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"When fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis

Legislative Successes

- “Wear away” has been declared illegal in new cash balance plans.

- Calls and faxes from you helped block the Asbestos Bailout Bill - Asbestos Bailout Bill Blocked

- You helped block a bill limiting medical malpractice liability in obstetrics and gynecology cases -

- Your faxes helped block the Treasury from finalizing cash balance regulations until at least October 2004 -

- You helped eliminate Section 631, which would have jeopardized retiree health benefits, from the Senate Rx Bill -

- Faxes helped block the pork laden energy bill in 2003 - Energy Bill is Blocked

- You helped block the bill to limit your use of class action lawsuits - Class Action Bill Blocked in Senate

- You helped block the medical negligence bill to limit “pain and suffering” settlements -

- Your faxes helped win a House Vote, 400-21, to Block Media Rule by the F.C.C. -

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