North Carolina is also being blamed on Trump!"

Hillary Forced to Smile to Hide Resting Bitch Face
"Hillary Clinton's smile is the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life"

"liberal media is focusing on one man's alleged misdeeds and ignoring another's proven sins."

Former Clinton Chef: Hillary Scrawled Hand Written Notes Calling Black People N***ers
"demeaning towards Hispanics, making fun of their accents."

Clintons Preying On Haiti Disaster Victims by Pocketing Millions
"Clinton Foundation has raised millions of dollars for Haiti relief, but people see nothing"

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her - With Men & WOMEN
"Stunning revelations of Clinton bag man!"

FBI Files: Hillary Clinton Stole Furniture From State Dept.
"FBI agent accuses Hillary Clinton of taking government property to her house"

Six ways State tried to cover up Clinton's emails
" 'Shadow Government' tried to stop email releases"

Subject of Undercover Video Ousted
"This scheme was created and approved at the highest levels of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee"

"Hillary has canceled almost all events from now until election day"

FBI Agents Say Comey 'Stood In The Way' Of Clinton Email Investigation
"The most important thing of all is that the agents have decided that they are going to talk."

IPS felt immense pressure to complete the review quickly and not label anything as classified
"This shows corruption at the highest level"

Hillary Called Black Servant the 'N-Word'
"Within 48 hours of doing the interview, Martin claimed that his phone was hacked and that his apartment was broken into at 3am."

New Emails: Hillary Needs Podium, 'Cannot Walk Around'
"Clinton regularly needs to use a podium as a literal crutch."

Bailing out aging nuclear power plants can impact development of renewable energy technologies
"The push for nuclear power has been-and is-a huge con job"

Got To Have Me Some Huma
"Hillary Clinton Snubbed Diplomats to Stay Near Aide"

Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
"We have mentally ill people that we pay…I've paid off a few homeless people to do some crazy stuff"

State Dept. pressured FBI to protect Hillary Clinton: FBI files
"FBI investigative files show a top department official tried to bribe the FBI into not declaring some of her messages secret."

What You See Is What You Get
"Hillary Clinton's Resting B***h Face"

Charlotte Observer Not Endorsing a Pat McCrory Election Bid for the First Time in 25 Years
"Observer is backing Attorney General Roy Cooper"

Alex Jones Vindicated: Bill's Former Lover Confirms Hillary Smells Awful
"Dolly Kyle recounts disgusting smell during first meeting with Hillary Clinton"

Congress Just Humiliated Corrupt FBI Dir. James Comey
"FBI director is going to be investigated by congress, for the first time in US history!"

Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Paid $200 For Me to Abort His Baby
"Nichols alleged that Clinton diverted state funds to engage in extramarital affairs with five women"

Does Hillary Sleep in the Giant Oven Mitt She's Always Wearing?
"Just be glad it doesn't open in the back."

Bill Clinton Son Tells Hillary: Step Aside
"Danney wanted to meet his dad, but Hillary ran him off like a dog"

2008: Michelle Obama says Barack has Body Odor
"Michelle Obama tells Glamour magazine that Barack Obama is kicked out of bed because he stinks!"

Haitians fear Clintons will 'scam' them again
"The best support you can give to Haiti in November is to vote Donald Trump, to stop Hillary Clinton"

"Sick Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic. Source of health problems and falls?"

Bill Clinton Photo During Debate: Just How Terrified of Hillary Is He Really?
"Everyone close to Hillary is afraid of her."

WIKILEAKS: Bill, Chelsea's 'Office Crap' Drove A Top Clinton Foundation Official Suicidal
"Band went on to criticize Chelsea for not caring about how her supposed office drama harmed two top foundation officials."

"These women were abused by BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON!"

Broaddrick, Willey, Jones to Bill Clinton's Defenders: 'These Are Crimes,' 'Terrified' of 'Enabler' Hillary
"These are not infidelities. A rape is not an infidelity. These are crimes. Any other people would be in jail"

Flies Are Attracted to Crap
"Debate Watch: Fly Lands on Hillary Clinton's Face"

Video Interview: Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Relives Brutal Rapes
"I am still afraid. Especially if she becomes president."

Supporters mob Trump Tower - Donald wades into crowd on sidewalk
"Trump fans rallied outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday afternoon."

"When will u resign from ur campaign?"

Former Bill Mistress: Hillary Beat Baby Inside Womb, Threatened to Abort if Born Disabled
"Book excerpt provides glimpse into unstable temperament"

Hillary Calls Her Own Supporters A "Bucket Of Losers"
"Why does Hillary Clinton feel the need to smear average Americans in front of her well-heeled friends?"

GOP Voters Heckle Paul Ryan, Chant: "SHAME ON YOU!" at Rally!
"Crowd turns on Globalist Paul Ryan our House CUCK leader"

BROADDRICK: Hillary's actions speak louder than Trump's words
"I don't recall that Bill or Hillary has ever apologized to me and Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey"

'You're a rapist!': Protesters Taunt Bill Clinton at Milwaukee Rally
" 'No one can dispute the fact,' Clinton starts his sentence. 'That you're a rapist!' a person in the audience shouts"

McCrory's amateur hour continues in Raleigh
"Rudo…voted for McCrory in 2012. He is surely just one of thousands who now regret it."

WikiLeaks Dumps Hillary's Goldman Sachs Speech Excerpts
"So, you need both a public and a private position."

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe
"Comey also agreed to have Mills' laptop destroyed...making the FBI an accomplice to the destruction of evidence."

The FBI, Jerry Nadler, Hillary Clinton and Me
"If the FBI are that easily corrupted, I wonder if they can be counted on in any investigation? Heads need to roll."

Another Child Used As a Shill At Hillary's Town Hall
"Girl from Hillary campaign ad is 'randomly' selected to ask softball question"

Hillary Clinton defended a child molester, and laughed about it
"She spent five days in a coma and months recovering from the beating that she received during the rape"

Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton, Gennifer Flowers reveals they'd be together now if it wasn't for Chelsea
"Bill told her Hillary was 'bisexual' and that he had 'no problem with that' "

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Benghazi, jihad and the cover up
"A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to destroy the United States as we know it."

SCIENTISTS CRINGE as Hillary claims hurricanes are caused by PEOPLE, Donald Trump can't stop hurricanes BUT SHE CAN!
"Hurricane Matthew is only threatening a few cities in Florida, but Hillary Clinton threatens every city in America."

Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics 101
"The statements are blatantly false - lies, if you will - and only resonate with those of modest IQs and negligible economic savvy."

And We Are Not Crazy About Joe Biden Either
"Biden Tells Rally Crowd: I Know Some of You Are Not Crazy About Hillary"

Hillary Booted State Security Off Plane to Make Room for Foundation Exec
"Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi."

Police officer says she feared using gun while being beaten
"She thought she was going to die. She knew that she should shoot this guy"

Hillary May Evade Justice, But Will Never Escape What Waits For Her
"Hillary's Ill Gotten Gains Can Only Buy Her So Much."

'Black Lives Matter' Supporters Plan Looting Sprees as Hurricane Matthew Hits
"God Please let this hurricane hit us so I can do some looting"

FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering
"applied pressure to subordinates to change the classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public."

Hillary Caught on Camera Admitting she Hides Information from Investigators (Here's your intent!)
"As much as I've been investigated, why would I ever want to do email?"

White House Coordinated on Clinton Email Issues, New Documents Show
"Kerry wasn't asked on CBS about the email server, though it isn't clear how Ms. Psaki could have guaranteed that."

"Bill Clinton is a Rapist!": Shouted At Tim Kaine Rally
"Well, Bill Clinton is a rapist"

Hillary Clinton has collapsed her credibility
"her health, her emails, her personal server, her advisers, her staff, and the special treatment given...to Clinton Foundation donors"

5 Things Hillary Clinton Has Done That Will Make You Question Her Sanity
"She might have a drinking problem."

Flashback: Free Speech Activist Roughed Up At Hillary's Internet Freedom Event
"This is what Hillary really thinks about free speech and Internet freedom"

Expert: Hillary Armed Islamic Terrorists to Destabilize Libya
"I think the Obama administration has been Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated almost from the beginning."

VP candidate brags about Hillary restarting the Cold War
"Kaine used the term 'tote-to-toe with the Russians' 3 times"

Hillary Clinton's "play for pay" campaign
"President Harry Truman once said that any politician who became wealthy as a result of being in public service was a crook."

"An honest public servant can't become rich in politics." - Harry Truman

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Hillary Clinton caught using child actors to plant scripted questions
"a child actor and daughter of Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach."

Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case
"Lawmakers expressed outrage...that the deals requested by Mills and Samuelson included a requirement to destroy their laptops"

Protester Interrupts Bill Clinton With A 'Bill Clinton A Rapist' Sign
"Bill Clinton has harmed woman, and he's raped woman"

Eric Trump Goes on CNN After VP Debate, Destroys Panel When They Question Donald
"Eric eviscerated the CNN panel, which included Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash, with facts."

Bill Clinton: Hillary is 'f---ing over the FBI. How stupid is that?'
"she said she loves Snapchat because all her emails disappear by themselves"

Clinton Campaign Helped Script Steve Harvey Interview
"briefed the Democratic presidential nominee ahead of time on the precise wording of Harvey's questions."

Flashback 2008: Michelle Obama On Hillary Clinton: How Can You Trust Someone To Run White House When She "Can't Even Run Her Own House"?
"what she really thought of Hillary Clinton when Obama was running against her"

Matt Drudge Invokes Alex Jones in Kaine-Hillary Blood Transfusion Tweet
"To make amends, Kaine is offering his blood for Hillary's pre-debate transfusion"

Hillary Campaigners From Other Cities Fake Akron Support
"Hillary desperate to get people to show up!"

CNN's Jake Tapper: Press treating Chelsea Clinton with 'kid gloves'
"Chelsea is never 'grilled' the way Trump's adult children have been."

Hillary Sought Pentagon, State Department Contracts for Chelsea's Friend
"It looks like she was single-handedly trying to revive the corrupt spoils system"

Obama's army of public relations staffers costs U.S. taxpayers $500M per year
"Obama hired hundreds of additional public relations employees to sell his administration's policies"

Federal Government Spends $1.5 Billion Per Year on Public Relations
"$1 billion on PR and advertising contracts, and another $500 million on salaries"

'He came off as a jerk': Tim Kaine's 70 interruptions of Mike Pence during VP debate
"Mike Pence was well prepared and he didn't take the bait and in many instances he just let Tim Kaine keep interrupting."

Total Corruption: FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides
"You're essentially extending immunity to everyone"

Groups seek to force testimony on coal ash regulation from Pat McCrory's top aide
"There can be no doubt that the governor and his office are deeply involved in DEQ's handling of Duke Energy's coal ash"

McCrory's chief of staff did not read testimony before accusing state scientist of perjury
"Stith said under oath that he had not read Rudo's deposition before giving his statements at the press conference."

After Tim Kaine Flops in Vice Presidential Debate, New Doubts About Hillary
"There was nothing in Tim Kaine's performance that showed he could act like a president."

Parkinson's? Hillary's head shakes during Harrisburg press conference
"Many people, including physicians, have speculated Hillary Clinton may have Parkinson's disease."

Neutered? In VP Debate, Tim Kaine Promises To Be Hillary's 'Right-Hand Person'
" 'Right hand person.' Not even Kaine thinks he's a man."

Watch CBS Moderator Repeatedly Attack Pence in VP Debate
"moderator criticized Pence for failing to answer questions when he was unable to get a word in with constant interruptions"

'Kaine Is Interrupting Too Much'
"Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions"

Obama DOJ drops charges against provider of Libyan weapons to protect Hillary
"The U.S. government spent millions of dollars, went all over the world...all to protect Hillary Clinton's crimes"

Clintons Behind Deaths of 10,000 Haitians
"Not only were they robbers, they were murderers."

Guccifer 2.0 Drops Clinton Foundation Documents
"I can't post all databases here for they're too large. I'm looking for a better way to release them now."

Clinton Staff Panics As Journalists Capture Video of Gurney Being Wheeled Backstage
"EMS worker exiting the backstage area with a stressed look on his face."

MYSTERY: EMS gurney taken backstage before Hillary rally in Akron
"Watch Hillary's eyes as she pops the lozenge"

Uncovered ABC Footage Shows Bill Clinton Groping An Assistant Before Realizing The Camera Is On
"Placing your hand between the legs of a woman in a skirt who's not your wife is a grope"

Bill Clinton threw Bernie Sanders under the bus
"It's the second day in a row that Clinton sparked divisions with Democratic allies."

No DNA Test On Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son
"DNA story was disinformation, and a willing media fell for it."

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden Gives Away Agent Holding Nuclear Codes at Hillary Rally
"Not suppose to even talk about it,let alone point the person out."

Hillary Focusing On "Petty Things" To Distract From Her "Enormous Corruption And Criminal Conduct"
"Her only method of making money is by selling government favors."

Bill Clinton Enters Presidential Race With Rape Scandal, Long-Lost Son
"I want to meet my dad, says Clinton son"

Hillary Killed Libya Peace Deal Over Personal Vendetta, Claims Whistleblower
"Gaddafi agreed to hold free elections, but Clinton's refusal led to ISIS takeover, thousands of deaths, international migrant crisis"

Clinton Campaign Panics Over Lack of Volunteers
"Young voters abandoning Hillary!"

Feeling the Bern? Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton campaign events canceled
"It is unclear whether Mrs. Clinton's leaked comments were reason for the cancellation."

Hillary Falling Behind in Obama States
"Clinton underperforming in 20 states"

How many illegitimate children has Bill Clinton fathered? How many sexual assault victims has Hillary Clinton threatened into silence?
"Hillary Clinton was impregnated by Webster Hubble, the biological father of Chelsea Clinton."

Prostitute's son says ex-President is his father and claims Hillary 'banished' him
"she is certain Clinton is the father since he was her only white client at the time"

High School Student Severely Beaten For Supporting Police
"it appeared to be racially motivated and social media could be a factor."

Tax Expert: All Journalists Proved About Donald Trump's 1995 Return Was Their Own Ignorance
"To state the obvious, political reporters don't know a damned thing about taxes."

'Hillary's Worst Fear': Colorado's Hispanic Committeewoman Rallies 'The Deplorables' for Donald Trump
"I am a Deplorable legal immigrant. And I am Hillary's worst fear because I am a Deplorable highly educated woman."

Bill Clinton Contradicts Hillary, Calls Obamacare 'Crazy System'
"wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half"

Scarlett Johansson and Hollywood's Clinton support mocked in new ad
"Who among us couldn't hit the delete button 30,000 times?"

Obama Releases 128K Illegal Immigrant Kids Into U.S. In Under 3 Years
"serves to incentivize the migration northward and that the influx strains local resources"

ILLEGAL SURGE-Up to 1,000 a Day! Smugglers Tell Illegals to Get to US Now, Because TRUMP WALL Is Going Up
"More than 54,000 unaccompanied minors have been processed since August."

Illegal immigration set to break record, VIP smuggling offered
"cost can run between $6,000 and $8,000, with some VIP services costing double with"

Putin kills US MOX nuclear reactor fuel from weapons-grade plutonium deal
"U.S. administration wants to cancel the Savannah River Site's MOX project"

Hillary Cartoon

Lynn Good on How Duke Energy Is Getting Past Coal
"There is growing demand for renewable energy."

Rebuffed Again - Hillary Clinton Speaks To Empty Seats in Charlotte, NC
"Once again Hillary Clinton finds her racially-driven campaign efforts contrasted against lackluster black audience."

I am the son of Bill Clinton
"Do not worry danny Chelsea is not his daughter and you are better off without them"

Kathleen Willey Says New Clinton Woman To Step Forward
"A woman is expected to step forward and tell her story about her experiences with Bill Clinton in Arkansas"

Hillary Complains If Trump Legally Reduces His Tax Burden, But It's OK For Her To Do The Same
"Clinton Campaign Admits Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance 'Scheme' As Trump"

INSANITY: NYT hit piece on Donald Trump demonstrates stunning financial illiteracy of the left
"Hillary Clinton used the exact same tax reduction technique as Donald Trump"

Mark Cuban: Donald Trump's Taxes Are 'Absolutely Irrelevant'
"Like all Clinton surrogates, his hypocrisy is off the charts."

3rd Miss USA Contestant Comes Forward to "Out" Trump, Surprised that he was a 'Really Cool Guy'
"Your vote matters. Your voice matters. Don't let the media dictate your choice."

Hillary and the Rodeo Queens - Facts The Washington Post Omitted
"Do you think Gennifer is the sort of person who would commit suicide?"

The War On Trump
"media is continually fabricating stories about his campaign, quoting inside 'sources' who do not exist"

Has Bill Clinton Signed Up Yet?
"US university offers course for men to 'deconstruct toxic masculinities' "

'They Keep Finding Bodies': Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate
"upset over undocumented immigrants crowding rental properties."

Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities
"The problem of non-citizens is likely worse than what the alliance found in eight Virginia localities."

Black Lives Matter Vandalizes Trump International in DC - Liberal Media COMPLETELY IGNORES Attack
"responsible for millions of dollars of public destruction and dozens of attacks on police and innocent pedestrians."

Pope Francis: Shut the F**k Up
"The Pope says that ISIS' conquest of the Middle East is just like Jesus sending out his disciples."

Bill Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey: Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconduct
"What it's about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women that he has raped and assaulted."

California Woman Beaten Over Trump Yard Sign
"beaten on the front lawn of a home while she tries to protect a Trump sign."

Bill Clinton forced himself upon Miss Arkansas Elizabeth Ward Gracen while Hillary covered it up
"Any woman in America who votes for Hillary Clinton is supporting mass rape and sexual assaults against women."

Huckabee: Clinton An Elitist Snob Who Looks Down At Most Americans
"She believes she's smarter than you. She thinks that she's more sophisticated than you"

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Bernie Sanders Voters for Having 'Bought into False Promise'
"just three weeks after Clinton faced backlash for calling millions of Americans supporting Donald Trump 'deplorables.' "

Patriot Storms Fox Set Exposing Bill Clinton's Sex Crimes
"Man shouts 'Bill Clinton is a rapist!' on national television"

Obama kept Illegal charged with homicide by reckless driving in U.S.
"received deferred deportation protection under the Obama Administration's executive action"

David Stockman: Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary Clinton
"Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman"

Actress Susan Sarandon destroys Hillary Clinton
"Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately."

Big Oil interests are desperately trying to save this North Carolina senator's seat
"Burr has received free trips from the nuclear industry's lobbying arm...expense-paid trip to France...and another to Spain"

Linda Tripp Reopens Vince Foster, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater Scandals
"I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took"

Tyranny Comes From P.C. Language Control
"You really cannot stop fanatics with reason. Usually you end up stopping fanatics with bullets."

How Hillary Clinton Is Turning Her Back on Poor White Voters
"They've worked hard all their lives, many times only to see their...pension dumped after a lifetime of labor."

Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?
"it is money taken from poor people in the US and sent to rich people overseas."

What an Idiot!
"Frail Looking Hillary Hits Trump for Calling NYC Attack 'Bombings' - After Doing the Same"

Trump's Polling "Surge" Is Turning Into A "Wave"
"Clinton was so confident of victory that she'd canceled her planned ad buys and was beginning to close down field offices."

The Clintons Plundered Haiti
"$6 billion of aid that was mysteriously squandered"

Hillary Cartoon
" 'Scuse me…I have a frog in my throat!"

Nation's largest police union endorses Trump
"He's made a real commitment to America's law enforcement and we're proud to make a commitment to him"

Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link
"Clinton campaign staffer had, in fact, circulated the Birther conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S."

Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants
"Despite taking in an additional $30 million in 2014, the Clinton Foundation spent 40 percent less on charitable grants"

Twice Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Sheriff's Deputy In DUI
"Espinosa-Flores is in the United States illegally."

Internet Strikes Back After Clinton Defames Pepe
"In Clinton's attempt to strike down Pepe, the green frog has become more powerful than she could have ever imagined."

Military Overwhelmingly Supports Trump
"19-point lead over Hillary Clinton among military and veteran voters."

'LES DEPLORABLES!' Trump floors cheering Miami crowd
"Hillary Clinton said last week that half of Trump's supporters belong in 'the basket of deplorables' "

Hillary Clinton's Supporters, Once Certain of Victory, Now Racked by Doubt
"Among liberals, there is an especially rich tradition of 'bed-wetting' "

Duke Energy CEO says company avoiding LGBT law fight
"tests of river water near a Duke coal ash site showed arsenic at levels four times higher than safety standards."

Ex-US Diplomat Warns Hillary Will Start Nuclear War With Russia & China
"Hillary has never met a war she does not like."

If you are foolish enough to give money to a Clinton, expect to get ripped off
"Hillary Clinton's campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them"

Putin Appointed TV Host: "They May Kill" Donald Trump
"United States has boasted of more president shootings than any other country in the world."

Bizarro World: Hillary Says She Been "More Transparent" Than Any Presidential Candidate Ever
"Hillary has released her tax returns but has withheld massive amounts of information concerning the Clinton foundation."

Bill and his Bimbos, Hill and her Emails: Vast Security Danger
"The Clintons. A dream couple."

New Pay-For-Play Details Of Clinton Corruption
"Newly released emails reveal how the Clintons used their influence to obtain large amounts of cash"

Your body is owned by the government: Hillary Clinton supports mandatory vaccines
"new plan to detain individuals and medicate them against their will"

Hillary's Former IT Aide Defies Congressional Subpoena To Show At Clinton Hearing
"Pagliano has become a central figure in the Clinton server scandal."

Signs of electoral earthquake in latest polls
"From Ohio to Colorado to Maine, Trump surging, Hillary collapsing"

WikiLeaks' Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors
"Obama was auctioning off foreign ambassador positions and other office positions while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. "

Clean Water for NC invites public to action meeting
"With presentations from grassroots activists from around two Duke Energy power plants"

People's Power Party faces off with Duke Energy
"the main purpose of the People's Power Party was to recognize the conflict with Duke Energy"

I Protected Hillary Clinton In The Secret Service - Here's Why Her 'Fainting' Video Really Scares Me
"I don't think anyone can operate with such uncontrollable fits of anger and not have it take a toll on a person's health"

Ron Paul Says Hillary Clinton Will Be the Most Dangerous President Ever to Occupy the White House
"Hillary Clinton will prove to be the Lizzie Borden of her generation if she is elected"

Democrat Senator Says Hillary Clinton Could "Barely Climb the Steps"
"They knew she was in bad health and the decided to not only not cover the story but to belittle anyone who did cover it."

Mike Huckabee Rips CBS Edit of Bill Clinton Remark on Hillary's Health
"But the real scandal is how CBS was so willing to edit the tape to keep viewers from seeing the slip and deciding for themselves"

Oh Well, One Lie is as Good as Another
"Bill Clinton Says Hillary Has the Flu, Campaign Says He Misspoke"

Continuing Hillary Clinton Health Lies
"The 'Hillary is healthy' lie...had to be maintained, so when she finally collapsed, more lies had to be implemented."

Lame Duck Obama Tries to Prop Up Crooked Hillary
"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called Obama a 'son of a bitch' "

Philippines' Duterte calls Obama 'son of a whore'
"He has also branded Pope Francis and the US ambassador to Manila sons of whores."

Hillary in 2006: Let's Build a Wall, Deport Illegals
"Hillary has no real political stances and will simply say anything to get herself elected into a position of power."

Duke Energy's New Way to Gouge Customers
"refusing a smart meter will cost you $100, plus $360 a year thereafter"

What Hillary Clinton Said About Email in 2000
"talking about how she had chosen to avoid email for fear of a paper trail."

Former SecDef: Hillary Clinton 'Not Involved in National Security Issues' as First Lady
"Clinton often cited her experience as first lady as a credential in national security and foreign policy"

Hillary Clinton, Please Stop Killing People
"Alex asks Clinton not to make him the next name on her 'kill list' "

Hillary Clinton: "Dead Woman Walking!"
"I suspect that as the pressure mounts, she will soon crumble in a big heap during one of her rally's."

"Black Men for Bernie" founder Bruce Carter throws his support to Donald Trump
"We know that Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton and the rich donors of the Clinton Foundation"

I'm a Young Black Man and I Support Donald Trump
"If Hillary Clinton's goal was to inflict pain on the African-American community, she could not have done a better job."

Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees
"Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans "

Latinos Rally for Trump in 'Operation Taco Bowl'
"Both of my parents are Mexican immigrants. And it was Republicans and businessmen like Donald Trump who gave them jobs."

Huma Ditching Loser Anthony Weiner, Now What About Hillary?
"in the wake of the latest allegations of the former congressman sending lewd messages to a woman online."

Hillary aide separates from husband just hours after it is revealed he sent photo of his crotch
"caught in a sexting scandal for the third time in five years"

Wannabe King Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself
"One can only speculate how the administration plans to ratify the agreement without approval of the Senate"

Leaked Soros Document Calls For Regulating Internet To Favor 'Open Society' Supporters
"The U.S. is set to cede control of the internet on Sept. 30"

CNN Alters Trump Tweet By Scrubbing 'Crooked' Moniker to Describe Hillary
"I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records."

Huffington Post Bans Journalist For Writing About Hillary's Health, Deletes Article
"I am not suicidal…I am not a particularly clumsy person. I don't own a car…"

Hillary Clinton's Horrific Health; Media Coverup
"Hillary Clinton is sick."

New Black Panther party leader comes out in support of Donald Trump
"Democrats have been exploiting black votes"

New Endorsement Could Be Critical For Donald Trump With Black Voters
"After feeling deceived, he's switched his stance and is putting faith into Trump and the GOP."

Hillary Clinton score: 0 press conferences, 130 fundraisers in last nine months
"Clinton owes the American people explanations on a number of issues"

Hillary Clinton and Her Racist Friends
"You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house."

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation: Exemplars of America's Political Rot
"Clinton is more than just corrupt, she is corruption personified."

Seven ways the Clinton Foundation failed to meet its transparency promises
"Clinton Foundation was mentioned 62 times as senators worried that foreign governments could use donations to the foundation to curry favor"

KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton
"For some reason this didn't make it into her racism speech yesterday in Reno."

All Of The "KKK Members" In Hillary Clinton's New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS
"Clinton doubled down on this sentiment with her latest Trump attack ad which likens all Trump supporters to racists"

Poetic Justice on the Border
"850 Unidentified Illegal Alien Bodies in One Morgue...died trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border unlawfully"

Trey Gowdy Demolishes Hillary Clinton And FBI Director James Comey
"Comey came perilously close to lying to the nation in his press conference. I hope he is well rewarded by Hillary Clinton for saving her political life."

Did Bill Clinton Cut a Plea Deal With Lynch for Hillary?
"What the hell is she doing meeting with a person of interest, no matter what the reason"

Despots "Donate" to Clinton Foundation, Receive Weapons from Hillary: Leaked Docs
"substantially increased to governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation"

The crazy, conspiratorial, paranoid world of Hillary Clinton
"She does not deserve another chance. She is unfit. She is disqualified."

Hillary's Hometown Newspaper Comes Forward with Bombshell, Leaves Clinton Humiliated
"Even when Hillary Clinton was first lady of Arkansas, people knew she was corrupt."

Iranian Death Wish
"U.S. ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel"

Hillary has no plan to stop foreign-born terrorists
"she has spoken only of mass amnesty for millions of unknown individuals"

Time to arrest and prosecute Hillary Clinton for deep corruption, bribery and racketeering
"Clintons have collected hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and payoffs"

Duke Energy Always Chooses Secrecy Over Transparency
"Duke Energy again asks a federal judge to seal Rudo's deposition and have a hearing about its release."

Hillary cannot escape the 'Clinton Scandal Count'
"Even worse, this news comes on the heels of the Clinton camp falsely trying to pin her email woes on Colin Powell"

Trump drives agenda while Hillary hides behind jokes
"Her only hope is to trade on her global celebrity she 'earned' by marrying a future president."

FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives
"Starr didn't want to offend the conscience of the public by going after the first lady"

Judge in Texas blocks Obama transgender bathroom rules
"This president is attempting to rewrite the laws enacted by the elected representatives of the people"

In 1995, Bill Clinton channeled Donald Trump on illegal immigration
"Common sense then has become inflammatory rhetoric today."

Hillary Clinton: A Threat To All Humanity
"If I'm President, We Will Attack Iran … We Would Be Able To Totally Obliterate Them."

Heck of a Job 'Obamie'
"Obama dismissed criticism that he spent too much time golfing on his Martha's Vineyard vacation instead of visiting Louisiana"

Obama Admin Won't Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion in Taxpayer Funds
"13 individual payments of $99,999,999.99"

Serbian Protesters Greet Vice President Biden With Show Of Support For Donald Trump
"Trump is the alternative to globalization. He will destroy old centers of power"

Bureaucrats bicker as well owners worry
"a clown car at the circus seems more organized than the McCrory administration's handling of drinking water near coal ash ponds."

Duke Energy, NC Agency Disputing Fine for Coal Ash Pollution
"sweetheart deal for the company where Republican Pat McCrory had worked for nearly three decades before running for governor."

The Real Hillary Clinton
"Billary Clinton runs a racketeering operation where you have to pay to play"

Men chant 'Black lives matter' before viciously attacking white victims, police say
"One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness."

Louisiana gov: Trump helped 'shine a spotlight' on flood recovery
"Edwards said Trump's visit to the state was positive for Louisiana."

"she has lied about her medical status in order to continue the race"

Hillary Clinton wears a catheter
"by Dr. Eowyn"

Million Dollar Bounty Offered For Hillary's "True" Health Records
"Hillary Clinton apparently suffers from Parkinson's or a similar disease"

Crooked Hillary or Unhealthy Hillary?
"Seizures are common after head injury."

Facebook Falsely Claims Colin Powell Cleared Hillary In Email Case
"The only problem is Powell made no such declaration and he denied Clinton's claim."

Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for 10 years
"Until now, these articles which Abedin helped edit and publish have remained under wraps."

Trump vs. Hillary - It's a No-Brainer
"information about the Clinton Foundation, the Email Scandal, Benghazi and the women Bill Clinton has raped and molested is buried"

Hillary is the candidate of treason: Ties to Russia, Qatar, and Libya revealed
"There isn't much about Hillary Clinton that isn't tainted, co-opted or politically compromised."

Hillary Vows To Shut Down Breitbart/Infowars If Elected!
"suggested in a recent fundraising email that the website Breitbart News has no 'right to exist' "

American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
"Indeed, no foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang, suffers the daily beating that Trump does."

Gingrich: Trump's most powerful week since entering race
"Former House speaker explains on 'Hannity' how the Republican nominee has shown leadership"

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Trump is the Churchillian leader we need
"Americans from all walks of life must unite behind Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence or suffer dire consequences."

Media sells Hillary like tobacco companies selling cancer
"The only thing Clinton has going for her is a liberal media that has abandoned the principles of journalism"

Whole families are fleeing this tiny country and entering the U.S. in massive numbers
"Two years later, a silent swell of a different type is starting to emerge on the U.S. southern border."

Media Claims Sexist To Investigate Hillary Clinton's Emergency Health Crisis
"recent health revelations of Hillary Clinton."

Hillary is exhausted from holding her mouth open all day trying to fake excitement
"Hillary Clinton has no campaign rallies scheduled for the foreseeable future."

Hillary Clinton: America's Bag Lady
"Hillary Clinton is more fit to be elected America's Bag Lady rather than America's First Lady President."

This question was asked 2 years ago
"Why does Hillary look like a bag lady on skid row?"

Flashback: Hillary Says 'No Individual too Big to Jail'
"Presidential candidate previously claimed no politician should be above the law"

Louisiana Floods: Trump Visits, Obama Golfs, Hillary Sleeps
"At least Obama has the energy to golf; Hillary can barely stand up"

Flood Victims Cheer Trump in Louisiana: "We Knew You'd Be Here!"
"Trump helped pass out supplies to the flood victims."

Trump in the Role of President in Louisiana
"GOP nominee tours disaster area while Obama, Clinton won't be parted from politics and rest"

Obama irks La. flood victims with memo warning them not to discriminate
"Obama has refused so far to survey the Louisiana flood disaster"

GOP perjury case against Hillary Clinton
"The FBI has every right to launch a preliminary investigation into allegations that she lied to Congress"

Most Immigrants Back Trump on Ideological Test, Poll Shows
"Most Americans who immigrated to the U.S. support Donald Trump's call for a temporary immigration ban from some countries"

Clinton Sexual Assault Accusers Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey Unite Against NBC's Andrea Mitchell
"Andrea absolutely should apologize. Then she should resign."

BUSTED! Angry Dad Barack RIPS Malia For 'Pot' Smoking Video Scandal
" 'First Wild Child' had to be hauled out of a house party on Martha's Vineyard - just before local cops went in for a raid!"

Giuliani: Trump is Not Part of the Club, Thank God!
"he's running against the Washington insiders"

'Air horn orchestra' protest blasts Pat McCrory, HB2, coal ash
"pulled on biohazard suits to protest Duke Energy's coal ash controversy."

Obama More Like G. W. Bush Each Day
"Flashback: Obama ripped Bush's 'unconscionable ineptitude' during Hurricane Katrina"

Pat McCrory's DHHS Willing to Jeopardize Lives to Appease the Boss's Former Employer
"a case of political hacks cravenly lying to people about the safety of their own drinking water."

Top aides to testify under oath about coal ash well water warnings
"SELC has subpoenaed a sweeping array of records from the governor's office...documents related to coal ash and Duke Energy"

Poor Huma, works for Hillary, married to Anthony Weiner
"I ordered tea, and then left to use the ladies' room, and then never came back. That was our first meeting."

Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations
"big money is using people as pawns to stoke racial hatred and further their global agenda"

Erin Brockovich joins Duke Energy coal ash debate
"Brockovich has been...saying she thinks the scientists who sent the 'do not drink' letters got it right the first time."

Is there some reason why Hillary keeps doing this gaping-maw face?
"It's the face of someone still haunted by the thought that no one will ever vote for her."

Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet
"Stanford University proved that Hillary Clinton's campaign rigged the system to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders."

Biden's Still 'Creepy Uncle Joe'
"Biden wouldn't let go."

Erin Brockovich, EWG wade into N.C. coal ash battle
"Clean-water advocates say the contaminant came from the coal ash pits"

Paula Jones for Trump: 'We need a real President with brains and guts!'
"I don't see how they can believe that [Hillary] is for women. She is for herself."

Juanita Broaddrick Wants to be Believed
"The 73-year-old has said for decades that Bill Clinton raped her."

Hillary Clinton campaign removes statement about believing rape accusers
"just after Juanita Broaddrick...emerged publicly again"

FBI To Release Notes From Hillary Clinton Interview
"Comey made clear that the former secretary of state had not been honest with the American people."

Illegal immigration surges past 2015 total with two months still to go in fiscal year
"Hillary Clinton has promised to...make more illegal immigrants in the United States eligible over time for amnesty"

Liberals rally to sink Obama trade deal
"Liberals are amping up their opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)"

After shifting policies to mirror Trump... now she copies his hair!
"Hillary is Fake!"

Agitators hurl gay slurs at Milwaukee police
"after an armed black man pointed his gun at a black officer Saturday night and was killed."

Donald Trump: I Remain True to Myself
"The media wants me to change but it would be very dishonest to supporters to do so!"

Donald Trump unloads on 'disgusting and corrupt media,' accuses press of pro-Clinton bias
"My rallies are not properly covered by the media. They never discuss the real message and never show crowd size of enthusiasm."

Hillary Clinton Exposed By Anonymous
"Hillary Clinton scandals are a gift that keeps on giving"

Hillary Clinton's 'Erratic' Behavior Raises Eyebrows
"What's going on with Hillary Clinton's health?"

Biden Won't Let Go of Hillary During Awkward Hug
"Biden is known for his awkward interactions with women."

Obama mum on Milwaukee riots, but breaks from vacation to raise money for Clinton
"black cop shooting a black thug who was holding a stolen gun. He can't pin this on white racist cops as much as he'd like."

XHAUSTED HILLARY Is Taking Off Weekends - And Media Is Covering It Up
"it is clear by just looking at the crowds at Trump and Clinton events that Trump has a movement and Hillary has barely a heartbeat."

Clinton Foundation & Crooked Hillary in More Trouble
"Clinton Foundation may now be investigated by many US states, the IRS and foreign governments."

That Will Teach Him!
"Woman, 34, Repeatedly Kicked Boyfriend In Face After He Refused To Have Sex With Her"

NC Government likes to keep secrets
"What did McCrory talk about at the executive mansion dinner with top-level Duke Energy executives while they were under investigation"

Tell governor to clean up coal ash
"Gov. Pat McCrory has refused to clean up the coal ash that pollutes many of North Carolina's waterways."

NC official's resignation highlights clash in politics, public-health policy
"if the sworn testimony about his involvement is true, Governor McCrory should resign"

Probe of McCrory administration's handling of water issue needed
"Rudo said in a recent deposition that the water is not safe. He will not back down."

GOP leadership is state's biggest environmental disaster
"indications of just how dire the situation has become in our regulatory agencies under Gov. Pat McCrory and a GOP-dominated legislature."

Trump Leading 67% to Hillary's 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters
"We've been telling you the difference between a media poll and an internal poll. Media polls are driven by the desire to achieve a certain outcome."

96 Percent Of Hillary's Charitable Donations In 2015 Went To Clinton Family Foundation
"Nice way to get the deduction and keep hold of the money."

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Super-Wealth
"Their abuses of power in office and methods of accumulating super-wealth should give everyone pause about supporting them."

Hillary Clinton Is One 'Big Lie'
"That this woman hasn't had an original thought since before 1992."

Polls are all lies; Hillary cannot even get anyone to attend her events
"Media Polls are Already Reflecting the FLIPPED VOTE, Dont Let This Be 'The Greatest Vote Theft Of All Time'! "

Bill Clinton won't stop talking, music starts playing to get him off stage
"They want me to quit"

NORTH CAROLINA: Historic Black church says "Supporting Hillary Clinton is like being with an abusive ex-spouse"
"She is dangerous"

Answering the Age-old Question, Firing Squad or Hanging?
"Hillary Clinton is a murderous, lying, cheating, larcenous, traitorous psychopath."

Customers End Up Paying For The Toxic Legacy Of Coal Ash
"Residents are forced to pay for coal ash with their money and health."

"he will back Republican Donald Trump in the Presidential race."

Raleigh protesters say officials downplayed dangers of coal ash
"Once again, Governor McCrory needs to stop blaming others and accept responsibility."

Julian Assange Hints Seth Rich - Who Was MURDERED in DC - Was Wikileaks DNC Source!
"users were pursuing a 'lead' saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder"

Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar'
"Clinton said she took the case - in which Taylor was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl...as a favour to the prosecutor."

Victim Of The Rapist Hillary Freed Has A LOT To Say About Cold, Lying Clinton: 'I Want To Speak To The World'
"Because after laughing on that tape, she's pretty much stuck in knowing that she lied, knowing that it happened to me."

President Obama Broke Down In Tears After he saw his daughter Malia's Twerk Video
"She looked like she was ready to hit the hoe stroll and sell it for the low"

CNN Admits to Giving Hillary Clinton a "Free Ride"
"We couldn't help her anymore than we have...she's just got a free ride...we're the biggest ones promoting her campaign."

Hillary's Freudian Slip Reveals Her Fondest Dream
"Clinton mistakenly refers to Trump as her 'husband' "

Hillary Vows To 'Raise Taxes On The Middle Class'
"I'm telling you, right now...we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!"

What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her
"They pretend to be our friends, when in reality are our number one enemies."

Fire Lyin Paul Ryan to stop Obama's Amnesty
"There's nobody in the Republican Party who could be worse than Paul Ryan"

FULL: Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (2016) Hillary Clinton
"I'd suggest ANYONE watch this movie, whether you're voting Trump, Hillary, or Independent."

State toxicologist: Claim that NC well water was safe was 'scientifically untrue'
"Duke Energy moves to prevent testimony that Rudo provided...from being publicly released."

Vincent Foster Cover-Up
"These records indicate Foster didn't really die from one .38 caliber gunshot… but two gunshots!"

Lawmakers with ties to Duke Energy should not take part in enacting rules that concern company
"They (Duke Energy) are constantly suppressing or hiding statements from the public"

Who Talks About Donald Trump More than Republicans? DNC Speakers, That's Who
"Democrats want to take the focus off Hillary, who is both a terrible candidate and a terrible person"

Media Blackout: Massive Election Fraud All in Favor of Hillary Clinton
"A study done on the Democratic primary is pointing to signs of election fraud in multiple states."

Hillary Clinton: Part socialist, part crony capitalist
"She will help Wall Street...big defense contractors...all at the expense of real competition and the little man."

Haitians At DNC: "We Hate Hillary. Hillary Clinton Belongs In Jail"
"It's time for us to wake up. We don't want the Clintons. They are criminals. They are evil."

Progressives BETRAYED! Democratic party official platform is now pro FRACKING, pro Monsanto, pro TPP, anti GMO labeling
"If you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, the best way to give the finger to the DNC is to vote for Donald Trump"

Now That's Boring
"Did Bill Clinton Fall Asleep During Hillary's Speech?"

Hillary Is 'Feeling the Heat of Donald Trump'
"She has really gotten everywhere she has on her husband's coattails"

Bill Clinton's Fanciful Speech About Hillary Shows Shared Sociopathy
"Bill Clinton's speech about Hillary Clinton was long lie"

'What A Disaster': Boos, Catcalls Mar Hillary Clinton's Coronation Speech
"making it difficult at times for Clinton to get through her speech."

Hillary's Planned Tax Hikes
"Hillary Clinton has made clear she intends to dramatically raise taxes on the American people if elected."

At DNC, Liberals Are Trying to ARREST HILLARY CLINTON!
"They want to place Hillary Clinton under citizens arrest, due to the 'mass election fraud' that took place during the Democratic Primary."

Hillary Clinton's mixed messages
"She panders to dueling groups to remain politically correct"

Leftist Filmmaker Uploads Video Showing His Shock At Just How Empty The DNC Is
"After 47 loyal years I am no longer a Democrat. I won't stand with these crooks."

Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests
"Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations"

Proof: Twitter is Censoring Donald Trump to Block Fundraising Efforts
"A Twitter insider admitted to Breitbart back in February that Twitter had indeed begun shadow banning politically incorrect users"

Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting For Trump
"I am leaving the Democratic party"

Rand Paul Now Says The Donald Will Take Kentucky
" I want to defend Kentucky against big government that's trying to take our jobs away."

TV Ratings For Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech Lower Than Trump's
"Who wants to listen to the old crone anyway? Even Bubba fell asleep."

Mitt Romney Thinks Donald Trump Could Win The Election
"You can't forget that Hillary Clinton is a player as well, and she's an awful candidate."

Sanders supporters mount silent protest against Obama over his trade deal during DNC speech
"We need to clean house!"

Why customers give Duke Energy low marks
"Duke Energy again ranks at the bottom among large electric utilities in the South in residential customer satisfaction ratings"

Protesters Breach DNC Security Fence
"Police say they issued 69 citations since the start of the DNC on Monday."

Border Patrol union: Clinton amnesty endangers U.S., 'cartels, Islamic extremists' set to invade
"illegals are so eager for Clinton to win, that they are already beginning to line up at the border."

Paul Ryan challenger rips speaker on immigration in TV ad
"Nehlen faces Ryan in the Aug. 9 Republican primary."

Trump's Russian Email Hack A Clever Trap Hillary Clinton Walked Right Into
"The fact is that it leaves the Clinton campaign in a complete contradiction."

Longtime pal: Bill Clinton not sure he wants Hillary as prez
"There is nothing new with these lying-dog criminals."

Bernie delegate's DNC credentials stripped after holding 'STOP TPP' sign
"The crackdown on free thought continues at the Democratic National Convention."

U.S. Flags Disappear From Atop Philadelphia City Hall, City Official Says They Were Added To DNC Stage
"The six flag poles on top of the Philadelphia City Hall are bare Thursday morning."

We'll Build a Wall and We'll Get Philadelphia to Pay for It
"Giant fence expands further midway through the DNC as protestors find themselves miles from the action"

Video Likening Hillary Clinton to Eva Peron Ahead of DNC Acceptance Speech
"They have taken gangsterism to a completely new level"

"The Bernie supporters REALLY do not like Hillary."

FBI warned Clinton campaign of cyberattack by foreign government
"when the FBI requested that the Clinton team turn over email logs and staff addresses, the campaign's lawyers refused."

You will not believe this one!
"Cosmopolitan Magazine Says Bill and Hillary Clinton are 'Good Marriage Role Models' "

Why Democrats Plan To Make Sure Hillary Clinton Loses The Election
"This is history repeating itself in blue instead of red."

DNC is Replacing Sanders Supporters With Paid Seat Fillers to Create Fake Unity
"Dem establishment desperate to avoid optics of half-empty convention"

Bernie Sanders Leaves the Party of Clinton
"he had rarely, if ever, identified as a member of the Democratic Party"

Where's the escape from coal ash?
"Duke Energy needs to move all of the toxic waste from these sites into safe, dry storage - away from our drinking water."

IRS Launches Investigation Into Clinton Foundation
"The lawmakers charged the Clinton Foundation is a...'pay-to-play' enterprise"

Juanita Broaddrick Provides Never Before Published Details On Bill Clinton's Rape
"she was raped not once but twice by Bill Clinton"

Barack Obama's brother Malik reveals he's voting for Donald Trump
"Something is going on with Hilary that I don't like...Donald on the other hand, he speaks his mind and is straight forward."

Black Lives Matter supporters march against Hillary Clinton: 'Hard to trust'
"Don't vote for Hillary. She's killing black people!"

WATCH the full film: Clinton Cash reveals how Bill and Hillary schemed their way to the top
"This could be the most important documentary you see this year."

Long Time Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe Lets It Slip That She Will Go Back On Her TPP Promise
"You can't trust Hillary Clinton. Every rational person understands that by now."

Hillary: A vivid symbol of scandal
"First, Clinton scandals do not end - they metastasize."

Bill Clinton's childhood friend: Crooked Hillary supporters 'oblivious'
"She is definitely the worst candidate...Maybe the worst candidate ever."

Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A 'National Security Issue'
"After taunting Hillary Clinton by asking Russian hackers to release 30,000 e-mails she deleted"

Mexican border agency seen as aiding illegal immigration
"Mexico does what it wants, when it wants"

Obama Now Worried About Donald Trump Presidency
"Barack Obama changed his tune on Donald Trump, finally admitting that the New Yorker may be elected president."

Media won't ask Chelsea Clinton about her father's treatment of women
"No other man accused of rape and sexual assault would be allowed anywhere near a Democratic event."

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee now welcome lobbyists and their money
"Bernie Sanders, opposed the change."

Police can protest too!
"Police plan protest of Black Lives Matter banner at Somerville City Hall"

DNC turns up music to drown out Kaine dissenters
"Clinton supporters were temporarily 'overwhelmed' by the dissenters"

Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' Becomes Top Grossing Doc of 2016
"Bill and Hillary Clinton...as 'depraved crooks' and Democrats as 'the party of corruption' "

Sanders supporters snubbed by Hillary Clinton, wooed by other candidates
"Clinton is 'making it difficult' to vote for her in November and 'is generally tone-deaf.' "

Hillary cured Bill's hesitancy to touch, and the rest is randy history
"He sounded almost tortured, the way a serial killer does before he gains the courage to act out on his impulses."

Veterans give Trump, Clinton sharply different response in Charlotte
"The crowd's reaction was a sharp contrast to Monday when Clinton faced the same group, receiving a polite but noticeably quieter reception."

FLASHBACK: Police assaulted Occupy Wall Street protesters, but no cops were killed
"I saw police routinely shove protesters and beat them with batons."

Clinton Insider Reveals Why Hillary Got Off The Hook And What Will Happen Next
"Larry Nichols- the man who exposed numerous Clinton scandals including Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and others"

Punching a White Woman After Yelling 'I Hate White People' Not a Hate Crime, Judge Rules
"Crowchief reportedly told police 'the white man was out to get her.' "

Idaho town torn by alleged rape, fear of refugees
"An alleged sexual assault on a five-year-old special needs girl"

Three Syrian 'Refugees' Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho
"police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the 'language barrier'."

The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton's Campaign
"Mrs. Clinton clearly has no respect for the rule of law"

Secret Service: Man at rally said he wanted to kill Trump
"he tried to grab an officer's gun so he could kill the candidate"

Man, 19, Admits Plot To Murder Trump
"if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again."

Leaked Guide Shows Clinton Staffers How to Solicit for Super PAC Without Breaking Pesky Rules
"All conversations that refer to a Preferred Super PAC should include a hard ask for $5,000."

Obama Telegraphing 'Make It To the Border, You're Home Free'
"likely avenue of approach for terrorists to sneak into America."

Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt 'f***ing ree-tards'
"Bill and Hillary decided to profile Hispanics as drug dealers"

TV News Feasts on Trump Controversies While Ignoring Hillary's Scandals
"they have an equal obligation to report on the scandals, controversies and gaffes surrounding Hillary Clinton."

Activists plot 'world's largest fart-in' during Hillary's DNC speech
"We will be holding a massive bean supper for Bernie Sanders delegates"

Homeless man charged in fire deaths was illegal alien
"Johnny Sanchez, 21, remains jailed without bail on five counts of murder."

AZ Anti-Trump Protester: 'Make America Mexico Again'
"he felt safe around Trump's supporters, he did not feel safe around the anti-Trump agitators"

Why the 'lone-wolf' terrorist is a myth
"Obama says don't worry, the Orlando terrorist was just another 'lone actor' "

Flashback Interview: Trump Defends Gays from Clintons in 2000
"I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit."

Illegal aliens surge across border; 2016 already worse than 2015
"Obama administration's own lax enforcement policies, set in part by the courts, have enticed ever more people"

Backing Obamatrade cost GOP congressman his job
"uprising against phony 'free trade' and Republicans who love it has taken its first scalp."

America has suffered a terror attack every year under Obama
"yet he still insists the threat from radical Islam is overblown and that he's successfully protecting the nation."

Obama to Issue One Million Green Cards to Migrants from Majority-Muslim Countries
"832,014 new permanent residents do not include migrants on temporary, nonimmigrant visas"

'Crooked Hillary' Bombshell Makes US State Department Appear 'For Sale' On Clinton's Watch
"FBI agents are there to turn over the rocks, follow slimy money trails, and connect the dots."

Leaked document shows the DNC wanted Clinton from start
"proof that #Bernie never even had a chance"

Gun Shop Reported 'Suspicious' Omar Mateen to FBI
"Abell's employees refused to sell to him"

Trade deficit highest in 7 years (how long has Obama been in office?)
"biggest gap since...fourth quarter of 2008, the height of the financial crisis."

16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Leftist in Epic Debate
"BLM supporter immediately confront the young black Trump supporter"

The Leaked List Of Hillary Clinton's Mega Donors
"For those interested in whose 'generous' pocket Hillary Clinton will be found"

'He was more angry at me than he was at the shooter!'
"Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday in North Carolina"

Diamond & Silk Speak at Donald Trump Rally in Greensboro, NC
"Mr. President, it's called radical Islamic terrorism"

Wikileaks Planning to Release 'Enough Evidence' to Indict Hillary Clinton
"We have emails pending publication, that is correct"

Trump's superior plans on the economy
"Clinton shows no sign of departure from Obama's failed policies"

FBI Probe
"Hillary Clinton Could Face 10 Years In Prison"

The dark and dangerous side of Hillary Clinton
"URGENT message from Pat Matrisciana"

House Speaker Ignores Mass Muslim Migration's Connections to Radical Islamic Terrorism
"Ryan...facilitated the taxpayer funding of Muslim refugee resettlement"

Illegal Aliens who overstay visas almost never caught, feds admit
"At least 480,000 people overstayed their visas last year, adding to a backlog that's reached some 5 million"

Farrakhan on Hillary Clinton: 'That's a Wicked Woman"
"details the the duplicitous actions of Hillary Clinton spanning decades."

2004 Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton As A Puppet For Wall Street
"Clinton would be just as much in the hip pocket of banks as any other politician."

A setback for Duke Energy, N.C. regulators in fight over fracked gas plant
"the unprecedented bond requirement shows how the utilities commission shields Duke Energy from public scrutiny."

House Says They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not Just Undocumented
"The House voted Friday to order the Library of Congress to keep using the term 'illegal alien' "

Bill Clinton Mistress Dolly Kyle: Hillary 'Uses Lies, Threats, Intimidation, Violence'
"We went through the 25 questions that you ask yourself if you're a sex addict...He absolutely was."

Hillary Bullied Vince Foster Before Suicide, Said Ex-Clinton Friend in Final Interview
"McDougal also described Hillary as 'generally a pain in the ass' and 'very difficult for everyone, including Bill.' "

Discredited coal ash claims
"Worst of all, Daniels represents the National Ash Management Advisory Board - an organization created by Duke Energy"

New expos? of Clinton’s character only confirms the worst
"lacks the integrity and temperament to serve...From the bottom of my soul I know this to be true."

Speaker Ryan Has A Border Related 'Drug Problem'
"His failure to secure this border has created a new underground railroad for transporting...illegal aliens...illegal narcotics"

Jake Tapper Criticizes 'Ridiculously Sycophantic Questions' Reporters Asked Hillary
"A Clinton spokesman claimed...Clinton has been more than available to the press, but reporters...quickly debunked that."

Illegal immigrants kidnapping children to sneak into U.S. as 'family units'
"the Obama administration told a federal appeals court on Tuesday."

Hillary's Pathetic Cover-Up of TPP Support
"Clinton allies are stonewalling emails that expose her trade hypocrisy"

Bill Clinton's childhood friend: 'Hillary's racist'
"The truth is even worse than what you thought."

Do not pass go: Duke Energy protesters stage their own version of Monopoly
"aimed at Duke's political contributions, its status as a regulated monopoly, ties to the McCrory administration"

Bill, White House staff lived in fear of Hillary: Ex-Secret Service officer
"too 'erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent' to become leader of the free world"

"how to deal with a traitor, who may be the Democratic Party nominee for US President"

Secret Service agent to release tell-all book about the Clinton White House
"She was just really rude to almost everybody. She'd act like she didn't want you around, like you were beneath her."

Bernie Sanders brother slams Hillary: 'What she's done is really despicable'
"She has turned around and said national healthcare...not possible in the United States. Now, she's worked on it for 20 years."

State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary Clinton-Era TPP Emails Until After The Election
"Clinton's shifting positions on the TPP have been a source of controversy"

Hillary Clinton Stuns George Stephanopoulos With Her Email Lies
"His expression of stunned disbelief at her denial is perhaps the funniest thing I've seen on the Sunday shows in a while."

Hillary Clinton to the Woodshed
"she is pure evil"

Yes, Madeleine Albright, Hillary's Email Scandal May Have Killed People!
"she compromised, by name, a CIA source in Afghanistan. Is that man still alive?"

Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested
"30 percent committed new offenses, including rape, attempted murder, and child molestation"

"What I saw in the 1990s sickend me...I want you to hear my story."

Hillary Clinton Posted Names of Hidden Intelligence Officials On Her Email
"could give FBI investigators the evidence they need to make a case that Clinton violated the Espionage Act"

DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border
"Outraged Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the front lines say illegal immigrants are being released in droves"

Hillary Clinton Revelations: 'Identities of These Operatives at Risk'
"What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is…punishable by jail time."

Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal
"I had reported these clearly problematic programs to more than 10 distinct officials, none of whom took any action"

"Donald Trump Was Right!" Mexican Guide For Illegals Invading US
"Mexico is sending people to the United States illegally and providing it's citizens 'how to' pamphlets"

Judge 'manipulated' 9/11 attacks case, court document alleges
"Pohl had permitted the Obama administration to destroy the evidence."

Protesters take to streets after Trump rally in San Jose
"Protesters waved Mexican flags and one could be seen burning an American flag"

You couldn't get the truth from Hillary Clinton if you waterboarded her
"I mean, she has continued to lie about it"

Clinton's warnings about Trump actually describe … her
"the world has laughed at President Obama's weakness."

9-year-old banned from 'Making America Great Again'
"I got to shake his hand and I felt his hair too, and it's actually real."

Hillary Clinton's Freudian Slip Regarding Trump's Presidential Prospects
"The Clinton tweet more or less admitted 'Donald Trump will soon be president…pretty embarrassing' "

Blue Collar Democrats Turn Against Hillary Clinton
"average union rank-and-file member, who's been a blue-blood Democrat their entire lives, they are not voting for Hillary Clinton."

Hillary Clinton - Untrustworthy and Ineffective
"If being Secretary of State was considered a test run for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton is clearly unfit to serve."

Newest Details Revealed In Clinton Aide Deposition Exposes Hillary As Terribly 'Incompetent'
"all of this was her incredible desire to avoid the Freedom of Information Act"

Zombie time at campaign Hillary: Clinton's fatal sleepwalking
"She's a woman that has been very ineffective-except that she has a big mouth."

Hillary Clinton triggered Vince Foster's suicide
"FBI agents investigating the case found that Hillary Clinton triggered his suicide when she attacked and humiliated her mentor"

Smuggling network guided illegals from Middle East terror hotbeds to U.S. border
"connected them with Mexicans who guided them up to the U.S. border"

Hillary University: Bill Clinton Bagged $16.46 Million from For-Profit College as State Dept. Funneled $55 Million Back
"During Bill Clinton's tenure...school spent over $200 million a year on aggressive telemarketing"

The Unraveling Of Hillary Clinton's Political Career is Here
"her corrupt criminal behavior is finally coming to light for the general public."

Should money buy justice?
"Big polluters like Duke Energy are spending big in elections to escape cleanup orders"

Trump Makes Obama Babble Like G. W. Bush
"If-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okie-doke"

Hillary's long record of lying to keep the public in the dark
"Clinton's old habits of entitlement and obfuscation are coming to the fore again. 'Voters just don't trust her' "

Top Hillary aide suffers memory loss in deposition
"222 instances of 'I don't know' or 'I don't recall' in email lawsuit"

Latinos make spirited case FOR Donald Trump
"I support Donald Trump with every ounce of my being"

"May 30, 2016"

Hillary Clinton's chief email defense is false
"effectively shielding them from public view for nearly six years."

Two-thirds of voters say Clinton should release transcripts of Wall Street speeches
"The speeches...are perhaps the greatest example of Mrs. Clinton's ties to Wall Street."

Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff Blames Email Woes on Benghazi
"This is the biggest bunch of baloney I'ver heard about this fiasco yet."

Benghazi survivor: Hillary Clinton has 'no soul'
"I don't think she has a soul...I hope it haunts her. I don't think it will."

Hillary Clinton on an Alcohol Binge, Now Drunk 24/7
"Look for Hillary to actually pass out during an interview"

'Quasi-Government' Groups Are Using Federal Funds To Advance Anti-Trump Agenda
"The left has always sought to use taxpayers' money to advance their agenda."

Hillary Says People Won't Vote for her Because She's a Woman
"folks won't vote for her is because she's a classless liar who is corrupt to the core."

"Hillary is the Most Dangerous Presidential Aspirant in US History"
"Hillary Vulnerable to Indictment on Federal Racketeering Charges"

Hillary Questioned over Son-in-Law's Ties to Goldman Sachs
"Hillary Clinton Won't Say How Much Goldman Sachs CEO Invested with Her Son-in-Law."

Huffington Post Removes Article Claiming Hillary Clinton Will Be Indicted
"Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes"

This is why Donald Trump deserves to be president!
"These clips show Donald Trump from all the way back to 1986 up until present day"

Donald Trump versus the establishment
"While Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider, Hillary Clinton is the ultimate insider."

Protests backfire as anti-American images push undecided voters to Trump
" 'on balance Mr. Trump wins' because the protesters appear to be backing up the candidate's claims."

Donald Trump will win the US presidency by a landslide - don't underestimate him yet again
"Trump has won the Republican nomination."

Black Outrage Over Gorilla Shot To Protect 'White Privilege'
"There's just one flaw in this GorillaLivesMatter thesis. Can you guess what it is? "

Time for Hillary Clinton to head for the hills
"The Clintons know how to lie their way out: He's sick, she's sick, the dog ate her email server"

Morning Joe Blasts Hillary Clinton's 'Mind-boggling' Deceit Over Emails
"She's just not telling the truth."

'Give Money to Bill, Get Favors from Hill'
"She sold our government's security to the highest bidder."

Hillary doesn't know how to use a computer
"does not know how to use a computer to do email."

MEMRI: Saudi-Owned Paper Claims US Government 'Planned and Carried Out' 9/11
"Americans remain divided over who they believe is responsible for the 9/11 attacks"

Video Footage Catches FBI Probe Suspects Arriving At Hillary's House
"I wouldn't know the man if he sat in the chair next to me."

Hillary Clinton: I Am Goldman Sachs' 'Partner in Government'
"she helped the Wall Street financial giant build its mega-office with federal bonds reserved for post-9/11 rebuilding."

Is There Ample Evidence To Indict Hillary Clinton? This Judge Thinks So
"only way she wouldn't be is if the president or the attorney general makes a political decision."

Emails Add to Hillary Clinton's Central Problem: Voters Just Don't Trust Her
"Crooked Hillary, crooked Hillary, she's as crooked as they come"

Hillary Clinton's inner circle shunned investigators in email probe
"would not answer any questions about the scandal, fueling speculation of a coordinated cover-up."

MSNBC Accidentally Refers to 'PRESIDENT Trump'
"President Trump"

Illegal Alien Gang Members Murdered Victims 30 Minutes From U.S. Immigration Headquarters
"openly shooting one guy and viciously stabbing and hacking up another"

Trump Revives Vince Foster's Suspicious Death
"He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide"

Duke Energy largest 'special interest' in N.C.
"Duke Energy's reports have large data gaps, have manipulated models to make leaving coal ash in unlined pits appear safer"

Bending NC rules on safe water
"This isn't a confidence builder in the McCrory administration's interest in protecting citizens instead of the power company."

Hillary Clinton Is the Jeb Bush of the Left
"What do we want? Gradual change! When do we want it? In due course!"

Clintons took payments from Trans-Pacific Partnership backers last year
"Hillary Clinton once called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the 'gold standard' of free trade"

'I'm not with her': why women are weary of Hillary Clinton
"it's offensive to say I should vote for someone because she has a vagina"

2016 Illegal Alien Apprehension Record
"catching a grand total of 38,135 illegal aliens over the 30-day period"

Now Transgender Illegal Aliens Invading
"ICE has one other facility with staff prepared to work with transgender women"

Somali citizen tried to run over border agents in Arizona
"Omar Haji Mohamed was paid to help sneak people across the U.S. Border."

Foreign Donations to Clinton Foundation Violated Hillary's Established Ethical Standards on Bribery
"Clintons have basically become wealthy by peddling government influence and power"

Coal ash loophole
"continues to raise suspicions that the administration of Gov. Pat McCrory hopes to give Duke a break."

NC should be boosting not complicating clean energy
"hefty tax subsidies enjoyed by...Duke Energy and the light hand with which they are often regulated"

Thanks to Duke, state, we fear our drinking water
"McCrory's administration has decided that the poisons in our water are an acceptable risk for our families."

Hillary Clinton's Plans for More Illegal Immigration Into America a 'Disaster for Our Country'
"She also says she would aim to expand those executive amnesty programs."

Another Hillary Backlash
"I think if Clinton supporters force her nomination they deserve a Trump Presidency!"

Top 3 Reasons for Why Hillary Clinton can Never Become President
"her real 'accomplishments' are being married to Bill Clinton and being female."

Duke Energy neighbors rip coal ash clean-up plan as 'window dressing'
"Trusting the state and my neighbor, Duke Energy, has proven to be dangerous to our health."

Coal Ash Well Families Bring Their Frustrations to Raleigh
"The two accused Gov. Pat McCrory of acceding to the wishes of his former employers"

Duke Energy neighbors aren't followers
"When referring to 'special interest groups,' maybe Fountain should look within his own company"

Residents deserve clean, safe water
"McCrory should follow up his administration's directive by pushing the legislature to excavate"

The chorus exposing and opposing Duke Energy grows
"Duke is slowly but surely losing the P.R. war over its coal ash mess."

Boxer Wimps Out, Backs Off Boast that She Cannot be Bullied
"I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me"

When it's Hillary who poisons Hillary
"Barbara Boxer...was frightened to within a half-inch of her life, and the word got out."

Army of Sanders supporters fuming over Wasserman Schultz
"Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) endured a hearty booing."

Clinton rape accuser blasts 'biased' NBC anchor
"I think being a lapdog for Hillary Clinton discredits Andrea Mitchell and NBC as journalists!"

Bill Clinton Gets a Clue!
"I sometimes feel that I'm totally useless in this election season"

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
"he nearly killed a 9-year-old girl during a random attack in the bathroom"

Like It or Not, Donald Trump Will Be Your Next President
"the former secretary's voter unfavorability ratings have skyrocketed."

New Fox Poll Says Donald Trump a "Stronger Leader" Than Hillary
"it's a no brainer The Donald is stronger"

Panels Agree Democrat Race Is Rigged For Hillary Clinton
"The way the system has been rigged to a coronation from the get-go"

Broaddrick on 'evil' Clinton rape: 'I could never forgive them'
"There are so many ways that evil man has affected my life."

Duke Energy must dig up ash, at least for now
"McCrory's DEQ has not required Duke Energy to clean up one ounce of coal ash anywhere in the state."

Political pressure applied to loosen NC water standards
"McCrory administration has failed this fundamental test of sound governance."

Larry Craig: A Case for Donald Trump, Part 1
"Trump is the only person who you can believe will secure the border."

After Distancing Herself From Bill Clinton's Economic Policies, Hillary Wants Him as Mr. Economic Fix It
"an admission that her vaunted experience is not what it is cracked up to be."

Hugh Hewitt: Donald Trump Is A Disruptive Innovator
"don't you talk down to Trump people because we want an earthquake."

The Trump Nuclear Attack on Hillary Clinton That Is Coming
"She's has to stand up herself against a guy with better skills"

Hillary Clinton so fearful of Trump she's now promising her husband's third term
"Hillary Clinton knows she's in trouble"

Dana Perino Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Promising To Delegate Presidency to Husband
"So we're supposed to want to elect first woman so her husband can..."

Obama 'Hope' Poster Artist Calls President a Failure
"President failed to meet expectations"

Majority of Republican Voters Trust Trump Over Ryan to Lead Party
"Nearly six in 10 trust the presumptive Republican nominee to lead the Republican Party over the House speaker"

Paul Ryan embraces poll showing more Republicans trust Trump than him
"I hope it's Donald Trump. He's getting the nomination"

1996 Flashback -- Bill Clinton Talks Like Trump On Immigration: "We Are A Nation Of Laws"
"Bill Clinton talking illegal immigration and the problem of border control and being a nation of laws"

Saudi activist's wife endures her husband's brutal sentence
"10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for allegedly 'insulting Islam through electronic channels'. "

Do Not Threaten Drudge
"First Came the Drudge Link. Then the Death Threats."

Donald J. Trump to San Francisco: Sanctuary Cities 'Unacceptable,' A 'Disaster' Creating 'Safe-Haven for Criminals'
"San Francisco's local government would entertain the possibility of expanding its sanctuary status for illegal aliens"

Dump Hillary? Clinton Slammed Yet Again By Mainstream Media
"This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton's problem isn't Bernie Sanders. It's Hillary Clinton … -Salon"

FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Clinton Are Required to Read 'Clinton Cash' as a Backgrounder
"It's not just conservatives who are alarmed by Hillary and Bill's global auctioning of American power."

Hillary Clinton: I'm Putting Bill Back In Charge If I'm Elected
"She has also focused on generating sympathy for herself"

Duke Energy and Gov. McCrory ignored cancer-risk estimate for polluted well water
"McCrory's inner circle and administration tried to alter the do-not-drink warning"

NC DEQ dodging legitimate coal-ash safety concerns
"attempts by the McCrory administration to insulate itself from outside criticism"

Little Is Off Limits as Donald Trump Plans Attacks on Hillary Clinton
"supporters said they were concerned about the damage Mr. Trump could do."

New York Times Hit Article on Trump Discredited
"They spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump"

Christina Aguilera: Hillary 'stared' at my chest!
"She supports the girls."

Hillary Condemns Protester in Kentucky
"And her Southern twang makes a comeback"

Russia Released Hacked Hillary Clinton Emails in 2013
"detect his breaking into the private computer of Secretary Clinton"

Hillary, Bernie delegates clash at NV Dem convention
"Sanders supporters were demanding a recount...alleging a number of their delegates were not recognized"

SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her 'coke habit'
"She's a damn frigid bitch who prefers women"

Barbara Boxer Cannot Sell Hillary to Bernie Supporters
"Upset Bernie Sanders supporters booed California Sen. Barbara Boxer"

Everything's Free for Illegal Aliens
"Montana court strikes down last piece of anti-immigrant law"

Nine House Chairmen Endorse Donald J. Trump for President
"We stand on the precipice of one of the most important elections of our lifetime."

Meet Donald Trump's Chinese Fan Club
"Trump has the guts to say things that normal people...fear to say"

Bill Clinton Like Bill Cosby on Abusing Women
"only difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton is Cosby drugged his victims"

Hillary Clinton becoming 'an unacceptable choice'
"Mr. Trump has the skills necessary to tackle the deficit he may inherit as president."

Truth About Contaminated Drinking Water Near Coal Ash Ponds Slowly Slips Out
"representatives from Duke Energy and the Governor's office weighed in on what the letters should say."

Testimony shows DHHS doctor opposed move to declare wells near coal ash safe
"I think somebody needs to resign, because they are not protecting the public health of North Carolinians"

Ronnie Williams goes solar
"Duke Energy...covered stuff up...minimized the dangers to the environment...and they've lied about it"

Clinton Controversies Drag On
"Questions on Clinton foundation, e-mails, Benghazi committee to linger through summer."

Hillary Clinton Had Bill's Mixed Race Son Banished
"Williams claims Bill Clinton sired her son Danny in 1985"

State toxicologist: Duke Energy lobbied to reverse 'do not drink' order
"Regulators, Duke used same language to justify reversal"

Doctor: Decision to reverse well warning made under pressure
"concerned that...General Assembly might restrict his division's authority"

Testimony: Duke Energy met with state officials to challenge water advisories
"It was the same month of the...meeting at the executive mansion between Gov. Pat McCrory and Duke Energy"

Finally The End Of Hillary Clinton Is HERE
"irrefutable evidence showing how Hillary Clinton is guilty of many crimes that the FBI is currently investigating."

A cry for coal-ash relief in North Carolina
"Stop killing our people. Stop harming our earth"

Ranch Owner Sees 40 Illegal Aliens Crossing at a Time
"They're laughing at our rules, at our laws. They're laughing at us"

Illegal Aliens a Continuing Taxpayer Burden
"Two-hundred people were dropped off at the respite center on Tuesday."

Feds open Texas border to 4,000 Cubans
"most will stay for life."

Border Patrol directive provides open invitation to illegal aliens
"you're in essence inviting them to come over here and break the laws"

Canadian Border Presents Its Own Security Concerns
"The sector currently only has about 300 agents covering about 300 miles"

Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls
"in order to 'correct' Bernie Sanders supporters on social media sites"

Rep. McGrady wants more oversight for coal ash
"We have a host of litigation with Duke Energy regarding coal ash remediation"

Anson County commissioners agree to review anti-coal ash resolution
"The resolution would state the commissioners' opposition to allowing coal ash to come into Anson County."

Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national U.S. poll
"results reflect a big increase in support for Trump since he knocked out U.S. Senator Ted Cruz"

Exit polls: Nearly half of W.Va. Sanders backers would vote Trump
"between Trump and Clinton, about 90 percent of Republican primary voters in West Virginia say they would vote for Trump."

Hillary Clinton is unraveling quickly
"Obama was fresh, and she was tired. Now Trump is fresh, and Clinton is even more tired."

Nearly half of GOP voters disapprove of Ryan
"disapprove of Paul Ryan's performance as House speaker"

Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating 90-Year-Old Farmer to Death
"Local news stories simply identify the two illegal alien criminals as 'men.' "

Mexico Won't Take Cuban Migrants, Tells Panama to Dump Them on U.S. Border
"Under Mexico's Immigration Law, illegal immigration is considered a felony"

Hillary Rakes in Nearly $75,000 From Justice Department Employees
"I'm renewing an urgent call for the appointment of a special counsel in this case."

Former Obama speechwriters laugh at 'you can keep your plan' promise
"if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan."

Who promoted Private Ryan?
"Someone should instruct Paul Ryan that losers do not make demands."

Man deported at least 4 times arrested again
"each time following an arrest in Delaware"

Ken Langone: 'All in' for Trump, Can Beat Hillary Clinton
"It's not easy to put big buildings up in this city. He does it with great aplomb"

"Billy Clinton is an untreated sex addict and serial rapist...Hillary is complicit in all of that."

Paul Ryan Challenger Paul Nehlen: 'He Has Betrayed Us All'
"I'm calling out the enemy. He is Speaker Paul Ryan."

'Enabler' Hillary Clinton haunted by efforts to 'destroy' husband's accusers
"I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me."

Trump slams Hillary Clinton as 'nasty, mean enabler' of husband's affairs
"She would go after these women and destroy their lives"

Another Bill Clinton paramour exposes 'enabler' Hillary
"Kyle charges that if Bill Clinton is a sex addict, then Hillary is Bill's 'chief enabler and co-conspirator' "

Protester confronts Hillary on rope line: 'You're a murderer!'
"Hillary Clinton received a brutal reception from Latinos in Los Angeles on Thursday."

Lindsey Graham a lost cause, 'beyond rehabilitation'
"And like the voters who rejected him, so will I!"

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts to Endorse Donald Trump
"The governor is supporting Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee."

Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
"electoral fraud was committed favoring Hillary Clinton"

Why Donald J. Trump Will Be the Next President of the United States
"he has already beaten better candidates than Hillary Clinton."

Sanders Listened to Hillary's Mouth All He Could Stand!
"Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in debate on Vermont gun laws"

SC Polluters Are About To Get A Huge Boost From The State House
"The agency head, Catherine Heigel, was a long-time lawyer for Duke Energy"

Donald Trump Won't Change Platform to Appease Ryan
"People Voted for Me 'Because They Agree with What I'm Saying' "

Less Than 1 Percent Of Immigrants Who Overstayed Visas Were Deported In 2015
"does not include...Mexican nationals who use Border Crossing Cards."

Note to Exxon: Lying About Climate Change Isn't Free Speech-It's Fraud
"Facing hundreds of billions of dollars in potential damages...trying to change the subject."

17 Ways Protesters Trashed Hillary Clinton At Her Cinco De Mayo Rally
"Not with Her, Drop Out, Hillary, Hillary, you are the superpredator"

Dozens of protesters converge on Duke Energy meeting
"groups claim Gov. Pat McCrory maintains close ties to his former employer, undermining the state's policing"

N.C. produces flawed study to dismiss cancer-cluster fears near Duke Energy coal plants
"coal ash and cancer analysis is dated Aug. 27, 2015, but it does not appear to have been publicized"

Coal protestors disrupt Duke Energy's shareholder meeting
"Anti-coal groups dominated an emotional Duke Energy shareholders meeting"

Duke Energy's shareholder meeting turns to green energy, environment issues
"many of Duke's neighbors believe ash is making them sick."

Rally & March against Duke-McCrory Corruption
"cozy relationship between Duke Energy and...McCrory is bad for our politics, pocketbooks, and health."

Street theater for a cause outside Duke shareholder's meeting
"McCrory has gone further into denial in response to a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice"

Same media attacking Donald Trump also attacks HEALTH FREEDOM
"Donald Trump has the demeanor to do battle with the corrupt regime that's destroying this country."

Understanding American businessman Donald Trump
"Love him or hate him, Trump knows how to win."

Game over: Time to unite behind Donald Trump for America
"Republicans must unite behind Mr. Trump to avoid the worst possible outcome, another Clinton presidency."

Newt Gingrich: 'If You're Not For Donald Trump…You're For Hillary Clinton'
"He is against political correctness. He is against bureaucracy. He places American nationalism first"

Bill would gag health officials about contaminated wells
"we have learned that lesson from Duke Energy's coal ash scandal and the crisis in Flint"

Illegal immigrant numbers skyrocket at Mexican border
"Our policy of deterrence is clearly not working no matter how much we pay the Mexican government"

Half of immigrant-led households collect welfare as admission rules go unenforced
"America's bountiful welfare system is a major magnet for unskilled foreigners to come here"

"I always hoped I'd see this once before I died."

An Inconvenient Review: After 10 Years Al Gore's Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate
"Gore warned increasing carbon dioxide emissions would spur catastrophic global warming"

Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country
"Bill Clinton was booed at an event in Logan, West Virginia."

Inside the Assassination Complex
"I've been waiting 40 years for someone like you."

Judge Jeanine: finally, someone wants to take care of you and me
"What's wrong with America First"

Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get
"includes another $2.1 billion for refugees"

California Protesters Burn American Flag, Donald Trump Responds
"burning the American flags and proudly waving Mexican flags. I want America First"

Donald Trump Is Globalism's Worst Nightmare
"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism."

Hillary Wants Bill's Help to Flip Flop on Coal
"Both Clintons have been disrupted on the campaign trail by angry residents protesting the loss of the jobs"

Donald Trump Has the Chance to Complete the Unfinished Work of JFK
"Federal Reserve is the beast that imprisons our economy"

The Criminals Who Support Hillary Clinton
"Clinton actually represent a foreign enemy masquerading as a domestic public servant."

Singers struggle to get crowd enthused for Bill Clinton
"It's not the first time the campaign's struggled with a lack of enthusiasm."

Trump Honors Families Of Those Killed By Illegal Aliens
"The person who murdered his son was an 'illegal alien on his third gun charge.' "

Consistent Surge of People Crossing Illegally
"Until we start enforcing the laws, they're going to continue to exploit the loopholes"

Obama Wants a Tall Wall - Around the White House
"The irony wasn't lost on Donald Trump"

Marco Rubio warming up to Donald Trump
"performance has improved significantly."

Boehner: Cruz is 'Lucifer in the flesh'
"I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

Satanists are furious that Boehner compared Ted Cruz to the Dark Lord
"there's no way Cruz is the living incarnate of Satan."

ICE releases 19,723 criminal illegals, 208 convicted of murder, 900 of sex crimes
"decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants"

Bobby Knight Endorses Donald Trump
"There Has Never Been a More Honest Politician"

Someone In The State Department Committed Perjury To Protect Hillary Clinton From Email Scandal
"State Department withheld knowledge of Hillary Clinton's secret server."

Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy Speech
"My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else."

Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets
"ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them"

Feds silent as migrant flights keep on coming
"Cuban immigrants are taking advantage of U.S. government policies"

Media fall out of love with Bill Clinton
"No one is doing more damage to Hillary's campaign than her husband"

The Pretty Lie or The Ugly Truth
"Trump Says Dark Banking Channels Fund ISIS"

Unions plan Trump attack
"I recognize him as the best candidate, and a great one at that"

Tries to Energize Hillary Crowd with 'She Works Hard for the Money' - Falls Flat
"If there were an award for the most awkward...intro speech"

Duke Energy challenged on claims that coal ash risk is low
"Duke cherry-picked data, made unsupported assumptions and purposely left gaps"

ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico
"Farah spoke of killing an FBI agent"

Chelsea Clinton: Now that Scalia's Gone We Can Enact Gun Control
"Clinton then touted her mother's record on gun control"

Finding another outsider
"Bernie Sanders supporters ought to give Donald Trump a second look"

Hillary Clinton's N.Y. victory exposes her weakness as nominee in November
"Trump…may have greater appeal for some of these Sanders voters in a general election"

Hillary Clinton's Support Base as Bogus as US Democracy
"majority of her Twitter fans, and indeed her social media following in general, are completely fake."

Judge Napolitano Says There's Enough Evidence to Indict and Convict Hillary Clinton
"The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming"

Cosa Nostra 'declares war' on refugees
"In the past, when the Mafia was more powerful, it prevented any immigrants from entering the city."

Firms that paid for Clinton speeches have US gov't interests
"Twenty-two groups lobbied the State Department during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state."

New York GOP Chairman Endorses Business Mogul Donald Trump
"He has a record of cutting through bureaucratic dysfunction"

Indiana Supreme Court Covers for Duke Energy
"leaves it up to politicians to decide what should and shouldn't be disclosed"

Ending the All Trump Supporters are Poor and Uneducated Lie
"Trump wins more demographics than just poor, uneducated"

Clinton is gone, and Flint forgotten
"the political spotlight - it switches off quickly once you no longer serve its purpose."

Mother of Son Murdered by an Illegal Breaks Down in Tears Before Congress
"When somebody reaches into your house and grabs your littlest kid and tortures them."

Sheriff: Without Secure Border Every County Will Be 'A Border County'
"Case by case amnesty, back door amnesty, DACA...Dream Act were pushed through by executive order"

Border agent probed by DHS after testifying before Congress
"recently criticized President Obama's immigration policies."

Sanders Supporters Will Back Donald Trump If Hillary Clinton 'Steals' Democratic Nomination
"Donald Trump is definitely going to be the strongest candidate."

Hillary Laughs Maniacally As She Pretends To Understand Spanish
"The strictly English-speaking Clinton responded with her famous cackle"

NC Gov Pat McCrory Cannot Stay Out of the News
"Gay Group 'More Powerful than the NRA' "

A year of fear and distrust in Dukeville
"close relationships to Duke Energy, including North Carolina's governor, Pat McCrory"

How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11
"We made an ally of a regime that helped sponsor the attacks"

Occasionally There is Transparency at Duke Energy
"The agency wouldn't have known about the fatalities if Duke Energy had not made it aware."

The New York Post Endorses Donald Trump
"Trump has electrified the public, drawing millions of new voters to the polls"

Hillary Clinton Throws Women "Under Bus" for Corporate Cronies
"Endless War is on the Drawing Board"

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties
"Montana was one of those states. It sold itself for $64,100."

Monica Lewinsky: 'The shame sticks to you like tar'
"Bill Clinton called her a liar, denying he had had 'sexual relations' with 'that woman'."

State seeks to pick up pace on bringing Syrian refugees to US
"Obama's target of settling 10,000 refugees in the country by September."

Duke Energy announces executive appointments
"Dhiaa Jamil has been named executive vice president and chief operating officer"

Dilbert: Spin the Founder
"We dug up the founder of our company and wrapped him in copper wire."

Well owners say new guidance raises old coal ash concerns
"Am I angry? As hell...Do I trust them? Not at all."

Hillary Confirms Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Plan
"Now I'm well aware that this is a heavy lift."

Paul Ryan Can't Stop Lying
"I do not want, nor will I accept, the nomination for our party"

Hillary's Unexpected Problem: Bill's Political Baggage
"Having to throw her husband's legacy under the bus is an unanticipated speedbump"

Chromium 666: It Cleans Your Clock
"So now the water is okay to drink. Big Brother's Double Speak tells me so."

State's shift on well-water safety worries residents
"hexavalent chromium...near Duke's coal ash pits...much higher than...in public water supplies."

Illegal immigrants are being deported on PRIVATE JETS
"American taxpayers are forking out more than $300,000 every day to deport illegal immigrants"

My manager lived in Ohio and knew John Kasich for the last 5 years
"He's arrogant and rude. I can't stand him."

Saturday night live Hillary Clinton
"I'm the underdog now"

Border Patrol Forced to Release Real 'Wetbacks'
"ordered to release dripping-wet illegal immigrants at the Rio Grande"

Sanders just can't help groveling to Hillary
"Sanders sought to repair the damage with laudatory comments"

Hot Spikes Through the Forehead
"What if drones weren't so techno-cool?"

FLASHBACK: John Kasich calls police officer 'idiot' for giving him a ticket
"Have you ever been stopped by a police officer that's an idiot"

Kasich Calls Good Cop an IDIOT then LIES!
"Kasich is an IDIOT!"

Audit finds Duke overstated costs
"FERC auditors cited the utility for eight financial-reporting errors stemming from the merger"

The war against CEO's
"The people want blood, and politicians seem intent on serving it up."

New York Immigrants Show Support for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton
"You should not reward people who have broken the law"

Ex-Coal CEO Sentenced for Deadly Mine Blast
"Blankenship had put profits above safety."

Power Company AES Settles Claims That It Killed or Deformed Babies With Coal Ash
"The case was the first of more than a half dozen set for trial in Delaware."

I Wouldn't Disconnect That Power if I Were You
"standing next to the Duke Energy car holding a black Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handgun"

Bill Clinton snorted cocaine off my coffee table
"A woman who said she provided cocaine for Clinton's parties also appears in the film."

Brussels Bomber Was 'Migrant Rights Activist'
"The first man charged with the Islamic State (IS) Brussels terror attacks"

'We are in a fight for our lives'
"DEQ is relying on Duke Energy, an admitted criminal, to tell them if there are any problems at the site"

Russian 'Rambo' wipes out ISIS thugs by calling airstrike on HIMSELF
"he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists."

Smugglers Built Home to Hide Cross-Border Drug Tunnel
"Authorities seized more than 1,350 pounds of marijuana smuggled through the tunnel"

McCrory Administration Says Don't Worry About Coal Ash in Your Water
"All of this...could backfire on McCrory come November."

'We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'
"The government must also close our national borders."

New Clinton Documents Raise Questions on Benghazi, Clinton Foundation
"Bill Clinton is offered $650,000 in fees and expenses"

Cuban Refugees Flocking to Texas Border
"fleeing the island and saying gimme"

Clinton email reveals: Google sought overthrow of Syria's Assad
"Google in 2012 sought to help insurgents overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad"

Border agents: DHS has 'no intention' of deporting illegals
"Obama sought to undermine our immigration laws at every opportunity"

Arizona Police Officer: I Felt Safe with Trump Supporters, but Protesters Were Profane, Dangerous
"He calls them the most hateful, evil people he has ever seen."

Protesters Fail to Disrupt Donald Trump in Tucson
"They paid a handful of homeless guys, some local Hispanic kids, and some grizzly old hippie burn outs to beat a bongo"

Mom Who Lost Son to Illegal Immigrant: Why She Endorsed Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz
"Mendoza said she does not believe Cruz's rhetoric on border security."

Credible Account Says Clinton Is Behind Violent Protests at Trump Rallies
"smears both Sanders...and Trump...leaves Hillary herself unscathed."


Border Patrol union: 'Trump is the only candidate' to support agents
"He has been an outspoken candidate on the need for a Secure Border and for this we are grateful."

Hillary Clinton wants American taxpayers to pay for the healthcare of all illegal immigrants
"Clinton has also promised she will largely stop deportations of foreigners who sneak into the United States."

Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump
"Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States"

WikiLeaks Dumps all of Hillary Clinton Emails
"WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for ALL 30,322 emails"

Google May Have Assisted Hillary Clinton in Blocking Benghazi Video
"Google employee 'just called back' and reassured that the block 'will stay through Monday.' "

Hillary Clinton Demanded NSA Change Secure Device Rules
"These documents show that Hillary Clinton knew her BlackBerry wasn't secure"

Faber: I'd vote for Trump because 'Hillary Clinton will destroy the whole world'
"Maybe we have to find a way to have a more balanced approach to global trade"

Hillary Has an NSA Problem
"Their answers may determine the political fate of Hillary Clinton"

National Security Leaders in "Uprising" Against Hillary Clinton
"it appears the probe is being directed by intelligence and national security law enforcement authorities"

The Assassination of Donald Trump
"The media and political establishment is so desperate to prevent Donald Trump winning"

Shocking US immigration stats
"set loose...more than 66,500 illegal immigrant criminals who had been arrested...for additional crimes"

Impotent, lame duck Obama keeps on quacking
"An overwhelming majority of the people want a different approach than Obama"

RNC weighs scrapping convention rule book to head off anti-Trump maneuvers
"If he is going to be the will of the people, then the RNC is going to be all in"

Coal-ash fears
"I reached out to Governor McCrory's office for comment about this story - no response"

Donald Trump's wildfire
"There are good people in Washington, D.C. But alas, they are too few, and too futile."

In 2008, Hypocritical Obama Touted Violence
"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

Outmoded U.S. immigration system poses security risk
"We may be admitting individuals who wish to do us harm"

Coal Ash Money Train - North Carolina's Poisoned Democracy
"McCrory...has conveniently failed to enforce environmental regulations and is under federal investigation"

Kids Yawn Like Crazy During Boring Hillary Clinton Rally
"Odds are they would have fallen asleep if her painfully shrill voice didn't keep them awake."

Feds Missed TWO Chances To Deport Illegal Alien Accused Of Slaughtering Five
"Clearly our borders are wide open...We don't even know when this guy came in."

Donald Trump bucks GOP rivals, pledges to leave Social Security as is
"Rubio said he would increase the retirement age to 70 for Social Security"

Use H-1B visas, it should end, says Donald Trump
"it's very bad for our workers and it's unfair for our workers."

Meet Some Of Chicago's Trump Democrats
"So many Americans are out of job, but we got all these illegals working here."

Message from border: 'We got problems here'
"Secure the border for your family, our family"

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump
"We Buried the Hatchet. He Cares Deeply About America"

Before Her Assassination, Berta C?ceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup
"Hillary Clinton is facing a new round of questions about her handling of the 2009 coup"

Questionable water near Duke coal ash ponds
"attorney Mona Lisa Wallace called the state's decision 'flip-flopping on its position.' "

Trump shifting gaze to general election fight
"Rubio was shut out, leaving his campaign scrambling to declare he still has a pulse."

If you cannot clean up the water, just lower the standards; problem solved
"Three parts per billion to 20 parts per billion"

Megyn Kelly: Trump's Unscripted Campaign Is a 'Breath of Fresh Air'
"That is part of what people love about him"

Sheriff Babeu: Obama has 'handcuffed' Border Patrol
"accusing the White House of preventing border agents from enforcing immigration laws."

The Truth About Bill's Women Would 'Destroy' Hillary's Political Career
"Hillary was complicit in covering up her husband's ill treatment of women"

Young female winces as Hillary speaks
"The young woman is just the latest example of Clinton's struggles with Millennials."

Record 61 million immigrants in U.S.
"In North Carolina, this population grew 2,937 percent (from 47,000 to 1.43 million)"

Ranchers outraged by lack of security at border
"apprehending 11,000 unauthorized border crossers in fiscal 2015...15,000 pounds of marijuana."

Americans Really Don't Like Immigration; Only Politicians Love It
"Americans are more down on immigration than in past eras."

Scuba diver sucked into nuclear power plant intake
"This is not the first time that a diver has been sucked into the intake at St. Lucie."

Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We're Sticking With Donald Trump
"The voice of the people want Trump."

Egyptian flight school student here on visa threatens to kill Trump
"I am willing to kill Donald Trump and serve a life sentence"

The Unbearable Smugness of John Kasich
"The thing about John Kasich is, he's kind of a jerk"

Former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb won't vote for Hillary
"hasn't ruled out casting his ballot for Donald Trump."

Nancy Pelosi Just Dropped Presidential Campaign Bombshell, Comes Out Against Superdelegates
"Something big is about to happen in the Clinton campaign...it's not going to be good news for Hill and Bill."

Hillary Clinton: War Criminal, Racist, Psychopath
"Her agenda reflects pure evil. She's a Wall Street/war-profiteers dream"

Hillary Clinton's False Hopes
"Clinton has been materially misleading the public and the FBI"

Hillary Clinton Praised By Neo-Cons
"Is Hillary Clinton A NeoCon-Lite?"

Hillary Clinton's Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico
"Clinton apologized to her Mexican counterpart...for any 'embarrassment' caused by the WikiLeaks documents"

Who Is Hillary Clinton?
"The pretty lie or the ugly truth"

Trump dominates with huge turnouts, wide base of support
"We have expanded the Republican Party"

Bernie Sanders deserves to lose for not going after Hillary Clinton's email scandal
"It was a mistake for Sanders not to go after Clinton on the email scandal."

Trump's edge over Clinton
"America did not become a superpower by being timid"

Clarence Thomas Must talk for himself since Scalia's death
"posed questions during an oral argument for the first time in 10 years."

February Open Forum
"Duke's downward trajectory began with the Cash Balance Plan conversion."

In major blow to Ted Cruz, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorses Donald Trump for GOP nomination
"Politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration. Have they done it? Donald Trump will do it"

Lame Duck Biden Grovels to Mexico
"But in 2007, Biden called Mexico a 'dysfunctional society.' "

Damning Affair Scandal Erupts for Marco Rubio
"credit card from the Florida Republican Party to pay for AT LEAST 17 separate trips for the two of them."

Marco Rubio Affair with D.C. Lobbyist Goes Public
"Florida insiders are asking why a healthcare lobbyist would travel on his credit card"

Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: 'Shut up and listen'
"we had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up"

Twitter accused of shutting down Hillary critics
"Twitter executive recently held a fundraiser for Hillary"

Hillary Clinton rejected by young voters that helped carry Obama to White House
"I don't like Hillary. I think she's a liar"

Longstanding Hillary Clinton Ties to Monsanto
"Bride of Frankenfood."

Donald Trump leaves Glenn Beck with egg on his face
"he was standing up there talking to nobody"

Win or Lose, Donald Trump Just Did the GOP a Yuuuuuuge Favor
"by helping it put the Bush dynasty in its rearview mirror."

Will Jeb get the pity vote?
"Bush has had the media's pity for months now."

How Jeb Bush Lost His Political Mojo but Won Our Pity
"These days, Jeb! inspires mostly pity and mockery. Stuff happens."

Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment
"introduced as 'George - er, Jeb - Bush.' "

Scalia's Black Beemer
"To his family, I offer condolences. To my readers, I offer the facts."

Bernie Sanders's Brother: Bill Clinton Was Worse Than Bush
"Is Bill really such a terrible rapist-or is he a nice rapist?"

Panel Explodes During Debate Over Hillary Clinton's Trustworthiness
"the woman is lying to the families of dead Americans"

Susan Sarandon on Backing Bernie: 'I Don't Vote with My Vagina'
"[A] uterus doesn't qualify you to be President of the United States"

Hillary Clinton and the GMO agenda
"Hillary Rodham Clinton's connection to Monsanto is an open secret"

Hillary Was Prime Mover Behind Attack on Libya
"the rigidity of an extremely neurotic one-trick pony"

Hillary Clinton And The Syrian Bloodbath
"Removing a leader...doesn't solve any underlying geopolitical problems"

This Viral Rant About Hillary Clinton is the Most Savage Takedown Ever
"Hillary attacked her husband's rape victims and destroyed them in public"

It Takes Hillary Clinton to Lead a Global Pillage
"ties with Goldman Sachs, Monsanto and Walmart"

Clinton email discussed Afghan national's CIA ties
"reveal classified methods...classified sources and...human assets."

Former Miss Arkansas Outs Bill Clinton and Hillary
"I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men."

Hillary Barks Like a Dog REMIX
"Who Let the Dogs Out - Featuring Hillary Clinton"

Bill Clinton spars with Trump protester
"in doing so, articulated the case for Donald Trump."

Bill Clinton's Blonde Busty Mistress Tells All THIS Could Destroy Hillary's Presidential Bid
"She, unlike Hillary, is very nice to the agents. She'll bring cookies."

Hillary Has Another Coughing Fit
"Says Whites Must 'Recognize Our Privilege' "

Scalia? Never heard of him
"decided the Bush v. Gore case that handed the presidency to George W. Bush"

Mike Cross, Jim Crawford, and Walter Petty make the best out of a bad situation
"The DEQ that our governor controls has covered for Duke Energy at every turn"

Donald Trump the Only Proven Leader In the Race
"Those are the blue collar voters that the Republican Party has pushed aside for the last 20 years."

Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record
"sometimes you get this feeling that all of her sentences are owned by someone."

Hillary Clinton's Support for GMOs Confirmed by Gates Foundation
"Fundraising at Monsanto's Law Firm"

Eight years later, Bill Clinton is causing headaches for his wife again
"I don't really think that the Clinton name has the stronghold that it did."

Chelsea campaigns to empty seats in Cleveland
"numerous empty seats in an already small room."

Hillary Claims To Oppose Breaking Up The Banks Because of Racism?
"If we broke up the big banks tomorrow, would that end racism? Would that end sexism?"

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages
"Sharyl Attkisson is an investigative journalist based in Washington D.C."

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal 'Worse Than Watergate'
"They are the greediest white trash I have ever seen."

Father of child murdered by illegal immigrant: Trump 'sent from God'
"I promise you I would never let your son's life be in vain."

Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention.
"She is not the answer to America's problem; she is America's problem."

Obama's "Clean Energy" budget is propping up nuclear energy
"nuclear energy tends to hide beneath the 'clean energy' mantel"

Donald Trump On Ford, Carrier, Shipping Jobs To Mexico
"I'm The Only One Who Understands What's Going On"

Complete Idiot's Guide To Being Right About Donald Trump
"Voters would rather disagree with a straight-shooter than agree with a political wind-tester."

Clinton Insider Leaks It All!
"Hillary has made it clear…if she gets indited, she will tell all the secrets on Washington"

Drug Cartel Ovens Covering Up Massacres Prove 'Large Parts of Mexico' a 'Criminal Enterprise'
"New Hampshire showed that vast majorities of voters agree with Trump's positions on immigration"

Donald Trump's TV Ad Slams Illegal Immigration
"African-Americans are suffering from illegal immigration."

15 percent of latest Clinton emails marked classified
"three 'secret' messages, more than 80 others were marked 'confidential' "

Unhappy days are here again for Hillary
"Maybe the party just won't buy another Clinton."

Clinton aide Abedin rejects hug in awkward moment
"When the woman tries to hug her, Abedin apparently pushes her away and moves on."

PBS' Donor-Moderator Fails to Ask Hillary About Clinton Foundation
"5% of Democrats saw Clinton as trustworthy, versus 93% for Sanders."

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists
"It is a major step in the wrong direction"

'Clinton Cash' Revealed Hillary and Bill as 'Money Predators'
"The reality is that the only age group she carried was seniors."

Why Hillary Clinton Spells Democratic Party Defeat
"her bid to seek the highest office in the land has only increased the public's dislike for her"

Waiting for answers on coal ash
"We feel like the government is in Duke's back pocket."

McCain: Clinton's admission of speaking fees a 'seminal' moment in politics
"the need to listen to angry voters attracted to Donald Trump's message."

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote
"policies Bill Clinton enacted-and Hillary Clinton supported-decimated black America."

Top Clinton aides also handled 'top secret' intel on server
"accounts involved could be as high as 30 and reflects how the intelligence was broadly shared"

Hillary's henchwomen have a dirty secret
"Albright, at age 78, and Steinem, 81, stuck in a time warp...young women...support Sanders"

Clintons embraced Wall Street and made $76,000 a DAY by cashing in with speech after speech
"Holding office did not stop Hillary from raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars"

Donald Trump Just Went On Fox News And Called Them Out BIG TIME
"it's hard to ignore Trump's claim that the network is biased against him."

New Hampshire 'Shows How Off Course Hillary Clinton's Coronation Has Gone'
"even Democrats find her dishonesty and hypocrisy unacceptable."

Half-Built Nuclear Fuel Plant in South Carolina Faces Test on Its Future
"MOX fuel...will be significantly more expensive and take longer than anticipated"

New Emails: Hillary and Aides Had Classified Information on Non-Government Accounts
"Hillary Clinton Forwarded Huma Abedin Classified Info. for Printing"

Judge irked by State Dept.'s delay in releasing rest of Clinton's emails
"The prolonged disclosure process is helping to keep the issue of Clinton's emails in the news"

What Clinton said in her paid speeches
"She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director."

Hillary Clinton's political machine has been busted
"First, why is Clinton accepting money from foreign governments?"

Is Hillary's staff REALLY the problem, or is the problem HILLARY?
"the disorganization is a result of the candidate's own decision-making"

Hillary Still Taking Advice From Sid Blumenthal
"Clinton was forced to distance herself from Blumenthal last year after her emails with him were revealed."

Woman who accused Bill Clinton of assault to campaign against Hillary
"The Clintons' War on Women"

Bill Clinton 'Frail,' 'No Gleam,' 'No Electricity'
"Longtime Bill Clinton observer David Maraniss saw the former president campaigning"

Devastating! VIDEO MONTAGE of Robot Marco Rubio Repeating Same Debate Line 5 Times
"Even after Governor Christie called him out on it he couldn't stop repeating it."

Jeb Bush enters the final days of his last stand
"I could drop my pants. Moon the whole crowd...press guys would never notice"

Jeb Bush Has to Tell New Hampshire Crowd 'Please Clap'
"Poor Jeb Bush"

Clinton Calls Cybersecurity 'One of the Most Important Challenges' for the Next President
"Hillary Clinton has flunked the cyber security test with flying colors"

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal
"Just a few (25) of the scandals, lies, and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton."

Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk
"Clinton claimed ignorance on the sensitivity of the materials"

NAACP leader uses F-word to apologize for using T-word after N-word meet
"NAACP's mission of political correctness and equality careened off the rails this week"

Mike Tyson: Why I'm a Muslim For Donald Trump
"If I can get 20,000 people or more to vote for him, I'm gonna do it."

Hillary Clinton Brags About Getting A Pedophile Off The Hook
"she did so knowing full well that he was guilty the whole time."

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup
"crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide."

Bill Clinton Rape Victim Reveals What Hillary Told Her After Assault
"Hillary knew everything that was going on and was telling Broaddrick to keep her mouth shut."

Hillary Clinton Tweets About GOP Debate, Backfires Big Time
"You're a pathological liar who is under FBI investigation AND being sued on mob designed racketeering charges."

Documents show Duke Energy's board, execs knew of coal plant violations 'for years,' suit claims
"specifically told...all 14 of Duke Energy's North Carolina ash ponds had groundwater quality violations"

Is it comfy in that pocket, governor?
"He's in Duke's pocket, it's pretty warm and cozy there, and that's where he's going to stay."

Kathleen Willey Thanks Donald Trump for Highlighting Bill Clinton's History with Women
"Kathleen Willey had been threatened in person, had received threats against her children by name"

Bill Clinton's Association with Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein 'Big Problem' for Hillary
"there are no rules when it comes to Donald Trump for any of us, for any of us, anybody, anywhere."

Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton 'Part of Rape Culture Herself'
"Hillary Clinton was 'intrinsically part of the effort to discredit these women and threaten these women.' "

Duke Energy's (Secret) Dinner with Pat
"The private dinner meeting just reinforces the extent of the coziness."

Coal ash neighbors issue demands for state, Duke Energy
"Duke Energy...thinking more about profit than the health and well-being of people"

McCrory held private meeting with Duke Energy leaders
"McCrory looking out for his wealthy friends and corporate sponsors"

McCrory numb to the appearance of hosting Duke Energy
"The meeting demonstrates an amazing lack of awareness"

Juanita Broaddrick, Bill Clinton rape accuser, endorses Donald Trump for president
"Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me."

DEQ lets Duke Energy off the hook for coal ash
"they ignored their own staff's ratings and watered them down in the final version."

McCrory, Duke CEO dined amid coal ash issues
"dinner at the Executive Mansion in June amid ongoing legal and regulatory issues"

Governor, top Duke Energy officials met privately, won't say why
"companies like Duke, McCrory's old employer, have an edge in shaping government policy"

Why Hillary Can't Shake Bill's Affairs
"Hillary is 'such a liar. And she's so two-faced. I never once was contacted by her.' "

It Would Be Interesting To Ask Bill Clinton The Difference Between Him And Cosby
"you better put some ice on it."

NRC To Conduct Special Inspection at Oconee Nuclear Plant
"We felt a special inspection was warranted"

Why is Bill Cosby Finished While Bill Clinton is Beloved?
"Bill Clinton's past sexual trysts have also resurfaced in recent days"

Mexico mayor slain a day after taking office
"declared that her fight against crime would be frontal and direct."

All these people jailed for 'environmental crimes' this year
"EPA's biggest court case this year was brought against Duke Energy for spilling coal ash"

Duke Energy and the priority of profit
"The Priority of Profit is valuing profit above all else."

'SNL' mocks CNN's Republican debate
"Jeb, you're a very nice man, but you're basically a little girl…his real name is Jebra"

Two SRS MOX facility contractors accused of defrauding government
"MOX facility...has cost taxpayers over $4 billion so far and is years behind schedule."

Former Massey CEO found guilty of conspiracy in mine blast
"Blankenship's lawyers did not present a single witness."

Hillary Admits Bill's Rape Accusers Deserve To Be 'Believed At First'
"Clinton previously said that all rape victims deserve to be 'heard, believed, and supported.' "

Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell
"Full Interview"

NC WARN's long battle with Duke Energy
"We would be happy to back off if we could find a way to work with them."

Bill O'Reilly vs. Donald Trump on anchor babies
"Why Donald Trump is right about anchor babies"

IKE's "Operation Wetback"
"59 percent of Americans back mass deportation of all the illegal aliens in America."

Angry man holds Duke Energy employee hostage
"held at gunpoint...forced him to turn the electricity back on in his home"

McCrory goes easy on ex-employer
"it's not the first time the McCrory Administration has gone out of its way to protect the company."

2015 Duke Energy Employee Opinion Survey
"Working for Duke Energy is better than starvation, as far as I know."

Over A Year Before 9/11, Trump Wrote Of Terror Threat With Remarkable Clarity
"Trump even mentions Osama bin Laden by name"

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden's Death?
"SEALs threw his remains out of their helicopter."

Advocates seek changes to Duke Energy's charter
"Duke exhibits a 'persistent pattern of criminal activity' "

Blind couple calls WBTV for help after meter mixup with Duke Energy
"they said that they would try to expedite getting our power back on but that didn't happen."

Donald Trump on CEO pay: It's a "complete joke"
"CEO puts in all his friends...and they get whatever they want"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good makes Fortune's 'Most Powerful Women' list
"one of the nation's Most Powerful Women for the third year in a row"

Hillary Too Ugly And Corrupt To Be President
"She taught Bill how to steal and lie"

Is Jeb Bush the dumb one?
"God help us-what if he really is the dumber of the two brothers?"

From Whitewater to Email: the Clintons' Dogged Lawyer
"once you begin working with them...you often get caught up in their scandals"

Gov. McCrory's mysterious role in NC sweepstakes scandal
"McCrory...received thousands of dollars of laundered sweepstakes money"

AT&T; Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale
"AT&T; began turning over emails and phone calls"

US Government Finally Admits Agent Orange Poisoned Troops
"it constitutes yet another subsidy for the Monsanto corporation"

Beware solar deception by Duke, Kochs and their allies
"Duke executives are pretending neutrality as their allies attack...solar industry policies"

"A monument to cost overruns, concealment, mismanagement and malfeasance"

Duke Progress ending HVAC repair service, leaving some customers steamed
"It's just another revenue stream for utilities"

Crowd confronts Duke about tainted wells
"Everything you say is a lie!"

Environmentalists Wanted $50 Million For This Toxic Spill. They Got $2.5 Million.
"It's undisputed now that this spill was caused by Duke's criminal conduct"

Residents lash out about contaminated wells near Duke Energy coal plant
"as the crowd grew increasingly frustrated, Duke representatives left the meeting before it ended"

Duke Energy's returns remain above rates allowed by N.C. regulators
"The commission decided that if it did not intervene, Duke would continue to exceed its authorized returns"

List of Sixty Traitors in U.S. Senate Who Voted to Advance Obama's Secret TPP
"Burr (R-NC)...Tillis (R-NC)"

Chatham County's "deal" with Duke Energy
"in our experience, Duke Energy is untrustworthy"

Reactor operator violates fitness for duty policy at McGuire
"The licensee revoked the operator's access to the facility"

Customers may have to pay for problems at Edwardsport
"Cracking welds. Eroding pipes. Frozen transmitters. Slag building up. Coal slurry spilling on floors"

Duke's track record doesn't inspire confidence
"repeated assurances of environmental responsibility have rung hollow"

Duke getting off the hook regarding coal ash?
"Puppet 'public' officials have often done industry bidding"

Power industry spending on federal lobbying declines
"Duke Energy and Exelon rounding out the top three donors"

Another Duke Fox Guards the Hen House
"appointed...former Duke Energy executive to run the state's health and environmental agency"

The Tide Is Turning Against ALEC In The Renewable Energy Battle
"Renewable energy might save money, but it also has widespread support"

Detainee alleges CIA sexual abuse, torture beyond Senate findings
"experienced the 'enhanced interrogation techniques' of...George W. Bush's administration"

What does a coal plant and the World Trade Center have in common?
"A Duke Energy contractor imploded the plant's two coal units Thursday morning"

Ex-Nuclear Plant Contractor Charged With Terroristic Threats
"he had a carload of explosive materials and ammunition"

An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation
" 'Clinton, where is the money?' they chanted. 'In whose pockets?' "

Selling Off Apache Holy LandSelling Off Apache Holy Land
"the giveaway language was slipped onto the defense bill by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake"

Energy lobbyists behind governors' crusade for Atlantic oil
"Governors Coalition is largely run and managed by two groups tied to the oil and gas industry"

Residents who have possibly contaminated water hire attorney
"Wallace said while she's waiting on test results for many clients"

Charter Customers Say Bigger Isn't Likely to Mean Better
"Charter's service quality is not that much better"

Water Contamination Near Duke Coal Ash Ponds
"Wallace and Graham, P.A. is in the process of investigating the cause of the ground water contamination"

Wallace and Graham helps supply water for Dukeville residents
"Wallace contests Duke's claim and cited the fact that coal ash ponds near Dukeville are unlined"

Duke Energy's Revolving Door Helps Stack the Deck
"She has worked...in private legal practice and with Duke Energy"

The same tactics are used by corporations
"propaganda, censorship and other information-based tricks to...convince citizens of their superiority"

OSHA, Duke Energy settle on $35,000 in fines after worker's death
"Duke Energy, OSHA officials continued, knew workers were bypassing safety protocols"

Bill puts brakes on renewable energy
"Hager...a former Duke Energy employee, added a renewable energy section to an unrelated bill"

4 Cancer Charities Are Accused of Fraud
"Cancer Fund of America placed second on a list of America's worst charities"

Charlotte is ground zero for coal ash
"DENR worked with Duke Energy to put together a weak settlement"

NC DENR seeks to limit records the agency must turn over in Duke Energy case
"They have been dragging their feet every step of the way"

Justices make it easier to sue over 401(k) retirement plans
"Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday in favor of participants in employee retirement plans"

Woman Wins $83 Million in Lawsuit Against Debt Collector
"Fear is a common consumer response to debt collectors, whether the debt is legitimate or not"

Duke Energy spends $300K on public-apology ads for the Dan River spill
"It is not the first set of full-page ads Duke has run concerning the spill"

What was Duke Energy thinking?
"And it got tangled up in Duke's unexpectedly difficult merger with Progress Energy"

Duke Energy admits guilt in coal ash case
"vindicating Riverkeeper activists who caught the North Carolina company in the act of illegal polluting"

Duke Energy report should provoke outrage and change
"DENR took on a business-friendly, 'customer service' focus under McCrory"

Duke Energy confesses to negligence in handling coal ash
"This deal mandates that Duke tell company employees about its criminal misconduct and conviction"

U.S. court will monitor Duke Energy's future coal-ash operations
"will publish public reports on Duke's progress and its policies on coal-ash disposal"

Duke Energy Could Have Avoided Dan River
"they should have been fixing what they saw, they should have been listening to their employees"

Duke Energy pleads guilty to environmental charges in coal ash spill, leaks
"The administration of Gov. Pat McCrory...proposed...fines of just $99,1119"

Behind Duke Energy's guilty plea, plenty of arrogance and negligence
"Did Duke show the slightest remorse? Nope"

Prosecution responds to Duke Energy coal ash settlement
"listen to your employees"

"I don't think anyone should trust what Duke says...what they've said is not true"

Greenpeace calls Duke Energy a barrier to clean energy for Internet companies
"standing in the way of efforts by major Internet companies to power data centers in North Carolina"

Duke Energy to provide bottled water to NC residents with tainted wells
"I don't trust them anymore...I'm like the rest of the people. I want my well tested"

Strong action necessary at Indian Point
"there was consideration by the 9/11 terrorists of crashing into Indian Point"

Jeb Bush Says He Misinterpreted Iraq Query
"It was the third time in six weeks that Mr. Bush had to backpedal"

Lawsuit alleges Duke flouted coal ash regulations before Dan River spill
"Duke may also be sued by another shareholder...and a third over the dismissal of...CEO Bill Johnson"

Duke [Energy] is the real loser
"they're likely to oppose Duke's dirty, monopolistic ways"

Shareholder suit claims Duke Energy influenced state regulators
"insisted that DENR softly regulated Duke under the administration of Gov. Pat McCrory"

Former NRC employee indicted after attempting to sell nuclear secrets and launch cyber attack
"he claimed to expose the agency's 'deceptive and tainted license renewal process' "

Legislators defend coal ash act
"But they never expected Duke Energy to store its coal ash in an area where it wasn't requested"

Renewable-energy advocates take beating in N.C. House vote
"But it was Hager who managed to get a poison pill for renewables into the compromise"

N.C. legislature continues to drive away industry
"Duke Energy has benefitted greatly from having former employees in the legislature and the governor's mansion"

No One Seems to Know Who - or What - Is Poisoning North Carolina Drinking Water
"That might sound hard to believe, especially given Duke's egregious history in North Carolina"

"At least 10 organizations joined forces throughout the past week"

Indiana regulators reject Duke Energy rate hike for upgrades
"significant victories for consumers"

Hillary Clinton and the Super Trough
"reversing course and joining the 'super PAC' sweepstakes for unlimited donations"

Shareholder alleges Duke Energy's board 'sanctioned' improper influence of N.C. coal-ash regulators
"Duke is scheduled to plead guilty to the criminal charges next week in U.S. District Court"

Victims of Coal Ash Contamination Demand Access to Solar at Duke Energy's Shareholder Meeting
"Duke has lobbied against beneficial solar policies in other states as well"

Duke CEO Lynn Good faces shareholder questions on coal ash, solar
" 'Did the board...make this foolish and damaging loan?' as a payoff to former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon"

Protesters interrupt Duke shareholder meeting
"They want to dump eight million tons of coal ash on us and we don't want it"

Sharp words and a surprising vote at Duke Energy's shareholder meeting
"First, shareholders handily overruled a recommendation of the company's board of directors"

Duke top executive says she's working to clean up coal ash pits; protesters interrupt meeting
"It didn't get much better when Good started fielding questions from the audience"

Growing concern? Number of contaminated Belmont wells continues to climb
"59 Belmont water wells have tested positive for contaminants"

Duke Energy should stop fighting solar as a choice
"we're no longer asking, we're demanding they get out of the way for energy freedom"

More North Carolina Residents Warned Of Contaminated Drinking Water
"a 93 percent rate of contamination"

Greenpeace hot-air balloon timed for Duke's shareholder meeting
"Duke Don't Block Solar"

Again? North Carolina groundwater tainted by Duke Energy's toxic coal ash
"dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals like lead, vanadium, and hexavalent chromium"

We're not done yet
"I guess they are too busy paying for more useless commercials"

Think long term
"One person asked for a '50-year fund to cover possible long-term health issues' caused by the spill"

Coal ash contamination upsets residents near North Carolina plants
"Graham said his coal ash clients included former Duke employees"

Utility worker hit by car dies 11 days after crash
"Amber Rooks died Sunday from injuries she sustained April 22"

Utility worker critically injured after car slams into crew
"The victims work for Bowlin and Area Wide Protective, both contractors of Duke Energy"

Worker Electrocuted Because Duke Energy Did Not Ensure Safety Procedures Were Followed
"Duke Energy knew workers bypassed safety protocols...but it did not enforce safety standards"

Duke Energy fined in connection with worker death
"proposed that Duke Energy be placed on their 'severe violator enforcement program' "

McCrory's G. W. Bush Moment
"McCrory falls out of his chair"

Duke Energy reports fault in reactor head at Harris nuclear plant to the NRC
"quarter-inch fault at a nozzle... similar to one that caused the plant to shut down in May 2013"

2 Duke Energy workers shocked
"Officials said both workers were conscious and breathing"

Duke Energy's $25 Million Fine For Years Of Groundwater Pollution
"Duke and DENR have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to protect clean water"

Duke Energy Consumer Complaints & Reviews
"There is no customer service with this company"

Duke Energy to Pay $146M to Settle Lawsuit Over CEO Ouster
"the most blatant example of corporate deceit that I have witnessed"

Duke Energy slammed with record $25.1 million coal ash fine
"Duke Energy allowed a host of coal ash contaminants to leach into the groundwater...for several years"

Cobalt-60 dumped into SC coal ash pond
"dumped the material at least once in the pond without federal approval"

DENR gets much-needed wake-up call
"DENR attempted to shield Duke from full liability with a paltry fine"

Good neighbor, really?
"Duke Energy's public relations firm spews daily messages...It's a broken record of lies"

NC Governor Shut Down Toxic Disaster Lawsuits to Protect Own Interests
"revelations about the state's political connections to Duke are raising eyebrows"

Video: Massive toxic spill yields federal criminal charges for Duke Energy
"state government in North Carolina stepped in and blocked those lawsuits"

Duke Energy pays for dodging coal ash problems
"What Duke Energy has learned is that it's expensive to be cheap"

Asheville power plant included as Duke Energy proposes criminal charge settlement
"pattern of state regulators allowing the company to avoid fixing problems"

Duke Energy is exploiting a broken political system
"continues to allow companies such as Duke to pervert the democratic process"

DENR, utilities clashed over coal ash regulation in 2011
"criticized as being too lax in regulating coal ash generated by Duke Energy"

Federal probe appears to place blame with Duke Energy
"Duke Energy says it agrees there were misdemeanor criminal offenses"

Duke Energy agrees to pay up
"This is a situation where the company can't pay its way out of the problem"

Duke to pay millions in federal court fines over coal ash
"the company also would serve a five-year probation with a court-appointed monitor"

Duke Energy fined over $100 mln for environmental violations
"Duke Energy will have to maintain $500 million as security to meet their obligations"

US Charges Duke With Illegal Pollution From 5 Coal Ash Dumps
"Duke adamantly denied any wrongdoing for years"

Duke Energy could pay $100 million to resolve coal ash investigation
"Prosecutors issued at least 23 grand jury subpoenas to Duke Executives and state officials"

The real power brokers in Raleigh
"Duke was able to influence legislation...has bought access with its money and its lobbyists"

Document shredding caused fire at Edwardsport power plant
"Duke is highly protective of information about the $3.5 billion plant"

Tar Heel Power Brokers: Special interests spend big to get their way in Raleigh
"Duke Energy's political influence includes ties to...Gov. Pat McCrory"

Left and Right Align in Fighting Obama's Trade Agenda
"150...Democrats have already signed on to letters opposing fast track

Late bill? Duke Energy snaps off the lights
"Counsel is wondering out loud if smart meters are driving Duke's disconnections"

Duke's energy audit leaves renters in the cold
"The unsatisfactory reply was, well, because that's the way it is"

Duke told about pipe failings 30 years ago
"any qualified civil engineer could have foretold for the utility, and, in fact, several did"

Did Duke Energy downplay severity in spill notification?
"Duke Energy...dropped the ball by not giving...enough information"

Environmental impact could take years to determine
"McCrory moved to distance himself from his former employer"

The Coal Industry Owns The Courts
"Duke Energy had been paying off the right people to prevent...punishment"

Governors' Big Oil-assisted lobbying pays off in Obama's Atlantic drilling plan
"McCrory…received over $229,000 in contributions from oil and gas interests"

Offshore wind beats drilling for jobs and energy in the Southeast
"Pat McCrory of North Carolina is pushing to open the area to the oil and gas industry"

Flashback: Duke Takes a Hit in South Carolina
"company had been intentionally understating its regulated profits to authorities for years"

Businesses rank Duke Energy Florida last in satisfaction survey
"Duke has become a target of criticism after a series of mishaps"

McCrory Damage Control
"So, why did we call him a partner?"

McCrory vs. the truth - once again
"McCrory owned Duke Energy stock even as he took action...after Duke's coal ash spill"

Flashback: N.C. Governor No Longer Works for Duke Energy, But Is He Doing Their Bidding?
"they shielded Duke from potential higher fines or potential more extensive remediation"

Commissioner critical of coal ash lawsuits announces resignation
"His law firm...has represented Duke Energy in court"

Duke Energy hits bottom on business-customer ranking
"Duke has suffered as well in recent years in residential-customer satisfaction surveys"

NC lawmakers to end policy letting utilities overcharge customers
"allowing Duke Energy…to over-collect about $19 million a year"

Group seeks ethics investigation of McCrory
"McCrory did not properly report ownership of stock in Duke Energy"

Flashback: McCrory Gets Exposed, Has Hissy Fit
"can't regulate coal ash directly because, 'There's ongoing criminal investigations right now.' "

Fighting Duke Energy's coal ash dumping plans
"Years…McCrory…employed by…law firm that represents Charah: 2"

Cut Everyone's Pay - But Not Ours!
"The Harvard faculty is being attacked by the monster that it created"

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Staging Internet Failure
"Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest"

Pat McCrory launches assault on Associated Press
"He did come in saying this is going to be a squeaky-clean administration"

Pat McCrory's meltdown
"Pat McCrory really doesn't like anyone shattering his delusions"

Flashback: 'Daily Show' latest in line of satirists taking aim at NC
"McCrory says...he is more surprised that his approval is as high as it is"

NC Stop Torture Now asks McCrory to investigate state's role in CIA renditions
"It was wrong for our state to be an enabler of these unspeakable acts"

Fact Check: Is Duke telling "The Truth About Toxicity?"
"Duke Energy earns a red light for this fact sheet"

Scandal brewing? Analysts question McCrory's payout disclosure
"He can argue that it's legal all he wants...this looks sleazy"

Flashback: Study shows depth of McCrory's campaign ties to Duke Energy
"Pat McCrory's connections to Duke Energy are under scrutiny amid the probe"

If the truth hurts, beg for money
"I asked McCrory why he chose to use the controversy...to solicit campaign donations"

Flashback: Subpoenas raise stakes in N.C. criminal probe
"Of particular interest was a settlement between the McCrory administration and Duke Energy"

A legal maneuver could absolve Duke Energy of its responsibility for coal ash dumps
"That's a bunch of crap...He's just concerned with his big income"

A Hit Dog Always Hollers
"hides his financial entanglements...misleads people...doesn't disclose conflicts of interest"

Flashback: McCrory misstated Duke Energy holdings, sold stock after coal-ash spill
"McCrory filed a new ethics and economic disclosure"

Rep. McHenry brags about slashing EPA that's helping McCrory with coal ash
"cuts that will drop the agency to levels last seen in the 1980s"

Utility counselor says Duke customers owed a refund
"Duke Energy wrongly passed on costs related to its Edwardsport power plant"

AP: Carolinas politicians get payouts from lender
"Pat McCrory and U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford...accepted six-figure stock payouts"

Complaint filed against Duke Energy over reserves
"charges its customers for new power plants while operating with exorbitant reserves"

C.I.A., on Path to Torture, Chose Haste Over Analysis
"I knew that at that moment, my life as I knew it was over"

Some In Lee County Oppose Coal Ash Dump
"If you walk down the line here, this is nothing but a Duke Energy pony show"

NCWARN criticizes Duke Energy's approach to solar power
"accuses Duke of telling 'fish stories' about its support for solar"

Real reform for the Public Service Commission could happen
"legislators received the message loud and clear from voters who are fed up with Duke Energy"

Wind Syndrome: Public health crisis?
" 'human health hazard'...Health Board...Shirley Wind Project, owned by Duke Energy"

Gas pipeline fails to energize
"experience an average of 90 failures a year that the government considers significant"

Edward Snowden lawyer calls on Europeans to prosecute US torture architects
"Kaleck said it was important to target the 'architects' of the system"

What not to ask your probation officer
"You have some weed?"

Britain convulsed by its dirty secret in wake of CIA torture report
"six-year-old girl...pregnant woman...kidnapped and flown to one of Gaddafi's prisons"

Riverkeeper Concerned Over Plans to Fix Leaky Coal Ash Pipe
"Marshall's permit does not have limits for things like arsenic and mercury"

Riverkeeper objects to releasing water from Duke Energy ash pond into Lake Norman
"siphoning threatens to release high levels of ash contaminants into Lake Norman"

Ash-pond repair raises concerns for Lake Norman
"Marshall's pond holds 22 million tons of ash"

On Torture Report, Colorado's Udall Leaves Subtlety at Door on the Way Out
"He strongly criticized President Obama for failing to 'rein in' the agency"

Progress Energy Rated by Employees
"Most of the best parts of Progress were lost during the Duke Energy merger"

Elizabeth Warren: Kill the bill
"House...is about to show us the worst of government for the rich and powerful"

Supervisor at Brunswick nuclear power plant fails follow-up fitness for duty test
"resulted in a confirmed positive result for illegal drugs"

Poland objected to CIA's secret jail, but bought off with large cash payment
"the CIA allegedly provided several million dollars"

US hid UK links in CIA torture report at request of British spy agencies
"UK had been granted deletions in advance of the publication"

Video: Duke Energy's leaky, metal, coal ash pipe at Lake Norman
"crack in a drainage pipe running under an earthen dam at the Marshall Steam Station"

NC's ongoing coal ash regulatory disaster shows urgency of EPA action
"Pat McCrory...as mayor...voted in favor of a proposal that directly benefited Duke"

Fighting back against Duke Energy's coal ash
"That's what Duke wants you to think - that you have no power and no control"

Riverkeeper concerned over 'essential repairs' on coal ash pipe
"A similar pipe broke at Dan River in February, flooding the river with gray ash"

Adorable anti-Duke protest
"we don't want their dirty energy anymore"

Pension Deal In Spending Bill Will Cut Benefits
"written in the dead of night, behind closed doors, without public discourse"

America's Most Accomplished Looters: The Great Pension Robbery
"attack on American pension funds encompasses both the public and private sector"

Getting even tougher on corporate crime
"there were calls for Blankenship to be charged with murder"

The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk
"Cheney...backed torture, blithely supporting techniques that were called war crimes"

Dark Again After Report on C.I.A. Torture
"torturers acted on orders...from...George W. Bush...Cheney...Tenet...Rumsfeld"

Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture
"The Senate report confirms it doesn't work. As those of us on the inside knew"

Hanford nuclear facility contractor to pay 2 workers $186K for retaliation
"Those working around or for a nuclear facility must raise safety concerns freely"

The Mergers and Acquisitions Cycle: Buy. Divide. Conquer.
"Mergers have a spotty record of creating value. Putting two companies together is risky"

Obama Catches Blame on Tactics of Torture
"it was a 'flat-out lie' to suggest...George W. Bush was kept in the dark about details"

Bill seeks to restrict how Duke Energy alters billing cycles
"Duke has proven, time and time again, that there is no line that they will not cross"

CIA interrogations report sparks prosecution calls
"officials from the administration of George W Bush...must be prosecuted"

CIA torture report reveals tactics WORSE than agency let on
"we can never let the world know what I have done to you"

Officials: Lee County was set up regarding coal ash
"Do you trust Duke Energy? I don't"

Lee Co. neighbors speak out against coal ash plan
"they think we're too small to matter, too dumb to care, or too apathetic to speak out"

CIA torture report
"Obama has already dubbed the techniques used as 'torture' "

The Spill at Dan River on '60 Minutes'
"McCrory cut the budget and staff of the specific department that inspects the ash ponds"

Bill filed to repeal Duke Energy's nuclear advance fee and force refunds
"customers are paying Duke about $3.2 billion without receiving a single kilowatt"

Contractor death slows solar project connections for Duke Energy Progress
"He was taken to the burn center...where he died two days later"

'Thick Orange Gooey Stuff' With Arsenic, Lead In River Near Duke Energy Plant
"there may be more unknown problems underwater stemming from...coal ash ponds"

500 more dead sea lions; Fukushima radiation continues to spread
"the worst is still yet to come from Fukushima"

Genial Force Behind Bitter Opposition to Immigration Overhaul
"are the people who are here illegally more important than the Americans"

This Town Was Named After A Company Residents Say Is Slowly Poisoning Them
"When I voted for Pat McCrory, I had no idea his Duke ties"

Republicans weigh government shutdown to stop Obama on immigration
"allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States"

Lame Duck Obama's 'Executive Amnesty'
"If the president wants to change the legal structure, he should go through Congress"

Lawyer who defended Duke Energy's coal ash now advising regulators
"it may be that he's slanting his judgment in favor of Duke in terms of writing the rules"

Keepers of the Light: North Carolina's Linemen
"One out of every two linemen died from 1880 until the early 1900s"

Is Lynn Good the smartest (new) CEO in the energy industry?
"I've never heard an undignified word come out of her mouth"

Nuclear expert on Oconee Nuclear Station
"The Second Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America"

Duke Energy CEO: What I learned from Dan River, Progress merger
"mergers aren't just about assets and systems. It's a lot about the people"

Duke electrician dies following on-the-job accident
"Dasher came into contact with a test line carrying approximately 10,000 volts"

Duke worker seriously injured
"came into contact with a test line which had approximately 10,000 volts of electricity"

Duke Energy supervisor in violation of Fitness for Duty Policy
"at the Catawba nuclear power plant in South Carolina"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good talks to '60 Minutes' about coal ash
"two weeks preparing a report on Duke Energy's coal ash issues"

Video: Duke to pay nearly $1 million in refunds to over-billed customers
"Duke…was keeping the extra fees. But that has changed…Facing a growing protest"

Copper Thief Meets Poetic Justice
"He was found holding a pair of pliers and wires"

Doctor pleads guilty to cancer treatment fraud
"admitting that he knew his patients often didn't need chemotherapy"

Duke Energy bill deposit shocks customer
"Duke has crafted a lucrative profit center by penalizing its customers"

OSHA cites Duke Energy in fatal fall
"Duke Energy didn't contest the July 14 findings by OSHA and paid its $10,000 penalty"

Duke Energy overcharges leave customers hot
"Boy, did it backfire on them"

Duke Energy answers questions about overbilling customers
"The utility giant admitted it overcharged customers in August"

They don't need a majority to get things done
"because of the suit...proved...company was lying...violated state wage and hour law"

NC advocates question utility deposits, credit checks
"they're unfair to people with modest incomes"

Twin heirs to Doris Duke tobacco fortune claim life of abuse and torture
"People see this luxurious life but at the same time we were living in hell"

Labor Day stems from deadly labor strike
"saw federal marshals and the Army kill 30 striking Pullman railroad strikers"

Customers scoff at Duke Energy refund
"paid the $800...Duke then turned off her electricity yesterday anyways"

Duke Energy Burns Man On Warranty Details Until Call For Action Steps In
"They pretty much got me off the phone as fast as possible saying you're not covered"

Duke Energy makes battle for governor go nuclear
"A power company that writes six-figure checks to the governor's re-election gets attention"

Video: Never report a coal ash spill during the Super Bowl!
"tests repeatedly showed results that left him wanting to pull out his hair"

Duke Energy CEO on Ohio oil spill: 'We take responsibility'
"Good did not seek to minimize the spill"

Customers hot about higher Duke Energy bills
"This is one more change for Duke Energy to gouge the consumer!"

Duke Energy billing change upset Florida consumers
"tweak that Duke has designed has the potential of taking millions of dollars"

Sen. urges PSC to intervene against Duke Energy charging customers more
"Duke could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars - for nothing"

Duke Energy saps customers, senator says
"accused the utility of cashing in on 267,000 customers"

Duke Energy billing switch is latest sign it just doesn't care
"Lawmakers have sold their constituents out in the name of campaign donations"

Sen. Latvala says Duke's billing strategy not moral
"What a bunch of greedy, profit-starved jerks"

Video: Protesters rally outside Duke's uptown headquarters
"They feel the bill protects the company, not the general public"

Hagan says coal ash bill doesn't go far enough
"Hagan said the consumer should not have to cover the cost"

McCrory's mishandling of his Duke stock
"Even today, McCrory is not being transparentl"

NRC Increases Oversight at Oconee Nuclear Plant
"failure to identify and correct a crack in a weld on a key safety system"

Duke Energy scores poorly in J.D. Power customer ranking
"Duke's purchase of Progress Energy may also be a factor"

Duke Energy Progress acknowledges 'payment posting delay fiasco'
"One payment didn't post until 17 days after it was mailed"

Health Ranger's vehicle violently rammed by illegal immigrant asleep at the wheel
"no drivers licenses, no insurance and no legitimate driver's education"

Contaminated well water turns mom into activist
"I wouldn't believe a thing Duke said"

Families take stories of cancer, birth defects to NC lawmakers
"We pay our power bill each month. We are paying to kill ourselves"

Duke Energy warned about pipe's likelihood to leak in 1986
"Federal prosecutors subpoenaed these new documents two weeks ago"

Duke Energy pays $55 million to settle with Crystal River nuke co-owners
"Duke decided that fixing the plant would be too costly"

Mona Lisa Wallace Received Defender of Justice Award
"Fighting for working people became the theme of her career"

Duke Energy Fails to Dominate Social Media
"You can't urinate on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

Former Duke worker seeks overtime class-action
"The lawsuit was filed by Janet Farnham"

Duke Energy Directors Survive Angry Shareholders Meeting
"former Duke employee Gov. Pat McCrory quietly dumped his stock in Duke Energy"

Duke Energy 2014 Meeting of Shareholders
"Will Duke shareholder meetings become like Black Friday sales?"

Many regulators have ties to utility industry
"Duke Energy made major errors in not dealing with the coal ash issue years ago"

Protesters demonstrate outside Duke Energy building
"This is a passionate crowd. They're always passionate"

Amid security and protests, Duke shareholders re-elect current directors
"Duke Energy has willfully turned a blind eye to the hazards of things like the coal ash"

Duke Energy critics speak out during public hearing
"Duke's integrated resource plan will kill us all"

Duke ignored requests for emergency dam plan update
"It took only a little more than 2 inches of rain to drive open a breach 60 feet wide"

Bill Moyers on America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy
"a protection racket for the 1%"

2012: Duke Energy CEO Caught Lying Under Oath, Media Sleeps
"How was it...that Duke was using Crystal River both as a sword...and as a shield...?"

Recovery for Whom?
"gains so far have mostly benefited those at the top of the income and wealth ladder"

Judge lets Duke Energy ash lawsuit continue
"The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation sued Duke last June over contamination"

Duke Energy should clean out aging, leak-prone coal-ash ponds
"Duke Energy's public relations team is working overtime"

Communities along Dan River demand quick cleanup
"material is expected to disrupt the ecosystem by choking living organisms"

Westinghouse CEO is key witness in suit against Duke
"If not for the utility tax, the advance fee, they wouldn't be able to do this"

Chemical? Experiment? Trees? Duke Energy? What? Us Worry?
"And it has no one to blame for its sullied reputation and lack of public trust but itself"

A movement emerges against the Duke Energy-Progress monopoly
"McCrory was elected governor. Duke was riding high. Then a pipe broke in Eden"

Duke Energy worker's death triggers IOSHA probe
"Michael Davis, 59, was killed while working at the Duke Energy substation"

Smoking Gun: Tobacco giant reveals funding of NC dark money group backing McCrory
"a political nonprofit launched...to support the agenda of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Is Charlotte Mayor's Arrest The Tip of an Iceberg in North Carolina?
"He also touted his close connections to other politicians including McCrory"

Mayor Cannon resigns after corruption arrest
"Cannon and McCrory talked for about an hour Wednesday"

Gov. McCrory, longtime Cannon friend
"Cannon describes his close relationship with McCrory as an asset"

Man killed while working on project for Duke Energy
"We can confirm there was a fatal injury in Hamilton County"

Lawyer for N.C. in coal ash spill once represented Duke Energy
"defended Duke in a lawsuit filed by the company's retirees that was settled in 2011"

A coal ash mess in North Carolina
"McCrory...cleared out North Carolina's Environmental Management Board"

Duke Energy accused of mishandling more coal ash wastewater
"It was secretive. They were trying to get away with it"

State to alter permits for Riverbend, 2 other plants
"DENR is 'giving (Duke) retroactive amnesty, a get-out-of-jail card' "

Watch an expert teach a smug U.S. senator about Canadian healthcare
"an exchange between Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Danielle Martin"

Emails show Duke and state regulators were, indeed, in cahoots
"We've known this all along, but now there's actually proof"

A dirty clean energy battle becoming a utility war
"Rogers lamented...he hadn't done enough about encouraging renewable energy"

Duke Energy's dirty water
"McCrory remained on the Duke payroll during his time as mayor of Charlotte"

UCS Welcomes Energy Department Suspension of MOX Program
"would have used the plutonium to produce fuel for commercial nuclear reactors"

Duke Energy worker dies after fall from pole
"the other worker suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries"

2 electrical workers shocked after contact with power line
"suffered a 'severe shock' and was flown by helicopter"

How ALEC helped Duke Energy block stricter coal ash rules
"It has carried out this work with the financial backing of Duke"

Charlotte mayor offers to help find job for cook fired after McCrory confrontation
"Swope said McCrory began yelling at him"

Duke Energy CEO: Dan River spill is our liability
"This accident should have never occurred"

Our well won't explode...or your pizza is free!
"One worker at the rig was not found and is presumed dead"

Capturing Carbon Seen Adding as Much as 80% to Electricity Costs
"We still don't have a replicable model"

McCrory economic adviser Tony Almeida resigns
"spent 30 years with Duke Energy Corp. before joining the governor's staff last year"

Warnings about coal ash are now hard to ignore
"The Dan River coal ash spill was an unwanted 'told-you-so' moment"

Feds, NC testing new leak from Duke's Dan River ash pond
"water has high levels of arsenic and other heavy metals typical of coal ash"

Danville mayor: City not taking spill lightly
"hearing from a multitude of residents...especially those unconvinced...water is safe"

Duke Energy's Midwest fleet could go on block as Ohio nixes capacity charge
"shot down Duke Energy's request for a capacity charge"

TEPCO reveals record cesium level in Fukushima No. 1 well
"no exact reason for such a significant increase of...cesium...in the groundwater"

Maddow: Toxic spill exposes NC Tea Party governor's corrupt energy company ties
"McCrory is accused of working with Duke to quash those suits"

Duke Energy downplays concern of NC officials that 2nd pipe...could collapse
"The state has given Duke 10 days to come up with a plan to fix the leaks"

Making Retirements Less Secure
"AOL would reverse the change in its 401(k) policy"

Second pipe at Duke ash-spill site could break
"In three places the flow was under pressure, forming...'water jets' "

Environmental, political and legal damage
"Two politicians might be especially nervous. One is the current governor, Pat McCrory"

Gov. McCrory gets testy when pressed on Duke Energy holdings
"McCrory ducked questions about his relationship with Duke"

Rachel Maddow Exposes Dirty Deal in Duke Energy Toxic Coal Ash Spill
"Subpoena looks for dirty deal in toxic spill"

Is N.C. Governor Still Doing Duke Energy's Bidding?
"redefining the customer as...the industries seeking permits"

UPDATE: Criminal investigation launched in coal ash spill
"state stated under oath in August that Duke was violating the Clean Water laws"

Just how cozy are Gov. McCrory and Duke Energy?
"Of the 5,000 public comments…number that supported DENR's plan: 1"

Tens of thousands in North Carolina vow 'not now, not ever'
"governor's refusal…to extend Medicaid…cutting…unemployment benefits"

McCrory on defensive over coal ash spill
"Visibly irritated...McCrory shouted him down"

Duke Energy political money trail
"Political corruption needs to be a part of the investigation"

Grand jury launches criminal probe of coal ash spill
"could expose its target...to fines...and potentially send somebody to prison"

This is How Citizens United Dies
"Mexican businessman funnelled more than $500,000 into U.S. political races"

Residents question officials over coal ash spill
"Our legislators are owned by Duke Energy"

N.C. Trying to Avoid Scrutiny of Duke Energy Deal Following Toxic Leak
"former Duke employee Pat McCrory has shielded the company from a series of potential lawsuits"

N.C. regulators seek delay on Duke Energy accord after coal ash spill
"They are the law enforcement agency, yet they work out a deal with the lawbreaker"

'Streamline' Justice on Border
"more of a deterrent effect than putting people on a bus and sending them back to Mexico"

NEW STUDY: Corporate Welfare Makes the Rich Lazy
"tax breaks and corporate welfare structures turn the ultra-rich into lazy moochers"

Value work? Then tax capital at the same rate as labor
"Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed"

A disastrous toxic spill broke NC interference for governor's former firm
"dissuaded from levying sanctions against companies like Duke since McCrory took office"

$5,000 reward for info on NC coal ash spill leading to charges
"Gov. Pat McCrory...worked for Duke Energy...continues to hold...stock in the company"

State should sever its cozy ties with Duke
"It's a promising sign that a settlement slanted so heavily toward Duke is on hold"

Duke Energy: This is Not Leadership
"Duke has a record of aggressively lobbying against Environmental Protection Agency rules"

Agencies Close Ties To Industry Lead to Failure of Accountability for NC Coal Ash Leak
"North Carolina government...is beholden to Duke Energy"

Too cozy with Duke Energy?
"The governor worked at Duke Energy for 28 years"

McCrory's test on coal ash
"The state agency has blocked the citizen lawsuits by intervening at the last minute"

Govt settlement with Duke Energy over massive coal ash spill killed after protest
"They are scrambling to figure out what to do without losing face"

NC backs off controversial coal ash settlement after Dan River spill
"Nobody liked the settlement, except for DENR and Duke"

Thousands take to the streets of Raleigh for massive march
"to protest the policies pushed by Gov. Pat McCrory"

Survivors of America's largest coal ash spill talk about experiences
"watch out for Duke Energy officials who may try to downplay the disaster"

Groups take moral stand against GOP policies at march
"Rev. William Barber II made the promise before a crowd of between 80 and 100,000"

Nuclear plants suffer under challenging economy
"company could be forced to close nuclear units that are not profitable"

Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class
"rule No. 1...Don't give lessons with live explosives"

New Jersey paper admits 'we blew it' by endorsing Chris Christie for governor
"Yes, we knew Christie was a bully"

Christie's Last Apologist Folds
"This morning they folded, and they're now they're calling Christie a liar"

Duke Energy CEO apologizes to Danville for ash spill
"CEO Lynn Good phoned Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders...to apologize"

Federal regulators begin audit of anti-monopoly measures in Duke-Progress merger
"regulators may not be satisfied with the way Duke's merger with Progress has played out"

Coal spill sparks protest outside Duke Energy's HQ
"company plans to change the way ash is stored at its retired plants"

Will Dan River spill be factor in court?
"I think it would be Exhibit One and the chief witness for the prosecution"

NC Regulators Shielded Duke's Coal Ash Pollution
"real goal has been to shield the governor's former employer"

Duke Energy ash spill damage control
"efforts to shore up public confidence after the spill may have taken a hit"

Coal ash disaster: Could it happen here?
"This spill illustrates why no coal ash ponds should be allowed to remain unlined"

Eden ash spill highlights government laxity
"Duke's executives...are generous political donors (and Gov. Pat McCrory's former employer)"

TVA customers paying for '08 spill
"Duke has too much political influence over the same people tasked with regulating"

South Carolina utilities dealt with coal-ash problem before a massive spill
"DENR put together a quick sweetheart settlement with Duke"

Retired plant similar to one on Wabash has spill
"stormwater pipe goes under one part of the...plant's ash storage area"

Writing Off the Unemployed
"one often gets the sense that contempt for the unemployed comes first"

Former Bank of America executive pleads guilty in bid-rigging scheme
"The wire fraud charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison"

NC now says Dan River arsenic levels were unsafe after Duke Energy ash spill
"it appear the state wanted the report to be overlooked"

Duke Energy Issues Apology for NC Coal Ash Spill
"could take years before the full impacts...work their way through...ecosystem"

Video: The War on the Poor and Working Families
"keep poor and working families in desperate situations"

US Navy sailors seek ?600m damages from owners of Fukushima nuclear plant
"These sailors were in radioactive plumes for more than five hours"

Lawyer reprimanded in Duke Energy ethics scandal
"Storms' decision to take a job at Duke touched off a cascading ethics scandal"

Demonstrators protest Duke's coal ash spill
"protesting Duke Energy's leaking ash pond in Eden, N.C."

Duke Energy Battles to Halt Leak Amid Coal-Ash Review
"Duke has done nothing to contain the spill"

Broken Duke pipe was metal, not concrete
"criticized Duke for not publicly reporting the spill until a day after it was discovered"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill Pollutes Dan River, Threatens Drinking Water
"You can't clean this up. It's going to go up the food chain"

Arsenic Detected in NC River After Coal Ash Spill
"largest electricity provider and an environmental group are reporting conflicting data"

Duke Energy waited 24 hours to report major coal ash spill
"preliminary estimate...would be the third-largest coal ash spill in US history"

The river of ash
"The legislature is more interested in easing regulatory burdens on businesses"

Indiana coal ash pond has buried stormwater pipe, too
"did not know why ash ponds were constructed on top of stormwater pipes"

Duke Energy will change coal ash storage at...retired plants
"old, unsafe, insufficient method of storage leaves it prone to...catastrophic failure"

McCrory demands Duke fix leaking ash pond
"has leaked contaminants into the Dan River for five days"

Months Later, Sniper Attack at Power Hub Still a Mystery
"very professional, very well organized, well thought out and well-executed"

Worker found dead at Cooper nuclear power plant
"found deceased on the refueling floor of the reactor building"

Did Duke-Progress merger really save consumers money?
"There were hidden costs that were part of the process that never came to light"

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism
"He said he was going public...out of concern that national security is at risk"

Freeing Workers From the Insurance Trap
"The new law will free people...to pursue careers or retirement"

Fukushima wash-up to hit US coast this year
"runoff from the Japanese plant will mingle with radiation released by other...stations"

EPA solicits comments from the public on radiation protection standards
"groundwater contamination was identified at several nuclear power plants"

Duke Energy, EPA work to halt ash spill
"Engineers don't know why the pipe broke or, at the moment, how to fix it"

Up To 82,000 Tons Of Toxic Coal Ash Spilled From 'Antiquated' Storage Pit
"Duke should not be storing coal ash in antiquated pits near our state's waterways"

Cop for Christie caught shoplifting
"I'm on the governor's security detail"

Metal band 'invoices' US govt for using their music to torture in Gitmo
"They are not the first band to express such objections"

9/11 'truther' arrested for hijacking Super Bowl news conference
"I just saw my opportunity to get my word out there and I took it"

Duke Energy plant reports coal-ash spill
"an unknown amount of coal ash and water was released from a pond"

Nuclear power project financing option sticks ratepayers with tab
"ratepayers picking up the bill for billions of dollars...even when a plant is canceled"

A New Way to Rein In Fat Cats
"executives…never paid in excess of 20-to-1…compared with their lowest-paid workers"

The Capitol's Spinning Door Accelerates
"Some of those who are lobbying...for corporate clients are actually former lawmakers"

A Long Fight to Get What Was Theirs, in a 401(k)
"I have learned never to trust a 401(k)"

Law Doesn't End Revolving Door on Capitol Hill
"Is it any wonder that the public holds such a low esteem for Congress?"

TEPCO fears 3-cm hole in Fukushima reactor No.2
"Water is being constantly pumped into the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors"

What G.O.P.-Style Health Care Reform Looks Like
"But the plan...looks inferior in most respects to the existing law"

Retirement Is Out of Reach
"it's all about 401(k)'s and the disappearance of pensions"

NHK falls prey to Streisand Effect
"an attempt to suppress, censor, or remove information brings more attention to it"

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes
"The Legislature has sent subpoenas to Mr. Wildstein and 17 other people"

Christie Plays Defense
"Do you think Chris Christie will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl?"

The death toll from blocking Medicaid expansion
"Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South"

'NAFTA on steroids'
"perpetuating a global race to the bottom for all workers"

Lunches seized from kids in debt
"one of the cafeteria workers cried at the sight"

Federal regulators to audit Duke-Progress merger
"The audit will go back to Jan. 1, 2011"

SC mom charged after kids found in heatless house
"the power was turned off Monday"

Threat by Staten Island Lawmaker Adds to a Reputation as Hot-Tempered
"He then returned and threatened to toss Mr. Scotto over the balcony"

Capitalism vs. Democracy
"when pay setters set their own pay, there's no limit"

Pete Seeger, Champion of Folk Music and Social Change, Dies at 94
"Mr. Seeger's career carried him from singing at labor rallies to the Top 10"

Lawsuit: CEOs conspired to drive down engineers' wages
"Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google's Eric Schmidt"

Man accused of shooting at Duke Energy worker
"Duke Energy employee who was turning off the power...for non-payment"

Duke Energy attacked on solar prices
"Duke should join its customers and the 20th century and stop blocking the sun"

Don't lower Duke's cost for solar power
"Solar…is substantially cleaner and safer than traditional coal, gas and nuclear power"

Duke Energy won't buy into SC nuclear plant
"Last year, Duke canceled the contract for its planned Levy County nuclear plant

Low dose radiation has lethal side effects
"20 times more capable of increasing cancer rates than acute exposure"

Texans angrily protest fracking after 30 earthquakes hit town
"That causes slippage, and that causes the earthquakes"

GE Hitachi to pay $2.7 million as part of nuclear settlement
"The government contends that GE Hitachi concealed known flaws"

FBI questions Hoboken mayor's aides over alleged Sandy relief funds threat
"lieutenant governor linked Sandy funding to backing of the development project"

U.S. Attorney subpoenas Christie campaign and GOP State Committee
"threatened to choke off Hurricane Sandy relief if she failed to support...project"

"The bottom half of the world's population owns the same as the richest 85 people"

Indiana Senator withdraws bill that would have aided new nuclear builds
"CWIP program is a tax, where government power is used to extract money from citizens"

States Cutting Weeks of Aid to the Jobless
"The rest of the country is now following North Carolina's lead"

Tony Blair subjected to citizen's arrest attempt
"I believe Blair is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians"

Wallace & Graham Brief Guide to Overtime Pay
"Being paid a salary does NOT automatically also make you exempt"

Fukushima contaminated water leak may have international safety impact
"questions as to whether the main steam isolation valve...may have failed"

Ex VA Gov., Wife Charged With Corruption
"A federal investigation hung over the final months in office"

Contaminants from coal ash threaten drinking water for Charlotte
"I've made a career of body counts of dead fish and wildlife made that way from coal"

Regulators Can't say for sure Duke customers won't pay more
"There is no one here who can tell you there is enough money"

Loophole Allows Lawmakers to Reel In Trips and Donations
"Everybody is embarrassed about it...Although not so embarrassed that they don't do it"

Alert declared after smoke detected at Harris Nuclear Power Plant
"People are concerned considering how many incidents have happened"

For the Love of Money
"I demanded $8 million instead of $3.6 million"

"President Chris Christie, Day 100"

Freedom to pollute
"MCHM is used to process coal"

Fukushima fish 124 times radiation limit
"There's going to be a decrease in the birth rate and an increase in the death rate"

In Defeat for Tea Party, House Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
"a remarkable marginalization of the Republican far right"

Queens honors Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good
"no one more perfectly exemplifies the values celebrated by the BusinessWoman of the Year"

More environmental groups seek role in Duke lawsuit
"We've had longstanding concerns about groundwater contamination"

NC fracking panel passes chemical secrecy rule
"companies won the right to keep secret the chemical cocktails they pump"

Duke gets another sweetheart deal
"consumers who will pay more than $3 billion for Duke's mistakes"

Enemies of the Poor
"it's O.K...for politicians with national ambitions to talk about helping the poor"

Video: Duke Merger Monkeys vs Progress Merger Monkeys
"Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay"

Fukushima radiation reaches 8 times govt standards
"Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope...with a half-life of 28.8 years"

Moral Monday movement spreads through the South
"1,300...will likely die in South Carolina...if the state continues to refuse Medicaid"

Why Bankers Have Gotten a Pass
"fraud at every level permeated the bubble in mortgage-backed securities"

Falluja's Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There
"Lives were wasted, and now everyone back home sees that"

Duke set to profit again off Crystal River nuclear plant fiasco
"We have an open wallet...and it continues to be filched by Duke Energy"

Duke settles lawsuit over Crescent bankruptcy
"The Charlotte-based utility said the terms of the settlement are confidential"

McCrory, keep cork on champagne
"He also touted…the refusal to expand Medicaid coverage"

Former Indian Point supervisor fighting incarceration
"hid results of tests that showed that the quality of fuel in backup tanks"

Still Not Serious About Jobless Benefits
"they don't really care about people falling from the middle to the bottom"

NRC Accepting Public Comments on Crystal River 3 Decommissioning
"The deadline for submitting comments on the report is March 5, 2014"

Fukushima pollution may be causing sea star epidemic on West Coast
"We've had populations go locally extinct overnight. Literally"

Duct tape used to mend Fukushima water tanks
"I couldn't believe that such slipshod work was being done"

Some states confirm water pollution from oil and gas drilling
"A Texas spreadsheet contains more than 2,000 complaints"

North Carolina: Battleground State
"unprecedented spending by...Art Pope...budget director under Gov. Pat McCrory"

U.S. seeks bids for 14 million potassium iodide pills
"Delivery is required on or before February 1, 2014"

Restart of Japan nuclear facilities unlikely to be settled soon
"utilities have not adequately revised their estimations of potential earthquake activities"

Utilities Commission Mulls Rate Dip To Offset Consumer Tax Hike
"it amounts to about $20 million for Duke Energy"

Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor
"fuel storage pond still houses an estimated 89 tons of the plutonium-based MOX"

'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
"My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal"

Ex-fugitive reactor operator accepts plea deal
"Brittain was transferred to the Stateville Correctional Center"

Art Pope think tank behind campaign to discredit and defund Medicaid
"McCrory cited Medicaid's supposed brokenness to reject...expanding"

Rate gouging gone wild
"Let's just not let Duke Energy off the hook as the close runnerup"

After a political setback in NC, ALEC retools assault on renewable energy
"It also wants to penalize homeowners who install their own solar panels"

VA lobotomized 2,000 disturbed veterans
"hundreds of additional operations likely took place at other VA facilities"

Duke Energy silent on ALEC ties
"Duke has supported ALEC's past events...$50,000 to sponsor a 2012 meeting"

NC to Duke Energy: Have You Dumped ALEC Yet?
"Duke is terrified of the prospect of rooftop solar energy"

Duke Energy informs union of contract termination if talks fail
"federal regulators are reviewing policies and procedures at...Crystal River"

Duke Energy files $1.2B nuclear shutdown plan
"Crystal River...will be mothballed for 60 years"

Duke Energy, union's contract talks raise safety concerns at nuke plant
"Duke wants to cut the health and life insurance benefits of union retirees"

ALEC documents show strong ties to NC lawmakers
"outsiders are trying to take control of the democratic process"

Secretive Right-Wing Group Continues Its War On Clean Energy
"ALEC lost all 13 of its anti-clean energy legislative fights at the state level"

ALEC's trouble continues as Visa leaves
"specializes in making corporations' desires into law"

In Detroit Ruling, Threats to Promises and Assumptions
"Workers for companies owe their relative protection to big unions"

PCBs still affecting our health decades later
"There is a significant association between PCB levels and cognitive abilities"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Pollution Deforms Fish
"disturbing mutations of the heads, mouths, spines, and tails"

Beyond Coal delivers petition to Duke Energy
"The only way to permanently address toxic coal ash waste is to stop burning coal"

N.C. attorney general appeals Duke rate hike again
"he will also appeal Duke Carolinas' 4.5 percent rate increase granted this year"

Expanding Social Security
"Employers took advantage of the switch to surreptitiously cut benefits"

Santee Cooper Leads South in Cleaning Up Coal Ash Waste
"North Carolina coal ash pollution continues to dump arsenic, selenium, mercury"

The South's New Lost Cause
"the utter stupidity of refusing to help their own people"

Another Banking Scandal
"alleged manipulation of the $5.3-trillion-a-day foreign exchange market"

Duke downgrades risk from spent nuke plant fuel
"There is less risk to the public now from the Crystal River nuclear plant"

Japanese Do Not Want Nuclear Dumps Either
"strong public opposition nationwide to hosting long-term nuclear waste"

Last British resident in Guant?namo Bay: we are treated like animals
"Either you leave us to die in peace – or tell the world the truth"

Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal
"There is in fact no assurance that Yucca would turn out to be suitable"

Duke Energy worker shocked by power line
"These people are going out in dark...stormy conditions working throughout the night"

Customers, legislators call on Gov. Rick Scott to end Duke Energy bailout
"Protesters are upset about footing the bill for a nuclear plant that will never happen"

Rep. Castor vows to push for more energy efficiency and solar power
"It's a horrible way to collect money, to have a gun to your customers' heads"

Environmental Groups Join Coal Ash Lawsuit Against Duke Energy
"state accuses Duke of allowing coal ash ponds to leak contamination into groundwater"

Protest Against Duke Energy coal ash
"Protesters say water from the pond is leaking into nearby Mountain Island Lake"

TEPCO begins critical work unloading Fukushima spent fuel pool
"one of the most dangerous nuclear operations in human history"

Duke Energy, union at odds in Florida over benefits
"We are willing to force the employees to strike, in order to get what we want"

The Shame of American Health Care
"United States spends far more...gets meager results"

Justice Dept official admonishes nation's bankers
"Over $3.7 billion in penalties have been paid in LIBOR settlements"

Caught in Unemployment's Revolving Door
"I've been turned down from McDonald's because I was told I was too articulate"

Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster
"it was mishandled during a transfer, and is bent out of shape"

Under My Thumb
"By a 2-1 margin...machinists...told Boeing to stuff it"

Leaks confirmed in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 containment vessel
"gushing out into the basement of the reactor building"

Duke says dam failure wouldn't doom Oconee
"the public still cannot get a clear answer from either Duke or the government"

Crowd protests Duke Energy coal plants, touts solar
"I think the time for excuses is running out"

What to do if your pension is frozen
"employees...stop earning some or all the benefits"

These CEO pension values will make your head spin
"The growing wealth disparity between CEOs and workers"

Petition Launched to Expedite Coal Cleanup at Duke's Sutton Energy Plant
"we don't need to study it anymore...there's groundwater contamination"

Ohio Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'
"The lawsuit alleges that fatigue from being overworked contributed to Jasper's death"

Indiana utility regulator's job move raises new questions
"Comes on heels of Edwardsport ethics scandal"

Supervisor at Harris nuclear power plant fails fitness for duty test
"Source: NRC Event Notification"

Duke Energy chairman named most influential power exec
"The magazine also named the late Bill Lee, a one-time Duke CEO, third on the list"

Carolinas nuclear industry worth $20 billion a year
"The loss of talent from an aging workforce...is the industry's biggest worry"

Plan to lower Fukushim radiation readings OK'd
"people say they can't trust statements that suddenly declare areas to be safe"

Japan's ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power
"Abe aims to reduce nuclear power as much as possible"

Riverboat tour targets Sutton Plant smokestacks, coal ash disposal
"That coal ash will continue to contaminate the groundwater"

U.S. seeks $864 million from Bank of America after fraud verdict
"a federal jury found it liable for fraud over defective mortgages"

Siers cartoon
"Unscripted McCrory"

McCrory talks off the cuff, sparking controversy
"In each case, and in others, his comments skewed the truth"

Duke Energy Can't Shake EPA's Clean Air Act Suit
"government originally sued Duke in 2000 over modifications that began in the 1980"

Duke Energy customers protest rate hikes for defunct power plants
"Duke Energy customers are upset they are paying for cancelled nuclear power plants"

The 'nuclear renaissance:' What went wrong?
"The industry got hit between the eyes by a number of things happening at once"

Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation
"preparing to extract the first of thousands of nuclear fuel rods"

Colorado Cities Reject Fracking
"Boulder, Fort Collins and Lafayette approved antifracking initiatives by wide margins"

NC governor's mansion gets ballistic windows
"forced to scuttle...$230,000 in bathroom remodeling following public outcry"

Japan Nuclear safety body slams safety standards at fast breeder reactor
"they let it happen at a facility where a large amount of plutonium is handled"

Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned with polonium, tests show
"unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210"

NC appeals court weighs Duke Energy merger deal
"the latest twist in a multi-billion-dollar deal and the boardroom intrigue behind it"

Groups ask regulators to review Duke dealings
"It is time to stop taking advantage of consumers in Duke service areas"

Waste Storage at Shut Nuclear Plants
"Duke Energy...has not decided how to store used fuel at the shuttered Crystal River"

Video: Fears of Catawba River contamination arise with coal plant teardown
"Duke Energy's plan also calls for nine months of removing asbestos"

Senator Rand Paul's Plagiarism Excuses
"Paul said he could not rule out more disclosures"

G.O.P. Campaign Takes Aim at Tea Party
"blames...Tea Party for the recent series of political losses"

Elementary school in Japan using water bottles to shield students from radiation
"it seems to have reduced the radiation levels inside by one-third"

Kevin Siers: You Write The Caption
"Submissions must reach us by NOON, Wednesday, Nov. 6"

Duke Energy's Riverbend power plant to come down in 2016
"Groundwater has been contaminated around all 14 of Duke's N.C. unlined ponds"

State to spend over ?1 trillion of taxpayer money for Fukushima decontamination
"Tepco is still expected to stump up to some ?3 trillion"

Earthquake risk at Hanford underestimated
"Geologists now believe one fault passes a scant 2.3 miles from the 1,170-megawatt plant"

Poverty in America Is Mainstream
"For most of us, the question is not whether we will experience poverty, but when"

A Victory Against Dark Money
"They came up with a scheme that any money-launderer would be proud of"

Contamination lawsuits push Duke Energy, N.C., to address pollution
"When will Duke clean up the toxic coal ash that is polluting the water?"

Delaware, Den of Thieves?
"incorporation fees have accounted for as much as a quarter of Delaware's...revenues"

G.O.P. Filibuster Blocks Rep. Mel Watt
"Mr. Watt was the first sitting member...denied confirmation since the Civil War."

It's time for Duke Energy to clean up coal ash pollution
"5,000 North Carolinians submitted comments - all but one opposing it"

The Saga of Michael Buhrman and Landon Brittain
"Once Buhrman began catching on to Morales's betrayal, he began planning his murder"

Peacock and McCrory
"Siers cartoon"

Anti-Edwardsport groups demand Duke Energy documents
"Edwardsport cost about $3.5 billion...about 75% more than the original estimate"

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net
"I'm concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor"

NRC Issues Orders to Dresden Nuclear Plant
"senior reactor operator Michael J. Buhrman, planned to rob an armored car"

Coal ash waste ponds: Better state, federal controls make sense
"the state has sued Duke Energy over leaks from its Belews Creek coal ash pond"

Oconee reactors drew scrutiny, new documents show
"was probably the worst plant in the country over that decade, and that's not good"

Tepco can't be trusted to restart world's biggest nuclear plant
"if they keep skimping on costs and manipulating information, they can never be trusted"

Fukushima Radiation Traced in Pacific Seafood
"cesium isotopes from Fukushima were found in tuna caught off California"

The Democrats' Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler
"Not surprisingly, private health insurers cheered on the Republicans"

The Big Kludge
"Republicans...want to convert Medicare into Obamacare"

Contaminated Asheville Well Fuels Coal Ash Debate
"regulators...indicated it likely comes from waste leaking from a Duke Energy coal plant"

Social Security is on the Chopping Block!
"a deal could be struck to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid"

Contamination found in well near Duke plant
"testing showed the home's private well has been contaminated"

N.C. attorney general to appeal Duke Energy rate increase - again
"The state was once known for having some of the nation's cheapest electric rates"

NC heads down scandal-plagued economic development path
"McCrory…pushed…corporation chaired by the governor himself"

Southern right-wingers wage war against labor
"The South has always had plenty of people who work against their own interests"

Fukushima radiation doubles to new high in No. 1 plant water ditch
"The figure is 2.3 times higher than the previous record"

Nov. 4 Public NRC Spent Nuclear Fuel Meeting in Charlotte
"Public comments may also be submitted online"

Accounting World, Still Resisting Sunlight
"Deloitte...did not like the 'second-guessing' shown by the regulators"

Group Linked to Kochs Admits to Campaign Finance Violations
"ties to the billionaire conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch"

Fukushima readies for dangerous operation to remove 400 tons of spent fuel
"worst-case scenario could play out in death to billions of people. A true apocalypse"

Asheville Votes to Move Beyond Coal
"city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to move the city from coal-fired electricity"

Big typhoons may collide off Honshu
"concerns were mounting over the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant"

Can we unload the Executive Mansion?
"Pat McCrory backed off from ordering a $230,000 remodel of upstairs bathrooms"

Duke nuclear settlement has some benefits for consumers
"The settlement is being derided as a horrible deal for customers. And it is"

Politicians' Extortion Racket
"John A. Boehner appears to be a master of the tollbooth"

Special PACs Spent Money at Resorts
"could prove uncomfortable for some on Capitol Hill"

At PSC, a lone voice for public
"Balbis embraced the public interest. The nerve of that guy"

At the PSC, a confederacy of yes men - and women
"For sure, state legislators are hiding, eager to avoid their role in this boondoggle"

Duke Energy customers on hook for $3.2 billion
"In terms of being a watchdog for consumers, they have been absent"

Radioactive water leaks at Fukushima as operator underestimates rainfall
"water with high levels of radioactive strontium overflowed containment"

Environmental concerns persist at Belews Creek plant
"DENR is not following the law when it fails to set limits for heavy metals"

On North Carolina's high court, corruption worse than West Virginia?
"the judges will be allowed to judge themselves outside of public view"

NC lawmakers earn record low grades on the environment
"Pat McCrory (R) got a failing F on his budget but a D- overall"

The Dirt on North Carolina
"North Carolina and Duke Energy have had a string of bad news recently"

AFL-CIO convention repositions unions to speak for all workers
"a correction to the narrow focus on its dues-paying members"

Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well
"radioactive substances like strontium have reached the groundwater"

Senior adviser for Fukushima cleanup says foreign assistance needed
"When people built nuclear power plants, they never thought of decommissioning"

Fracking booms, workers busted
"must sign a 'confidentiality' agreement not to share that information with the patient"

Kemp Burdette - Duke needs to take responsibility
"Duke...is penny-pinching local residents and ratepayers"

Oconee nuke plant has most violations in Southeast
"Catawba Nuclear Station in York County reported 98 lower-level violations"

NC's 3 nuke plants each report more than 90 violations
"McGuire plant…Brunswick plant…Harris plant"

SC ahead of NC in coal ash cleanup
"Duke doesn't plan to start cleaning it up for years"

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage
"Only by the end of his sixth year did Bush finally conclude that Rumsfeld had to go"

Strong typhoon heads for Japan and Fukushima nuclear plant
"It is the strongest typhoon in 10 years"

Utility regulation needs overhaul
"Duke Energy is poised to collect $3.2 billion from its customers for its mistakes"

Fukushima Politics
"Japanese Diet...concluded Fukushima to be a man-made disaster"

Duke Energy Florida is not competitive
"Customers were charged billions. No electricity was generated"

Mass demo in Tokyo to ban nuclear energy
"70 percent of Japanese believe...nuclear power industry should be closed"

Settlement likely to end inquiries into Duke Energy nuclear plants
"Duke blames Progress for the whole debacle"

Demonstrators rally against Duke rate-hike settlement
"It looks like the Public Service Commission is serving the utility companies"

Lawmakers to protest settlement with Duke over nuclear costs
"The pitchforks and torches are coming out"

Rich hedge funders to poor: We feel your pain
"biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever"

Toxic Groundwater Will Keep Flowing After Close of Coal-Fired Plant
"decommissioning the plant's ash basins will not guarantee safety"

GOP mega-donor Art Pope distancing himself from controversial big-money groups
"Pope, now state budget director under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Kochs and Other Conservatives Split Over Strategy on Health Law
"the defeat-health-care-at-any-cost strategy may have backfired"

Duke CEO among Fortune's 50 "most powerful women"
"to steady the ship after Duke's merger with Progress Energy, executive departures"

Key details withheld from audit of NC Medicaid
"McCrory has used the January audit to make a case for privatizing...Medicaid"

McCrory administration suppressed critical Medicaid info
"McCrory might have a more difficult time justifying the Medicaid privatization"

McCrory Administration Officials Suppressed Insight Into Medicaid
"made strategic edits to the departmental response to State Auditor Beth Wood's audit"

NC Audit Edits Eliminated Defense of Medicaid Program
"McCrory has used its findings as justification for declining an expansion of...Medicaid"

CFPUA OKs extension of water line to Flemington community
"I'm missing why we should share the above costs with Duke"

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact
"I can tell you it's very bad for the future of America. I just can't tell you why"

Business Groups See Loss of Sway Over House G.O.P.
"would thrust...business lobby into warfare with the Tea Party"

Proposed Deal between Duke Energy and CFPUA Raises Concerns
"Duke is off-loading about half a million dollars of the cost onto the rate-payers"

MOX alternatives
"Contractors will have an additional year to complete a key analysis"

Politicians for Sale
"The nation's founders understood the threat of corruption in politics"

Toxic Cleanup Manager Guilty of Kickbacks
"charges included bid-rigging, money laundering and defrauding the U.S. government"

Chemicals from coal ash leaching into groundwater
"Duke has acknowledged the migration of boron contamination"

Duke Energy's Jim Rogers wins energy-efficiency award
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima
"Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has suffered yet another leak"

Reform Turns Real
"fear...was not that health reform would fail, but that it would succeed"

New radioactive water leak at crippled Fukushima plant
"contaminated water may well have flowed into the sea"

Fukushima Leaks Radioactive Water Into Pacific
"430 litres...which contains highly radioactive doses of strontium"

Ex-PM Koizumi raps government push for nuclear power as 'irresponsible'
"Currently, all of Japan's 50 commercial reactors are offline"

Utilities, Solar Companies in Fight Over Rates
"They are trying to punish people for buying less electricity...They are trying to kill solar"

Video: Losing Hope in Fukushima
"refugees...are losing confidence in the Japanese government's cleanup efforts"

John Boehner's Shutdown
"catastrophic mistake...to believe in Mr. Boehner's willingness to be reasonable"

Fukushima Plant Operator Reports New Leak
"estimated to be 4 tonnes and was absorbed into the ground"

NC One of the Best States for Business, Worst for Workers
"low labor costs that are 19 percent below the national average"

Video: Duke Energy customers protest in St. Petersburg
"It's robbery without a gun"

OSHA cites 4 employers in crane collapse that fatally injured 1 worker
"Precision Surveillance...Bigge Crane...Siemens Power...Entergy Operations"

Rebels Without a Clue
"This may be the way the world ends - not with a bang but with a temper tantrum"

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media
"The republic's in trouble, we lie about everything"

Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted
"Mr. Benmosche declared that the retirement age should go up to 70 or even 80"

Opponents score a victory in Senate against 'Monsanto Protection Act'
"a budget provision that protects genetically-modified seeds from litigation"

House Republicans vote to extend 'Monsanto Protection Act' in spending bill
"The American people deserve better than dirty politics"

UNC students want end to coal investments
"similar campaigns have sprouted at more than 300 college campuses"

NC Attorney General to Appeal Duke Rate Hike
"The evidence just isn't there to support a double-digit profit margin"

Exposing the Pay Gap
"changing corporate norms have allowed C.E.O. compensation over all to balloon"

Duke Energy is 'filthy' and should be dumped from our investment portfolio
"The UNC Sierra Student Coalition will present a list of the 'Filthy Fifteen' companies"

County council comes out swinging over water issue
"strong opposition to Duke Energy's relicensing agreement"

North Carolina Returns EPA Grant To Study Fracking's Effects
"North Carolina is the first state in the Southeast to turn down an EPA grant"

S.C. nuclear reactors at risk from dam failure
"Oconee's 5-foot floodwall could be swamped by more than 16 feet of water"

NRC to Increase Oversight of RobinsonNuclear Power Plant
"The violation and increased oversight is linked to an inspection finding"

Duke Energy contractor airlifted after accident
"The breaker that fell on the worker weighed about half as much as a car"

Duke's Most Efficient Plant Not Efficient Enough
"Coal is the highest emitting fossil fuel"

Japan dismissed US warnings to contain radioactive water at Fukushima
"cost of constructing the barrier would have had an impact on investor confidence"

Most North Carolinians disapprove of Barack Obama and Pat McCrory
"For McCrory, a Republican, approval fell to 36 percent from 46 percent"

DeLay conviction overturned; DA promises appeal
"He (DeLay) was wrong on the law and wrong on the facts, but politics bailed him out"

S.E.C. Proposes Greater Disclosure on Pay for C.E.O.'s
"The agency will collect comments for 60 days and must vote on the proposal again"

America's Sinking Middle Class
"income channeled to corporate profits is higher than at any time since the 1920s"

The March to Anarchy
"Boehner is playing the dangerous game of trying to placate the extremists for a few days"

Duke Energy to stop insuring retirees
"They gave us two months to sit here and worry about it"

Duke Energy to drop some retirees from health care coverage
"more of that trend of favoring shareholders at the expense of employees"

LA County Illegal Aliens On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits
"total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year"

Jim Rogers Receives EEI's 'Distinguished Leadership Award' for 25 Years of Service
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Maybe there's still a way to get something from Duke Energy in nuclear debacle
"power companies screwed up...legislators screwed up...ratepayers are footing the bill"

DENR tightens proposed order for Duke over coal ash
"people deserve and have the right to give their opinions on how we proceed"

Coal industry braces for EPA emissions crackdown
"it could be the death knell for new coal plant construction"

OSHA orders MGM Resorts to reinstate whistleblower, pay more than $325,000
"OSHA conducted its investigation under the whistleblower protection provisions"

Uprising Over Personal Health Data
"failed to do basic due diligence, signing off on the wellness plan"

State proposes changes to Duke Energy coal ash settlement
"In response to public comments, state officials recommended changes"

Troops oppose strikes on Syria by 3-1 margin
"withdraw all our troops and let the rest of the world figure out what to do"

Tritium levels reach new high at wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant
"elevated readings of tritium in groundwater"

Occupy Wall Street Legacy
"The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand"

AFL-CIO resolves to organize the South
"a long-term commitment to organize the South"

A call for a second Operation Dixie
"There is a...tradition in the South of active repression of workers organizing"

A hundred arrested protesting Walmart firings
"recently held a 30-minute meeting in the freezer to punish staff"

Video: North Carolina Walmart Workers Flash Mob
"Raleigh, NC"

China's Plan to Curb Air Pollution Sets Limits on Coal Use
"The key to preventing air pollution is to curb coal burning"

Rich Man's Recovery
"95 percent of the gains from economic recovery...have gone to the famous 1 percent"

Sutton Plant subject of coal-ash lawsuit
"A trio of environmental groups on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy Progress"

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage
"Mr. Putin has eclipsed Mr. Obama as the world leader"

A Plea for Caution From Russia
"What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria"

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Extended Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
"Public comments may be submitted several ways"

Duke Energy plant ranks among Ohio's worst polluters
"America's dirtiest power plants are the elephant in the room"

Group links Duke emissions, flooding
"Duke Energy operates some of the 'dirtiest' coal-fired power plants in the country"

The Rich Get Richer Through the Recovery
"The top 10 percent of earners took more than half of the country's total income in 2012"

Court Says Privacy Case Can Proceed vs. Google
"In the past, Google has been able to buy its way out of privacy violations"

Leaked toxic water found at another site at Fukushima plant
"raises the possibility that leaked toxic water has reached groundwater"

Indiana attorney general wants to reinstate criminal charges against former regulator
"accused of failing to disclose secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

Regulators set to vote on Duke rate hike
"Duke charges him a $12 service fee to use his phone to pay an $11 bill"

Shaking Pennies and Fists Against Utility Rate Increases
"We need money between rate cases, and we'll tell you later what it's for"

Survey Reveals Scant Backing for Syria Strike
"So this will be another Iraq"

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper proposes striking down Duke Energy rate hike
"The N.C. Supreme Court reversed the rate case in January"

Groups want Court of Appeals to overturn rate hikes to pay for Edwardsport plant
"ratepayers should not have to foot the bill for...'project mismanagement' "

And now it's global COOLING!
"Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year"

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by U.S. strike
"Moscow has been the most powerful ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad"

Russia sends four more warships to eastern Mediterranean near Syria
"Will we help Syria? We will"

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria
"The Navy in recent days has moved the aircraft carrier Nimitz into the Red Sea"

Organize the South or die
"lowest wages, the fewest worker protections, and the least union representation"

Israel Promotes US War with Syria
"right now, there's no good way for this war to end"

Skepticism and Wariness in Talk of Syria Attack
"He's having trouble keeping his popularity up...And this is his way of getting back up"

World leaders push big companies to pay more taxes
"crack down on cross-border companies that use tax havens"

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated
"Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack"

Florida man cites 'Bush doctrine' after pre-emptive killing of neighbors
"cited President George W. Bush's pre-emptive war in Iraq and the 'Bush Doctrine' "

Does the governor have a truth problem?
"And he needs to be more careful with his facts"

U.N.'s Ban casts doubt on legality of U.S. plans to punish Syria
"Who asked Mr. Obama to be the bully of the world?"

Record radiation readings near Fukushima contaminated water tanks
"The rising radiation levels and leaks at the plant have prompted international alarm"

Lenovo CEO shares bonus money with employees
"Yang has decided to share about $3.25 million of last year's annual bonus"

McCain playing poker on his iPhone during Syria hearing
"worst of all I lost!"

Errors Cast Doubt on Japan's Cleanup of Nuclear Accident Site
"Every three days, there seems to be a new problem up there"

Frankly, the governor says "frankly" a lot
"Of course, Gov. McCrory wasn't telling the truth"

Nuclear group taps Duke Energy's Lynn Good
"committee is in charge of the business and policy affairs of the nuclear trade association"

Duke Energy, Tampa Electric at bottom of J.D. Power survey
"To be fair, Duke Energy...inherited Progress' legacy of low marks"

NRC sued over documents related to Oconee Nuclear
"frustration among NRC engineers nearly since the birth of the three reactors 40 years ago"

Nuclear whistle-blower fears reprisal
"The group alleges that the NRC refused to release some records"

Fracking Wastewater Spill Kills Rare Fish in KY
"companies have been telling the public for years that frack fluid is mostly water"

How a Cabal Keeps Generics Scarce
"Improvisation has caused some patients to wake up during operations - or not at all"

Love for Labor Lost
"Grover Cleveland deployed 12,000 soldiers to break the union"

Public opposes coal ash pollution settlement
"Rarely...has an has an environmental issue in North Carolina attracted more comments"

Jobs for highly-paid McCrory staffers were never posted
"McKillip received a nearly 35 percent raise after only three months on the job"

Groups File To Intervene In State Lawsuit Against Duke
"the state says the utility giant illegally contaminated groundwater"

Judge rules mortgage fraud lawsuit against Bank of America can proceed
"It's not the only mortgage-related case Bank of America is fighting"

Brokerage giant settles discrimination lawsuit
"reached a $160 million settlement"

It's a jungle out there! Man pulls gun on Duke Energy worker
"Harter got more agitated and began saying he was going to 'kill everybody.' "

Shooting victims return home; alleged gunman still hospitalized
"Two men from the tree crew were hit"

Nuclear Waste Will Never Be Laid To Rest At Yucca Mountain
"But it will never be used as a permanent nuclear waste storage facility"

Duke Energy asks court to dismiss appeal on merger probe
"NC WARN...contends its should have been allowed to participate in the hearing"

The New Nuclear Craze
"Coal and nuclear power are both doomed"

BofA reviewing conditions for junior employees after intern death
"long hours in a competitive environment...may have played a role"

Man Charged In Tree Trimming Shootings
"the man was irate at the tree trimmers and wounded three people"

Charlotte environmental activists stage 'die-in' protest outside Duke Energy HQ
"Duke Energy, Coal Ash Is Poisoning Our Water"

Duke Energy cuts power to woman on oxygen pump
"The district manager told me that the air was my problem"

Crystal River Spent Fuel Leak Noted by NRC
"first discovered in the mid-1980s"

Charges dismissed against regulator indicted over Duke Energy ties
"Duke executive, Jim Turner...resigned late in 2010 in connection with the scandal"

Charges dismissed against former Indiana utility regulator
"met privately several times with Duke Energy executives"

In wake of Duke Power's retreat from nuclear, it's time to rebuild industry's credibility
"Companies like Duke come across as the worst kind of corporate bullies"

Duke Energy to cancel proposed Levy County nuclear plant
"Customers...have to pay up to $1.5 billion...shareholders get to keep $150 million"

Billion-dollar asbestos fight underway in Charlotte court
"in 1999...Duke Energy pledged $800 million for asbestos claims

Ex-supervisor at Indian Point nuclear plant charged with fabricating fuel tests
"allegedly fabricated fuel tests to prevent the facility from being shuttered"

D.C. group lists McCrory among worst governors in America
"McCrory acknowledged that he's been criticized by...Democrats and Republicans"

Bribery accusations unwarranted in recent state v. Duke Energy case
"That doesn't mean that McCrory's no longer the...weasel we've all known"

Campaign money fueled Duke coal-ash settlement
"I think it's the political culture of McCrory that is so clearly aligned with Duke Energy"

Former IURC chief asks judge to dismiss charges, again
"accused of failing to disclose several secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

McCrory cuts sweetheart deal with Duke Energy
"Duke receives amnesty for its previous pollution"

US firms ordered to pay over Agent Orange
"466 million won ($A454,445) from Dow Chemical and Monsanto"

"I kind of was hoping that issue had sort of died on the vine"

Occupy Oakland protesters awarded $1m over police violence during arrests
"These settlements are an important victory for democracy"

U.S. Moves to Abandon Costly Reactor Fuel Plant
"Just about everything is going wrong"

Illegal immigrants who commit crimes face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens
"We say nobody is above the law, but apparently illegal immigrants are"

CEO's rise at Duke Energy grew from Enron fiasco
"Allegations of improper contact...led to the resignation in 2010 of...Jim Turner"

Duke Energy caught making illegal charges to customers
"They include...$2,715 for country club dues for a former Duke Energy Carolinas CEO"

Prison sentence for Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling slashed by 10 years
"coming on the heels of the lack of prosecutions arising out of the financial crisis"

Former Duke Energy employee sentenced in copper theft
"The copper thefts took place over years"

Lynn Good Elected Duke Energy CEO
"Duke has made the best possible decision"

NRC still seeking why spot at NC nuke plant missed
"Duke Energy took over the Harris plant after it acquired...Progress Energy"

America's 20 Worst Corporate Air Polluters
"top...polluters are American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Southern Company"

Former Shaw Coastal employee settles sexual harassment lawsuit
"twice was awarded judgments of $500,000"

Dam failure feared during Catawba floods
"The gate wouldn't budge. Duke Energy couldn't open it anymore"

Dhiaa Jamil remains Duke Energy's point person on nuclear power
"I go back to the days when Bill Lee ran this company"

"continued cracking, crazing and spalling as well as increased efflorescence"

Former Shaw Group Safety Manager Sentenced To 78 Months For Fraud
"Injuries hidden to obtain over $2.5 million in safety bonuses"

Antitrust case linked to California energy crisis revived
"Dozens of companies...including...Duke Energy"

The danger of McCrory's Bobby Jindal imitation
"Pat McCrory appears to be on a privatization spree"

Resolve dam issue in plain sight
"In 1977 the NRC identified dam failure and flooding as a potential problem at Oconee"

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed
"All 104 nuclear power reactors...have a safety problem that cannot be fixed"

NRC tells Duke it hasn't decided on company's assessment of Oconee flood threat
"a history of concern dating back to the 40-year-old station's early years"

Internal conflict at NRC over potential Oconee Nuclear Station flooding
"They don't get it...The games these people have played...is shameful to say the least"

Duke Devising Contingency Shutdown Plan for Oconee Unit
"NRC...concluded the risk of catastrophic dam failure was higher than Duke figured"

Duke Energy's Little Tyrant
"The inevitable happened: employees began concealing accidents"

MOX plant cost revised to $7.7 billion, with three-year delay
"This huge cost increase is more justification to pull the plug"

SRS Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Plant Continues to Spin Out of Control
"With this stunning news, it appears that the MOX project is doomed to elimination"

Nuclear plant fiasco means financial armageddon
"when it comes to Crystal River, Progress Energy Florida has done little right"

Duke Energy Contractor Dies on the Job
"He was a fireman's fireman"

Crystal River nuclear plant had flaw in safety procedures for over a decade
"When you hit a tree, it's a little late to find out you have a hole in your airbag"

2012 Employee Opinion Survey Results
"Only 39 percent agreed that there is a high level of trust in the company"

Duke Energy Ties to Gov. McCrory Increase Concerns over SB10 Proposal
"What is it going to take for you to act in the public interest?"

Duke Energy writes off $10-million loan for Democratic convention
"I think it's a great investment for our community"

Crystal River 3: Getting a grip on the coming nuclear stigma
"a lot of the people, procedures and habits remain the same after the recent merger"

Duke Energy announces closing of Crystal River nuclear power plant
"Seldom, if ever, has an attempt to save $15 million cost so many, so much"

Amid North Carolina anti-labor campaign, public workers score union win
"North Carolina is already the least-unionized state in the nation"

ALEC leads attack on North Carolina clean energy with Duke Energy funding
"This is where ALEC makes things awkward for Duke Energy"

Is Duke Energy Taking Over NC Government?
"McCrory tapped two other Duke...alumni on Thursday"

McCrory's Duke Energy ties cloud judgment on Utilities Commission
"being employed at Duke Energy for 28 years, you have an actual conflict of interest"

Duke Energy Loses Again in Indiana Ethics Case
"Duke had offered Storms an in-house counsel job-while he was still GC at the commission"

Potential Jocassee Dam failure could rival Fukushima
"life as we know it in the Southeast would be at stake"

Ethics conflicts complicate votes for outgoing members
"Rep. Heath Shuler...is headed to Duke Energy"

Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge NRC With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety
"Dam failure with subsequent site inundation, all three Oconee units will go to core damage"

Shuler Breaks Pledge To Not Become A Lobbyist
"Rep. Heath Shuler will go to work for Duke Energy"

Departing Lawmaker to work for Duke Energy
"Williams would not provide Shuler's salary"

Duke Energy hires U.S. Rep.
"Shuler was not the best professional quarterback"

A Nuclear Zax?
"The smiling, round Kibitan explains why radiation is dangerous"

Risk of Melt-Down In U.S. HIGHER Than Fukushima
"Oconee...operated by Duke Energy, would suffer almost certain core damage"

Employee alleges nuclear decision led to retaliation
"Manoochehr Nazar…allegedly ordered him to continue starting up the plant anyway"

NRC Whistleblower: Nuclear Plants Flood Threat Covered Up By Regulators
"vulnerability at one plant in particular -- the three-reactor Oconee Nuclear Station"

Letter: Concealment of Significant Nuclear Safety Information by NRC
"please consider this allegation to be public information"

Jim Rogers Addressed DNC, Despite Supporting ALEC's Voter Suppression
"Senator Chuck Schumer…'I'd urge [Duke] to leave ALEC ASAP... if not sooner!' "

Court Rules Israel Is Not at Fault in Death of American Activist
"overwhelming proof that Rachel was deliberately murdered"

Deadly Particles
"Released by sources like diesel trucks and power plants"

Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer
"the more a miner was exposed to diesel, the greater his cancer risk"

Joke is on Progress customers
"Stop me if you've heard this one"

Lobbyists Know That They are Scum of the Earth!
"We're tainted"

ALEC fights coal ash protections on polluters' behalf
"They include Duke Energy and Progress Energy"

Secrets can strain credibility
"the public now knows of a private club of cronyism between Duke and the IURC"

Counterpunch 2010: The Duke Energy Scandal
"Duke Energy always rewards it creepy disgraced executives it seems"

Is Energy Secretary Chu even deeper in the Solyndra scandal?
"Duke Energy got $230 million and they generated 196 jobs"

VIDEO: We Occupy for the Victims of Fukushima
"Stone-Webster guilty of racketeering and fraud...$4-billion judgement"

VIDEO: We Occupy for Jake Horton
"if you are a power company, you are exempt from the racketeering laws"

The Total Failure of Barack Hussein Obama II
How Paul Singer Shortchanged Asbestosis Victims
Duke leader met privately with Gov. Mitch Daniels
Fukushima: They Knew
Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Attack
1 Marine vs. 30 Cops
Judge Approves $3.4 Billion Settlement of Native American Suit
$30 Million Settlement Ends Duke Energy Class-Action Suit
Duke Energy Cash Balance Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
Emails shed additional light on Duke-IURC scandal
Progress Energy Lobbyist Found Dead in Burning Car
Don't Cry For Duke's Departing Jim Turner
Duke Energy President Violates Ethics, Deposits an Extra $10 Million in the Bank
Duke scandal reflects poorly on Indiana, its governor and Duke Energy
Senate Approves $4.6 Billion for Claims by Black Farmers, American Indians
Duke, IURC Email Published by The Indianapolis Star
Preserving Access to Justice for All
Video: Rep. Alan Grayson on Health Care Gridlock
Duke Energy Lawyers Misled Jurors
Press Conference on Illegal Workers at Duke Energy (Updated 8/26/08)
Duke Energy Settles Retaliation Lawsuit
Duke Energy Retirees Take an Insurance Hit
EEOC Pension Assistance Appreciated
IBEW International Organizer
Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr Against Pensions
Whooshing Judge Thompson Wins Delay
Whistleblower Awarded $1.5 Million
Mr. Smith Goes to Raleigh
Duke Energy's $1.6 Billion for Asbestos Claims
Woman Freezes to Death After Power Cut
All Hands - 2003
Cash Balance Can be Beaten
Duke Energy Shooting, Brawl Update
Harvey Padewer at Secret Energy Meetings
Power Plants and Lung Cancer
Rick Priory's Fun Ride
Mad As Hell
Duke Energy Will Not Retaliate
I Am Not a Crook
The $3,880 Megawatt-Hour
Yahoo Posters Can Stay Anonymous
Three Overtime Lawsuits Against Duke Energy
No cap put on harassment pay
Duke Energy Confirms Price Gouging
Company Owned Shrinks
Letter From Duke Energy's MOX Fuel Project Manager
Power Lines, Soot, and Cancer
GAO Writes Harkin on Misleading Sentence in Cash Balance Plan Ergs
Election Hearing Too Hot To Handle?
Court Considers if Employer Can Force Pledge Not to Sue
New cancer link to power lines
The American Bar Association and Cash Balance Plans
Good Riddance! - September "Directions"
Wal-Mart Fires Employee For Helping Blind Customers
Pension Revolt Catches Fire
Paying the Price for Greed and Arrogance
Now You Can Pay To Suck Up!
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
Eating Their Words!

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."