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NC BLM Rioter Demonstrates How to Throw Fire Bomb
Joe Biden Demonstrates How to Jog Up Airplane Steps
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Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Don't Underestimate Joe's Ability to F*** Things Up - Obama

Alvin Bragg's case against Trump crumbles
"Another Bloviating Blowhard Bites the Dust"

Joe Biden tried to kill a report on Hunter
"Vice President Biden's office tried to cover up a news story on Hunter Biden."

More Lies From Buffone Fauci
"Dr. Fauci speaking with D.C. residents about the COVID vaccine."

New Yorkers call out Alvin Bragg's Trump probe
"Scumbag Alvin Bragg"

Joe Biden Investigation Just Beginning
"Biden family's business dealings"

Capitol Protest WAS A COMPLETE SET-UP!
"And they beat an elderly woman like you wouldn't believe"

Nuclear plant leaked 400,000 GALLONS of radioactive water
"and only now reveals it to the public"

Jesse Watters: Biden's hot streak is coming to an end
"Hunter Confesses - Why Did Joe Biden Lie About It?"

House Oversight Committee reveals mystery Biden family member who received Chinese cash
"new evidence on the Biden family's influence peddling and business schemes."

Biden administration is now trying to cover their rear-end
"Biden White House is scrambling to avert a 'meltdown'"

New Hunter Biden bombshell - Splitting Up the Loot
"Biden influence peddling"

Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Called Out As the Liar That She Is
"She Sounds As Goofy As Sec. Mayorkas"

GOP rep. leading probe into Biden family business scheme drops major bombshell
"Biden Family On China's Payroll"

'WHEN IS SOMEBODY GOING TO JAIL?' More Biden family China payouts unmasked
"Department of Justice Overlooks Biden family foreign business crimes."

GET THE HELL OUT, Lori Lightfoot
"Chicago reporter confronts Lori Lightfoot"

Free Money for Being Black
"It's unclear how California would pay for such an extensive project."

CIA Is Connected to 2001 Anthrax Attacks
"Fauci has been in charge of developing bioweapons for the Pentagon since 2002."

Autopsy suggests link between Covid-19 vaccine and encephalitis in brain
"died after receiving his third Covid-19 vaccination"

"Failure By Design: Examining Secretary Mayorkas’ Border Crisis”
"Homeland Security Committee holds a field hearing"

Sen. John Kennedy Blasts Biden's Bailout
"John Kennedy Delivers Epic Takedown Of Biden"

University of NC Wants to Hide Its COVID Research
"We don't really know why UNC is trying to keep these Baric documents secret"

Duke Energy Progress Wants a 18.9% rate hike
"Here's how to comment on the plan."

New Biden family member in Hunter Biden probe
"China Throws Money at Bidens"

"It Smells like White People In Here"

Biden Keeps Dodging Bullets
"Biden's Open Border Plan"

Joe Biden and Tortoise Man
"One Cannot Talk; One Cannot Walk"

Biden's indefensible open borders agenda
"Pickaninny Jean-Pierre Word Salad"

Mitch McConnell is Not a Turtle, He's a Tortoise
"A large, pink, anthropomorphic, bumbling, #McConnelling tortoise."

This is why Fauci went to such lengths to cover up COVID origins
"revelations from congressional hearings on the origins of COVID-19"

Lunchtime At The WhiteHOUSE
"Joe, Eat Your lunch"

'hot mess of a dumpster fire' for Democrats
"More Lies From Dr. Fauci"

Obama admin 'panicked' over Hunter Biden questions
"Hunter used the Burisma job to 'enrich himself'"

AOC: Always a Pauper
"AOC begged to go to exclusive Met Gala, even if it meant breaking the rules"

Will Grim Reaper Get Pedo Biden Or Tortoise Man First?
"McConnell detractors right and left go after him"

Excess deaths in Australia off the charts following covid "vaccines"
"highest in 80 years"

Joe Rogan Declares Biden Mentally 'Gone'
"You've got a career politician, white male that's falling apart before your very eyes."

White House Hair Sniffing Session?
"Dem Mayor Arrested For Possession of Child Pornography Was Invited To White House"

Send All Illegal Aliens to NYC
"Biden's migrant mess now costing NYC nearly $5M a day"

Fruitcake Fetterman
"Democrats don't care who occupies elected office as long they can have power"

Biden Never Does Anything Unless Someone Tells Him to
"Ingraham: The only thing that our 'defenders of democracy' care about is making sure they win in 2024."

Weekend at Fetterman's
"3 Real Winners: McConnell, Pelosi and Fetterman"

Biden has not been able to think clearly for years
"Dazed and Very Confused"

Joe Biden Cannot Keep Foot Out Of Mouth
"You Ain't Black"

John Fetterman Is Not Fit To Serve
Jesse Watters: Pennsylvania is down a senator"

Jesse Watters: Biden is not in charge
"more than half of Democratic voters want a different candidate."

Joe Biden's blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears
"Joe Biden's most notable and cringeworthy gaffes."

Biden Walks Like He Has a Cob Up His Rectum
"He's Crumbling Before Our Eyes"

Joe Biden Death Watch - So It Has Been Said; So Mote It Be
"Joe Biden's health is deteriorating before our eyes."

Norfolk Southern train derails in North Carolina
"Didn't Corn Pop spend a trillion to fix our infrastructure? I guess if it's not a windmill it doesn't qualify for fixing."

Jesse Watters: There is one president without much to brag about
"lack of accomplishments in Biden's presidency"

Pete Butt-I-Gig and Biden Investigations
"House oversight committee begins investigation"

Pete Butt-I-Gig finally made it to Ohio
"Me and my husband have dinner reservations"

Biden's Balloon
"there was a big fat target that could be shot from the sky and make the 'Big Guy' look tough."

Don't Use Bullets to Shoot Down a Balloon; Use $400,000 Missiles
"First Missile Missed; Location Unknown"

Canada Does Not Want the Illegal Aliens Either!
"Stop Sending Them"

It's Good That Biden Is Hiding
"He Only Has the Intellectual Capacity to Sniff Little Girl's Hair"

Hey Ashley, After we shower together, why don't you take those Classified documents out to the garage
"Oh, and don't mind Hunter, he's in there hitting the pipe"

John Fetterman cannot recover from STUPIDITY
"shouldn't be in the Senate"

AT&T Loses $10 Billion After Deplatforming Newsmax
"DirecTV customers call toll free at 877-763-9762 to cancel/complain."

Old Joe was booed loudly in Los Angeles, California, a democrat state
"Joe Biden barged in to congratulate Lebron"

Where Does Twitter Stop And the FBI Begin?
"Rep. Lauren Boebert Explodes At Ex-Twitter Exec For Shadow-Banning Her"

Rita's Not Hung Up On Pronouns
"it was only a matter of time before cancel culture warriors came for her"

"Ukraine" is the Rathole Joe Biden Keeps Dumping Money Into
"Ukraine Fatigue" Resolution Introduced by 11 House Republicans Led by Matt Gaetz

Mongoloid Idiot DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' Head On The Block
"Republicans consider launching rare impeachment proceedings against a Cabinet secretary."

Biden's Ace In The Hole: Kameltoe is Dumber Than He Is - And That's Saying Something
"She's one heartbeat away from the presidency."

Presiden Trump Will Blow Nikki Haley Out of the Water
"Who Else is Running, Corn Pop?"

Duke Energy's Coal Ash Will Not Go Away
"91 percent of U.S. coal-fired power plants with monitoring data are contaminating groundwater"

Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!
"Roseanne Barr discusses her return to stand-up after becoming a victim of cancel culture"

50% Of Likely Voters Support Biden's Impeachment
"Republicans endorsed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden"

Biden is the oldest person to ever serve AND THE DUMBEST!
"Americans do not want Biden to run for re-election"

Let Biden's Impeachment Begin
"This was an act of war on the behalf of Biden"

Tulsi Gabbard calls out Slime Ball Mitt Romney
"Tulsi Gabbard calls out Mitt Romney for accusing her of treason."

Congress Laughs In Biden's Face
"Ted Cruz: This was 'laughingly wrong' about Biden's speech"

Five Chinese Nationals Caught Entering US Illegally Through Mexico
"This isn't the first time Chinese nationals have been caught crossing into the Southern Border."

The Biden administration has intentionally undermined border security
"Frost was right - good fences do make good neighbors"

Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell
"She looked like hell."

Joe Biden Blew Up Pipeline
"Tucker: We were attacked for asking questions about this"

Teen Student Who Brutally Beat 9-Year-Old Girl Will Now Face Criminal Battery Charges
"a large 15-year-old black teen and others jumping on the helpless little girl and beating her in the head, neck, and face."

Senator calls for Biden's resignation: 'He's a complete failure'
"Sen. Rick Scott discusses Biden's 'hypocritical' comments on social services"

Biden RATINGS BOMB: Lowest Audience in 30 Years
"Is anyone surprised that people don't want to hear Biden’s lies and slurred rants?"

Illegal Aliens Get Another Free Pass
"Illegal alien students in NYC schools without proof of vaccinations"

US behind Nord Stream sabotage
"Don't do this. It's stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out"

Senator Mike Lee On Joe Biden SOTU Address: 'He's Not Well'
"Biden seemed to rush much of his speech and ended up slurring many words along the way."

Biden's Pants On Fire
"Tucker Carlson reacts to Biden's State of the Union address"

Burisma Asked Hunter to End Ukraine Investigation on Company
"Then Joe Biden Threatened Ukraine and Had Investigator Fired"

Joe Biden Gave Approval to Bomb Russia's Nord Stream Pipeline
"Biden personally oversaw a secret mission - dive crews bombed the underwater Nord Stream pipelines"

Climate deniers keep pushing to fill top White House environment role with friendly face
"Under...McCrory's leadership, North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality was accused of favoring Duke Energy over public health"

ICE arrests 212 illegals, targets 122 businesses in LA sweep
"ICE said it targeted Los Angeles because it's a sanctuary city"

CIA Argues The Public Can't See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters
"The fact that the reporters might not have printed what was disclosed to them has no logical or legal impact on the waiver analysis"

Psychiatric Drugs, Social Alienation, Broken Families, War On Men More Relevant Than Gun Control
"They call it 'gun control.' It's not. It's people control. For the left, voters who can't be controlled can't be trusted."

But the Middle Name of Clarence Thomas is "Victim"
"Clarence Thomas Decries Victimhood Culture In Rare Public Remarks"

Deploy Oxygen Masks!
"Pilot forced to make emergency landing after fight breaks out when passenger refuses to stop FARTING"

You'll Never Take Me Alive
"Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake"

New Bipartisan DACA Plan is Giant Amnesty, But so is Trump's Plan
"the end of immigration enforcement"

Adam Schiff Confirms Democratic Memo Contains Sources and Methods
"His comments constituted a direct rebuke to his party's top boss in the House of Representatives, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi."

Mueller's Right-Hand Man Caught Withholding Evidence in Major Case
"Weissmann is under investigation for 'media leaks.' "

Kim Jong Un lives in fear of preventative strike by US, defector says
"Kim Jong Un's recent overtures to South Korea have come out of fear that the U.S. will launch a preventative strike against him."

Grandmother Stops Another School Shooting Day Before Florida Massacre
"I've been reviewing many mass shootings/bombings (and attempted bombings) I'm learning from past shooters/bombers mistakes."

DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife's Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials
"Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired Fusion GPS to gather and disseminate damning info about Trump"

Even Democrats Know Pelosi is a Train Wreck
"Democratic opposition to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has been increasing"

Demonic child screams non-stop for EIGHT HOURS on international flight
"mother lets the boy do whatever he wants"

FBI too busy committing TREASON to stop the Florida shooter who was reported to the FBI months ago
"too busy running deep state hoaxes against Donald Trump to bother with stopping real criminals."

North Carolina Toddler Killed Riding in Ambulance Hit by Illegal Alien
"Romero was so drunk that he couldn't even sign his name on court documents."

Obama Must Come Clean on Trump Dossier
"As reports of a second Clinton-funded dossier have emerged, some in Washington are wondering who may have seen the alleged document."

"Smart TVs have cameras embedded WITHIN their viewing screens"

CAUGHT IN CORRUPTION: Yahoo Needs To Fire Michael Isikoff Or Perish
"To prop up their false narrative, the FBI fed the phony dossier to Yahoo reporter Mike Isikoff"

Shouldn't a Person Have to Pass Some Sort of Test to be a Criminal?
"Family Busts Burglary Suspect Breaking In, Watching Porn"

Florida Government in Action
"Woman says Lantana mayor offered speed bumps in exchange for sex"

FAIL: Elizabeth Warren Responds to Trump's 'Pocahontas' Jab and it Immediately Backfires
"Elizabeth Warren is a delusional woman and should resign in disgrace."

"Obama looks like he is taking a dump, and she looks like she is smelling it."

Sen. Tim Kaine IS a Riot
"Senator Tim Kaine Condemns Antifa Violence - After His Son Was Arrested in Antifa Riot"

Third Phase of Nunes' Investigation Will Focus on Obama CIA Director John Brennan
"Nunes plans to call Brennan and other former Obama administration officials before the committee"

"Marty was arrested for defending the life of then 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who was...nearly killed by Harvard-affiliated Boston Children's Hospital."

After being deported 3 times in 3 months, he came back with $400,000 of meth for sale
"A thrice-deported Mexican and his partner in moving methamphetamine each face 10 years to life"

Game Over
"Obsessed gamer drives 11 hours in bid to kill Texas YouTuber, stalk his cosplay star girlfriend"

Elk Knocks Helicopter Out of Sky
"This almost severed the tail rotor and ended the flight of this chopper."

The Rigged Casino
"How Wall Street's 'fear gauge' is being rigged, according to one whistleblower"

Stock Market 'Fear Index' Faces Probe
"It looks funny and if you're an investor, why subject yourself to that?"

Jimmy Kimmel Targeted by Street Artist Over Sunset Boulevard Car Wreck
"referring to his show as the 'Estrogen Hour.' "

"Rejected asylum seeker had been allowed to roam free"

"Some cultures are better than others"

Harvey Weinstein lawsuit: attorney general says 'we have never seen anything as despicable'
"It's clear the company’s management was complicit in this pattern of misconduct"

Potential Uranium One Witnesses Eliminated in Plane Explosion
"Russian Plane Crash Has Clinton Uranium One Ties"

"Published on Feb 3, 2018"

"Published on Feb 8, 2018"

"Unusual paintings picked apart by patriots"

"This is why the globalists hate President Trump: he represents an existential threat to their designs on a New World Order"

Construction begins on new water lines near Buck Steam Station
"Some passed 1,000 days on bottled water in mid-January of this year."

Throw Any Bum Out Who Votes for DACA Amnesty
"Immigration to Get Freewheeling Debate in the Senate"

Rep Gaetz Calls for Appointment of Second Special Counsel - FBI, DoJ 'Cannot Investigate Themselves'
"evidence we've uncovered shows wrongdoing at the highest levels of those agencies."

Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton's deceit
"Clinton machine was the secret, original source of virtually all the allegations about Trump and Russia that led to the FBI investigation."

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was on a 'sedative-hypnotic' mind-altering psychiatric medication
"Obama also ordered ISIS investigations shut down...ordering the destruction of an extremely valuable government database on Muslim extremists"

Former DOJ Inspector General Was Targeted and Pushed Out by Deep State After Exposing Hillary Email Crimes
"McCollough's sin was that he was honest - and he was serving in the Obama deep state, a band of crooks and criminals."

CIA Gave $100k To Russian Offering Dirt On Trump
"American spies handed over $100,000 in cash in a brief case to the Russian"

Obama State Dept. official admits free-flowing exchange of reports with Trump dossier author
"He said he shared 'more than 100 of Steele's reports with the Russia experts at the State Department' over a period of two years."

Life sentences for 3 in 'revenge' killing of 7-year-old girl
"Carlos Stokes, 25; Jordon Clayton, 24; and Branden Brookins, 22, killed Kirtsen Williams, who was playing with a friend and a sibling in the front yard"

Illegal alien cheers after being found guilty of killing two California deputies
"I'm going to kill more cops soon."

DNC and Deep State Hacks LIED TO FISA COURT to Spy on Trump Campaign! #LockThemUp

Strzok May Have Broken Classified-Info Rules While Investigating Hillary
"why didn't the supervisor pull them off the case and say you can’t investigate this when he observed this?"

"The potential returns for our journalism would be far higher"

Comey was FORCED to tell Congress about Weiner emails only because George Toscas at DOJ found out about them!
"criminal intent of deep state players to avoid prosecution of Hillary Clinton and to block and destroy a Trump presidency."

Top Democrat Mark Warner Tried to Organize 'Private Mtg' with Dossier Author Through Lobbyist of Russian Oligarch
"Warner is the leading Democrat and Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee."

Evidence is Coming That Will Rock the Foundation of Washington, D.C.
"outed the FBI for attempting to suppress the release of new revelations about the Steele dossier."

Hillary Chokes On Her Own Lies
"Clinton tried to play it off, but continued to choke back a cough, repeatedly stopping to clear her throat."

Man steals car, calls owner for help
"he had called to ask if she would contact someone who could start the car for him"

Steele Dossier's 'Coincidences' Keep Piling Up
"Dick Morris...suggested on Wednesday that the Clintons may have planted the allegations about Trump. "

U.S. non-profit says coal ash pollutes groundwater in eight states
"largest electric utilities in the nation have not posted the results of their groundwater monitoring, including Duke Energy"

Duke Energy Seeks Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card in Tainted Groundwater Case
"groups pushing the case say Duke Energy is doing little on its own to clean up groundwater pollution that's lasted for decades."

"[Comey] changed President to 'another senior government official.' "

Illegal alien deported 44 times in 15 years
"The runner-up was ousted 40 times from 2001 to 2015. No. 3, 4 and 5 on the list were deported 35, 34 and 31 times"

FBI Missed Clinton Emails Openly MARKED Classified, Wanted To Conclude Probe Before IG Caught Mistake
"Holy cow...if the FBI missed this, what else was missed?"

PLEASE Lie Down in Front of My Tank

"The Shariah scholar was praised by Obama"

"Clinton operative teamed up with MSM to launch Trump-Russia narrative"

FBI Withheld Notes From Their Interviews With Christopher Steele From Senate Judiciary Committee
"FBI is stonewalling and withholding information...because they lied to the FISC in order to get that spy warrant they needed."

Top Justice Department Official Who Helped Oversee Clinton Email Probe RESIGNS
"amid Inspector General Michael Horowitz's probe into the bureau's Clinton email investigation."

Obama was briefed at least twice on the corrupt deal to sell US uranium to Russia and did nothing
"there was 'on-the-record quid pro quo' surrounding the Uranium One scandal with the Clintons."

"Department of Justice and FBI were conducting FISA court-approved electronic surveillance of President Trump in the White House through at least June 2017."

"to Democrats this is a bad thing because it would delay their efforts to import huge voting blocks under the guise of humanitarian concern"

FBI Informant Tells Congress Moscow Routed Millions to Influence the Clintons
"raking in billions of U.S. dollars...indulging in extortion by using threats to get bribes and kickbacks"

G. W. Bush, Go Crawl Back Under Your Rock
"George W. Bush praised the inflow of illegal and legal immigrants"

Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder by Ideology, Not Merit
"FBI agents advised him to 'think like a liberal' during his FBI entrance exam."

#MeToo movement lawmaker investigated for sexual misconduct allegations
"report that she sexually harassed and groped a former legislative staffer."

Tucker Reveals How Google Spies On You Constantly Through Your Phone
"When you’re using a free online service, you're probably not the customer, you're actually the product"

Joe Scarborough Admits Most Americans Agree With Trump On Immigration
"backlash against illegal immigration is a 'political reality' and thinks the policies of Nancy Pelosi are not connecting with everyday Americans."

Strzok/Page texts reveal Obama involvement in Clinton email investigation
"Obama wanted 'to know everything we're doing' "

"putting Schiff on notice that criminal charges could be brought against Schiff for leaving committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information."

Democratic Infiltrator in the White House: Ivanka Trump
"Ivanka Trump showed up in Washington last year with a to-do list of policies straight from the Democratic Party playbook."

New Amnesty Candidate?
"Illegal Alien Urinating In Public Stabs Man For Suggesting He Use A Restroom"

Nancy Pelosi Launches Illegal Alien Suck Up 'Filibuster'
"Pelosi warned the House that she was going to take advantage of her 'leadership minute' to speak as long as she can."

Business as Usual in Mexico
"5 headless bodies left at funeral home in Mexico"

Comey's Assistant Saying He's Going To 'CNN To Defend' The FBI
"CNN then announced Campbell as a law enforcement analyst Monday during his debut on the air."

Strzok And Page Got One Thing Right: "Paul Ryan's a jerk"
"Mitch McConnell always reminds me of a turtle"

Quincy Jones Claims He Used to Date Ivanka
"Ivanka wants to have dinner with you."

Jimmy Kimmel's DACA Recipient Wants Amnesty So She Can Have Church Wedding
"So America has to legalize 1.8 million people so she can have a white wedding?"

Cuccinelli to Ana Navarro: 'I’m Sick and Tired of Listening to Your Shrill Voice'
"Cuccinelli pointed out he was outnumbered three-to-one by Lemon, Navarro and network contributor Van Jones."

"Republicans vote for spending they don't like, and Democrats vote for spending they don't like. So we end up with the worst of both worlds!"

Tucker Exposes Insanely Creepy Google Patents To Spy On You And Parent Your Kids
"Google's cameras would be watching Benjamin at all times, carefully."

Getting Blood Out of a Turnip - Duke Owes Customers Money
"But how and when the money is returned to customers will be argued over for months"

Don't Leave Out Hillary & Obama

"They would rather see Trump do badly than our country do well"

"QAnon hints WikiLeaks has tape and/or transcript of Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting"

"Las Vegas killer feared he was an 'experiment,' claims call girl"

Senate Has Released Memo 2.0 Exposing Deep State Corruption
"Senate Judiciary Committee is working to declassify intel on Steele."

Ex-FBI Special Agent Takes Blowtorch To Comey: He Made Up Own Rules
"Comey even circulated an early draft statement to select members of senior FBI leadership"

Clinton Associates Fed Information to Dossier Author Steele
"Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility"

Radiation leaks at Fukushima pose a global threat
"Tepco 'hasn't a clue what it is doing' in its job to decommission the plant."

We Elected Donald Trump, But Got Stuck With Ivanka
"Ivanka Trump to lead presidential delegation for Winter Olympics"

Catholic Group Slams Pope Francis for Defense of Chilean Bishop Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up
"who decided to constantly discredit the testimony of the victims"

"This video didn't age well"

The GOP memo proves the deep state is real
"we also know with 100 percent certainty that the mainstream media is part of the swamp. "

'Little' Adam Schiff
"Little Adam Schiff...is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper!"

"It's too late for Germany"

Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built
"You see a degree of hypocrisy with all these guys in Silicon Valley."

Despite denial, Pope got abuse victim's letter
"I couldn't believe that someone so high up like the pope himself could lie about this."

Hillary Clinton
"Justice Is About To Be Served"

Trump Backs Off on Building a Cheap, Short Wall; Now He Needs to Back Off on DACA Amnesty
"Donald Trump: 'A Real Wall, Not a Little Wall' Needed on Southern Border"

GOP Reps Seek Criminal Prosecution Of FBI, DOJ Officials For "Full Throated" Illegal Misconduct And "Treason"
"not just evidence of incompetence but clear and convincing evidence of treason"

Second Source Comes Forward; Claims Rosenstein Threatened Nunes and House Intel if They Didn't Stop Investigation!
"It is a crime for a government official to use his office to threaten anyone, including a member of Congress"


"the special counsel must be disbanded immediately."

"The dishonesty mixed with self-righteousness."

"Challenges Him to Come Back to Congress and Testify"

"Foaming-at-the-mouth threats against Trump as Deep State corruption is revealed"

"warned the bureaucracy is determined to get rid of President Trump."

Tucker ENDS Segment With Dem Congressman When He Accuses Him Of Working For Russia
"I don't want to explode on TV so I'm just going to end this segment now."

Trump Must Crush the Deep State or Be Crushed
"The crimes of Hillary Clinton will come out."

Lethal radiation detected at Fukushima plant
"nearly 7 years after the meltdowns, radiation levels remain so high that they present a major challenge to decommissioning work."

Angel Dad's Amnesty Message to Trump: 'Don't Give In to the Democrats; Stick to Your Guns'
"The illegal alien...had been arrested twice previously for kidnapping and raping underage girls, subsequently fleeing to Mexico both times"

Duke Energy: We'll pass along tax cut, but not too much
"It would be wrong for us to pay the utilities for an expense they are not incurring"

MEMO RELEASED: FBI Officials Knew Political Origins of Dossier, But Used It Anyway
"The FBI authorized payments to Steele, but never disclosed that in any of the FISA warrant applications."

James Comey Signed FISA Applications Utilizing Same Dossier He Publically Called 'Salacious and Unverified'
"Comey personally signed three FISA court applications utilizing that same dossier that he labeled 'salacious and unverified' "

Our Nixonian Media
"Do Tapper and Todd sound like journalists, or do they sound like stooges in the employ of a government institution desperate to cover up its own wrongdoing?"

Democrats Got Republicans Elected At SOTU
"Democrats didn't come off as anti-Trump last night at all. They came off as anti-American."

Eschewing euphemisms frames the immigration issue Trump's way
"Pew Research Center data confirms that immigrants from Mexico have on average the lowest education and skill levels as those from any country."

FBI is threatening Trump: Chris Farrell
"Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on the FBI's objection to the public release of the FISA memo."

America's most hated companies
"10. Cigna...Multiple lawsuits allege the company inflated medical costs and overcharged customers."

Confused Nancy Pelosi Stutters - Forgets Who's President - Calls Trump 'Bush' Again
"Pelosi called President Trump 'President Bush' at least five times in 2017."

Tommy Robinson catches Muslim man who threatened to kill his family after Police failed to act
"The police simply will not protect my family."

Mother Jones, WashPost, NYT, CNN and Yahoo all exposed as deep state propaganda puppets in shocking FISA memo
"conspired with deep state criminals to knowingly publish false, salacious information in an attempt to overthrow the elected government and install Hillary Clinton"

"delete anything that says..."

Sean Hannity GRILLS James Comey, Reads Him His Rights
"By the way, the last thing we need is lectures from Jim Comey"

"What if the DOJ were forced to hire a real special counsel to investigate the Clintons?"

Powerful angry
"I have talked to others who have had bills of $750, $300, $250 and $800, with some of these keeping their thermostat on 63, 69 or 65 degrees."

Customers Angry With Duke Energy Rate Proposal
"Another hearing is scheduled for February 27th in Raleigh - that is the last step before the Utilities Commission makes a decision."

FLASHBACK: Trump: There will be a border wall, no amnesty deal
"There will be no amnesty"

FLASHBACK: President Donald Trump Supports DACA Amnesty?
"Now if Trump doesn't listen, it is Trump who will have killed America, but at least you will not be complicit"

FLASHBACK: Ann Coulter Reacts to the Pelosi-Schumer DACA Deal
"they just want Trump to break his central campaign promises"

Biggest 'Crumb' in Washington is Nancy Pelosi
"Pelosi Acknowledged People Are Angry Over 'Crumbs' Comments - So Said It Again"

Everything You Need To Know About The Wall - Explained By The Guy Who Might Build It
"He specifically emphasized the ability of his company to build a wall even along mountains and rivers where it can even serve as a levy."

Trump Tries to Spin Away His DACA Amnesty Sellout of Americans
"Calling Illegal Immigrants 'Dreamers' Is A 'Trap' "

9th Circuit & Trump DACA Amnesty Causing Surge In Illegal Immigration
"ordered the government to continue administering the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program"

North Carolina Ranks in the Top in Something Besides Low Wages & High Taxes!
"North Carolina ranked No. 7"

So, This is California's Best?
"San Francisco Teacher Arrested For Dangling Student From 2nd Story Balcony"

California's Schools
"Four students injured in classroom shooting at L.A. middle school; 12-year-old girl in custody"

14-year-old coyote arrested after leading agents on chase in smuggling van
"fled from agents in a van carrying 12 illegal immigrants"

ICE workplace sweep hits Northern California
"It was believed to be the largest such localized sweep of workplaces since President Trump took office."

What Good Are Stricter Immigration Laws When Amnesty is Passed Out Like Candy?
"Parents Of Teens Killed By MS-13 Say Trump Told Them Not To Give Up"

'I did it': Inmate records viral Facebook Live from Atlanta's federal pen
"The inmate appears to admit his involvement in a deadly shooting in Ohio."

Bevin cabinet helped utility companies save money at the public's expense
"overturned 2017 regulations that dramatically limited state and public involvement in what electric utilities must do to get permission to construct new landfills"

Customers Don't Like Duke Rate Hike, Or Paying For Coal Ash Cleanups
"It was 10 years ago that Duke told us coal was cheap, clean and reliable."

WOW! Judicial Watch Reveals Obama Officials Distributed CLASSIFIED RECORDS To Undermine POTUS Trump
"This is the second dossier that the Obama State Department has been involved with."

Viewers approve of Trump's first State of the Union address - CBS News poll
"Eight in 10 Americans who watched tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country"

"Even liberals mock potential Trump challenger"

"From Nancy Pelosi's rage face, to Joe Kennedy eating tide pods"

Fast Pathway to Citizenship
"Man charged with marrying 6 women to evade immigration laws"

Soon to be in USA After More Amnesty
"Mexican State Officials Confirm Discoveries of 343 Mass Graves in Seven Years"

John Kelly Thinks Military Bashing Teacher 'Ought To Go To Hell'
"Salcido has since been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation."

As Trump Tries to Appease Illegal Aliens, They Continue to Spit in His Face
"DACA Recipients Are Furious Trump Used 'Dreamers' To Describe American Citizens"

Trump is making 'clean coal' dangerously dirty
"Clean coal isn't real"

Trump thinks clean coal is when workers mine coal and then actually 'clean it'
"Back in the real world, clean coal remains a fantasy."

Donald Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight EXCEPT on AMNESTY
"Americans are dreamers, too."

Two women charged in connection to Wicomico Co. child abuse investigation
"first degree child abuse...first degree assault...reckless endangerment...use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure...causing ingestion of a bodily fluid"

Scandalous CDC director RESIGNS after caught buying shares of vaccine maker Merck while heading the CDC
"The CDC is in bed with junk food companies, vaccine manufacturers and Big Tobacco"

Fake Twitter Followers Vanish Amid Inquiries Into Fake Accounts
"bought Twitter followers or artificial engagement"

Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams
"female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure"

Melted nuclear fuel seen inside second Fukushima reactor
"almost all of the fuel rods in Unit 1 and 3 melted and fell to the bottom of the primary containment chambers."

Protesters slam Duke Energy ahead of rate hike hearing
"The dangers of coal have been known for years. They disposed of it improperly."

"Pelosi instead appeared focused on cleaning something from her teeth."

Tucker Reveals McCabe Is Under DOJ Scrutiny
"McCabe is the subject of at least one internal DOJ investigation, maybe more than one."

Illegal Aliens Coming by the Tractor Trailer Loads for Trump's Amnesty
"Agents stop semitrailer with 76 immigrants inside in Texas"

Justice for Residents
"after years of health concerns...folks are being asked to pay for Duke Energy to clean up its own mess"

Don't Worry; Trump Has Amnesty for One and All
"DACA recipients arrested on suspicion of human smuggling"

FIRST CASUALTY OF FISA MEMO! Deputy Director McCabe FIRED on Monday After FBI Director Wray Reads Memo on Sunday
"FBI Director Christopher Wray went to Capitol Hill Sunday to view the four page memo on FISA abuses."

McCabe 'LASHED OUT' When Asked To Resign, FBI Whistleblowers Warn MORE Resignations Coming
"I believe this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail."

Bob Goodlatte:
"Are Indictments Coming for Hillary, Strzok, and Page?"

The Art of the Sellout
"Donald Trump Urges Democrats to Support 'Something Great for DACA' "

"The criminal elite know they are being hunted down"

"a coward fleeing the scene of a crime he committed before the consequences of his actions catch up with him."

"Pocahontass lies exposed by real Native Americans"

President Trump: Back Out of Amnesty While You Still Can
"You can never win by trying to appease illegal aliens."

Coulter Gets Results! Lindsey Graham Banned and Booted from White House Immigration Discussions
"If the Republican Party wants to win a few more elections they will build the wall, end chain migration and quit catering to the 20 to 50 million illegal aliens."

Ann Coulter
"on Trump Suggestion of a Path to Citizenship for Dreamers"

Ann Coulter's REACTION to President Trump's DACA Meeting with Democrats!
"Any amnesty means 100% amnesty"

Trump: Amnesty Offer Intended to Expose Democratic Cynicism
"President Donald Trump carefully distanced himself from his unpopular amnesty proposal late Saturday night"

Trump Is Ready to Sell Out His Base
"Democrats are well aware that the amnesty will be permanent, while the tougher enforcement can always be stalled in any number of creative ways"

Did President Trump sell out candidate Trump?
"Trump lambasted Bush and Rubio for 'weak' immigration stances. Yesterday, Trump asked for a 'bill of love.' "

Amnesty Don
"President Donald Trump's decision to work with Democrats on immigration may be the final straw"

Trump's biggest fans are furious about his immigration deal
"Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he'd be 'tough' on immigration, build a wall, and deport, not protect, undocumented immigrants."

Trump's Impending Immigration Sell-Out
"By leading with DACA, Trump puts immigration control on the path to failure."

COULTER: Trump does a 180 on amnesty
"ANY amnesty means there will be lawsuits, whereupon the courts will grant amnesty to everyone."

Trump Amnesty
"If DACA comes before everything else, then this is a sellout just like the Gang of Eight bill and I cannot overestimate the damage to the GOP"

Trump Promises To Rubber-Stamp Dems, Gang Of Eight RINOs DACA Amnesty Plan
"He's rather dismissive of the American people, intending to endure the heat of what he knows is a betrayal."

Trump Has Always Backed Amnesty, White House Says
"When politicians talk about immigration reform, they usually mean the following: amnesty, open borders, and lower wages"

Amnesty Bill Trump Offered Is Fatally Flawed and a Sell-Out
"I've always suspected Trump would be a weak sister on immigration."

Are The American People About To Be Sold Out On DACA Amnesty?
"If we are not lighting up the phone lines...to tell them to obey the law without making unlawful deals, then it is all on us."

Levin gives the hard truth on DACA: Trump 'sold us out'
"A man who ran as an outsider is now working with the quintessential insiders"

Are We Heading for an Immigration Sellout?
"illegal aliens taking to the streets to DEMAND our government appease their demands...I lose all sympathy"

How Conservatives Reacted to Trump's DACA Deal With Democrats
"@POTUS needs to stay the course and keep his promises or it's over! Pelosi and Schumer can never be trusted."

"this is %100 amnesty across the board for all illegal aliens"

Ever Demanding, Obnoxious Dreamers Attack Everyone, Even Nancy Pelosi
" 'Shut Down ICE!': Amnesty Activists Shout Down Pelosi Over DREAM Deal With Trump"

Trump denies agreeing to 'amnesty'
"We’re not looking at citizenship. We’re not looking at amnesty"

Ted Cruz Has More Integrity On Immigration Than President Trump
"Trump morphing into a liberal Democrat, over time."

Worst 5 Retail Gift Card Rules and Fees People Hate to Give or Get
"Ultra Controlling eBay Gift Card Rules Make It the Worst of the Worst"

People with water contaminated by coal ash reach agreement with Duke Energy
"Now, they will focus their attention on Duke Energy's attempt to raise rates to pay for coal ash cleanup."

Trump's Huge Mistake: Illegal Aliens Have Nothing to Offer, But Always Want Everything
"Dreamers Reject Trump's Amnesty Plan: 'A White Supremacist Ransom Note' "

What "Ongoing DACA Amnesty Fight"? Trump Has Already Surrendered
"Donald Trump: 'Cryin' Chuck Schumer' Took a 'Beating' over DACA Shutdown"

"Tens of thousands of crimes committed in U.S. that wouldn't have happened if immigration laws enforced and respected like they should be"

'Activist b***hes supporting b***hes'
"Hillary posts bizarre 'feminist' video hours after it emerged she refused to fire top campaign aide accused of sexually harassing a subordinate"

PODESTA IS SCREWED: Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Letter to Podesta and It Looks REALLY Bad
"Depending on the answers either the Hillary campaign committed crimes, the FBI and DOJ committed crimes, or all of the above"

N.C. customer advocate calls for $289M rate cut at Duke Energy
"calls for cutting about $210 million in revenue to reflect the lower taxes that Duke Carolinas will pay under the recently enacted federal income tax cut."

FLASHBACK: 'No amnesty': Trump vows to deport millions during 'first hour in office'
"Republican candidate tells Phoenix audience there will be no amnesty"

Residents Say They Shouldn't Foot The Bill For Coal Ash Cleanup
"I'm fed up with rate increases. It's a perpetual situation and I just can't take it anymore"

'This Is A Mass Amnesty Bill, Full Stop:' Restrictionists Blast White House DACA Proposal
"This is no longer a DACA fix, this is a mass amnesty bill full stop"

WH Amnesty Plan Is the 'Self-Impeachment Act of 2018'
"The open-ended amnesty offer...combines political incompetence, malpractice, greed, betrayal, and self-mutilation, say Trump's friends and supporters."

There's More Than Enough Evidence To Arrest Hillary Clinton Now
"The evidence against Hillary Clinton mishandling classified information is overwhelming. Arrest Hillary Clinton now.

Wall Street Whistleblower: Clinton Foundation is the 'Largest Charitable Fraud in American History'
"corruption and cronyism that would make Al Capone blush."

"Given the strong likelihood of past treason in the DOJ, the first family should have military protection"

FBI Officials Too Afraid of Hillary to Conduct a Real Investigation
"Strzok and Lisa Page were concerned about being too tough...because she might hold it against them as president"

Did President Trump Just Declare WAR on Hillary, Deep State and DC Swamp?
"they didn't even notice that many of their liberal and big government heroes are about to be sent to prison."

Hillary Clinton Shielded An Accused Sexual Harasser On Her Campaign
"The young woman was reassigned and forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement."

Hillary Clinton's First Tweet After News Of Sexual Misconduct Cover Up Ignores Allegations
"Burns Strider, a political operative who has been described as Clinton's faith adviser."

Cher Cannot Keep Her Foot Out of Her Mouth
"Fashion advice from a woman who plays dress up as a playboy bunny with a child seems a bit hypocritical."

Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 3 Young Girls Says He's Trans-Age
"9-year-old trapped in an adult's body."

"President Trump has forced them into the untenable position of defending high taxes."

Twitter DESTROYS Adam Schiff and Sen. Feinstein: Internal Analysis Finds NO RUSSIAN BOTS Behind #ReleaseTheMemo
"It was just another lie by prominent Democrats and the liberal mainstream media!"

"Science proves leftists are ugly"

Duke Energy Carolinas wants to charge you $18 each month before you even flip a switch!
"North Carolina's consumer advocate has come out strongly against the 17 percent rate hike, and is actually recommending an 8 percent rate decrease!"

Protesters speak out against Duke Energy's proposed rate hike
"Duke Energy customers who don't want to see their monthly light bills go up by about 20 percent."

'We Are Already Living On Bottled Water': Duke Energy Gets Earful From Customers
"The request is a 19 dollar a month increase."

Triad residents upset with proposed Duke Energy rate increase
"Dozens of Piedmont-Triad residents expressed their disapproval of Duke Energy's proposal to raise its power cost rates during a public meeting"

Sen. Ted Cruz Reminds Trump of His NO AMNESTY Promise to the People
"I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally"

The Art of the Giveaway
"White House Proposal Extends Amnesty for 1.8 Million Illegals in Exchange for 25 Billion for Wall, End of Chain Migration, Visa Lottery"

"Hannity said Wednesday that the 'walls are closing in on the deep state' "

Illegal Alien Blames ‘Black Magic’ After Giving Herpes to a Child
"Morales allegedly told police it wasn't his fault and insisted that someone was using 'black magic' to force him to molest the girl."

DACA Parasites Always Demand More
"Never give an inch to the DACA parasites. If you do, they always demand amnesty for all."

"Candlelight Vigil to #BlackoutDukeEnergy"

Duke customers: 'Pay for your own mistakes'
"N.C. Rep. Kevin Corbin, R-Franklin, said a 15 percent increase was too much."

Senator Confirms Existence Of FBI 'Secret Society,' Says He Has Informant
"Sen. Johnson told Bret Baier that these texts prove evidence of 'corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.' "

" 'the government's gonna kill' Donald Trump because he disrespected the deep state."

Schumer Reaps the Rewards of Sucking Up to DACA Terrorists
"stormed the home of...Schumer...demanding immediate amnesty for all...illegal aliens...release of all illegal aliens who are in detention centers"

Amnesty Sellout Sen. Thom Tillis Also Reaps His Reward for Sucking Up to DACA
" 'F*ck This Conservative, F*ck This Person!' Illegal Aliens Charge Pro-Amnesty Thom Tillis' Senate Office"

Tucker Stumps Albany Mayor On Illegal Immigrants
"why would you want someone in your country who's not grateful to be here, who's demanding of American citizens the right to vote and get benefits."

Did Mueller Help Cover Up Connections Between Saudis And 9/11?
"Mueller was 'likely involved' in releasing deceptive agency statements"

Tom Cotton Mocks Democrats For Overplaying Their Hand And Getting Nuked In The Process
"What we have seen is that the Democrats' obsession over amnesty for illegal immigrants simply is not popular"

"rogue anti-Trump FBI agents...federal judges, federal prosecutors, one sitting Attorney General...potentially former Attorney General(s)"

Man Kicked Out of CNN HQ For Wearing 'CNN IS FAKE NEWS' Shirt
"went for a dinner break at the CNN building. Got kicked out for a T-shirt our friend wore"

"We put the Constitution in the hands of people to protect it and they've abused that power. We need to know who the abusers were and what they did."

Strzok-Page Texts Show Apparent Desire to 'Proactively Damage an Elected President' They Knew Was Innocent of 'Collusion'
"they decided to wiretap senior government officials on an unsourced anonymous dossier that nobody can independently confirm"

Sessions announces DOJ probe of missing FBI text messages
"If any wrongdoing were to be found to have caused this gap, appropriate legal disciplinary action measures will be taken"

FBI Official Peter Strzok Discussed Joining Special Counsel Over 'Unfinished Business'
"DOJ inspector general is investigating whether political bias played a role in the Clinton email investigation and the initial FBI probe into the Trump campaign."

Duke Energy Progress settles (small) part of its 10.8% rate hike
"Duke failed for years to safely and appropriately treat the waste and that it should bear part or all of the costs of fixing the problem."

"FBI agents were engaged in obstruction campaign"

New Documents Reveal More Instances of Classified Information on Hillary Clinton's Unsecure, Non-'State.gov' System
"The fact that Hillary Clinton and her agents tried to destroy or hide emails shows how she flagrantly and knowingly violated the laws"

FLASHBACK: Hillary's Massive Meltdown
"If that f - - - ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!"

Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights
"The illegal aliens wear red HHS wrist bands and receive 'the gold glove treatment' "

Tom Fitton on Haiti, Clinton Foundation Allegations
"Clinton Foundation was Hillary's personal political platform"

Tucker Carlson Wiped The Floor With Joy Reid After She Tried To Race Bait Him
"urged the Democratic party to give up on white voters who voted for Obama and then Trump, saying their votes weren't worth fighting for."

FBI Agents Texted About 'Secret Society' The Day After Trump's Election
"secret society of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI to include Page and Strzok that would be working against him"

Gowdy on Strzok Texts: 'That Is a Level of Bias That Is Stunning Among Law Enforcement Officers'
"he had some hiring failures of epic proportion."

80 Percent of Americans Want Merit-Based Legal Immigration, Not Chain Migration
"The overwhelming majority of Americans agree with President Trump's pro-American immigration agenda"

Hillary Predicted Her Own Future
"If we lose the election, we will all hang"

Illegal Aliens Livid They Cannot Hold Real Americans Hostage
"Activist groups were angry at how the negotiations turned out, with some calling it '#SchumerSellout.' "

Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% of Obama's FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal and Illegally Provided to Government Outsiders
"To date no one has been charged with crimes or is in jail as a result of the many crimes committed by this group of hoodlums."

Stunning Timeline of What Strzok and Page Discussed in 'Missing' FBI Text Messages
"willful destruction of evidence"

Send the Illegal Aliens to Schumer's House
"The Democrats are the enemy of the American people."

"Ride that horse all the way to the end of the road"

Rally Opposing Duke Energy Rate Hike Set For Wednesday in Greensboro
"A public hearing will start at 7 p.m. at the Guilford County Courthouse"

FBI Agents Spoke Of Pressure To Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged To GOP Nomination
"Loretta Lynch had foreknowledge that the FBI planned to exonerate Clinton in the investigation over her use of a private email server."

CNN Reporter: Russia Is 'All We Talk About At CNN,' But Voters 'Don’t Care'
"none have offered proof that it actually occurred."

Hillary Had the Same Problem, Sort Of
"FBI 'Failed To Preserve' Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump FBI Agents"

Justice With Judge Jeanine
"President Trump"

YES! Hillary clinton, Obama Hundreds FBI AGENTS To Go down for this!
"Abuse of Power"

"You're a DUMB WACK"
"Newt Gingrich FIRE SHOTS at Obama over Fox News comment"

Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About #ReleaseTheMemo
"If Hillary Clinton had won the election, we would have never learned about any of this corruption that is going on behind the scenes."

Obama Administration's Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton
"Law enforcement is being corrupted and media is being bought"

Democrats Complicit In Murders By Illegal Aliens
"President Trump is right: build the wall, deport criminals, stop illegal immigration NOW."

FISA Memo Is All The Ammo Trump Needs To Take On The CIA
"This is the essence of draining the swamp"

Snopes Debunks Itself on Oprah’s White People "Just Have to Die" Controversy
"Claims she didn't mean white people but then admits she meant white people"

Shearon Harris nuclear plant siren sounds false alarm
"@DukeEnergy customer service line was absolutely unaware of the issue and more worried about my billing address than a possible disaster"

Illegal Aliens Cheer As Dreamer Shutdown Hits
"But in reality, it was the Dreamer shutdown."

Can Comey Teach Ethics From Prison?
"Comey to teach ethical leadership course at William & Mary"

NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve
"George W. Bush ordered warrantless wiretapping"

FBI Finally Admits Multiple Vegas Shooters, Isis Connection Investigation
"the whole massacre cover-up narrative implodes."

Congressman Confident Bombshell FISA Abuse Memo Will Be Released
"memo is suspected to contain evidence of illegal FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump campaign at the behest of Hillary Clinton."

Hannity Tells Mueller: 'Your Witch Hunt Is Now Over'
"Time to close the doors on phony Russia investigation"

Pope Accuses Child Sex Abuse Victims of Slander
"think twice before sending their kids to Catholic school because you never know what is going to happen"

City of Durham shut out from Duke Energy rate-hike dialogue – Rachel Karasik
"Along with coal ash costs, Duke Energy will use my money to pay for...a failed nuclear power plant"

FBI Has Launched Three Investigations Into Clintons
"The Clinton Foundation is an obvious fraud"

Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns 'Devastating' FISA Memo Set To 'Expose' Obama
"The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see"

"Heads Will Roll" When FISA Intel Memo Released
"contents of the memo are so 'explosive,' that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and for all."

Trump Dossier Timeline Suggests It Was Crafted by FBI/DOJ Personnel
"Trump-Russia collusion narrative a deep state creation"

MAGA: Apple announces plans to repatriate billions in overseas cash
"Apple says the new tax law will help it will contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy"

Media Again Betray Public Trust with Wild Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Mental Health
"Trump's perfect score on a mental acuity test once again exposes the media as wild conspiracy theorists and flat-out liars."

MAGA: Fiat Chrysler CEO: Moving Ram Production to Mexico Was a Mistake
"Chrysler announced that it was moving production of the Ram to Michigan, which it says will create thousands of jobs."

Hannity Dubs CNN 'The S***hole Network'
"They're hypnotized lobotomized robots"

Current Immigration System Jeopardizes American Security

ICE Plans Largest Raid On Northern California Illegals After State Passes Sanctuary Legislation
"The sweep would be the largest of its kind under the Trump administration"

Maine's First Somali Cop Arrested at Rap Concert for Assault & Battery
"assault and battery, trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace."

Trump Has Very Definitely Changed His Attitude Towards the DACA Issue and Even the Wall
"Trump's campaign pledges on building a border wall were 'uninformed.' "

This week we take a stroll through racial distractions, Uranium indictments, good reasons for slavery
"Sonnie Johnson"

Dems Think Amnesty for 800,000 Illegal Aliens is Worth Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay
"Obama flat out excoriated Republicans for doing exactly what Democrats are with DACA - tying idealogical demands to a must-pass spending bill."

Jeff Sessions Lays Down The Law With Tucker
"Washington establishment supports any kind of border enforcement as long as it doesn't work."

'Flaky' Flake Fawns Over Fake News
"Senators Dick Durbin and Amy Klobuchar, both Democrats, were the only lawmakers who attended Flake's speech"

Media Melts Down Over Trump's Fake News Awards
"The truth is not an ally of the mainstream media"

3 Out of 4 Convicted Terrorists Came to U.S. Legally Via Current Immigration System
"549 individuals were convicted of terrorism-related charges...402 of them-approximately 73%-were foreign-born"

Remember When Monica Lewinsky Blamed Bill Clinton Instead of Matt Drudge? The Internet Does
"Lewinsky painted herself as victim, once again, but this time she claims to be a victim of the Internet."

Drudge Celebrates THIS Infamous Anniversary For Bill Clinton
"exposing then-President Bill Clinton's sexual relationship with a 21-year-old White House intern"

Business as Usual in Mexico
"Mexican columnist is stabbed 21 times in front of family"

Illegal Alien Accused Of Murdering Deputies: 'I Killed F****** Cops', Warns He'll Do It Again
"I will break out soon and I will kill more."

Was He Aiming at Jupiter?
"A man reportedly shot at least 12 bullets into the air Tuesday after a West Hollywood hotel refused to return his marijuana to him."

Diversity Visa Lottery Winner Offered to Kill Obama for ISIS
"if ISIL ordered him to kill President Obama, he would do so"

A.G. Stein Says Duke - Not Customers - Should Pay For Coal Ash Cleanups
"Duke Energy has known that coal ash was going to be an issue since at least the 1990s, but the company didn't deal with it."

Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver - Before Deadly Crash!
"University of North Carolina anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon...admitted to using armed intimidation to chase James Alex Fields, Jr."

DHS seeking to charge leaders of sanctuary cities
"wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies."

Trump administration will appeal DACA ruling directly to the Supreme Court
"It defies both law and common sense for DACA...to somehow be mandated nationwide by a single district court in San Francisco"

State Dept: Make Funeral Arrangements Before Travel to North Korea
"Government advisory also urges approved American travelers to 'draft a will' "

When Left Coast Falls Into Pacific, Only New California Will be Left
"New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State"

Pope meets with abuse survivors, weeps with them in Chile
"Sex abuse is Pope Francis' weakest spot in terms of his credibility"

Duke Energy: Unlined coal ash pits once 'a feature, rather than a flaw'
"If Duke had been proactive, cleanup costs 'would have been far less than the costs are now...' "

We Must Protect President Trump
"He's rocking that place left and right. The news media is terrified of that."

Nancy Pelosi Calls $2,000 in Company Tax Reform Bonuses 'Crumbs' Despite Praising Obama-Era $40 Tax Cut
"at least two million U.S. workers received some kind of bonus...from their employer after Trump’s tax reform package became law."

Rand Paul: Trump Financed Eye Surgeries For Poor Haitians
"Senator Paul shatters Democrat narrative of Trump racism"

Twitter Engineer: 'Everything You Send Is Stored on My Server' Even 'Sex Messages'
"We aren't as creepy as Facebook or Google, but we know some stuff."

Trump’s Support Among Blacks Has Doubled Since 2016, Amid Racism Claims
"political gains from pushing employers to hire Americans instead of lower-wage migrants."

If DACA Appears to be Dead, Drive a Stake Through Its Heart to be Sure
"Trump Blasts Dems: 'DACA Is Probably Dead' "

Sen. Richard J. Durbin Creates His Own Fake News About Trump
" 'gross misrepresentation' of what the president had said at the session."

"Guess what? Mexico's paying."

Morning Joe Michael Wolff Cold Open - SNL
"baby races"

Indictment Handed Out In Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One, Hillary Clinton
"connected to the alleged Russian bribery scheme involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration"

"Grammy really should go back to lurking in the woods."

FLASHBACK: Haitian Immigrants for Trump: "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!"
"They want to bring attention to 'crimes that the Clinton family has committed against the country of Haiti.' "

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Shows her True Colors in Haiti
"There is a lively debate questioning what Hillary Clinton really stands for"

FLASHBACK: Haiti Earthquake Helped To Enrich The Clintons
"if you wanted a contract...you had to have relationships with the Clintons"

FLASHBACK: Clinton Corruption Protested by Haitians at DNC
"Clinton Foundation money never went towards necessary relief efforts, and people are still living in tents as a result."

"Firm behind anti-Trump 'Peegate' dossier claimed FBI source lended credence to document's authenticity"

"Seal calls out Oprah’s inner-circle connections to Weinstein"

"Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was ultimately bombarded with over 20,000 tweets demanding he lift O'Keefe's suspension."

CNN Nonstop Fake News
"Press can't be trusted after caught lying numerous times"

"Sorry if that hurts your feelings"

"media is more concerned about defending the 'honor' of shithole countries than defending the rights of American citizens"

FLASHBACK: That Time Obama Called Libya A 'S**t Show'
"The comments received little coverage when made public"

Twitter Leaks: Employees Describe Extreme Social Justice Warrior Climate at Tech Giant
"dependent on celebrities, hostile to free speech, and silently fuming at President Trump's continued dominance on the platform."

"Oxford English Dictionary's online source describes countries fitting the description of Haiti as shitholes, even though the President never called it that."

Clintons Rob Haiti
"Not even two percent of that money went back to Haiti"

"Large areas of the country are controlled by armed groups who regularly kidnap, injure, and/or kill civilians."

FLASHBACK: Ted Kennedy's Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law
"First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually."

James O'Keefe: This Is The Biggest Story We Have Ever Broken
"Shadow Ban #1 Trending On Twitter"

Health Ranger calls for First Amendment to be expanded to the online world
"Google is evil."

Join Us in the Fight to #EndTrafficking
"President Trump has said that 'human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation.' "

Duke Energy Coal Ash Neighbors Want Funding to End Polluted Water
"Coal ash neighbors marked 1,000 days Thursday of depending on bottled drinking water"

"If there's no wall and immigration promises are not kept supporters will 'write Trump off' "

"The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don't know they've been banned"

Confirmation: DOJ and FBI Used Steele Dossier to Gain Search Authority on Trump Campaign
"DOJ and FBI used the Steele Dossier to get FISA-702 Data Surveillance Authority allowing them to spy on Trump campaign officials."

"A few years ago there was bi-partisan support for the wall"

Never Negotiate with Terrorist or the Amnesty Crowd
"Democrats Expand 'Dreamer' Amnesty Plan to Include Millions of Parents"

FBI scrutinizes funeral home with side business: selling body parts
"There is even more money to be made in dissecting those bodies and selling the parts."

Duke Energy rate hike request to hurt working families
"Duke is trying to stick their customers with the bill, even though they knew about this mess for the last thirty years and did nothing."

"Leaked memo reveals they are fighting to make the DREAMer nightmare permanent."

What Was The Point Of Running For President?
"The Democrats' goal is to import more Democratic voters, and by any means necessary."

White House Weak Link
"Ivanka Trump: We Have To Save DACA"

Trump Stumps For "Path To Citizenship" For Illegal Immigrants
"Trump is quite comfortable with his new home in the swamp."

Coulter: It Turns Out Bannon Was Trump's Brain
"You don't need chain migration for the alleged 800,000 'Dreamers' to swell to 60 million - or 100 or 200 million."

Feds Raid 20 Chinese Immigrant "Birth Hotels" in Los Angeles
"Chinese women pay from $40,000 to $80,000 to come to the US to deliver their anchor babies."

"We have full access to every single person's account, every single direct message, deleted direct messages, deleted tweets."

Judge Passes On the Fukushima Hot Potato
"Japanese government declared the nuclear meltdown was not a natural disaster, so TepCo could be held liable for damages."

"2017 was a great year for TRUTH. And 2018 will be a very bad year for TRAITORS and PEDOPHILES."

Trump is Driving Democrats CRAZY! - Literally
"Stock market is at an all time high, jobs are coming back, but Democrats are going insane over Trump!"

When a Heifer Tries to Look Presidential
"Oprah Winfrey Films Herself Wading Through Mudslide"

6 Teens Carjack Senior Citizen, Run Him Over With Own Car
"Three of the teens arrested in this case are being charged as adults, for attempted murder, assault, carjacking, and other charges."

Duke Energy, regulators reach agreement over seeping coal ash ponds
"The company also agreed to pay a total of $84,000 penalty for 21 seeps"

Fusion GPS Lawyer Told Congress 'Somebody's Already Been Killed' Because of Russia Dossier
"Levy doesn't elaborate on who was killed."

Ann Coulter: 'Nothing Michael Wolff Could Say About Trump Has Hurt Him as Much as DACA LoveFest'
"A DACA amnesty would leave American taxpayers with a potential $26 billion bill."

Trump Made It a Year Before Selling Out
"Donald Trump Calls for DACA Amnesty"

The Crawfishing Begins
"Donald Trump: ‘We Don’t Need a 2,000-Mile Wall’ "

"Harvey Weinstein's best buddy is now leading the #MeToo movement?"

Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to government
"The government's conduct in this case was indeed outrageous...There has been flagrant misconduct, substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient."

Huma Abedin backed up her emails to Anthony Weiner's laptop - even though she said on oath and to FBI agents that she did no such thing
"Huma Abedin backed up copies of her emails with Hillary Clinton to her pervert husband Anthony Weiner's laptop"

The Crazies Have Already Blown Their Cover
"Craziness that led to riots, shootings, and mass Trump Derangement Syndrome...Is now saying Trump's crazy. Oh, the irony."

Oprah Shifts Blame For #MeToo Onto The General Public, Fails to Condemn Weinstein
"Why does it look like #Oprah is a madam for Harvey Weinstein?"

"Actress says Oprah duped her into thinking Weinstein would help her career"

"Oprah met secretly with Soros, Rockefeller to discuss population reduction"

"What does that even mean?"

"Vatican...has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned another 2,572"

'Anti-fascist' protesters struggle to define 'fascism'
"Uhhh...I don’t know, man"

DREAMers Arrested For Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Into U.S.
"The House Homeland Security Committee passed legislation Wednesday that would provide $10 billion toward President Trump's wall"

Rep. Steve King: Trump 'Negotiated Against Himself' on DACA; Has 'Mandate to Build a Wall'
"Rejecting amnesty for illegal immigrants, said King, would help restore the rule of law in America"

False Choice: Ending DACA or Building the Border Wall
"our borders must be made truly secure and, consequently, DACA must be allowed to fade out."

Build a wall around DACA
"Democrats will not be satisfied with amnesty for the 800,000 immigrants who entered illegally as children. They will push to expand amnesty"

Build the Wall, No DACA Amnesty
"we must never give any type of amnesty to any illegal immigrants including these 'dreamers' "

Voters Show Massive Support for Trump Immigration Policies
"Twenty-seven percent of all voters and 27 percent of Hispanics told the polls that immigration levels should be set at zero."

Black Unemployment Rate Hits All-Time Low
"Also good news for workers is the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration."

Mike Pence Puts Foreigners First, Americans Second
"VP Pence Invites Sen. Flake To Lobby Trump For Amnesty"

Obama, Clinton and Soros
"The trail leads, I believe, also to Barrack Obama. We need to investigate all of this."


"We do not want to have amnesty for Obama's newly-minted anchor babies in a promise of more security at the border."

COMEY BUSTED! FBI Chief FOIA Officer Confirms ALL OF COMEY'S Memos Were Classified at Time They Were Written
"James Comey leaked the classified documents to a liberal reporter and friend to publish which is a federal crime."

Dirty Cop Robert Mueller's 'Pit Bull' Andrew Weissmann in the Hot Seat
"After the investigation is shut down, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey and all others complicit should be prosecuted and jailed."

"POTUS is preparing to make a historic decision"

You Can't Protect Stupid
"Stupid College Kid Protesting Trump On Highway Gets Hit By Car - Sues School For Not Protecting Her"

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
"ORDERED Seth Rich Murder"

Mike Pence DEEPLY TIED To PedoGate
"The intel is in and can be verified by court docs."

CA Congresswoman Latest to Sport Medical Boot
"Sessions has ordered...an investigation into Hillary Clinton's role in a uranium deal with Russia"

Zero Tolerance for Horsing Around
"Cops throw a horse in jail for kicking a car"

Confidential deals can obscure sexual misconduct allegations against doctors
"Ryan Williams, a colorectal surgeon accused in police reports by two women of anally raping them"

DOJ Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Investigation
"Hillary was given special treatment by the FBI. Everyone complicit must be jailed. LOCK HER UP!"

GOP Lawmakers Likely to File Contempt of Congress Charges Against FBI and DOJ Officials — And MAY JAIL THEM!
"Deep State defied Congress and refused to turn over the documents."

Manafort Lawsuit Will Likely Shut Down Deep State Mueller Investigation!
"If Manafort wins this case - which it appears...he will - the entire investigation would be deemed illegal - which it is"

Grassley Says Comey Appears To Have Leaked Classified Memo To Friend
"Comey instructed Richman to leak memorialized a conversation that Comey had with Trump"

FBI thought Hillary broke the law, drafted acquittal despite ongoing investigation
"confessed to permanently erasing a whole archive of Clinton's emails shortly after they were demanded in a congressional subpoena"

German Government: Rise in Violent Crime Is Linked to Mass Migration
"Asylum seekers have also been the alleged perpetrators of some of the most shocking murders in Germany"

And the Clown Kim Jong Un Has Nuclear Warheads?
"North Korean IRBM crashed in a populated area. What does that tell us?"

If Anyone Ever Needed to be Slapped, It's Meryl Streep

Was Meryl Streep the Pilot?
"The commander flying as co-pilot allegedly slapped the lady commander mid-flight after which she left the cockpit in tears."

"stole and donned a green hospital uniform, entered the woman’s hospital room, and began groping her thigh"

"Hillary Clinton quashed a pedophilia investigation...when she was at the Dept. of State."

Scientific Studies Will Deliver Results Requested by Corporate Sponsors
"The science 'establishment,' as you might have expected, is actually a corporate-controlled cartel of criminals, liars and quacks."

Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison endorsed Antifa on Wednesday
"Antifa is a far-left group that uses violence to achieve progressive political ends, including starting riots and fires"

Probe Uncovers "Laws Broken, False Statements" In FBI Handling of Clinton Emails
"they have uncovered new irregularities and contradictions inside the FBI's probe of Hillary Clinton's email server."

'CA Better Hold On Tight': ICE Dir Promises Doubling of Officers After 'Sanctuary' Law Signed
"There's no sanctuary from law enforcement"

Israel offers to pay African migrants to leave, threatens jail
"We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out"

Chelsea Clinton Denies Worshiping Satan
READER COMMENT: "Chelsea worships her Mom, who is Satan."

Welcome to 2018
"Duke Energy editing scientific coal ash reports to water them down."

Why Hillary Clinton Needs To Go To Prison In 2018
"Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians that the United States has ever seen, and she needs to be brought to justice."

"The entire narrative touted by the mainstream media that Hillary didn't jeopardize national security has disintegrated."

Abedin Forwarded State Passwords To Yahoo Before It Was Hacked By Foreign Agents
"Abedin's use of Yahoo email is consistent with the determination by the FBI that Clinton associates' emails were, in fact, compromised."

Good Riddance to lying, power-grabbing, no integrity Orrin Hatch
"Hatch Announces His Retirement After Four Decades In The Senate"

"My Administration continues to work to drive out the darkness human traffickers cast upon our world"

Anonymous: The Truth You MUST HEAR
"(The Storm and The Awakening)"

Anonymous - If you think you can handle the truth
"well here it is!"

Anonymous: Trump Declaration Of National Emergency
"Throws US Media Into Silence"

"Snopes...a propaganda organ for the left and this proves it yet again."

"The vicious cycle of racism and thievery in the CBC must be broken."

Did Kim Jong Un Just Realize That His Mouth May Have Overloaded His Ample Buttocks?
"Kim Jong Un Just Flipped The Script On Talks With South Korea, And The Big Question Is Why"

Obama Elitist Hacks Get DESTROYED on Twitter After Telling Trump to "Stay Quiet" on Iranian Protests
"Barack Obama administration actively assisted the evil Khamenei Regime to crush the 2009 Green Rebellion"

CNN Potheads
"CNN Reporter Holds Joints, Lights Bong for Pot Smoker on Live New Year's Eve Broadcast"

FLASHBACK: Duke Energy 'Settlement' Slashes Fine, Grants Amnesty for Coal Ash Pollution
"deal effectively cuts the Sutton fine by 98 percent"

"Establishment getting ready to back off after Clinton revelations mount"

Kim Jong Un: Walking Dead Man
"Kim Jong Un said on Monday that the United States will never be able to start a war against North Korea"

"From bed bugs to migrants washing their butts in the sinks"

Ex-Fukushima plant worker granted compensation
"4th person to be recognized as eligible for work-related compensation after developing leukemia or thyroid cancer in relation to containment work at the plant."

Ann Coulter: No DACA Amnesty 'Until There's a Wall and Hell Freezes Over'
"Let's start by deporting the DREAMers."

DHS labels Pennsylvania shootings a terror attack, blasts chain migration
"El-Mofty allegedly opened fire on police officers in three different locations"

He claims his supervisor slapped him, called him gay. Now he's suing
"A former employee has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Charlotte companies that he said were hired to remove coal ash from Duke Energy facilities."

New Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop!
"A Major Victory: State Releases Clinton Server Emails from Weiner’s Laptop!"

State Department Release of Huma Abedin's Government Documents on Weiner's Laptop
"need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton's and Huma Abedin's obvious violations of law."

Time to Move On; John McCain Has Been Brain Dead for Decades
"he should resign - and that she should be considered to replace him."

Chemo Drugs May Eliminate the John McCain Problem

Will Hillary Suffer the Same Fate for Deleting Email as Huma's Cousin?
"A jury convicted Abedin's 'closest' cousin of fraud raps"

Unsealed Court Docs Show How Prosecutors Tried To Rig Bundy Trial
"There were approximately 3,000 pages that were provided to us only after we started trial"

"Charges of voter intimidation and fraud must be investigated"

New documents show coal ash pond pipe a concern decades ago
"site that has had repeated problems, even after Duke allegedly fixed them"

Additional public hearing denied for Duke Energy rate increase request
"any consumer may provide comments to the commission in writing"

Top Execs Continue To Flee Clinton-Linked Laureate Education
"The for-profit education company is best known for paying former President Bill Clinton nearly $18 million to serve as the 'Honorary Chairman' "

200 Middle East Nationals with 'Mental Health' Issues to Arrive in U.S. as Refugees Next Year
"Former President Obama signed the Australian-U.S. refugee deal during his last months in office"

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Has About Worn Out Her Race Card
"You don't understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen"

"Lee has had a career loaded with grandstanding half-truths, blanketed racism, and sheer hubris."

2017 Media Coverage Bombshells That Were Fake News
"2017 was plagued with errors and 'bombshells' that turned out to be anything but."

"FBI and DOJ are the biggest alligators in the DC swamp"

"After securing a search warrant, police took Switzen into custody on felony unlawful surveillance charges."

Science DENIALISM of the Left goes ballistic with wholesale denial of chromosomes
"Actual left-wing college professor quote: 'Chromosomes don't determine sex' "

"Roger Stone exposed Mueller's Russian witch-hunt, anti-Trump forces in D.C. and Democrat/MSM talking points."

"Democrats pushing sexual indoctrination on young children"

"The once great state of California has been ruined by Democrat policies"

Water quality failure
"legislature's trial-and-error approach has only produced errors."

"Globalism is losing the fight against America First policies"

Orrin Hatch acknowledges he is a lying, power-grabbing senator with an "utter lack of integrity"
"Grateful for this great Christmas honor from the Salt Lake Tribune."

Donald Trump on track to win in 2020
"British diplomats believe"

UN Tried To Mess With Trump, But Ended Up With A $285 Million Budget Reduction Instead
"When are people going to learn that you don't mess with Trump?"

"The Deep State is losing their battle against Trump"

"QAnon also claims Debbie Wasserman Schultz contracted MS-13 gang to kill Seth Rich"

Armed Antifa nut job runs into oncoming traffic, gets plowed by a pickup truck, then BLAMES Trump supporters for his own stupidity
"this was a moral victory of sorts - and a little karma."

"Sweden, a country with record levels of rapes worldwide, is actually on track to legalizing rape committed by Muslim migrants"

"All of us in leadership..."? Obama, You Are NOT in Leadership. You are Unemployed!
"All of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the Internet"

What Will Get McCain First, Congressional Probe or Chemotherapy?
"McCain associate subpoenaed in Trump dossier probe"

This Should Really Solve All of the Duke Energy Coal Ash Problems
"Armijo recently won a $350,000 grant from ArtPlace America to use coal ash in making a public art display"

Ann Coulter: 'Let's Start by Deporting the DREAMers!'
"They're the ones I want deported first because they're the activists. They're the obnoxious ones."

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Mueller Would 'Love to Get Trump's Scalp'
"I have said since day one, since he was appointed, he's bad news"

Another MSNBC Talking Head Who Cannot Handle the Truth
"GOP Lawmaker Calls For 'Purge' Of FBI And DOJ"

'High-Level' Amazon and Microsoft Directors Face Charges Following Sex Trafficking Sting
"resulted in the arrest of 18 individuals, including high-level Amazon and Microsoft directors."

Duke Energy Will Turn Green With Envy
"Erie woman receives $284 billion electric bill"

Jared Kushner & Ivanka don't understand Trump's base
"Get 'em out! Out out out!"

Ivanka, like Hillary, Tries to Force Herself on America
"I think we should have had the choice to send our child to school or keep them home"

"Whenever Trump goes overseas to negotiate with world leaders, Obama visits the same leaders as soon as Trump leaves."

Wife Of Fusion GPS Founder Admits Her Husband Was Behind Fake "RussiaGate" Story
"Glenn conducted the investigation. Glenn hired Chris Steele. Chris Steele worked for Glenn."

"Aquesta Financial Holdings in Cornelius, N.C., will raise hourly pay to $15 and will be giving $1,000 bonuses to all of it workers."

WSJ: Tax Overhaul Could Jolt Dollar as U.S. Companies Bring Home Cash
"Corporations could repatriate as much as $400 billion in earnings and cash from abroad"

STANDING OVATION and CHEERS for President Trump and First Lady Melania at Christmas Eve Church Service
"The Trumps arrive at Bethesda by the Sea church, where they were married, for Christmas Eve service"

Zero Tolerance for Restroom Use
"Teacher assaulted teen who wanted to use restroom"

Zero Tolerance of ATM Giving Too Much Cash
"Man beats ATM, says it gave too much cash"

Build The Wall
"Mexico murders hit record high"

Can The US Survive An EMP Attack?
"Duke Energy...has been working with EPRI to study its threat to civilian infrastructure."

Thank you, Mr. Trump for bringing 'Merry Christmas' back to the White House
"Thank you, Mr. President for being a man of your word -- a man who is not ashamed to say, 'Merry Christmas.' "

The 12 Days Of Trump
"From smug-looking news anchors confidently presenting inaccurate polls to snowflakes screaming hopelessly at the sky"

"gave a free pass to Hezbollah's drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations to help ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track."

Swamp is Slowly Draining
"FBI deputy director plans to retire early next year"

"Two of his favorite news outlets were CNN and BuzzFeed"

County to begin water line construction in January
"Duke Energy is being required by the state to provide permanent, safe drinking water to neighbors of its coal ash ponds."

McCabe Lied During 8hr Gri||ing
"NEW $ubpoenas Coming"

Christmas Is Here, Everyone! EPA Officials Are 'Leaving in Droves'
"Obama...branded the harmless trace gas which helps plants to grow as public enemy number one."

Patriots Owner Building Factory in North Carolina After Tax Cut Bill
"He just wanted to let me know he's going to buy a big plant in the great state of North Carolina"

If Harvey Weinstein Never Sexually Assaulted Meryl Streep, It Shows He Has SOME Taste
"Harveywood Fallout: President Trump Has Better Poll Numbers Than Meryl Streep"

Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal
"Giustra has donated more than $100 million to the Clinton Foundation and currently sits on the foundation's board."

"This could be WORSE than Watergate!"

Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over All Docs Related to Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Terror Investigation
"Obama administration misled lawmakers and the American people about the nature of the deal in order to ensure its survival."

"Reagan enjoyed re-election landslide after freshman-year tax reform"

House Republican To Mueller: 'Time To Put Up Or Shut Up' With Evidence Of Collusion
"Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte has committed to issuing subpoenas to McCabe and Strzok."

Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed
"President Trump even outdid his own expectations"

Rosie O'Donnell Could Be Facing Prison Time And A $12 MILLION FINE For Bribery
"a fine of 'not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or imprisoned for not more than fifteen years' "

HuffPo Contributor Calls Tim Scott Trump’s Token Black Guy — Scott Hits Back HARD
"Andy Ostroy had a particularly bad take on Scott's presence"

Teen YouTube star gunned down after hurling insult at cartel boss
"four men...stormed into a bar and opened fire at a table where Rosales was sitting and executed the teen, riddling him with 15 bullets"

Facebook's Fake News Failure
"Facebook Scraps 'Disputed' Fake News Tag, Claims 'Opposite Effect to What We Intended' "

Twice Deported Criminal Alien Tagged in Texas Cold Case Murder
"Juan Eduardo Meraz-Flores is charged in the murder of a Fort Worth, Texas, auto shop owner"

Intel Officer Reveals How Obama Will Be 'First President In History' To Be Hit With a FELONY INDICTMENT
"Obama's cockiness might just be his undoing."

Missing Cookie Led To Domestic Attack
"Man, 31, upset someone ate last remaining chocolate chip cookie"

Mexican Journalist Executed While Watching Son's Christmas Pageant
"83rd strike...more than 12 have been murdered in 2017 alone."

Flaky Jeff Flake: Senate to Vote on 'Bipartisan' DACA Bill in January
"could bring anywhere from 1 to 19 million new foreign nationals to the U.S., further crowding out American workers from the labor force"

Just Another Day in Hollywood
"Producer Gary Goddard Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Eight Former Child Actors"

"Something is about to happen"

"Conspiracy to overthrow elected president by criminal mafia confirmed"

House Panel Interviews McCain Associate Who Handled The Trump Dossier
"The pair arranged for McCain to obtain a copy of the dossier through Fusion GPS"

Judge Declares Mistrial In Standoff Case After Gov't Misconduct Discovered
"Agents created a 'kill list' featuring people who had committed suicide while under investigation"

Rosie O'Donnell Offers Bribes to Senators, Thinks She's a Man (And May Be)
"She offered the senators $2,000,000 for their vote."

'Absolutely Terrified': Harvey Weinstein's Assistant Breaks Her Silence
"alleging the disgraced Hollywood mogul tried to rape one of his employees."

Press watchdogs, female employees want answers about NBC News' sexual harassment issues
"It is evident NBC has been breeding a culture of deviancy for decades and doing everything in its power to cover it up along the way."

Meryl Streep #SheKnew posters pop up in Los Angeles amid backlash over Harvey Weinstein comments
"A street artist is calling Meryl Streep on her bluff."

A Few Celebrities Have Their Heads On Straight
"Julia Roberts: 'Michelle Obama Isn't Fit To Clean Melania's Toilet' "

Groups claim Duke Energy Carolinas plant is polluting creeks, other water sources
"Dan River, Belews Lake, Little Belews Creek and other tributaries and groundwater are being polluted."

NY Democrat Calls For Investigation Into Allegation That Linda Sarsour Covered Up Sexual Assault
"Sarsour dismissed them because Fathelbab 'was not attractive enough to be harassed' and the accused was a 'good Muslim' who was 'always at the Mosque.' "

Wasserman Schultz Named One Of Congress' 'Most Ethically Challenged' For House IT Scandal
"one of the all-time congressional scandals in the last 30 years."

Mueller Has A 'Credibility Problem'
"I'm not a Republican, I'm a Democrat. I think he has a credibility problem."

Twitter Blocks The Alt-Right, Allows Racist Death Threats To FCC Chairman
"As predicted, nearly every account that was banned by Twitter was affiliated with the alt-right or far right."

"Bombshell report claims Obama admin protected terrorist group"

Anarchist Group Deletes Article Bragging About April Train Track Sabotage Near Monday Derailment
"an unconfirmed report states that train #501 struck an object"

12 Republicans Who Voted Against Tax Reform Were From California, New Jersey, New York & 1 Jerk From North Carolina
"Twelve Republicans and all Democrats voted against the bill."

Drain The Swamp
"Sexual harassment settlement total in Congress grows to $199K in past 10 years"

No Contest; Paul Ryan Is A Liar
"Tax Bill Protester Calls Paul Ryan A Liar"

Gowdy: Strzok Texts Show 'A Level Of Bias You Rarely See'
"Thank God he's gone, but I want to know how the hell he got there in the first place."

FBI Deputy Director 'Ought To Be Replaced'
"FBI and Justice Department have reluctantly agreed to make McCabe available to the committee"

Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating at New Low
"Bill Clinton Image Worst Since 2001"

Women brawl in front of kids party at Chuck E. Cheese's
"two women started fighting, pulling each other's hair and throwing fists"

7 Amazing Facts About Trump's Economy Media Don't Want You to Know
"Obama, who never stopped blaming his predecessor for a recovery that never arrived because Obama could not stop sabotaging it"

Electric rates to rise across Haywood
"It's outrageous...They don't need it. Duke Power is really kind of greedy."

Employee Receives Court-Ordered Restitution After Justified Whistleblowing Action
"pay $173,793.84 to a former employee who was fired in June 2010 after reporting improper asbestos removal practices"

Maria Bartiromo and Rep Bud Cummins Discuss FBI Plot Against Trump Presidency
"2016 weaponization of the FBI and DOJ and the same group of people in 2017 working to undermine the Trump administration."

Washington Bureaucrats Are Quietly Working to Undermine Trump's Agenda
"career staffers are quietly finding ways to continue old policies, sometimes just by renaming a project."

Dem leader calls for deploying UN troops on the streets of America
"UN troops are no match whatsoever for determined U.S. military veterans and patriots."

"State Dept. offered FBI 'quid pro quo' to reclassify Clinton emails"

News anchor on night of Vegas massacre: I have confirmed through a police source that there were two suspects with high-powered weapons
"The news confirming two shooters was reported at 11 p.m. local time and was buried shortly after with no apparent explanation or retraction."

WSJ: The Tax Cuts Will Grow the Economy by Much More than Expected
"Heard on the Street is run by the news side of the WSJ, not its tax-cut loving editorial page."

DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen takes up Trump's immigration battle
"A message to the 10,000 MS-13 members in our country today: We are coming for you. You cannot hide. You cannot escape justice."

"Antifa behind Tacoma train wreck?"

"New information on the Olympia Amtrak wreck raises suspicion"

"Perhaps this is why Jackie Speier rhymes with liar"

Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault Against Woman Who Worked For Her
"If you were in front of Linda Sarsour being sexually harassed, she wouldn't help you, she'd try to shut you up for complaining."

NBC Made Payment To Staffer After Sexual Harassment Claim Against Chris Matthews
"MSNBC spokesman confirmed...a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment."

"The House Is Going To Be Rocked In The Next 72 Hours… Over A Dozen Congressional Members May Resign" Over Sex Scandals
"If true, we are about to see an unprecedented wave of swamp draining in the United States Congress."

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook
"[Hezbollah-related] investigations were tamped down for fear of rocking the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal."

Jerry Richardson's shocking decision to sell Panthers clouds NFL investigation
"allegations of sexual and racial misconduct by Richardson toward former Panthers employees."

Just Imagine What Happens When the Entire Grid Goes Down
"Atlanta airport loses power, trapping travelers in planes and terminals"

MSNBC Just Ruined Hillary Thanksgiving Tells Her To Shut Up About Trump
"Then Goes For Bill Clinton's Jugular."

Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Strzok Fabricated Information And "Belongs In Leavenworth"
"called disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok a 'total moron' who belongs in Leavenworth federal prison"

Mueller improperly obtained documents in Russia probe
"including confidential attorney-client communications, privileged communications and thousands of emails without their knowledge."

FBI Head McCabe Will Be Out By Next Week For Violating Hatch Act
"Trey Gowdy predicts that FBI Head Andrew McCabe will be ousted from his position for political bias"

What if Jeff Sessions is not asleep, but instead playing possum?
"For Trump to make a knockout punch, he has to let lady justice swing the axe."

CNN, WaPo, NYT Ignore Top Democrat's $220K Sexual Harassment Settlement
"Rep. Alcee Hastings, whose alleged sexual harassment of a staffer resulted in a $220,000 taxpayer-funded settlement"

"Pension funds drained to pay for migrant welfare"

The media are killing themselves with botched anti-Trump reporting
"Four big scoops recently run by major news organizations...turned out to be completely wrong."

The Price for Boozing it up in Mexico
"120 cases of tourists who reported blacking out and being robbed, taken to jail, sexually assaulted and otherwise injured."

Latest ICE Operation Snaps Up 100 Criminal Aliens In New Jersey
"88 percent those arrested were convicted criminals and 80 percent of them had prior felony convictions for crimes including sexual assault of a minor"

'Sad' Left Attacks Women In Trump Admin While 'Claiming to Champion Women's Causes'
"I think that it's a great reminder of why this president was elected."

"Newly legalized Dreamers would sponsor 80,000 more immigrants to enter U.S. as part of 'chain migration' "

U.S. Congressman Says That There Was A 'Concerted Effort' Within The FBI To Help Hillary Clinton Win The Election
"Rep. Jim Jordan: Listen you can't make this stuff up. It gets worse each and every day"

Electric costs heading up and down during 2018
"The other half...will see either no increase or a reduction in rates next year because they do not purchase electricity directly from Duke Progress."

"Candid interview reveals major mistake made by Deep State"

Growing Evidence Of A Politically Tainted Clinton Investigation
"FBI agents previously told The Daily Caller that Comey 'stood in the way' of the Clinton investigation's advancement."

Top Clinton Aides Face No Charges After Making False Statements To FBI
"Neither of the Clinton associates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, faced legal consequences for their misleading statements"

"Democrat Andrea Ramsey of Kansas has dropped out of her congressional race after sexual harassment accusations surfaced"

"Lisa Bloom's efforts included offering to sell alleged victims' stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself"

Trump to remove 'climate change' as a national security threat
"President Obama made climate change, and the burdensome regulations that accompany its focus"

95-Year-Old Marine Fights Burglar, Daughter Chases Him Through Town
"robber threatened to kill him and his dog if he didn't hand over his wallet."

YouTube threatens to shut down Health Ranger channel over podcast that discusses the FBI's routine obstruction of justice
"YouTube, just like Google, is part of the disinfo dictatorship that crushes truth, logic and reason"

What has your power provider done for you?
"Duke Energy was considered to be one of the best and most efficient energy producers...Then they expanded."

President Trump Keeps Over Delivering
"For every new regulation introduced, agencies have eliminated 22"

GOP tax cuts will strengthen our economy and drive Democrats crazy
"Democrats react to tax cuts like Chicken Little"

The left's 'reverse Robin Hood' tax reform narrative is bunk
"Mr. Steyer has it backwards: The bill provides significant relief for the middle class."

"The Trump aide claimed the false report was fueled by a personal grudge held by April Ryan"

Senator: Comey's remarks on Clinton probe heavily edited
"FBI had not yet interviewed Clinton...had already determined that criminal charges were probably not warranted"

"What's the point in voting anymore if the elite can just cancel the result?"

Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier
"looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr."

"The President's policy has called for an end to chain migration"

"Suggests Russia collusion investigation is a sham"

"We can't take that risk"

"Those that are supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of interest seem to have a bit of their own"

"Study finds media waging relentless info-war against president"

Democrats Caught On Tape Offering Women Money To Lie About Trump
"catches a democrat bribing a woman to lie about Trump."

Cheryl Jacobus Must Really be a Dummy
"Trump called her 'real dummy,' but court tosses her $4M defamation case"

"Government computers illegally hacked Hawaii Dept. of Health"

Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump
"the intelligence 'deep state' did in fact go to war with Trump"

The Fruit of Chain Migration
"The problem is too much immigration, selected using flawed criteria."

Is CNN Protecting Adam Schiff?
"Journalists continue to air his fact-free allegations without requiring evidence."

"The Senator's ties with Weinstein run deeper than the occasional photo."

Suicide-Bomb Suspect Arrived by Chain Migration
"second time in three months that a foreign-born suspected terrorist entered the U.S. through an immigration program that Trump has called for the end to."

"deep state will push hard now more than ever to take trump down"

"The NFL Is Totally Collapsing And They Like It"

"I never watch Don Lemon, who I once called the 'dumbest man on television!' "

"Far-left agitators continue to threaten and harass reporters"

Walmart in Mooresville evacuated after bomb threat
"A portion of Highway 150 from Norman Station Boulevard to Talbert Road was closed"

'It Never Rains In Southern California'
" 'No place on Earth offers greater security to life and greater freedom from natural disasters than Southern California,' so claimed the Los Angeles Times in 1934."

Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society
"seven innocent men in India were lynched after a hoax about kidnappings spread through WhatsApp"

Washington Post Reporter Tweets Fake News
"Weigel...had already been fired once by the Washington Post...in 2010 over political bias"

ROGER STONE: Time For Real Net Neutrality
"Picking the winners wasn't enough for Team Obama and his rabid leftists."

Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions
"followed by annual audits going forward."

Army-Navy Game's Stunning National Anthem Rendition Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame
"You can bet your ass that no one in this stadium was kneeling."

Trump Rips Democrats for 'Demanding Amnesty' As Part of Spending Bill
"Every Senator and Congressman will have to make a choice: do they want to protect American citizens or do they want to protect criminal aliens?"

"Right to free speech and assembly under attack from the Left"

Poetic Justice
"Lindsey Vonn suffers back injury in World Cup race"

The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week
"Three stories in the past seven days have crumbled under greater scrutiny."

"A senior military commander confirmed that combat operations had been completed."

"CNN this is definitely not Raj Shah but it is #FakeNews."

Head of House intelligence panel finds evidence of abuse in US government surveillance
"I hate to use the word corrupt, but they become so dirty that, who is watching the watchmen?"

"The president must order the U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name a special prosecutor to look into, among other things, the Uranium One scam"

This Video Destroys The Clintons And The Russia Investigation
"The Democrats are eating their own."

Mueller Investigation Is Illegitimate and Corrupt
"Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon...FBI has become America's secret police."

Mueller's Attempts to Incriminate Trump 'Like Lucy With the Football'
"This was a crime that was created by the investigation itself"

Donald Rumsfeld on Trump: US 'Better Off Today Than If We Had Hillary'
"adding that he too voted for Trump."

ANOTHER Mueller deputy caught sending anti-Trump message
"How much more evidence do we need that the Mueller operation has been irredeemably compromised by anti-Trump partisans? Shut it down."

FBI agent removed from Mueller probe over anti-Trump texts changed Comey's rebuke of Hillary's email use
"there are criminal penalties for individuals who mishandle classified material with 'gross negligence' "

Fake News: CNN Botches Major 'Bombshell' Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks
"Erickson also appears not to be a super-secret Kremlin agent."

Bernie Sanders' wife's land deal still under FBI probe
"The probe could thwart Sanders' 2020 presidential ambitions"

Don't Worry; Maxine Will Save You
"46 Earthquakes Have Shaken California Over The Past 24 Hours"

In 1960, she went to confession and vanished. Now we know the priest murdered her.
"But prosecutors allege the district attorney and church leaders cut a deal to stop the investigation"

Groups sue over Belews Creek coal ash
"Duke Energy's long history of polluting the water in this community with its coal ash at Belews Creek must stop"

Duke Energy must address methane issues
"10 percent of the methane taken from fracking wells is leaked into the atmosphere"

Duke should pay, not us
"Duke Energy's managers made a grossly negligent decision to store coal ash"

"blasted the FBI and Senate Democrats...for their unwillingness to fairly investigate Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration"

Lawsuit forces FBI to release agents' anti-Trump texts and emails
"I'd consider a pardon of Mr. Flynn and I'd shut down the Mueller investigation at this point."

Al Franken: a Jokester Until the End
"Franken says he's been an advocate for women. That's even as he resigns amid a torrent of sexual misconduct accusations."

Top DOJ official demoted amid probe of contacts with Trump dossier firm
"issued numerous subpoenas for documents and witnesses related to the dossier but claims DOJ and FBI have 'stonewalled' "

"The more we learn, the more it stinks of entrapment"

"News network shocked that president would risk angering elite by actually following through on his word"

Duke Energy says utility could recover $300M from insurers in coal-ash suit
"Duke cannot make any claims because it knowingly operated its coal-ash ponds in a risky manner"

Will The Clinton Investigation Be Reopened?
"Is it possible that we'll see the reopening of the Clinton investigation under President Trump? Where is Jeff Sessions?"

Latest revelations make the entire 'collusion' probe look like a partisan hit
"it now looks like the fix was well and truly in on the Hillary probe."

"rejected the Democrats' resolution to impeach President Trump in a staggering 364-58 vote."

"I just want you to let you know that Harvey's a rapist and this is going to come out at some point"

Nigel Farage just dropped the SICKEST burn EVER on Hillary Clinton, and it's PERFECT
"And having an enemy like Hillary Clinton means you stood up for something GOOD."

"Sexual misconduct allegations piling up on Minnesota Senator"

Senator says Franken expected to resign Thursday
"Facing growing demands for him to resign, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken will make an announcement on Thursday."

Babbling Idiot MERYL STREEP
"The rapist defender sets herself up as an icon of the #MeToo movement"

Obama blocked deportation of 550,000 illegal aliens
"There has to be a consequence and a deterrence to illegal activity or the illegal activity won't stop"

John Conyers III arrested in domestic abuse case - not prosecuted
"stab wound to her lower bicep"

Bloomberg Backs Off Its Fake Trump News
"Bloomberg's correction follows a similar one from The Wall Street Journal."


Forbes, HuffPost, Others: Payola News
"$5,000 for a brand mention in the New York Times, $4,500 in TechCrunch, and $3,000 in Business Insider...$4,000 for a feature story in Forbes."

Mayor Cries After City Council Member Denies Her 'White Privilege'
"Mayor of New Brighton Minnesota, Valerie Johnson, cries after a member of the City Council doubts 'white privilege.' "

"Highway to Hell!"

Hey, Man, All I Did Was Smoke a Little Weed
"Mysterious condition dubbed 'scromiting' hits weed smokers across the US and causes them to vomit AND scream"

MS-13 Arrests Linked To 1800 Sealed Indictments, Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama
"Massive arrests of MS-13 gang members linked to 1800 nationwide sealed Indictments"

Duke Energy Wants to Pass On $2.6 Million Rate Case Bill to Ratepayers
"Duke declined to say how much it pays expert witnesses"

Anti-Trump FBI Agent May Have Saved Hillary From Prison
"Agent doctored FBI statement on Hillary to make her crimes seem less severe"

"The Clinton investigation needs to be reopened and the Mueller investigation needs to be shut down"

Mueller's Credibility Problem
"The special counsel is stonewalling Congress and protecting the FBI."

Rep. John Conyers Too Shall Pass
"Rep. John Conyers announces retirement"

What Did Nancy Pelosi Know and When Did She Know It?
"Nevada Democrat accused of sexual misconduct says he won't resign"

Great News: Hard Time for Emoji Use
"a growing number of people have been thrown in jail for their use of the emoji language."

Don't make customers cover clean-up costs
"I can't imagine asking my client to pay for an expense that I forgot to calculate."

Witness grilled on contention that Duke Energy 'egregiously failed' to properly handle coal ash
"Duke itself bore significant responsibility for the restrictive and expensive features of the N.C. Coal Ash Management Act"

"Why is everybody covering for these people?"

Politicization of the Mueller investigation
"Judicial Watch president speaks out on 'Fox & Friends.' "

Mueller's investigation is failing
"release of 29 pages of FBI emails regarding the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch"

Travel Ban Back in Place, SCOTUS Halts Lower Court Injunctions
"Supreme Court has allowed the President's lawful proclamation protecting our country's national security to go into full effect."

Bob Mueller 'Has a Huge Conflict of Interest,' Says Former Assistant FBI Director
"Bob Mueller should have never been offered nor accepted the job as special counsel as he has a huge conflict of interest"

"There needs to be an investigation of the investigation"

"The migrants laughed and filmed the scene on their cellphones as the attack unfolded."

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Spox and Office of DOJ Inspector General Release Statements"

What did Duke Energy know and when did it know it?
"And why, after more than 30 years of delay, should the consumer get stuck with the company's apparently deliberate procrastination?"

President Trump Just Made Trey Gowdy The Most Powerful Man On Capitol Hill
"Trey Gowdy has been given the highest security clearance possible."

Nationwide civil unrest coming
"Just ONE of these 'operators' is worth at least 1,000 Antifa losers in terms of battlefield assets."

House Republicans Prepare Contempt Action Against FBI, DOJ
"pointed to the reports as evidence that the entire probe into Russian meddling has been politically motivated."

"Democrats want the replace the old, white conservatives with a new group of people who might be more amenable to big government"

"that official was Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner."

Is Trump Catching On That Ivanka is an Airhead?
"Trump frustrated with Ivanka's condemnation of Roy Moore"

Sparks fly over coal-ash cleanup
"The third leg of Duke's business model...is spending tens of millions annually to distort and suppress debate."

At Duke Energy the Tiny Candy Would Have Had "Core Four" Stamped On It
"Amazon bosses try to raise morale by giving exhausted staff two 7p chocolates"

She Quit Her Campaign Job After He Harassed Her. Now He's In Congress.
"Nancy Pelosi also called on Kihuen to resign"

Conyers to decide within days on political future
"trying to negotiate a resignation date that will allow the congressman to receive one more paycheck"

Does Nancy Pelosi Have Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Terminal Dumbass?
"Nancy Pelosi suffers face spasms, brain freezes, flubbed words"

I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.
"Elizabeth Warren is nothing to us, so we have no inroad to that powerful operation that affects our daily lives."

Doing What Hillary Does Best
"Clinton launched into an extended coughing fit"

Convicted Mexican Sex Abuser Had Been Deported TWENTY Times Before
"pleaded guilty to 10 counts, including first-degree burglary, sodomy, sex abuse, kidnapping, robbery, and second-degree assault."

ABC News suspends Brian Ross for 4 weeks For Fake News
"Ross' incorrect report prompted a dramatic reaction in the financial markets, and the Dow fell more than 350 points."

DOJ files arrest warrant for illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle case
"ICE will work to take custody of Mr. Garcia Zarate and ultimately remove him from the country"

Duke Energy wants customers to pay nearly $2 million for bottled water
"We're not the ones who had a Dan River spill. We didn't want to have to live off bottled water."

Duke should clean up coal ash boondoggle itself
"Duke Energy has been aware of pollution problems with its coal ash storage ponds and has repeatedly avoided addressing these problems."

Who pays for sludge cleanup?
"Some of this stuff has been sitting in these pits for 50, 60 years."

"Their loss of power that we're seeing right now is very important."

Expel Ivanka From White House Along With Jared Kushner
"Kushner told the Washington Post this month that he and his wife, a fellow White House adviser, were 'here to stay.' "

DOJ weighing federal charges in Kate Steinle murder case
"had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when Steinle was fatally shot in the back"

"Watching their hopes dashed over and over again never stops being funny."

"Alex Jones issues a warning to President Trump that he's the next target for the deep state"

"Globalists trap Flynn in attempt to derail Trump administration"

No 'Russia collusion' in Mueller's case against Flynn
"Bloomberg reported it was Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and a senior adviser, who ordered Flynn to contact Russia."

Lynch-Clinton tarmac chat sparked scramble to find leaker
"The FBI first claimed it could not find any records about the meeting, but when a lawsuit was filed, records suddenly were found."

"Being a member of the deep state has its perks"

NFL HELL: Thousands of Empty Seats
"I've honestly seen more people show up for a high school game at AT&T Stadium than I do tonight"

Don't hit customers with clean-up costs
"why should we have to pay for a mistake that was preventable?"

"We are here to demand that both Sen. Conyers and Sen. Franken resign"

Rep. Conyers Tries to Play Victim
"Conyers, 88, was hospitalized due to stress and he blamed the 'media assault' "

Dem lawmaker: Pelosi harassment response set women back 'decades'
"Her defense of John Conyers as 'an icon' squandered the party's moral authority"

Army veteran accuses Franken of groping her during USO tour
"Franken cupped her breast while she was taking a photo with him."

"Simmons denied separate allegations by model Keri Claussen Khalighi"

Conyers Played Victim Card; Now Race Card Being Played; Is Right Wing Conspiracy Card Next?
"Democrat representative has said people shouldn't believe Conyers accusers because they're white"

Liberal Media is Crumbling!
"The MSM is being replaced by alternative media outlets"

Some Cannot Live Without Facebook; Some Do Not Live Because of It.
"Teen Girl Stabbed More Than 50 Times, Body Burned By Man She Met On Facebook"

Duke knew about coal ash concerns in 1980s, didn't act
"If they knew they were polluting groundwater back in 1985 ... they should have done something"

Don't let Duke pass coal ash cleanup cost along to consumers
"storing hundreds of tons of toxic coal ash in unlined pits near water was not prudent"

Duke Energy wants money back for bottled water supplied to residents
"They're greedy...They still want to make their millions of dollars and put everything on the customer for the cleanup and their mistakes, and that's wrong."

Coal costs are rising
"Duke let the problem fester and should pay out of reserves or shareholders' earnings."

Duke can't have it both ways on coal ash
"Duke's TV ads say it is recycling the coal ash."

"It's in their DNA and it's not going to change"

Clinton dynasty crumbles
"backlash against sexual harassment by powerful...politicians finally comes for the Clintons and even former allies are turning against them."

You'd Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped By Bill Clinton
"He was such a different person at that moment. He was just a vicious awful person."

"medical examiner who performed the autopsy, Dr. Berkland, lost his license in two states for lying about his work."

"Moore had registered the domain name JoeScarboroughKilledHisIntern.com."

"Lauer is seen standing in his boxer shorts behaving like a flasher"

"Oh the irony."

"Washington Post National Security Reporter Adam Entous admitting that the Trump-Russia collusion story lacked evidence."

Cooper should crack down on Duke Energy's hazards
"Duke has come under fire for allegedly using its influence to slant so-called independent scientific reports in its favor."

Will Duke Energy customers pay to clean up the company's coal ash?
"The tire company is not going to accumulate 40, 60, 100 years worth of tires before they do something about recycling it"

At Least 85 Wells in North Carolina Have Been Contaminated by the Chemical GenX
"McCrory administration was almost servile to the boss's former employer, Governor Cooper's team hasn't tolerated nonsense."

Consumers shouldn't pay for Duke Energy's coal ash bungles
"The Utilities Commission shouldn't reward Duke for the failure to do its job"

John Conyers Accuser Wants To Break Confidentiality
"she would be happy to testify if subpoenaed, which would automatically void the agreement."

Conyers' former top staffer accuses congressman of inappropriate touching
"I didn't have a room and he had me put in his hotel suite"

"I watched the way the Clintons and Hillary slandered those women, harassed them, did unthinkable things to them"

"The employment counsel negotiated a deal for taxpayers to give $48,395...to the female aide"

Watch This!
"Russian man dies after posing for photo with hand grenade"

S.C. proposal would cut SCANA executive compensation packages after nuclear fiasco
"Why should people profit for doing a bad job?"

"The Clinton's time in the barrel is upon us."

Cokie Roberts: Oh, We All Knew To Avoid Getting in An Elevator With Rep. Conyers
"every female in the press corps knew that, right, don't get in elevator with him"

First House Democrat calls on Conyers to resign
"Everyone thinks 'he should go' but no one is sure how to force Conyers out, one Democratic aide said."

Rep. John Conyers Has a Flaky Character Witness
"Maxine Waters to women: John Conyers 'has impeccable integrity on our issues' "

Police aid immigration officials in illegal alien crackdown
"If deporting you out of this country when you commit a crime is a tool at my disposal, you are darn right I am going to use it"

Don't Insult the Real Pocahontas; Call Warren "Old Lady Squatting Heifer"
"we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago; they call her Pocahontas."

Harvey Weinstein sued for alleged 'sex trafficking' in Cannes
"The suit arrives in the same day as a civil claim in the UK"

Duke Energy rate increase focused on coal ash cleanup cost
"The consumer should NOT have to pay a second time for their deliberate chicanery and duplicitous actions."

John Conyers Steps Down from House Judiciary Committee
"new sexual assault allegations come to light against the senior Democratic leader."

Unhinged coverage of Trump is hurting the media
"only 48 percent of Americans said they trusted the media"

A man convicted of running a child prostitution ring was sentenced to 472 years in prison
"Franklin's defense team asked for the minimum sentence of 96 years"

THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017
"United States government excuse for invading Vietnam was made up"

Shareholders trump individuals with Duke Energy
"Who stands to walk away with more money in their pockets?...My money is on the shareholders."

Ivanka: White House Weak Link

Three Decades of Peddling the Global Warming Fake News
"This failed prediction, however, has not stopped the U.N. and others from issuing more apocalyptic statements."

Fake News From Fake People
"Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have come under fire for pretending that their day-after-Thanksgiving show on Friday was live."

Unraveling Duke's rate request
"In 2015, Duke pleaded guilty to federal environmental crimes and agreed to pay $102 million in fines"

Coal ash responsibility still an issue as hearings open on Duke Energy electric rates
"The case will proceed Monday much like a trial"

Linda Tripp: 'It's a Day Late, and It's a Dollar Short'
"The housekeeping staff was afraid to bend over in his presence"

"Kevin Spacey...also flew on the Lolita Express with Bill Clinton"

But All the Other Kids Are Doing It!

'Good Luck In Mexico': Tucker Takes On Guest Over Marshawn Lynch
"Have you seen the people who run Mexico?"

A Coincidence No Doubt
"Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter killed day before testimony in police corruption case"

Duke Energy Wants You to Pay for Its Coal Ash Mess
"McCrory administration officials 'knowingly told people that their water was safe when we knew it wasn't.' "

MS-13 victim stabbed over 100 times, decapitated, heart ripped out
"Lopez-Abrego was found in North Carolina on Nov. 11 and arrested on a first-degree murder warrant."

Judicial Watch Dumps Explosive New FBI Emails
"McCabe describes how FBI Director Comey was breifed on his ties to the Clintons just days before his wife announced her Senate bid"

Hamburglar Busted
"Police charge that Jessica Marie Cross, 27, this month crawled through a McDonald's drive-thru window and burglarized the Maryland eatery."

The Clinton White House doubled down on 'abusive behavior' and it's fair to criticize Hillary Clinton
"Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him"

Two More Women Accuse Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching
"Franken had grabbed her backside at an event honoring women."

"The newly public accusation comes the day after it was revealed that Conyers settled with another accuser in 2015"

"Footage has emerged of Texas Congressman Joe Barton masturbating online."

"Biden would be a 'terrible idea in a post-Weinstein America'."

Coal-ash questions unresolved as Duke Energy heads to N.C. rate case next week
"Neither side would say whether there was even an attempt to settle the coal ash issue"

Harvey Weinstein's Secret Settlements
"Bill Cosby and...Bill O'Reilly both repeatedly used secret settlements to resolve allegations of sexual misconduct."

Social Justice Wimp Who Wanted Attention is Now Getting It

"We've got to get a one world government...We've got to have it man."

Duke Energy agrees to seek smaller rate increase
"Hundreds of customers barraged the utilities commission, demanding it resist the company's request."

Duke Energy, customer advocate negotiating partial settlement in rate case
"The coal-ash question has attracted the most attention in the case."

Proposed Duke Energy rate increase: $17.80 a month
"state law doesn't allow the company to charge customers for costs stemming from unlawful activities"

Chernobyl was a nuclear, not a steam explosion
"jet of debris ejected to an altitude of almost 2 miles by a series of nuclear explosions within the Chernobyl reactor."

Could Bitter Hillary Become President of Hell?
"Bitter Hillary fantasizes about leaving Earth to be president on another planet"

"Charles Manson Was Part Of A CIA Program"

Newly surfaced pics show Al Franken grabbing Arianna Huffington’s breasts and butt
"That’s his tactic, pretend like it's all a big joke."

Another Franken Accuser Comes Forward
"Dude -- Al Franken TOTALLY molested me! Creeper!"

NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush Suspended
"Thrush left her in tears after she resisted his advances."

CBS News suspends Charlie Rose following sexual harassment report
"lewd phone calls, groping, and Rose walking around naked in front of them."

Renewable energy supply
"And Duke Energy writes the regulations"

Hillary Terrified of a Special Council to Investigate Her Activities
"I truly think she has lost her damn mind."

Populist Uprising Has Mitch McConnell Running Scared
"We want you and we want Paul Ryan out of the party!"

Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another Injured in 'Attack'
"This is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities and those charged with defending them"

This is as Close to Winning as a Bull Can Come
"Bullfighter is gored in the BALLS"

Marshawn Lynch only stands for Mexican national anthem
"Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during most of U.S. anthem and stood for the Mexican anthem"

"I looked over at Brett and said 'help me' and I'll never forget the look on his face."

"The problem is that these 'fact checking' sites are not as unbiased as they claim and are typically aligned with establishment interests"

"Russians compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats"

"I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT."

"Some of the reasons cited by Clinton are literally exactly what she and her campaign actually carried out themselves!"

"Nothing like assaulting someone in a chicken outfit to make your point"

Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal
"Producer hired team to investigate 91 film industry figures in attempt to stop harassment claims going public"

Neal McCoy's new country music single takes aim at kneeling during National Anthem
READER COMMENT: "Kaepernick is a spot of liberal cancer spreading throughout society."

Duke Energy deserves further scrutiny
"Duke Energy is engulfed in its own collusion with its not-so-independent coal ash investigators."

"The party was on the wrong side of history, and there are consequences for that."

Dems' 'reckoning' with Bill's sexual offenses is the final nail in the Clintons' coffin
"It is not the beginning of the end for the Clintons atop the Democratic Party. It's just the end."

"Ruthless television show accurate according to ex-President Clinton"

Independent? These UNC Charlotte professors appear to be cozy with Duke Energy
"Some of those experts were in bed with Duke"

Hillary panicking as justice looms ever nearer
"Clinton, who served as U.S. secretary of state in the Obama administration, may be implicated in wrongdoing."

Burn, Hillary, Burn
"Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm"

Senator Al Franken's time in the barrel is about to come
"Roger Stone and Rob Dew predicted on Twitter that Al Franken's sexual assault charges would soon come to light."

"Yet another 'male feminist' exposed"

"House of Representatives has paid out $15,000,000 to victims of sexual harassment in recent years"

Radio personality accuses Sen. Al Franken of unwanted kissing, groping
"Franken apologizes, calls for ethics investigation into his actions"

Social Justice Wimp Rose McGowan Busted for Cocaine
"saying marijuana would have been her drug of choice"

Pope, Heal Your Own Perverse Attitude
"Pontiff sides with UN in climate change debate"

New George H.W. Bush accuser says he groped her
"remarkably similar to the accounts shared by at least six other women"

Zero Tolerance of Improper Attire
"Man Stabs Brother 4 Times At Funeral In Argument Over Attire"

Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan
"if she said anything, 'they would have to beat her head in' "

"Franken's hypocrisy even went so far as to call for silencing dissent among American media."

Don't raise energy rates
"law allows for a utility to recover costs from its customers only if they are reasonable and prudently incurred."

Van der Vaart Joins EPA Board
"Surely Duke has a spot for him somewhere, after all he did for them."

"He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible"

"Establishment throwing the Clintons overboard to preserve their reputation"

"visibly groped numerous children as he posed for photos with various lawmakers."

NYT Columnist: We Should ‘Believe’ Women, But Only If Liberals Tell Us To
"Democrats are guilty of apologizing for Clinton when they shouldn't have"

"The real agenda behind the controversy, with Gavin McInnes & Paul Joseph Watson."

"Hillary Clinton's State Dept. started backing al-Qaeda in Iraq, which morphed into ISIS"


"Perpetrators exposing their genitals, to victims having their private parts grabbed on the House floor"

Duke Energy's 16.7% rate hike request public hearings
"wants to be allowed to recoup up to $636 million in Lee project development costs from customers."

"The Biggest Level of International Political Collusion in History."

Politicians Don't Pass Many Laws, But They Make Plenty of Passes
"More than 50 people describe sexual harassment on Capitol Hill"

Bill Clinton: A Reckoning
"Anita Hill's historic allegations against Clarence Thomas...that he had sexually humiliated and pressured her"

I Believe Juanita
"Various figures...accused Bill Clinton of murder, drug-running and using state troopers as pimps."

I'll See Your IED Drone & Raise You a Hellfire Missile

"Mr. Attorney General, it's time to do your job"

A PowerPoint Presentation Is Sure to Solve All Senate Problems

"The former President of Facebook warned users about social media health problems"

Corporate-controlled media has been weaponized against America
"Clintons ordered the executions of dozens of individuals who had dirt on them, going all the way back to Bill Clinton's Arkansas governorship."

"New York Times recently published an article that totally plays into the establishment's divide and conquer tactics."

"Astonishingly, the afternoon event climaxed with a burlesque dance from an 11-year-old transgender boy."

"I wanted to see what would happen if I wore a Trump hat in public in Hollywood"

Some who live near river fear coal ash-laden flooding
"worst case scenario would send 3.6 feet of ash-laden water into his home."

"We haven't felt this confident since the day before Trump won!"

"FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds completely destroyed special counsel Robert Mueller"

"called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One scandal, the Clinton Foundation, and the Fusion GPS firm"

How ex-DNC chair ruined Clinton's chance at 2020
"Clinton is a proven loser."

"Typical liberal pushes feminist talking points"

"The sex abuse scandal is being hijacked to demonize all men"

"lobbying firm will be shut down by the end of the year"

"Mueller prepares to bring forward indictments against Tony Podesta, and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile"

"Dems increasingly worried about Bill's allegations amid Hollywood sex assault scandals"

It's Been a Long Time Coming: Hollywood Reaps the Whirlwind
"vortex of sexual abuse allegations which started with Harvey Weinstein spins ever faster, whirling beyond control of the studios."

"Bandar had close ties with George W. Bush and the Bush family"

Emails reveal Duke edited scientific reports on coal ash, coordinated with advisory board chair
"Duke personnel deleted sentences, added full paragraphs and made changes to both the executive summary and conclusions section of the report."

"Rich had contacted Wikileaks with sample emails from the DNC leak and asked for payment for the full data dump."

"Podesta Group longtime CEO leaving firm in wake of Russia investigation"

"Brazile told Carlson that she was still getting death threats after the publication of her book."

"Martinez, armed with a rifle began shooting at random targets driving on Interstate 35."

"The allegations range from unwanted sexual touching to unsolicited sexting."

"for violating the law & committing perjury"

It Looks Like Vatican Intimidation Attempt Backfired
"journalist who was put on trial by the Vatican for publishing confidential documents has written a new book alleging...gay sex in the Vatican's youth seminary."

Additional JFK Assassination Records Released
"These releases include FBI, CIA, and other agency documents"

Zero Tolerance for Incompetence
"she shot him twice in the back of the head, 'because he was performing (a sex act) wrong' "

Cops Get Wind of Foul Play
"KC detective ends interview after suspect answers question with 'loud fart' "

How Brazile's book exposes liberal media's Hillary health coverup
"many left-leaning journalists didn't so much cover Clinton as cover up for her."

"Brazile further said that the main reason Clinton lost was due to her 'arrogance.' "

"Alex Jones reveals that a long time caller and source was taken into FBI custody for what he revealed to Jones on air."

"Asserting that illegal immigrants are voting in enough numbers to 'change the outcome of elections' "

"money-laundering scam to violate Hillary Victory Fund rules began when the Clinton campaign realized Barack Obama left the DNC broke"

"7-year-old girl in critical condition, multiple people injured following random shooting spree"

"Spencer Raymond was inundated with anti-white, racist hate after announcing his candidacy"

"Uh oh, there goes the narrative!"

"Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists"

Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson of Sexual Harassment
"Jackson was previously accused of harassment in 2010 by an openly gay staffer who filed a complaint alleging the civil rights leader propositioned him."

Cleveland Co. residents feel requests for clean water ignored by Duke
"they feel their requests for clean water have fallen on deaf ears."

"For those who are telling me to shut up, I tell them 'go to hell. I'm going to tell my story.' "

"Brazile knew Rich had been murdered for political purposes"

"Criminals break the law"

"Manafort, McCain, and Bob Dole all tied to Oleg Deripaska"

"Podesta collected lobbying fees of $180,000 from Uranium One"

"Democrats Call For More Church Shootings"

Battle with Duke Energy over coal ash continues in Cliffside
"chromium levels...40 times higher...vanadium 38 times higher, aluminum 37 times higher and lead levels 30 times higher than background"

Donna Brazile Feared Arkancide After Seth Rich Murder
"Brazile says she feared possible retribution from shadowy elements within the campaign and the Democratic Party"

Ballistics data analysis confirms 'muzzle flash' footage from room 32-134 genuine gunfire
"independent ballistic analysis confirms the flash was, in fact, actual gunfire."

FBI turns over new Clinton investigation documents to Congress
"hundreds of pages of memos regarding the bureau's probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server"

"Did Donna wake up with a horse's head in her bed this morning?"


Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee
"Obama, Clinton and Wasserman Schultz were 'three titanic egos' who had 'stripped the party to a shell for their own purposes.' "

Martin Luther King Jr. had secret lovechild, orgies
"King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to the public view as a moral leader of religious conviction."

"Mueller, Comey, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder let HSBC walk on criminal money-laundering crimes"

"Stone recently suspended from Twitter for calling out Lemon"

MSM Desperate To Cover Up ANTIFA's Plans For A Violent Uprising
"I can't stand looking at Hillary; she makes me nauseous. But, at the same time, now I'm starting to like her ugly face."

Why Won’t The Clintons Just Go Away?
"Bill and Hillary Clinton are the penicillin resistant syphilis of the American body politic."

Donna Brazile Throws Hillary Under Bus to Save Herself
"Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC"

Did They Mean 65th From Bottom?
"Hillary Clinton falls from world's second most powerful woman to 65th"

You Can't Make This Up
"No bond for man who shot himself in penis while robbing hot dog stand"

Rep. DeSantis: 'We Know Now Without a Shadow of a Doubt' Hillary and Democrats Colluded with Russia
"massive, massive sandal"

Very Jake News: Tapper Melts Down over Criticism of 'Allahu Akbar' Comments
" 'Allahu Akbar' does not mean 'God is great'” It means, 'Allah is greater.' "

"This is the first salvo of a civil war inside the party as Democrats realize Hillary is the party’s worst enemy"

More coal-ash depositions in Duke Energy's N.C. rate case
"Public Staff...attorney general have recommended that the commission require Duke and its shareholders to bear a significant portion of those costs"

Donald Trump Calls for Immediate End to ‘Diversity Visa’ Program That Admitted New York Terror Suspect to U.S.
"such bills that already exist are being stopped by 'obstructionists.' "

'Loose Cannon' McCain Continues to Dodge Questions on Role in Trump Hoax Dossier
"It is not immediately clear how McCain obtained the dossier in the first place."

Deep State Plan For Overthrow Of Trump Revealed
"mainstream media's deceptive coverage of the terror attack in New York City and the nationwide Nov 4 protests"

CPW: Two-year, $5M budget deficit due to Duke Energy ash cleanup costs
"After we leave (Duke), we won't have to continue paying that"

North Korea nuclear disaster: Hundreds dead at Kim's missile testing facility
"China issued a dire warning to Kim regarding the state of the nuclear testing site."

"Podesta isn’t just complaining about us, he’s threatening us."

Aide at center of Russia probe proven to be a liar
"Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents"

False Flags And Drills: What They Aren't Telling You About Vegas
"people did report firing out of helicopters...came into a hover just over by the Mandalay...transponders went dark"

96-Year-Old Retired Priest Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
"Monsignor Harry Byrne faces 37 counts of possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child"

"Antifa was caught carrying a pro-pedophilia banner."

Time to Admit It: CNN's Jake Tapper Is Failing
"CNN is now a laughingstock, an embattled fake news factory rocked by endless scandals in its desperate pursuit of President Trump"

"Americans are ready to lock her up"

"One-sided investigation won't investigate Hillary & Podesta ties to Russian billionaire"

"FBI illegally obtained FISA wiretapping of Manafort based on dossier"

"Mueller has been investigating Podesta as part of larger probe into 2016 presidential election"

"Hollywood's swamp creatures are being purged left and right"

"MSM creating halo effect with Spacey story to promote pedophilia"

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It
"A story of how our national anthem came to be."

"Circumstances surrounding JFK’s death finally revealed"

Robert Mueller should resign
"Robert Mueller will never be able to untangle the tangled webs with any credibility and needs to step aside.

"the fact that the CIA was going to murder Americans hasn't been released although it has been hinted."

"Mueller's probe a distraction to pivot from Clinton/DNC crimes"

"Establishment shill Ryan determined to undermine Trump agenda"

Mueller facing new pressure to resign in Russia probe
"Wall Street Journal editorial board cited the dossier development in calling for Mueller's resignation"

Ivanka Trump Is Confused Again
"Ivanka Trump said that she doesn't get involved in politics. Say what?"

Ivanka Trump Doesn't Understand Words
"she appears to have extreme difficulty finding the right... letter compounds? Alphabet parties? Oh, words!"

Ivanka Trump's Book: Offensively Frivolous
"Reading the first daughter's new book has been described as like 'eating scented cotton balls' "

How The Elite Dominate The World: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win
"I have already pledged that I am not going to participate in this very corrupt system."

FBI Informant's Lawyer - Obama Admin 'Threatened' My Client And His Career
"FBI and Justice Department had previously blocked the informant from speaking with Congress or anyone else."

The Coming Russia Bombshells
"We may learn the FBI knew the dossier was a bought-and-paid-for product of Candidate Clinton, but used it anyway."

Joy Villa For Congress? Trump Approves!
"MAGA musician Joy Villa gets presidential support for congressional run"

Attorney: Hillary Could Be Charged With At Least 13 Crimes
"She could also be charged with racketeering for using her charity as a criminal enterprise and then you've got all of the email crimes"

‘Russian Collusion’ Narrative Collapses
"Oh, the sweet sweet irony. The only ones to 'collude with Russia' were Hillary, the DNC & Obama's FBI."

Everyone Now Admits Clinton Colluded With Russia
"Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama colluded with the Russians and projected those accusations on Trump"

Creepy Joe Biden Teams Up With Lady Gaga to "Stop Sexual Assault"
"Perhaps Mrs. Gaga will team up with Harvey Weinstein and James Toback for her next PSA."

Lynn Good to speak at Florence Chamber luncheon
"Under Good's leadership, Duke Energy has embraced new technologies and forward-thinking strategies"

Dem and Republican Team Up To Solve Seth Rich Murder
"Lawsuit filed against Hillary Clinton and DNC"

Complaint Alleges Hillary Dossier Payments Violated Campaign Finance Law
"Hillary for America undermined election rules by hiding Fusion GPS payments"

Origins Of The Phony Trump Dossier Revealed
"The financier of the anti-Trump documents is finally named"

Actress Outs George HW Bush's Sexual Assault
"The former president channeled Harvey Weinstein when he groped an actress during a photo op"

House Opens Probe Into Obama-Era Uranium One Deal
"I've spoken with the confidential informant that helped the FBI uncover this bribery scheme"

Congress Officially Launches Probe Into Comey’s Handling Of The Clinton Email Investigation
"James Comey has just had his very own 'oh shit' moment."

Elites Move to Sacrifice Clintons Just Like Weinstein
"Clintons are guilty of the crimes the elites are accusing Trump of committing"

Roger Stone Breaks Down JFK Document Release From NYC
"The deep state is terrified of the public finding out the truth about the JFK assassination"

Overfed Hemorrhoid Michael Moore Show Folds
"Pathetic Turnout Ends Michael Moore's Broadway One Man Show"

Lawyer: "Conspiracy of Abuse" Allows Pedophiles to Rule Hollywood
"In Hollywood, there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money"

How many Hoosier homes, businesses would be flooded in Indiana during a coal ash spill?
"Baer can hardly image what it might look like flooded with ash."

Stone: Why I Urged Trump to Release JFK Assassination Files
"Lyndon Johnson, with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency, the mob and Big Texas Oil, orchestrated the murder of our 37th President."

Mueller Investigating Infowars Expose of Dems on Russia’s Payroll
"Uranium One scandal expands to Podesta involvement in Russian deals"

State Dept Admits There are 40,000 Pages of Clinton Emails They Haven't Even Looked At
"Secretary Tillerson should be asked why his State Department is still sitting on a motherlode of Clinton emails"

Illegal Aliens Scale Border Fence as MSNBC Slams Wall Construction
"three people just jumped over in the middle of the day"

Attorneys Cannot Fix Kathy Griffin's Stupidity
"Kathy Griffin is now attacking her lawyer Lisa Bloom because she 'wasted tens of thousands of dollars' when she hired Bloom"

Vegas Bombshell: Video Shows 17 Ambulances Pulling Bodies Out Of Hooters
"LVMPD and FBI are withholding key details about what actually transpired"

Whacky Rep. Wilson is a Maxine Waters Wannabe
"Fake News going crazy with whacky Congresswoman Wilson"

Chris Wallace Wants Fox News to Suppress Truth & Cover For Fake News
"what they're bashing is stuff that we on the news side are doing."

U.S. Warns Public About Cyber Attacks On Energy & Industrial Firms
"The agencies warned that hackers had succeeded in compromising some targeted networks"

FBI Investigating Weinstein For Jeffrey Epstein Connection
"FBI is investigating Harvey Weinstein for connections to known pedophile Jerry Epstein"

Harvey Weinstein doesn't seem to be taking sex rehab seriously
"Harvey Weinstein is already being belligerent at sex addiction rehab"

84 Children Rescued From Sex Trafficking
"The MSM hasn’t touched this massive story"

Suspected Wine Country Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican National
"Has been twice returned to his 'home country.' "

Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days
"Melania Trump...runs one of the leanest East Wing operations in recent history."

California is a Liberal Lunatic Wasteland Beyond Saving
"Drag Queens will now be teaching children about sexuality"

Clinton Foundation Did Not Report Russian Uranium One Payments
"Ortel believes could cause the Clintons their fortune and leave them no option but to face jail time."

Judge Napolitano: Emails on Weiner Laptop Will Lead to Hillary Indictment
"State Dept. emails forwarded by Huma to laptop used by Weiner could bring down Clinton"

Justice Department, Investigate The Clintons!
"The mainstream media is being forced to accept a heavily documented investigation into Russian corruption leading to Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Documents Show Other Democrats, Not Just Clintons, on Russian Payroll
"Uranium One scandal threatens to bring down the entire Democratic Party"

Judiciary Committee calls on former FBI informant to testify about Uranium One
"the informant's work was crucial to the government's ability to crack a multimillion dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil"

Jake Tapper Dated Monica Lewinsky, Wrote Piece Objectifying Her During Clinton Scandal
"CNN host exploited Clinton victim for his own gain"

John Podesta And Hillary Clinton Caught Red Handed Dealing With Russia
"involved the sale of military technology and enormous payments to John Podesta"

Trump Defeats ISIS In Months - After Years Of Excuses From Obama
"Trump promised a swift end to ISIS, and then delivered on it."

Trump's third way
"Repairing Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is now within the realm of the possible"

Mueller Hid Russian Bribery Scandal From Congress; Must Resign Now
"Hillary was also on the committee that rubber stamped the deal while her husband was receiving huge speaking fees from Russian officials"

Barbara Walters Under Fire For Corey Feldman Interview After Weinstein Revelations
"Walters had accused Feldman of 'damaging entire industry' after he called out pedophiles"

84 Kids Rescued, 120 Human Traffickers Arrested In Myrtle Beach FBI Sting
"Eighty-four children were rescued - including one as young as 3 months old"

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow
"Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation"

Vegas Survivor Who Died Suddenly Had Planned Group To Expose Cover-Up
"Kymberley Suchomel believed media was covering up multiple shooters"

Blsck msn answers Hillary's question of why she lost
"Go somewhere and sit down."

Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS Clinton And Obamas Affiliation With Weinstein
"It's not over yet, folks. There's more coming."

Assange Blasts Clinton's 'Constant Lying' Over Claim WikiLeaks Is Agent Of Russia
"Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen."

Get Thee To a Fat Farm
"Google Maps Removed Their Calorie Counter Because Fat People Got Offended"

Insider Reveals The Secrets Of Trump And The Deep State War
"Find out what Trump is doing to scare the global elite"

Hollywood’s Other 'Open Secret' Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys
"This is a place where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world"

Guccifer 2.0 Not A Russian Hacker
"I'm more inclined to believe it was another dirty trick from the DNC’s Deep State bag of Dirty Tricks"

Experts & Eyewitnesses Agree: Official Vegas Massacre Story Is A Sham
"Something is fishy in Vegas"

Weinstein Funded Bill Clinton Legal Defense Amid Lewinsky, Paula Jones Scandals
"Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas, Ron Howard, Norman Lear, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw-Spielberg...Harvey Weinstein"

Neither Weinstein, Hillary nor Obama Know When It's Over
"argues that he was illegally sacked by company board"

Rampant Pedophilia with Child Actors the Next Shoe to Drop in Hollywood Sex Scandal
"Barbara Walters and Star Jones 'went out of their way to discredit and shut him up.' "

Backlash: Week 6 of the NFL Reveals Several Nearly Empty Stadiums As Fans Continue to Leave the League
"thousands of empty seats at kickoff"

Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma's opioid drug giants
"Post published a story that reads almost exactly like Natural News a decade ago"

CNN Goes Full Libtard
"Common sense and editorial standards have gone out the window for the globalist news network"

Hillary Must Have Been Chewing Gum At The Same Time
"Hillary Clinton Falls, Breaks Toe"

Vegas Coverup Collapsing — Sheriff May Be In Danger
"Lombardo’s demeanor has been gradually becoming more erratic, emotional, and less composed."

The Truth About Hollywood
"Americans are getting sick of popular culture"

Eyewitness: Another Active Shooter Targeted Bellagio Hotel During Vegas Massacre
"Comes as the official timeline collapses"

Harvey Weinstein Does NOT Need Interactions with Horses!"
"It features group talk sessions, interactions with horses"

British actress becomes fifth woman to accuse Weinstein of rape
"Weinstein then began stalking her, turning up unannounced at her house."

Coal ash, GenX remain regional health threats
"I have wondered how much of the 15 percent price increase requested by Duke for electricity is affiliated with having to clean up its mess."

Record Number of Patriotic Cord-Cutters Tumble TV Stocks
"We have the power to destroy these left-wing serial-liars once and for all."

Joy Villa: ‘Straight Up Prostitution Is How Hollywood Is Run These Days’
"Joy Villa described her firsthand encounters with entertainment industry scumbags who prey on vulnerable young women and men."

Pussycat Dolls Singer: 'I wasn’t in a girl group. I was in a prostitution ring.'
"I personally have been warned if I tell I will...you know end up dead or no more career"

Wilmington speaks opposition to Duke Energy rate hike
"We paid for that electricity, they took the money from us and they did not use it well."

Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering SC Teen Girl Was in DACA Program
"Daniel De Jesus Rangel Sherrer, 19, was one of the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation and given a work permit"

Harvey Weinstein is probed by London police
"The Hour Of The Pig"

Petition To Free KY Amish Farmer Samuel Girod
"FDA successfully harassed, indicted and convicted 57yo KY Amish farmer Samuel Girod for charges stemming from an innocent labeling infraction!"

Oscar Attendees Once Laughed at Weinstein Being a Sexual Predator
"Clip suggests movie producer’s activities were notorious"

Enablers like Hillary Clinton Allowed Weinstein To Get Away With Sexual Abuse
"Those actors who lecture you from the Oscar podium every year and their virtue and your lack of it-suddenly silent."

Justice Department Moves on Weinstein, Orders FBI to Open Probe Over Fears he will 'do a Polanski'
"FBI has opened an investigation"

Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool
"Weinstein's rape scandal is only the beginning of Hollywood's inevitable downfall"

This Is What It’s Like to Live Near a Coal Plant in North Carolina
"I always felt that the plant had something to do with the people that were getting strange diseases and the kids getting cancer."

Meet Meryl Streep's God
"Weinstein could face criminal charges"

Hillary Insists on Keeping Her Foot in Her Mouth
"You have lived with that same behavior from your husband for decades"

Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Others Say Weinstein Harassed Them
"You’ll never make it in this business...This is how the business works."

Vegas Cops Change Story – Huge New Can of Worms
"Most importantly, how many other egregious lies are sitting under the previous security-guard lie?"

Terry Crews Claims Male High Level Hollywood Exec Groped Him
"Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator"

Coal ash dam failures would impact hundreds
"Now we know what Duke Energy was trying to hide."

Paul Ryan Rival Destroys Left’s Latest Anti-2nd Amendment Arguments
"Congress shouldn’t let people who misunderstood the latest James Bond movie write our gun laws"

Meryl Streep Called Harvey Weinstein God
"The same Harvey Weinstein who everyone in Hollywood knew was a serial sexual harasser."

Hollywood Stars Are No Moral Authorities
"Hollywood is Washington DC for stupid people"

Rampant Hollywood Hypocrisy, Elite Empire In Flames
"Liberalism has completely destroyed Tinseltown"

SNL Reportedly Cut Material About Weinstein Before Show
"Show relentlessly attacks Trump while protecting sexual predator"

Hollywood Celebrities Thanked Weinstein More Than God
"Sex pervert was a hero just like Polanski"

UK Police Chief Calls For Investigation Into Pedophile Former Prime Minister
"Westminster child sex ring covered up by Establishment"

CNN Reporter Whines About Being Targeted As Fake News By Trump
"Gets shut down at White House briefing"

No Stinking Illegal Aliens Needed!
"From sowing the seeds to picking the grain, human workers were replaced with automated machines operated from a control room."

Massive Evidence Mounts Vegas Shooting Was an ISIS Attack
"A clear picture of what happened is coming into focus"

Vatican 'Should be Target' of Sex Abuse Summit, Not Leading It
"Victims support group slams online child sex abuse inside Catholic church"

Duke Energy threatened with lawsuit over coal ash spill
"Under the Clean Water Act, the party accused of a violation must receive 60 days notice of an intent to sue"

All Illegal Aliens Need to Move to California
"California becomes first 'sanctuary state' "

Up to 50 witnesses for Cardinal Pell sex abuse hearing
"He is the most senior Catholic cleric to be charged with criminal offences linked to the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal."

Duke Energy Coal Ash And Water Quality Debate Rages
"Duke Energy has been keeping the public in the dark about the flooding threats from massive coal-ash ponds at its power plants"

Injured Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Stands to Meet Trump
"There’s no 'taking a knee' here"

U.S. Border Crossings Are Fewer, Riskier and More Expensive
"U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested the 21 men and two women, along with seven others from Mexico"

Now You're Racist If You Love Dogs
"Also, you’re probably a racist if you drive a pick-up truck"

Groups focus on Duke Energy coal ash cleanup
"intend to sue the utility for alleged coal ash pollution from the Belews Creek Steam Station in Stokes County."

Will Democrats Move to Ban Frying Pans?
"Woman Charged With Beating Boyfriend To Death With Frying Pans"

Strange Things About the Las Vegas Massacre
"Conspiracies debunked, real questions asked"

Black Man Shoots Up White Church – Media Ignores Anti-White Hate Crime
"The shooting spree received hardly any media coverage"

Residents outraged by Duke Energy
"They want us to pay for their management mistakes and picking up the coal ash that they should've dealt with years ago"

Tax cuts in North Carolina have revved up the economy
"As the White House pushes Congress to pass new legislation aimed at tax relief, I draw hope from experience."

The Difference Between Paul Ryan & Hillary: NOTHING!
"Ryan a full-blown globalist"

Why should we pay for Duke Energy’s bad decisions?
"I do not remember being paid a huge salary to make bad decisions for Duke Energy."

What They’re NOT Telling You About the Las Vegas Massacre
"Is it a lone wolf attack?...Why did eyewitnesses get a warning 45 minutes before?"

Vegas Shooter Found with Antifa Literature, Photos Taken in Middle East
"The FBI team took the suspect out after he opened fired on them"

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Mass Shooting/Suspect Converted Months Before!
"ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas terror attack"

Jared & Ivanka, We Don't Need Your Meddling in the White House
" 'Javanka'...involved in almost everything, from personnel to presidential statements."

Assange Has 'Absolute Proof' of Who Gave Him DNC Emails - and It Ain't the Russians
"Absolutely, the Russians did not provide him with these emails"

NFL Fan Poll: 80 Percent Say They’ll Watch Less Football, 53 Percent Support Trump More
"Those findings all have financial implications for the NFL and its 32 team owners"

Cher Files Suit Because She is Too Dumb to Trade Stocks
"Cher sold...for a total of $450,000...now is worth 'over $1 billion.' "

Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning Again. That Doesn't Seem Like A Good Idea
"I am not done with politics"

Navy Vet That Trump Said Was Wronged Speaks Out
"somebody like Hillary and John Podesta...are allowed to get a pass"

Round, 4 Foot Tall, Foul Mouthed Hat Thief
"Deranged Student Steals Man's Trump Hat"

NFL's Oakland Raiders Threw Game After White QB Refused To Kneel For National Anthem
"In other words, an epic level scandal"

Jeff Sessions Wakes Up! Now Maybe He'll Move On To Hillary
"DOJ files suit against company for allegedly not hiring Americans"

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Proves He's a Complete Idiot
"MSM puppet has no understanding of basic American rights"

Miley Cyrus is a Complete Idiot
"Everyone's bored of the 'skank' persona"

If Football Were Canceled, Would America Go Insane?
"My life and sanity depend on having a team to root for. If you take that away from me, I'm lost. I have nothing left."

Was It a Wiener Dog or Anthony Weiner?
"Warren teen caught having sex with wiener dog again"

Duke Investors Urge Del. Justices To Revive $102M Spill Suit
"Delaware law does not charter lawbreakers."

EPA protecting interest of wealthy polluters
"I refer to Duke Energy's polluting of five rivers in North Carolina and other states."

Crowd gathers to protest Duke Energy's proposed rate increase
"Many think it's unfair for Duke Energy to pass the costs of coal ash cleanup on to its customers."

GOP Must Protect Donald Trump Or Be Destroyed
"I will destroy every one of you"

Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration
"Clearly, the cost of doing nothing to stop illegal immigration is far too high"

Did Trump Read 1984? He Woke Up the Proles by Slaying the NFL
"a large segment of the public who were once too distracted by football to care about globalism."

Anthony Weiner Frightened of Prison Beatdown
"Wants to avoid serving time in a hardcore Brooklyn prison"

"He hasn’t even been suspended by Twitter"

Airbnb guest charged with sexual assault after climbing naked into bed of host's 7-year-old daughter
"Derrick Aaron Kinchen had allegedly tried to sexually assault his 7-year-old daughter."

Agencies and an advocate will grill at least one Duke witness
"Depositions, while common in civil proceedings, are rare in cases before the N.C. Utilities Commission."

Vast Majority of Americans Side With Trump on ‘Take a Knee’ Controversy
"Even majority of Dems & African-Americans think NFL players should stand for anthem."

The Truth About The NFL
"NFL used to drop blue pills on society"

Dozens urge commission to reject Duke Energy’s proposed rate hike
"Dozens of people rallied in downtown Raleigh Monday evening before a public hearing."

Americans Nationwide Burn NFL Tickets, Shirts in Solidarity With Trump
"We stand for this country"

Football Fans Boo Players Protesting National Anthem
"Those who attended football games Sunday expressed their displeasure with players who protested the Star Spangled Banner."

Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem
"I was unable to sleep last night"

"Epic Viral Rant!"

The consent of the governed
"Duke had successfully weakened many environmental rules by throwing money at legislators and lobbyists"

Judge Jeanine: I'll tell you what happened, Hillary
"Clinton is still bothered and bewildered about why she lost"

Why The Media Is So Scared Of Trump’s NFL Statements
"Get that son of a b**h off the field!"

Duke Energy agrees to put coal ash flood maps online after advocates complained
"It is a shame that citizens have to threaten to sue Duke Energy to get it to obey the law"

There's Something Wrong With Hillary
"Hillary Clinton is like herpes. She's painful, embarrassing, and won't go away."

Lynn Good Made Fortune's 'Most Powerful Women' list
"Lynn Good...held the highest ranking at No. 11."

Duke Energy draws environmental groups' ire over dam safety rules
"Duke pleaded guilty 18 times to nine crimes, was placed on nationwide criminal probation and fined $102 million"

Prosecutors Unveil Full Details Of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia
"Minor Victim revealed to Weiner that she was in high school."

Matt Drudge Trolls Media Matters' Russia Accusations - By Linking to Russian Media
"when you’re the independent proprietor of the most influential media website in the world, you get to set your own rules."

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Hit New Lows with Republicans
"Only 36 percent of Republican voters say they are satisfied with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell"

They Don’t Call It 'the Great Tweet of China'
"But there was one central promise without which he wouldn't have been elected: He said he'd build a wall."

Lesbian Couple Who Abused Son So Badly He’s Had Two Strokes Gets 20 Years in Jail
"his 'stepmom' repeatedly kicked him in the groin hard enough to cause bleeding."

What would flood if a Duke Energy coal ash dam broke?
"they will sue Duke Energy for not telling the public what would happen"

Duke Energy under fire for withholding emergency information on coal ash
"Duke Energy is the only utility company in the country that is withholding this information from the public."

Mueller Has Told Manafort To Lie About Trump Or He Will Be Railroaded To Prison
"Will Manafort fold?"

Tucker ON FIRE Over Trump Wiretap: 'We Live In A Country With Deeply Corrupt Institutions'
"Tucker Carlson unloaded on U.S. intelligence and the mainstream media"

Truth Blows Up In Comedians’ Faces as Trump Turns Out to be Right About Wiretapping
"Liberal celebrities still can’t admit they were wrong"

BLM and Trump Supporters Shatter 'Divided America' Narrative
"One thing to take note of is the kindness shown by the Trump supporters"

Illegal Alien Jailed After Sexually Assaulting Six-Year-Old, Grooming Children Online
"found guilty of 14 sexual offences, including a sex attack on a six-year-old girl."

Convicted Rapist Launches into Temper Tantrum During Deportation
"would rather die than go back to Togo."

Climate change science hoax now unraveling
"How much do they over-estimate warming? By about 50%."

New York Times reporter: Hillary Clinton thought it was media's 'job' to get her elected
"Hillary Clinton is blaming the news media for her loss in 2016"

Where Are the Paddy Wagons When You Need Them?
"Illegal Aliens Crash Nancy Pelosi’s DACA Press Conference: 'All of Us or None of Us!' "

Illegal Alien Charged with Attempting to Burn Off Her Son's Lips with Hot Spoon
"we realized that the child did, in fact, have some burn marks on his lips...third degree burns so quite severe in nature"

Even Illegal Aliens Are Protesting Nancy Pelosi
" 'You’re a liar' chant illegals"

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defends Trump, Slams Leftists, Ungrateful Immigrants
"And that's probably why you're only just now hearing about it."

CNN Cuts Off Black Trump Supporter When He Answers 'White Guilt' Question
"they shouldn't have to feel guilty, this is America…"

High-Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government
"CIA was created through the Council on Foreign relations with no congressional approval"

Idiots React to London Underground Attack
"Who’s to blame? Paul Joseph Watson of course…"

Trump DACA Deal Will Be Biggest Amnesty In American History
"If the president doesn’t get funding for a wall now, it will never be built. Period."

American Dreamers Not Welcome In Mexico
"For every dreamer...there is an American that needs a job, needs an education"

Donald Trump: End Chain Migration
"Trump zagged back towards his 2016 election-winning immigration platform Friday morning"

DACA Amnesty May Trigger Flood of 4-6M Foreign Nationals, Not 800K
"There will be chain migration. There always has been in amnesties"

Susan Rice Admits Unmasking Trump Team After Denying Knowing Anything
"I know nothing about this"

Sanctuary City Murder: Teen Illegal Immigrant Kills with Cop's Stolen Gun
"monitoring bracelet...used...to link Pineda to several other crimes, including five robberies and two other shooting incidents."

We Didn't Want CAEXIT This Way Either!
"If I’m sitting in North Korea and looking at possible targets, I’m going to be looking at Long Beach very closely."

James Comey’s Testimony Comes Back to Haunt Him as Senator Threatens Subpoena
"Former FBI Director James Comey may have perjured himself"

S.C. law from ’07 puts ratepayers on hook for failed nuke projects
"perverse incentive for a utility to run up the cost and not worry about it because the ratepayer will pay for everything."

New Clinton Emails Uncovered, Reveal Additional Mishandling of Classified Information
"Documents also show more instances of pay to play with Clinton Foundation donors"

Congressman Destroys The Clintons
"Congressman Matt Gaetz rips the Clintons, the establishment, and the Trump-Russia narrative to shreds in a scathing speech calling for true Justice."

It's OK to Threaten the Life of the President, But Prison for Threatening Hillary's Hair
"A federal judge ordered...Martin Shkreli to prison...offered $5,000 to anyone who could bring him a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair."

Stealing Power Pole with SUV
"officer found a utility pole strapped to the top of a vehicle"

Consumers and Advocates Ask NC Utilities Commission to Reject Duke’s Half-Billion Dollar Rate Hike
"Duke Energy's own insurance providers have refused to cover costs associated with Duke's coal ash liabilities"

Only Difference Between Paul Ryan & Hillary is Hillary is Better Looking
"House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) may have let slip his establishment status within Washington"

Hillary Clinton Denies her Mistakes Cost her the Presidency
"Blames everyone but herself for election loss"

Hillary Thinks Orwell's 1984 Was About the Need to Trust Authority
"Yes, she’s that delusional"

Top Democrats Admit To Conducting Satanic Rituals/Murders
"More proof the global elite are evil Satan worshippers"

At Least 11 Mayors Accused Of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016
"He claimed during the trial that the four-year-old was a 'willing participant.' "

Racial Justice Rap Video Depicts White Child Being Hanged
"Black Lives Matter-themed production stokes outrage"

Duke customers say rate hike ‘not fair’
"it's not the customers' obligations to pay for the company's mistakes."

Investigation into Clinton lawyers accused of deleting emails is ordered
"denied files from the FBI related to Clinton’s email investigation, due to what the bureau called a lack of public interest."

Hillary Should be Prosecuted Over Destroyed Evidence: Judge Napolitano
"Justice Department 'should prosecute Mrs. Clinton because there’s ample evidence of her guilt...' "

Hillary Confronted During Book Signing: "What Happened to Seth Rich?"
"Loomer was subsequently dragged out by Secret Service and suffered a cut to her foot."

Hillary Not Doing Well on New Book Tour
"Hillary is doing interviews again and they show exactly why she lost the election"

Awans Seek Immunity For "Significant, Disturbing" Testimony Against Wasserman- Schultz
"The scandal is going to be pretty disturbing to the American people"

"Don’t Give a F*ck" Book Outselling Hillary’s "What Happened"
"Hilariously, Hillary’s book is already hitting the bargain bins at bookstores"

Time for Duke Energy to do the right thing
"Hey Duke, this is your problem, not ours!"

Deep State Drugging Trump Ahead of Coup
"Kelly pressured Trump’s decades-long bodyguard, Keith Schiller, to resign from the White House"

Alex Jones Predicted CIA Would Blame Bin Laden For Terror Attack Before 9/11
"We’re aware of who the terrorists are, if you pull this"

Hillary Blames Comey, Russia, WikiLeaks, Facebook, Fake News, Voter ID Laws, Sexism, & Misogyny for Losing
"In just under two minutes, Clinton rattled off eight separate excuses for losing the 2016 election."

Eyewitness Account To 9/11
"An insiders view on how 9/11 changed America forever"

Hold Duke Energy accountable for rate hike
"Duke never invested in reasonable and safe methods for coal ash disposal"

No wonder Hillary’s book is so thick: Now she’s blaming the 'godforsaken Electoral College'
"Poor thing."

Dying Navy Sailors Push for Trial on Fukushima Meltdown
"former Sen. John Edwards urged a federal judge Thursday to set a date for trial."

New 9/11 study shows it was impossible that the third tower collapsed from fire
"There was an explosion in the South Tower. Floor after floor after floor. One floor under another after another"

This Interview Will Cost John Kasich His Career
"Bumbling fool and failed-candidate John Kasich embarrasses himself"

House Conservatives Considering Replacing Paul Ryan as Speaker
"I was hoping they'd indict him for taking part in a criminal conspiracy to subvert the Unites States, but replacing him is good too."

Trump Dumps Paul Ryan & Do-Nothing Congress
"Congress showed itself incapable of repealing Obamacare, though the GOP promised this as its first priority in three successive elections."

Mitch McConnell Demanded No More "Drain the Swamp" Talk
"Asked who exactly is trying to sabotage Trump, Bannon named Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan."

Former Clinton Fundraiser Says Hillary Should 'Shut The F*** Up And Go Away'
"The best thing she could do is disappear"

2 Armed Thugs Probably Thought Robbing Taco Bell Would Be a Piece of Cake
"Taco Bell Employees Fatally Shoot Armed Robber"

CNN Faces Potential Class Action Lawsuit over ‘fake news’
"Turner also expressed great disdain for CNN anchor Don Lemon and liberal filmmaker Michael Moore"

Dem IT Staffer Planted Computer for Feds to Find
"This information found in the laptop will destroy the Clinton crime syndicate if it gets out"

Has Kim Jong-un Dug His Own Grave?
"Cave-In Detected At North Korean Nuclear Test Site, Mountain Could Implode And Spew Radiation Over Entire Region"

Looking for Someone Else to Blame for HER FAILURES, Hillary Blames Joe Biden
"Biden is not the only figure in Clinton's book to take heat over her shocking loss."

Clinton Foundation Faces International Criminal Investigations
"Financial analyst exposes Clinton Foundation UNITAID fraud, faulty HIV/AIDS medications to Africa"

After Blaming Everyone Else, Hillary Now Blames Bernie Sanders for HER FAILURES
"A Clinton spokesman declined to comment on the published excerpts."

Corporate-Owned Lindsey Graham: Let's Reward Illegal Aliens With Amnesty
"enables major corporations to hire illegal or foreign workers at a cheaper rate than American workers"

Of Course Leaches Jared and Ivanka are All for Amnesty
"Jared and Ivanka Support Extending DACA"

12 Times the MSM Told Us Obama 'Wiretapped' Trump
"ever-corrupt media has used the laughable shield of hyper-literalism to protect their precious Barry."

As Its Influence Wanes, Increasingly Militant MSM Promotes Violence and Censorship
"The media is a full-blown leftwing political operation run, for the most part, by former Democrat operatives like Jake Tapper"

‘Colder showers’ remark by Duke Energy executive disturbed local elected official
"The NC Duke Energy President bragged about how they were more efficient and installing smart meters"

Reject Enemy Paul Ryan. Give "Dreamers" a Pathway to Mexico!
"Ryan asks Trump to hold off on scrapping DACA"

Well-Deserved: Paul Ryan Now as Unpopular as Pelosi
"Who knew that all these promises were nothing more than lies designed to improve fundraising"

Trump Was Right: Ryan FINALLY Criticizes Antifa
"It must’ve hurt to admit Trump was right. Ryan waited until even Pelosi & the liberal Mayor of Berkley had turned on Antifa."

Apparent New Google Motto: As Evil As We Want To Be
"Google is a clear and present danger to human freedom, human knowledge and western civilization."

Duke Energy Florida kills nuclear plant
"Westinghouse declared bankruptcy as construction of its new AP1000 reactors suffered from contractor issues and a stringent regulatory environment."

Black Man Who Wanted to 'Kill all white people' Accused of White Killing Spree
"Despite Scott’s declaration, police say they are unable to determine whether the shootings were racially motivated"

TRUMP Vindicated! ANTIFA Are Violent Thugs
"Even top Democrats have come out against the terrorist group"

The Dumbest Anti-Trump Protesters Ever
"They don’t know ANYTHING!"

Duke Energy doesn’t deserve a rate hike
"$647 million a year...for the impact of willful neglect of its coal ash pond maintenance and a poor forecast of the need for nuclear plants."

Queer Happenings In Charlotte, North Carolina Schools
"North Carolina has a transgender agenda"

Spontaneous Gospel Singing Fills Harvey Evacuation Shelter
"Victims of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey were captured on video breaking out into song at a shelter."

CNN Reporter Exits Bubble, Discovers Just How Much Texas Hates CNN
"Out here in the wilds of North Carolina, you can still lose touch."

Muslim 'Mediator' Defends Gang Rape After Attack
"The attack saw two 26-year-old Poles subjected to a 'brutal and bestial' attack"

Public Service Commission Rubber Stamps Duke Energy Deals
"The federal government will probably never take possession of spent fuel as it promised in the 1950s"

Duke Energy Carolinas seeks to abandon Lee Nuclear
"Duke Energy Carolinas is expected to use its license to develop a new nuclear project at the Lee site."

Air Force Vet Slams Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan for Licking Antifa Boots
"even the mainstream media is now being forced to go back on the narrative that Antifa has the moral high ground"

Hurricane Survivor Gets CNN Out of Her Face
"But you all are sitting here trying to interview people through their worst time. Like that's not the smartest thing to do."

Wallace & Graham Lawsuit Against Duke Energy Carolinas & Duke Energy Progress
"Duke Energy was negligent in not pursuing resources other than coal to fuel their steam stations"

Chelsea (Hubbell) Clinton Compares Michelle O. to Caitlyn Jenner
"almost exactly the same praise given to Caitlyn Jenner after her transformation."

Flashback: Webb Hubbell: 'No comment' on fathering Chelsea Clinton
"Hey, Chelsea...Has your mother ever told you you're the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton?"

As Mexico's drug cartels fracture, violence and travel warnings soar
"U.S. citizens have been the victims of...homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery in various Mexican states"

Duke Energy Scraps SC Nuke Plant, Seeks Higher Power Rates
"but wants to charge North Carolina consumers nearly $640 million over 12 years for planning, licensing, financing and other costs."

Is This Final Proof Michelle Obama Is A Man?
"Video giants clamp down as trending clip spreads worldwide"

Hillary's Skin Crawls Because It's Trying to Escape Her Maggot Infested Body
"Clinton has a deep-rooted fear she doesn’t want anyone knowing about"

Hillary Clinton Killed The Democrats
"It's Hillary Clinton that makes the entire planet's skin crawl"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Class Action Lawsuit
"Duke has also faced heavy fines and pleaded guilty to violations of the federal Clean Water Act"

Lawsuit Secret Documents Reveal Monsanto Skullduggery
"Monsanto Executive Acknowledges Acute Toxicity in Glyphosate Study Caused Death of Test Animals"

Trump Exposes #1 Enemy Of America
"Well, is it clear, Don Lemon, that almost nobody watches you and that people understand you are scum?"

Fake News: Reuters Issues Retraction after Labeling Antifa 'Peace Activists'
"Left-wing media continues to defend violent alt-left"

Former U.S. Attorney On Awan Indictment: "There Is Something Very Strange Going On Here"
"The mysterious case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (DWS) IT staffers"

A firm has filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy over coal-ash byproducts
"Trump rejects coal industry request for rare emergency order"

Black Woman Slams Media For Creating Fake Race War
"I mean the media is creating this entire narrative and it is crazy to me that people have not figured this out yet"

Rioters Vandalize Duke University Statues
"James Buchanan Duke...was a classic robber baron, being fined by anti-trust regulators numerous times and sued by former business partners."

Democratic Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal May Have 'Assassinated' Herself
"an embarrassment to our state...she should resign immediately."

No Rapist Monuments: Bill Clinton's Accusers Demand Removal of Statue
"Clinton was impeached in 1998 by the House of Representatives for lying under oath and obstructing justice "

Chelsea as Goofy as Hillary, But Looks More Like Web Hubbell Every Day
"Chelsea, has been spending a lot of time on Twitter during the last year attempting to expound on all manner of topics to show how engaged she is"

Man pepper sprays 'Soldiers Reunion Parade' participants in Newton, NC
"Karl Smith, 56, of Morganton, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault"

Maxine Waters is a Babbling Idiot
"Maxine Waters accuses Ben Carson of being 'white-wing nationalist' "

Ukrainian Collusion With Hillary Exposed
"Hillary Clinton colluded with the Ukrainian government during the 2016 election and compromised nuclear, military technology in exchange for services."

Nancy Pelosi Calls Minorities White Supremacists
"Patriot prayer rally called white supremacist event"

These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!
"High teacher shoots self at school"

30 Years of Trump Rejecting Racism, As Reported by MSM
"Trump’s rejection of racism well-documented"

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old 'Thousands of Times'
"Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, 32-years-old from Mexico, is charged with two first-degree child rape felony charges, along with immigration violations"

Get Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Out of the White House
"The conveniently timed leak immediately raised suspicions that the scoop was a timely leak from Kushner and Ms. Trump"

Will Hillary's Next Book be 'How I Ended Up In Prison'?
"The losing presidential candidate wants to talk about what went wrong. Her party wishes she wouldn't."

Doing What Americans Won't Do
"Warrant Issued For Man In Fence Sex Case"

Customers shouldn’t pay for Duke’s mess
"We the citizens of N.C. must refuse to pay for Duke’s projects endangering human civilization."

Left-Wing Magazine The Nation Report Puts ‘Russian Hack’ DNC Narrative in Freefall
"The files apparently were transferred to a data storage device at a speed not possible over the internet."

Death of Prosecutor in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s District Ruled Suicide, No Gun Found
"Back in May, police initially announced they were investigating Whisenant’s death from a head wound as a homicide"

Time For Obama to Go Down
"Obama Operatives Sabotage Trumps Presidency As AG Sessions Closes In On The Clinton Crime Family"

FLASHBACK: Trump's 2015 Warnings About NKorea's 'Maniac With Nukes'
"President has been sounding alarm on NK for a long time"

ICE Busts 32 Sex Offender Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary City
"sexual abuse, sexual assault on young children, rape, child endangerment, and promoting sexual performance of a child."

North Korea Is Clinton’s Mess
"The history behind North Korea and the U.S. is important to understand our current situation"

'Teacher of the Year' who hosted teen sex parties goes to prison
"was also a group leader at a local church, where all seven of the victims were members"

Male prostitute, 26, dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high-profile Democrat donor
"Family believes that Moore's demise was more sinister that revealed"

Google Fires Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto Author James Damore
"They just fired me for 'perpetuating gender stereotypes.' "

Intelligence Agency Caught McMaster Briefing Soros on White House Takeover
"McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily, says high-level Israeli intelligence"

‘Donna Brazile is in a Category of Persons of Interest as it Relates to the Death of Seth Rich’
"it was not just Brazile who was inquiring about his investigation, but Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as well."

DOJ Releases 413 Pages of Lynch-Clinton Emails - After Comey's FBI Said No Records Existed
"related to a controversial private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and...Loretta Lynch during the FBI’s investigation"

Letting Illegals Stay Costs Six Times More Then Deporting Them
"ICE data reveals massive savings via deportations"

Attempted Rape of 89-Year-Old NC Woman by Previously Deported Illegal Alien
"Jose Campuzano-Ramirez, a 52-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, is being held on bail"

Nearly 100 sex abuse suits against Catholic priests rock island of Guam
"The children's steadfast faith in the island's priests made them vulnerable"

NC Sen. Thom Tillis is a Total Sellout
"We need a special counsel to investigate who is blackmailing Turncoat Tillis into supporting this bill"

In 2005, Mueller Closed Grand Jury Probe into Clintons’ Pardon of Marc Rich
" 'Clinton Fixer' James Comey was DOJ chief prosecutor in Marc Rich pardon case"

Seymour Hersh Exposes DNC Leaker’s Identity
"Award winning journalist exposes the truth in a recently released audio tape"

Mueller Gave Clintons a Pass on Foundation Scams in Russia Uranium Deal
"Mueller's role as 'Clinton Fixer' as Bill and Hillary Sold Russia 20% of All Uranium Mined in USA"

Seth Rich Was Partying With Imran Awan on the Night of His Murder
"Trump confidante claims link between DNC staffer’s death and disgraced Wasserman Schultz aide"

Russia Investigation Turned To Hillary Clinton!
"A House Judiciary Committee has now requested a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and others"

Portland 'Sanctuary' Releases Felony Illegal Alien Who Rapes Elderly Woman
"He has been a transient in the Portland area for more than a year and has been deported 20 times."

Always Go to Mexico to Get Drunk
"Some were robbed, sexually assaulted and otherwise seriously injured. Many were hospitalized."

JK Rowling is a Vile Piece of Sh*t
"No Trump didn't ignore a disabled boy, you utter moron."

Robert Mueller’s Role in Clinton Scheme to Sell 20 Percent of US Uranium to Russia
"Hillary Clinton ordered Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia"

This Database Tells You Which Bad Chemicals Are Hiding In Your Tap Water
"Duke Energy...had been depositing the ash created by burning coal into 32 pits throughout the state for decades."

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide's Home
"Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chief in July 2016 after the committee’s IT system was hacked"

Trial set for 2018 in lawsuit by ash spill cleanup workers
"It will be the nation’s largest test case of whether coal ash kills."

Going to Mexico to Get Drunk; What Could Go Wrong?
"she was assaulted while both she and her husband were unconscious"

Linda Sarsour is a Complete Idiot
"A vile disgrace"

Rats Fall From Ceiling of Dallas Chipotle
"If we would have been sitting at the table next to that it definitely would have fell on top of our food"

Over 100 Report Being Sickened at Virginia Chipotle
"Number of reports of illness associated with location in question continue to rise"

Seth Rich: What Happened to the Surveillance Footage of FBI Vehicle Break-in?
"DC police and FBI cover-up of Seth Rich murder continues"

Baron & Budd Opposes Duke Energy Only Providing Water Filtration System for North Carolina Well Owners
"Baron & Budd, along with the Law Offices of F. Bryan Brice, Jr. and Wallace and Graham, represents more than 1,000 individuals"

Paul Ryan Is Enemy #1
"Establishment poster boy"

FBI cover-up in Seth Rich murder case
"FBI altered the facts of the July 10 vehicle break-in and weapons theft evidently to deflect attention from Seth Rich"

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead
"he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation."

Loose Cannon John McCain Really Needs a Head Transplant
"McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought"

Mad Maxine Waters short circuits during live TV interview
"In April, the 78-year-old congresswoman suffered a brain freeze during another interview."

Mexican, Texan Cartel Smugglers Sentenced for Kidnapping 8-year-old Girl
"threatened to sever her fingers if her parents did not pay a ransom. "

Coal ash neighbors: Don’t raise rates as pollution lingers
" 'We think this is not a proper cost to pass along to the general public,' said their attorney, John Hughes."

Cooper backtracks on well water campaign promise
"New DEQ water standard less stringent than those proposed by DHHS scientists last year"

Elizabeth Warren Challenger: 'It Takes a Real Indian to Beat a Fake One'
"I love Donald Trump. I think he’s done a great job. He’s my hero."

Google Expose Reveals Scam Behind Climate Change
"Professors get funding to push 'global warming' "

The Disgusting Dark Side Of Chelsea Clinton
"It's the whole rubber lip thing"

George Clooney is a Complete Idiot
"He's fleeing Europe due to fears over terrorism - caused by the very 'refugee' policies he advocated."

CNN Gets Payback for Threats to Expose ID
"CNN Staff Reeling After Personal Info Leaked"

CNN Blackmail Scandal
"CNN essentially blackmailed a private citizen because he made fun of CNN"

Georgia Couple Busted For Beating Restaurant Owner Over Cold Chicken, Lack Of French Fries
"Nathaniel Smith has a prior felony conviction for the sale and distribution of cocaine and marijuana."

Soros Moles Discovered Inside White House
"Also, find out why Joe Scarborough hates Donald Trump"

Belmont residents still unable to drink tap water after coal ash spill
"posted signs depicting a skull and crossbones."

Top Expert: Trump Behind Takedown Of Global Pedophile Network
"MSM admits may bring down the Catholic Church"

Former Nuclear Power Plant Executives to Stand Trial for Deaths of Over 40 People
"There is nuclear waste from the cleanup efforts everywhere in Fukushima"

Melania slaps down Mika
"The first lady issued a statement to DailyMail.com, claiming Brzezinski does not know her"

Get Ivanka & Jared Kushner Out of the White House!
"MSNBC Source: Jared Kushner Threatened Morning Joe"

Nancy Pelosi Even More Goofy Than John McCain
"Pelosi struggles to remember latest Russia accusation — 6 mins after making it!"

CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Shit”
"According to Carr, 90% of people within CNN share these beliefs."

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Calls for Jared Kushner Murder
"MSNBC Host Suggests Trump Should Have Jared Kushner Murdered"

NYT Corrects Fake News Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia

Trump Savages Morning Joe: Mika was ‘Bleeding Badly from Facelift’
"President slammed Low I.Q. Mika Brzezinski and 'Psycho Joe' Scarborough"

Pope’s Pedophile Network Imploding As His Top Aide Is Indicted For Child Rape
"Pope Francis stands by one of his top aides as he is indicted for child rape"

Vegetable Rape?
"man with history of 'deviant' sex acts with vegetables sentenced to life in prison"

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Proof Of Fake News Confirmed
"Ms. Lyon said she was ordered to report fake stories, delete unfriendly stories adverse to the Obama (Hillary) administration"

Black Trump Supporter Called White Supremacist For Supporting Trump
" 'Tolerant' liberals attack black man for conservative viewpoints"

Duke Energy’s coal-ash contractor challenges consultant hired to assess Duke’s ash operations
"Asked if seeking work with Duke would represent a conflict, Ayers said it would."

WH Press Secretary Urges ENTIRE NATION to Watch CNN Sting Video
"Project Veritas video features CNN producer admitting Russia-Trump story contrived for ratings"

Now we have collusion. Democrats should be excited
"Now we do have proof of collusion...within the Obama administration."

Government Fails Jewish School Over Lack of ‘Correct’ LGBT Teaching
"Primary school children are far too young to be exposed to ideas such as the details of non-reproductive sexual acts and gender fluidity."

Undercover Vid: CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative ‘Mostly Bullshit,’ Pushed For Ratings
"This has to be devastating for CNN. The timing is perfect"

Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results
"Tech giant nailed for manipulating search results"

Fmr. Attorney General Lynch Could Face 5-10 Years in Prison
"Senate probes improper communication between former AG and Debbie Wasserman Schultz"

Feds looking into Bernie Sanders, wife over real estate deal
"Toensing alleged that Bernie Sanders' senatorial office pressured a bank to approve the loan."

Three 'Journalists' Leaving CNN After Latest Russian Fake News
"including the executive editor in charge of a new investigative unit"

Very Fake News Scandal Consumes CNN
"I am really beginning to wonder if Baghdad Bob is calling the shots at CNN."

Ivanka in White House is Like Having Hillary in White House
"I advise my father on a plethora of things"

Couple Brutally Beats Restaurant Owners Over Food Order
"Jeanette was left with a broken nose while her daughter suffered a concussion."

Fake News: Washington Post Claims Thomas Jefferson Held White House Iftar Dinner to ‘Celebrate Ramadan’
"Jefferson never held any Iftar dinner and only three out of 45 presidents ever hosted one"

Megyn Kelly Ratings Continue Downward Spiral
"even a re-run of America's Funniest Home Videos earned more viewers."

Obama Did NOTHING About Russia Because He Expected Hillary To Win
"Obama opted not to do anything despite knowing about the Russian threat for four months."

Feminist Magazine Demands White Women Abort Their Babies to Solve Racism
"The white family unit must be destroyed"

Dyke March Organizers Ban Jewish Flag
"celebration of dyke, queer and trans solidarity"

Clueless Anti-Trump Protesters Have No Idea About Anything
"This week 'protesters' tried to explain their concerns over the 'Muslim Ban' (IT'S NOT A MUSLIM BAN!)"

The Dumbest Liberal Ever
"She thinks white men are a bigger terror threat than Islamic jihadists"

Panicked Dems Want Russian Election Hoax Dropped
"Even CNN was forced to back off the 'Russian collusion' narrative"

Meet The Man Who Is Going To Beat Paul Ryan
"stablishment reps feeling pressure"

The Elite Must Surrender Or Be Destroyed
"Elites are threshold guardians standing between humanity and its destination"

After Breitbart Investigation, CNN Retracts Fake News
"Breitbart News investigation uncovered significant inaccuracies and flaws in CNN’s work."

Senate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election
"attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our investigation with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity."

The REAL Election Hack That MSM Won’t Cover
"A Texas lawsuit could blow the lid off nationwide election hacking"

Johnny Depp is Another Washed Up Celebrity Trying to Virtue Signal His Way Out of Irrelevancy
"Depp assassinating Trump is about as likely as the actor sobering up and becoming vaguely relevant again"

USS Reagan crew can sue Japanese company over Fukushima nuclear disaster
"So far, a total of $58 billion has been paid out to victims of the disaster."

Duke Energy balks at Attorney General's request for coal ash information in rate case
"Attorney General wants more information about ash disposal...Duke has balked at providing it."

Sean Hannity Exposes Democratic Plan To Overthrow Trump, Elite Panic
"Army Colonel confirms plan in MSM interview"

Ann Coulter: The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!
"Schoolchildren across the country are being hospitalized from beatings for the crime of liking Trump."

Women Can Win Elections - As Long As They Are NOT Named HILLARY!
"The Dems also lost in South Carolina"

Suit Calls Duke Energy Coal Ash Plan Improper
"alleging that the company released a plan that calls for improperly keeping coal ash in an unlined area"

“Referendum” on Donald Trump Ends in Humiliating Defeat For Leftists
"Republican Karen Handel beat Jon Ossoff despite being outspent by a margin of 7 to 1."

Democrat Says: 'Time for Nancy Pelosi to Move on to the Next Stage of Her Life'
"Nancy Pelosi was all over this race in Georgia"

‘Sad CNN’ Meme Storms the Internet as Karen Handel Wins Georgia Special Election
"Very Fake News @CNN is very sad tonight...because, yet again, America won."

What in the Sam Hill is Hillary Doing with Security Clearance Anyway?
"State Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearance"

No Sign of a Hate Crime Here
"You're Getting the Shank, White Boy"

Megyn Kelly ‘Would Not Be Welcomed Back’ at Fox News
"Yet despite all of the hype, Kelly’s interview with Jones still flopped."

London Terrorist Fought For McCain-Backed Jihadists
"Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force"

Independent Investigators: Seth Rich Murder WAS NOT a Random Homicide
"Seth's death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer"

Col. Shaffer Warns Of Bloody Civil War, Societal Collapse
"If the government doesn't stop violence from the left, the right will inevitably retaliate"

Bill Clinton ‘son’ wishes ‘dad’ Happy Father’s Day
"posted a photo featuring Chelsea Clinton and Webb Hubbell, Hillary’s former law partner and the man some say is Chelsea’s real father."

New complaints contend Duke Energy is stalling grid connections for solar projects
"It accuses Duke...of violating state requirements for processing projects"

Right-Wing Terror Attack Exposes Rampant Left-Wing Hypocrisy
"blaming all Muslims for terrorism is racist and Islamophobic, but the left can collectively blame everyone it doesn’t like and that’s just fine."

Someone Must Replace Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan
"Republican Paul Nehlen last week said he was challenging Ryan in the GOP primary"

Starbucks is the New Waffle House
"Dispute Over Wrong Drink At Starbucks Ends In Wrestling Match, Stabbing"

Everything Fails in California
"LAPD cadets stole police cars and may have impersonated officers"

Alex Jones Challenges NBC!
"Alex Jones is challenging MSNBC and Megyn Kelly to release the full unedited version of their interview"

Megyn Kelly Picked Fights with Trump, Putin, & Alex Jones and Lost All!

"Carlson reacts to the latest Hillary Clinton's claims about her Emails scandal."

"Jones Exposes Megyn Kelly"

MSM No Longer Controls The Narrative
"MSM Goes Into Total Meltdown Fearing The Rise Of Alex Jones"

DHS John Kelly Wipes Out Obama’s ‘DAPA’ Amnesty
"voters decisively rejected his very unpopular push for the 'Gang of Eight' amnesty law"

‘Fattest Woman in the World’ Now Regrets It
"This is the kind of damage the 'fat pride' movement has wrought on our society."

Duke Energy CEO elected vice-chairman of the Edison Electric Institute
"She is also a board member of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations"

Alex Jones To Release Full Megyn Kelly Interview
"Full interview to be released"

Uber Drivers Dismembered in Mexican Border State by Cartel
"Uber driver with a passenger was kidnapped and tortured by cartel gunmen trying to gather information tied to drug trafficking."

"The media are orchestrating a bloodless coup, but they're perfectly content to have their low-IQ shock troops pursue a bloody coup."

Seething hatred of left-wing media drives shooter to target congressional Republicans
"The goal of the left-wing media has always been to terrorize voters and hypnotically control them using orchestrated fear programming."

Insurers: We’re off the hook, Duke Energy knew coal ash risk
"Duke continued to dispose of (coal ash) in unlined ash ponds long after it knew it had environmental problems."

Boo-Hoo for Illegal Aliens Who Have Demonstrated and Flaunted Being Illegal for Years
"If you’re in this country illegally and you committed a crime by being in this country, you should be uncomfortable, you should look over your shoulder."

No, Hillary, You Are NOT Wonder Woman; You Are the Sea Hag
"Hillary Clinton compares herself to Wonder Woman"

"Would you get your travel card implanted into your HAND?"

Duke Energy knowingly risked groundwater contamination from coal ash
"Duke’s ash ponds were built without any provision to prevent the contaminants from escaping into groundwater."

Hillary Clinton STILL Holds Top Secret State Dept Access
"This explains why State Dept. undermines Trump"

Ivanka Cannot Stand the Heat and Needs to Get Out of the Kitchen
"Ivanka Trump On The Viciousness Of Washington D.C."

What Do You Mean 'We'? No One Elected You, Ivanka!
"we want to do big, bold things."

Why Are You People Surprised That Ivanka Trump Sucks?
"It's fun to mock her, but after a while it leaves you feeling a little dead inside."

Watch This!
"Notre Dame attacker shouted 'this is for Syria' before being shot"

Next Toilet Paper Will be Accused of Being Evidence of White Supremacy
"Prof: 'white marble' in artwork contributes to white supremacy"

Where Will it End?
"Milk new symbol of 'white nationalism,' "

Seth Rich raised questions about voter integrity before his murder
"police were instructed to withhold information from him about Rich's case by…Donna Brazile."

John McCain’s Incoherent Questioning Of James Comey Shows Why We Need Term Limits
"For at least the third time, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the current president as George W. Bush."

Ivanka Trump: The New Hillary Clinton in the White House?
"she has sat in on meetings with Chinese and Japanese leaders while her company was arranging trademark and business deals in those countries."

Former Cruz Spokeswoman Compares Ivanka Trump To Hillary Clinton
"She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikeable"

Alex Jones: Ivanka Trump sounding a lot like Hillary Clinton
"and we didn’t want Clinton in the White House"

Donald Trump Jr. a Chip Off the Ol' Block; Ivanka Better Suited for Hillary Camp
"Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad"

Ivanka Really Needs to Join Hillary
"Ivanka to join Trump in jobs push"

Jeb Bush Defends Trump, Admits No One Cares About Him
"Jeb returns: please clap"

Bush AG: Lynch ‘Betrayal’ Made DOJ ‘An Arm Of The Clinton Campaign’
"adjusting the way the department talked about its business so as to coincide with the way the Clinton campaign talked about that business"

Pelosi Still Throwing Stones From Her Glass House
"Moments After Questioning Trump's Mental Health, Pelosi Has Senior Moment(s)"

Twitter ‘verifies’ Bill Clinton ‘son’ — before Bubba does
"Danney Williams is who he says he is — at least according to Twitter."

Does John McCain even know what’s going on?
"Viewers went wild on Twitter, with some speculating about the 80-year-old’s health."

Comey Admits Leaking Memo to Manipulate Special Counsel Appointment
"Comey asked a close friend of his - Columbia law professor Daniel Richman - to leak the content of his memos to the media"

Loretta Lynch Ordered Comey to Downplay Hillary's Email Investigation
"Comey said that he was uncomfortable with the unexpected meeting Lynch had with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac"

Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory 'came apart' with Comey testimony
"Trump…not personally under any investigation…president had encouraged the Russia investigation, even if it implicated any of his associates."

Obama Never Warned State Election Officials Of Russian Election ‘Hacking’
"Over-and-over again, they did say there was no credible threat."

Alex Jones Offers 1 Million To Charity For Chelsea Clinton's Paternity Test
"She looks just like her daddy [Webster Hubbell], despite four plastic surgeries"

Confirmed: Comey Planted Inside FBI as Clinton Fixer
"Former FBI Director made sure Clintons were never prosecuted"

Comey Thought He Knew of Obstruction of Justice in Hillary Case
"Furthered the obstruction instead of reporting it"

Hillary 'falling apart before our very eyes'
"She cannot accept what’s happening. She has been rejected. This is the most-cheated-on woman in America, including by her own party."

NC attorney general intervenes in Duke Energy rate request
"I'd like for them to eat the costs themselves"

News blackout on refugee boys who sexually assaulted Idaho girl
"Judge slaps gag order on parents of 5-year-old victim"

Hillary: Way to Stop Terrorism is to “Understand” Other Cultures & Their Food
"Another bright idea from the woman who just won't shut up"

Nearly 50,000 urge Trump to probe Seth Rich murder
"It’s the mysterious slaying no one in the mainstream media or Congress wants to talk about"

Where's Beavis? We've Found Butt-Head
"Khuram Shazad Butt came to Britain as a child when his parents sought asylum"

Megyn Kelly gets outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin
"just about enough time to confirm that she’s still not a great interviewer"

Dems Understand People are Tired of Seeing Hillary's Face & Hearing Her Screeching Mouth
"Good God, what is she doing?"

Al Franken Cuts Off Kathy Griffin
"Al Franken has reversed himself and decided 'it would be best' for Kathy Griffin not to attend"

Huma Abedin did 'Russia' favors for Clinton Foundation
" 'hooked up' people from the Russian American Foundation with 'the right people' at the State Department"

Kushner’s lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, A Decades-Long Clinton Loyalist
"Trump’s son-in-law and policy advisor Jared Kushner hires globalist lawyer to represent him in Russia investigation"

Flashback – Kathy Griffin: ‘Happy to Deliver Beat Down’ to Barron Trump
"was happy to 'deliver a beat down' to Trump’s youngest son, 11-year-old Barron Trump."

Another day, another excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election
"This time, she’s blaming the American form of government"

Will Hillary Call Treason a "Nothing Burger" From Prison?
"Hillary Clinton’s ‘excuses tour’ hits a new low"

Hillary's LOSING Excuses so Lame, Even CNN Mocks Her!
"Russians cloaked Wisconsin so she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there."

The Complete (And Ever Expanding) List Of Hillary's Excuses For Election Loss
"Two-time failed presidential hopefully Hillary Clinton has blamed everything and everyone other than the old lady looking back at her in the mirror"

Even Hillary’s ‘PR Person’ Says She’s “Drawing a Conspiracy Theory” Over Russia/Trump
"Hillary Clinton blamed everyone except herself for her election loss to Donald Trump"

Nuclear nightmare worse than Fukushima could hit US because of ignored risks – study
"disaster would lead to 'trillion-dollar consequences,'...fire would result in contamination of an area larger than New Jersey and force mass relocations."

Face It Hillary; The Best Man Won!
"plethora of excuses for losing the election"

Hillary Invents Even More Excuses for LOSING Election
"Hillary: I Lost the Election Because of Infowars and Wikileaks"

Putin Tells Truth that Hillary Tries to Hide
"unwillingness of those who were stunned by the defeat in the November elections to take responsibility for their poor performance."

Oh Dear, Kathy Griffin Misses Her Calling, Not Classy Enough to be the Squatty Potty Girl
"CNN fires comedian from New Year's Eve lineup following anti-Trump 'severed head' photo shoot"

Burglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting
"Private investigator sues police to determine if crimes are connected"

Kathy Griffin Beheads Herself in New Ben Garrison Art
"Kathy Griffin’s outrageous publicity stunt Tuesday didn’t go as planned"

Did Dems' 'Russian connections' claim just disintegrate?
"Man who started investigation admits no evidence and has been caught lying to Congress"

It Does Not Matter What the Left Thinks; Jared Kushner is Poison for Trump
"My sense is Jared is going to have a longer leash and would be treated differently."

Putin More Credible Than Hillary or John McCain
"Russian meddling 'fiction' invented by Democrats"

Illegal Aliens Disrupt Texas House Floor
" 'I'll put a bullet in your head': Fistfight nearly erupts on final day of contentious legislative session"

TV news network boosts Seth Rich reward
"resident at the hospital who confirmed Rich was not only alive when he arrived, but that his injuries were not life-threatening."

DNC Leaks Came From Inside, Not Russian Hackers
"Russian hacking scheme is nothing more than a lame Clinton excuse for losing."

New Evidence Suggests Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker
"Rich had access to leaked DNC emails"

Why Democrats want you to forget the Confederacy
"Ku Klux Klan was the military arm of the Democratic Party."

8th graders refuse to take a photo with Paul Ryan because they don't "want to be associated with him"
"Speaker Ryan is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country"

If Hillary Runs Again, the Grim Reaper Will be Her Running Mate
"Rahm Emanuel Gets Really Uncomfortable Over Questions About Clinton Potentially Running for President Again"

Unstable Hillary Cannot Grasp that She is a Total LOSER
"Hillary Clinton defiantly claims she DEFEATED Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders"

Jared Kushner Number 1 Mole in White House
"made a pre-inauguration proposal to the Russian ambassador to set up a secret, bug-proof link with the Kremlin."

Fire Jared Kushner
"Through his wife Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner has become a dominant force against the nationalist populism that got Donald Trump elected"

Grim Reaper Will "Impeach" Coughing Hillary
"She is the most wanted traitor in American history, worse than Benedict Arnold."

Good Riddance; Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Calling it Quits on President Trump's International Tour
"booing the couple as their motorcade left the site."

Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes
"Schultz is in charge of the budget of the police force that is investigating her staffer and how he managed to extract so much money and information from members."

FLASHBACK: Jared Kushner Is Leaking To MSNBC
"Trump senior advisor texting information to Joe Scarborough"

Hillary Missing After It’s Revealed Where Seth Rich Was Headed When He Was Assassinated
"It’s starting to look like the 30 year Clinton crime spree, which started all the way in Arkansas, might finally be coming to an end."

Donna Brazile warned off private eye on Seth Rich murder
"Ex-DNC chairwoman reportedly asked cops why investigator is 'snooping' into mysterious case"

Listen to Ann Coulter & Steve Bannon NOT Ivanka & Jared Kushner
"If Trump Does Not Keep His Promises in 2018, GOP Will Be Wiped Out, Dems Will Impeach"

UnitedHealth fudged Medicare claims, overbilled by $1 billion
"Justice Department alleged that the insurer made patients appear sicker than they actually were in order to collect higher Medicare payments"

‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement
"Democratic Party officials are terrified of the Seth Rich murder investigation."

Unelected Ivanka & Jared Kushner Hang On Like Leeches
"GREAT AGAIN: Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bow to Saudi king"

British Teen Sex Slaves Fed Into Meat Grinders By Muslims
"Muslims Attack Journalist In England For Investigating Sex Slavery"

Don't Put a Pampered Fox in Charge of Overhauling President Trump's Hen House!
"Jared Kushner to Play ‘Key Role’ in Overhaul of Trump Team"

Gowdy Hints at Clinton Wrongdoing: It’s Worse Than You Think
"There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down"

Donald Trump, Seth Rich And The Gangster Culture That Permeates Washington
"Rich was the one that leaked a treasure trove of Democratic National Committee documents to WikiLeaks, and as a result he was killed for doing it."

Chilling similarities between Seth Rich murder and 'Clinton Body Count' victims
"The night of [Foster’s] death, Hillary launched one of the most shameful – and illegal – cover-ups of her entire career."

Dead DNC staffer 'had contact' with WikiLeaks
"We were told to stand down on this case and I can't share any information with you"

Was DNC Hack an Inside Job After All?
"there is tangible evidence on Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death."

Two Bit NC High School Principal Cannot Stop Trump Wall
"North Carolina high school confiscates every yearbook, claiming white female student's 'build that wall' quote is 'inappropriate' "

Bullets Are Also an Excellent Illegal Alien Deterrent
"Hungary Electrifies Border Wall"

America's death coming by a thousand visas
"Expert warns of many legal paths Muslims take to U.S. for civilization jihad"

Democrats erasing history in American South
"I can’t understand why Democrat leaders want old venerated Democrat heroes taken down!"

Muslim Hijab Rap CRINGE FEST
"No, the Muslim veil is NOT a symbol of feminism, you utter morons"

Elizabeth Warren is the White Maxine Waters
"Even liberal MSNBC has to point out Waters’ ridiculous hypocrisy"

Flashback: Russia Interfered to Help Dems in 1968 & 1984
"Ted Kennedy ASKED Russians to intervene in 1984!"

Michael Savage: How to save Trump presidency
"Stop tweeting, stop listening to liberal 'Manhattan' family members"

Once Bright Elizabeth Warren Devolves Into a Babbling Fool
"Warren: ‘Comey Was Fired Because of the Russians’ "

Jared Kushner's Call to Canada Saved NAFTA - Kushner is Part of the Swamp!
"Kushner at the center of the globalist effort to save NAFTA."

Duke Energy 2017 Meeting of Shareholders
"Duke management will admit this, but only if injected with sodium pentothal."

Protesters gather at Duke Energy HQ during first online-only shareholder meeting
"50 protesters outside Duke’s headquarters were also talking about coal ash and other issues"

Trump son-in-law family tries to get foot out of mouth
"The pitch raised concern over potential conflicts of interest and set off a media firestorm"

Trump Schools CNN Reporter in 1990 – Then Drops the Mic – Literally
"Trump has been calling out (Very) Fake News CNN for decades"

President Trump Tells Incredible Story of an American War Hero
"Allied forces lost 656 men, 69 aircraft, a fleet carrier, destroyer, and an oiler."

Duke Energy Moved Shareholder Meeting Online, But Could NOT Stop Protesters
"I see this as a sad reflection of the continuation of the centralization of power, and a dangerous trend toward shielding Duke from public scrutiny"

'Daddy's Girl' Ivanka Went From Rearing Kids to Trying to Take Over White House
January: "Ivanka will be stay-at-home mom"

‘Clinton Cash’ Author Sounds Alarm Over Kushner, Soros Ties
"Schweizer calls for independent audit of Kushner finances"

Assange Calls Clinton ‘Butcher of Libya’
"Hillary blames 'Russian WikiLeaks' for loss, Assange fires back"

Be prepared for protesters around Duke Energy’s building
"They’re cutting out impacted community members from being able to voice their concerns"

Duke Energy wants to push coal basin cleanup costs onto its customers
"now that the bill comes due that they want to foist the entirety of that responsibility on their customers in the state."

Phony Ivanka Trump Reluctant to Give Maternity Leave to Her Employees
"Well, we don’t have maternity leave policy here."

Obama's Queer Feelings
"Obama also considered a gay relationship"

Can Only the Grim Reaper Save US From More Hillary?
"Her ethics, her ties to Wall Street, her personal unlikability, and her representing a generation past are all curses"

DNC: We rigged primaries. So what?
"Democrats such as Wasserman-Schulz and Donna Brazile would likely be called to testify under penalty of perjury."

Muhammad Ali's racist, mosque tirades revealed in new FBI files
"Nation of Islam received 80 percent of the boxer's earnings."

Hillary Keeps Trying to Blame Someone Else for HER Election Loss
"I was on the way to winning"

No One Voted for Jared Kushner & Ivanka Running White House
"Kushner Didn’t Disclose $1 Billion in Loans, Investment Ties to Goldman Sachs and George Soros"

America's "swamptopian" future now beyond reform
"Trump has done us a great service by conclusively proving the swamp is beyond reform"

Protesters Stunned To Be Fired for Laying Out of Work
"skipped work to attend a 'Day Without Immigrants' "

Public Enemy #1: Paul Ryan
"Paul Ryan Expands H-2B Blue-Collar Outsourcing Program for 2017"

Could Hillary's Being a Lying, Demonic, Shrill, Criminal, Repulsive Scag Bag Have Contributed to Her Failures?
"Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost"

We Would Expect This in California, Not North Carolina
"Raleigh police outraged after restaurant employees sing 'F the Police,' "

Former SEAL: Take Down The Pedophile Elite
"Attempt at documentary film has already been met with push back"

The real price of coal
"Duke says all its customers own a little coal ash."

Totally Incompetent Paul Ryan Under Fire Again
"growing chorus of voices on the right of the Republican Party calling for Ryan to relinquish the speaker’s mace"

Bribes Tie Jared Kushner To Communist China
"Roger Stone first broke the news that Jared Kushner was compromised by China and now it has been proven true"

We Did NOT Elect Ivanka Or Jared Kushner as President
"Ivanka Trump’s policies are sounding a lot like Hillary Clinton, and we didn’t want Clinton in the White House"

Ivanka as Dense as Donald is Brilliant
"Ivanka Trump said that opening the border to Syrian refugees 'has to be part of the discussion...' "

Ivanka Becoming a High Profile Problem in White House
"accusations of nepotism in the Trump White House regarding President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka"

Will We be Force Fed Chelsea PR 'News' for the Next 40 Years?
"Chelsea Clinton Gets Another Award For Doing Nothing Special"

Entry Fee? Even Mexicans Don't Want to go to Mexico!
"Border wall talk leads top Mexican official to float American entry fee"

Who Will Totally Collapse First, Pelosi, Hillary or John McCain?
"Pelosi breakdown? Garbles words, mispronounces countries in short speech"

Paul Ryan's Approval Rating Plummets as People Discover What an Idiot He Really Is
"Other legislative initiatives have stalled under Ryan’s leadership."

Paul Ryan Needs to be Removed as Speaker & Then From Congress
"Border Patrol Union President RIPS Paul Ryan for Delaying Funding on Border Wall"

Border rancher: Illegal crossings down 90% since Trump became president
"500,000 illegal aliens have crossed his property in the 30 years he’s owned it."

Instant Justice: Antifa Assaults Journalist In DC, Gets Arrested Immediately
"Tattooed vagrant was swiftly placed under arrest"

Let Ivanka Stay in Berlin & Out of Washington
"Ivanka Trump was booed in Berlin on Tuesday"

Duke Energy must pay to clean up after itself
"It was Duke’s decision to choose the cheap option of simply piling up its waste"

Everyone Has Baggage; President Trump's Baggage is Ivanka
"Climate Scientist Urges President Trump not to Cave to Ivanka’s ‘Climate Change Madness’ "

Comey 'distrusted former Attorney General Loretta Lynch because she tried to play down the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails'
"Lynch and other in the Justice Department had provided Clinton with political cover"

What L.A. People Really Think of L.A. as a Sanctuary City
"Trump supporters take over Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Meeting on immigration"

Obama entangled in brand-new 'political espionage' scandal
"One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election - Hillary's"

Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary’s Loss
"Clinton’s Russia-blame-game was a plan hatched by senior campaign staffers John Podesta and Robby Mook"

Duke Energy neighbors featured in coal ash documentary "From the Ashes"
"government allowed Duke Energy to send us this letter saying it’s OK to drink your water when we knew it was not"

Duke Energy Does Not Want to Pay for Coal Ash Problems
"coal ash is a problem that Duke Energy created and...Duke Energy should be responsible for the cost"

Even Sen. Graham Praises Trump, But Graham is Still an Idiot
"GOP Sen Graham: I’m ‘Happiest Dude In America’ With Trump’s Foreign Policy, ‘I Am All In’ "

Bill O'Reilly's Ad Revenue in Free-Fall
"It’s worse than Glenn Beck...Beck lost his show on Fox in 2011 when advertisers turned against him."

Trump Must Move Against Paul Ryan And Other Republican Traitors
"You must have them indicted. They must be put in prison…And Paul Ryan needs to be investigated"

U.S. Border Officials Suspected of Working with Drug Smugglers
"management is making the decision to pull agents out of certain zones to allow contraband to come across the border"

Donald Trump on Gangs: ‘They Are Getting the Hell out or They Are Going to Prison’
"The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. allowed bad MS 13 gangs to form in cities across U.S..."

Well, Google DID Drop the "Don't Be Evil" Motto
"Did Google just surpass Monsanto as the world’s most EVIL corporation?"

The Saga of North Carolina’s Contaminated Water
"It’s like our state is deaf, and the only voice they can hear is Duke Energy."

Show Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump the Door
"Cohn is being accused of pushing President Donald Trump to abandon many of his populist campaign promises"

GRAPHIC — Mexican Cartel Gunmen Murder Toddler, Family in Shooting Spree
"The gunmen went around the perimeter shooting the four family members, including a two-year-old boy."

Actor Totally Gets Into the Role of Judas
"man, 23, playing Judas in Easter passion play slips and accidentally hangs himself"

Kushner Assuming “Direct Control” of Foreign Policy
"Kushner pegged as 'shadow Secretary of State' "

Let Ivanka Stick to Selling Dresses & Leave Running the US to President Trump
"This is literally the official story now. Whatever makes Ivanka sad, we will attack"

On the verge of nuclear war, here are SEVEN critical things you need to know about iodine
"Iodine alone is not sufficient protection from nuclear fallout or nuclear accidents"

Illegal Alien Problem Solved in Libya
"Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya"

Arrests of illegal criminals jumps 250% in one week
"What's more, they targeted members of the violent MS-13 gang and illegals charged with sex crimes against kids."

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’
"Increasingly, Ivanka is having more and more influence over her father"

#FireKushner Takes Over Twitter
"Outraged Trump supporters blame president’s son-in-law and top adviser for decision to strike Syria"

Workplace Surveillance Is The New Office ‘Perk’
"Wellness programs are perhaps the most common way for employers to gain access to their workers’ intimate data."

Refugees Admit Sex Attack on Disabled Girl in Idaho
"Americans are deliberately misled about refugee programs by politicians working hand-in-hand with secretive refugee resettlement program directors."

Judge Nap: Unmasking Americans for Reasons other than National Security is ‘called espionage’
"Under U.S. federal law, espionage is a felony punishable by death"

Muslim refugees plead guilty to sexually assaulting 5-year-old Idaho girl
"We have just begun to clean house in Idaho."

Dan Rather publishes 'fake news' about himself
"He washed out of boot camp while trying to become a Marine."

Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce 'Detailed Spreadsheets' Involving Trump
"this is a leaking of signal intelligence. That's a felony…And you can get 10 years for that."

Susan Rice Was Clearly Lying When She Denied Obama Surveillance of Trump
"Former national security adviser was deceptive throughout PBS appearance"

Rand Paul Calls For Susan Rice To Testify On Unmasking Trump Officials
"Paul argued the situation should not be downplayed"

Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite Pedophiles
"Experts say this story is just the tip of the iceberg"

Susan Rice Flashback: ‘I Know Nothing’ About Trump Unmasking
"White House lawyers reveal she was lying"

Somali Migrant Charged With Raping Two Disabled German Men, Murdering Victim’s Elderly Wife
"19-year-old Moroccan man plead guilty to raping a 90-year-old German woman on her way home from church, in broad daylight."

Don't Get Bitten by TaxAct.com

Hillary Kept Top Secret Access AFTER Leaving State Dept
"Secretary Clinton and her associates received special treatment"

FBI Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos of 9/11 Pentagon Crash
"New photos provide clues into Pentagon crash"

Protests mount against Duke Energy holding online-only annual shareholders meeting
"How does a big corporation facing criticism on a number of fronts try to escape a face-to-face showdown?"

Duke Energy shareholders lash out over meeting switch: ‘This is hiding from debate’
"Duke Energy is facing growing pressure to reverse a decision to push its upcoming annual shareholders meeting online"

Voters Find Out What an Idiot Paul Ryan Really is
"Ryan’s slide means that a majority of likely voters nationwide view him unfavorably"

Duke Energy to build a natural gas plant on Duke University campus
"The shady reputation of Duke Energy does not serve our University"

Did the Freedom Caucus just pull the Republican Party back off the ledge, before it jumped to its death?
"Paul Ryan…having voted 50 times over seven years to repeal Obamacare…had no consensus plan ready to replace it."

Feed a Snake and Guess What Happens
"Texas Woman Bound, Kidnapped After Helping Illegal Immigrant"

Pair of Illegal Aliens Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Girl In Nation’s Capital (‘Sanctuary City’)
"Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, both of the 11500 block of Elkin Street in Wheaton."

Judge Jeanine: ‘Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down’
"This is not on President Trump"

Illegal deported 4 times charged in sex attack on girl, 2
"probably the most heinous criminal act I've ever seen…It really is nauseating."

Forgotten case: Girl, 5, sexually assaulted by refugee boys
"the little girl did tell her parents that a knife was used to threaten her."

After illegal-alien bathroom rape, superintendent accuses community of racism
"Both teens were detained at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2016 and targeted for deportation proceedings"

Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan Wanted Ryancare to Cover Illegal Aliens
"Such a defeat…would heavily damage Speaker Ryan's control of the House."

Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan Dragging GOP Into Gutter
"I can’t recall a more universally detested piece of legislation than this GOP health-care bill"

Downstream from Duke Energy plant, search continues for clean drinking water
"Their yearslong struggle is directly linked to the Belews Creek Steam Station"

‘The Ninth Circus’: Judge Jeanine Slams Hawaii Judge For Travel Ban Ruling
"I think all the refugees should go to Hawaii"

Paul Ryan trying to undermine Trump
"If he refuses to resign, the House should move to vacate the position and elect a new speaker of the House."

N.C. voters overwhelmingly oppose letting Duke Energy charge customers for coal ash cleanup
"83.8% say Duke itself should pay for cleaning them up and not charge customers."

Pension Grabber Sen. Rob Portman Doesn't Want His Pork Cut
"Big Government Republicans Rebuke Trump Budget"

Principal recruits students for secret 'gay' club
" 'We're keeping it on the down low' so parents can't stop kids from attending"

Congressman Just Calls Them as He Sees Them
" 'Thank You Sir': Congressman Refers to Rachel Maddow as a Man"

Rand Paul Fires Back at 'Loose Cannon' John McCain: 'Past His Prime,' 'A Little Bit Unhinged'
"I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits."

Coincidence? Obama Makes Surprise Visit to Hawaii 48 Hours Before Judge Blocks Trump Travel Ban
"Obama had dinner at the Noi Thai restaurant, which is just minutes away from the courthouse and...'likely within 5 minutes of the judge’s house' "

Lou Dobbs: Speaker Paul Ryan Should Resign
"Dobbs followed up his call for Ryan’s resignation with two Tweets calling for the full repeal of Obamacare."

Illegal Alien Faces Deportation after Raping Teen in NC
"Martell has lived in North Carolina for 19 years and graduated from North Gaston High School."

Time to Terminate Paul Ryan's Command
"A new Speaker...would make life much easier for President Trump as he moves forward with his agenda."

Paul Ryan is the New Obama
"the bill fails to make good on Republicans' promise to repeal ObamaCare."

Snoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot
"Snoop needs to stick to his weed-addled stupor and trop trying to be politically edgy."

PROOF: Nancy Pelosi Is A Two Faced Lying Fraud
"The latest double speak from the Democrats is unbelievable."

Speaker Paul Ryan Targets His Own Republicans, Not Democrats, with Ads on Health Care
"replacing not just Obamacare but replacing Ryan as Speaker."

Trump vs Obama
"Obama is a coward."

With Republicans Like Paul Ryan You Don't Need Democrats
"Paul Ryan Replaces Obamacare’s Insurance Penalties with Even Larger Penalties"

Paul Ryan Fails to Sell Obamacare as Ryancare
"I think it's pretty funny that Paul Ryan is trying to tell us what the Senate rules are"

Obama's 'Watergate': Ex-prez caught in 'biggest scandal in U.S. history'
"Major 'uh-oh moment' for Democrats as Russia-hacking story boomerangs on left"

Ex-NSA Officials Carried Out DNC Hack to Expose Hillary
"Disgruntled operatives used technique to ensure Russia would be blamed"

Fix Is In: House Committee on ‘Russian Hacking’ Includes Only DNC-Hired Tech Experts
"there is reason to believe that what CrowdStrike has concluded is not accurate."

Democratic Groups Paid Ransom Demanded by Russian Hackers to Keep Protester Funding Secret
"paid ransoms ranging from $30,000 to $150,000"

What About Zero Visas?
"31 Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans"

This Nut Did Not Fall Far From the Tree
"Sen. Tim Kaine's son arrested: Three cops, pepper spray used in arrest"

Illegal Alien Teen Beheaded His Mother in North Carolina
"Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machada, 18… an illegal immigrant living in North Carolina from Honduras."

The real Russian scandal needing investigation
"As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One…a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation."

I want that wall built yesterday
"illegal alien from El Salvador, Rigoberto Arevalo Cubias, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl"

NC teen walks out of home holding mother's head!
"Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder"

Supreme Court Scraps Obama’s Tranny Bathroom Policy
"The Court rejected a challenge from a transgendered student"

Supremes close door on Obama's perverted redefinition of 'sex'
"redefine the term 'sex' in federal law to include whatever gender a person may feel like on a particular day."

Hillary Looks Everywhere to Explain Election Loss - Except in the Mirror!
"The finger-pointing began the day after the election and has continued inside Clinton’s orbit."

Investigate THIS: 'Loose Cannon' McCain's Ties To ISIS
"Why is his secret meeting not aiding & abetting terrorists and seditious conspiracy?"

Duke Energy replacing in-person shareholder meetings with online event
"It looks like they’ve taken a move to wipe all dissent or even questioning off the table"

Judge accused of helping illegal alien ESCAPE from her courtroom while ICE agents waited outside to deport him to Mexico
"Judge Monica Herranz"

Flashback: Chuck Schumer Meets with Putin in New York City
"But it was Schumer who met with Putin in New York City – not Trump."

Illegal El Salvador migrant gang members 'kidnapped, drugged and raped a 14-year-old Houston girl and murdered another to appease insulted demon'
"The MS-13 gang members laughed, smiled and waved in court."

Leftist hate group meets 'Weekly Reader'
"Online teachers' resources gives progressives open door to school children"

Judge grants restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist accused of threatening L.A. police commissioner
"Ferguson is part of a group that regularly disrupts the Police Commission’s weekly meetings"

Facebook accepts ‘blood money’ from terrorist activities
"Facebook allows terrorist groups to use the social network as a recruiting platform"

Keep Calling Attention to Yourselves; Paddy Wagons Are Waiting!
"Moments after an immigrant spoke out about her fears of deportation, she was detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement."

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot
"Watch this if you’re sick of being lectured about your lifestyle by Hollywood celebrities!"

Trump May ‘be there for 8 years,’ CNN’s Van Jones Admits
"That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period"

Target Stocks Down $15 Billion Since Promoting Transgender Agenda
"Value down 30% while WalMart gains 3% in same period"

Washington Post: Fake-news Partner with the CIA
"The Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, is the founder and CEO of Amazon — which recently landed a $600 million contract with the CIA."

Unreported: 1,500 Pedophile Arrests Have Been Made Nationally Since Trump Took Office
"President Donald Trump is making good on his pledge to use the 'full force and weight' of the U.S. government to break up child sex trafficking rings"

Snake-In-The-Grass Paul Ryan Itching to Cut Social Security & Medicare Benefits
"For Paul Ryan, this seems to be the opportunity he has been waiting for and working for for years"

Previously-Deported Illegal Alien Beats Desert Storm Veteran to Death
"15-year US Navy veteran beaten outside of his home during carjacking"

CNN Lies - Again: 'We Don't Root For Any President'
"Clinton News Network caught in yet another blatant lie"

Google an “information dominance” front for the CIA
"Google began customizing its search engine under special contract with the CIA for its Intelink Management Office"

CA Should be Ecstatic with More Illegal Sewage from Mexico
"Large sewage spill in Tijuana, Mexico, flows north of border"

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list
"Donald Trump is our chance to take down the deep state"

Democrats Booed God
"Wow, they booed the name of Jesus."

Report: Duke gave flawed analysis of water migration
"groundwater from the leaking, unlined coal ash basins at Allen is migrating off-site and reaching nearby drinking water wells."

Groups cite updated study to claim groundwater flows from Duke Energy coal-ash ponds to Belmont wells
"He confirms the model shows groundwater flows from the ponds to the neighborhood wells."

"Obama ADDED over $200 billion in debt to America in his first month."

'Chinagate' fundraiser feared Clintons would murder him
"just days before Chung was supposed to testify before a grand jury, the FBI headquarters abruptly ended his protection detail."

'Loose Cannon' John McCain Hit Up Russia for Campaign Contribution
"WikiLeaks document just surfaced that exposes John McCain as the CRIMINAL TRAITOR that he truly is!"

U.S. Muslim preschool teacher urges: 'Kill some Jews'
"How was the copper wire invented? They threw a penny between two Jews."

Lawmakers to Request Probe of $418M Arms Sale to Kenya on Obama’s Last Day
"The Mooresville, N.C. company, IOMAX USA Inc., costed out 14 planes at $237 million"

Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money to Hillary & Podesta
"Now we know why Clinton & Co. were so desperate to frame Trump with ties to Putin"

Army Veteran Pushed into Oncoming Traffic - Yomar Moran Charged with Murder
"charged Moran with second-degree murder, manslaughter, robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon."

Denver Police Ignore Immigration Officers’ Pleas, Release Illegal Alien Before Alleged Murder
"charged an illegal immigrant with murdering an American just one month after they released the alien from jail"

Border Patrol Agents Arrest 5th Illegal Alien Sex Offender in California
"will now prosecute the Mexican national for Reentry After Removal as a convicted sex offender."

Allahu Wants a Klondike Bar or Whatever
"Hushed reverence amongst liberals for most misogynistic belief system on the planet"

Day Without Immigrants BACKFIRES on These Hispanic Workers
"You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off, and you can enjoy many more. Love you"

Muslim Spies Working for Dems in Congress Had MASSIVE Debts
"Democrats who employed these criminals are ducking for cover."

Now Democrats call Obama's shadow government 'The Devil'
"Next to Jimmy Carter, Obama single handedly did more to destroy the Democratic Party than the GOP could have"

Obama Got Into Office Because John McCain Was a Joke Candidate
"McCain’s been wrong on just about everything over the last four decades."

The Washington Post Takes Russian Government Money
"The mainstream media is the real fake news"

Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After Accusing CNN of Fake News
"found that CNN may have acted with 'actual malice' with the report"

Black Trump Supporter Blasts Sanctuary Cities: “All the Jobs Are Going to Illegals!”
"When my people do a crime, they get three strikes, your people do a crime, they get amnesty"

Chelsea Clinton ‘Horrified’ By Detention of Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Domestic Abuser
"As we all know, our violent, domestic abusing, transsexual, six-time deportee illegal aliens are our greatest strength"

Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities
"Isn’t it funny how celebrities who lecture us about how racist we are all live in the whitest areas possible?"

Duke study finds harmful level of element in lakes caused by energy plant
"We have a state and a separate federal lawsuit against Duke for its illegal pollution at Mayo Lake"

Explosive new hacking scandal has Democrats' fingerprints
"Greenfield reported that the three Pakistani brothers had worked only for Democrats"

DEMOCRAT Mayor Caught on Tape Calling Blacks ‘Chimps’ and Women THIS
"Last month, the mayor said disabled people 'aren’t even human beings.' "

Trump Begins Pedophile Roundup
"Sandusky's Son Arrested On Sex Charges"

California Begging Trump for Help - Money Better Spent on Wall between USA and Illegal Sanctuary CA
"warned 12 years ago...spent all of their time catering to non-citizens."

India tosses out Gates Foundation due to conflicts of interest with Big Pharma
"GSK and Merck essentially teamed up with the Gates Foundation to take advantage of young Indian girls and use them as human guinea pigs"

Microchips Are Perfect for All Illegal Aliens
"Outlawing microchipping humans not so far-fetched"

Hey, I Went Out With a Real Dog Yesterday
"Man accused of engaging in sex act with dog turns himself in"

Homeless Vet Freezes To Death As REFUGEES Blocks Away Get Free Housing
"Nynäshamn’s hospital...security guard threw him out"

Dress for success! Singer's sales rocket with pro-Trump gown
"instantly jumped to light speed, soaring to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes album sales chart, as well as No. 1 on Amazon's top digital albums."

Obama Solved All Race Issues in America
"NEGRO PLEASE: Obama Signed Bill BANNING Government Use of Word ‘Negro’ "

Pastor accused of molesting girls for 7 years
"his bail is $1 million"

Federal Judge James Robart Proven to be a Liar
"72 convicted of terrorism from 'Trump 7' mostly Muslim countries"

What? If I have to Obey the Law, I'm Leaving
"Asylum seekers fleeing US for Canada"

Gowdy Slams 9th Circuit Opinion: No Right For Non-Citizens To Come To US
"judges are neither in a position, practically or jurisprudentially, to second guess national security determinations made by the Commander in Chief."

Black Infowars Supporter Takes Over LaBeouf Anti-Trump Livestream
"Unintended: Shia's livestream creates patriot icons"

BUSTED: Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Multiple FAKE NEWS Stories
"Those deep inside the Democratic party…know Chelsea best say that calling her 'Not Smart' is an 'Understatement' "

Watch Barack Obama And Bill Clinton Call For Muslim Ban
"Democrats turned blind eye when their candidates called for similar bans"

Elizabeth Warren Proves Why Hysterical Grannies Do Not Belong in Politics
"Democrats went into a mad frenzy Wednesday evening after the Senate confirmed…Jeff Sessions."

Elizabeth Warren ‘Silenced’ Again After Video Surfaces Of MLK’s Wife Thanking Senator Sessions
"Even MLK's niece lambasted her for playing the race card"

Publicity Stunt? Warren Promoted Her New Book Just Hours Before Making Scene On Senate Floor
"Warren’s violation of Rule 19 means that she will be barred from speaking on the Senate floor"

Was This Elizabeth Warren?
"Just-'OK' spaghetti dinner sparked police standoff in Merrimack"

Chelsea Clinton's hubby flubs badly - out of a job
"$25 million hedge fund loses 90% of value in bad bet on Greece"

Fukushima MOX fuel melts through reactor floor - half life of 24,000 years
"what exactly is the Japanese government’s plan for Fukushima? Keep lying as long as possible and hope nobody notices"

Nuclear officials killed study on whether reactors posed cancer risk to nearby residents
"European studies finding a correlation between childhood cancers and proximity to nuclear plants do not prove causation, but they raise huge questions."

12 top Republicans backed by Soros in 2016
"Paul Ryan…John McCain…Marco Rubio…Lindsey Graham…John Kasich…Charles Grassley"

Wallace and Graham Attorney Has Concerns About Duke Energy's Coal Ash Compensation Offer
"We have grave concerns over the scope of this release and the confusion it is causing for neighbors."

Mona Lisa Wallace is on Top of the Coal Ash Compensation Offer
"Duke...may insist on neighbors foregoing their concerns and releasing Duke from any claims"

New court documents reveal EPA to be Monsanto’s prostitute
"EPA top brass Jess Rowland has been fighting on behalf of Monsanto, rather than on behalf of the people for whom the EPA works — the American public"

President Trump PUMMELED Speaker Paul Ryan
"Ryan remains a pansy-ass RINO, but he knows his new place."

Hell Freezes Over! Politician Keeps Campaign Promises
"Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the TPP on Monday"

Latest Excuse For Hillary's Defeat - White People
"My job is to shut other white people down"

The Vagina-Heads Marched on Washington DC
"I swear I have never seen such a ragtag group of 'women' in one place in my life."

Hillary Gets Her Smug Look Wiped Off Her Face
"Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ When Hillary Clinton Announced At Inauguration"

Duke Energy offers cash and water bill payments to coal ash neighbors
"Salisbury attorney Mona Wallace, who works for the firm that represents many of the coal ash neighbors, says the plan does not go far enough."

Attorneys demand details about Duke's compensation plan for properties near coal ash pits
"Mona Lisa Wallace and Bill Graham of Wallace & Graham, The Law Offices of Bryan Brice, Jr., and the Baron & Budd law firm"

Black Homeless Woman Says Trump Allowed Her to Live in Trump Tower Rent Free For 8 Years
"If it weren’t for him I’d be homeless – I’d be dead right now"

At Last! Pat McCrory concedes; Roy Cooper next NC governor
"McCrory becomes the state’s first governor to lose a re-election bid since a constitutional amendment in the 1970s"

Drunk Hillary Demanding Recount to “Lift Her Spirits”
"She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual."

Anthony Weiner Gets What He Always Wanted, Sort Of
"Anthony Weiner gets screwed by city auditors"

Potential Cure For One Of Hillary's Problems
"Man in the Netherlands euthanised due to his alcohol addiction"

Can Hillary Battle the Bottle Until 2020?
"Just when you thought it was safe to forget about her"

People Are Learning What an Idiot Gov. John Kasich Is
"People are blaming Kasich's calls to open the Buckeye state’s borders to international refugees for Abdul Artan’s actions"

Hillary Lawyer Calls On NC Gov. Pat McCrory To Stop Recount Despite Tighter Race Than WI, MI & PA
"Well this is awkward."

Clinton Covers Up Child Porn Scandal
"We won’t hold our breath waiting for the media to cover anything involving the Clintons."

Muslim 'refugee' goes on stabbing spree at Ohio State
"Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been a big backer of the federal government’s refugee resettlement program in his state."

Duke Energy reaches $1.5 million settlement over Sutton plant, downplays contamination fears
"Wednesday’s settlement is separate from the 2015 State-imposed $25.1 million fine for contamination at the Sutton plant."

Lame Duck Obama is Still Dodging Fake Birth Certificate Issue
"Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a 'fraudulent, fake document.' "

Obviously No Hate Crime Here
"man cuffed for trying to push straphanger onto Harlem subway tracks; yelled, 'I hate white people' "

No Trace of a Hate Crime Here
"White schoolgirls say black gang racially targeted them in bus attack"

9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors 'immigration' to defeat USA
"easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran."

This Woman Needs To Be On The Border Patrol With a Belt Fed Weapon
"Florida Woman Accused of Shooting House Guests Who Stayed Too Long"

Hillary Clinton: Grandma Death May Have Killed Again
"Wikileaks heated up Investigations by uncovering possible Clinton ties to child sex trafficking."

"She was in a psychotic, drunken rage"

Apparently Only White People Can be Charged with Hate Crimes
"no hate crime charges are being filed against four thugs who were filmed beating and carjacking an innocent man in Chicago"

Podesta Claimed "She is Not Done Yet," But Hillary Was Totally and Eternally Done
"Hillary Clinton Screaming Obscenities and Throwing Objects in Election Night Meltdown"

Michelle Obama Outed As 'Ape in heels'
Reader's comment: "Google 'michelle is a man' "

Ed Klein on Bill and Hillary Clinton: 'It's All Over for Them'
"Her disastrous performance during this campaign was, I think, her last performance on the stage"

Black Lives Matter movement helped elect Donald Trump
"Keith Lamont Scott’s wife said he got shot because he was holding a book (when in fact he turned out to be holding a gun)"

Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After She Realized She Had Lost the Election
"Clinton had to be 'briefly restrained' after trying to attack her own campaign staff"

Illegal Alien Rapes Young Woman In a Ditch For 2 Hours
"26-year-old Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian...detained in Lee County Jail in North Carolina"

John Podesta is a Delusional, Raving Idiot!
"Our team is all tactics and has no idea of how to lift her up"

Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors For The Win
"Trump victory would not have been possible without the grassroots support of millions everywhere who demanded a return to what made America great."

Post Election Message From a Black Voter
"SOOO SORRY! From Henry Davis."

Maybe Hillary Should Have Picked Bill Cosby as Her VP
"Bill Cosby Expects to Resume His Career Once Sexual Assault Case Is Over"

Philippines' President Duterte says his country can enhance relations with the US and congratulates Trump, after telling Obama to 'go to Hell'
"President Rodrigo Duterte hopes to mend relations between two nations"

Voter Deflated; Madonna Broke Her Campaign Promise
"Daily News reporter takes up Madonna's offer for voting for Hillary Clinton"

“Hillary Paid Me to Commit Voter Fraud & Create Violence” Scott Foval Flips, Rats Out Clinton Campaign & DNC
"it was the Hillary Clinton Campaign that torched a black church last week and gratified Trump on the side"
Podesta Caught Throwing Hot Tub Parties With Children
"The latest Wikileaks show that John Podesta has been throwing hot tub parties with children"

Flashback: Occultic Hillary Summons the Dead, Refuses to Speak to Christ
"Hillary was attending a Satanic church, says Clinton insider"

Hillary ‘Regularly’ Attended Witch’s Church, Clinton Insider Claims
"Do you realize what would happen if that got out?"

Spirit Cooking Only The Start To Hillary Clinton’s Dark Satanic Magic
"the dark inner circle around Hillary Clinton goes far beyond this and is extremely worrying this election year."

FBI has evidence Hillary visited 'Orgy Island'
"NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants...received 'huge pushback' from the Justice Department."

Podesta: Calling Chelsea ‘Not Smart’ Is An ‘Understatement’
"Band was irate because Chelsea had apparently launched an internal investigation of the Clinton Foundation’s finance"

NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case
"Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times."

Sure, You Can Trust Weiner To Help You Out
"Email: Hillary Clinton Asked If Anthony Weiner Could Help Deliver Secure Cell Phone"

Michael Moore is a Sack of Sh*t
"The ultimate hypocrite endorses the ultimate establishment insider"

Intel Coup Bringing Down Hillary
"Podesta, who’s as stupid as the day is long, made a comment saying ‘this is my kind of lawyer. He makes sure that I never go to prison’ "

Rep. Michael McCaul on Hillary Clinton server, hacks: ‘It’s treason’
"at least five foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked Mrs. Clinton’s private email server she set up to use as secretary of state."

NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury
"We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that."

Hillary Clinton Learned How To Manipulate The Law By Defending A Child Rapist
"Hillary blames a little girl for her own rape"

FBI Urinates On Hillary's Parade
"FBI Finds No Links Between Donald Trump and Russia"

Monica, May I Borrow Your Blue Dress; You Know Which One
"Illegitimate son of Bill Clinton wants DNA from blue dress"

Podesta To Mills: "We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails"
"If the exchange is shown to disclose intent to mislead, it will negate the entire narrative prepared by Clinton"

Hillary Endorsed Donald Trump for President According to Wikileaks

13 Year Old Girl’s Rousing Speech
"If Donald Trump Had A Brick For Every Lie Hillary Has Told He Could Build TWO Walls"

Be Careful What You Ask For
"Donna Brazile Prays for Divine Intervention As Hillary Clinton Back Under FBI Investigation: ‘Please God, Let This End Soon’ "

More Liquor Will Solve All Hillary's Problems
"IT’S COME TO THIS...Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Bar, In Florida, Mid Morning, On Sunday"

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a 'crime family'
"It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool."

Rachel Maddow is a Blubbering Idiot!
"Rachel Maddow Cries Over FBI Investigating Hillary Again"

Joe Biden finds out the (Hillary Clinton) emails come from Anthony Weiner
"Oh, God"

'Pay to Slay': Hillary link to baby body-parts biz revealed
"Hillary Clinton’s State Department granted favorable treatment to a family involved in the harvesting."

2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election
"We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win"

Coal ash is radioactive and will be for more than 1,000 years
"laden with uranium, thorium or polonium-210"

Michelle O Convinced Hillary’s On Drugs
"she popped out on the street so chipper she was praising New York and hugging a little girl — when she was supposed to have pneumonia"

Young People May Not Be Dumb Enough To Vote For Hillary
"Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach 'F**king Dumb' Young People"

Ignoring The Law To Rig Elections
"Immigration laws are being ignored to an unprecedented extent."

WikiLeaks: Team Hillary Feared Clinton-Cosby Comparisons
"How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?"

WikiLeaks: Hillary needed 'sobering up' in afternoon
"I think you should call her and sober her up some"

Tomi Lahren suggests Clintons have been involved in multiple murders
"Sometimes you can’t dismiss everything as a conspiracy"

Clinton 'fixer': Hillary's affair with Vince Foster 'an open secret'
"Klein wrote of Hillary’s involvement in the effort to remove Foster’s files"

Dangerous Metals Found in Latest Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill
"shameful attempt by Duke Energy to trick the public and cover up a large coal ash spill that the company failed to...report."

Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!"
"join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti."

McCrory's Office Overruled Scientists on Water Safety
"Now we have his own employee saying the Governor's office overruled what the scientists said."

McCrory’s Duke Energy ties, and coal ash response, become a campaign issue
"McCrory has proven that he can’t be trusted to stand up to Duke Energy"

Madonna Offers to Prostitute Herself for a Political Prostitute
"Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters"

McCrory too cozy with Duke Energy
"in 2014 McCrory was under Grand Jury investigation for his close links to Duke Power"

3 Faces of Hillary: Gaping Maw, Silly Grin & Resting Bitch Face
"Hillary Grins Her Way Through Debate; Smiles At Mention Of ISIS, Human Rights Abuses"

Testimony underlines McCrory’s role in coal ash health warnings
"governor’s office was inappropriately downplaying the risk."

Hillary Forced to Smile to Hide Resting Bitch Face
"Hillary Clinton's smile is the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life"

Former Clinton Chef: Hillary Scrawled Hand Written Notes Calling Black People N***ers
"demeaning towards Hispanics, making fun of their accents."

Clintons Preying On Haiti Disaster Victims by Pocketing Millions
"Clinton Foundation has raised millions of dollars for Haiti relief, but people see nothing"

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN
"Stunning revelations of Clinton bag man!"

McCrory's coal ash 'veto' claim during debate doesn't fit timeline
"Why was Governor McCrory meeting with his former employer, and why won’t he be honest with North Carolina families?"

Coal ash on the water and trees: “The area looks like a winter wonderland”
"Fly ash coated tree branches as much as seven feet above the river surface"

VOTE 2016: McCrory, Cooper spar over HB2, coal ash
"McCrory, for political reasons or because he worked at Duke, told them to change it"

Hillary Called Black Servant the ‘N-Word’
"Within 48 hours of doing the interview, Martin claimed that his phone was hacked and that his apartment was broken into at 3am."

Bailing out aging nuclear power plants can impact development of renewable energy technologies
"The push for nuclear power has been—and is—a huge con job"

Drudge Report Promises Hillary Sex Bombshell
"Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers"

Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
"We have mentally ill people that we pay…I've paid off a few homeless people to do some crazy stuff"

WikiLeaks: Politico Reporter Offered Clinton Camp Chance to Edit Story
"Please don't share or tell anyone I did this"

Trump Tweet Slams Serial Groper Creepy Uncle Joe Biden
"Biden has a penchant for inappropriately touching women"

Ex-Girlfriend: Bill Clinton Slept With Over 1000 Women
"Clinton a sex addict"

Charlotte Observer Not Endorsing a Pat McCrory Election Bid for the First Time in 25 Years
"Observer is backing Attorney General Roy Cooper"

Duke Energy admits coal ash washed out of basin at power plant
"Duke Energy confirmed Friday that material including coal ash eroded and was washed outside the berm"

Duke Energy 'Asleep at the Switch,' Takes News Station to Inform Them of Dam Breach
"Apparently, one small WRAL news crew is more competent and better at monitoring the safety and integrity of Duke Energy dams"

Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Paid $200 For Me to Abort His Baby
"Nichols alleged that Clinton diverted state funds to engage in extramarital affairs with five women"

Does Hillary Sleep in the Giant Oven Mitt She's Always Wearing?
"Just be glad it doesn’t open in the back."

Americans Don't Want an Emotional Connection to a Demon!
"Hillary needs to find an emotional connection to regular Americans, Dem strategist says"

Paul Ryan Is a Totally Worthless Scumbag
"Criminal Aliens Sexually Assault 70,000 American Women — But Paul Ryan Targets Trump"

Jack Abramoff Goes Off On Hillary
"Most Corrupt Person In History Of United States To Get This Close To The Presidency"

Wikileaks: Clinton Staffers Discussing Which Emails To Delete (More Proof of Intent)
"Clinton campaign staffers discussing which material to turn over in response to a subpoena of Hillary Clinton’s emails."

2008: Michelle Obama says Barack has Body Odor
"Michelle Obama tells Glamour magazine that Barack Obama is kicked out of bed because he stinks!"

Emails: Hillary’s State Dept Gave Special Access to ‘VIPs’ and ‘Friends of Bill’ Clinton After Haiti Earthquake
"I hound my brother-in-law [Bill Clinton], because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from."

WikiLeaks: Clinton Camp Enjoyed Contact With DOJ on Email Case
"Department of Justice was giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign inside information about an ongoing investigation into her email server"

Haitians fear Clintons will 'scam' them again
"The best support you can give to Haiti in November is to vote Donald Trump, to stop Hillary Clinton"

"Sick Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic. Source of health problems and falls?"

Former Bill Mistress: Hillary Beat Baby Inside Womb, Threatened to Abort if Born Disabled
"Book excerpt provides glimpse into unstable temperament"

McCrory's amateur hour continues in Raleigh
"Rudo…voted for McCrory in 2012. He is surely just one of thousands who now regret it."

Hillary Clinton defended a child molester, and laughed about it
"She spent five days in a coma and months recovering from the beating that she received during the rape"

Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton, Gennifer Flowers reveals they'd be together now if it wasn't for Chelsea
"Bill told her Hillary was 'bisexual' and that he had 'no problem with that' "

Hillary May Evade Justice, But Will Never Escape What Waits For Her
"Hillary's Ill Gotten Gains Can Only Buy Her So Much."

Hillary Caught on Camera Admitting she Hides Information from Investigators (Here's your intent!)
"As much as I’ve been investigated, why would I ever want to do email?"

Groups seek to force testimony on coal ash regulation from Pat McCrory’s top aide
"There can be no doubt that the governor and his office are deeply involved in DEQ’s handling of Duke Energy’s coal ash"

McCrory’s chief of staff did not read testimony before accusing state scientist of perjury
"Stith said under oath that he had not read Rudo’s deposition before giving his statements at the press conference."

Clintons Behind Deaths of 10,000 Haitians
"Not only were they robbers, they were murderers."

Uncovered ABC Footage Shows Bill Clinton Groping An Assistant Before Realizing The Camera Is On
"Placing your hand between the legs of a woman in a skirt who's not your wife is a grope"

No DNA Test On Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son
"DNA story was disinformation, and a willing media fell for it."

Hillary Killed Libya Peace Deal Over Personal Vendetta, Claims Whistleblower
"Gaddafi agreed to hold free elections, but Clinton's refusal led to ISIS takeover, thousands of deaths, international migrant crisis"

How many illegitimate children has Bill Clinton fathered? How many sexual assault victims has Hillary Clinton threatened into silence?
"Hillary Clinton was impregnated by Webster Hubble, the biological father of Chelsea Clinton."

Prostitute's son says ex-President is his father and claims Hillary 'banished' him
"she is certain Clinton is the father since he was her only white client at the time"

Scarlett Johansson and Hollywood’s Clinton support mocked in new ad
"Who among us couldn’t hit the delete button 30,000 times?"

Putin kills US MOX nuclear reactor fuel from weapons-grade plutonium deal
"U.S. administration wants to cancel the Savannah River Site’s MOX project"

Pope Francis: Shut the F**k Up
"The Pope says that ISIS' conquest of the Middle East is just like Jesus sending out his disciples."

EXPERT: The Clintons are So Criminal They Make the Mafia Blush
"walking around like a glorified oven mitt in mild jackets"

Big Oil interests are desperately trying to save this North Carolina senator’s seat
"Burr has received free trips from the nuclear industry’s lobbying arm...expense-paid trip to France...and another to Spain"

Gary Johnson is a Complete Idiot
"Gary Johnson is a total fraud and a complete idiot."

Linda Tripp Reopens Vince Foster, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater Scandals
"I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took"

McCrory has failed to protect North Carolinians from Duke’s continuing coal ash pollution
"Governor McCrory has also been eager to bring fracking to North Carolina."

DEQ plans to focus on coal ash basin dam safety, but permit seeps
"This is a gutting of the 2014 Coal Ash Management Act purely to benefit Duke Energy"

Renewable energy viable option for future energy needs
"Once the infrastructure for renewable energy is built, energy flows—freely. And this threatens the old power order."

Tyranny Comes From P.C. Language Control
"You really cannot stop fanatics with reason. Usually you end up stopping fanatics with bullets."

McCrory brushed off the protestors in an interview
"Some critics have said McCrory’s administration has gone easy on the energy company, which is his former employer."

Lesbian Trump supporter slams gay Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook
"the first openly gay man to manage a serious presidential campaign"

Loaded Gun Has Scott's Fingerprints, DNA, Blood - Let's Blame Whitey & Loot
"a loaded gun had been recovered at the scene of the crime and that fingerprints, DNA and blood on it matched Scott's."

Footage Released of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting
"Officers demanded Scott 'drop the gun' at least 10 times"

Media Rushes to Bury Key Fact in Charlotte Riots: Officer in Shooting Is Black
"But the media is anxious to enforce a narrative — and to throw in anachronistic, derogatory references to the South."

EX CIA Operative Outs Bill & Hillary Clinton As Cocaine Traffickers
"Reed discloses that George HW Bush and Bill Clinton were part of a cocaine trafficking network that moved guns for drugs"

New TV campaign against McCrory
"McCrory has protected his former employer, Duke Energy, when it comes to cleaning up the utility's coal ash ponds"

Picky Charlotte Rioter Sizes Up Shoes During Looting Spree
"video that shows Keith Scott getting out of his car with a gun in hand and approaching police before he was shot dead."

Charlotte Rioters Tried to Throw Photographer Into a Fire
"one of their photographers was attacked in Uptown Charlotte, along with a reporter. Both were sent to the hospital."

MSNBC Claims Black Lives Matter Rioters Are Peaceful
"Amid mass rioting, vandalism, looting, shooting, assaults, MSNBC anchors complain of violence by police"

Black Lives Matter Rioters Attack Teen Sisters For Being White in CA
"A $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest."

Second Night Of Riots Rocks Charlotte As America Teeters On The Edge Of Chaos
"a riot is almost expected every time an African-American male is shot by police in this country."

Riots Continue in Charlotte
"One CNN reporter was also assaulted by a so-called protester during a live report."

Black Cop Shoots Armed Black Man, Black Rioter Shoots Black Rioter
"civilian fired a pistol indiscriminately into a crowd of dozens outside the hotel"

National Guard called, state of emergency declared in Charlotte riots
"The person was shot in the area of North College and East Trade streets."

Uncensored Charlotte Riot Footage
"shows you footage to let you decide for yourself."

Charlotte NC Rioters Injure Officers, Loot Walmart & Trucks, Set fire, Block Highway, Break Windshields
"She was carrying car parts and heading to Greensboro and is now fearing for her life."

Rioters Attack Truck Drivers, Loot Walmart After Black Man Shot Dead by Black Cop
"rioters attacked a female truck driver, leaving her fearing for her life."

Duke Energy offers solar panels for schools in lawsuit deal
"part of a settlement...ending a 15-year-old lawsuit over claims that the utility violated federal clean air laws."

How Hillary Clinton Is Turning Her Back on Poor White Voters
"They've worked hard all their lives, many times only to see their...pension dumped after a lifetime of labor."

John Boehner Cashes Out, Joins Corporate Lobbying Firm That Represents China
"without registering under the Lobbying Disclosure Act. The law governing lobby registration is virtually unenforced."

Hillary’s IT Asked Reddit How to Strip Emails
"they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address"

The Clintons Plundered Haiti
"$6 billion of aid that was mysteriously squandered"

Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants
"Despite taking in an additional $30 million in 2014, the Clinton Foundation spent 40 percent less on charitable grants"

Duke Energy CEO says company avoiding LGBT law fight
"tests of river water near a Duke coal ash site showed arsenic at levels four times higher than safety standards."

If you are foolish enough to give money to a Clinton, expect to get ripped off
"Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them"

WikiLeaks’ Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors
"Obama was auctioning off foreign ambassador positions and other office positions while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. "

People’s Power Party faces off with Duke Energy
"the main purpose of the People’s Power Party was to recognize the conflict with Duke Energy"

Hillary, You Cannot Stay Hydrated With Booze
"Flashback: American Thinker: Rehab? So is Hillary chronically ill, or just a chronic alcoholic?"

Why Did the Clinton Campaign Break Secret Service Rules After Hillary Passed Out?
"tossed into her vans 'like she was a side of beef' "

Lame Duck Obama Tries to Prop Up Crooked Hillary
"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called Obama a 'son of a bitch' "

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Just Calls Them Like He Sees Them
"He now 'regrets' that calling Obama 'son of a whore' caused so much controversy."

Philippines' Duterte calls Obama 'son of a whore'
"He has also branded Pope Francis and the US ambassador to Manila sons of whores."

Bernie Sanders Just Figured Out That Hillary May be Involved in Some Type of Email Scandal
"Clinton blamed her mishandling of classified information on her staffers"

Hillary lets children ask her questions — for $2,700 apiece!
"A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000"

DEQ not concerned about keeping water clean
"It took legal action from these groups against the coal-ash polluter Duke Energy"

Hillary in 2006: Let’s Build a Wall, Deport Illegals
"Hillary has no real political stances and will simply say anything to get herself elected into a position of power."

Duke Energy's New Way to Gouge Customers
"refusing a smart meter will cost you $100, plus $360 a year thereafter"

The Alberto Gonzales Defense: 'I Don't Remember'
"Clinton told investigators she either does not 'recall' or 'remember' at least 39 times"

Don't Click on the Porn Link, Hillary - Too Late!
"FBI report does not state how Clinton knew the link in the suspect e-mail led to porn, it appears obvious that she clicked on the link."

What Hillary Clinton Said About Email in 2000
"talking about how she had chosen to avoid email for fear of a paper trail."

Governor McCrory's coal ash hypocrisy is nothing new
"We must now address the root of these endless problems: our irresponsible government."

Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal
"what Huma Abedin's Muslim journal claimed about her boss's husband"

Trey Gowdy Demolishes Hillary Clinton And FBI Director James Comey
"Comey came perilously close to lying to the nation in his press conference. I hope he is well rewarded by Hillary Clinton for saving her political life."

Hillary’s Hometown Newspaper Comes Forward with Bombshell, Leaves Clinton Humiliated
"Even when Hillary Clinton was first lady of Arkansas, people knew she was corrupt."

Duke Energy should back off its push for AP’s source
"Unfortunately, once again the governor appears to put his own political standing before all else."

Alex Jones Responds To Hillary Clinton's Attack
"You are a damn liar, Hillary Clinton!…You're a liar, you're a fraud, you're a hypocrite and you sold out to foreign interests"

Duke Energy Regrets That it Can No Longer Fully Censor News
"Duke asks federal judge to determine AP reporter’s source in coal ash deposition story"

Duke Energy Always Chooses Secrecy Over Transparency
"Duke Energy again asks a federal judge to seal Rudo’s deposition and have a hearing about its release."

FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives
"Starr didn't want to offend the conscience of the public by going after the first lady"

Bureaucrats bicker as well owners worry
"a clown car at the circus seems more organized than the McCrory administration’s handling of drinking water near coal ash ponds."

Duke Energy, NC Agency Disputing Fine for Coal Ash Pollution
"sweetheart deal for the company where Republican Pat McCrory had worked for nearly three decades before running for governor."

Hillary Clinton: America’s Bag Lady
"Hillary Clinton is more fit to be elected America’s Bag Lady rather than America’s First Lady President."

This question was asked 2 years ago
"Why does Hillary look like a bag lady on skid row?"

Flashback: Hillary Says ‘No Individual too Big to Jail’
"Presidential candidate previously claimed no politician should be above the law"

'Air horn orchestra' protest blasts Pat McCrory, HB2, coal ash
"pulled on biohazard suits to protest Duke Energy's coal ash controversy."

Pat McCrory’s DHHS Willing to Jeopardize Lives to Appease the Boss’s Former Employer
"a case of political hacks cravenly lying to people about the safety of their own drinking water."

Erin Brockovich joins Duke Energy coal ash debate
"Brockovich has been...saying she thinks the scientists who sent the 'do not drink' letters got it right the first time."

Is there some reason why Hillary keeps doing this gaping-maw face?
"It's the face of someone still haunted by the thought that no one will ever vote for her."

NC Government likes to keep secrets
"What did McCrory talk about at the executive mansion dinner with top-level Duke Energy executives while they were under investigation"

Tell governor to clean up coal ash
"Gov. Pat McCrory has refused to clean up the coal ash that pollutes many of North Carolina's waterways."

NC official's resignation highlights clash in politics, public-health policy
"if the sworn testimony about his involvement is true, Governor McCrory should resign"

Probe of McCrory administration’s handling of water issue needed
"Rudo said in a recent deposition that the water is not safe. He will not back down."

GOP leadership is state's biggest environmental disaster
"indications of just how dire the situation has become in our regulatory agencies under Gov. Pat McCrory and a GOP-dominated legislature."

The falling credibility of the McCrory Administration
"The scandal has now become a major political problem for Gov. McCrory."

"he will back Republican Donald Trump in the Presidential race."

McCrory, aides protest too much in well safety dispute
"The administration is continuing to sow fear and doubt and make this dispute look more like a political coverup"

Keep politics out of water controversy
"governor, who worked 28 years for Duke and has a strong interest in tamping down controversy as he runs for re-election"

Contaminated facts
"Gov. Pat McCrory and other officials pressured him to downplay the possible contamination of the water."

Coal ash protesters demand answers outside Executive Mansion
"When asked about Davies’ resignation, McCrory replied, 'Let me get some other questions here.' "

Hillary Clinton Strategist Calls For Assassination Of Julian Assange On TV: “Illegally Shoot The Son Of A Bitch.”
"Clinton strategist Bob Beckel appeared on on Fox calling for the assassination of Julian Assange."

Hey Gov. McCrory: Stop meddling with scientists’ coal ash warnings
"McCrory’s 28-year career as a Duke employee makes him an untrustworthy steward"

Raleigh protesters say officials downplayed dangers of coal ash
"Once again, Governor McCrory needs to stop blaming others and accept responsibility."

Toxicologist on cancer warnings: NC acted despite science
"Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration...telling a string of misleading half-truths about the safety of well water near Duke Energy coal ash pits"

Duke Energy, not regulators, at fault
"Duke Energy found that there was leakage contaminating ground water which exceeded federal standards and did nothing"

Julian Assange Hints Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC Source!
"users were pursuing a 'lead' saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder"

Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar'
"Clinton said she took the case – in which Taylor was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl...as a favour to the prosecutor."

President Obama Broke Down In Tears After he saw his daughter Malia’s Twerk Video
"She looked like she was ready to hit the hoe stroll and sell it for the low"

Rep. Larry Hall calls for independent investigation into Gov. Pat McCrory's involvement in coal ash controversy
"Hall says McCrory has 'systemically worked to limit the transparency on this and other issues.' "

Ray Heard: “Hillary’s health, physical and maybe even mental, is questionable”
"Why does she wear such baggy pant suits?…could be to conceal adult diapers"

Governor’s office acted badly by pressuring and accusing state toxicologist
"Rudo resisted pressure to tone down letters warning some 400 people who own wells near Duke Energy coal ash disposal sites"

CNN Admits to Giving Hillary Clinton a "Free Ride"
"We couldn't help her anymore than we have...she's just got a free ride...we're the biggest ones promoting her campaign."

Greenpeace files public records request as Duke Energy neighbors demand answers on possible coal ash coverup
"Ken Rudo is one of the few people who has been looking out for families affected by Duke Energy’s coal ash pollution"

Hillary's Freudian Slip Reveals Her Fondest Dream
"Clinton mistakenly refers to Trump as her ‘husband’ "

Hillary's new politically correct term for lying like a dog
"Hillary Clinton: 'I May Have Short-Circuited The Truth' "

Duke Energy joins secret keepers
"And now Duke Energy wants those depositions to be kept secret."

The widening scandal about coal ash and drinking water
"Duke tried hard to keep the deposition private, but the Associated Press obtained a copy and its allegations are stunning."

Hillary Vows To 'Raise Taxes On The Middle Class'
"I’m telling you, right now...we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!"

Top N. Carolina Health Official Lied to Public about Duke Coal Ash-Contaminated Drinking Water
"McCrory and his close ties to Duke Energy have been under scrutiny"

The Legend Speaks — Schlafly Thunders for Ryan Ouster: ‘Get Rid of Him!’
"Get rid of him! We don’t want anybody who believes in open borders."

What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her
"They pretend to be our friends, when in reality are our number one enemies."

State Toxicologist calls 'do not drink' letter reversal 'highly unethical'
"Duke Energy filed a motion to block Rudo's deposition from being released."

McCrory summoned toxicologist in midst of ‘unethical’ coal ash decisions
"He knowingly told people that their water was safe when we knew it wasn’t."

NC Toxicologist: Water Near Duke's Dumps Not Safe to Drink
"acted unethically and possibly illegally by telling residents living near Duke Energy coal ash pits that their well water is safe to drink"

Gov McCrory called toxicologist Ken Rudo to his office to discuss do-not-drink letters
"litigation brought by clean-water watchdog organizations against Duke Energy, shows that McCrory was directly involved."

Paul Ryan a ‘Soulless Globalist’ ‘Grown in a Petri Dish in DC’ Who Puts ‘Corporate America’ Over Workers
"He is all in for the cheapest possible labor for Wall Street."

McCrory failing to represent North Carolinians
"People should be outraged that Gov. Pat McCrory is protecting and protracting Duke’s tactics"

NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails
"So if the FBI really wanted them they can go into that database and get them right now"

State toxicologist: Claim that NC well water was safe was 'scientifically untrue'
"Duke Energy moves to prevent testimony that Rudo provided...from being publicly released."

Vincent Foster Cover-Up
"These records indicate Foster didn’t really die from one .38 caliber gunshot… but two gunshots!"

Lawmakers with ties to Duke Energy should not take part in enacting rules that concern company
"They (Duke Energy) are constantly suppressing or hiding statements from the public"

Why customers give Duke Energy low marks
"Duke Energy again ranks at the bottom among large electric utilities in the South in residential customer satisfaction ratings"

Juanita Broaddrick Provides Never Before Published Details On Bill Clinton’s Rape
"she was raped not once but twice by Bill Clinton"

Hillary cured Bill’s hesitancy to touch, and the rest is randy history
"He sounded almost tortured, the way a serial killer does before he gains the courage to act out on his impulses."

Don't seal records in suits against Duke Energy
"Duke has asked a federal judge to keep the depositions secret"

Half a coal-ash cleanup just isn't enough
"The DEQ proposal, though, had no chance in the General Assembly, where Duke Energy has a powerful and influential voice."

FLASHBACK: Police assaulted Occupy Wall Street protesters, but no cops were killed
"I saw police routinely shove protesters and beat them with batons."

Rand Paul Recommends Prison Sentence For Hillary Clinton
"I think an indictment would be a good idea followed by a prison sentence."

"it’s no wonder the Obama administration put politics ahead of the truth."

Mexican Mafia firebombed African-Americans to deter blacks from living there
"would confront black residents...tell them they were not welcome in the neighborhood and risked harm if they stayed."

Watch Trey Gowdy DESTROY FBI Director Comey’s Stance In Minutes
"Trey Gowdy is a real fun guy to watch during committee hearings."

Billionaire sex offender Epstein once claimed he co-founded Clinton Foundation
"Epstein also has supported the Clinton Foundation financially"

Punching a White Woman After Yelling ‘I Hate White People’ Not a Hate Crime, Judge Rules
"Crowchief reportedly told police 'the white man was out to get her.' "

Another ethics complaint against Gov. McCrory involving Duke Energy
"McCrory spokesperson Josh Ellis and Duke Energy had pressured the health officials to withdraw the warnings"

Mexico police, troops 'routinely' rape arrested women
"near-asphyxiation, electric shocks to the genitals, groping and rape."

Clinton White House was a den of cocaine and mistresses: ex-Secret Service officer
"Bill Clinton programmed the entire White House to accommodate his cheating ways."

Catholic priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children
"But the church has also been accused of systematically covering up crimes committed by priests."

Three Syrian 'Refugees' Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho
"police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the 'language barrier'."

Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt 'f***ing ree-tards'
"Bill and Hillary decided to profile Hispanics as drug dealers"

2004 Flashback: Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton As A Puppet For Wall Street
"Clinton would be just as much in the hip pocket of banks as any other politician."

A setback for Duke Energy, N.C. regulators in fight over fracked gas plant
"the unprecedented bond requirement shows how the utilities commission shields Duke Energy from public scrutiny."

House Says They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not Just Undocumented
"The House voted Friday to order the Library of Congress to keep using the term 'illegal alien' "

Bill Clinton Mistress Dolly Kyle: Hillary ‘Uses Lies, Threats, Intimidation, Violence’
"We went through the 25 questions that you ask yourself if you’re a sex addict...He absolutely was."

Discredited coal ash claims
"Worst of all, Daniels represents the National Ash Management Advisory Board - an organization created by Duke Energy"

Do not pass go: Duke Energy protesters stage their own version of Monopoly
"aimed at Duke’s political contributions, its status as a regulated monopoly, ties to the McCrory administration"

You couldn't get the truth from Hillary Clinton if you waterboarded her
"I mean, she has continued to lie about it"

Clinton’s warnings about Trump actually describe … her
"the world has laughed at President Obama’s weakness."

Hillary Clinton’s Freudian Slip Regarding Trump’s Presidential Prospects
"The Clinton tweet more or less admitted 'Donald Trump will soon be president…pretty embarrassing' "

Blue Collar Democrats Turn Against Hillary Clinton
"average union rank-and-file member, who’s been a blue-blood Democrat their entire lives, they are not voting for Hillary Clinton."

Newest Details Revealed In Clinton Aide Deposition Exposes Hillary As Terribly ‘Incompetent’
"all of this was her incredible desire to avoid the Freedom of Information Act"

Hillary University: Bill Clinton Bagged $16.46 Million from For-Profit College as State Dept. Funneled $55 Million Back
"During Bill Clinton’s tenure...school spent over $200 million a year on aggressive telemarketing"

Should money buy justice?
"Big polluters like Duke Energy are spending big in elections to escape cleanup orders"

Trump Makes Obama Babble Like G. W. Bush
"If-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if-if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okie-doke"

Benghazi survivor: Hillary Clinton has ‘no soul’
"I don’t think she has a soul...I hope it haunts her. I don’t think it will."

Hillary Clinton on an Alcohol Binge, Now Drunk 24/7
"Look for Hillary to actually pass out during an interview"

Hillary Says People Won’t Vote for her Because She’s a Woman
"folks won’t vote for her is because she’s a classless liar who is corrupt to the core."

Hillary Questioned over Son-in-Law’s Ties to Goldman Sachs
"Hillary Clinton Won’t Say How Much Goldman Sachs CEO Invested with Her Son-in-Law."

This is why Donald Trump deserves to be president!
"These clips show Donald Trump from all the way back to 1986 up until present day"

Donald Trump versus the establishment
"While Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider, Hillary Clinton is the ultimate insider."

Morning Joe Blasts Hillary Clinton’s ‘Mind-boggling’ Deceit Over Emails
"She’s just not telling the truth."

‘Give Money to Bill, Get Favors from Hill’
"She sold our government’s security to the highest bidder."

Hillary doesn’t know how to use a computer
"does not know how to use a computer to do email."

MEMRI: Saudi-Owned Paper Claims US Government ‘Planned and Carried Out’ 9/11
"Americans remain divided over who they believe is responsible for the 9/11 attacks"

Hillary Clinton Releases Plan To Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days
"Clinton has pledged to enact amnesty within her first 100 days in office."

Hillary Clinton Said She Did Not Want Her Emails to Be ‘Accessible’
"Federal investigators may now have yet another smoking gun to indict Clinton for a violation of the Espionage Act of 1913."

Audit Concludes Hillary Clinton Lied, Broke Federal Regulations with Private Email Server
"refutes Clinton’s repeated assertion that her use of a private email server was approved for use by the State Department"

State Department Inspector General Releases Scathing Report On Hillary Clinton
"Clinton and aides refused to cooperate in the IG review."

Clinton expressed worries about exposure of personal emails at State Dept.
"the exchange between Clinton and Huma Abedin was included in a report from the State Department’s inspector general"

Duke Energy largest ‘special interest’ in N.C.
"Duke Energy’s reports have large data gaps, have manipulated models to make leaving coal ash in unlined pits appear safer"

Bending NC rules on safe water
"This isn’t a confidence builder in the McCrory administration’s interest in protecting citizens instead of the power company."

Coal ash loophole
"continues to raise suspicions that the administration of Gov. Pat McCrory hopes to give Duke a break."

NC should be boosting not complicating clean energy
"hefty tax subsidies enjoyed by...Duke Energy and the light hand with which they are often regulated"

Thanks to Duke, state, we fear our drinking water
"McCrory’s administration has decided that the poisons in our water are an acceptable risk for our families."

Duke Energy neighbors rip coal ash clean-up plan as 'window dressing'
"Trusting the state and my neighbor, Duke Energy, has proven to be dangerous to our health."

Coal Ash Well Families Bring Their Frustrations to Raleigh
"The two accused Gov. Pat McCrory of acceding to the wishes of his former employers"

Duke Energy neighbors aren’t followers
"When referring to 'special interest groups,' maybe Fountain should look within his own company"

Residents deserve clean, safe water
"McCrory should follow up his administration’s directive by pushing the legislature to excavate"

The chorus exposing and opposing Duke Energy grows
"Duke is slowly but surely losing the P.R. war over its coal ash mess."

Boxer Wimps Out, Backs Off Boast that She Cannot be Bullied
"I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me"

When it’s Hillary who poisons Hillary
"Barbara Boxer...was frightened to within a half-inch of her life, and the word got out."

Broaddrick on 'evil' Clinton rape: 'I could never forgive them'
"There are so many ways that evil man has affected my life."

Political pressure applied to loosen NC water standards
"McCrory administration has failed this fundamental test of sound governance."

Duke Energy and Gov. McCrory ignored cancer-risk estimate for polluted well water
"McCrory’s inner circle and administration tried to alter the do-not-drink warning"

NC DEQ dodging legitimate coal-ash safety concerns
"attempts by the McCrory administration to insulate itself from outside criticism"

SALLY MILLER: Hillary and her ‘coke habit’
"She’s a damn frigid bitch who prefers women"

Barbara Boxer Cannot Sell Hillary to Bernie Supporters
"Upset Bernie Sanders supporters booed California Sen. Barbara Boxer"

Testimony shows DHHS doctor opposed move to declare wells near coal ash safe
"I think somebody needs to resign, because they are not protecting the public health of North Carolinians"

Ronnie Williams goes solar
"Duke Energy...covered stuff up...minimized the dangers to the environment...and they’ve lied about it"

State toxicologist: Duke Energy lobbied to reverse 'do not drink' order
"Regulators, Duke used same language to justify reversal"

Doctor: Decision to reverse well warning made under pressure
"concerned that...General Assembly might restrict his division’s authority"

Bad idea to revoke water advisories near Duke Energy plants, health official says
"Gov. Pat McCrory’s office intervened...on the wording of warning letters sent to well owners"

Testimony: Duke Energy met with state officials to challenge water advisories
"It was the same month of the...meeting at the executive mansion between Gov. Pat McCrory and Duke Energy"

A cry for coal-ash relief in North Carolina
"Stop killing our people. Stop harming our earth"

"Billy Clinton is an untreated sex addict and serial rapist...Hillary is complicit in all of that."

Sanders Listened to Hillary's Mouth All He Could Stand!
"Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in debate on Vermont gun laws"

SC Polluters Are About To Get A Huge Boost From The State House
"The agency head, Catherine Heigel, was a long-time lawyer for Duke Energy"

Dozens of protesters converge on Duke Energy meeting
"groups claim Gov. Pat McCrory maintains close ties to his former employer, undermining the state’s policing"

N.C. produces flawed study to dismiss cancer-cluster fears near Duke Energy coal plants
"coal ash and cancer analysis is dated Aug. 27, 2015, but it does not appear to have been publicized"

Coal protestors disrupt Duke Energy’s shareholder meeting
"Anti-coal groups dominated an emotional Duke Energy shareholders meeting"

Duke Energy’s shareholder meeting turns to green energy, environment issues
"many of Duke’s neighbors believe ash is making them sick."

Rally & March against Duke-McCrory Corruption
"cozy relationship between Duke Energy and...McCrory is bad for our politics, pocketbooks, and health."

Street theater for a cause outside Duke shareholder's meeting
"McCrory has gone further into denial in response to a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice"

Satanists are furious that Boehner compared Ted Cruz to the Dark Lord
"there’s no way Cruz is the living incarnate of Satan."

Duke Energy challenged on claims that coal ash risk is low
"Duke cherry-picked data, made unsupported assumptions and purposely left gaps"

NC Gov Pat McCrory Cannot Stay Out of the News
"Gay Group ‘More Powerful than the NRA' "

A year of fear and distrust in Dukeville
"close relationships to Duke Energy, including North Carolina’s governor, Pat McCrory"

Occasionally There is Transparency at Duke Energy
"The agency wouldn’t have known about the fatalities if Duke Energy had not made it aware."

Monica Lewinsky: ‘The shame sticks to you like tar’
"Bill Clinton called her a liar, denying he had had 'sexual relations' with 'that woman'."

Duke Energy announces executive appointments
"Dhiaa Jamil has been named executive vice president and chief operating officer"

Dilbert: Spin the Founder
"We dug up the founder of our company and wrapped him in copper wire."

Paul Ryan Can't Stop Lying
"I do not want, nor will I accept, the nomination for our party"

State's shift on well-water safety worries residents
"hexavalent chromium...near Duke's coal ash pits...much higher than...in public water supplies."

My manager lived in Ohio and knew John Kasich for the last 5 years
"He's arrogant and rude. I can't stand him."

Audit finds Duke overstated costs
"FERC auditors cited the utility for eight financial-reporting errors stemming from the merger"

Ex-Coal CEO Sentenced for Deadly Mine Blast
"Blankenship had put profits above safety."

Power Company AES Settles Claims That It Killed or Deformed Babies With Coal Ash
"The case was the first of more than a half dozen set for trial in Delaware."

I Wouldn't Disconnect That Power if I Were You
"standing next to the Duke Energy car holding a black Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handgun"

Bill Clinton snorted cocaine off my coffee table
"A woman who said she provided cocaine for Clinton’s parties also appears in the film."

‘We are in a fight for our lives’
"DEQ is relying on Duke Energy, an admitted criminal, to tell them if there are any problems at the site"

Russian 'Rambo' wipes out ISIS thugs by calling airstrike on HIMSELF
"he drew fire onto himself after being located and surrounded by terrorists."

Coal Ash Money Train - North Carolina's Poisoned Democracy
"McCrory...has conveniently failed to enforce environmental regulations and is under federal investigation"

Questionable water near Duke coal ash ponds
"attorney Mona Lisa Wallace called the state’s decision 'flip-flopping on its position.' "

If you cannot clean up the water, just lower the standards; problem solved
"Three parts per billion to 20 parts per billion"

Scuba diver sucked into nuclear power plant intake
"This is not the first time that a diver has been sucked into the intake at St. Lucie."

The Unbearable Smugness of John Kasich
"The thing about John Kasich is, he’s kind of a jerk"

February Open Forum
"Duke's downward trajectory began with the Cash Balance Plan conversion."

Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment
"introduced as 'George — er, Jeb — Bush.' "

Bernie Sanders’s Brother: Bill Clinton Was Worse Than Bush
"Is Bill really such a terrible rapist—or is he a nice rapist?"

Former Miss Arkansas Outs Bill Clinton and Hillary
"I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men."

Mike Cross, Jim Crawford, and Walter Petty make the best out of a bad situation
"The DEQ that our governor controls has covered for Duke Energy at every turn"

Drug Cartel Ovens Covering Up Massacres Prove ‘Large Parts of Mexico’ a ‘Criminal Enterprise’
"New Hampshire showed that vast majorities of voters agree with Trump’s positions on immigration"

Waiting for answers on coal ash
"We feel like the government is in Duke’s back pocket."

Half-Built Nuclear Fuel Plant in South Carolina Faces Test on Its Future
"MOX fuel...will be significantly more expensive and take longer than anticipated"

Devastating! VIDEO MONTAGE of Robot Marco Rubio Repeating Same Debate Line 5 Times
"Even after Governor Christie called him out on it he couldn’t stop repeating it."

Jeb Bush enters the final days of his last stand
"I could drop my pants. Moon the whole crowd...press guys would never notice"

NC officials flip-flopping on coal ash spill risk assessments
"DEQ’s political leadership goes out of its way to help Duke Energy once again"

Jeb Bush Has to Tell New Hampshire Crowd ‘Please Clap’
"Poor Jeb Bush"

It’s McCrory’s coal ash now, but the signs about what he’ll do with it aren’t encouraging
"he’s got to prove that legislators of his own party were wrong to distrust him"

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal
"Just a few (25) of the scandals, lies, and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton."

NAACP leader uses F-word to apologize for using T-word after N-word meet
"NAACP’s mission of political correctness and equality careened off the rails this week"

Hillary Clinton Brags About Getting A Pedophile Off The Hook
"she did so knowing full well that he was guilty the whole time."

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup
"crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide."

Documents show Duke Energy’s board, execs knew of coal plant violations ‘for years,’ suit claims
"specifically told...all 14 of Duke Energy’s North Carolina ash ponds had groundwater quality violations"

Is it comfy in that pocket, governor?
"He's in Duke's pocket, it's pretty warm and cozy there, and that's where he's going to stay."

Kathleen Willey Thanks Donald Trump for Highlighting Bill Clinton’s History with Women
"Kathleen Willey had been threatened in person, had received threats against her children by name"

Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton ‘Part of Rape Culture Herself’
"Hillary Clinton was 'intrinsically part of the effort to discredit these women and threaten these women.' "

Duke Energy's (Secret) Dinner with Pat
"The private dinner meeting just reinforces the extent of the coziness."

Coal ash neighbors issue demands for state, Duke Energy
"Duke Energy...thinking more about profit than the health and well-being of people"

McCrory held private meeting with Duke Energy leaders
"McCrory looking out for his wealthy friends and corporate sponsors"

McCrory numb to the appearance of hosting Duke Energy
"The meeting demonstrates an amazing lack of awareness"

Juanita Broaddrick, Bill Clinton rape accuser, endorses Donald Trump for president
"Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me."

DEQ lets Duke Energy off the hook for coal ash
"they ignored their own staff's ratings and watered them down in the final version."

McCrory, Duke CEO dined amid coal ash issues
"dinner at the Executive Mansion in June amid ongoing legal and regulatory issues"

Governor, top Duke Energy officials met privately, won't say why
"companies like Duke, McCrory's old employer, have an edge in shaping government policy"

It Would Be Interesting To Ask Bill Clinton The Difference Between Him And Cosby
"you better put some ice on it."

Hillary Clinton’s $13M Fail as Secretary of State
"Oh, and the Clinton Foundation collected millions more from the same bunch."

All these people jailed for 'environmental crimes' this year
"EPA’s biggest court case this year was brought against Duke Energy for spilling coal ash"

Duke Energy and the priority of profit
"The Priority of Profit is valuing profit above all else."

'SNL' mocks CNN's Republican debate
"Jeb, you're a very nice man, but you're basically a little girl…his real name is Jebra"

Two SRS MOX facility contractors accused of defrauding government
"MOX facility...has cost taxpayers over $4 billion so far and is years behind schedule."

Paul Ryan sells out Americans
"fully-fund the President's refugee expansion; fully-fund sanctuary cities"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good adding chairman of the board role
"unanimously elected CEO Lynn Good to be the board’s chairman"

Former Massey CEO found guilty of conspiracy in mine blast
"Blankenship's lawyers did not present a single witness."

Hillary Admits Bill’s Rape Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed At First’
"Clinton previously said that all rape victims deserve to be 'heard, believed, and supported.' "

Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell
"Full Interview"

NC WARN’s long battle with Duke Energy
"We would be happy to back off if we could find a way to work with them."

Bill O’Reilly vs. Donald Trump on anchor babies
"Why Donald Trump is right about anchor babies"

IKE's “Operation Wetback”
"59 percent of Americans back mass deportation of all the illegal aliens in America."

Angry man holds Duke Energy employee hostage
"held at gunpoint...forced him to turn the electricity back on in his home"

McCrory goes easy on ex-employer
"it’s not the first time the McCrory Administration has gone out of its way to protect the company."

2015 Duke Energy Employee Opinion Survey
"Working for Duke Energy is better than starvation, as far as I know."

Over A Year Before 9/11, Trump Wrote Of Terror Threat With Remarkable Clarity
"Trump even mentions Osama bin Laden by name"

Free pass for Duke Energy
"This administration...has given Duke Energy a blanket amnesty for coal-ash pollution"

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?
"SEALs threw his remains out of their helicopter."

Advocates seek changes to Duke Energy’s charter
"Duke exhibits a 'persistent pattern of criminal activity' "

Blind couple calls WBTV for help after meter mixup with Duke Energy
"they said that they would try to expedite getting our power back on but that didn’t happen."

Donald Trump on CEO pay: It's a "complete joke"
"CEO puts in all his friends...and they get whatever they want"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good makes Fortune's 'Most Powerful Women' list
"one of the nation's Most Powerful Women for the third year in a row"

Hillary Too Ugly And Corrupt To Be President
"She taught Bill how to steal and lie"

Is Jeb Bush the dumb one?
"God help us—what if he really is the dumber of the two brothers?"

From Whitewater to Email: the Clintons’ Dogged Lawyer
"once you begin working with them...you often get caught up in their scandals"

Gov. McCrory's mysterious role in NC sweepstakes scandal
"McCrory...received thousands of dollars of laundered sweepstakes money"

AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale
"AT&T began turning over emails and phone calls"

Everything I Learned Leading a Fortune 500 Company
"Lynn Good is one of only 26 female CEOs in the Fortune 500"

ALEC meeting draws backing from Big Energy
"Southern operations involved in the ALEC meeting included...Duke Energy of Charlotte ($10,000)"

US Government Finally Admits Agent Orange Poisoned Troops
"it constitutes yet another subsidy for the Monsanto corporation"

Beware solar deception by Duke, Kochs and their allies
"Duke executives are pretending neutrality as their allies attack...solar industry policies"

"A monument to cost overruns, concealment, mismanagement and malfeasance"

Duke Progress ending HVAC repair service, leaving some customers steamed
"It’s just another revenue stream for utilities"

Crowd confronts Duke about tainted wells
"Everything you say is a lie!"

Environmentalists Wanted $50 Million For This Toxic Spill. They Got $2.5 Million.
"It’s undisputed now that this spill was caused by Duke’s criminal conduct"

Residents lash out about contaminated wells near Duke Energy coal plant
"as the crowd grew increasingly frustrated, Duke representatives left the meeting before it ended"

Video: Duke Energy's neighbors in Gaston want coal ash removed
"Duke Officials quickly left the meeting after only fielding a handful of questions"

Duke Energy's returns remain above rates allowed by N.C. regulators
"The commission decided that if it did not intervene, Duke would continue to exceed its authorized returns"

List of Sixty Traitors in U.S. Senate Who Voted to Advance Obama's Secret TPP
"Burr (R-NC)...Tillis (R-NC)"

Chatham County’s “deal” with Duke Energy
"in our experience, Duke Energy is untrustworthy"

For the first time, a woman is NC’s highest paid CEO
"Top execs took home nearly 137 times more than the average worker"

TEPCO document reveals executives knew beefing up tsunami defenses was “indispensable”
"didn’t reveal the 50-foot wave calculation until March 7th, 2011"

Reactor operator violates fitness for duty policy at McGuire
"The licensee revoked the operator’s access to the facility"

Customers may have to pay for problems at Edwardsport
"Cracking welds. Eroding pipes. Frozen transmitters. Slag building up. Coal slurry spilling on floors"

Duke’s track record doesn’t inspire confidence
"repeated assurances of environmental responsibility have rung hollow"

Duke getting off the hook regarding coal ash?
"Puppet 'public' officials have often done industry bidding"

Power industry spending on federal lobbying declines
"Duke Energy and Exelon rounding out the top three donors"

Another Duke Fox Guards the Hen House
"appointed...former Duke Energy executive to run the state’s health and environmental agency"

What does a coal plant and the World Trade Center have in common?
"A Duke Energy contractor imploded the plant's two coal units Thursday morning"

An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation
" 'Clinton, where is the money?' they chanted. 'In whose pockets?' "

Residents who have possibly contaminated water hire attorney
"Wallace said while she's waiting on test results for many clients"

Water Contamination Near Duke Coal Ash Ponds
"Wallace and Graham, P.A. is in the process of investigating the cause of the ground water contamination"

Wallace and Graham helps supply water for Dukeville residents
"Wallace contests Duke’s claim and cited the fact that coal ash ponds near Dukeville are unlined"

Duke Energy's Revolving Door Helps Stack the Deck
"She has worked...in private legal practice and with Duke Energy"

The same tactics are used by corporations
"propaganda, censorship and other information-based tricks to...convince citizens of their superiority"

OSHA, Duke Energy settle on $35,000 in fines after worker's death
"Duke Energy, OSHA officials continued, knew workers were bypassing safety protocols"

Bill puts brakes on renewable energy
"Hager...a former Duke Energy employee, added a renewable energy section to an unrelated bill"

Charlotte is ground zero for coal ash
"DENR worked with Duke Energy to put together a weak settlement"

NC DENR seeks to limit records the agency must turn over in Duke Energy case
"They have been dragging their feet every step of the way"

Justices make it easier to sue over 401(k) retirement plans
"Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday in favor of participants in employee retirement plans"

Woman Wins $83 Million in Lawsuit Against Debt Collector
"Fear is a common consumer response to debt collectors, whether the debt is legitimate or not"

Duke Energy spends $300K on public-apology ads for the Dan River spill
"It is not the first set of full-page ads Duke has run concerning the spill"

What was Duke Energy thinking?
"And it got tangled up in Duke's unexpectedly difficult merger with Progress Energy"

Duke Energy admits guilt in coal ash case
"vindicating Riverkeeper activists who caught the North Carolina company in the act of illegal polluting"

Duke Energy report should provoke outrage and change
"DENR took on a business-friendly, 'customer service' focus under McCrory"

Duke Energy confesses to negligence in handling coal ash
"This deal mandates that Duke tell company employees about its criminal misconduct and conviction"

U.S. court will monitor Duke Energy’s future coal-ash operations
"will publish public reports on Duke’s progress and its policies on coal-ash disposal"

Duke Energy Could Have Avoided Dan River
"they should have been fixing what they saw, they should have been listening to their employees"

Duke Energy pleads guilty to environmental charges in coal ash spill, leaks
"The administration of Gov. Pat McCrory...proposed...fines of just $99,1119"

Behind Duke Energy's guilty plea, plenty of arrogance and negligence
"Did Duke show the slightest remorse? Nope"

Prosecution responds to Duke Energy coal ash settlement
"listen to your employees"

"I don't think anyone should trust what Duke says...what they've said is not true"

Greenpeace calls Duke Energy a barrier to clean energy for Internet companies
"standing in the way of efforts by major Internet companies to power data centers in North Carolina"

Duke Energy to provide bottled water to NC residents with tainted wells
"I don't trust them anymore...I'm like the rest of the people. I want my well tested"

Strong action necessary at Indian Point
"there was consideration by the 9/11 terrorists of crashing into Indian Point"

Jeb Bush Says He Misinterpreted Iraq Query
"It was the third time in six weeks that Mr. Bush had to backpedal"

Lawsuit alleges Duke flouted coal ash regulations before Dan River spill
"Duke may also be sued by another shareholder...and a third over the dismissal of...CEO Bill Johnson"

Duke [Energy] is the real loser
"they’re likely to oppose Duke’s dirty, monopolistic ways"

Shareholder suit claims Duke Energy influenced state regulators
"insisted that DENR softly regulated Duke under the administration of Gov. Pat McCrory"

Former NRC employee indicted after attempting to sell nuclear secrets and launch cyber attack
"he claimed to expose the agency’s 'deceptive and tainted license renewal process' "

Legislators defend coal ash act
"But they never expected Duke Energy to store its coal ash in an area where it wasn't requested"

Renewable-energy advocates take beating in N.C. House vote
"But it was Hager who managed to get a poison pill for renewables into the compromise"

N.C. legislature continues to drive away industry
"Duke Energy has benefitted greatly from having former employees in the legislature and the governor’s mansion"

No One Seems to Know Who — or What — Is Poisoning North Carolina Drinking Water
"That might sound hard to believe, especially given Duke's egregious history in North Carolina"

"At least 10 organizations joined forces throughout the past week"

Indiana regulators reject Duke Energy rate hike for upgrades
"significant victories for consumers"

Hillary Clinton and the Super Trough
"reversing course and joining the 'super PAC' sweepstakes for unlimited donations"

Shareholder alleges Duke Energy’s board ‘sanctioned’ improper influence of N.C. coal-ash regulators
"Duke is scheduled to plead guilty to the criminal charges next week in U.S. District Court"

Victims of Coal Ash Contamination Demand Access to Solar at Duke Energy’s Shareholder Meeting
"Duke has lobbied against beneficial solar policies in other states as well"

Duke CEO Lynn Good faces shareholder questions on coal ash, solar
" 'Did the board...make this foolish and damaging loan?' as a payoff to former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon"

Protesters interrupt Duke shareholder meeting
"They want to dump eight million tons of coal ash on us and we don't want it"

Sharp words and a surprising vote at Duke Energy’s shareholder meeting
"First, shareholders handily overruled a recommendation of the company's board of directors"

Duke top executive says she's working to clean up coal ash pits; protesters interrupt meeting
"It didn't get much better when Good started fielding questions from the audience"

Growing concern? Number of contaminated Belmont wells continues to climb
"59 Belmont water wells have tested positive for contaminants"

Duke Energy should stop fighting solar as a choice
"we’re no longer asking, we’re demanding they get out of the way for energy freedom"

More North Carolina Residents Warned Of Contaminated Drinking Water
"a 93 percent rate of contamination"

Greenpeace hot-air balloon timed for Duke’s shareholder meeting
"Duke Don’t Block Solar"

Again? North Carolina groundwater tainted by Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash
"dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals like lead, vanadium, and hexavalent chromium"

We’re not done yet
"I guess they are too busy paying for more useless commercials"

Think long term
"One person asked for a '50-year fund to cover possible long-term health issues' caused by the spill"

Driver impaired during fatal crash
"It is suspected that Ms. Schuster may have been using the iPhone while operating her vehicle"

Coal ash contamination upsets residents near North Carolina plants
"Graham said his coal ash clients included former Duke employees"

Utility worker hit by car dies 11 days after crash
"Amber Rooks died Sunday from injuries she sustained April 22"

Two more landowners get ‘Do not drink water’ notices
"determinations over the cause of the contaminants could take several months"

Is ‘forever’ going to mean that?
"We need Duke Energy to get it right this time"

Duke Energy in Talks With EPA Ahead of Sentencing Hearing
"Duke Energy is trying to make a deal with the EPA before a criminal sentencing hearing"

Utility worker critically injured after car slams into crew
"The victims work for Bowlin and Area Wide Protective, both contractors of Duke Energy"

Worker Electrocuted Because Duke Energy Did Not Ensure Safety Procedures Were Followed
"Duke Energy knew workers bypassed safety protocols...but it did not enforce safety standards"

Duke Energy fined in connection with worker death
"proposed that Duke Energy be placed on their 'severe violator enforcement program' "

McCrory's G. W. Bush Moment
"McCrory falls out of his chair"

Duke Energy reports fault in reactor head at Harris nuclear plant to the NRC
"quarter-inch fault at a nozzle... similar to one that caused the plant to shut down in May 2013"

2 Duke Energy workers shocked
"Officials said both workers were conscious and breathing"

Duke Energy's $25 Million Fine For Years Of Groundwater Pollution
"Duke and DENR have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to protect clean water"

Duke Energy Consumer Complaints & Reviews
"There is no customer service with this company"

The Simpsons, Duke Energy and the Governor of North Carolina
"if he ran for governor, Mr. Burns 'could decide what’s safe and what isn’t' "

Duke Energy to Pay $146M to Settle Lawsuit Over CEO Ouster
"the most blatant example of corporate deceit that I have witnessed"

Duke Energy slammed with record $25.1 million coal ash fine
"Duke Energy allowed a host of coal ash contaminants to leach into the groundwater...for several years"

Cobalt-60 dumped into SC coal ash pond
"dumped the material at least once in the pond without federal approval"

DENR gets much-needed wake-up call
"DENR attempted to shield Duke from full liability with a paltry fine"

Good neighbor, really?
"Duke Energy’s public relations firm spews daily messages...It’s a broken record of lies"

NC Governor Shut Down Toxic Disaster Lawsuits to Protect Own Interests
"revelations about the state’s political connections to Duke are raising eyebrows"

Video: Massive toxic spill yields federal criminal charges for Duke Energy
"state government in North Carolina stepped in and blocked those lawsuits"

Duke Energy pays for dodging coal ash problems
"What Duke Energy has learned is that it's expensive to be cheap"

Asheville power plant included as Duke Energy proposes criminal charge settlement
"pattern of state regulators allowing the company to avoid fixing problems"

Duke Energy is exploiting a broken political system
"continues to allow companies such as Duke to pervert the democratic process"

DENR, utilities clashed over coal ash regulation in 2011
"criticized as being too lax in regulating coal ash generated by Duke Energy"

Federal probe appears to place blame with Duke Energy
"Duke Energy says it agrees there were misdemeanor criminal offenses"

Duke Energy agrees to pay up
"This is a situation where the company can’t pay its way out of the problem"

Duke to pay millions in federal court fines over coal ash
"the company also would serve a five-year probation with a court-appointed monitor"

Duke Energy fined over $100 mln for environmental violations
"Duke Energy will have to maintain $500 million as security to meet their obligations"

US Charges Duke With Illegal Pollution From 5 Coal Ash Dumps
"Duke adamantly denied any wrongdoing for years"

Duke Energy could pay $100 million to resolve coal ash investigation
"Prosecutors issued at least 23 grand jury subpoenas to Duke Executives and state officials"

The real power brokers in Raleigh
"Duke was able to influence legislation...has bought access with its money and its lobbyists"

Document shredding caused fire at Edwardsport power plant
"Duke is highly protective of information about the $3.5 billion plant"

Tar Heel Power Brokers: Special interests spend big to get their way in Raleigh
"Duke Energy's political influence includes ties to...Gov. Pat McCrory"

Left and Right Align in Fighting Obama’s Trade Agenda
"150...Democrats have already signed on to letters opposing fast track

Late bill? Duke Energy snaps off the lights
"Counsel is wondering out loud if smart meters are driving Duke's disconnections"

Duke's energy audit leaves renters in the cold
"The unsatisfactory reply was, well, because that's the way it is"

Regulators and accountability
"crescendo of criticism against Gov. Pat McCrory, a former Duke Energy executive"

1 year since Dan River: 3 ways to prevent another coal ash disaster
"disaster eventually exposed cozy relationships between Duke and the state agencies"

Ash spill changes Duke’s attitude
"They were out on the river for seven hours, and they found five mussels. That’s not thriving"

Duke told about pipe failings 30 years ago
"any qualified civil engineer could have foretold for the utility, and, in fact, several did"

Did Duke Energy downplay severity in spill notification?
"Duke Energy...dropped the ball by not giving...enough information"

Environmental impact could take years to determine
"McCrory moved to distance himself from his former employer"

The Coal Industry Owns The Courts
"Duke Energy had been paying off the right people to prevent...punishment"

Offshore wind beats drilling for jobs and energy in the Southeast
"Pat McCrory of North Carolina is pushing to open the area to the oil and gas industry"

Flashback:Duke Takes a Hit in South Carolina
"company had been intentionally understating its regulated profits to authorities for years"

Businesses rank Duke Energy Florida last in satisfaction survey
"Duke has become a target of criticism after a series of mishaps"

McCrory Damage Control
"So, why did we call him a partner?"

McCrory vs. the truth - once again
"McCrory owned Duke Energy stock even as he took action...after Duke’s coal ash spill"

Flashback: N.C. Governor No Longer Works for Duke Energy, But Is He Doing Their Bidding?
"they shielded Duke from potential higher fines or potential more extensive remediation"

Commissioner critical of coal ash lawsuits announces resignation
"His law firm...has represented Duke Energy in court"

Duke Energy hits bottom on business-customer ranking
"Duke has suffered as well in recent years in residential-customer satisfaction surveys"

NC lawmakers to end policy letting utilities overcharge customers
"allowing Duke Energy…to over-collect about $19 million a year"

Group seeks ethics investigation of McCrory
"McCrory did not properly report ownership of stock in Duke Energy"

Flashback:McCrory Gets Exposed, Has Hissy Fit
"can't regulate coal ash directly because, 'There's ongoing criminal investigations right now.' "

Fighting Duke Energy's coal ash dumping plans
"Years…McCrory…employed by…law firm that represents Charah: 2"

Cut Everyone's Pay - But Not Ours!
"The Harvard faculty is being attacked by the monster that it created"

Pat McCrory launches assault on Associated Press
"He did come in saying this is going to be a squeaky-clean administration"

Pat McCrory's meltdown
"Pat McCrory really doesn't like anyone shattering his delusions"

Flashback: 'Daily Show' latest in line of satirists taking aim at NC
"McCrory says...he is more surprised that his approval is as high as it is"

NC Stop Torture Now asks McCrory to investigate state's role in CIA renditions
"It was wrong for our state to be an enabler of these unspeakable acts"

Fact Check: Is Duke telling "The Truth About Toxicity?"
"Duke Energy earns a red light for this fact sheet"

Scandal brewing? Analysts question McCrory's payout disclosure
"He can argue that it's legal all he wants...this looks sleazy"

Flashback: Study shows depth of McCrory’s campaign ties to Duke Energy
"Pat McCrory’s connections to Duke Energy are under scrutiny amid the probe"

If the truth hurts, beg for money
"I asked McCrory why he chose to use the controversy...to solicit campaign donations"

Flashback: Subpoenas raise stakes in N.C. criminal probe
"Of particular interest was a settlement between the McCrory administration and Duke Energy"

A legal maneuver could absolve Duke Energy of its responsibility for coal ash dumps
"That's a bunch of crap...He's just concerned with his big income"

A Hit Dog Always Hollers
"hides his financial entanglements...misleads people...doesn't disclose conflicts of interest"

Flashback: McCrory misstated Duke Energy holdings, sold stock after coal-ash spill
"McCrory filed a new ethics and economic disclosure"

Rep. McHenry brags about slashing EPA that’s helping McCrory with coal ash
"cuts that will drop the agency to levels last seen in the 1980s"

Utility counselor says Duke customers owed a refund
"Duke Energy wrongly passed on costs related to its Edwardsport power plant"

AP: Carolinas politicians get payouts from lender
"Pat McCrory and U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford...accepted six-figure stock payouts"

Complaint filed against Duke Energy over reserves
"charges its customers for new power plants while operating with exorbitant reserves"

C.I.A., on Path to Torture, Chose Haste Over Analysis
"I knew that at that moment, my life as I knew it was over"

Some In Lee County Oppose Coal Ash Dump
"If you walk down the line here, this is nothing but a Duke Energy pony show"

NCWARN criticizes Duke Energy’s approach to solar power
"accuses Duke of telling 'fish stories' about its support for solar"

Real reform for the Public Service Commission could happen
"legislators received the message loud and clear from voters who are fed up with Duke Energy"

What not to ask your probation officer
"You have some weed?"

Progress Energy Rated by Employees
"Most of the best parts of Progress were lost during the Duke Energy merger"

Supervisor at Brunswick nuclear power plant fails follow-up fitness for duty test
"resulted in a confirmed positive result for illegal drugs"

Video: Duke Energy's leaky, metal, coal ash pipe at Lake Norman
"crack in a drainage pipe running under an earthen dam at the Marshall Steam Station"

NC's ongoing coal ash regulatory disaster shows urgency of EPA action
"Pat McCrory...as mayor...voted in favor of a proposal that directly benefited Duke"

Fighting back against Duke Energy's coal ash
"That's what Duke wants you to think — that you have no power and no control"

Adorable anti-Duke protest
"we don't want their dirty energy anymore"

America’s Most Accomplished Looters: The Great Pension Robbery
"attack on American pension funds encompasses both the public and private sector"

Bill seeks to restrict how Duke Energy alters billing cycles
"Duke has proven, time and time again, that there is no line that they will not cross"

Officials: Lee County was set up regarding coal ash
"Do you trust Duke Energy? I don't"

The Spill at Dan River on '60 Minutes'
"McCrory cut the budget and staff of the specific department that inspects the ash ponds"

Bill filed to repeal Duke Energy's nuclear advance fee and force refunds
"customers are paying Duke about $3.2 billion without receiving a single kilowatt"

McCrory bashes Duke Energy’s record on coal ash
"Pat McCrory continues to distance himself from his former employer, Duke Energy"

Gov. McCrory: Duke Energy’s coal ash record is ‘quite poor’
"Duke Energy has done 'very little' to clean up its coal ash contamination"

Contractor death slows solar project connections for Duke Energy Progress
"He was taken to the burn center...where he died two days later"

‘Thick Orange Gooey Stuff’ With Arsenic, Lead In River Near Duke Energy Plant
"there may be more unknown problems underwater stemming from...coal ash ponds"

This Town Was Named After A Company Residents Say Is Slowly Poisoning Them
"When I voted for Pat McCrory, I had no idea his Duke ties"

Fortune looks at Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good, likes what it sees
"Good has remained much more focused on the company"

Obama to Force His Own Amnesty-For-Illegals Laws on the People
"I’ll be ignoring the law"

Lawyer who defended Duke Energy's coal ash now advising regulators
"it may be that he's slanting his judgment in favor of Duke in terms of writing the rules"

Keepers of the Light: North Carolina’s Linemen
"One out of every two linemen died from 1880 until the early 1900s"

The Manhattan Project
"5:30 a.m. on Monday, July 16, 1945, the nuclear age began"

Is Lynn Good the smartest (new) CEO in the energy industry?
"I’ve never heard an undignified word come out of her mouth"

NC Officials Host Closed Meeting on Oil Drilling
"It's hard to understand why the McCrory administration is being so secretive"

Nuclear expert on Oconee Nuclear Station
"The Second Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America"

Duke Energy CEO: What I learned from Dan River, Progress merger
"mergers aren't just about assets and systems. It's a lot about the people"

Duke electrician dies following on-the-job accident
"Dasher came into contact with a test line carrying approximately 10,000 volts"

Duke Energy CEO: 'I Don't Think Of Myself As A Powerful Woman'
"If she could get out front of this issue...she could create an identity for herself...very quickly"

Duke worker seriously injured
"came into contact with a test line which had approximately 10,000 volts of electricity"

80 area businesses demand Asheville coal-plant closure
"It is also illegally polluting the French Broad River through coal ash seeps"

Jeb Bush signed law letting Duke Energy collect advance fees
"Duke decided to shut down the Crystal River plant...leaving a bill of about $1.7 billion"

"I believe government should be on the side of the people, not puppets to Duke Energy"

Coal Ash Survey Targets Hundreds
"The survey is required by the Coal Ash Management Act"

N.C. AG to appeal new utility tax ruling that increases customer rates
"All three of McCrory's appointees were on the commission already"

Activists tell Duke Energy they want their money back
"Bashing Duke is now a bipartisan affair"

Fortune 500 CEO on her professional heartbreak
"Her advice: Don’t define yourself as your career"

Billions of Gallons of Oil Industry Wastewater Illegally Injected Into Aquifers
"Tests Find Elevated Arsenic, Thallium Levels in Nearby Water Wells"

Duke Energy's money is on a GOP-controlled U.S. Senate
"Duke Energy's political action committee cut its contributions to the Democratic...Committee"

Duke Energy supervisor in violation of Fitness for Duty Policy
"at the Catawba nuclear power plant in South Carolina"

Feds override NC on draining coal ash dumps
"legislators in McCrory’s own party have openly questioned his handling of the issue"

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good talks to '60 Minutes' about coal ash
"two weeks preparing a report on Duke Energy’s coal ash issues"

James A. Traficant Jr., colorful Ohio congressman expelled by House, dies at 73
"while sitting in a federal prison cell, Mr. Traficant ran for Congress"

Video: Duke to pay nearly $1 million in refunds to over-billed customers
"Duke…was keeping the extra fees. But that has changed…Facing a growing protest"

The message behind McCrory’s lack of action on coal ash
"hardly inspired confidence anywhere beyond the executive suites of Duke Energy"

Copper Thief Meets Poetic Justice
"He was found holding a pair of pliers and wires"

Duke Energy erred in back-billing over meter malfunction
"wrongly charged a local company nearly $10,000"

Doctor pleads guilty to cancer treatment fraud
"admitting that he knew his patients often didn't need chemotherapy"

Hugh McColl Gets a Clue on Greed
"big banks are getting bigger"

Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories
"we refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians"

Workers feel pinch as employers rein in health insurance costs
"Duke...participation in high-deductible...from 30 percent...to just over 60 percent"

If This Is Really the Most 'Sweeping' Coal Ash Law In the Country, We're Doomed
"Their excavation could only account for 5 percent of the coal ash in the river"

Stop feeding the hand that bites us
"Suppose we stopped bribing companies to do what already benefits them"

Duke Energy bill deposit shocks customer
"Duke has crafted a lucrative profit center by penalizing its customers"

OSHA cites Duke Energy in fatal fall
"Duke Energy didn’t contest the July 14 findings by OSHA and paid its $10,000 penalty"

Duke Energy overcharges leave customers hot
"Boy, did it backfire on them"

State learning lessons from coal ash spill?
"It wasn’t a pretty sight from the start"

Japan Regulatory panel will force decommissioning of Tsuruga reactor
"an active geologic fault exists under the Unit 2 reactor"

NC says Duke Energy coal ash dams are high hazard risk
"pose a 'high hazard' of killing downstream residents if they were to breach and spill"

Duke Energy answers questions about overbilling customers
"The utility giant admitted it overcharged customers in August"

Coal-ash dam threat heightened
"The inspections will be made more frequently"

They don't need a majority to get things done
"because of the suit...proved...company was lying...violated state wage and hour law"

Waterkeepers sue Duke Energy over coal ash dumps
"earthen dam retaining coal ash is rated in 'poor' condition by state regulators"

Group alleges connection between coal ash and prison illnesses
"Long-term overexposure may reduce pulmonary function"

Coal ash suits claim DENR shirking its responsibilities
"DENR has allowed Duke Energy to flout some aspects of the law"

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants
"additional inspection and follow-up of corrective actions....Oconee 1 (S.C.)..."

Groups sue Duke Energy over coal ash pollution
"administration of Gov. Pat McCrory...intended to shield Duke"

Advocates sue Duke Energy over coal ash
"Environmental advocates filed more lawsuits Wednesday against Duke Energy"

NC advocates question utility deposits, credit checks
"they’re unfair to people with modest incomes"

FERC rejects Duke generation capacity sharing plan
"failed to prove their plan...is just and reasonable"

Duke Energy's real outrage
"even a monopoly with political clout cannot ignore...its customers crying foul"

What Life Will Look Like When You Can't Afford to Retire
"With the death of pensions and the increase of short-term, temporary jobs"

Twin heirs to Doris Duke tobacco fortune claim life of abuse and torture
"People see this luxurious life but at the same time we were living in hell"

Labor Day stems from deadly labor strike
"saw federal marshals and the Army kill 30 striking Pullman railroad strikers"

Customers scoff at Duke Energy refund
"paid the $800...Duke then turned off her electricity yesterday anyways"

White House considers proposals to sharply increase immigration
"The increases in foreign workers demanded by corporate lobbyists"

Ex-lawmaker tops lobbyist list at N.C. legislature
"Duke Energy...has a lobbyist Kathy G. Hawkins focused solely only its interests"

In flip-flop, Duke Energy will buy existing power plant, not build one
"Duke is 100 percent responding to the bad attention"

Duke Energy Burns Man On Warranty Details Until Call For Action Steps In
"They pretty much got me off the phone as fast as possible saying you're not covered"

Duke Energy says fuel spill was larger than originally estimated
"actual spill was closer to 9,000 gallons"

Duke Energy makes battle for governor go nuclear
"A power company that writes six-figure checks to the governor's re-election gets attention"

Video: Never report a coal ash spill during the Super Bowl!
"tests repeatedly showed results that left him wanting to pull out his hair"

McCrory threatens fight over coal ash commission
"Duke's got to take care of their responsibility, and they did some shoddy work"

Duke Energy CEO on Ohio oil spill: ‘We take responsibility’
"Good did not seek to minimize the spill"

Shades of coal ash gray
"the damage is largely irreparable once it occurs"

Really, senator? The coal ash bill is something we should be proud of?
"it’s biased toward corporate interests...bought and paid for by Duke Energy"

McCrory's stock holdings in Duke threaten public's trust
"demanded to appoint all nine members of the Coal Ash Management Commission"

Customers hot about higher Duke Energy bills
"This is one more change for Duke Energy to gouge the consumer!"

Duke Energy billing change upset Florida consumers
"tweak that Duke has designed has the potential of taking millions of dollars"

Sen. urges PSC to intervene against Duke Energy charging customers more
"Duke could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars — for nothing"

Duke Energy saps customers, senator says
"accused the utility of cashing in on 267,000 customers"

Utility regulator to call Duke Energy in to justify rate charges
"We will look into whether or not a class-action suit can be filed against Duke"

Duke Energy billing switch is latest sign it just doesn't care
"Lawmakers have sold their constituents out in the name of campaign donations"

Sen. Latvala says Duke's billing strategy not moral
"What a bunch of greedy, profit-starved jerks"

Video: Protesters rally outside Duke's uptown headquarters
"They feel the bill protects the company, not the general public"

Hagan says coal ash bill doesn’t go far enough
"Hagan said the consumer should not have to cover the cost"

Drilling may be huge issue for this state
"If you think fracking and coal ash are controversial, just wait"

Legislators approve regulating toxic coal ash
"would allow Duke Energy to leave its coal ash in place, threatening...communities"

Documents show Duke Energy plant had issues prior to oil spill
"ash ponds at the plant could be considered in 'poor' condition"

NC House, Senate Pass Coal Ash Cleanup Bill
"could make the policy determination that this cost is not going to be born by the ratepayers"

Duke Energy coal ash vote
"Duke will recover the costs regardless of how the company disguises the matter"

Citizens pay the price
"let them clean up their coal ash messes to demonstrate they don’t want to kill us off"

Duke Energy plant that spilled diesel into Ohio River written up by feds in the past
"allowed to release thousands of pounds of oil and grease directly into the river every day"

NRC Assigns New Resident Inspector to McGuire Nuclear Station
"He has served as the resident inspector at Duke Energy’s Catawba Nuclear Station"

Cincinnati drinking water supply halted after Duke Energy’s Ohio River diesel spill
"Coast Guard’s estimate was around 8000 gallons"

Industrial Commission losses will hurt workers
"McCrory...leaders...handed Allen a seat that...should have gone to a qualified person"

Rep. Grier Martin says GOP delaying coal-ash clean-up until elections over
"There is no debate that there has been a failure on the coal-ash front"

McCrory’s mishandling of his Duke stock
"Even today, McCrory is not being transparentl"

McCrory's actions on coal ash issue will tell us what we need to know
"His ultimate response to that crisis will carry much more weight with the public"

NC session marked by coal ash, teacher pay, length
"McCrory took a more concerted effort to promote his agenda"

Disabled vet won't have to pay deposit to move power service
"they only said they decided to reconsider the matter and waive the fee"

Disabled veteran confused by power company requiring deposit
"A Wilmington veteran feels cheated by his power company"

Duke University scientists' fracking warnings meet deaf ears
"North Carolina needs to be especially careful"

Why We Fight Wars
"military power is socially and economically futile"

N.C. protestors refuse deal from courts
"To separate the Governor from Duke Energy is very difficult"

PAC accuses Rick Scott of letting Duke Energy fleece customers
"paying billions to the nation's largest power company and getting nothing in return"

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas Is Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power
"charge of abuse of official capacity carries a prison sentence of five to 99 years"

Grand jury indicts Gov. Rick Perry on two charges
"Count I - Abuse of Official Capacity, a first-degree felony"

Traders Profit as Power Grid Is Overworked
"congestion contracts are one way to manipulate electricity prices"

Koch-backed group faces complaint for misleading IRS on political spending
"appears to be an open-and-shut case of intentionally lying on tax returns"

McCrory failed to report Duke Energy stock ownership in 2013
"This is the second correction the governor has made for his 2014 filing"

McCrory misstated Duke Energy holdings, sold stock after coal-ash spill
"Since the spill, McCrory sought to distance himself from Duke Energy"

McCrory Criticized For Duke Energy Stock
"Outside Duke Energy's...headquarters...demonstrators staged a peaceful protest"

Coal ash could become campaign hazard
"It's a problem as long as voters think there's a problem with coal ash ponds"

NRC Increases Oversight at Oconee Nuclear Plant
"failure to identify and correct a crack in a weld on a key safety system"

NC tells Duke Energy to submit ash removal plans
"ordered Duke to submit by Oct. 14 surveys of private drinking water wells"

TEPCO to abandon AREVA system amid contaminated water crisis
"it took 50 welders more than a month to put the system together"

Don't rubber-stamp Duke's plan for plants
"piles of campaign cash, armies of lobbyists and lawyers, and guaranteed profit margins"

Cesium found in exported Japanese steel
"South Korean authorities plan to return contaminated steel scrap"

Ad attacks Scott for failing to stop Duke's nuclear charges
"Duke Energy's failed nuclear ambitions became political fodder"

Solar power for the masses reaches Charlotte
"that’s what resonates with people – their power bills"

Weeks, Months, and Years Later, Still No Coal Ash Safety Standards
"The cleanup still continues today as Duke Energy drags its feet"

Court Rejects Deal on Hiring in Silicon Valley
"rejected as insufficient a proposed $324 million settlement in a class-action antitrust case"

New coal ash threat identified: toxic dust hurting lungs, hearts
"We know coal ash is poisoning our water...it’s poisoning our air as well"

Duke cries wolf on coal ash cleanup
"How long before someone calls their bluff?"

After tumultuous reign, Art Pope steps down as NC budget chief
"He drives the budgetary policy goals of this administration. The governor yields to Art"

Contractor sentenced to 28 months for dumping fracking waste
"Lupo ordered two employees to dump the waste and lie about it"

McCrory defends removing SBI control from attorney general
"This is bad for law enforcement, public safety and the fight against public corruption"

Republican budget disaster in the General Assembly
"In Duke Energy, we trust—especially for campaign contributions"

GOP leaders fail on coal ash cleanup
"stalemate...shows deep division among Republican leaders"

Legislators flunking on coal ash pond solution
"Both proposals are too weak...and let Duke off the hook for the ongoing damage"

TEPCO says Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 meltdown worse than estimated
"will make decommissioning efforts much more difficult and costly"

From Anti-Environmentalist to Fake Green Crusader
"Thom Tillis...supporter of business efforts to cut back on environmental regulations"

Environment fared poorly in legislature
"The Senate passed a weak bill, the House passed a worse bill"

Stop the C.I.A. Spin on the Senate Torture Report
"A failure of leadership took the country to the dark side"

$54 million consumer refund sought for Duke's canceled nuclear project
"collected from customers for nuclear equipment that was never purchased"

Solar vs nuclear power in space
"disintegrating as it fell, dispersing plutonium worldwide"

Is coal ash still a problem?
"We know the coal ash has changed the chemistry of the river"

Going “rogue” dooms coal ash bill
"But it’s not for the Senate to tell the House what its position is"

Political chaos in wake of North Carolina coal ash bill debacle
"The people of North Carolina deserve better than political stunts"

Groups say NC GOP has gutted pollution programs
"Republicans...promised to do away with environmental regulations"

N.C.'s coal ash capital
"Anything that is man-made is going to break. It’s going to fail eventually"

In late night drama, a compromise on coal ash bill fails
"organizations have lobbied for a cleanup solution and have filed legal actions"

Citing redactions, Feinstein delays release of report on CIA interrogations
"The Obama administration censored significant portions of the findings"

Obama says after 9-11, US 'tortured some folks'
"We crossed a line...We did some things that were wrong"

AP-GfK poll: Public ready to close book on 2 wars
"Three in four Americans...judge the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as failures"

McCrory orders that laws be enforced on coal ash
"little more than a political stunt orchestrated to give the appearance of action"

Failure on coal ash is 2014 legislature’s legacy
"further evidence of the state’s refusal to deal with ash"

Coal ash battle wages on other fronts
"Those weren't cleanup bills, those were anti-cleanup bills"

Strong words follow collapse of coal ash bill
"last-minute maneuver to try to kill the coal ash bill"

Governor goes rogue
"we cut the DENR budget down to two guys with a bucket and mop"

Report criticizes EPA oversight of injection wells
"Oversight of injection wells is currently delegated by the EPA to...state agencies"

Coal ash bill in limbo after NC Senate adjourns
"State regulators say all Duke's dumps are contaminating groundwater"

This GOP Candidate Says He's Cracking Down on Coal Pollution—That's BS
"would actually leave North Carolina even more vulnerable to future spills"

Deal still not reached on NC coal ash bill
"would be the second time...to change the law to potentially benefit Duke"

NC House, Senate at ‘loggerheads’ over coal ash legislation
"Duke Energy is storing about 106 million tons...in open-air pits"

Coal ash legislation faces delay
"House and Senate negotiators are pointing fingers at each other"

Deal for coal ash bill remains elusive
"They are doing everything they can to undue the ruling"

Rebellion Inside G.O.P. Scuttles Vote on $659 Million Giveaway to Illegals
"It’s bad enough we shut the government down last year"

Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel
"C.I.A. officials consistently misled the White House and Congress"

The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust
"heads should roll, and people should go to jail"

TEPCO admits Fukushima groundwater bypass failure
"at least 400 tons of groundwater flow into reactor buildings each day"

Clean Up of Coal Ash is Still Lagging
"They have not accounted for 94 percent of the coal-ash waste spilled"

Ohio court blocks Duke Energy charges for cleanup
"court stayed a regulatory order allowing the company to pass the cleanup costs"

Coal ash a toxic topic in NC
"What would you do if you discovered your drinking water had arsenic in it?"

McDonald’s Ruling Could Open Door for Unions
"Employers like McDonald’s seek to avoid recognizing the rights of their employees"

Australia-wide censorship order for corruption case
"WikiLeaks release: July 29, 2014"

Voter ire over handling of Duke Energy coal ash disaster transcends party politics
"don't think the state legislature has done enough to address Duke Energy's...spill"

Poll: Reaction to Duke Energy coal ash spill hurts Tillis politically
"82 percent...concerned...bill does not require Duke to pay for cleaning up those sites"

1.1 trillion becquerels of radioactivity leak during Fukushima cleanup
"over a period of four hours"

Duke Energy ranks low for renewables, efficiency in national study
"Duke ranks that high only because it is the nation’s largest utility"

What To Do If You Are Injured At Work
"You should report your injury as soon as it occurs"

Duke Energy Carolinas slips in customer survey
"Duke Energy Progress...did even worse in the survey"

Duke Energy scores poorly in J.D. Power customer ranking
"Duke's purchase of Progress Energy may also be a factor"

Duke Energy Progress acknowledges 'payment posting delay fiasco'
"One payment didn't post until 17 days after it was mailed"

Don’t hurt N.C. solar
"stricter standard would strip the benefit from all but the tiniest...operations"

Who will pay for gas plant at Crystal River?
"The new gas powered plant would likely cost about the same -- $1.5 billion"

This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions
"passed the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee"

Gang Members Recruiting Inside Immigration Facility
"the Border Patrol's hands are tied"

Why Does Duke Energy Hate Solar?
"Duke is trying to stop paying a fair price to solar-generating customers"

Minor tsunami hit Fukushima coast after strong quake
"strong 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast"

NC leads nation in surge of people living in high-poverty areas
"increase in people living in poverty areas was greatest in North Carolina...17.9 percent"

Fukushima ice plan failing to take hold
"warning that the water could very easily escape into the nearby Pacific Ocean"

Crack Down on Scientific Fraudsters
"Criminal charges against scientists who commit fraud are even more uncommon"

9/11 conspiracy group pushes vote for investigation
"9/11 Family Members, First Responders, Survivors and concerned citizens"

Toxic coal ash puts river at risk
"Coal ash impoundments are the number one source of toxic water pollution"

Davidson presses for coal ash cleanup
"A spill on the Catawba could potentially spoil the water supply"

From voting battles to coal ash spills
"monster voter suppression bill"

Duke Energy plans meeting to tout its future power plant
"don't...use less energy any more than McDonald's wants to sell less hamburgers"

Wisconsin reactor’s demise shows nuclear towns’ plight
"cost of non-nuclear...trending down...aging nuclear power reactors is trending up"

Google chief urges part-time work for all
"we should all work fewer hours"

Contaminated well water turns mom into activist
"I wouldn't believe a thing Duke said"

Birth defect deaths in West Coast state hit record levels during 2011
"gov’t document lists ‘Fukushima release along west coast of US’ as possible factor"

Mistrust in North Carolina Over Plan to Reduce Precincts
"this is part of a bigger trend — a movement to suppress people’s right to vote"

Weak coal ash bill an affront to North Carolinians
"rife with weakened timelines and eases cleanup requirements in favor of Duke Energy"

Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating
"Engineers have discovered that 1,300 liters of water leaked from a cooling system"

Coal-ash cleanup bill far short of our needs
"lawmakers have no intention of requiring Duke Energy to remove all the ash"

Coal ash, fish tales and the legacy we’ll leave in NC
"Earthen dams with massive amounts of hydraulic pressure behind them inevitably leak"

Consumer advocate seeks $54 million refund for Duke Energy customers
"instead of a refund, customers could be forced to open up their wallets, again"

N.C. mum on response to threatened Duke Energy suits
"state has repeatedly shielded Duke from any enforcement of...water regulations"

Duke Energy faces antitrust suit
"claiming they manipulated natural-gas prices during California’s energy crisis"

Clean it up, Duke
"shows an utter disregard for the health and well being of North Carolinians"

Duke Energy’s responsibility
"One cannot expect the 14th Amendment to protect them from dereliction of duty"

Coal cleanup shouldn’t raise rates
"Rep. Ken Goodman doesn’t want Duke Energy customers to get stuck with the tab"

Multimillion-dollar Westinghouse contract dispute to be heard in N.C.
"The dispute centers on Duke's canceled project to build two nuclear power plants"

Families take stories of cancer, birth defects to NC lawmakers
"We pay our power bill each month. We are paying to kill ourselves"

Debunking Gov. McCrory's misleading coal ash claims
"Now would be a good time for the state's leaders to get their stories straight"

Pollution laws reduce deaths from lung illness
"We need to clean up the legacy of dangerous, dirty, leaking coal ash lagoons"

Duke University scientists report air pollution controls linked to lower NC death rates
"This research tends to show that environmental policies work"

Duke Energy warned about pipe's likelihood to leak in 1986
"Federal prosecutors subpoenaed these new documents two weeks ago"

Nuclear bomb nearly detonated after falling on North Carolina
"literally the failure of two wires to cross, a nuclear explosion was averted"

McCrory came off as a man happy to sell jobs for contributions
"an empty suit controlled by puppeteer Art Pope"

Duke Energy pays $55 million to settle with Crystal River nuke co-owners
"Duke decided that fixing the plant would be too costly"

Mona Lisa Wallace Received Defender of Justice Award
"Fighting for working people became the theme of her career"

Duke Energy Fails to Dominate Social Media
"You can't urinate on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

Sweets, not a sweetheart deal for Duke Energy
"she was arrested...when she tried to deliver coal ash cupcakes to...McCrory"

Former Duke worker seeks overtime class-action
"The lawsuit was filed by Janet Farnham"

Spill upends N.C. politics
"Instead of protecting...water, Pat McCrory's administration worked to block safeguards"

The tight link between unions, the middle class and inequality in two charts
"Even if you're not in a union, the fate of unions affects us all"

The CEO got a huge raise. You didn't. Here's why.
"Some board members defer to a CEO's judgment on...compensation"

NC Republicans shill for industry; bill would jail anyone disclosing fracking chemicals
"Twenty states now require companies to disclose the chemicals they use"

Duke Energy ad campaign causing controversy
"Perkins wishes Duke would spend less on its image and more on cleaning up its coal ash"

Duke Energy’s stake in McCrory
"the foundation spent $800,000 on TV ads to boost his image"

Fukushima worker files historic lawsuit over radiation exposure
"His exposure exceeded official limits, which forced him to stop working at the site"

"the mere perception that something is rotten in North Carolina could carry costs"

Duke Energy fields questions about safety after coal ash spill
"Duke Energy has been feeling the heat since a coal ash spill"

Duke wants $63M from customers
"for improvements to the Crystal River nuclear plant"

Coal ash from Buck steam plant poses toxic threat
"since Gov. Pat McCrory...took office in 2013, funding for the agency has been cut"

Judge dismisses suit over Progress Energy deal
"The suit named Johnson, 10 of Duke’s directors and former Duke CEO Jim Rogers"

Environmental Coalition Seeks to Ignite Local Activism on Coal Ash
"One...by...McCrory, has been heavily criticized by members of both parties"

McCrory sells Duke Energy stock
"would have been better...to have sold his stock in Duke Energy before taking office"

Is a Duke Energy power plant making nearby residents sick?
"Bailey-Lash, who doesn't smoke or drink, was diagnosed with Stage 3 brain cancer"

‘Dirty Duke’ TV Ad Exposes Largest Power Company in the U.S.
"Duke can no longer get away with polluting our communities in secret"

Duke Energy still doesn’t get it – maybe protest will help
"Duke doesn’t need to 'manage' its ponds; it needs to get rid of them ASAP"

Duke Energy Directors Survive Angry Shareholders Meeting
"former Duke employee Gov. Pat McCrory quietly dumped his stock in Duke Energy"

Duke Energy 2014 Meeting of Shareholders
"Will Duke shareholder meetings become like Black Friday sales?"

Many regulators have ties to utility industry
"Duke Energy made major errors in not dealing with the coal ash issue years ago"

Protesters demonstrate outside Duke Energy building
"This is a passionate crowd. They’re always passionate"

Amid security and protests, Duke shareholders re-elect current directors
"Duke Energy has willfully turned a blind eye to the hazards of things like the coal ash"

Duke Energy critics speak out during public hearing
"Duke's integrated resource plan will kill us all"

Duke ignored requests for emergency dam plan update
"It took only a little more than 2 inches of rain to drive open a breach 60 feet wide"

Bill Moyers on America’s Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy
"a protection racket for the 1%"

2012: Duke Energy CEO Caught Lying Under Oath, Media Sleeps
"How was it...that Duke was using Crystal River both as a sword...and as a shield...?"

Recovery for Whom?
"gains so far have mostly benefited those at the top of the income and wealth ladder"

Judge lets Duke Energy ash lawsuit continue
"The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation sued Duke last June over contamination"

Duke Energy should clean out aging, leak-prone coal-ash ponds
"Duke Energy's public relations team is working overtime"

Communities along Dan River demand quick cleanup
"material is expected to disrupt the ecosystem by choking living organisms"

Westinghouse CEO is key witness in suit against Duke
"If not for the utility tax, the advance fee, they wouldn't be able to do this"

Chemical? Experiment? Trees? Duke Energy? What? Us Worry?
"And it has no one to blame for its sullied reputation and lack of public trust but itself"

A movement emerges against the Duke Energy-Progress monopoly
"McCrory was elected governor. Duke was riding high. Then a pipe broke in Eden"

Duke Energy worker's death triggers IOSHA probe
"Michael Davis, 59, was killed while working at the Duke Energy substation"

Smoking Gun: Tobacco giant reveals funding of NC dark money group backing McCrory
"a political nonprofit launched...to support the agenda of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Is Charlotte Mayor’s Arrest The Tip of an Iceberg in North Carolina?
"He also touted his close connections to other politicians including McCrory"

Mayor Cannon resigns after corruption arrest
"Cannon and McCrory talked for about an hour Wednesday"

Gov. McCrory, longtime Cannon friend
"Cannon describes his close relationship with McCrory as an asset"

Man killed while working on project for Duke Energy
"We can confirm there was a fatal injury in Hamilton County"

Lawyer for N.C. in coal ash spill once represented Duke Energy
"defended Duke in a lawsuit filed by the company’s retirees that was settled in 2011"

A coal ash mess in North Carolina
"McCrory...cleared out North Carolina’s Environmental Management Board"

Duke Energy accused of mishandling more coal ash wastewater
"It was secretive. They were trying to get away with it"

State to alter permits for Riverbend, 2 other plants
"DENR is 'giving (Duke) retroactive amnesty, a get-out-of-jail card' "

Watch an expert teach a smug U.S. senator about Canadian healthcare
"an exchange between Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Danielle Martin"

Emails show Duke and state regulators were, indeed, in cahoots
"We've known this all along, but now there's actually proof"

A dirty clean energy battle becoming a utility war
"Rogers lamented...he hadn't done enough about encouraging renewable energy"

Duke Energy’s dirty water
"McCrory remained on the Duke payroll during his time as mayor of Charlotte"

UCS Welcomes Energy Department Suspension of MOX Program
"would have used the plutonium to produce fuel for commercial nuclear reactors"

Duke Energy worker dies after fall from pole
"the other worker suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries"

2 electrical workers shocked after contact with power line
"suffered a 'severe shock' and was flown by helicopter"

How ALEC helped Duke Energy block stricter coal ash rules
"It has carried out this work with the financial backing of Duke"

Charlotte mayor offers to help find job for cook fired after McCrory confrontation
"Swope said McCrory began yelling at him"

Duke Energy CEO: Dan River spill is our liability
"This accident should have never occurred"

Our well won't explode...or your pizza is free!
"One worker at the rig was not found and is presumed dead"

Capturing Carbon Seen Adding as Much as 80% to Electricity Costs
"We still don’t have a replicable model"

McCrory economic adviser Tony Almeida resigns
"spent 30 years with Duke Energy Corp. before joining the governor’s staff last year"

Warnings about coal ash are now hard to ignore
"The Dan River coal ash spill was an unwanted 'told-you-so' moment"

Feds, NC testing new leak from Duke’s Dan River ash pond
"water has high levels of arsenic and other heavy metals typical of coal ash"

Danville mayor: City not taking spill lightly
"hearing from a multitude of residents...especially those unconvinced...water is safe"

Duke Energy’s Midwest fleet could go on block as Ohio nixes capacity charge
"shot down Duke Energy’s request for a capacity charge"

TEPCO reveals record cesium level in Fukushima No. 1 well
"no exact reason for such a significant increase of...cesium...in the groundwater"

Maddow: Toxic spill exposes NC Tea Party governor’s corrupt energy company ties
"McCrory is accused of working with Duke to quash those suits"

Duke Energy downplays concern of NC officials that 2nd pipe...could collapse
"The state has given Duke 10 days to come up with a plan to fix the leaks"

Making Retirements Less Secure
"AOL would reverse the change in its 401(k) policy"

Second pipe at Duke ash-spill site could break
"In three places the flow was under pressure, forming...'water jets' "

Environmental, political and legal damage
"Two politicians might be especially nervous. One is the current governor, Pat McCrory"

Gov. McCrory gets testy when pressed on Duke Energy holdings
"McCrory ducked questions about his relationship with Duke"

Rachel Maddow Exposes Dirty Deal in Duke Energy Toxic Coal Ash Spill
"Subpoena looks for dirty deal in toxic spill"

Is N.C. Governor Still Doing Duke Energy's Bidding?
"redefining the customer as...the industries seeking permits"

UPDATE: Criminal investigation launched in coal ash spill
"state stated under oath in August that Duke was violating the Clean Water laws"

Just how cozy are Gov. McCrory and Duke Energy?
"Of the 5,000 public comments…number that supported DENR's plan: 1"

Tens of thousands in North Carolina vow 'not now, not ever'
"governor's refusal…to extend Medicaid…cutting…unemployment benefits"

McCrory on defensive over coal ash spill
"Visibly irritated...McCrory shouted him down"

Duke Energy political money trail
"Political corruption needs to be a part of the investigation"

Grand jury launches criminal probe of coal ash spill
"could expose its target...to fines...and potentially send somebody to prison"

This is How Citizens United Dies
"Mexican businessman funnelled more than $500,000 into U.S. political races"

Residents question officials over coal ash spill
"Our legislators are owned by Duke Energy"

N.C. Trying to Avoid Scrutiny of Duke Energy Deal Following Toxic Leak
"former Duke employee Pat McCrory has shielded the company from a series of potential lawsuits"

N.C. regulators seek delay on Duke Energy accord after coal ash spill
"They are the law enforcement agency, yet they work out a deal with the lawbreaker"

‘Streamline’ Justice on Border
"more of a deterrent effect than putting people on a bus and sending them back to Mexico"

NEW STUDY: Corporate Welfare Makes the Rich Lazy
"tax breaks and corporate welfare structures turn the ultra-rich into lazy moochers"

Value work? Then tax capital at the same rate as labor
"Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed"

A disastrous toxic spill broke NC interference for governor’s former firm
"dissuaded from levying sanctions against companies like Duke since McCrory took office"

$5,000 reward for info on NC coal ash spill leading to charges
"Gov. Pat McCrory...worked for Duke Energy...continues to hold...stock in the company"

State should sever its cozy ties with Duke
"It’s a promising sign that a settlement slanted so heavily toward Duke is on hold"

Duke Energy: This is Not Leadership
"Duke has a record of aggressively lobbying against Environmental Protection Agency rules"

Agencies Close Ties To Industry Lead to Failure of Accountability for NC Coal Ash Leak
"North Carolina government...is beholden to Duke Energy"

Too cozy with Duke Energy?
"The governor worked at Duke Energy for 28 years"

McCrory's test on coal ash
"The state agency has blocked the citizen lawsuits by intervening at the last minute"

Govt settlement with Duke Energy over massive coal ash spill killed after protest
"They are scrambling to figure out what to do without losing face"

NC backs off controversial coal ash settlement after Dan River spill
"Nobody liked the settlement, except for DENR and Duke"

Thousands take to the streets of Raleigh for massive march
"to protest the policies pushed by Gov. Pat McCrory"

Survivors of America’s largest coal ash spill talk about experiences
"watch out for Duke Energy officials who may try to downplay the disaster"

Groups take moral stand against GOP policies at march
"Rev. William Barber II made the promise before a crowd of between 80 and 100,000"

Nuclear plants suffer under challenging economy
"company could be forced to close nuclear units that are not profitable"

Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class
"rule No. 1...Don’t give lessons with live explosives"

New Jersey paper admits 'we blew it' by endorsing Chris Christie for governor
"Yes, we knew Christie was a bully"

Christie's Last Apologist Folds
"This morning they folded, and they're now they're calling Christie a liar"

Duke Energy CEO apologizes to Danville for ash spill
"CEO Lynn Good phoned Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders...to apologize"

Federal regulators begin audit of anti-monopoly measures in Duke-Progress merger
"regulators may not be satisfied with the way Duke’s merger with Progress has played out"

Coal spill sparks protest outside Duke Energy’s HQ
"company plans to change the way ash is stored at its retired plants"

Will Dan River spill be factor in court?
"I think it would be Exhibit One and the chief witness for the prosecution"

NC Regulators Shielded Duke's Coal Ash Pollution
"real goal has been to shield the governor's former employer"

Duke Energy ash spill damage control
"efforts to shore up public confidence after the spill may have taken a hit"

Coal ash disaster: Could it happen here?
"This spill illustrates why no coal ash ponds should be allowed to remain unlined"

Eden ash spill highlights government laxity
"Duke's executives...are generous political donors (and Gov. Pat McCrory's former employer)"

TVA customers paying for ‘08 spill
"Duke has too much political influence over the same people tasked with regulating"

South Carolina utilities dealt with coal-ash problem before a massive spill
"DENR put together a quick sweetheart settlement with Duke"

Retired plant similar to one on Wabash has spill
"stormwater pipe goes under one part of the...plant’s ash storage area"

Writing Off the Unemployed
"one often gets the sense that contempt for the unemployed comes first"

Former Bank of America executive pleads guilty in bid-rigging scheme
"The wire fraud charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison"

NC now says Dan River arsenic levels were unsafe after Duke Energy ash spill
"it appear the state wanted the report to be overlooked"

Duke Energy Issues Apology for NC Coal Ash Spill
"could take years before the full impacts...work their way through...ecosystem"

Video: The War on the Poor and Working Families
"keep poor and working families in desperate situations"

US Navy sailors seek �600m damages from owners of Fukushima nuclear plant
"These sailors were in radioactive plumes for more than five hours"

Lawyer reprimanded in Duke Energy ethics scandal
"Storms' decision to take a job at Duke touched off a cascading ethics scandal"

Demonstrators protest Duke's coal ash spill
"protesting Duke Energy's leaking ash pond in Eden, N.C."

Duke Energy Battles to Halt Leak Amid Coal-Ash Review
"Duke has done nothing to contain the spill"

Broken Duke pipe was metal, not concrete
"criticized Duke for not publicly reporting the spill until a day after it was discovered"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill Pollutes Dan River, Threatens Drinking Water
"You can't clean this up. It's going to go up the food chain"

Arsenic Detected in NC River After Coal Ash Spill
"largest electricity provider and an environmental group are reporting conflicting data"

Duke Energy waited 24 hours to report major coal ash spill
"preliminary estimate...would be the third-largest coal ash spill in US history"

The river of ash
"The legislature is more interested in easing regulatory burdens on businesses"

Indiana coal ash pond has buried stormwater pipe, too
"did not know why ash ponds were constructed on top of stormwater pipes"

Duke Energy will change coal ash storage at...retired plants
"old, unsafe, insufficient method of storage leaves it prone to...catastrophic failure"

McCrory demands Duke fix leaking ash pond
"has leaked contaminants into the Dan River for five days"

Months Later, Sniper Attack at Power Hub Still a Mystery
"very professional, very well organized, well thought out and well-executed"

Worker found dead at Cooper nuclear power plant
"found deceased on the refueling floor of the reactor building"

Did Duke-Progress merger really save consumers money?
"There were hidden costs that were part of the process that never came to light"

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism
"He said he was going public...out of concern that national security is at risk"

Freeing Workers From the Insurance Trap
"The new law will free people...to pursue careers or retirement"

Fukushima wash-up to hit US coast this year
"runoff from the Japanese plant will mingle with radiation released by other...stations"

EPA solicits comments from the public on radiation protection standards
"groundwater contamination was identified at several nuclear power plants"

Duke Energy, EPA work to halt ash spill
"Engineers don’t know why the pipe broke or, at the moment, how to fix it"

Up To 82,000 Tons Of Toxic Coal Ash Spilled From ‘Antiquated’ Storage Pit
"Duke should not be storing coal ash in antiquated pits near our state’s waterways"

Cop for Christie caught shoplifting
"I'm on the governor's security detail"

Metal band ‘invoices’ US govt for using their music to torture in Gitmo
"They are not the first band to express such objections"

9/11 'truther' arrested for hijacking Super Bowl news conference
"I just saw my opportunity to get my word out there and I took it"

Duke Energy plant reports coal-ash spill
"an unknown amount of coal ash and water was released from a pond"

Nuclear power project financing option sticks ratepayers with tab
"ratepayers picking up the bill for billions of dollars...even when a plant is canceled"

A New Way to Rein In Fat Cats
"executives…never paid in excess of 20-to-1…compared with their lowest-paid workers"

The Capitol’s Spinning Door Accelerates
"Some of those who are lobbying...for corporate clients are actually former lawmakers"

A Long Fight to Get What Was Theirs, in a 401(k)
"I have learned never to trust a 401(k)"

Law Doesn’t End Revolving Door on Capitol Hill
"Is it any wonder that the public holds such a low esteem for Congress?"

TEPCO fears 3-cm hole in Fukushima reactor No.2
"Water is being constantly pumped into the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors"

What G.O.P.-Style Health Care Reform Looks Like
"But the plan...looks inferior in most respects to the existing law"

Retirement Is Out of Reach
"it’s all about 401(k)’s and the disappearance of pensions"

NHK falls prey to Streisand Effect
"an attempt to suppress, censor, or remove information brings more attention to it"

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes
"The Legislature has sent subpoenas to Mr. Wildstein and 17 other people"

Christie Plays Defense
"Do you think Chris Christie will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl?"

The death toll from blocking Medicaid expansion
"Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South"

'NAFTA on steroids'
"perpetuating a global race to the bottom for all workers"

Lunches seized from kids in debt
"one of the cafeteria workers cried at the sight"

Federal regulators to audit Duke-Progress merger
"The audit will go back to Jan. 1, 2011"

SC mom charged after kids found in heatless house
"the power was turned off Monday"

Threat by Staten Island Lawmaker Adds to a Reputation as Hot-Tempered
"He then returned and threatened to toss Mr. Scotto over the balcony"

Capitalism vs. Democracy
"when pay setters set their own pay, there’s no limit"

Pete Seeger, Champion of Folk Music and Social Change, Dies at 94
"Mr. Seeger’s career carried him from singing at labor rallies to the Top 10"

Lawsuit: CEOs conspired to drive down engineers' wages
"Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google's Eric Schmidt"

Man accused of shooting at Duke Energy worker
"Duke Energy employee who was turning off the power...for non-payment"

Duke Energy attacked on solar prices
"Duke should join its customers and the 20th century and stop blocking the sun"

Don’t lower Duke’s cost for solar power
"Solar…is substantially cleaner and safer than traditional coal, gas and nuclear power"

Duke Energy won’t buy into SC nuclear plant
"Last year, Duke canceled the contract for its planned Levy County nuclear plant

Low dose radiation has lethal side effects
"20 times more capable of increasing cancer rates than acute exposure"

Texans angrily protest fracking after 30 earthquakes hit town
"That causes slippage, and that causes the earthquakes"

GE Hitachi to pay $2.7 million as part of nuclear settlement
"The government contends that GE Hitachi concealed known flaws"

FBI questions Hoboken mayor's aides over alleged Sandy relief funds threat
"lieutenant governor linked Sandy funding to backing of the development project"

U.S. Attorney subpoenas Christie campaign and GOP State Committee
"threatened to choke off Hurricane Sandy relief if she failed to support...project"

"The bottom half of the world’s population owns the same as the richest 85 people"

Indiana Senator withdraws bill that would have aided new nuclear builds
"CWIP program is a tax, where government power is used to extract money from citizens"

States Cutting Weeks of Aid to the Jobless
"The rest of the country is now following North Carolina’s lead"

Tony Blair subjected to citizen's arrest attempt
"I believe Blair is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians"

Wallace & Graham Brief Guide to Overtime Pay
"Being paid a salary does NOT automatically also make you exempt"

Fukushima contaminated water leak may have international safety impact
"questions as to whether the main steam isolation valve...may have failed"

Ex VA Gov., Wife Charged With Corruption
"A federal investigation hung over the final months in office"

Contaminants from coal ash threaten drinking water for Charlotte
"I've made a career of body counts of dead fish and wildlife made that way from coal"

Regulators Can't say for sure Duke customers won't pay more
"There is no one here who can tell you there is enough money"

Loophole Allows Lawmakers to Reel In Trips and Donations
"Everybody is embarrassed about it...Although not so embarrassed that they don’t do it"

Alert declared after smoke detected at Harris Nuclear Power Plant
"People are concerned considering how many incidents have happened"

For the Love of Money
"I demanded $8 million instead of $3.6 million"

"President Chris Christie, Day 100"

Freedom to pollute
"MCHM is used to process coal"

Fukushima fish 124 times radiation limit
"There's going to be a decrease in the birth rate and an increase in the death rate"

In Defeat for Tea Party, House Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
"a remarkable marginalization of the Republican far right"

Queens honors Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good
"no one more perfectly exemplifies the values celebrated by the BusinessWoman of the Year"

More environmental groups seek role in Duke lawsuit
"We’ve had longstanding concerns about groundwater contamination"

NC fracking panel passes chemical secrecy rule
"companies won the right to keep secret the chemical cocktails they pump"

Duke gets another sweetheart deal
"consumers who will pay more than $3 billion for Duke's mistakes"

Enemies of the Poor
"it’s O.K...for politicians with national ambitions to talk about helping the poor"

Video: Duke Merger Monkeys vs Progress Merger Monkeys
"Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay"

Fukushima radiation reaches 8 times govt standards
"Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope...with a half-life of 28.8 years"

Moral Monday movement spreads through the South
"1,300...will likely die in South Carolina...if the state continues to refuse Medicaid"

Why Bankers Have Gotten a Pass
"fraud at every level permeated the bubble in mortgage-backed securities"

Falluja’s Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There
"Lives were wasted, and now everyone back home sees that"

Duke set to profit again off Crystal River nuclear plant fiasco
"We have an open wallet...and it continues to be filched by Duke Energy"

Duke settles lawsuit over Crescent bankruptcy
"The Charlotte-based utility said the terms of the settlement are confidential"

McCrory, keep cork on champagne
"He also touted…the refusal to expand Medicaid coverage"

Former Indian Point supervisor fighting incarceration
"hid results of tests that showed that the quality of fuel in backup tanks"

Still Not Serious About Jobless Benefits
"they don’t really care about people falling from the middle to the bottom"

NRC Accepting Public Comments on Crystal River 3 Decommissioning
"The deadline for submitting comments on the report is March 5, 2014"

Fukushima pollution may be causing sea star epidemic on West Coast
"We’ve had populations go locally extinct overnight. Literally"

Duct tape used to mend Fukushima water tanks
"I couldn’t believe that such slipshod work was being done"

Some states confirm water pollution from oil and gas drilling
"A Texas spreadsheet contains more than 2,000 complaints"

North Carolina: Battleground State
"unprecedented spending by...Art Pope...budget director under Gov. Pat McCrory"

U.S. seeks bids for 14 million potassium iodide pills
"Delivery is required on or before February 1, 2014"

Restart of Japan nuclear facilities unlikely to be settled soon
"utilities have not adequately revised their estimations of potential earthquake activities"

Utilities Commission Mulls Rate Dip To Offset Consumer Tax Hike
"it amounts to about $20 million for Duke Energy"

Plumes of mysterious steam rise from crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor
"fuel storage pond still houses an estimated 89 tons of the plutonium-based MOX"

'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
"My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal"

Ex-fugitive reactor operator accepts plea deal
"Brittain was transferred to the Stateville Correctional Center"

Art Pope think tank behind campaign to discredit and defund Medicaid
"McCrory cited Medicaid's supposed brokenness to reject...expanding"

Rate gouging gone wild
"Let's just not let Duke Energy off the hook as the close runnerup"

After a political setback in NC, ALEC retools assault on renewable energy
"It also wants to penalize homeowners who install their own solar panels"

VA lobotomized 2,000 disturbed veterans
"hundreds of additional operations likely took place at other VA facilities"

Duke Energy silent on ALEC ties
"Duke has supported ALEC's past events...$50,000 to sponsor a 2012 meeting"

NC to Duke Energy: Have You Dumped ALEC Yet?
"Duke is terrified of the prospect of rooftop solar energy"

Duke Energy informs union of contract termination if talks fail
"federal regulators are reviewing policies and procedures at...Crystal River"

Duke Energy files $1.2B nuclear shutdown plan
"Crystal River...will be mothballed for 60 years"

Duke Energy, union's contract talks raise safety concerns at nuke plant
"Duke wants to cut the health and life insurance benefits of union retirees"

ALEC documents show strong ties to NC lawmakers
"outsiders are trying to take control of the democratic process"

Secretive Right-Wing Group Continues Its War On Clean Energy
"ALEC lost all 13 of its anti-clean energy legislative fights at the state level"

ALEC's trouble continues as Visa leaves
"specializes in making corporations' desires into law"

In Detroit Ruling, Threats to Promises and Assumptions
"Workers for companies owe their relative protection to big unions"

PCBs still affecting our health decades later
"There is a significant association between PCB levels and cognitive abilities"

Duke Energy Coal Ash Pollution Deforms Fish
"disturbing mutations of the heads, mouths, spines, and tails"

Beyond Coal delivers petition to Duke Energy
"The only way to permanently address toxic coal ash waste is to stop burning coal"

N.C. attorney general appeals Duke rate hike again
"he will also appeal Duke Carolinas’ 4.5 percent rate increase granted this year"

Expanding Social Security
"Employers took advantage of the switch to surreptitiously cut benefits"

Santee Cooper Leads South in Cleaning Up Coal Ash Waste
"North Carolina coal ash pollution continues to dump arsenic, selenium, mercury"

The South’s New Lost Cause
"the utter stupidity of refusing to help their own people"

Another Banking Scandal
"alleged manipulation of the $5.3-trillion-a-day foreign exchange market"

Duke downgrades risk from spent nuke plant fuel
"There is less risk to the public now from the Crystal River nuclear plant"

Japanese Do Not Want Nuclear Dumps Either
"strong public opposition nationwide to hosting long-term nuclear waste"

Last British resident in Guantánamo Bay: we are treated like animals
"Either you leave us to die in peace – or tell the world the truth"

Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal
"There is in fact no assurance that Yucca would turn out to be suitable"

Duke Energy worker shocked by power line
"These people are going out in dark...stormy conditions working throughout the night"

Customers, legislators call on Gov. Rick Scott to end Duke Energy bailout
"Protesters are upset about footing the bill for a nuclear plant that will never happen"

Rep. Castor vows to push for more energy efficiency and solar power
"It's a horrible way to collect money, to have a gun to your customers' heads"

Environmental Groups Join Coal Ash Lawsuit Against Duke Energy
"state accuses Duke of allowing coal ash ponds to leak contamination into groundwater"

Protest Against Duke Energy coal ash
"Protesters say water from the pond is leaking into nearby Mountain Island Lake"

TEPCO begins critical work unloading Fukushima spent fuel pool
"one of the most dangerous nuclear operations in human history"

Duke Energy, union at odds in Florida over benefits
"We are willing to force the employees to strike, in order to get what we want"

The Shame of American Health Care
"United States spends far more...gets meager results"

Justice Dept official admonishes nation's bankers
"Over $3.7 billion in penalties have been paid in LIBOR settlements"

Caught in Unemployment’s Revolving Door
"I’ve been turned down from McDonald’s because I was told I was too articulate"

Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster
"it was mishandled during a transfer, and is bent out of shape"

Under My Thumb
"By a 2-1 margin...machinists...told Boeing to stuff it"

Leaks confirmed in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 containment vessel
"gushing out into the basement of the reactor building"

Duke says dam failure wouldn't doom Oconee
"the public still cannot get a clear answer from either Duke or the government"

Crowd protests Duke Energy coal plants, touts solar
"I think the time for excuses is running out"

What to do if your pension is frozen
"employees...stop earning some or all the benefits"

These CEO pension values will make your head spin
"The growing wealth disparity between CEOs and workers"

Petition Launched to Expedite Coal Cleanup at Duke's Sutton Energy Plant
"we don’t need to study it anymore...there’s groundwater contamination"

Ohio Nurse Was 'Worked to Death'
"The lawsuit alleges that fatigue from being overworked contributed to Jasper’s death"

Indiana utility regulator's job move raises new questions
"Comes on heels of Edwardsport ethics scandal"

Supervisor at Harris nuclear power plant fails fitness for duty test
"Source: NRC Event Notification"

Duke Energy chairman named most influential power exec
"The magazine also named the late Bill Lee, a one-time Duke CEO, third on the list"

Carolinas nuclear industry worth $20 billion a year
"The loss of talent from an aging workforce...is the industry’s biggest worry"

Plan to lower Fukushim radiation readings OK’d
"people say they can’t trust statements that suddenly declare areas to be safe"

Japan's ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power
"Abe aims to reduce nuclear power as much as possible"

Riverboat tour targets Sutton Plant smokestacks, coal ash disposal
"That coal ash will continue to contaminate the groundwater"

U.S. seeks $864 million from Bank of America after fraud verdict
"a federal jury found it liable for fraud over defective mortgages"

Siers cartoon
"Unscripted McCrory"

McCrory talks off the cuff, sparking controversy
"In each case, and in others, his comments skewed the truth"

Duke Energy Can't Shake EPA's Clean Air Act Suit
"government originally sued Duke in 2000 over modifications that began in the 1980"

Duke Energy customers protest rate hikes for defunct power plants
"Duke Energy customers are upset they are paying for cancelled nuclear power plants"

The 'nuclear renaissance:' What went wrong?
"The industry got hit between the eyes by a number of things happening at once"

Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation
"preparing to extract the first of thousands of nuclear fuel rods"

Colorado Cities Reject Fracking
"Boulder, Fort Collins and Lafayette approved antifracking initiatives by wide margins"

NC governor's mansion gets ballistic windows
"forced to scuttle...$230,000 in bathroom remodeling following public outcry"

Japan Nuclear safety body slams safety standards at fast breeder reactor
"they let it happen at a facility where a large amount of plutonium is handled"

Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned with polonium, tests show
"unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210"

NC appeals court weighs Duke Energy merger deal
"the latest twist in a multi-billion-dollar deal and the boardroom intrigue behind it"

Groups ask regulators to review Duke dealings
"It is time to stop taking advantage of consumers in Duke service areas"

Waste Storage at Shut Nuclear Plants
"Duke Energy...has not decided how to store used fuel at the shuttered Crystal River"

Video: Fears of Catawba River contamination arise with coal plant teardown
"Duke Energy's plan also calls for nine months of removing asbestos"

Senator Rand Paul's Plagiarism Excuses
"Paul said he could not rule out more disclosures"

G.O.P. Campaign Takes Aim at Tea Party
"blames...Tea Party for the recent series of political losses"

Elementary school in Japan using water bottles to shield students from radiation
"it seems to have reduced the radiation levels inside by one-third"

Kevin Siers: You Write The Caption
"Submissions must reach us by NOON, Wednesday, Nov. 6"

Duke Energy's Riverbend power plant to come down in 2016
"Groundwater has been contaminated around all 14 of Duke’s N.C. unlined ponds"

State to spend over �1 trillion of taxpayer money for Fukushima decontamination
"Tepco is still expected to stump up to some �3 trillion"

Earthquake risk at Hanford underestimated
"Geologists now believe one fault passes a scant 2.3 miles from the 1,170-megawatt plant"

Poverty in America Is Mainstream
"For most of us, the question is not whether we will experience poverty, but when"

A Victory Against Dark Money
"They came up with a scheme that any money-launderer would be proud of"

Contamination lawsuits push Duke Energy, N.C., to address pollution
"When will Duke clean up the toxic coal ash that is polluting the water?"

Delaware, Den of Thieves?
"incorporation fees have accounted for as much as a quarter of Delaware’s...revenues"

G.O.P. Filibuster Blocks Rep. Mel Watt
"Mr. Watt was the first sitting member...denied confirmation since the Civil War."

It’s time for Duke Energy to clean up coal ash pollution
"5,000 North Carolinians submitted comments – all but one opposing it"

The Saga of Michael Buhrman and Landon Brittain
"Once Buhrman began catching on to Morales’s betrayal, he began planning his murder"

Peacock and McCrory
"Siers cartoon"

Anti-Edwardsport groups demand Duke Energy documents
"Edwardsport cost about $3.5 billion...about 75% more than the original estimate"

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net
"I’m concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor"

NRC Issues Orders to Dresden Nuclear Plant
"senior reactor operator Michael J. Buhrman, planned to rob an armored car"

Coal ash waste ponds: Better state, federal controls make sense
"the state has sued Duke Energy over leaks from its Belews Creek coal ash pond"

Oconee reactors drew scrutiny, new documents show
"was probably the worst plant in the country over that decade, and that’s not good"

Tepco can't be trusted to restart world's biggest nuclear plant
"if they keep skimping on costs and manipulating information, they can never be trusted"

Fukushima Radiation Traced in Pacific Seafood
"cesium isotopes from Fukushima were found in tuna caught off California"

The Democrats' Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler
"Not surprisingly, private health insurers cheered on the Republicans"

The Big Kludge
"Republicans...want to convert Medicare into Obamacare"

Contaminated Asheville Well Fuels Coal Ash Debate
"regulators...indicated it likely comes from waste leaking from a Duke Energy coal plant"

Social Security is on the Chopping Block!
"a deal could be struck to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid"

Contamination found in well near Duke plant
"testing showed the home’s private well has been contaminated"

N.C. attorney general to appeal Duke Energy rate increase – again
"The state was once known for having some of the nation’s cheapest electric rates"

NC heads down scandal-plagued economic development path
"McCrory…pushed…corporation chaired by the governor himself"

Southern right-wingers wage war against labor
"The South has always had plenty of people who work against their own interests"

Fukushima radiation doubles to new high in No. 1 plant water ditch
"The figure is 2.3 times higher than the previous record"

Nov. 4 Public NRC Spent Nuclear Fuel Meeting in Charlotte
"Public comments may also be submitted online"

Accounting World, Still Resisting Sunlight
"Deloitte...did not like the 'second-guessing' shown by the regulators"

Group Linked to Kochs Admits to Campaign Finance Violations
"ties to the billionaire conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch"

Fukushima readies for dangerous operation to remove 400 tons of spent fuel
"worst-case scenario could play out in death to billions of people. A true apocalypse"

Asheville Votes to Move Beyond Coal
"city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to move the city from coal-fired electricity"

Big typhoons may collide off Honshu
"concerns were mounting over the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant"

Can we unload the Executive Mansion?
"Pat McCrory backed off from ordering a $230,000 remodel of upstairs bathrooms"

Duke nuclear settlement has some benefits for consumers
"The settlement is being derided as a horrible deal for customers. And it is"

Politicians’ Extortion Racket
"John A. Boehner appears to be a master of the tollbooth"

Special PACs Spent Money at Resorts
"could prove uncomfortable for some on Capitol Hill"

At PSC, a lone voice for public
"Balbis embraced the public interest. The nerve of that guy"

At the PSC, a confederacy of yes men — and women
"For sure, state legislators are hiding, eager to avoid their role in this boondoggle"

Duke Energy customers on hook for $3.2 billion
"In terms of being a watchdog for consumers, they have been absent"

Radioactive water leaks at Fukushima as operator underestimates rainfall
"water with high levels of radioactive strontium overflowed containment"

Environmental concerns persist at Belews Creek plant
"DENR is not following the law when it fails to set limits for heavy metals"

On North Carolina's high court, corruption worse than West Virginia?
"the judges will be allowed to judge themselves outside of public view"

NC lawmakers earn record low grades on the environment
"Pat McCrory (R) got a failing F on his budget but a D- overall"

The Dirt on North Carolina
"North Carolina and Duke Energy have had a string of bad news recently"

AFL-CIO convention repositions unions to speak for all workers
"a correction to the narrow focus on its dues-paying members"

Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well
"radioactive substances like strontium have reached the groundwater"

Senior adviser for Fukushima cleanup says foreign assistance needed
"When people built nuclear power plants, they never thought of decommissioning"

Fracking booms, workers busted
"must sign a 'confidentiality' agreement not to share that information with the patient"

Kemp Burdette - Duke needs to take responsibility
"Duke...is penny-pinching local residents and ratepayers"

Oconee nuke plant has most violations in Southeast
"Catawba Nuclear Station in York County reported 98 lower-level violations"

NC's 3 nuke plants each report more than 90 violations
"McGuire plant…Brunswick plant…Harris plant"

SC ahead of NC in coal ash cleanup
"Duke doesn’t plan to start cleaning it up for years"

The Final Insult in the Bush-Cheney Marriage
"Only by the end of his sixth year did Bush finally conclude that Rumsfeld had to go"

Strong typhoon heads for Japan and Fukushima nuclear plant
"It is the strongest typhoon in 10 years"

Utility regulation needs overhaul
"Duke Energy is poised to collect $3.2 billion from its customers for its mistakes"

Fukushima Politics
"Japanese Diet...concluded Fukushima to be a man-made disaster"

Duke Energy Florida is not competitive
"Customers were charged billions. No electricity was generated"

Mass demo in Tokyo to ban nuclear energy
"70 percent of Japanese believe...nuclear power industry should be closed"

Settlement likely to end inquiries into Duke Energy nuclear plants
"Duke blames Progress for the whole debacle"

Demonstrators rally against Duke rate-hike settlement
"It looks like the Public Service Commission is serving the utility companies"

Lawmakers to protest settlement with Duke over nuclear costs
"The pitchforks and torches are coming out"

Rich hedge funders to poor: We feel your pain
"biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever"

Toxic Groundwater Will Keep Flowing After Close of Coal-Fired Plant
"decommissioning the plant’s ash basins will not guarantee safety"

GOP mega-donor Art Pope distancing himself from controversial big-money groups
"Pope, now state budget director under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory"

Kochs and Other Conservatives Split Over Strategy on Health Law
"the defeat-health-care-at-any-cost strategy may have backfired"

Duke CEO among Fortune's 50 "most powerful women"
"to steady the ship after Duke's merger with Progress Energy, executive departures"

Key details withheld from audit of NC Medicaid
"McCrory has used the January audit to make a case for privatizing...Medicaid"

McCrory administration suppressed critical Medicaid info
"McCrory might have a more difficult time justifying the Medicaid privatization"

McCrory Administration Officials Suppressed Insight Into Medicaid
"made strategic edits to the departmental response to State Auditor Beth Wood’s audit"

NC Audit Edits Eliminated Defense of Medicaid Program
"McCrory has used its findings as justification for declining an expansion of...Medicaid"

CFPUA OKs extension of water line to Flemington community
"I'm missing why we should share the above costs with Duke"

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact
"I can tell you it’s very bad for the future of America. I just can’t tell you why"

Business Groups See Loss of Sway Over House G.O.P.
"would thrust...business lobby into warfare with the Tea Party"

Proposed Deal between Duke Energy and CFPUA Raises Concerns
"Duke is off-loading about half a million dollars of the cost onto the rate-payers"

MOX alternatives
"Contractors will have an additional year to complete a key analysis"

Politicians for Sale
"The nation’s founders understood the threat of corruption in politics"

Toxic Cleanup Manager Guilty of Kickbacks
"charges included bid-rigging, money laundering and defrauding the U.S. government"

Chemicals from coal ash leaching into groundwater
"Duke has acknowledged the migration of boron contamination"

Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers wins energy-efficiency award
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima
"Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has suffered yet another leak"

Reform Turns Real
"fear...was not that health reform would fail, but that it would succeed"

New radioactive water leak at crippled Fukushima plant
"contaminated water may well have flowed into the sea"

Fukushima Leaks Radioactive Water Into Pacific
"430 litres...which contains highly radioactive doses of strontium"

Ex-PM Koizumi raps government push for nuclear power as ‘irresponsible’
"Currently, all of Japan’s 50 commercial reactors are offline"

Utilities, Solar Companies in Fight Over Rates
"They are trying to punish people for buying less electricity...They are trying to kill solar"

Video: Losing Hope in Fukushima
"refugees...are losing confidence in the Japanese government's cleanup efforts"

John Boehner’s Shutdown
"catastrophic mistake...to believe in Mr. Boehner’s willingness to be reasonable"

Fukushima Plant Operator Reports New Leak
"estimated to be 4 tonnes and was absorbed into the ground"

NC One of the Best States for Business, Worst for Workers
"low labor costs that are 19 percent below the national average"

Video: Duke Energy customers protest in St. Petersburg
"It's robbery without a gun"

OSHA cites 4 employers in crane collapse that fatally injured 1 worker
"Precision Surveillance...Bigge Crane...Siemens Power...Entergy Operations"

Rebels Without a Clue
"This may be the way the world ends — not with a bang but with a temper tantrum"

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media
"The republic's in trouble, we lie about everything"

Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted
"Mr. Benmosche declared that the retirement age should go up to 70 or even 80"

Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
"a budget provision that protects genetically-modified seeds from litigation"

House Republicans vote to extend 'Monsanto Protection Act' in spending bill
"The American people deserve better than dirty politics"

UNC students want end to coal investments
"similar campaigns have sprouted at more than 300 college campuses"

NC Attorney General to Appeal Duke Rate Hike
"The evidence just isn’t there to support a double-digit profit margin"

Exposing the Pay Gap
"changing corporate norms have allowed C.E.O. compensation over all to balloon"

Duke Energy is 'filthy' and should be dumped from our investment portfolio
"The UNC Sierra Student Coalition will present a list of the 'Filthy Fifteen' companies"

County council comes out swinging over water issue
"strong opposition to Duke Energy’s relicensing agreement"

North Carolina Returns EPA Grant To Study Fracking’s Effects
"North Carolina is the first state in the Southeast to turn down an EPA grant"

S.C. nuclear reactors at risk from dam failure
"Oconee’s 5-foot floodwall could be swamped by more than 16 feet of water"

NRC to Increase Oversight of RobinsonNuclear Power Plant
"The violation and increased oversight is linked to an inspection finding"

Duke Energy contractor airlifted after accident
"The breaker that fell on the worker weighed about half as much as a car"

Duke's Most Efficient Plant Not Efficient Enough
"Coal is the highest emitting fossil fuel"

Japan dismissed US warnings to contain radioactive water at Fukushima
"cost of constructing the barrier would have had an impact on investor confidence"

Most North Carolinians disapprove of Barack Obama and Pat McCrory
"For McCrory, a Republican, approval fell to 36 percent from 46 percent"

DeLay conviction overturned; DA promises appeal
"He (DeLay) was wrong on the law and wrong on the facts, but politics bailed him out"

S.E.C. Proposes Greater Disclosure on Pay for C.E.O.’s
"The agency will collect comments for 60 days and must vote on the proposal again"

America’s Sinking Middle Class
"income channeled to corporate profits is higher than at any time since the 1920s"

The March to Anarchy
"Boehner is playing the dangerous game of trying to placate the extremists for a few days"

Duke Energy to stop insuring retirees
"They gave us two months to sit here and worry about it"

Duke Energy to drop some retirees from health care coverage
"more of that trend of favoring shareholders at the expense of employees"

LA County Illegal Aliens On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits
"total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year"

Jim Rogers Receives EEI’s ‘Distinguished Leadership Award’ for 25 Years of Service
"He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations"

Maybe there's still a way to get something from Duke Energy in nuclear debacle
"power companies screwed up...legislators screwed up...ratepayers are footing the bill"

DENR tightens proposed order for Duke over coal ash
"people deserve and have the right to give their opinions on how we proceed"

Coal industry braces for EPA emissions crackdown
"it could be the death knell for new coal plant construction"

OSHA orders MGM Resorts to reinstate whistleblower, pay more than $325,000
"OSHA conducted its investigation under the whistleblower protection provisions"

Uprising Over Personal Health Data
"failed to do basic due diligence, signing off on the wellness plan"

State proposes changes to Duke Energy coal ash settlement
"In response to public comments, state officials recommended changes"

Troops oppose strikes on Syria by 3-1 margin
"withdraw all our troops and let the rest of the world figure out what to do"

Tritium levels reach new high at wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant
"elevated readings of tritium in groundwater"

Occupy Wall Street Legacy
"The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand"

AFL-CIO resolves to organize the South
"a long-term commitment to organize the South"

A call for a second Operation Dixie
"There is a...tradition in the South of active repression of workers organizing"

A hundred arrested protesting Walmart firings
"recently held a 30-minute meeting in the freezer to punish staff"

Video: North Carolina Walmart Workers Flash Mob
"Raleigh, NC"

China’s Plan to Curb Air Pollution Sets Limits on Coal Use
"The key to preventing air pollution is to curb coal burning"

Rich Man’s Recovery
"95 percent of the gains from economic recovery...have gone to the famous 1 percent"

Sutton Plant subject of coal-ash lawsuit
"A trio of environmental groups on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy Progress"

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage
"Mr. Putin has eclipsed Mr. Obama as the world leader"

A Plea for Caution From Russia
"What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria"

NRC Seeks Public Comment on Extended Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
"Public comments may be submitted several ways"

Duke Energy plant ranks among Ohio’s worst polluters
"America’s dirtiest power plants are the elephant in the room"

Group links Duke emissions, flooding
"Duke Energy operates some of the 'dirtiest' coal-fired power plants in the country"

The Rich Get Richer Through the Recovery
"The top 10 percent of earners took more than half of the country’s total income in 2012"

Court Says Privacy Case Can Proceed vs. Google
"In the past, Google has been able to buy its way out of privacy violations"

Leaked toxic water found at another site at Fukushima plant
"raises the possibility that leaked toxic water has reached groundwater"

Indiana attorney general wants to reinstate criminal charges against former regulator
"accused of failing to disclose secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

Regulators set to vote on Duke rate hike
"Duke charges him a $12 service fee to use his phone to pay an $11 bill"

Shaking Pennies and Fists Against Utility Rate Increases
"We need money between rate cases, and we’ll tell you later what it’s for"

Survey Reveals Scant Backing for Syria Strike
"So this will be another Iraq"

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper proposes striking down Duke Energy rate hike
"The N.C. Supreme Court reversed the rate case in January"

Groups want Court of Appeals to overturn rate hikes to pay for Edwardsport plant
"ratepayers should not have to foot the bill for...'project mismanagement' "

And now it's global COOLING!
"Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year"

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by U.S. strike
"Moscow has been the most powerful ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad"

Russia sends four more warships to eastern Mediterranean near Syria
"Will we help Syria? We will"

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria
"The Navy in recent days has moved the aircraft carrier Nimitz into the Red Sea"

Organize the South or die
"lowest wages, the fewest worker protections, and the least union representation"

Israel Promotes US War with Syria
"right now, there’s no good way for this war to end"

Skepticism and Wariness in Talk of Syria Attack
"He’s having trouble keeping his popularity up...And this is his way of getting back up"

World leaders push big companies to pay more taxes
"crack down on cross-border companies that use tax havens"

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated
"Syrian officers were surprised by the alleged chemical weapon attack"

Florida man cites ‘Bush doctrine’ after pre-emptive killing of neighbors
"cited President George W. Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq and the 'Bush Doctrine' "

Does the governor have a truth problem?
"And he needs to be more careful with his facts"

U.N.'s Ban casts doubt on legality of U.S. plans to punish Syria
"Who asked Mr. Obama to be the bully of the world?"

Record radiation readings near Fukushima contaminated water tanks
"The rising radiation levels and leaks at the plant have prompted international alarm"

Lenovo CEO shares bonus money with employees
"Yang has decided to share about $3.25 million of last year's annual bonus"

McCain playing poker on his iPhone during Syria hearing
"worst of all I lost!"

Errors Cast Doubt on Japan’s Cleanup of Nuclear Accident Site
"Every three days, there seems to be a new problem up there"

Frankly, the governor says "frankly" a lot
"Of course, Gov. McCrory wasn’t telling the truth"

Nuclear group taps Duke Energy’s Lynn Good
"committee is in charge of the business and policy affairs of the nuclear trade association"

Duke Energy, Tampa Electric at bottom of J.D. Power survey
"To be fair, Duke Energy...inherited Progress' legacy of low marks"

NRC sued over documents related to Oconee Nuclear
"frustration among NRC engineers nearly since the birth of the three reactors 40 years ago"

Nuclear whistle-blower fears reprisal
"The group alleges that the NRC refused to release some records"

Fracking Wastewater Spill Kills Rare Fish in KY
"companies have been telling the public for years that frack fluid is mostly water"

How a Cabal Keeps Generics Scarce
"Improvisation has caused some patients to wake up during operations — or not at all"

Love for Labor Lost
"Grover Cleveland deployed 12,000 soldiers to break the union"

Public opposes coal ash pollution settlement
"Rarely...has an has an environmental issue in North Carolina attracted more comments"

Jobs for highly-paid McCrory staffers were never posted
"McKillip received a nearly 35 percent raise after only three months on the job"

Groups File To Intervene In State Lawsuit Against Duke
"the state says the utility giant illegally contaminated groundwater"

Judge rules mortgage fraud lawsuit against Bank of America can proceed
"It’s not the only mortgage-related case Bank of America is fighting"

Brokerage giant settles discrimination lawsuit
"reached a $160 million settlement"

It's a jungle out there! Man pulls gun on Duke Energy worker
"Harter got more agitated and began saying he was going to 'kill everybody.' "

Shooting victims return home; alleged gunman still hospitalized
"Two men from the tree crew were hit"

Nuclear Waste Will Never Be Laid To Rest At Yucca Mountain
"But it will never be used as a permanent nuclear waste storage facility"

Duke Energy asks court to dismiss appeal on merger probe
"NC WARN...contends its should have been allowed to participate in the hearing"

The New Nuclear Craze
"Coal and nuclear power are both doomed"

BofA reviewing conditions for junior employees after intern death
"long hours in a competitive environment...may have played a role"

Man Charged In Tree Trimming Shootings
"the man was irate at the tree trimmers and wounded three people"

Charlotte environmental activists stage 'die-in' protest outside Duke Energy HQ
"Duke Energy, Coal Ash Is Poisoning Our Water"

Duke Energy cuts power to woman on oxygen pump
"The district manager told me that the air was my problem"

Crystal River Spent Fuel Leak Noted by NRC
"first discovered in the mid-1980s"

Charges dismissed against regulator indicted over Duke Energy ties
"Duke executive, Jim Turner...resigned late in 2010 in connection with the scandal"

Charges dismissed against former Indiana utility regulator
"met privately several times with Duke Energy executives"

In wake of Duke Power's retreat from nuclear, it's time to rebuild industry's credibility
"Companies like Duke come across as the worst kind of corporate bullies"

Duke Energy to cancel proposed Levy County nuclear plant
"Customers...have to pay up to $1.5 billion...shareholders get to keep $150 million"

Billion-dollar asbestos fight underway in Charlotte court
"in 1999...Duke Energy pledged $800 million for asbestos claims

Ex-supervisor at Indian Point nuclear plant charged with fabricating fuel tests
"allegedly fabricated fuel tests to prevent the facility from being shuttered"

D.C. group lists McCrory among worst governors in America
"McCrory acknowledged that he’s been criticized by...Democrats and Republicans"

Bribery accusations unwarranted in recent state v. Duke Energy case
"That doesn't mean that McCrory's no longer the...weasel we've all known"

Campaign money fueled Duke coal-ash settlement
"I think it's the political culture of McCrory that is so clearly aligned with Duke Energy"

Former IURC chief asks judge to dismiss charges, again
"accused of failing to disclose several secret meetings with Duke Energy executives"

McCrory cuts sweetheart deal with Duke Energy
"Duke receives amnesty for its previous pollution"

US firms ordered to pay over Agent Orange
"466 million won ($A454,445) from Dow Chemical and Monsanto"

"I kind of was hoping that issue had sort of died on the vine"

Occupy Oakland protesters awarded $1m over police violence during arrests
"These settlements are an important victory for democracy"

U.S. Moves to Abandon Costly Reactor Fuel Plant
"Just about everything is going wrong"

Illegal immigrants who commit crimes face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens
"We say nobody is above the law, but apparently illegal immigrants are"

CEO's rise at Duke Energy grew from Enron fiasco
"Allegations of improper contact...led to the resignation in 2010 of...Jim Turner"

Duke Energy caught making illegal charges to customers
"They include...$2,715 for country club dues for a former Duke Energy Carolinas CEO"

Prison sentence for Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling slashed by 10 years
"coming on the heels of the lack of prosecutions arising out of the financial crisis"

Former Duke Energy employee sentenced in copper theft
"The copper thefts took place over years"

Lynn Good Elected Duke Energy CEO
"Duke has made the best possible decision"

NRC still seeking why spot at NC nuke plant missed
"Duke Energy took over the Harris plant after it acquired...Progress Energy"

America's 20 Worst Corporate Air Polluters
"top...polluters are American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Southern Company"

Former Shaw Coastal employee settles sexual harassment lawsuit
"twice was awarded judgments of $500,000"

Dam failure feared during Catawba floods
"The gate wouldn't budge. Duke Energy couldn't open it anymore"

Dhiaa Jamil remains Duke Energy’s point person on nuclear power
"I go back to the days when Bill Lee ran this company"

"continued cracking, crazing and spalling as well as increased efflorescence"

"significant number of employee concerns reported to the NRC"

Former Shaw Group Safety Manager Sentenced To 78 Months For Fraud
"Injuries hidden to obtain over $2.5 million in safety bonuses"

Antitrust case linked to California energy crisis revived
"Dozens of companies...including...Duke Energy"

The danger of McCrory's Bobby Jindal imitation
"Pat McCrory appears to be on a privatization spree"

Resolve dam issue in plain sight
"In 1977 the NRC identified dam failure and flooding as a potential problem at Oconee"

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed
"All 104 nuclear power reactors...have a safety problem that cannot be fixed"

NRC tells Duke it hasn't decided on company's assessment of Oconee flood threat
"a history of concern dating back to the 40-year-old station’s early years"

Internal conflict at NRC over potential Oconee Nuclear Station flooding
"They don’t get it...The games these people have played...is shameful to say the least"

Duke Devising Contingency Shutdown Plan for Oconee Unit
"NRC...concluded the risk of catastrophic dam failure was higher than Duke figured"

Duke Energy's Little Tyrant
"The inevitable happened: employees began concealing accidents"

MOX plant cost revised to $7.7 billion, with three-year delay
"This huge cost increase is more justification to pull the plug"

SRS Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Plant Continues to Spin Out of Control
"With this stunning news, it appears that the MOX project is doomed to elimination"

Nuclear plant fiasco means financial armageddon
"when it comes to Crystal River, Progress Energy Florida has done little right"

Energy watchdog pressures NC governor over conflict of interest
"Pat McCrory needs to be Governor for the People, not for Duke Energy"

Duke Energy Contractor Dies on the Job
"He was a fireman's fireman"

Crystal River nuclear plant had flaw in safety procedures for over a decade
"When you hit a tree, it's a little late to find out you have a hole in your airbag"

2012 Employee Opinion Survey Results
"Only 39 percent agreed that there is a high level of trust in the company"

Duke Energy Ties to Gov. McCrory Increase Concerns over SB10 Proposal
"What is it going to take for you to act in the public interest?"

Duke Energy writes off $10-million loan for Democratic convention
"I think it's a great investment for our community"

Crystal River 3: Getting a grip on the coming nuclear stigma
"a lot of the people, procedures and habits remain the same after the recent merger"

Duke Energy announces closing of Crystal River nuclear power plant
"Seldom, if ever, has an attempt to save $15 million cost so many, so much"

Amid North Carolina anti-labor campaign, public workers score union win
"North Carolina is already the least-unionized state in the nation"

ALEC leads attack on North Carolina clean energy with Duke Energy funding
"This is where ALEC makes things awkward for Duke Energy"

Is Duke Energy Taking Over NC Government?
"McCrory tapped two other Duke...alumni on Thursday"

McCrory's Duke Energy ties cloud judgment on Utilities Commission
"being employed at Duke Energy for 28 years, you have an actual conflict of interest"

Duke Energy Loses Again in Indiana Ethics Case
"Duke had offered Storms an in-house counsel job—while he was still GC at the commission"

Potential Jocassee Dam failure could rival Fukushima
"life as we know it in the Southeast would be at stake"

Ethics conflicts complicate votes for outgoing members
"Rep. Heath Shuler...is headed to Duke Energy"

Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge NRC With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety
"Dam failure with subsequent site inundation, all three Oconee units will go to core damage"

Shuler Breaks Pledge To Not Become A Lobbyist
"Rep. Heath Shuler will go to work for Duke Energy"

Departing Lawmaker to work for Duke Energy
"Williams would not provide Shuler’s salary"

Duke Energy hires U.S. Rep.
"Shuler was not the best professional quarterback"

A Nuclear Zax?
"The smiling, round Kibitan explains why radiation is dangerous"

Risk of Melt-Down In U.S. HIGHER Than Fukushima
"Oconee...operated by Duke Energy, would suffer almost certain core damage"

Employee alleges nuclear decision led to retaliation
"Manoochehr Nazar…allegedly ordered him to continue starting up the plant anyway"

NRC Whistleblower: Nuclear Plants Flood Threat Covered Up By Regulators
"vulnerability at one plant in particular -- the three-reactor Oconee Nuclear Station"

Letter: Concealment of Significant Nuclear Safety Information by NRC
"please consider this allegation to be public information"

Jim Rogers Addressed DNC, Despite Supporting ALEC's Voter Suppression
"Senator Chuck Schumer…'I'd urge [Duke] to leave ALEC ASAP... if not sooner!' "

Court Rules Israel Is Not at Fault in Death of American Activist
"overwhelming proof that Rachel was deliberately murdered"

Deadly Particles
"Released by sources like diesel trucks and power plants"

Pat McCrory dons tinfoil hat in bid for NC governor
"McCrory has embraced a far-right conspiracy theory"

Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer
"the more a miner was exposed to diesel, the greater his cancer risk"

Joke is on Progress customers
"Stop me if you've heard this one"

Lobbyists Know That They are Scum of the Earth!
"We're tainted"

ALEC fights coal ash protections on polluters' behalf
"They include Duke Energy and Progress Energy"

Secrets can strain credibility
"the public now knows of a private club of cronyism between Duke and the IURC"

Counterpunch 2010: The Duke Energy Scandal
"Duke Energy always rewards it creepy disgraced executives it seems"

Is Energy Secretary Chu even deeper in the Solyndra scandal?
"Duke Energy got $230 million and they generated 196 jobs"

VIDEO: We Occupy for the Victims of Fukushima
"Stone-Webster guilty of racketeering and fraud...$4-billion judgement"

VIDEO: We Occupy for Jake Horton
"if you are a power company, you are exempt from the racketeering laws"

The Total Failure of Barack Hussein Obama II
How Paul Singer Shortchanged Asbestosis Victims
Duke leader met privately with Gov. Mitch Daniels
Fukushima: They Knew
Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Attack
1 Marine vs. 30 Cops
Judge Approves $3.4 Billion Settlement of Native American Suit
$30 Million Settlement Ends Duke Energy Class-Action Suit
Duke Energy Cash Balance Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
Emails shed additional light on Duke-IURC scandal
Progress Energy Lobbyist Found Dead in Burning Car
Don't Cry For Duke's Departing Jim Turner
Duke Energy President Violates Ethics, Deposits an Extra $10 Million in the Bank
Duke scandal reflects poorly on Indiana, its governor and Duke Energy
Senate Approves $4.6 Billion for Claims by Black Farmers, American Indians
Duke, IURC Email Published by The Indianapolis Star
Preserving Access to Justice for All
Video: Rep. Alan Grayson on Health Care Gridlock
Duke Energy Lawyers Misled Jurors
Press Conference on Illegal Workers at Duke Energy (Updated 8/26/08)
Duke Energy Settles Retaliation Lawsuit
Duke Energy Retirees Take an Insurance Hit
EEOC Pension Assistance Appreciated
IBEW International Organizer
Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr Against Pensions
Whooshing Judge Thompson Wins Delay
Whistleblower Awarded $1.5 Million
Mr. Smith Goes to Raleigh
Duke Energy's $1.6 Billion for Asbestos Claims
Woman Freezes to Death After Power Cut
All Hands - 2003
Cash Balance Can be Beaten
Duke Energy Shooting, Brawl Update
Harvey Padewer at Secret Energy Meetings
Power Plants and Lung Cancer
Rick Priory's Fun Ride
Mad As Hell
Duke Energy Will Not Retaliate
I Am Not a Crook
The $3,880 Megawatt-Hour
Yahoo Posters Can Stay Anonymous
Three Overtime Lawsuits Against Duke Energy
No cap put on harassment pay
Duke Energy Confirms Price Gouging
Company Owned Shrinks
Letter From Duke Energy's MOX Fuel Project Manager
Power Lines, Soot, and Cancer
GAO Writes Harkin on Misleading Sentence in Cash Balance Plan Ergs
Election Hearing Too Hot To Handle?
Court Considers if Employer Can Force Pledge Not to Sue
New cancer link to power lines
The American Bar Association and Cash Balance Plans
Good Riddance! - September "Directions"
Wal-Mart Fires Employee For Helping Blind Customers
Pension Revolt Catches Fire
Paying the Price for Greed and Arrogance
Now You Can Pay To Suck Up!
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"
Eating Their Words!

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."